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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Sasha

I love cock sucking phone sex. I should be studying right now but I cannot get you off of my mind. At this very moment I would love to kneel down right in front of you. I can quickly use my hands to unbutton your pants and my teeth to unzip your zipper.

cock sucking phone sex

Once we get those pants down and those boxers out of the way, you are in for the suck of your life. I will start with cupping your balls. I will gently suck each one while massaging your manhood. Moving up, I will lick around the head of your cock, add a few kisses here or there and then gradually slide my mouth down your shaft. You think I am going to put it all in my mouth but not yet. I pull back a bit and tease you again using just my tongue. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. I allow you to enter my mouth again. I only go halfway down though and I pull back again. I know. I know. You are ready. I will not make you wait much longer. The next time you enter my mouth. I will let your delicious cock slide all the way down my throat. Hold my head there baby. Now let me suck you my way. Massage the inside of my mouth as I glide my wet soft lips up and down your shaft. As my head moves back and forth, our eyes meet. Can’t you just feel me sucking on you? You growing inside of my mouth. I hear you moan. I see your eyes close and your head lean back. Your knees get weak. It’s okay, you can sit down. Just do not pull out of my mouth. I will move with you to the nearest chair. Now sit down and let me continue to deepthroat you. I am sucking and you are loving every bit of it. Want more of this? I know you do. Can’t wait to talk and finish you off. Would you like for me to swallow or spit?

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Sasha for out of this world cock sucking phone sex

AIM: SpicySasha_4u

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Phoenix

Your hidden secrets. Your deepest fetishes. Your darkest fantasies. I want to hear them all. I want to hear you cum as we talk about the things that keep you up at night. I’m an anything goes phone sex kind of girl. It’s just who I am. I can’t deny it and I’ve always been hyper-sexual. (Did I just make up a word?) Anything goes phone sex is my favorite way to get off.

anything goes phone sex

I was on an anything goes phone sex call just yesterday that made me so wet I had to use my vibrator during and after the call. It made me cum so hard. My caller – we’ll call him Mr. L – was really into sharing me. He wanted me to be the creamy, orgasmic center in between him and another guy. But he wanted to be forced to go the extra mile and start sucking cock himself.

We played out the whole scene – how this other big burly guy was there to show him how to really please a woman, and how Mr. L was getting hard just looking at that big cock he was going to be sucking.

He was nervous at first and wanted me to get started. So first I got down on my knees in front of Mr. L and started stroking his cock with first my hand and then my mouth. Our third party was stroking himself sitting on the bed and I soon crawled over to service him as well.

Mr. L came over and started playing with my pussy. Just how I like it. He was stroking my velvet folds and making me creamy while I sucked this enormous cock. I just wanted that cock inside of me while I was sucking on Mr. L, but I knew I first had to fulfill my playmate’s fantasy.

I moved away from our guest and brought Mr. L down to his knees…

I got so hot from hearing Mr. L cum all over his chest, I came too – twice. I got off on it later with my vibrator, too. I just love anything goes phone sex!

Call me 1 888 402 8669 ask for Phoenix

Twitter: @PlayWithPhoenix
Skype: playwith_phoenix
Yahoo: playwith_phoenix

Hot Phone Sex with Jocelyn

I scream, you scream, we all scream for hot phone sex that makes us cream! Even the girl next door gets hot and horny and needs some release. You know the kind I’m talking about: When you’re feeling it too call me for some taboo no-holds-barred hot phone sex so amazing we just have to rip each others’ clothes off and fuck all night!

hot phone sex

Do you like to start with mutual masturbation? I’ve got all sorts of toys I love to put all sorts of places. Let’s explore how they feel together! *giggles* And if you have some toys, too, I know just how you need to use them. Let me whisper all kinds of dirty nasty instructions into your ear for those toys. Where to put them, how hard and fast to put them in there… *giggles* I can’t wait to describe to you all the freaky fun I’m going to inflict on your eager horned up body! But if all you’ve got is your hands and your cock you know I can still make you cum harder than you thought you ever could!

Call me when you’re in the mood for some hot phone sex role play, too. I’m that hot coed who lives in the apartment across the way. You know, the one who sunbathes on my patio topless just begging for you to stare. Until the day I lock myself out and have to come knocking on your door for help! Whoops! *giggles* Or I’m the bitch in the office who won’t give you the time of day unless it’s to tell you to shove it. Call me and do exactly that: make me choke on your fat cock or scream when you simply spit on it and thrust it into my ass. Feel how wet it makes my slut cunt to have you take what you want from me right there in the office! Maybe you’re like me and have some fantasy role plays that are too taboo to talk about here, but if you call me we can both get off to them!

Hot phone sex is waiting when you call and ask for Jocelyn 😉

Twitter: @JezebelJocelyn

Phone Sex Girlfriend Kelly

I want to be your phone sex girlfriend. You know, the go to slut that you call when you want to get off. Everyone needs one, really. Someone you can count on to always make you cum over and over again. Your orgasm can be so much more intense the more we know about each other and the more intimate that we can get together. I want you to unload on me (pun intended), tell me all about your day, your life, your sexual fantasies. You can tell me anything and know that I will always be interested and ready to please you.

phone sex girlfriend

You never have to worry about petty things like taking me to dinner, or a movie or any of that boring dating stuff. No, with me we can get right to the dirty fun stuff with no fuss or muss. And you can count on my discretion. I will be your confidante. I will never share your secrets with a soul. And it is not like I will run into you at the mall or anything. Our relationship is special and above all, private. And don’t you like going through your day knowing that you have a hot barely legal phone sex slut like me waiting and eager for your call. Someone who will do anything, role play any fantasy or fetish that interests you. I will never say no to you. Isn’t that every man’s dream come true? To have a sweet, sexy, firm and imaginative slut on hand whenever he snaps his fingers or dials his phone? I want to be that whore for you.

Call me at 1-888-40-BUNNY so we can have some intense fun when you make me your phone sex girlfriend

AIM,Yahoo, and GMAIL: CoedKelly4U

No Limits Phone Sex with Riley

Fuck yeah! I’m that girl that’s ready for anything, any time, any day, any way – you name the game and I’ll be happy to play! No limits phone sex is my kind of fun, so why don’t you pick up that phone and call me and see if you can be the first one to make me squirm. I doubt it though. I may be younger, and maybe I haven’t heard it all yet, but I’m as curious as a kitty cat and eager to experience everything I can, so all you’re gonna do when you challenge me is open my eyes to new things. Are you perverted, depraved, kinky, into some questionable and taboo stuff? That’s ok because trust me, sunshine – so am I! If you aren’t calling for no limits phone sex, then you’re wasting your dime because my philosophy is if you’re gonna do it, do it right, and baby…do it with me!

no limits phone sex

I want to hear your craziest fantasies – the ones you’re afraid to tell people you have. I want to have dreams at night about what you tell me you want to do to me – I want you to have that kind of impact on me. After you call for no limits phone sex, I want to have trouble concentrating on my homework because all I can think about is what you called to talk to me about. I want to hear it all – don’t hold back, because when you finally get your rocks off with me while talking about that thing you’re afraid to talk about, that hot load that cums out will feel intense, like a purging of the soul as well as the body. Cum on, guys, and unburden your kinkiest desires by calling me today! NO LIMITS – I swear!!!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for no limits phone sex!

AIM: Rileys_Ready4U
Twitter: @ReadyRiley

No Limits Phone Sex with Raven

Good thing you entered here, Cause I will take you on a taste of your life. No Limits Phone Sex is what you get with me boys! But first let’s start by my name, Raven is what normal people call me but nasty bitch is what I’m used too.  I’m 5 foot 7 mixed with white and black, a perfect little mixture of naughty and nice.  I have smooth creamy light skin companied by perky chocolate chip nipples on my 36 C sized tits. Hungry yet? *Wink*

no limits phone sex
I’m the perfect little nasty bitch you’ve always dreamed of, and now I’m all yours!

The best part about me is I love my ass played with not often but ALL THE TIME. Fucking me with your rock hard rod in my ass would be the highlight of your night. Are you getting hot and thirsty? I’m such a nasty little bitch. I love gangbangs, oral, and lots of freaky nasty shit we could think of.

You’ll love me being submissive to you, humiliating me to your pleasure making me your sex slave or in other words your nasty fuck toy. Are you sissy? And just want me to fuck your lights out, I’ll be the perfect nasty dom your looking for.

I’m always open for all your freaky kinky nasty desires, my pussy is wet just thinking about them. I bet your dick is jumping to fuck my insides, I’m such a nasty little whore and I could be your nasty little whore, I know you like the sound of that. And the sound of hot No Limits Phone Sex with me! Hurry I’m about to cum

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Riley

Holy crap, I’m so fucking horny today! My pussy is so wet, my lips are so swollen, and my mouth is watering at the all the nasty thoughts going through my head right now. I’m dying to play with my throbbing clit, but I’m in the mood for some mutual masturbation phone sex so I need someone fun to play with before I can make myself cum! I want you to call me today so we can get off together, over and over, hearing each other breathe heavy and moan with pleasure and desire. I want to hear you stroke that cock and pull on your ball sack, and if you ask nicely, I’ll let you hear how wet my pussy really is. I’ll touch myself the way you ask me to, and I know I’ll get off really hard because I’ll hear how worked up and hard you are because of what we are doing.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I have a headset for when you call – my hands can wander anywhere while we talk and get off together. I have a whole collection of naughty toys nearby too, so we can take this mutual masturbation phone sex thing to the next level and I can fuck myself with a hard, glass cock while you fuck your jerk off sleeve. Or we can just go at it with our hands, groping and squeezing, fondling and fingering until we both cum, knowing that we have the benefit of being touched the way we like it best, all while sharing that hot moment with someone else just as horny. I’m so into the sound of a man moaning, grunting hard in my ear as he cums. Sometimes I can almost feel his hot breath on my neck as I listen to him cum, and it turns me on to the point of making me squirt all over my glass toys! I just love mutual masturbation – it’s one of my favorite things to do, so call me so we can get our rocks off together!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for mutual masturbation phone sex!

AIM: Rileys_Ready4U
Twitter: @ReadyRiley

Phone Sex Girlfriend Shay

Do you crave a phone sex girlfriend? Do you want to have a smart and beautiful girl to call after a long day of work and tell your day to? I would love to be the girl you call at the end of the day. I would love to hear your dream’s and you listen to mine. Also about those sex dreams you keep having about us. Tell me about all the naughty and kinky thing’s you want to do to me.

phone sex girlfriend

I am the kind of girl where any thing goes. So tell me your dark sex fantasy, your dreams of fucking me on your coffee table or maybe out in public in the local park behind the big maple. Listen while I touch myself just for you and be the good phone sex girlfriend you always wanted. I love being told how to touch myself. I aim to please you and be everything you wanted in my own colorful and spunky way.

There is so much we can share while I am you Phone sex girlfriend and the very best part is I will never tell you no. I’m fun and exciting always have a smile on my face that you can really hear through the phone. We can talk about anything you want smirk smirk, the dirtier the better. I am here for you.

Call me 1 888 402 8669 ask your new phone sex girlfriend Shay

AIM and Yahoo: XSweetBunnyShayX

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Jocelyn

I know a gentleman, Mr. J, who loves cock sucking phone sex almost as much as I do. We even love to add in props and cock worship to make our erotic cock sucking phone sex calls some of the most erotic experiences we have ever had.

cock sucking phone sex

This time before I got between his knees Mr. J let me know he had my props waiting for me on the bathroom counter – a pair of silky jet black opera gloves, long enough to cover over my elbows, and a tube of slutty cocksucker red lipstick. I layered plenty on my big pouty lips before I went back to Mr. J and knelt between his knees. And I know what he likes: the first thing he got was a big lipstick kiss right on the head of his hard cock to stare at as I ran my gloved hands over his thighs to tease him.

Mr. J loved the way my hands ran up his legs, down his lower stomach. But he started outright moaning and twitching when he felt my gloved fingers slide around his shaft and caress him. I laid my silky hands flat around his base, the diamond shape between my hands holding his hot dick straight up for my attention. I lavished it on his cock in kisses, leaving red lipstick prints up and down and all around the hot skin of his shaft. Then it was time to take care of Mr. J’s balls – holding just under his crown with all of my lovely gloved fingertips as I put one big round red lipstick kiss on first one nut, then the other. That made him almost shout he loved it so much!

I wasn’t done teasing, though. I traced the tip of my tongue back up Mr. J’s veiny pulsing pole making sure to trace between all the lipstick kisses. By the time my tongue reached his purple mushroom head, it was sticky with precum for me to suck off. My gloved hands slid down his veiny kiss-printed cock, one slipping under Mr. J’s heavy cum-filled nutsack and stroking with the backs of my fingers and the other circled around his base to hold him straight as my mouth slid down over him.

Mr. J couldn’t help but start thrusting into my throat he was so turned on by our erotic cock sucking phone sex! You might think I swallowed – cuz I do love to swallow!- but call me and I’ll tell you where Mr. J decided to spray the ropes of hot white cum I sucked out of him instead!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Jocelyn for cock sucking phone sex

Size Queen Phone Sex with Kelly

There is nothing wrong with being a size queen phone sex princess. I am such a pretty thing, I am always used to getting my way. That is the way life is. I just take that a step further and make sure that I only fuck the biggest and fattest cocks. Seriously, take a look at me and tell me that my hotness shouldn’t rate only the best dicks out there.

size queen phone sex

I want to be truly and deeply fucked and I will not settle for anything less. Do you think that I want some tiny penis having idiot trying to hump away at me like he is doing me a favor? It would make me laugh if it weren’t so sad and common. Those pathetic fuckers need to get lost already. I want to be thrown down on the bed and feel a rock hard monster slide between them my legs and plunge deep into my tight pink snatch. I am talking, one so big that that bitch damn near hits me in the throat. It straightens my spine and makes me feel at least a foot taller. I need to feel his huge full balls slapping against me until I feel like I can’t take it anymore. A deep dicking by a massive cock always helps give me an attitude adjustment. That is the only thing size queens like me respond to. Of course, those of you with wee pricks wouldn’t know a thing about that, now would you? But I do often let them watch when I take the cock I need. It is like putting on a clinic. They can never hope to be that kind of satisfying fuck, but they do get a front row seat to see how a real man lays pipe.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly for size queen phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

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