Cock Tease Phone Sex with Riley

You want a naughty little cock tease, do you? Oh, fuck yeah, man – you need to call me for some hot cock tease phone sex then, because I’m sitting here, all by my lonesome, dying for a nice hard cock to toy with all night! You can bet I’m in my best cock bait form – I’m wearing some super sexy slutty clothes – there’s hardly any fabric here at all, as a matter of fact, and what there is, well, it fits like a glove. You can see every line through the fabric, and your dick is getting so hard because your eyes can tell your hands want to help them wander over every curve of my body!

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So what is a horny dude like you to do? You want that cock teased, and you want it toyed with. You want to think you’re going to get some of this hot ass, and just when you’re sure you’ve won, that’s when I’m going to pull it away and make you watch while I do other things to drive you crazy! I’ll wiggle around a bit, make sure I bend over when I know you are looking, and I just may have to get a sweet, delicious popsicle in my mouth so you can think about me sucking it like you want me to suck that swollen cock of yours!

The best thing about cock tease phone sex is I have full permission to be a nasty prick tease, and the more I tease, the more you want me. The more you want me, the more I get to tease by dangling that pussy flavored carrot in front of your hungry and horny face! By the time you hang up, your mind will be blown, and your cock will need a break, but it won’t be long before you’ll want to call again to get that dick tease you love so much!

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Extreme Phone Sex with Shay

Some people are shocked when they read what I have to say or hear my soft young voice speak of extreme and naughty thing’s. Maybe it is because I don’t look the part of a horny extreme phone sex loving brat. My mind is always in the gutter. There are times when I’m out with family, uptight friends or in public and I will see or hear something I can’t help but make it dirty and laugh to myself. Just the way my mind works guess I’m a bot of a pervert you could say.

extreme phone sex

Ok back to my subject at hand extreme phone sex also know as taboo phone sex. I am the kind of woman that gets off on things some would call bizarre. I like things that are out of the norm., I’m not your normal girl oh cum and fuck me. I like things wild and with a twist to them. I am no a plain jane by any means. I get off and cum the most when things are dirty and taboo. Most I can’t even mention here lol.

I love roleplays about thing’s that I shouldn’t even be thinking about as a younger educated woman. I mean sure I like to be told to get on my knees and cock my cock but I also enjoy something that makes my mind work too. For example, I love fantasy role plays. I would love to be a virgin sacrifice for some grey bodied aliens and have them pop my cherry. Also me being a barely legal babysitter that enjoys some CBT with her boss when his wife is away at a craft fair for the day. I also love super hero’s and villains, furries, plushy sex and other wild out of this world role plays. I really do get wet and I love to be very detailed so you get a full picture in your mind of our naughty roleplay.

Are there things you would love to talk about on the phone you cant tell anyone else? I am more than willing and you most likely will find I enjoy your kinky fantasy too. I’m open and willing to do anything that will make us cum together. I’m more than willing I don’t judge and am easy to talk to while I rub my pussy. Yes I really do enjoy talking too you on the phone 🙂 Call me with your taboo fantasies let make them all cum true is living color and enjoy our time together doing it.

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BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

I can’t believe that BBC phone sex is still “off limits” or considered taboo to some people. Probably because most white men feel far too threatened by massive black cocks, that they simply pretend that it doesn’t even exist. They act like BBC is just a myth. Well, I would gladly educate anyone who will listen. In my experience there is definitely a size difference between black guys and white guys. Black cock is just WAY bigger and WAY fatter than average white cock. It is just genetic. So women who are in touch with their sexual side, will always choose the bigger cock.

BBC phone sex

Yep, that means that I will always opt to be a BBC slut. I will let those giant ebony pricks fuck me any way they like. I want to be sticky and sore by the time they are done with me. You unbelievers aka small cock having white guys, can witness the fuck fest for themselves and see exactly what I mean. Women go crazy on big dicks in a way they never do with a wee or even average size cock. It will be an eye opening encounter for you to bear witness to the way I react when getting railed by an elephant trunk of a dick. Maybe once you see it for yourself you will just accept that black cock is far superior to that paltry thing you are hauling around in your pants. It is about time that you figured it out. It is always better to know the truth so you can make adjustments. If you want a woman like me, you need to shower me with money and presents. That is just the what it takes to make me happy when you are not well endowed. Come on, call me and we can discuss the new world order of BBC phone sex calls.

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Financial Domination Phone Sex with Abby

Hey there my little pay pig! Ready to pay tribute to Princess Abby with some hot financial domination phone sex? I just know you are. Look at you with that full wallet, loaded with credit cards just waiting to be drained upon my orders. You know it makes your cock hard when you make a financial domination phone sex call to me and I get to take complete control of you and your fat wallet. It won’t be when I’m all finished with you, piggy bank. In fact, I just may drain your bank account and ride off in your nice car too, leaving you penniless, with a hard cock and a spinning head. You won’t even know what hit you. My body and voice are so hot that when I tell you to spoil me before you touch that dick of yours, precum will be leaking out and you’ll be begging me for relief. Knowing that you’re being a good boy and following this Princess’ orders makes my pussy drip with power. If you give me enough I may even let you cum.

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But you have to prove that you’re a worthy paypig, not some sad loser poser. I’m not just someone looking for a sugar daddy. Nope, I’m looking for power. Power over your cock, life and finances. And knowing that you are pleasing someone as deserving as me should be one of your greatest pleasures. I deserve every red cent you have because my pussy is pure heaven. And if you make prove yourself, I may grace you with a trip to heaven that will make you forget all about your empty wallet. Better get back to work, paypig, or else this place of ecstasy will be off limits to your poor ass.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Brandy

When i sit here and think about the very first time I spoke with my favorite panty boy one of the very first things I can remember him saying is that “Mistress Brandy I can’t ever see myself being more than a panty boy and a sissy.” And after speaking with him yesterday he told me that he had totally flew off the rails with all that he has experienced. It just goes to show you that this Mistress can feel out guys and take everything in. And when it comes to Sissy phone sex I can honestly say that I am very experienced into transforming panty boys into total cock taking sluts. She now goes by Princess M. I laughed so much out of joy just knowing this slutty sissy girl was going to one day pull out all the stops! And she proved just that when she told me about some of her latest experiences that she has had with men. I giggle and she loves it when I do that let me tell you something. But I do it because again when I think back I was one of the ones who trained her how to suck lick and plant her lipstick painted lips around a dildo. I have to admit that her sissy clitty got super excited for not only that but my fucking strap on as well. She just loves wearing colorful cami’s and lacy cheeky panties to show off that amazing ass of hers. She also loves wearing fishnets as well! But not only does this sissy know how to dress the part, she also has an amazing tongue as well! And when it comes to worshiping my perfect ass and pussy no one does it better than Princess M. I just love it after one of my hot big dicked studs has shot their creamy load in my pussy and slutty sissy is standing there watching and touching her clitty just knowing shes going to either crawl between my creamy legs or have me 69 her so she can lick and suck and give me an unforgettable rim job and clean up all that warm jizz from my tight pussy. But let me just briefly share some of the experiences she has had since we last spoke on the phone.

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She said “Mistress Brandy I suck all kinds of cocks now. Big one’s little ones, thick ones, thin ones you name it. And recently I have moved on to letting these twins fuck both of my slutty holes.” I gasped a bit and said “Twins you slutty panty loving sissy?” She said “Yes Identical twins. In fact the only way you can tell them apart is by the hair on their cock. One likes to keep his shaven like a landing strip. And the other just cuts his really close down to his skin.” I laughed again at this Sissy phone sex slut and said “I guess you would know right? Seeing as how you have graduated into being a cock whore.” She said “Yes Mistress you were right. So much as I have flown completely off the rails!” As I was dressed in my sexy black dress and fishnet stockings she went on to say “I also had a threesome too Mistress.” I was very intrigued and asked her what she did. She said “Oh one of them fucked my sissy pussy and the other two had their dicks in my mouth and I sucked them really really good.” Let me also mention that this sissy is VERY kinky as well. She confessed to how much she loves being in the bathtub being dressed in her cami and panties. She also confessed that she loves it when a sexy hot girl will stand over her hips and give golden showers all over her clitty. But if that wasn’t dirty enough she also confessed of how she will put panties on afterwards and let all of the golden rain absorb in her panties so she walks around all day being reminded of the mistresses and what they did to her in the bathtub. So so SOOOOO kinky and dirty! Did I mention she also loves to not only take a fresh hot load of cum all over her face, but she also is a cum muncher as well. She just loves drinking that hot warm spunk and I know when her head is bobbing up and down on a stiff hard pole she won’t stop until either a hot fucking big dicked tranny or man empties his balls all over her face and down her throat. I could just go on for hours talking about this slutty panty loving Princess M. But being the wicked mistress that I am always loves to leave something for your imagination. Besides I could always tell you more when you call and share your dirty secrets with me!

I just know you love being a sissy as much as I can’t get enough of sissy phone sex. And if you are a panty boy who fantasizes about what it would be like to be transformed from a man to an all out sissy girl like Princess M did for me then look no further because this Mistress can give you exactly what you fantasize about. Why daydream when you can step into my closet or go shopping with me and we can pick out whatever kind of female clothes that gets your juices flowing. Just think “when it comes to transforming no one does it better than Mistress Brandy” Because never do I ever disappoint.

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Phone Sex Slut Jocelyn

Can I tell you something that’s just been bursting to get out of me forever? I LOVE! being the biggest phone sex slut ever *giggles* I try really hard at being a whore, actually, and never turn down an opportunity to be my sluttiest self! To be honest, it’s really easy to be such a dick-hungry little fucktoy- because that’s exactly what I am *giggles* I don’t care what kind of kinky shit you’ve got in mind, I bet you I’ve already done it or I’m gonna try it with you; that’s what being such a slut is all about!

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And I can prove it, too. I’ve got all my slutty stories to tell you about all the different times my pretty cunt has been pounded: At parties by big black cocks, on dates in the car before we even get to the restaurant, with strap-ons by my girlfriends, even multiple fuckings at a time! Fuck it gets me so hot to talk about all my whore sexcapades. I bet I barely could even get through my first story before you’re ready to blow you’d love hearing about how slutty I am so much *giggles*

But that’s ok. We can play together. I’ll be your phone sex slut while you stroke your hard cock and tell me how to finger with my pretty pink bald pussy. Let me moan into your ear how much I want to taste that throbbing meat and wrap my legs around your head to ride your tongue. I bet you love a dirty cunt that leaks all over your cheeks and face when it grinds on you, huh? *giggles* And you’re going to love it even better when my pussy squirts cumming all over that huge hard cock you’ve got just waiting for this hot horny phone sex slut!

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with April

I know that usually I’m talking about fetishes and fantasies. But sometimes I like to go back to the basics and suck a little bit of cock. Yes, I love cock sucking phone sex just as much as you do! I love getting down on my knees in front of a big dick and wrapping my lips around it. Well, I like to stroke it and lick it a little bit before I take it into my mouth. Well, usually. Sometimes I like to just go for it all at once. Hey, sometimes I get so horny that I can’t wait.

cock sucking phone sex

I love the feeling of a throbbing cock in my mouth. I love to just take it in balls deep and hold it there and feel it throb. I love to grab hold of his balls and squeeze them a little bit and hear him moan. It just makes me so fucking horny. I always have to reach down and put a couple fingers in my pussy. I can’t help it. Sucking cock makes my pussy so wet and I have to have a little bit of relief.

Maybe, if you’re into it, I can climb up on your face so you can eat my pussy while I suck your big fat dick. Stick your tongue out and wiggle it around. I want to ride it and see if we can get it all the way inside me. Oh, and don’t forget to suck on my clit while I’m bobbing my head up and down on that cock. Mmm. I can’t wait to feel you shoot a hot load in my mouth.

Are you looking forward to some cock sucking phone sex as much as I am? Just grab your phone and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to April.

Voyeur Phone Sex with Payton

I’m not sure how long he was watching me before I realized my neighbor was a dirty pervert voyeur. I guess I had just never noticed how his blinds always seemed to be up when I was in my room. But when I realized, you bet I took advantage of him for some dirty voyeur phone sex!

voyeur phone sex

I started noticing him one day while I was changing. I had just taken off my bra, and was caressing my perky tits, teasing my nipples, when I glanced up. He was in his window, mesmerized at the sight of me touching myself. I giggled, winked at him and gave my nipples a hard pinch. He was embarrassed and ducked right out of sight. But after that, I noticed that he was always watching, it seemed like. While I was changing, getting naked before a shower, lying on my bed with my fingers dipping into my sweet, juicy pussy.

I could see from his movements that he would masturbate while he watched, but if I looked, he would hide, lol. One day, I decided that I should give him an extra good show to satiate his voyeur phone sex fantasies! I invited over a girlfriend. We’re . . . close. *giggles* I told her how he’d been watching me and jacking off, and I suggested we drive him a little bit crazy. She’s wild like me, and I knew she’d be totally up for it. We started kissing, and I saw his blinds go up out of the corner of my eye. I giggled and made a motion to my friend so she would glance over too. The look of surprise on his face when he saw me start sucking on her big, luscious, round tits made us both giggle uncontrollably.

I could see his arm start to jerk faster and faster as she moved slowly down my body to taste my pink, wet snatch. I moaned and pulled gently on my nipples as she licked me all up and down my sweet slit. He didn’t even care that I had seen him anymore, he was too engrossed in watching her tease my juicy cunt. I could see him jerking it faster as I held the back of her head, grinding my pussy against her face until I had an explosive orgasm, flooding her pretty face with my yummy girl juice.

I couldn’t see his cock through the window, but I definitely saw that cum shoot straight up! I think it just about hit the ceiling! *giggles* But you know all about that, don’t you? 😉 Do you like to watch too? Want to talk about it? Then give me a call for some taboo voyeur phone sex and play with Payton!

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Coed Phone Sex with Shay

Growing up I always knew I wanted to go to college and be somebody. Was being a naughty coed brat one of them of course not. Was being a coed phone sex brat one of them? Maybe I fell in love with phone sex when I was just 18 and still in high school so that could be a maybe. I just moved out of my parents this summer and fell in love with coed life on my own. I love getting a higher education but there is a lot of distraction.

coed phone sex

I have been invited to all kind’s of parties and have had a blast. Just last week I got invited to an alum party. I loved talking and socializing with all the drunken people and got fucked by a very drunk Doctor of Education. I love older men so I was very excited when he started flirting with me in a quiet corner and putting his hand up my skirt to touch my shaved pussy. Can you imagine seeing me getting fingered right there with a bunch of people all around? I did make him bring me to the quiet kitchen before he rammed with his uncut cock on the large oak table there. I will admit I came all over the table and didn’t clean up the puddle either.!!

Now I will admit to thinking about having some phone sex in a very taboo place. The college library is a place for reading and silence. I have thought of hiding behind a shelf and taking one of my phone sex calls right there in the dark and fuck myself. so what if someone one saw me I would welcome any man to watch. Hell, I wouldn’t care if there took there cock out and jerked themselves off to me on the phone with you. I know I would get them rock hard to see me on the floor playing with my tight pussy on the floor. I just might have to do that soon!!! It turned me on and got my pussy wet thinking about a phone sex call like that.

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Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex with Riley

I am definitely a major brat, even when I’m the one in control, so watch out if you want jerk off instructions from me on a day when I’m in a bratty bitch mood, because before you know it, your joi phone sex session may just turn into a night of ruined orgasm phone sex! That’s right – I like to fuck with you guys, and some of you horny bastards enjoy being fucked with in exactly that way, don’t you? In fact, it seems that when I get a ruined orgasm phone sex call, even though it’s what you asked for, the real pleasure and satisfaction are all mine!

orgasm denial phone sex

I know you’re a naughty little glutton for punishment, and if you have a real dick attached to your body, then it’s a good chance that you’ve done something to deserve some real punishment. Of course I’m always happy to carry that out with spanking phone sex, or maybe some humiliation phone sex, but ruined orgasm phone sex is the best way to truly cut below the belt when it comes to really punishing the nasty little leg humper that you are! Yeah, that’s right – you’ve been a really bad boy, so I am going to laugh my ass off at your frustration when I tell you to stop at just the right moment, and giggle away while your cum just dribbles and your disappointed dick goes limp.

I bet you’re curious now. You’re dying to call for ruined orgasm phone sex, but you’re nervous because you’re afraid you won’t like having your orgasm ruined by a hot little vixen like me. You think it sounds weird, yet you’re oddly drawn to the idea. You’ve gotten your share of dirty discipline in the past and you want something new to put you in your place – I’ve got what you need. Call me now to get what you deserve, you little piece of dribble piss!!

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