Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! I had the most scintillating time when you called the other night for some extreme religious blasphemy phone sex. Honestly, I never thought I’d admit to thinking about religion quite that way before.

religious blasphemy phone sex

First, you wanted me to tell you about Jesus Christ’s dick. What I thought it would look like, how big it was, what it would taste like. I’ve fantasized about that a time or two, during bible study class with my parents so long ago. I was ready with answers. Then you wanted to bring Mary Magdalene into our fun. I enjoyed thinking about her titties in my hand, how they might feel. What did Jesus Christ think about the display we were putting on at his feet? Was he as rock hard as you were? What would he do with two slutty, sexy whores at his beck and call? Would he be able to maintain his godly persona, or would his manly side take over as he stroked that dick of his?

Do you think he could deny us, as we reached up for his robe-skirt and scrunched it up to show those muscular thighs and that big, thick, aching cock? Do you think Jesus Christ would enjoy our little hands and our hot mouths on that cock of his? I didn’t have a chance to find out. What was going to happen during this religious blasphemy extreme phone sex session?

Just then, because a threesome wasn’t enough for you, because you like your religious blasphemy phone sex truly extreme, you told me the apostles were watching Mary Magdalene and I fondle each other in front of Jesus Christ. I could see the hard ridges of their cocks under their robes as they stared at the two of us cupping each other’s breasts and playing with our dripping wet pussies.

Honestly, I was so desperate for something hard and thick between my aching lower lips, the only apostle I could think of was Peter. And how fitting because his name is a nickname for that aching member I wanted in my pussy so badly. Peter came to join Mary Magdalene at Jesus Christ’s feet.

What did Peter do to us bad, horrible whores at Jesus’s feet? Did he shame us for our ungodly ways, or did he join us? To find out, call me for some religious blasphemy extreme phone sex today!

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Jayda

Ok, little dicks listen up! Are you searching on the internet about small penis humiliation and worry that your little cock isn’t good enough to please anyone because it’s pathetically small and no woman in right her mind would want to fuck you because of your ‘small’ issue? Well, your assumption is right and you need to feel bad about being cursed with a little limp dick no one really wants. Size isn’t always relevant unless your cock is just too small, although girth can be the most important factor but if your cock is five inches or less and a skinny pinky dick, that’s sad. You need to call me for the best of the worst small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

The only thing your small clit dick is good for is absolutely nothing at all. No woman in the world wants a little pencil dick even if she doesn’t like big dicks. You are totally out of the picture when it comes to desirability in size. No one wants your penis. However, this does not mean you wouldn’t be a perfect cum dumpster or ass licker. *gigles* You could be trained to be the perfect submissive slut and lick the cum off everyone’s genitals when they are done squirting their juices everywhere. You are the clean-up sissy maid boy toy service every person could use when cum needs to be cleaned…I mean licked up. LOL! I would dress you up in black nylon stockings and heels and you would be forced to wear an apron. You need this since you are the sissy maid who licks and sucks the cum off bigger cocks
during small penis humiliation phone sex.

Little dicks need to be talked into bi-sissification. I would tell you to bend down on all fours while blindfolded and order my BBC to peg you hard in your ass. Then I would send you home wearing your big girl panties. Call Jayda now for small penis humiliation phone sex at 1 888 402 8669.

Size Queen Phone Sex with Kelly

Why do guys have such an issue with me being a size queen phone sex slut? I mean, guys like girls with big asses and big tits, right? What girl wouldn’t want a big thick cock slamming her tight holes? I laugh when I hear a guy say, “size isn’t everything”. Ha! Whoever told you that lie must have known you have a tiny mushroom dick and was just being nice. Fuck that! I want a huge throbbing dick filling my cunt with it’s girth and it’s load. And I want the same for my ass.

size queen phone sex

But fuck being nice, in my opinion. It is time that you finally heard the truth. Size means EVERYTHING!! Sometimes I need more than one prick at a time, so what makes you think a size queen phone sex slut like me could ever be satisfied by one 3″ micropenis? Oh wait, maybe I can be nice after all because I just gave you two whole inches more than you probably have! Look, I get it. You can’t help it if you missed the genetic lottery for big dicks. But why should that be my problem? Nice guys with small dicks finish last and usually end up with their cock in their hand, just 2 finger tugging it. Which is really sad for you because your tiny pathetic excuse for a cock isn’t even big enough to fill your own hand. I’m sure you’re sweet, but that doesn’t make this size queen phone sex slut squirt. A long, fat, hard, veiny dick that can pound me all night does. So if you don’t have one of those…get lost! This size queen phone sex slut only fucks dicks 8 inches or bigger and you don’t qualify. Later loser!

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Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Kennedy

Some boys just can’t help being a bit of a sucker for a woman that loves to be in charge. It’s nice to let go of control and have a lover direct you in the bedroom. Most people think of domination as being rough, with various bondage activities and some demeaning play, but sensual domination phone sex is an option, too!

sensual domination phone sex

Maybe you don’t like getting hardcore slapped around and degraded. I know I enjoy it, but not everyone does. And maybe you’re curious about it, about the teasing, the seduction, having your pleasure be decided for you. You want to let go of everything and let me take the lead. I want to make you lose control and truly experience that release. That’s what being dominated is all about, really.

It’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts and ignore your desires, but sensual domination phone sex gets you out of your head and following only your instincts. For the time being, I’m your mistress and you will do as I say. I’ll keep it light. All good dominants know that this is for your pleasure, after all. I can lead you down paths you’d never have considered before. Grow your curiosity with me.

Give me the opportunity to learn what gives you immense pleasure. Every person is a little bit different, and some of us have desires that are deeper and darker than others, but there’s no shame in having a little fun! Let me take over and tease you with ever building pleasure. I can work your body up to a new level of ecstasy. You won’t be able to hold out with me once I decide it’s time for you to explode.

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No Taboos Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! I just loved our no taboos phone sex session the other day. I know you just loved the fact that I was willing to do things your girlfriend or wife just won’t do. You know your slutty housewife will do just about anything to keep you satisfied. I just love the fact that satisfying you keeps me satisfied.

no taboos phone sex

Do you want to open up my toy chest and see what goodies are inside? I’ll put on a sexy outfit if you will, hon. Do you want me to tie you up? Or maybe you want to tie me up. Being at someone else’s mercy is so sexy, don’t you think? I’ve got nipple clamps and vibrating cock rings, and just about anything else you might desire. My favorite toy is my paddles. I’m sure I’ve talked about them before. Do you think I can leave an imprint of your ass? Which would you prefer, BITCH, SLUT, or WHORE?

Do you want me to blindfold you and tickle your senses until you’re close to cumming? Or is there another kink that your wife or girlfriend can’t or refuse to fulfill? Do you want to tell me your deepest, darkest fantasies that no one else will go there with you? I love roleplays of any kind, from milf to barely legal to voyeur to foot fetishes. The sky is the limit during our no taboos phone sex, hon. Just let me know what gets you off, and we’ll be on our way to fulfilling us both.

Anything goes in our no taboos phone sex session, so let’s get kinky and wild and have some satisfying fun. If you have something that needs a bit of foreplay first, send me an email at so we can talk about your fetish or kink before you give me a call. But you’d better call hon, don’t get me horny and then don’t put out.

Twitter: @CassiePierced

Impregnation Phone Sex with Jocelyn

Maybe it’s because I’m a fertile young coed university student surrounded by all the hormones flying around on this huge campus full of gorgeous studs but I have a definite thing for impregnation phone sex!!! I had to stop taking birth control pills so I’ve been using one of those period tracker apps, you know??? It seems like I barely have any time to recover from one ovulation cycle before I’m horny as hell again for the next *giggles*

impregnation phone sex

I know the smart thing is to be good and use condoms and the pill and stay in school and everything… But the feel of hot baby batter filling my open eager pussy that’s so fecund and ready to bake a little bun we make ourselves OMG!!! Not to mention the feel of a bareback ride on a throbbing, hot fuckstaff to plant that seed deep where it can swim to my aching lusting egg… *giggles* Seriously I’m squirming around getting my panties all soaked just thinking about a long slow session of sensual impregnation phone sex!!!

We’d have to make sure to cum long and hard to help all those swimmers of yours get up my baby-making canal, too. So many positions are out there to try and help conceive- and so many of them get me off like really hardcore!!! Of course I have the best orgasms when my impregnation phone sex partner has a huge dong that maybe even will give me a biracial baby *giggles* Can you imagine what my parents would say if they had to picture me getting plowed by a big black cock to make a mixed race baby???

If this has your dick as hard as my pussy is wet, give me a call!!! Ask for Jocelyn at 1-888-402-8669 and let’s see how far we can take our impregnation phone sex fantasies!!!

Face Sitting Phone Sex with Riley

Damn, it’s been a long ass day of shopping. I’ve been walking around the mall for hours in sexy high heels, and holy crap, my feet are fucking killing me!! I need a good, comfy place to sit and take a load off, and honey, it looks like your face is as good a place as any to rest this sweet ass, so lie on your back and take a deep breath, because you and I are about to embark on some serious face sitting phone sex, honey!! Aww – you’re smiling now! Lemme get a good look at your face, baby, before I cover it with my beautiful bare bottom!

face sitting phone sex

Look at that cock of yours stand straight up at attention while you struggle for air under my lovely ass! I bet you love it when I wiggle and rub my ass all over your face, and if you don’t you will soon! I’m going to reach down and pinch your nipples, making sure my ass and pussy rub all over your nose while I play. You sure are a great substitute chair – it’s like your face was made to cradle my ass! We’re going to have so much fun with face sitting phone sex that you’ll swear you can smell and taste my ass from over the phone – that’s how descriptive I’m gonna get.

The best part about face sitting phone sex is that while I ride your face I can lean down and play with that hard cock of yours. I can tease you and torture you, stroke you the way I want to, and trust me – I’m going to fuck with you. You won’t know what to focus on more – your face or your dick!

Got a hard on for face sitting? Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for the ride of your life!!! Follow my naughty tweets @ReadyRiley too!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Phoenix

I love mutual masturbation phone sex! I want to hear everything that gets you rock hard. I want you to hear how wet I am when I slip a toy inside of my sweet, juicy pussy. When I whimper in your ear and your cock starts to throb and you start telling me what you want me to do next. Our breath catching while we both touch ourselves, just the right way. Our imaginations running as wild as our bodies. You can tell me what really turns you on, things that nobody else may know. The dirtier the better. I love knowing how your mind and body works, and the hotter we get, the closer we get to exploding for each other, that is when the excitement really gets going.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I will share my hidden fantasy if you share yours. Give me just a little bit of your time and I will have you feeling great all week long when both of us get to cum during mutual masturbation phone sex. There is something so fucking hot about you stroking your hard cock while I am playing with my toys. It really get’s me going! I am already in my bed, waiting on you to call me so we can have the hottest time together. I have got all of my toys right here and dirty porn playing. All that’s missing is my phone with you on the other end telling me what you want me to do to myself. I know you want to hear me fuck my wet cunt, just as much as I want to hear you jerking off that hard cock for me! I love the sound it makes when you stroke it really hard and fast!! That will get my pussy all nice and ready to pound with my vibrator. It feels good when I put it in as deep as it will go. Teasing and touching ourselves while we talk about our dirtiest fantasies, moaning and begging each other to get to the point where we both explode together.

Call me today for the hottest mutual masturbation phone sex. I promise that we will get off together while driving each other wild!

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Jayda

When you are down in the dumps and your married life seems to be on a slow spiral downhill, call me. You can reveal to me all the kinky secrets you keep from your wife. Maybe she’s cheating on you because you have a tiny, itsy, bitsy, pee wee dick. Perhaps, your wife is a horny, slutty, cheating housewife who loves fucking every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sue, Ann, and Mary. One day you decide to come home early for lunch hour and you catch your wife down on her knees licking my delicious, brown, Asian pussy to satisfy her hunger. I’m down to do anything goes phone sex with only you or as many people as you want me to.

anything goes phone sex

As you catch your wife licking my tasty cunt, your cock gets nice and hard. I catch you staring at us from across the room. Then, I make her get down on all fours and adjust my big black 10-inch strap on which is 3 and a half fingers thick. I slap her on her ass and start banging your bitch’s slippery twat with my BBC. While I penetrate her slippery wet pussy, her painful moans of pleasure excite you. As you get an eyeful of me fucking your wife, you don’t get mad but rock hard. It’s always been your fantasy to see your wife get fucked by another woman with a BBC. Wet, warm pussies and hard cocks are what you get with me during anything goes phone sex. There’s never a dry moment! *giggles*

As I rotate her to face me so I can fuck her from the front, I invite you over so you can drop your pants and bang your wife from behind as I guide the both of you into popping her anal cherry. Or I can bend you over and ram your ass and pop your anal cherry, or perhaps I will anal screw you both. You need my experience to guide you through it
and to teach you all the kinky positions of anal sex. If you are obedient, I will allow you to fuck me bareback and cum inside of my tight cunt. I know my kitty feels better than your wife because mine is smaller and tighter. We can make her clean the mess you leave inside of me by making her lick it all up. During anything goes phone sex I will own you and turn you into my fuck toys.

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Phone Sex Girlfriend Kelly

I know it’s hard for a busy guy like you to sustain a committed relationship and that can get lonely. But you never have to be lonely with me as your phone sex girlfriend. I can be everything you need. We can share our dreams and desires with each other. We can tease each other and satisfy one another. We can be as intimate and as kinky as you like. And you don’t have to worry about whether you’re able to give enough to the relationship, because I’m the kind of phone sex girlfriend who is here when you need me and understands when you’re busy. And, I will never say no to any wild, dirty fetish or fantasy you have. Fetishes and roleplays are always on the menu.

phone sex girlfriend

I’m open to anything that turns you on. Do you want me to be your anal slut? Or would you like to fuck my face? Drive that dick deep in my throat baby! I’ll suck and gag and choke until I slobber all over your dick and make you bust in my mouth. I can be as dirty as you like. Or if you just need a good listener…I can be that too. There’s nothing that I can’t be for you as your phone sex girlfriend. Just think of me as everything you’ve ever dreamed of a woman to be. And while we are on our call, I am all yours and no one matters more to me than you. I think you will find I’m every woman you’ve ever wished for all wrapped up in one sexy, sensual, erotic and loving phone sex girlfriend. And I’m here to serve and please you in every way, any time you need me.

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