Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Riley

Hey boys, I’m willing to put money where my hungry mouth is and bet that you and I share a favorite sexual activity, only I like doing it, and you like having it done. Yeah, you guessed it – I’m a total oral whore, a cock sucking slut, so I’m always up for some hot cock sucking phone sex. I’m guaranteed to get off hard when I take a cock sucking phone sex call, because talking about all that cock in my mouth drives me absolutely bonkers insane!! I love the taste of cock in my mouth – I crave all that dick down my throat, and that craving lasts all day, every day. I can’t get enough dick, throbbing and filling my mouth with all that hot cum – who needs food when you can get all your daily recommended protein while giving a hot blowjob?

cock sucking phone sex

I just love when a man takes a hold of my head and fucks my face like he means it. I can even get into the idea of choking on that cock if I’m really into a guy. After all, that’s the ultimate gift – to give up air for the pleasure of his cock down my throat. And what’s better than a nice, thick cock in the mouth? Two cocks!! I love being in the middle of a threesome with two dicks involved, having all that cock jamming into my mouth at one time, rubbing up against each other, and me, looking up at their faces as they lose themselves in having their limits pushed – it’s so hot I’m already touching myself as I write this!! Now I want four dicks at once – I’m skipping three and going for four. I want them lined up in front of me so I can go on a cock sucking rampage, and do that thing that I do best! I bet you want to be one of those cocks, right? Call me now for cock sucking phone sex and we can talk about where you are in the cock sucking lineup!

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Brandy

I just know how excited and turned on you get when I think about you. I also know how hard your cock gets when you think about how kinky and naughty of a sinful girl that I am. I just love anything goes phone sex. My soft cotton panties are getting moist just thinking about it right now. Do you think about getting me on my knees with my creamy thighs spread ready to take your hard cock out of your pants? I just know how hard your dick gets when you think about my sloppy wet blow jobs. It turns you on so much to imagine my warm wet mouth sliding up your pole sometimes so much that you start fucking it like it were my tiny wet pussy. Nothing can compare to that though. Because it’s so snug and slippery and fuckable and all yours. I know how much you want to have your way with me. I just know how much you love having all three of my holes. Every time you hear my sweet southern voice call out your name you get such kinky and dirty thoughts. Thoughts and fantasies that you know you can’t share with anyone else but this sexy and very flirty red head.

anything goes phone sex

Do you want to crawl on top of me right now and move these black panties to the side? Or maybe you want me to crawl on top of your dick and slide my tight creamy pussy right down on the top of your mushroom head. Let me tease it a bit. Move my sweet lips in circles because I know how sensitive it is. I’ll keep teasing it until you grab me by my thighs and pull me down on that stiff pole and lose all control.. I know you are having thoughts of this anything goes phone sex slut right now.Take me, grab my hips and plunge that hard cock in all of my fuck holes. I’ll have your meaty pole feeling so good with these warm holes that it wont be long until you are ready to blow all that sticky jizz just for me. I’ll be a good girl and clean all that cream off your dick too. And who knows you may just find yourself getting hard all over again for me. Are you stroking your cock right now thinking about all the things you want to do to me? Send me a message to set up your favorite kind of anything goes phone sex call today.

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CFNM Phone Sex with Kelly

So fess up, are you weak? I know most men would never admit that, but I want to hear you say it. You probably pretend to be a big strong man every day, but you know the truth in your heart, don’t you? Don’t be afraid to tell me the truth. I love weak men like you. I get anything I want from pathetic men who would do anything to please me. Right this moment, I am in the mood for CFNM phone sex.

CFNM phone sex

What else could illustrate the power dynamic so literally than me fully dressed telling you exactly what to do with your naked self? You know I would never get naked with you, never with a sad excuse for a man like you actually. But you can put on quite a show for me and demonstrate how submissive you are to me. Your role, as usual, is to entertain me and be completely obediant. Sure, I know that it is humiliating, but you must be used to that feeling but now. I want to up the ante here too. I am going to invite some of my sexy girlfriends over for a drink and make you come out and show them what you have been reduced to. We are all laughing and having a good time, and when I snap my fingers you walk into the room naked and embarrassed. Of course they are going to laugh at you. And while no one wants to touch you, they will really check you out and listen as you tell them how easy it was to break you. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 so we can get started on your CFNM phone sex journey.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex Femdom with Bitchy Roxy

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

What do you think you are doing down there, hmm? You picked the wrong chick for your up-skirt addictions, boy. I am a tease and denial phone sex femdom, Roxy and I am a hot bitch. Red heads are never to be fucked with but your dick, like you, has a small brain. Apparently you couldn’t stop yourself could you? Thought you could be super slick and I wouldn’t know you are playing pocket pool while your perverted eyes stared at up at my pussy, tsk tsk, dumb-dumb! Now, you will be come my denied bitch and I am going to have my fun with you.

Do you like the panties I am wearing? Bet you do, slick. Put your hands behind your back. Excuse me? Do you think you have any negotiation skills in this hot mess? Not likely. If you refuse to put those sticky, re-cum, cover hands behind your back I will simply alert the proper authorities about your perverted hobby. I knew you would see it my way. Trust me, its better you do as you are told or this tease and denial phone sex femdom might have to put on the fake tears and ruin you.

Yes, I am tying my silky stocking around your wrists behind your back. This way there will be no strokey strokey, ha! Then I will proceed to use my fine ass to tease the living fuck out of you. I have this sexy panties for you to smell and I can stuff them in your mouth if you get too whiny. This goddess bets you would give anything to taste my pussy but its going to be big, firm, ass shoved in your face.I love a little butt muncher. oh and my feet are all sweaty and sore in these high heels too. I bet your tongue would feel real nice on my soles and pink toes.

Aw, you are still under the impression that this tease and denial phone sex femdom might let you cum? lmao. Dude, you are either being obtuse or you are just that silly. I plan to make your balls blue while I remained tickled pink at your predicament. Next time you go to peek under ladies skirts maybe you will think twice, although I highly doubt it.

Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Roxy.

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Sensual Phone Sex with Jocelyn

Ever since I popped my phone sex cherry, there’s nothing that gets me quite as turned on as sensual phone sex. There have been a few gentlemen who have really opened my eyes and all of my senses to how erotically charged a phone sex session can be when we both open ourselves up to experiencing each other and our bodies in every way in that moment.

sensual phone sex

The first key is to take our time with everything. You can’t rush a feast of the senses. Increasing the tension between us through long slow touches, tortured sighs and pants, even the smells of scented candles warming the air around us all add to the slow electrical thrumming in our veins. Those special satin sheets on the bed just for our sensual times together get so warm slipping around under our naked skin. And when our body heat warms up the drops of essential oils we put in them, spicy scents mix with the intoxicating aromas of our own arousal. And the sounds of the sighs as we breathe it all in together, your moans of ecstacy bringing me stronger and stronger waves of desire.

It’s all about stoking the hot needy feelings inside of us in every way we possibly can before we finally take the plunge and satisfy our lust. Those soft brushing kisses where our lips just barely touch and we gaze into one anothers’ eyes, limbs and breaths entwined. The long firm strokes and squeezes of our hands on each others’ bodies as we arch and writhe in the tension that grows between us, inside of us. Your cock throbbing so hard against my so soft skin, probing my slick sweet slit feeling how much I need to be filled. And when neither of us can take one more nerve stretched one bit tighter, your lovely hard rod slides right home in my sweet swollen pussy.

Your senses are tingling for some sensual phone sex with Jocelyn right now, aren’t they? Come and get it, honey!

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Bi Curious Phone Sex with Riley

Everyone loves a beautiful woman, and yeah, that definitely includes me. Sometimes I look at this very website and get turned on at the sight of all the sexy women we have for you to talk to. I know I’m dying to touch a gorgeous lady, and if you call me for some bi curious phone sex, I can tell you all about how horny I get when I think about the things I would love to do with any of those delicious lovelies that can be found right here on our page. My hot little pussy gets so wet at the idea of touching a sensual set of feminine curves, and of feeling the softness that only a woman’s body has. I can’t wait to run my fingers along her sweet smelling skin, and feel her body quiver with excitement as she realizes where exactly those fingers are going to wander.

bi curious phone sex

Yeah, I’m dying to go there – you need to call me for bi curious phone sex so I can tell how badly my fingers crave a warm, tight pussy that isn’t my own. No, I’m no pillow princess – I want to dive right in to that luscious muff! First the hands, then the face! This bi curious babe is dying to try everything, and treat a beautiful lady like the tasty delicacy she is, but it won’t all be sweet like sugar. We girls are made of as much spice as we are sugar, so I want my time with a sexy lady to get as hot as a jalapeno! I’m going to pull out my nasty bag of toys and see how each and every one of them works on another sexy body. I’m such a bi curious phone sex girl – I can’t wait to put on my strap on and bring that lovely flower to the brink of ecstasy!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for bi curious phone sex!

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No Limits Phone Sex with Shay

Happy Holidays!!! Hope your all having a great holiday season. I know I am. I love this time of year. Where I live there is snow and it’s beautiful when I look outside it makes everything look so clean. Also my favorite thing this time of year is the cookies and candy. I love sweets in a way you would never think of! I love candy canes very much. Not so much the thin ones but the big thick candy cane sticks. Only one person this season got to have some no limits phone sex with me and heard what I love to  do with big thick sticks.
no limits phone sex
Those big sticks taste so good in my mouth.  I love to suck on those thick candy canes and pretend I’m giving head as I lay in my bed. I love laying on my fluffy pillows and enjoy sucking on it just like I love sucking on a big cock as I enjoy so much. I’ll slide my lips  further and further  down the thick candy. I slide it slowly in my mouth til I can feel it in the back of my throat. Then I slowly slide it back out of my mouth til the tip of it is in my mouth where I twirl my  lips and my tongue around it just like I would the head of a cock that wants me to please it.  But I have a better use  for my thick candy LOL.
It’s by this time its nice and wet and sticky. It  tastes so good already what would make it taste even better?? What if I  fucked myself with it?  No she wouldn’t or would she? I will lay back on my bed and spread my soft legs with my other hand I spread my tip pussy lips apart and tease my clit and my lips with the fat wet candy stick. Now when it is not Christmas time I have had some hot and kinky no limits phone sex with a twisted lollipop. I know that felt so good then so this is no different just no twists in it. So  now I have teased myself til I have gone crazy. I slowly push in the thick candy stick into my tight pussy and slowly push it and pull it out just like I would with the dildos I love to fuck myself with while on the phone. The peppermint tingles but feels so good and makes me feel so naughty using something that no one would ever think of fucking them self with. The more I push it in and out the wetter my pussy gets until I cum all over  the thick  candy cane. I will tell you in tastes good with my cum on it LOL.
What naughty things would you do with me if we had some no limits phone sex?  I do have a extra candy cane or two if you want to play 🙂
Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Shay

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Sploshing Phone Sex with Jocelyn

When I was younger, I used to pore through my mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook looking for all the best recipes to try to bake. Like every good girl next door I’m a trained pro with beaters! I learned how to make cakes and pies so early that now my skills with a mixer and a hot oven are legendary- my cheesecake is like sex in your mouth! So I guess it’s only natural that I discovered sploshing phone sex and immediately knew I was addicted to the sweet sweet thrill!

sploshing phone sex

It was an accident, really. Some of that spontaneous late night sex with my date when we got home tipsy one night. He backed me up against the kitchen counter and then lifted me up onto it- right on top of the cupcakes I left sitting right there! It was so humiliating, feeling all that frosting slip in between my cheeks but I was already so horny it was kind of hot, too. And when my date just laughed and spread frosting on my cleavage to lick off I knew I needed to have a hot wet and messy fuck right then and there!

Ever since that night I’ve been baking like crazy, getting freaky with all sorts of gourmet fetish lovers! Lately I’ve been all about using pies to play: warm apple pie really is an amazing feeling when a pair of balls are dragging through it. And blueberry pie is super yummy to rub on tits and roll the berries around just like you roll around nipples in your fingertips! But I think the crowning glory is the lemon meringue- watching that creamy white fluff ooze from between my sweet little cheeks when I sit on that lovely tart pie is just heaven on earth.

I bet you didn’t think anybody else understood this the way you do, huh, honey? Lucky you, all you have to do is call Jocelyn to find your sploshing phone sex partner!

Skype: Jezebel Jocelyn
Twitter: @JezebelJocelyn

Hot Phone Sex with Riley

Mmmm fuck yeah…..I’m in the mood for some red hot phone sex right now! All that dirty talk steaming up my bedroom windows, getting me so worked up and wet that I have to get myself off over and over. I want to hear how badly you want to touch and taste my body, and I’m dying to hear how you sound when you moan with desire while I tell you exactly what I want to do to you. I want it to get scorching hot in here – I want the damn phone to melt!

Oh yeah, baby, right fucking there….

hot phone sex

Call me for hot phone sex and tell me what you would do if you had these big, juicy tits in front of you, yours to play with and do with as you wish. I bet you’d like to see them bouncing up and down while I ride you through the night, or maybe wrapped around that hard cock of yours – when you call me I’ll tell you exactly what I’ll do with you then, and what I want you to do with these young, firm breasts.

Mmmm feels so good, so fucking hot…

How about my beautiful ass? If you had the chance to play with it, what would you do? Well, you can do the next best thing and call me for hot phone sex, and tell me how much you would love to worship a delicious ass like mine. You can tell me how much you want to bite it, kiss it, and maybe even spank it until it turns a nice shade of red. If you’re good to me, I may even let you in…

Oooooh fuck yeah, just like that….I love the way you touch me, baby… Let’s get down to brass tacks. You know what you want, and you want it hot. That’s why I’m your girl!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for hot phone sex!

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GFE Phone Sex with Kelly

Hiya! I am Kinky Kelly — an anything goes wild slut and GFE phone sex pro. I have no restrictions, no limits and not a taboo at all. I have always been the life of the party, you can best believe that I know how to have a good time all the time. I bet I can show you the kind of fun experience that leaves you completely drained afterward. And hopefully wanting more and more.

GFE phone sex

I am not always about a quick good time — don’t get me wrong, that is hot too. But, I like to really get to know the guys that call me. That is probably why I like GFE phone sex so much. Just like in life, the more you share with your girlfriend, the more intimate that you can be, the better the sex is. And I am all about making every sexual experience intense and hot as fuck. It is so much more powerful and satisfying. You can tell me anything and it will always remain between us. Tell me about your job, your family, your work, your whole life. I will listen to you and you will never get any attitude from me. I want to know you and to be there to support you as much as you will let me. I am not just a hot piece of ass, I can be a very caring and kind shoulder to lean on. Of course, when its time to play your orgasm will be more intense because of our bond.

So call me at 1 888 402 8669 for GFE phone sex and so I can become your virtual girlfriend. Let’s see just how close we can get.

Skype Yahoo & GMAIL: CoedKelly4U