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Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey Guys! Welcome to my lair of worship. As you all know I love to write through confessing my secret desires, fantasies and fetishes. I love to talk about all the perverts, sexperts, and fun I cum in contact with on a daily basis. In this session it won’t be hard to tell what my confession is all about. We will be confessing about leg fetish phone sex.

leg feitsh phone sex
Nothing is too taboo for this pretty coed slut! Today however it is all about me and what makes my pretty panties wet. It is simple really! Duh! You will be worshiping me! The real question you should be asking is what part of me will you be worshiping? The answer is cumming…so get on your knees.

I must confess that I do have many amazing assets, from my head all the way to my piggies. My body is a temple and it should be serviced by a slave such as yourself. As many of my subbies know I love my body; every single part of it. However, this time I have a very specific body part in mind. I am thinking about my legs. * giggles * They are long, luscious and ultra smooth. Do you love my long, lean legs? Do you love my muscular thighs and imagining how they would feel wrapped around you? You will probably never know, but you can imagine it. * Wink * I know you are dying to get your hands on them and massage them with some hot oil while you tell me how absolutely perfect they are. You want to know a secret? Oh baby, I love leg fetish phone sex! One of my biggest turn-ons is feeling my long legs rub against your rough, firm skin. I love the feeling of you kissing me from my pretty polished toes, all the way up my luxurious, silky smooth stems. Thinking about our encounter is making my panties very wet, and my sweet, pink pussy tingle with anticipation.

I bet you have a leg fetish phone sex fantasy you want to share with me. It is simple, all you have to do is call me! I can’t wait to make you cum hard, anywhere you can imagine. Ask for Katrina 1 888 402 8669. Don’t forget to bring the oil… * wink *

AIM and Yahoo:kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Phone Sex Princess Abby

I’m a phone sex Princess and I’m perfectly fine with that. Hell, I’m proud of it. There aren’t many women who can effectively captivate a man the way I can. Sure, a lesser woman might get by with it for a little bit, but then all those men they are stringing along get bored and move on to the next girl. But men get addicted to me. Well, I guess you can’t really even call them men. They really are nothing more than pathetic losers who have to pay a girl like me for her attention. They don’t care that they aren’t getting anything from me other than humiliation and huge credit card bills. They keep calling me over and over again and they love every single minute of the financial domination and humiliation they get from a perfect Princess like me.

phone sex princess

I know there are some losers out there reading this and thinking that there’s no way they would get addicted to me. You’re trying to pretend you’re a real man and that you could resist me. So go ahead and try it. Call me and see if you can resist me. See if you can limit yourself to just one call to me. You’ll probably even be extending the call instead of having to hang up and call back. You will want to be separated from me as little as possible.

I can’t fucking wait to own you. And own you, I will. You can be sure of that!! Are you ready to take your chances with me? I’ll be here waiting for you – ready to ruin you. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for your new favorite phone sex Princess, Abby. Don’t keep me waiting. There’s nothing I hate more than having to wait on a loser like you.

Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Pepper

I just couldn’t resist big black cock phone sex last night, so I invited my friend Mark over. He’s 6’5”, muscular, and his dick is over ten inches long covered in chocolate. Every part of his body makes me quiver every time I get near him. So when he finally made it over to my house last night I couldn’t help myself. I was already completely naked when I answered the door making easy access to my love holes. I pulled out his monster and began flicking my tongue on the tip of his stick just to tease it a little before I inhaled every inch of him into my mouth.

big black cock phone sex

Right when I was about to make Mark explode with my big black cock  phone sex, my boyfriend walked into the room with shock written all over his face. Mark didn’t care one little bit that he was standing there. He forced my mouth back onto his dick and had me swallow every last drop of him. You know what my boyfriend did? He cried like a little wimp on the couch and begged me to stop, but I couldn’t. I had every intention of making this a big black cock phone sex session none of us would ever forget.

I grabbed my boyfriends’ collar as I rode my chocolate dream into the night. Every time my boyfriend looked away I smacked him and made him watch as I got fucked in every way possible right before his tear filled eyes. I even made him lick my pretty pussy clean after our big black cock phone sex session when Mark nutted inside of me. Can you believe he cried the entire time I made him suck on my clit? Afterwards, Mark and I took a shower together and I made my boyfriend stand right outside to hold our towels!

Are you ready to experience one of my freaky big black cock phone sex roleplays? If so then call me Pepper at 1 888 402 8669!

AIM: PrincessPepper4you

BBC Phone Sex with Memphis

Hey there guys, it’s your naughty, busty blonde Memphis! When I’m out at the bar having a drink or two or three LOL  I’m always getting told I look like the type. Well, what the fuck does that mean?! The type? So, of course I ask because I hear this all the time. Apparently, I’m the type that looks like a BBC lover…Well DUH! Yes, I am a size queen and more importantly I love BBC.  Who the fuck doesn’t? Then, of course I get asked why is it that I love BBC so much and the only answer I have is… EVERYTHING *Giggles* I can’t wait to share with you the many ways I worship nigger dick through our BBC phone sex session.

BBC phone sex

There is nothing more that I crave constantly. My mind races day and night thinking about that big nigger dick just splitting me open like no white cock ever could do. Yes, size is important no matter the color of your cock, but the way that black monster cock looks against white skin turns something on deep inside of me. Almost like an animalistic type of behavior where I can’t control this urge to to ravish this huge black cock. BBC phone sex with me is just one way for me to be expressive in my obsession for niggers.

I know this is totally taboo to mention but I know a lot of guys like big black cocks, too. Have you tried one? Have you been thinking about trying one? You can be honest because your secrets are always safe with me. Or do you like watching your wife or girlfriend get fucked by them. Go ahead admit it… you love looking at her gaping pussy once that BBC pulls out. how does it feel knowing that you could never satisfy her like he can? Are you embarrassed or do you feel humiliated? Good:) let’s talk about how nigger cocks make you feel during BBC phone sex.

AIM: XXX_Memphis
Yahoo: MinxMemphis

Pain Slut Phone Sex with Pia

So, my little pain slut phone sex freak, what should I do with you today? I know you’re hungry for me to hurt you.  I can hear that breathlessness in your voice.  I like to witness your fear leading up to the only release you know how to get.  I’m going to make it last.  So let’s start off with some basics.  Get me your butt plug and paddle.  Ahem, the BIG butt plug.  I see you haven’t been stretching that asshole for me.  Tsk tsk.  I guess this is gonna hurt, but since I’m in a good mood I’ll shove that plug down your throat to get it wet.  I know, I’m so kind.  Now, get your ass in the air and your head on the ground.  You know that’s my favorite.  Stretch your arms back and hold that plug in place for me.  Don’t push the tip in, that’s my job.  I’m going to hammer the plug in with my firm wooden paddle, just like the one you got your ass whipped with in school.  Is that where all this started, pain slut?  Who fucking cares.  All I know is that I’m going to beat that plug into you.  Scream, bitch.  Scream loud for your Mistress.

pain slut phone sex

Once I’ve beaten your ass full, time for some more fun.  I know!  How about a zipper for your cock and balls?  It was a rhetorical question.  Spread your fucking legs so I have room to place the clothes pins and twine.  Hmmm, how about I tie the end to that plug in your ass.  Don’t cry, you’re the one who called ME for pain slut phone sex.  Since I tied that rope nice and short, it should tug a bit when I ream your ass with that plug.  And, for the finale, I’m going to rip it out of your ass and pop that zipper!  Did you fall over?  Poor thing.  Move your hands off your pathetic balls.  I have a little cane action for them.  You thought I was finished because I said finale?  LOL.  We’re never done, freak.  I could punish you all day.

You’re jealous, aren’t you?  You wish you had the balls to call me for pain slut phone sex, don’t you?  Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Mistress Pia.  I fucking dare you.

Yahoo: sassypia
AIM: sassypia4u

Panty Tease Phone Sex with Julia

Where oh where are my panty lovers at? You, so very often fantasize about getting caught with wearing panties…don’t you?  I know that you wait until you’re all alone so that you can rummage through your girlfriend’s panty drawer to find the sexiest one’s to slip on. Or are you the type of panty boy that finds yourself hovering over the dirty laundry hamper looking for worn panties? Go ahead…tell with me your panty wearing fetish is over our panty tease phone sex session.

panty tease phone sex

I have to tell you that If I’m the one that caught you looking through my panty drawer that I’d have to question your intentions you right away.  You’d be standing there naked while I look through my panty collection for the pinkest, skimpiest and sexiest pair. Once I find the perfect pair I’ll brush them across your cock, teasing you with the texture, whispering in you ear, taunting you about how I know that you really want to slip them on. I sense that I’m driving you completely wild because you begin to whisper back that I’m such a bad girl. It’s true that I am a bad girl but only when I have to be but I promise to show you just how bad I am during panty tease phone sex.

Just know that if you’re the type that likes to wear dirty panties and I catch you; the teasing will begin and it will get worse and worse for you. I mean that would make you a dirty panty lover, wouldn’t it? Therefore you’ll have to endure the embarrassment until I see fit. I’ll let you to keep those dirty panties on because you know what? I love a guy who is vulnerable and open to new adventures and wearing panties just might be the start of something greater…if you catch my drift;) During panty tease phone sex I could convince you into wearing  a bra, stockings, makeup, high heels…The list can go on and on but I would hate to spoil some of the surprises that I have in store for you.

So, pick up the phone and ask for Julia. I’ll be ready for you panty boy;)


Yahoo: sweetjulia4u

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Katrina

Welcome to another session of Confessions 101 with Katrina. I recently had a call that I need to share. It was so hot! It really just blew my mind! The story this guy told me. As I imagined what he was saying I caught my panties getting super wet. In fact, when our call ended, I had to take a shower, change my panties and my bedding. I mean, I too love a big, thick, meaty cock in my mouth. Don’t you? I love it even more when that cock is black! So, imagine my surprise as this man confesses to me about the tryst that is his life. He first tells me that he and his wife have not had sex in about a year and that he knows his wife has a lover. In fact, they have open communication where she tells him all about what they do together. Not only is his wife being dominated by this lover but so is this man. It does not stop there! Nobody except for me and Mr. White know about his gay black lover. If you are anything like me I love a very juicy story, but something I love more is a juicy piece of black meat. Yum! This confession happens to be one of the many reasons I love anything goes phone sex. Our conversation gave me a completely different fantasy for BBC. In fact, thinking about how hot the call made me, makes me want another taste. Yum!

anything goes phone sex

Some other things I love about anything goes phone sex. All the different types of fantasies, role plays, and mind blowing orgasms that ensue. I want to talk about it all. I want to know what panties you wear, if you want to be cuckolded because your dick just doesn’t measure up to the studs with cocks I can’t get enough of. I want to know about your impregnation fantasies, I even want to talk about the REALLY naughty ones. I love anything goes phone sex when it includes taboo topics. I might look like the girl next door, but don’t let my looks fool you baby.

Would you like to know more about me? Want to know how I can blow your mind and your cock? Just ask for Katrina when you call 1 (888) 402-8669. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone for anything goes phone sex, NOW!

Yahoo/AIM: kinkykatrina4u

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Jenny

Jenny, for all you naughty men that adore tease and denial phone sex. I love getting you all hard and worked up and then make you stop stroking your big cock leaving it dangling while I change the subject or tease you. Teasing men is an art and I found that I do it well and love every minute of denying you the pleasure of cumming. If you think for one minute I will be an easy touch then you need to rethink everything because baby that is one thing I’m not is easy. I will NEVER give into to your scheming ways I will deny you to stroke your throbbing cock until I’m ready. Yes I play for real and I don’t care how much you moan or beg for me to give in it may be days until I allow you to cum.

tease and denial phone sex

Tease and denial phone sex is a fetish that most men love to try at least once to see just how long they can hold off before crying to cum. I give no mercy! I have heard every excuse in the world. I only will allow you to cum for me when I’m ready and have teased you enough to satisfy me. Once you had a taste of my pleasure and my total control over you and your cock I know you will be back for more. Let’s face it asking for a certain kind of fetish is no fun unless you really play it out completely and feel the orgasm it will bring to you.

Taking you to a new high is what I love doing for all my tease and denial phone sex callers giving you experience that you have been searching for will leave you feeling totally pleased. Grab the phone and call me Jenny for some intense tease and denial phone sex 1 888 402 8669.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Roni

When you ask anyone what my two favorite things are that I can’t live with out, do you know what they will say?  Well, I do! My two favorite, can’t function without things are smoking fetish phone sex and of course sex!

smoking fetish phone sex

As I am sitting out on my back deck, in my cute pink VS booty shorts and my white tank top, of course no bra, I am looking at the beautiful scenery around and in my right hand is my cigarette!

I am taking one drag at a time and of course my mind is going crazy! So many dirty thoughts are are running through my mind.  I would love for you to join me on my deck.  We can sit here and talk, drink some whiskey and chain smoke our cigarettes.  I’m sure things will start to get a little wild an crazy as the alcohol is getting to us.  I walk over to you, straddle your legs and place my tight pussy right on your cock! As I slowly place the cigarette in between my tight lips, I tilt my head back and exhale my smoke right into your face as you feel my body closer to yours.  Your cock goes inside of my pussy and I start bouncing up and down on your cock as my cigarette smoke is covering your face.  This turns you on so much your cock starts to spew cum so deep inside my tight pussy.  I jump off of you and sit down next to you.  As I look at you, we light up another cigarette and you explain how much my smoking fetish phone sex turns you on.  You ask if we can fuck everyday like this and I can’t help but say yes.

Would you like to join me for some smoking fetish phone sex then give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Roni.

Sissy Phone Sex Cock Sucking with Abby

I know that not all of you sissy phone sex callers have actually gone out to suck cock yet. You call me and you’re all dressed up, but you just haven’t ripped the band aid off yet and gone all the way. Now, as much as I’d like to, I can’t make you suck cock. So you’re going to have to be a good sissy slut and go out and find one on your own. I would even be glad to listen and coach you through it while you’re giving your very first blow job to a nice big fat cock. Admit it…your tiny little clit just perked up a bit just from thinking about that, didn’t it?

sissy phone sex

Do you have an idea of what kind of cock you’d like to suck? Do you want one that’s sort of average to start out with? I know it might seem tempting to do that because you’re less likely to choke on it or whatever, but listen – you need to start out with a really big fat one. I say go all in right out of the gate. Don’t be a pussy about it. You need to go out and find yourself a big fat monster cock to slide down your throat. It’s okay if you gag. It’s okay if your eyes water. Everyone who sucks cock has to get used to it and that happened to all of us the first time we sucked dick. Sure, I might laugh at you when it happens, but you’ll be alright LOL

Are you ready for your sissy phone sex cock sucking adventure? I’m ready and willing to coach you through it and make sure that you turn into a first class cock sucking slut! All you have to do is call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby!

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