Babysitter Phone Sex with Kennedy

There are lots of perks to having a live-in nanny. One of them is having a sexy young woman like myself around the house to make sure that everything gets done. An ass to watch as she bends over to clean up after the kiddos. She’s someone you can practice your pickup lines on when the wife isn’t around. But, having a constant babysitter in the house means that you get lots of time to sneak off to your office and fantasize about all the dirty things you want to do with her. And the more time you spend in that office alone, the more chances you have to be “caught” by her with your cock out. And that is why you crave having babysitter phone sex with me!

babysitter phone sex

Just imagine having me strutting around your house in a sexy outfit, making sure that you have nothing to worry about when you want to destress from work. You get home late and go to your office to have a drink, only to find me there, waiting for you. I’m sitting at your desk, casually going through your porn collection. You’ve been imagining me in place of some of these porn stars. I know you can’t help but feel the blood rushing to your cock.

I’ve peeked into your office after hearing you call my name, only to find you jerking your cock and thinking about me. You’ve been imagining babysitter phone sex with me. You’ve dreamed of how I would react to your delicious cock bared for me, begging to be sucked and buried inside of me right on your desk after the kids are asleep. Well, guess what? No one’s home, so let’s make it a reality!

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Submissive Phone Sex with Gracie

Hello, baby. I’ve missed you. Have you missed me? I bet you have been thinking about my long, blonde hair and ice blue eyes. My submissive nature is what draws you in, like a hunter going after his prey. My long, silky legs drive you wild, knowing that you can make me submit to getting down on my knees in front of you. My sweet smile and plump, pouty lips drive you mad, knowing that you can command me to wrap them around the head of your rock hard cock, while my sparkling eyes look up at you willingly, knowing that I am pleasing you. Submissive phone sex with me will be quite pleasurable for both of us, and leave you wanting more play time with your pet.

submissive phone sex

Imagine we are in your house, the empty bedroom that you keep locked at the end of the hallway, which is really your playroom. You tell me to crawl into the room, on my knees like the dirty girl that I am. I crawl to the bed and climb up like a good girl. You gag me and tie up my hands together above my head and then this submissive phone sex session really begins. As I am sitting on the bed, legs spread and hands bound above my head, I muffle out a moan from behind the ball gag. You take down my top, revealing my luscious, creamy white tits. My nipples are very hard and sensitive, and I let out a cry when you pinch them with the nipple clamps. I whimper and try to get away, but you hold me still and start licking up and down the sides of my stomach, lowering yourself to my warm, wet slit that staus between my legs. The pleasure starts to drive me wild, and I cannot contain myself as I start to shake and seize all over your face, squirting and soaking your neck and shoulders.

When you are ready to be the hunter and for me to be the prey, call me, your submissive phone sex goddess at 1 888 402 8669 now and let me worship you, baby.

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Kelly

Don’t you wish your wife or girlfriend had no limits on how kinky she’d get with you? This is why so many guys call me for anything goes phone sex. Taboo is not a bad word. It just means you are down to have a really hot kinky time and have a wild imagination. I am right there with you on that. You can share any fantasy with me no matter how nasty or extreme you might think they are. The dirtier the better as far as I am concerned.

anything goes phone sex

Do you want me to get out my toys and fuck my sweet holes for you? Just tell me how hard and how deep you want me to slam my dildo into my ass or cunt. I’m a freak baby, I’ll do it all. You can’t shock this anything goes phone sex slut. You want to fuck me up the ass and make me lick your cock clean? Mmmm, let me lick every inch! How about you invite your friends over for a hardcore gang bang. Then you all can use me up like a dirty cum whore. Just make sure you fill every hole and cover me from head to toe with loads of spunk! Got any other ideas of how to make our anything goes phone sex hot? Bring it on. I want to hear every nasty detail of your fetish or fantasy that you are too nervous to share with anyone else. I’ve got a really active imagination and never run out of kinky ideas for role play scenarios. You tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine, and we’ll have fun getting each other off.

All you gotta do is dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly to experience the best anything goes phone sex ever!

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Extreme Phone Sex with Shay

My favorites calls are the ones that men tell me I fulfill there sexual need’s. Especially when I fulfill them in ways their wife or gf’s can’t or refuse. So having extreme phone sex calls not only turns me on extremely but is very satisfying. Being someones dirty secret makes my panties so very wet. When a caller tells me things that have never told anyone else they know there dirty and kinky secrets are safe with me. We’re talking about the kinds of things here that if you told your other half about she would give you a look like you have never seen before. I love talking about all kinds of nasty things, And the best part is in truly enjoy talking about them.

extreme phone sex

I love being the other woman in your life. It makes me smile and my heart skips a beat to know that might think of me as your personal whore. I would love to be the one you dream about and night. Maybe you even fantasize about me when your fucking your old lady and you know what , that would be so awesome. I relish it when we have some extreme phone sex and cum together over the filth that comes out my mouth. You would never think a beautiful educated woman like myself would. I love some nasty things 🙂

I have no limits and love getting down and dirty on the phone with you. I would love to tell you about all the vile and dirty things I have done in real life. I would love to hear yours too!! Let me close my eyes and listen to your nasty stories while I touch my shaved pussy. You know that listening to you gets me soaking wet, I love using my imagination to make you almost truly feel my touch right through the phone. I love making you feel like I’m so close to you that you can smell my perfume. I’m a kink in the closet! I know how to dress and act like an educated lady but when I close the door OMg watch out for one hell of a nasty and perverted princess.

Have I tempted you to call me for some hot extreme phone sex? Are you rock hard and need my wet pussy to please you? I know you do. Come on I’m waiting to talk to you and get down and dirty with you.

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JOI Phone Sex with Jocelyn

One of my callers gave me complete control over his stiff dick the other night and we had such a good time for the next hour or so just having JOI phone sex. *giggles* You know what JOI, Jerk-Off Instruction, phone sex is about, right? This guy wasn’t sure when he asked for it, but OMG he was absolutely loving it after just one little command from my sweet lips!

JOI phone sex

It gets me so wet knowing I have the power to make a man squirm and stroke for me! I had tons of fun thinking up different ways for him to torture his meatstaff while I listened to him panting and moaning. *giggles*

We had to start off slow. A nice dry, warm hand on a half-chubbed cock is such a delicious feeling, I think! Squeezing and tugging and the other hand bouncing and juggling those balls and getting them all heated up… mm, my mouth is watering just thinking about all the delicious torture I could prolong just like this! *giggles*

Oh but when we got out the lube and got all slippery and slick sliding those hands all around that stiff cock, that got sooooo fucking hot!!! He could hardly keep himself from going too fast when I wanted him to go slow… Or when I wanted him to go fast, he could hardly keep up! I’m a very demanding JOI phone sex mistress and I keep my jerk off instructions very precise.

He was begging to cum before we even came to halfway through our JOI phone sex call, but you know I made him wait till the very last fucking second! *giggles* His balls were sore and boiling, he said, and he needed to let them release! But he knew he wasn’t allowed before I told him to, and he was such a good boy, waiting till I told him to… Will you be a good boy for me too? Call Jocelyn for JOI phone sex at 1-888-402-8669 and show me how good you can be!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I think you know by now that I would NEVER let anyone with a tiny dick touch me. I’ve told you before that the only thing a guy like you is good for is to humor me during a small penis humiliation phone sex call.  The best thing is when a guy calls and he thinks he has at least an average dick but I have to tell him that even an average dick is too small for a Princess like me. I don’t know what a guy thinks a 5 inch dick is going to do for a girl like me who is used to dicks that are at least 7.5 inches and REALLY thick. I just can’t deal with dicks that are barely as thick as my finger. That’s not going to do anything for me, trust me.

small penis humiliaton phone sex

I do like laughing at those poor excuses for a penis, though. And the fact that when I laugh at you losers, your tiny dicks get harder just astounds me. You know how fucked up you are, right? I mean, getting hard when someone is laughing at your unfortunate dick is pretty messed up. But I guess when that’s the only attention you can get from a woman, you just learn to adapt, don’t you?  It’s not like there is some kind of magic potion to make your dick grow, so you’re stuck with that and with small penis humiliation phone sex calls with a hot Princess like me. It’s a really good day to be me.

Are you ready to be laughed at? Ready to be humiliated? Ready to cry while you’re jerking off because you know this is the best you’re ever going to get? Call me now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Princess Abby for small penis humiliation phone sex.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey, there baby! Your favorite Florida born bombshell next door is here to share one of my favorite topics to talk about. It started when I was in middle school, and it never really went away. I had a crush on one of my closest male friends, who happened to have skin that was the color of the nighttime sky. His name was Michael, and he had the sexiest plump lips and sparkling smile. His skin was silky smooth, and he was always dressed in the freshest of fashions, reminding me of a younger version of Usher. All the girls wanted him, be it was me who he chose to spend most of his time with. I always fantasized about being his white wife someday, and riding that big, black cock of his! I should have taken him up on the offer, and I’m wondering what would happen if I were to ever run into him again. That’s why this blog will be all about black cock white wife phone sex!

black cock white wife phone sex

Who doesn’t love the idea of being with a tall, muscular, black man with a huge cock? The idea of it alone makes the pretty panties I have on damp with my sweet juices. I love the idea of my creamy, white vanilla skin pressed up against that smooth, dark, chocolate skin color. The contrast is so beautiful, and it makes me insanely turned on. That is why black cock white wife phone sex really appeals to me, knowing that deep down I want to be the wife of a black man. Knowing how taboo it still is considered to be, and knowing that he knows exactly how to make my silky smooth white pussy cum, sends shivers throughout my body.

Are you ready to act out those black cock white wife phone sex fantasies with me, baby? You know exactly what you need to do and where you can find me. Give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for your favorite blonde bombshell, Gracie!

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Small Penis Humiliation with Riley

Classes are way back in session and I’m seriously stressed out. I need an outlet for my tension, so why don’t you take that little finger of yours and dial the phone, and call me for your daily dose of small penis humiliation? I mean, you already live it daily, every time you pull out your tiny pud just to relieve yourself, but why not give your poor little brain a rest and let me do the humiliating for you?

small penis humiliation

That’s right, little guy, just sit right back and let Riley take the reins. Let me tell you why what you’ve got between your legs isn’t nearly adequate enough for a size queen like me. I like to feel it when I get fucked, so unless you’ve got a cock that’s going to stretch my walls, you need to just put that shit back in your pants and stop wasting my time. It’s time for you to sulk your sad little ass all the way home, like the pathetic little piggy you are. Put your head on your pillow, go to sleep, and then you can only dream of having the kind of cock that would make me happy. Then you get to wake up in the morning and relive the small penis humiliation that is your daily life all over again. Poor little thing.

Yeah, I need a good laugh. I think you should call me and tell me how small your dick really is. Is it a mini, or a micro? Even if it’s just below average, it’s way too fucking small for me. I just want to point, laugh, and maybe use my body paints to paint silly faces on your little pecker. Maybe we can make little animated films with your teeny weeny going on adventures, trying so hard to get by in a world of bigger boys. Yeah, I need a good laugh, and giving you some small penis humiliation would do just the trick!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley if you want to help a girl have a good laugh!

Tickle Fetish Phone Sex with Abby

Most people don’t like being tickled, but you do, don’t you? That’s why you’re about to pick up your phone and call me for a tickle fetish phone sex session. I love causing exquisite torture by tickling. It’s so much fun to very softly tickle you and watch your dick get hard. It’s always fascinating when a man calls me with a fetish or fantasy that I don’t hear very often, and that’s what happened recently with a tickle fetish call and now I’m hooked. It was more fun for me than I expected it to be.

tickle fetish phone sex

When I picked up the phone, we exchanged pleasantries and then then he told me that he loved erotic tickling. I asked him where exactly he liked to be tickled and he said “everywhere”. I had to admit to him that I hadn’t done much tickling, but that I would be more than happy to do it if it was going to cause him torture – even the pleasurable kind. He told me that he liked being tickled with feathers and that he wanted it from head to toe. I learned that some people are ticklish in areas you never would imagine they would be ticklish in. It was quite an eye opening experience for me. And it’s something that I hope to explore further with more tickle fetish phone sex callers. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. And maybe one of these days, I will even let someone tickle me…but only after I’ve had the pleasure of tormenting them with tickling a few times. I think that’s only fair, right?

Are you ready now for your tickle fetish phone sex call? I’m excited and I know we’re going to have tons of fun. Just call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

GFE Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey baby, how was your day? I hope that work wasn’t too hard on you, and your day went by smoothly. Dinner is hot and ready, so why don’t you sit down and take those works boots off. I’ll serve it up to you with a beer and your favorite show. For dessert, I’ll make sure we have something extra special! This GFE phone sex session is about to get hot & heavy when Goddess Gracie comes out in some sexy lingerie, ready to make all your fantasies come true!

GFE phone sex

There is so much fun to be had during our GFE phone sex call baby. That time is meant for only you and me, to explore our fantasies together and grow as friends and lovers. We can talk about anything and normal girlfriend and boyfriend would talk about. I can be here for you for all the bad times, but especially the hard times! Those nights when you are feeling super horny, and your girlfriend, wife, fiance won’t give it up? I’ll be there on the other end of the line, waiting for you to play and cum with me. I’ll make our time together something truly special, and something that you can I can cherish. I bet knowing that I am just a phone call away makes those jeans a bit tighter, doesn’t it baby?

I look forward to hearing from you each week, wondering what you have been up to and where your days have taken you. I fall asleep wondering if I will hear from you the next day, hoping that you’ll call and want to speak with me. Listening to your voices does two specific things to me. I either relax, and calm down from a stressful day, or I get really turned on to the point that my sweet, pink pussy becomes soaking wet. You have this power over me that leaves me wanting more, and I crave our sessions together.

I’m waiting for you to tell me about your day baby, so give me a call at 1 888 402 8669, and just ask for your personal GFE phone sex goddess, Gracie!

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