Phone Sex Size Queen Arianna

Last night I got asked if I was a size queen. If finding big dicks more pleasurable than small ones makes me a size queen then yes I am! Though that wasnt the part of my conversation that had the guy gasping in shock. For I think he enjoyed knowing he was talking to a kinky phone sex size queen.

What really had him going OMG really?

phone sex size queen

Was the fact that over 75% of the men I had fucked were 8 inches or more. Seems that put me in one lucky category. Well when you know what you like then why would you bother with sub par dick sizes. Sure I tried a few small dick men just to see but gotta say my pussy knows what it likes an that is being filled by big cocks.

Now I am not gonna be some phone sex size queen that is all bigger the better. No! I know what will get me off the best and that is a thick 9.5 inch cock. OMG do I climax hard for that.

So what happens to the men who dont measure up?

Considering the average man’s cock size is what 5.5″? Yikes all I can think about is how much of my pussy is left unsatisfied. Like its a massive turn off thinking of a cock that size. Pretty sure I am not the first nor will I be the last girl to say you dont measure up to what is sexually gratifying.

Course I wont be that cruel I mean surely there is a place for average and below average men. Have you ever thought of being a cuck? You may wanna start considering the cuckold lifestyle just saying. I would be more than happy to help you out there considering I love fucking big thick cocks.

Or there is just not fucking pussy at all but I will leave that option for another time.

Arianna your soon to be favorite phone sex size queen 1-888-402-8669

Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

Am a little bummed this weekend as all my friends are off on holidays and I couldnt swing my schedule to go camping with them. Now before you thinking I am all pouty I actually turned my frown upside down rather quickly when I realized that spending the night in with some hot calls would be rather exciting. Cause instead of going out on a date with someone, I could stay in and indulge in some hot cheating girlfriend phone sex role play fantasies instead.

cheating girlfriend phone sex

See my mind has been stuck on various cuckold fantasies the last.. Well for quite awhile who am I kidding. Its one of my favorite phone sex topics. So you can see how talking about cheating on a Friday night would be extra hot! Or is that just me trying to make this evening more interesting?

Either way I am thinking it could be you and me and well sharing some hot date that I had while your cleaning up what remnants are left from that hot date. Hell maybe we make it a true cuckold fantasies and your in the corner watching me fuck another man. Honestly, I am open to just about anything tonight. Its all about making it interesting.

What do you say?

Are you eager for a hot cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy as well?

Sure you have been thinking about it for awhile too. I cant be the only kinky one around here.

All you have to do is ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669.


Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Your favorite phone sex tease managed to get a workout in today before the rain started. Now I am not the girl who usually hits the gym especially when the weather is so nice. I would much rather venture out to the park or hit the walking trails around my house. Get back into nature but most of all really tease those guys getting in a run on the trails.

phone sex tease

Yup I am that girl who wears the super short shorts and just happens to find that perfect spot to have to stop to do a few squats. I mean its important even when your out in the woods to do a bit of circuit training, right?

Course I do wear those amazing tight work out pants with a sports bra so that you can see my perfectly round ass. See I am a tease both on and off the phones. Dont you wish you were running the trails behind me today?

Pretty sure you would have to stop and take a break to masturbate in the wilderness cause I am pretty sure this phone sex tease would be giving you one massive woody to deal with. My perfect tits just bouncing up and down to my stride and then when I stop to do my squats. Oh how you would wish I was squatting right over your face.

Well good news I am home for the evening and ready to bring this hot and kinky fantasy to the phone. Yup I think we can easily create a hot phone sex tease fantasy with us in the woods. The idea of getting caught only adds to the excitement doesnt it?

Here is the number to call to reach me Arianna, your kinky phone sex tease, 1-888-402-8669.

Looking forward to teasing you!

Creampie Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

Blame the last cuckold fantasy perhaps but I am really in the mood to serve up a creampie phone sex fantasy to some eager lil cuck. Sure I have done various cheating girlfriend role plays but seems once that cuck hears how my pussy has been filled by a bare strangers cock they run away.

creampie phone sex fantasy

Usually they run cause they couldnt contain themselves any more with all the excitement of hearing my legs spread for some random bull. So I kind of like to skip the cuck part. Well more like let me tell you the details of my cheating ways while your face is buried in my cream filled pussy. Lapping up the jizz as I tell you how it got there. This way I get a good pussy cleaning and well you get the excitement of knowing that isnt your cum in there.

What do you think? Are you ready for a rather detailed creampie phone sex fantasy?

Details only a true cuck could handle or those wanna be cum eaters. I know you have to start some where and cuckold phone sex fantasies seem to be the best place to start.

So grab your phone and call me for the hottest and stickiest cream pie role play. I dont mind being your girlfriend or wife in the end I will still cheat on you.

1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the girl with a cream pie sprayed in her pussy.

Panty Hose Fetish with Sensual Tease Arianna

Panty hose fetish.

Stocking fetish.

Nylons fetish.

Oh My!

Now you dont have to wear them to understand the grand allure of such silky delights on ones legs. I mean seeing a woman wear such things will have your mind racing should you have such a fetish for hosiery.

panty hose fetish

The sensation of running your hands over legs that are encased in such decadence.

I know for me that I adore wearing them after I have just shaved my legs and they are beyond smooth. Massage in some lotion over my pale skin and those stockings feel divine. Heavenly really.

I could touch my legs for hours. Just rubbing my calves together. Slowly gliding them up and down. Feeling the nylon gentle catch with each passing.

Suppose that is what got you into having a fetish for stockings. Or perhaps it was something different that had you noticing panty hose on a woman’s legs. Was it a certain someone who teased you? The catalogs you use to steal from the mail pile for your masturbation material?

Rather like to know. For I know what got me wearing them. Its the knowledge that not many women wear them and its a pure tease to men.

Men wonder if I am in panty hose or stocking. Do I have a garter belt on? Do I wear panties under those nylons? The list goes on and on.

Can tell you that if you have a panty hose fetish then you should call me and lets discuss the fun we can have with them. The warm weather doesnt need to ruin our fetish phone sex fantasy. Even with the warm spring nearly summer temperatures that are going on today, I am more than eager to tease you with my nylons.

Just have to ask will it be nude or black stockings that get your cock throbbing?

Just ask for Arianna 1-888-402-8669

Kinky Phone Sex Girl Arianna

Do you ever have kinky sex dreams? Sure you do. The kind where you wake up raging hard and have to masturbate before you can fall back asleep?

kinky phone sex girl

Well that is what happened to your kinky phone sex girl. My night had me laying in bed tossing and turning. Just couldnt fall asleep. Playing with my nipples while I lay there hoping for some soft orgasm gave me nothing in the way of slumber.

When I finally did crash my dreams were beyond vivid. It was really an anything and everything sort of sexual play running through my mind. The various positions in my dream had me tossing and turning in my bed. When I awoke my body was sweaty. My sheets nearly on the floor. I was nearly panting from near orgasmic excitement. Course with any dream I woke up before the big O!

Typical right?

Once I got my bedding back on the bed and myself nestled between the pillows this kinky phone sex girl was unable to fall asleep. For the soft cotton sheets were gliding over my beyond aroused body. My nipples were painfully hard and just the sheets touching them was making my pussy wet.

I know your wondering what in the hell had got me worked up in my dreams. It was various kinky things that got me going. From a hot threesome with a few of my neighbours. Swear threesomes is all any one talks to me about lately. To fucking some big black dick in front of my boyfriend. Ahh to being bound up and enduring endless hours of nipple torture. That one sort of made sense with how sensitive my nipples were. I must of been pinching them in my sleep.

Well the only way for me to fall back asleep was to masturbate. Unfortunately or fortunately I woke up just as horny. I need some more time with my fingers toying with my pussy.

How about giving me a call and you can join in. Perhaps share a few sexy dreams you have had over the last bit.

1-888-402-8669 is the number to call just ask for Arianna the kinky phone sex girl.

Kinky Phone Sex Role Play with Arianna

Ahh Sunday! Truth be told this is one of my favorite days of the week. Ok thats a lie. Really my favorite day is any day I can spend curled up in bed wearing next to nothing talking to horny men on the phone about their kinky phone sex fetishes. You cant blame me right?

kinky phone sex role play

Well this weekend the sun has been peaking through my window and it had me out jogging the trails. Which got me thinking it would be so hot to do some kinky phone sex role plays. Perhaps its one of those times where we have passed each other in the back trail. Stopped to chat while tie a shoe.

The nicer weather has got us both crazy horny.

The extra vitamin D is messing with our hormones.

Why not right?

I mean our endorphins are all ready running high from the jog. Why not get frisky in the bush. The smell of the grass and dirt in the air from our sneakers digging in while we are finding that right position. You know what I am talking about it only adds to the thrill of our kinky phone sex role play.

The idea that someone any one could come upon us at any moment wont stop us. Lets become one with nature and fuck!

Course if your not someone for stranger sex then there is always the running buddy. One too many jogging sessions of watching my boobs bounce and your dick just couldnt handle it. Well you get the idea. I can make this outdoor kinky fantasy work for near anything. Perhaps cause I have let my mind wander too much on the idea already? *innocently bats lashes*

Give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna!



Big Black Cock Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

Ever been in one of those moods where you cant quite put your finger on what is got you feeling so incredibly horny? I know I am not the only one out there who just has this rush of arousal take over their body and nothing they talk about seems to do it. Ok so I was lying to myself I knew exactly what I needed. Some big black cock phone sex fantasies.

big black cock phone sex

Actually the real thing is what I wanted but just my luck I cant find a dark dick to satisfy what my pussy wants so some black dildo and nasty bbc fantasies is the next best thing. Right?

Thinking something along the lines of being your sexy girlfriend who wants to surprise you with some big black lover laying in bed with his thick cock rock hard and ready to be ridden. I know you wanna make me super happy and I want to make your cock throb hard while I put on a good show with my ass bouncing up and down on that long dark dong.

Looking right at you while I comment about how his cock is pleasing me more than you have been able too the last few weeks. Simply cause this is what my pussy has been wanting so bad. To be filled up by an extra long, thick black cock.

Just thinking of it right now has me dripping wet. All I need is you to tease while I am getting pleased during our big black cock phone sex fantasy. Oh and baby if your in the mood to explore that bi curious side. I am all for you being his fluffer.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Arianna.

Sexy Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Happy New Year from  your favorite sexy phone sex tease!

Now you dont have to worry one bit about me making any changes when it comes to those silly new year resolutions. I will still be the same cock tease as I have ever been. Ensuring your balls ache and turn blue right through 2018.

hot phone sex tease

Course the only change will be that I hope to increase the intensity you feel after a cock controlling phone sex call with myself. To make your balls throb so much you cant even tolerate your boxer shorts rubbing up against them.

Probably sounds cruel but you know me I do those blue ball phone sex teasing with such sweetness you cant help but drive yourself to that orgasmic edge. Red hot throbbing pleasure contained within your balls.

You know what your sweet phone sex tease was thinking about?

How nice it would be to take you to that orgasmic edge tonight. Ohhh like you didnt see that coming. You know you want to feel the effects of some denial. To almost taste the release and be denied by someone with the sweetest voice here at Bed Time Bunnies.

Oh I may wanna warn you that even thought I have a sweet voice I dont really give into those “let me cum” pleads. After all giving you blue balls and denying you an orgasm is what brings me pleasure.

You want me to be pleased right?

So best expect a long drawn out orgasm edging session. Yes its how I ended 2017 and well had far too much fun not to bring some tease and denial into 2018.

Call 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the hottest phone sex tease your cock is about to meet.




Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Goddess Arianna

Tis the season to take a bit of time for yourself with a little erotic hypnosis phone sex. Your probably pulled 300 different ways and none of them are rather exciting. But I can offer something super exciting for its a chance to unplug from everything and focus on the one thing that matters. Your kinky fantasy. Oh and that raging erection my voice is about to make happen.

Think you can focus on two things tonight?

erotic hypnosis phone sex

I really hope so. For our erotic hypnosis phone sex journey will have us diving into your kinky fetish desires. The one you fantasies about when completely alone. Dare not share with anyone. Well I am daring you right now to open up and tell me what they are. Lets take you to this amazing space where those fantasies are no longer hidden. No longer taboo. Just kinky and fun.

To be guided down into a deep state of relaxation where your are immerse into your erotic dreams. Where the only blush you feel on your cheeks is from the intensity of your arousal. You completely deserve that pleasure. To have a soft, sexy voice guide not only your stroking but your ultimate sexual fantasy.

Nothing is off limits during our erotic hypnosis session. Be it orgasm edging all the way to a taboo role play. Though I gotta say I do love a good tease and denial session when your under my hypnotic control. So if your unsure about where to go during your erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy, this would be tops on my list.

So when your ready to dive into a deep state of relaxation where the focus is strictly on you. Give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 my name is Arianna and I cant wait to spend some time with you.