Kinky Phone Sex Girl Arianna

Do you ever have kinky sex dreams? Sure you do. The kind where you wake up raging hard and have to masturbate before you can fall back asleep?

kinky phone sex girl

Well that is what happened to your kinky phone sex girl. My night had me laying in bed tossing and turning. Just couldnt fall asleep. Playing with my nipples while I lay there hoping for some soft orgasm gave me nothing in the way of slumber.

When I finally did crash my dreams were beyond vivid. It was really an anything and everything sort of sexual play running through my mind. The various positions in my dream had me tossing and turning in my bed. When I awoke my body was sweaty. My sheets nearly on the floor. I was nearly panting from near orgasmic excitement. Course with any dream I woke up before the big O!

Typical right?

Once I got my bedding back on the bed and myself nestled between the pillows this kinky phone sex girl was unable to fall asleep. For the soft cotton sheets were gliding over my beyond aroused body. My nipples were painfully hard and just the sheets touching them was making my pussy wet.

I know your wondering what in the hell had got me worked up in my dreams. It was various kinky things that got me going. From a hot threesome with a few of my neighbours. Swear threesomes is all any one talks to me about lately. To fucking some big black dick in front of my boyfriend. Ahh to being bound up and enduring endless hours of nipple torture. That one sort of made sense with how sensitive my nipples were. I must of been pinching them in my sleep.

Well the only way for me to fall back asleep was to masturbate. Unfortunately or fortunately I woke up just as horny. I need some more time with my fingers toying with my pussy.

How about giving me a call and you can join in. Perhaps share a few sexy dreams you have had over the last bit.

1-888-402-8669 is the number to call just ask for Arianna the kinky phone sex girl.

Kinky Phone Sex Role Play with Arianna

Ahh Sunday! Truth be told this is one of my favorite days of the week. Ok thats a lie. Really my favorite day is any day I can spend curled up in bed wearing next to nothing talking to horny men on the phone about their kinky phone sex fetishes. You cant blame me right?

kinky phone sex role play

Well this weekend the sun has been peaking through my window and it had me out jogging the trails. Which got me thinking it would be so hot to do some kinky phone sex role plays. Perhaps its one of those times where we have passed each other in the back trail. Stopped to chat while tie a shoe.

The nicer weather has got us both crazy horny.

The extra vitamin D is messing with our hormones.

Why not right?

I mean our endorphins are all ready running high from the jog. Why not get frisky in the bush. The smell of the grass and dirt in the air from our sneakers digging in while we are finding that right position. You know what I am talking about it only adds to the thrill of our kinky phone sex role play.

The idea that someone any one could come upon us at any moment wont stop us. Lets become one with nature and fuck!

Course if your not someone for stranger sex then there is always the running buddy. One too many jogging sessions of watching my boobs bounce and your dick just couldnt handle it. Well you get the idea. I can make this outdoor kinky fantasy work for near anything. Perhaps cause I have let my mind wander too much on the idea already? *innocently bats lashes*

Give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna!



Big Black Cock Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

Ever been in one of those moods where you cant quite put your finger on what is got you feeling so incredibly horny? I know I am not the only one out there who just has this rush of arousal take over their body and nothing they talk about seems to do it. Ok so I was lying to myself I knew exactly what I needed. Some big black cock phone sex fantasies.

big black cock phone sex

Actually the real thing is what I wanted but just my luck I cant find a dark dick to satisfy what my pussy wants so some black dildo and nasty bbc fantasies is the next best thing. Right?

Thinking something along the lines of being your sexy girlfriend who wants to surprise you with some big black lover laying in bed with his thick cock rock hard and ready to be ridden. I know you wanna make me super happy and I want to make your cock throb hard while I put on a good show with my ass bouncing up and down on that long dark dong.

Looking right at you while I comment about how his cock is pleasing me more than you have been able too the last few weeks. Simply cause this is what my pussy has been wanting so bad. To be filled up by an extra long, thick black cock.

Just thinking of it right now has me dripping wet. All I need is you to tease while I am getting pleased during our big black cock phone sex fantasy. Oh and baby if your in the mood to explore that bi curious side. I am all for you being his fluffer.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Arianna.

Sexy Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Happy New Year from  your favorite sexy phone sex tease!

Now you dont have to worry one bit about me making any changes when it comes to those silly new year resolutions. I will still be the same cock tease as I have ever been. Ensuring your balls ache and turn blue right through 2018.

hot phone sex tease

Course the only change will be that I hope to increase the intensity you feel after a cock controlling phone sex call with myself. To make your balls throb so much you cant even tolerate your boxer shorts rubbing up against them.

Probably sounds cruel but you know me I do those blue ball phone sex teasing with such sweetness you cant help but drive yourself to that orgasmic edge. Red hot throbbing pleasure contained within your balls.

You know what your sweet phone sex tease was thinking about?

How nice it would be to take you to that orgasmic edge tonight. Ohhh like you didnt see that coming. You know you want to feel the effects of some denial. To almost taste the release and be denied by someone with the sweetest voice here at Bed Time Bunnies.

Oh I may wanna warn you that even thought I have a sweet voice I dont really give into those “let me cum” pleads. After all giving you blue balls and denying you an orgasm is what brings me pleasure.

You want me to be pleased right?

So best expect a long drawn out orgasm edging session. Yes its how I ended 2017 and well had far too much fun not to bring some tease and denial into 2018.

Call 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the hottest phone sex tease your cock is about to meet.




Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Goddess Arianna

Tis the season to take a bit of time for yourself with a little erotic hypnosis phone sex. Your probably pulled 300 different ways and none of them are rather exciting. But I can offer something super exciting for its a chance to unplug from everything and focus on the one thing that matters. Your kinky fantasy. Oh and that raging erection my voice is about to make happen.

Think you can focus on two things tonight?

erotic hypnosis phone sex

I really hope so. For our erotic hypnosis phone sex journey will have us diving into your kinky fetish desires. The one you fantasies about when completely alone. Dare not share with anyone. Well I am daring you right now to open up and tell me what they are. Lets take you to this amazing space where those fantasies are no longer hidden. No longer taboo. Just kinky and fun.

To be guided down into a deep state of relaxation where your are immerse into your erotic dreams. Where the only blush you feel on your cheeks is from the intensity of your arousal. You completely deserve that pleasure. To have a soft, sexy voice guide not only your stroking but your ultimate sexual fantasy.

Nothing is off limits during our erotic hypnosis session. Be it orgasm edging all the way to a taboo role play. Though I gotta say I do love a good tease and denial session when your under my hypnotic control. So if your unsure about where to go during your erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy, this would be tops on my list.

So when your ready to dive into a deep state of relaxation where the focus is strictly on you. Give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 my name is Arianna and I cant wait to spend some time with you.

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Sensual Domme Arianna

Brrrrr! Is all I can say with the weather on the west coast this past week. Followed by I need some foot worship phone sex lovers ASAP! Cause my poor feet are in need of some pampering from a guy with a foot fetish.

foot worship phone sex

I kid you not I was wearing flip flops up till just last week and then boom the first snow fall of the season happened. Now my poor feet are squished into my boots seeking protection from the cold. Course I could use some new boots so anyone with a boot fetish fantasy by all means lets do a phone sex fantasy around shopping for new foot wear.

Sorry that was a bit of a side track but since I feet are tucked away in these less than stellar boots I need someone to rub them. Kiss them. Give them a really good tongue massage.

Course I just know there are a few guys out there with a fondness for pampering woman’s feet. Dont hide on me now for this is the perfect time for a foot worship phone sex session.

I most definitely know what I want in the way of foot pampering. Dont worry I will still be the sweet sensual domme you have grown to love with my teasing ways. Hey just cause you worshiping my feet doesnt mean I cant have some teasing fun!

So you know the mood I am in how about we have some fun on the phone with a sweet, sensual foot worship phone sex fantasy. Just ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669

Ass Worship Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

Was rather sorry to see summer pass and fall arrive. Granted the rain had a bit to do with my pout for it was having to pack my short skirts away. Which I never like to do. However, the bringing out of my skinny jeans did put me in a better frame of mind. For I do really love how my ass looks in them. I know anyone who has called for an ass worship phone sex fantasy is loving girls in tight jeans as well.

ass worship phone sex fantasy

Ok so perhaps it was the ass fetish fantasies that got me in a better mood about the season change instead of my actual jeans. Tomato. Tomatoe. Either way its a win win for you since I am all about teasing you and tormenting you with my perfect ass. Ok so its more talking about how I would tease you with my lovely derriere haha. Which I know will make your cock simply throb with anticipation of worshiping it.

Yes for I know all summer you were just going crazy with desire over short skirt ass worship phone sex fantasies and now we can switch the script up into yoga pants, skinny jeans, and leggings. Oh and sure some sexy panties cause lets face it those never depend on a season.

So lets make tonight all about you worshiping my sexy ass. Now I could tell you what I am currently wearing but where is the fun in that? Much more fun for you to wonder is she wearing work out pants? Jeans? or a Tee n panties? Ohh the options. Just as many as what I will do when you call.

Talk to you soon!

Arianna 1-888-402-8669

ariannateases on AIM

Erotic Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Arianna

Anyone else super horny today? Just me? Come on I cant be the only one craving some alone time to enjoy some sensual touching. Ok well your craving some alone time and I am just eager for an erotic mutual masturbation phone sex fantasy.

Yes I said erotic but I am just as open to something a bit on the taboo side too. Pretty open minded girl here!

mutual masturbation phone sex

Right now my mind is racing to maybe you in your office or apartment and I am across the alley way. You can see into my place and have a birds eye view of what I am doing. What is it I am doing?

Well I am leaning back in my chair in front of that wide open window. Soft cotton dress pulled up to expose my pretty pink panties and those fingers of my just gently caressing over my pussy mound.

Now here is the joy of a mutual masturbation phone sex fantasy instead of being that kinky voyeur watching in on things you can join me. You can listen in on me touching my smooth pussy. Listen to every wonderful detail of how I am touching my body and well how wonderful it feels.

Course I get to listen to you touch yourself from the joy of that hand stroking up and down your hard cock to your heavy breathing. Hmmm just getting wet thinking of it really.

The added excitement is the erotic fantasy we spin around our masturbation session. So if your in need of an orgasmic release today give me a call for some erotic mutual masturbation phone sex. Just ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669. Cant wait to get off with you!

ariannateases on aim


Erotic Phone Sex Hypnosis with Arianna

So I am a bit of a self proclaimed sensual tease. Now I see nothing wrong with being a tease especially when its with men on the phone. And well lets be honest, even off the phone too! Some of you who have experienced a rather long tease and denial session with me know all to well how much emphasis gets put on that tease aspect. What you probably didnt know is how much I love using erotic phone sex hypnosis to help enhance the teasing.

Was that an Oooo interesting Arianna!

Either you never thought about combining erotic hypnosis with some orgasm denial or you didnt know I did phone sex hypnosis. Either way that is a down right shame. And one that needs to be rectified ASAP!

erotic phone sex hypnosis

I would say today but unless you have a good 30 minutes to devote to an erotic phone sex hypnosis call it just wont work. Cause it takes a bit of time working my soft n sensual voice into the deeper levels of your mind where I can take control of your cock. Plus its a cock tease fantasy and we both know there is no rushing that.

So when you have the time give me a call  for some erotic phone sex hypnosis. Good news is if you only have time for a quick orgasm edging session that can be done any time I am taking calls. I can make your balls ache long before you give your mind over to me. The 30 minute minimum only applies to hypnosis session.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the sensual tease about to take control of your orgasm.

ariannateases is my aim.



Panty Boy Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Apparently I was being one massive panty tease to a certain male friend of mine yesterday. Sure I knew I was running the risk of teasing any guys out there with a panty fetish when I slid on my white shorts over my hot pink cheeky panties with the black lace that ran along the edging but this phone sex tease was willing to run the risk. I mean it was a late night coffee with a friend. I honestly didnt expect him to be checking out my ass THAT much.

panty boy phone sex tease

Well actually that would be a lie. Sort of knew this guy had a fetish for panties. And well I knew he wanted in my panties in a few different senses of the word. He was someone I had friend zoned ages ago but rather enjoyed playing with his emotions at times. I cant help it when I am super horny its rather fun to play with a guy like himself.

Teasing him.

Toying him.

Taunting him.

You can see how a girl like me would be all over that sort of thing right? Well if you have experienced any type of tease and denial phone sex calls with myself you know exactly what I am talking about. *wink*

So yes when I slipped on my white short shorts I knew full well that I was gonna be creating a massive pop up tent in his pants. I so enjoy watching him fidget in his seat. Adjusting his pants to fit that ever growing cock. Poor thing having to watch me bend over to grab things like my phone, wallet and lip gloss. Oh ya I completely lay it on thick. Letting him have a very good view of my panties.

Oh and the worst part was when he asked if I was wearing bright panties under my light colored shorts I said yes. Described them in full detail for him. Now if you have a panty fetish you know just what kind of tease that is.

How well do you think you would do you think you would do panty boy while on the phone with this phone sex tease? Give me a call and lets see how you do! 1-888-402-8669 Just ask for Arianna.