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Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

You know when you get a song stuck in your head and it just stuck on repeat? Well the last little while I have had a certain fetish twirling around in my mind. Course the more I tell guys its whats on my mind the more you wanna talk about it so its a very vicious circle right now. Yes I know your wanting to know what fetish is making me wet right?

cuckold phone sex fantasies

Cuckold phone sex fantasies.

I cant stop thinking of all the possibilities that exist with in a call. I mean you can be my boyfriend who eagerly waits at home for that cream pie. Or the boyfriend who watches me take some oh so big black cock. Thats just a quick thought. Nothing too taboo.

Yes I know cuckold phone sex has been a topic on my mind for some time. I completely blame the company I keep. Look around me I am surrounded by horny men craving to be cucked by a sexy woman. Then there are girl in chat who love to cuckold too. You cant escape the topic.

Swear I will be a cuckold queen before too long. No I am not in a real life cuckold relationship at the moment but I really do pitty the guy who starts dating me long term. Or maybe I will just attract a cuckold haha.

Hmm maybe that would be an interesting role play for a cuckold phone sex fantasy? The first time you got introduced to cuckolding. Well really there are other ones but that just sort of jumped out there right now haha.

Give me a call I am around tonight taking calls on this awesome July 4th. The number to reach me at is 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July guys.


Kinky Phone Sex Creampie with Arianna

Are you craving a kinky phone sex creampie fantasy today?

I know I am. Honestly, the thought came to me in the oddest place. Like wish I could say I was washing some dirty panties that had a cum stain in them. Or read some steamy cheating girlfriend post. Or even that I had masturbated to some cuckold porn.

kinky phone sex creampie

Well actually I could of said any of those things and you would be none the wiser really. But I couldnt do that to you. Instead I was standing in bakery section of the grocery store. All these amazingly delicious pies set out on display but my eyes kept falling to the cream pie ones. I cant even tell you the varieties cause the minute I read cream pie, I was giggling away. My mind switched into a cheating girlfriend cuckold fantasy sort of thing.

Hey it happens! My mind will switch into pure kink at the drop of a hat in the weirdest place. My cheeks will flush and my pussy gets wet. Well you get the idea, Was no different in the grocery store. All of a sudden my mind was racing on what sort of kinky phone sex creampie fantasies could I come up with in the store.

Fuck the check out boy when he takes my bags to the car? Thats doable. Disappear in the back with the shelf stocker? Ohhh now that could be interesting. The bathroom is always in the back near the cooler. Keep my panties cool and the creampie fresh for the ride home.

Not quite hot or kinky enough. Maybe you have given this some though on where you would like to see your girlfriend get filled full of cum and serve you up a fresh creampie? Definitely love to hear about it. Till you call me I will work on this grocery story scenario. I am sure there is some way to make it extra naughty.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669 ask for Arianna!

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Foot Worship Phone Sex Humiliation with Arianna

If there is one thing about me its that I ensure my feet are well pampered. Every month I am off getting a pedicure. Sure I dont have to go monthly, I could go every few months but I enjoy having someone tend to my feet and legs. The foot and leg massage alone would have me plunking my sexy ass in that spa chair on a daily bases. Sure the girl who pampers my fine tootsies doesnt do it as well as say a guy with a foot fetish but that is what foot worship phone sex is for.

foot worship phone sex

To indulge in those sinful little fantasies I cant have in the real everyday world. I mean I can sit in that spa chair and close my eyes to what all I would do if I had a guy worshiping my feet in that moment. Often times I do. Actually I am getting rather side track as I look at my pretty painted toes in a super girlie shade of pink. Can you imagine wrapping your tongue over that?

Bet you can!

Well this blog wasnt meant to be about my pedicures it was more about the humiliating foot worship phone sex call I had with a certain someone the other day. Yes I know its been a few days and I have finally writing about it. Had to give the poor toe sucker some time to cool off.

It was all about bringing out my sensual domme side and forcing him to worship my feet in front of my friend. Humiliating him for what he enjoyed most in this world. The one body part that got his cock rock hard. Using his love for my feet against him and well laughing in his face. Starting out so innocently with a drunk roommate, that would be me, needing help out of her shoes and ending with him begging to cum over my feet while degrading him.

Yes I am leaving tons of details out but too many details will have Mr Foot Humper blowing a load all over his monitor. So just trying to think of his poor computer.

Do you enjoy being humiliated? Looking for a hot and sexy foot worship phone sex fantasy? Then give me a call Arianna 1-888-402-8669 nothing is off limits.

ariannateases on aim


Kinky Cuckold Phone Sex with Arianna

Quite often guys wonder what type of taboo phone fantasy gets me going. Well over the last bit the idea of cucking a guy has really gotten my panties wet thanks to all the hot and kinky cuckold phone sex calls. Yes fully admit the various topics within cuckolding has got me reaching between my legs a few times during our calls. Ok maybe more than a few.

kinky cuckold phone sex

Yes I know your wondering which cuckold fantasy have made me touch myself. Well the thought of my boyfriend watching me fuck another man who is far more endowed than him definitely got my juices flowing. Oh and dont even get me start on the idea of it being a BBC fantasy. Will not hear me argue over getting fucked by a dark chocolate dick. I have fucked a big black cock but never in a cuckold way, so the idea is very intriguing. Course from the cucks who have called me they tell me I am definitely missing out.

Really love getting my pussy eaten out and to think a cuckie would dive in and enjoy eating the cream pie. Hmm well I am all for that especially if it means your spending more time pleasing me orally. Actually, I have to admit I have had a little experience with the cream pie stuff. Its rather hot and oh so dirty. The full on details sorry you have to call for that but your cock will thank you when  you do.

Course I know there are tons of different fantasies around cuckolding and most cant get into in a short sexy little blog but we can talk about anything and everything when  you call me for a hot and kinky cuckold phone sex fantasy.

My number is 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and lets enjoy some time talking about cuckolding. Real life or fantasy stories.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

I am just sitting here wiggling my brightly painted purple toes and it got me to wondering. Who else is in the mood for a foot fetish phone sex call. Well ok so I am more in the mood to have my lovely toes worshiped but I am sure any guy with a foot fetish will be more than happy to oblige.

foot fetish phone sex

How can you resist worshiping toes with such rich purple lacquer on them. Sure your tongue is ever so eager to lick and polish these tootsies up. Dont worry I am more than happy to have you pay attention to the rest of my foot with your lapping tongue. Every delectable inch of my foot is made to be pampered.

Oh I know your thinking Arianna your being such a tease. And your right! I love being a tease even when it comes to a foot fetish phone sex call. Cause honestly men with a fetish for feet are so much fun to toy with. (By the way I am wiggling my toes as I type that. Just cant help myself.)

I am already thinking of the different ways in which I can tease you with my perfectly pedicured foot. Tempting you with my polished toes. Flexing my soft soles right in front of your face. Oh wait now your giving me that Arianna your teasing me look. (Well I imagine you are.)

Only one way to end the suffering so to speak. Give me a call 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the one ready to tease you with a foot fetish fantasy.

Anything Goes Phone Sex Fun with Arianna

This is one of those truly anything goes phone sex type days. For my mind is racing with tons of thoughts that are leaving my pussy extra wet. Suppose that is one heck of a Hello! Isnt it?

anything goes phone sex fun

Well its rather true for my mind is taking pure thoughts and transforming them into dirty deeds and well dirty thoughts are becoming even more sinfully delicious. So to narrow my everything into one fantasy or fetish today… Is well difficult to say the least.

Keeping with that my fingers definitely do not want to be on this keyboard and well my pussy would really like my fingers to be rubbing something else too. Yes if you have a craving some so mutual masturbation today I am all in. Not sure about you but I get extra wet when some one is breathing heavy and moaning in my ear.

Suppose that leaves us with what kind of fantasy will get us both reaching for some self pleasuring while talking to each other. Well like I said anything goes phone sex wise. Be it a cuckold fantasy, taboo role play or something bdsm related. It has been awhile since I fucked a guy in the ass with a strapon!

Sorry this blog will be short on teasing cause really my dirty thoughts are making it very difficult on writing anything coherent this evening. All I can think about is the buzz of my vibrator on my clit. Just ask for Arianna and lets explore some anything goes phone sex fun!

1-888-402-8669 is the number to reach me.

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Erotic Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Have a bit of a confession to make. I told my friends that I was having a lazy day but really I am in just one of those super aroused moods. You know the type where just the feel of your silky panties rubbing against your pussy mound arouse you. Ok so that might be a stretch for you but thats sort of the mind space I am in. I know your going so what does that have to do with a lazy day? Well my confession is I rather lied to my friends for this erotic phone sex tease wants to spend the day in bed masturbating.

erotic phone sex tease

Hopefully you are in the same mood as I am or are getting to that space during your Saturday adventures. Saw something that got your mind thinking all sorts of kinky and erotic thoughts. Leading to a slight bulge in  your pants. What ever it is. I really want to hear it. Most importantly I want to use that thought to tease and deny you and orgasm.

Oh sorry! Perhaps I shouldnt of said that part. But I think telling you I was in an erotic phone sex teasing type of mood rather said that any ways. Controlling your cock is just making my nipples hard today. I can not even tell you what happens to my body when I think of denying you an orgasm. *heavy sigh*

Yes such naughty and erotic thoughts swirl through my mind.

Help this erotic phone sex tease today by calling 1-888-402-8669 taking control of your cock would do wonders for my current state of mind. Who knows I may let you cum with me. IF you beg hard enough. Just ask for Arianna


Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

I have been so horribly distracted today. A random conversation last night on the phone has left me, well horny all day long. My mind is constantly racing to the thought of big black cocks! Thankfully I can cure my distraction with some cuckold phone sex fantasies.

cuckold phone sex fantasies

I am rather sure that I am not alone in my tempted desires for some big thick dark meat in my mouth today. It started out simple enough a random cuckold phone sex call where the guy wanted me to humiliate him for not being enough of a man to please me. The more he asked me to humiliate him the more aroused I got.

Before we knew it I was spiraling into this amazing BBC cuckold phone sex fantasy where I was hunting for some dark dick to fuck. Oh perhaps thats a bit of an over share but really it does happen. Where a phone sex fantasy just gets us girls turned on so much we are craving more of it.

Unfortunately, I never found a single black cock. Sad I know. However, I am taking calls tonight which means you and I can have some cuckold phone sex fun. For did you go off looking and venturing for a BBC loving girl that just got fucked today?

And here you are with your wishes as of yet unfulfilled. Hmmm maybe this is how things were suppose to turn out. You and me finding each other and talking about our cuckold  phone sex fantasies together. Turning each other on with each story we share.

Arianna is my name. You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669.

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex with Arianna

If there is ever a day to indulge in some girlfriend experience phone sex this has got to be the day. For if your like me your staring at some rerun on the tv of a Christmas show you have seen 10 times over and just bored. Friends are off doing their thing. Family is prepping for the big day tomorrow. And well your hands are rather idle.

girlfriend experience phone sex

I know my hands are idle and what helps me get these soft sexy hands of mine roaming is talking to someone on the phone. Granted the joy of a gfe call is we start out simple talk about the day to day things. So that your comfortable. Listening to me giggle over your horrible jokes (sorry but they are probably bad and no one has told you).

Before you know it my sexy voice has gotten you completely aroused. You have forgotten about the bad tv. Just focused on what you have to do to hear me moan, since my giggle is so damn sexy!

Each of us telling the other how to touch.

Where to touch.

What we want to do to each other.

You get the idea. I really hope you get the idea for things started to heat up in here haha.

Anyways I am gonna go check to ensure the batteries are fresh in my favorite toy so that when you do call for some girlfriend experience phone sex, I am all prepared for you. I am around till the wee morning hours for some gfe fun or any other kinky fetish fantasies you may have.

1-888-402-8669 just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Arianna


Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Arianna

So its Sunday and your probably like me think of it as a lazy day, savor those last few moments of relaxation before you dive into the craziness of the work week (if you work a traditional Monday to Friday). Well I was thinking something a bit different today. Rather than it being a lazy day how about one being on the edge of a delicious mind blowing orgasm? Oh got your attention now don’t I. How about some orgasm denial phone sex.

orgasm denial phone sex

I mean we have the time so why not stretch out this lazy Sunday spent naked on the couch masturbating to my oh so sexy commands. Me listening to you get all hot and bothered as you reach that oh so amazing climax. Then me telling you so sorry you cant have that orgasm just yet. Those balls arent aching with jizz enough. Your not wanting that explosion bad enough.

Yes such a tease but really you knew that before you even dialed for that orgasm denial phone sex call. If you didnt then you most definitely do now. For I am the ultimate in sensual teases ask anyone around; I fucking love tease and denial, cock control and well orgasm edging.

Just thinking about all those things is getting me wet on this wonderful Sunday. Now its just a matter of getting you rather hard. Really that wont be much of an issue. Here is my number 1-888-402-8669, my name is Arianna. The friendly dispatcher will ask you a few questions then send you on to me for that mind blowing orgasm denial phone sex session. Pretty simple and a fabulous way to spend your day.

Talk to you soon.

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