Orgasm Edging Phone Sex with Arianna

Happy Monday! Normally Mondays can be a bit eh but today I woke up in a good mood. Well scratch that I always wake up in a good mood knowing my day is gonna involve talking to some very horny men. But today I think I woke up in an extra teasing mood for all I could think of was some orgasm edging phone sex fantasies.

orgasm edging phone sex

Ok granted I didnt wake up with a complete game plan on how I was gonna edge your cock but the idea of giving you blue balls till the point of you doing that moan. You know the one I am talking about the moan of please no more stroking I cant handle touching my cock unless it leads to an orgasm ~ That moan!

Oh I guess unless your someone who indulges in orgasm edging phone sex you dont really know the moan I am talking about but trust me it is super hot and sexy to hear. Or least this sensual phone tease LOVES hearing it.

That denial moan actually gets me very wet. Yes never really admitted that before but I do get really excited teasing and denying you your orgasms. So what better way to start the week off than denying you an orgasm today. Well any day is a good day if it involves orgasm denials *smile*.

So how about you make my Monday extra exciting and let me take control of your cock with some sexy voice guiding your touches. Having you obey me. Then when I think your ready I will give you that oh so intense orgasm.

Just ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669.

Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

One of my favorite fantasies has me being anything but that good girl next door. Well I should say for you dirty minded guys its the kinky version you have of the good girl next door for I adore cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasies.

cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy

There is something so extremely hot about getting all dressed up and having you help pick out what you want me to wear for my fuck date. Hell maybe you bought me some special lingerie to wear for my hot date that would only intensify the fantasy. Rather curious what you would buy me?

Course as much as I love getting another mans cock in my pussy what really gets me going is the returning home to you. Telling you all about the kinky details of what happened on my fuck date. How many time he came in my pussy. Ohhh dont worry baby I know your eager to know how big his cock was that would definitely be discussed. No detail will be overlooked.

So you got a small taste of what I like to do in a cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy. Would love to know what kind of scenarios you like to explore on the phone. Sure we can come up with something so hot both of us will be moaning with excitement.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669 just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Arianna. Cant wait to be your cheating girlfriend and cuck you.

Sensual Phone Sex Tease Arianna

The sunny day has this sensual phone sex tease tossing on one of her favorite sundresses. Its soft cotton feels amazing against my skin. The dress is lightweight that it will flutter in the spring breeze. Course as I sit here I am pondering panties or no?

sensual phone sex tease

Shouldnt be such a difficult decision. I have no issue going without panties so that I can tease men when I am out and about. Giving a little flash of my bare ass or even something a bit more naughty.

Then of course I sat down and realized this dress has gotten a bit shorter from being washed and my bare cheeks were making contact with the chair. So is that reason enough to toss on some panties?

See where the dilemma starts. Thinking I should be a down right sensual phone sex tease and leave you panty fetish lovers pondering did Arianna wear panties today or no?

Actually the more I write this blog the more I am going ya I dont think I will tell you. For I was gonna say which way I went with the panties and what style but now that I am writing this out…..

The sensual phone sex tease is definitely taking over and sorry panty boys your gonna have to let your imagination run wild on if I opted to cover my ass cheeks or not.

Sure your cock is throbbing while you debate things. I will be over here letting my fingers glide up and down my over my pussy. Do you think its bare or covered in sweet cotton? Oh and of course my phone is right nearby so you can call me. Know you will be eager to get off with me once you decide if I have any panties on or not. Hmm dont forget if you opt to say I am wearing panties what style.

Yes I am a down right cock tease today!

1-888-402-8669 just ask for sensual phone sex tease Arianna.


Taboo Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

Yes I looks like the girl next door all sweet and wonderful. Not a dirty thought to run through my innocent mind. Hey you can quite the giggles and snorts. Your only laughing cause your finding my cute ass on a taboo phone sex site. If you saw me on the street you would be all Ohhh this girl is hot and probably wouldnt even approach me cause your little dirty mind is going nah  this girl wont be into the nasty stuff that gets my dick dripping.

taboo phone sex fantasy

Well underneath this sexy girl next door image is one wicked mind with a very wild imagination. Truth be told the nasty stuff does get me wet too. I mean sure I dont write about it all the time just cause I hate to ruin that sweet vision you all have of me. Yes I am smiling sweetly at my monitor and batting my long thick lashes right now. LOL.

But behind the sweet brown eyes is one very wicked girl that is up for near anything… Ok anything goes with me! I hate limitations when it comes to phone sex. Granted there are a few fetishes I dont feel I excel at so I wouldnt make me your first choice. Like smoking. Sorry guys I dont smoke so cant see that one as believable plus I have the voice of an angel.

Hey dont choke just cause I said angel and myself in the same sentence!

Unless you plan to choke on a thick cum filled dick while saying Yes Mistress Arianna I will take more cock for you. OR better yet gag back on my massive strap on! Now we are talking.

Ok so that is rather mild compared to where my imagination will go for some taboo phone sex fantasies.

You can reach this sexy and seductive girl next door by calling 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna.

Phone Sex Size Queen Arianna

You looking for a girl who openly admits that she is a size queen? Well you found your phone sex size queen right here!

I openly admit that I love a cock that is over 9″. Yes how many of you guys who are under that size just had your dick turtled right up? I know doesnt seem fair right?

phone sex size queen

But neither is settling for really bad sex with a guy who walks around with a small cock. I want good sex from a guy who can hit that special orgasm spot in any and all sex positions. So yup you can call me a size queen but I prefer to be a woman who just knows what she wants in the bedroom.

Now does being a phone sex size queen mean I lean to liking big black cock?

The answer to that is HELL YES!

I dont have to tell you guys they have a certain aura about them. They know what they got in their pants a big ass anaconda ready to pleasure all us white women who are dealing with disappointing small white dicks. So yup when I see a black guy walk by my pussy gets wet.

This isnt shocking news to you or least it shouldnt be cause you love when a woman is open about what brings her sexual pleasure. I am all about telling you what makes me happy in the bedroom. Especially what size cock makes me cum like crazy!

You can reach this sexy phone sex size queen by calling 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna. Then we can get into a more in depth discussion on big black cocks.

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with Arianna

This sensual tease loves wearing dresses. Even with the weather dipped down to sub arctic temperatures I am still grabbing my cute knee length dresses. Now dont think I am tossing on leggings. Far from it I am a pantyhose fetish phone sex wet dream right now. For my long legs are encased in silky nylons.

pantyhose phone sex

Now I could be a true sensual tease and wear some nude stockings but that would make most people think crazy thoughts like “How could this girl go out with bare legs?”

Instead I toss on dark nylons so that you know when you see my legs even out of the corner of your eyes that yes this girl is indeed wearing what gets my cock throbbing. Then have to think about my sexy legs in those dark pantyhose all day long.

Good luck not darting off into the bathroom for a quick jerk off session!

Now back to my sexy legs. For I do have a few pair of pantyhose that have intricate designs and well some that are silky smooth. Ohh how I love to tease pantyhose lovers with my sexy nylon encased feet. And if you have been teased by my sexy hosiery before you know exactly how I use my feet. *wink* These toes may of made one or two or more cum in pure pantyhose fetish phone sex orgasmic heavenly delight.

Course now its your turn to find out just how much of a sensual tease I am to those of you with a nylon fetish. I am on tonight and as luck would have it I was out today in a cute wine colored dress and black panty hose.

You can call me at 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and I might let you make a mess over my pantyhose covered legs.


Taboo Phone Sex with Arianna

The other day I was talking to a rather sinful fellow. Actually it was more like the witching hours when we were speaking which sort of suited our most taboo phone sex call. Now I know what your thinking but Arianna you look like such a sweet and wonderful girl next door type. You would be right. I am the girl your mother wished you lived next door too but I am that dark angel that makes your cock throb when her back is turned.

taboo phone sex

Wait maybe I shouldnt of told you that and let you find out just how much of a twisted cock tease I really am?

Oh wait this was about my blasphemous fantasy with my sinful lover the other night not how dark and devious this angel can be. Well it start out sweet enough us chatting about past taboo phone sex calls we have done in the past for we have a bit of a history, various two girl calls we have done with other like minded blasphemous loving girls on here. Course our conversation switched to which girls we wanted to bring into the fold and share our love for the Dark Lord with.

Just between you and me I do believe there are a few that are already taboo phone sex blasphemous lovers. *wink*

Now if your like my sinful fellow who loves girls who look like the sweet girl next door but have a dark hidden secret then give me a call for I would love to dive into a taboo phone sex call with you.

You can reach me at 1-888-402-8669 just tell the dispatcher you wish to speak to the dark angel Arianna.

Oh and if you up to the challenge bring one of my blasphemous loving friends along for the adventure.


Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

So I am the sort of girl when stuck on a certain idea especially a kinky one will run it over n over n over in my head. Yes your probably wondering what kinky idea is rolling around in my brain on repeat as of late. Well its the whole cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy.

cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy

Mind you this fantasy isnt just on my mind either for a certain someone started calling me and well he is hooked on me being his girlfriend who goes out and cheats on him. Actually, scratch that I use to be the girlfriend that cheated on him behind his back but now I am doing it right in front of him. Ya our naughty cuckold fantasy has me literally cucking in front of his face.

There is no shame to my sexy game for the men I think will have amazing dicks and will fuck me way better than him come home with me now. Lets show my loser boyfriend how real men fuck!

Oh the cuckolds out there are getting a bit excited now arent they wondering who all I bring home. Well that is a secret something to tempt you into calling. I mean sure it could be your boss or mine, how about the produce guy from the market we both visit, or better yet that hot black man who was eyeing me up at the bar last night.

There really is no limits when it comes to a cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy. I mean unless you have some limits on where the fantasy can go?

I know there is no limits for myself which means I could have you sucking that cock or eating up the cream pie after he is finish fucking me REALLY good!

You can call 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna.

Cheating Phone Sex Girlfriend Arianna

Am in the mood for some cuckold fantasies. The sort where I end up being your hot girlfriend who is out doing what I do best being a cheating phone sex girlfriend, of course!

cheating phone sex girlfriend

Dont tell me the idea hasnt got your cock twitching a bit in your pants.

You could call me up and well there is a few ways we can play this cheating girlfriend fantasy out. One where I am out on my hot date and I try to carry on a conversation with you as if nothing is going on. That I am not sucking back on some amazing strangers dick. Which I think is crazy hot btw!

Or two…. I just tell you about my hot steamy date where we fucked all evening long. Describe to you in detail his cock. How it made me feel. Course the best part is your mouth is on my very hot swollen pussy discovering if I made that bull wear a condom or not?

Come to think of it there are way more but that is where my mind is sort of at right now in regards to being your cheating phone sex girlfriend. Teasing you with what I have been up too.

Sure you have some wild cuckold fantasies of your own. I would definitely love to hear all about them tonight!

So give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the hottest cheating phone sex girlfriend around.

Just a friendly reminder …. No Limits. No Taboos. Anything goes!


Nylon Fetish Phone Sex with Arianna

Where are the nylon fetish guys?

Yes I wanna talk to you! The ones who love to see a woman’s legs encased in pure silky delights. From control top pantyhose all the way to thigh high stockings. Any and all of it.

nylon fetish phone sex

Those are the guys I want to call me tonight. Nothing but a hot, erotic conversation about sexy hosiery that will have you stroking and jerking your throbbing cock.

Let me start with telling you what I wore today a cute navy dress with small pink n burgundy flowers all over it and a pair of nude pantyhose. Yes I opted full leg coverage it was rather chilly out this morning when I left and well I gotta say I love the feeling of those stockings running all the way up my leg.

It would be rather wonderful to have a man worship my nylon encased legs. Wouldn’t you love to be the one planting kissing up these silky legs?

Don’t deny it any longer you wish your lips were brushing up against these pantyhose. Gonna add in that I am an anything goes type of phone sex girl which means that I will go from teasing you in a sensual way all the way to full on smothering you with my pantyhose covered ass.

So while you find your headset so you can work both hands over your cock. I will sit here rubbing my legs together. Mmm does it feel ever so good!

Ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669 and lets explore your nylon fetish.