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Anything Goes Phone Sex Fun with Arianna

This is one of those truly anything goes phone sex type days. For my mind is racing with tons of thoughts that are leaving my pussy extra wet. Suppose that is one heck of a Hello! Isnt it?

anything goes phone sex fun

Well its rather true for my mind is taking pure thoughts and transforming them into dirty deeds and well dirty thoughts are becoming even more sinfully delicious. So to narrow my everything into one fantasy or fetish today… Is well difficult to say the least.

Keeping with that my fingers definitely do not want to be on this keyboard and well my pussy would really like my fingers to be rubbing something else too. Yes if you have a craving some so mutual masturbation today I am all in. Not sure about you but I get extra wet when some one is breathing heavy and moaning in my ear.

Suppose that leaves us with what kind of fantasy will get us both reaching for some self pleasuring while talking to each other. Well like I said anything goes phone sex wise. Be it a cuckold fantasy, taboo role play or something bdsm related. It has been awhile since I fucked a guy in the ass with a strapon!

Sorry this blog will be short on teasing cause really my dirty thoughts are making it very difficult on writing anything coherent this evening. All I can think about is the buzz of my vibrator on my clit. Just ask for Arianna and lets explore some anything goes phone sex fun!

1-888-402-8669 is the number to reach me.

aim: ariannateases


Erotic Phone Sex Tease Arianna

Have a bit of a confession to make. I told my friends that I was having a lazy day but really I am in just one of those super aroused moods. You know the type where just the feel of your silky panties rubbing against your pussy mound arouse you. Ok so that might be a stretch for you but thats sort of the mind space I am in. I know your going so what does that have to do with a lazy day? Well my confession is I rather lied to my friends for this erotic phone sex tease wants to spend the day in bed masturbating.

erotic phone sex tease

Hopefully you are in the same mood as I am or are getting to that space during your Saturday adventures. Saw something that got your mind thinking all sorts of kinky and erotic thoughts. Leading to a slight bulge in  your pants. What ever it is. I really want to hear it. Most importantly I want to use that thought to tease and deny you and orgasm.

Oh sorry! Perhaps I shouldnt of said that part. But I think telling you I was in an erotic phone sex teasing type of mood rather said that any ways. Controlling your cock is just making my nipples hard today. I can not even tell you what happens to my body when I think of denying you an orgasm. *heavy sigh*

Yes such naughty and erotic thoughts swirl through my mind.

Help this erotic phone sex tease today by calling 1-888-402-8669 taking control of your cock would do wonders for my current state of mind. Who knows I may let you cum with me. IF you beg hard enough. Just ask for Arianna


Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

I have been so horribly distracted today. A random conversation last night on the phone has left me, well horny all day long. My mind is constantly racing to the thought of big black cocks! Thankfully I can cure my distraction with some cuckold phone sex fantasies.

cuckold phone sex fantasies

I am rather sure that I am not alone in my tempted desires for some big thick dark meat in my mouth today. It started out simple enough a random cuckold phone sex call where the guy wanted me to humiliate him for not being enough of a man to please me. The more he asked me to humiliate him the more aroused I got.

Before we knew it I was spiraling into this amazing BBC cuckold phone sex fantasy where I was hunting for some dark dick to fuck. Oh perhaps thats a bit of an over share but really it does happen. Where a phone sex fantasy just gets us girls turned on so much we are craving more of it.

Unfortunately, I never found a single black cock. Sad I know. However, I am taking calls tonight which means you and I can have some cuckold phone sex fun. For did you go off looking and venturing for a BBC loving girl that just got fucked today?

And here you are with your wishes as of yet unfulfilled. Hmmm maybe this is how things were suppose to turn out. You and me finding each other and talking about our cuckold  phone sex fantasies together. Turning each other on with each story we share.

Arianna is my name. You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669.

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex with Arianna

If there is ever a day to indulge in some girlfriend experience phone sex this has got to be the day. For if your like me your staring at some rerun on the tv of a Christmas show you have seen 10 times over and just bored. Friends are off doing their thing. Family is prepping for the big day tomorrow. And well your hands are rather idle.

girlfriend experience phone sex

I know my hands are idle and what helps me get these soft sexy hands of mine roaming is talking to someone on the phone. Granted the joy of a gfe call is we start out simple talk about the day to day things. So that your comfortable. Listening to me giggle over your horrible jokes (sorry but they are probably bad and no one has told you).

Before you know it my sexy voice has gotten you completely aroused. You have forgotten about the bad tv. Just focused on what you have to do to hear me moan, since my giggle is so damn sexy!

Each of us telling the other how to touch.

Where to touch.

What we want to do to each other.

You get the idea. I really hope you get the idea for things started to heat up in here haha.

Anyways I am gonna go check to ensure the batteries are fresh in my favorite toy so that when you do call for some girlfriend experience phone sex, I am all prepared for you. I am around till the wee morning hours for some gfe fun or any other kinky fetish fantasies you may have.

1-888-402-8669 just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Arianna


Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Arianna

So its Sunday and your probably like me think of it as a lazy day, savor those last few moments of relaxation before you dive into the craziness of the work week (if you work a traditional Monday to Friday). Well I was thinking something a bit different today. Rather than it being a lazy day how about one being on the edge of a delicious mind blowing orgasm? Oh got your attention now don’t I. How about some orgasm denial phone sex.

orgasm denial phone sex

I mean we have the time so why not stretch out this lazy Sunday spent naked on the couch masturbating to my oh so sexy commands. Me listening to you get all hot and bothered as you reach that oh so amazing climax. Then me telling you so sorry you cant have that orgasm just yet. Those balls arent aching with jizz enough. Your not wanting that explosion bad enough.

Yes such a tease but really you knew that before you even dialed for that orgasm denial phone sex call. If you didnt then you most definitely do now. For I am the ultimate in sensual teases ask anyone around; I fucking love tease and denial, cock control and well orgasm edging.

Just thinking about all those things is getting me wet on this wonderful Sunday. Now its just a matter of getting you rather hard. Really that wont be much of an issue. Here is my number 1-888-402-8669, my name is Arianna. The friendly dispatcher will ask you a few questions then send you on to me for that mind blowing orgasm denial phone sex session. Pretty simple and a fabulous way to spend your day.

Talk to you soon.

ariannateases on aim

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Arianna

tease and denial phone sex

Was trying to figure out what kind of mood I was in then boom! Instantly hit me, tease and denial phone sex. I am wanting to ensure you are teased to the point of blue balls.

Dont give me that look you know you adore when your balls are aching from hours of teasing. Who better to tease you than a girl who does it just naturally. From my sensual voice that will have your cock standing at attention. To my sinful ways of building you to the edge of an orgasm. Well you get the idea, right?

Oh I know typical guy your eager to know what my sinful ways are. Ok perhaps I am feeling generous or maybe its an easy way to lure you into some tease and denial phone sex but erotic hypnosis. Think of it wrapping my sinfully seductive voice in your mind and get you to do what ever I want.

Let that just sink in for a moment.

Yup think about it. My hypnotic triggers worked into your mind so that I can not only control your mind but your cock as well. Oh there we go your getting the idea of how I can make tease and denial phone sex even more intense that blue balls.

So who thinks they can handle me controlling their orgasm?

Call 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and experience the best in tease and denial phone sex.

ariannateases on aim

Taboo Phone Sex Masturbation with Arianna

taboo phone sex masturbation

Sure I know who it is by the shaky voice on the other end of the phone. Trying to get out that hello all while jerking away distractedly. Yet trying to cover up thats what your doing. I know that there is one thing on your mind which is a taboo phone sex masturbation call. Something that will have you so completely relaxed in the mind and body you will pass out before you can hang up the phone.

You have called me quite often so I am well aware of what makes your small dick ooze precum. However, I wont let  you get away with things so easy. No I wont sit here and tell you all those dirty things you need to hear so your dick can throb. Taboo things that will have you masturbating.

No! I wanna make your voice quiver as you ask my questions. Those painful taboo inspired questions. The things that you dare not whisper even to your girlfriend,  yet with me you can. You can wank your small cock all night to those dirty phone sex questions.

Dont worry! Your secrets are safe with me for I would never divulge what we talk about in a blog on a public site but I will hint at them. Does this make your small cock throb even harder?

I am not one for public outings but I do love to tease and well teasing with what I know…. Rather priceless.

How about you? Yes you with your cock in your hand slowly jerking at the thought of what it would be like to confess your inner most taboo thoughts to a stranger. Does this excite you the idea of sharing your inner most dirty ideas. The things that really get you off with someone?

Well then perhaps you should call me and lets enjoy a taboo phone sex masturbation session. Just ask for Arianna 1-888-402-8669

Cuckold Phone Sex with Arianna

cuckold phone sex

Ever get those moments where your obsessed with one fantasy? Sure you know exactly what I am talking about. There is probably a certain fantasy or fetish that you are unable to dive into in your regular day to day life and well thats why your here. Well right now my sexual obsession is cuckolding, so cuckold phone sex fantasies are a huge favorite with me.

Yes there is going out and acting on that obsession but honestly its rather hot living vicariously through every guys cheating girlfriend fantasy. Thinking I am that massive slut fucking multiple men every fucking day. Just think about it by the time you have called me I may of already done 6-7 BBC fantasies. Oh now your going thats hot and your creampie desires just got even hotter.

Granted its not as hot as actually fucking that many men but I do have enough real life sexual adventures to keep you satisfied. With all the cuckold phone sex calls it does give me some great ideas for when I am out cheating on my boyfriend oh scratch that enhancing our relationship haha. Cause you know with the amount of cuckolding I am doing on the phone its totally inevitable that when I do get a boyfriend transforming him into a cuck will happen just naturally.

So help me out with my sexual obsession and probably yours too. Call for some hot cuckold phone sex just ask for Arianna 1-888-402-8669

Arianna your Phone Sex Panty Tease

sensual phone sex panty tease

This warm weather is just what a Canadian girl needs to not only show off her long legs but to flaunt her panties a bit too. Hey you didnt think I was just a phone sex panty tease did you?

Heck no. I love toying with you panty fetish guys off the phone too. In fact, today when I was doing some shopping I made sure to wear the perfect pair of satin panties under my favorite short summer dress. The type of dress that with the simplest of summer breeze has me doing a Marilyn Monroe type move to hold it down.

Now when I wear this dress I park far off in the parking lot so that I can capture the eyes off all those married men waiting in the car for their frumpy wives. Let them admire my long legs walking along the hot pavement. Distract them with the movement of my favorite pink dress and then if they are ever so lucky enough the breeze will lift that dress up and boom a glimpse of my panties.

Oh wait perhaps I am being a bit of a phone sex panty tease since I have only described my dress and how it likes to float up a bit. I really should describe those satin panties underneath. Well I will save that for when you call me tonight.

I mean some details you just have to hear in person. Then I can tell you all about what happened in the grocery store too.

Just ask for Arianna your sensual  phone sex panty tease 1-888-402-8669


Sensual Phone Sex Tease Goddess Arianna

sensual phone sex tease goddess

Seems the horny guys are always asking what it is that I enjoy doing on the phone. Well I always ponder to think about it cause I have a number of favorite fetishes and fantasies that I love to do on the phone but when it comes right down to it ~ teasing is the ultimate favorite of mine. Would you expect any other answer from a sensual phone sex tease goddess?

Thought not!

No matter what fantasy or fetish I engage in there will be that teasing aspect to it. Be it teasing a panty boy with a sexy pair of panties he longs to wear. Tempting a cuckold with my creampie filled pussy he oh so wants to devour. Or using those tantalizing abilities to work you up to deny you that orgasm. Honestly every bit I will work my special sensual teasing ways.

Oh and dont even get me started on an erotic hypnosis phone sex call the way I can twist and turn your mind. Your thoughts. Your desires. Now that is pure delight!

In keeping with my sensual phone sex teasing way I will leave you with the those thoughts running through your mind and the need to call me at 1-888-402-8669. Then you can truly find out how much of a sinful cock tease I am yourself.

Talk to you soon, Arianna.





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