Welcum to my page. My name is Lexi, but you can call me Princess, Miss Lexi, or your good little Slut. Growing up, I’ve been such a daddy’s girl. All it took was a little pout and he was wrapped around my finger! He used to tell me guys were going to be in trouble with me, but I never quite knew what he meant until high school. A provocative smile and a quick glance their way, any guy would fall for me in an instant. I soon realized I had all the control and they were under my spell. While other girls had to act like whores and sluts to get guys attention, I got to pick and choose who would be worthy of my time.

My sexual interests are limitless. I get so wet every time I have a nice cock in my mouth. I can’t get enough deep-throating and ball play. My wet pussy also craves a man who knows how to use his tongue and his mouth just right. But, this is still very vanilla to me. Mmm, I crave naughty phone sex fantasies both submissive and dominant. Your desires can never be too taboo.

I want to know all your dirty secrets and maybe I will tell you some of mine. Tell me what makes you cum and we can explore that together. Call me so we can fulfill what you crave.

AIM: LovelyLexi4you
Yahoo: LexiSweety