Hello, I’m Macy and I’ve been waiting for you. I look so sweet and innocent, don’t I? But don’t be fooled. I am completely addicted to sex. I’m a raging phone sex slut, willing to do anything to make you explode like you’ve never cum before. With me you’ll be absolutely satisfied. I want to make all of your phone sex fantasies a reality!

The summer after high school graduation, one of my boyfriends and I took turns dominating each other. What a rush! I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, playing the shy little submissive and being made to serve all his friends, or pounding the guy’s helpless “pussy” with my strap on. He nearly cried with delight when I scolded him for having a tiny clit and made him beg me endlessly before I finally allowed him to cum! I had no idea that BDSM could be so fun!

I’m in college now, and I’m being such a bad girl. I just can’t help myself. Who knew I was such a total nympho?!

First of all, I’ve been sneaking into my roommate’s bed late at night to suckle her sweet pink cherry, making her hot cream spurt into my hungry mouth. So delicious! We do so many dirty things to each other, and I’d just love to tell you all about it! Even better, my girlfriend and I can tell you together while the three of us get off. Getting excited yet? I know I am. Talking about this is making me so hot!

My parents think I’m studying hard, but what’s really happening is that I’m making my professor hard! The other day he pulled up my skirt, yanked down my panties and spanked my ass until it was blazing red because I keep watching porn instead of studying. And then he shoved me off his lap and made me… Well, I can tell you the rest of the story when you call me!

And then there was that party where I got gang-banged by half the football team. I can hardly wait to do that again! Does all of this make me a naughty nympho slut? *giggle*

Share your deepest, most raunchy fetishes and fantasies with me. Don’t be shy, sexy man. Just hearing what excites you gets my pussy so wet! I promise that it will be our little secret. You can tell me -all- of your dirtiest, most sinful fantasies.

I have a wild imagination and love to explore the erotic unknown. I adore fetishes and role playing. I’ll try anything once, even more if I like it. And believe me, I haven’t found anything yet that I don’t like!

Come on baby, grab this juicy slut and let’s go on a hot phone sex fantasy adventure together… You *know* you want to!

Pull out that throbbing hard on now. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you do it. *wink* Mmmm yes, I’m craving your cock! I can’t wait to taste you. Or better yet, how about playing with all three of my holes? You could just bend me over right now and ohhh, I’m getting so fucking horny that I have to slip my fingers into my panties and…

Cum play with your naughty little Princess Macy now… Welcome to your favorite new addiction.

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