There is no way to escape the realm that holds your souls true desire you seek, I am her.

I am Mary Jane. Mysterious, sensual, ominous, femme fatale, sadist – is everything I am. I am your brand new vice. My sinfully delicious intellect will posses you to crawl back on your knees for more MJ.

Will you be next to catch the addiction?

I am the enticing joint that sends you into frontier depths of depravity. I am not here to be compassionate to you, but to cast a spell on your mind and bring out the desires of the soul. Let’s tap into the most obscene and vile of fetishes. Your fondness for all the immoral kink is what led you here in the first place and my villainous behavior is what is going to keep you. I know exactly where I stand, do you?

The only things you need to know are as follows|

When it is all said and done we can only connect through our words ..
Our time together is limited -with that being said- make yourself prominent in my world…
I am a goddess and you will be required to treat me as such..
There are no safety limits-