I'm Megan. *smile* I am a 20 year old dorm room darling. I've always been a good girl... Well, sweet and innocent up until I got into college. I was a virginall the way through high school. As a graduation present, my Daddy paid for a trip to Cancun with one of my girlfriends. hehe But he really paid for his little princess to get dicked down by hot horny guys for a whole week straight! I had sooooooooo much fun and have plenty of stories about it to tell. I'm always willing to share!

I never thought sex could be so exhilarating. I love being kinky! Threesomes, bi-sexual girls, anal sex, blow jobs and more! I do it ALL with a pretty little smile on my face. That's right! Service with a smile! I am dying to try new things... so give me all you got!

AIM: Moan4Megan
Yahoo: Moan4Megan