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OMG I haven’t been tickled in a very long time. ♥giggles♥ I am a very ticklish girl and get very wet in my panties when I am being tortured by you with your hands, feet, objects or even tickle me with your dick.  ♥giggles♥ See I have a very ticklish spot that if you hit it just right you may get a very orgasm giggle out of me and get me squirting out lots of hot pussy juices out.  I have been told that my laughter is a big of a turn on and will get your dick nice and hard really fast. ♥giggles♥ You think you can get me to that point and make me cum after getting a nice tickle from you?  ♥giggles♥ Well then bring it, show me what you got baby. 🙂 Tickle fetish phone sex is the best!!

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18 years old with a sexy body and dirty mind! Hey I’m Kimber and I just love to play dirty! Extreme phone sex, hardcore phone sex and a lot more! I love to suck cock deep throat and swallow! Fuck me real hard make me scream! Anything goes for me! I won’t turn you down, I promise. Kisses!

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How are all my naughty boys today? I am Layla, your sexy slut for phone pleasures & nasty phone sex! Do you want me to tell you what to do? When to stroke your hard cock? Oh, I will. My mind is full of nasty ideas for you and me to cum with. Cum play something nasty & naughty with me, I want to be anything from your Mistress to your hot little slut, it’s up to you, it all makes me wet!

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I know you love to show me off to all of your friends and coworkers.  They tell you all of the time how hot they think I am and how jealous they are.  They beg you for details about our sex life but you hold back.  Why is that exactly?  Is it because you recognize that I’m different from other women?  That I’m not just someone you fuck and forget to call the next day?  I know how much you enjoy the way I treat you.  I bring you lunch at work and rub your shoulders while you tell me what a crappy day you had.  You can tell I genuinely care what you think and that I support you.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that I’m wild in bed and let you fulfill your wildest fantasies now does it?  We have such a good time together.  I can’t imagine anything better!  I’ll be the GFE phone sex girl of your dreams!

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Yesterday I caught my boyfriend going through my dirty panty hamper and my lingerie drawer. He had on a pair of pink panties and a matching bra, the cups stuffed with my dirty panties, and he was sucking on my dildo! Imagine his surprise when he realized I was standing there. He tried to explain, but really, what could he say? He started to strip as quickly as he could, but I stopped him.  He looked sexy in my pink satin panties and bra, and I was turned on.  I told him to wait just a minute, and fished around in my stocking drawer til I found a pair of white lace top thigh highs and helped him put those on.  I sat him at my dressing table and applied eye shadows, too much mascara, and some cocksucking red lipstick.

Once I had him all dressed up pretty, en femme, I got out my camera and took lots of pictures of my sissy slut boyfriend.  He was so mortified and humiliated that I just had to laugh, and his dick never got soft even once!  I had him get up down on his knees for me as I donned my strap on cock, and somewhat reluctantly at first, he opened his mouth and began to suck.  After a while, and I told him to get up on my bed on his hands and knees, it was time to get fucked.  Again, he protested, but I reminded him I had pictures, and he wouldn’t want to piss me off now!  He got on all fours, and I pulled his panties down in back.  Soon I had my strap on cock deep in his tight male cunt and he was fucking me back like the sissy whore he truly is!  I have lots more planned for my new sissy slut boyfriend, and I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Do you dream of being feminized? I love feminization phone sex, forced fem fantasies, as well as forced bi.  Call me for all your sissy phone sex needs, and be all the woman you can be with me.

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Hiya Dolls,

My name is Melody, and I just had to share a little experience I had the pleasure of enjoying last night. I was called a sex goddess. That’s right, sex goddess. It was my wicked good blow job that did him in. I like to take my time, you see. Anything goes with me, and I can be quite the kinky little vixen.. I love to lavish my tongue all over a cock, using my hands, lips and mouth in ways you have only imagined. Something about feeling a cock swell up in my mouth knowing I am the reason it is growing so big, just makes my pussy drip. For the most sensual fantasy/roleplay phone sex, call me. I will show you just what a good girl I can be…..and telling you how delicious your cock tastes while I suck your balls dry.

I can be your seductive babysitter, the naughty housewife next door, or even a teacher you have been daydreaming about. Let me velvet voice snare you…and know you, and your cock, are the most important things in the world to me.
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Are you looking for the perfect Mistress to put you under and explore all those hidden desires that you would never let out under normal circumstances? Look into my beautiful liquid brown eyes, feel them melting into yours as my low hypnotic voice whispers in your ear pulling you in deeper and deeper. Feel yourself sinking slowly and surrendering as I meld into you and become one with your body and your mind. Do you have a forced feminization phone sex fetish? Maybe you long to experience what it is like to become a woman, to feel big luscious breasts sprouting on your body, to feel your hard cock slowly disappearing and being replaced by a warm wet little pussy…Whatever your hidden desires, let me bring them to life.

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That’s all I’ve got to say
Just put it in, and let’s begin
And I’ll be on my way

Bend me over, spread my legs
Then put it deep inside
Or we can role play Doctor
And I can open wide!

Fuck me hard, you sex starved beast
Make me moan and scream
Then I’ll take that big cock in my mouth
And drink up all your cream.

Make me pant and quiver
Make my cunt so wet
We’ll fuck like wild animals
Our bodies streaming sweat.

When you are soft and shriveled
and I am growing bored
I’ll be off to find excitement
Maybe with the guy next door

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Oh, my luscious plush pussy is begging for your hot load. Wanna dirty roleplay? Or how about something a little kinkier?  I am up for anything you want!! Call Amy for your bbw phone sex fantasies.

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I’m always wet and ready to play with my man. I love to straddle you with my wet warm pussy lips and slide my pussy all the way from your face and mouth to your rock hard dick. I’ll tease you with my velvet pussy lips and drip wet juices all over your body. After we have mad passionate phone sex we’ll lay gently together and talk about the days events…only to laugh and smile as we drift off into a deep sweet sleep. After a little rest we’ll wake in each others arms only to gently kiss and touch til we arouse our bodies into a state of passionate embrace again…mmm Wanna be my boyfriend? I love you baby…



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