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I’m Celeste and I’m a very lonely housewife. I’m looking for a lover to fill my long empty nights with meaningful and sensual conversation. I’m a very loving, sexual, and compassionate person and I am looking for someone that seeks those qualities in a lover.
I want more than just dirty talk. I want a connection. I want a man that I can confide and laugh with  as well as a man that enjoys sensual conversations that evolve into mutual masturbation phone sex.
Are you lonely too? Do you crave that personal attention and intimacy that your life lacks? If you answered yes then call me and let’s get to know each other better.
For more than just cheap phone sex call 1-888-47-HORNY and ask for Celeste. Don’t spend another night alone. *wink*

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I’m Riley – a hot, horny, SLUT who craves your cock! I have a tight wet tiny little pussy and it’s ready to feel your big FAT cock sliding in and out of it. I’m a nasty dirty girl who is ready for whatever kind of kinky phone sex fantasy that makes you rock hard. I like mild or extreme, kinky, dirty or nasty and I like taking it in all of my tiny holes. My dirty talking mouth is going to make your dick blow hard for me. Take me and ram it in my wet twat and feel it squeeze as you pump in and out. And if it’s a dirty little switch that you want and you like strap on phone sex I’ll flip the role and make you my bitch. All those submissive sluts get on your fucking knees and get ready to take my big fat strap on in both of your hot slutty holes. Call me for the hottest fucking experience you will never forget.

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I believe I have an oral fixation. I can’t seem to resist a cock in my mouth. If it’s a big hard stiff dick.. I’ll lick and suck ’till it explodes it’s liquid treasure then gets soft. If the fuck stick is soft…Ill suck it hard and then make it soft again. I’m looking for a guy who gets off on his cock being worshiped with my mouth and tongue and thinks he may have an oral fixation too. There is nothing like a warm wet tongue lapping up my love juices from my pussy. I’m not sure if there is any way to prove that we have oral fixations…. but it promises to be one hell of a slippery, slobbery and sloppy time trying to prove it. Just think we can give a whole new meaning to “being mouthy” and “wagging your tongue” !

Wanna help me prove my oral fixation or simply want to prove to me that you have one ? Join me for oral phone sex. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for me Evie. I’ll give ya some lip, tongue and even my deep throat.

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I’ve noticed you staring at my long tan legs and my beautiful round ass when I bend over. You’re trying so desperately to get a look at my pretty little white thong. Well it’s time you got better acquainted with my perfect round juicy ass cheeks. Imagine me teasingly pushing you back on the bed and then straddling your face backwards, slowly lowering my ass and pussy right against you. Forcing you to lick me through my pretty little panties, watching your hard cock throbbing in the air as you bury your face in my pussy and my ass, worshiping my tight, young, perfect body. I start grinding against you, pressing my ass tightly against your nose and mouth making you gasp and choke for air as I lift my ass up just long enough to let you suck in a quick gasp of air before I slam right back down on your face. I can see the pre-cum just oozing out of your cock and I know you want me to slip off my pretty little panties so you can have the pleasure of tonguing
 my smooth juicy little cunt and my tight little asshole. And maybe, just maybe I’ll let you, but only if you prove you’re worthy first..

If you’re in the mood for some hot and dirty phone sex then give me a call at 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Lita. This perfect round ass and juicy little cunt are waiting for you.

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HI I’m Maggie and I’m not as sweet an innocent as I look. I’m 20 years old, and yes, I am a natural redhead. From the time I was young. I was always sneaking out with boys and letting them kiss and touch me. I knew I was a bad, bad girl, but I just couldn’t help myself…I would love to be bad and have kinky phone sex with you!

Check out my page and give me a call at 1-888-314-6639 and ask for Maggie.

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Look at me… I’m gorgeous, and I know you want me. But it’s too bad because a loser like you will never have me. Do you REALLY think I’m going to let a loser who still lives in his mom’s basement come anywhere near me? No way. You can just stay down in the basement and stroke your poor excuse for a dick, because you don’t have a chance with a girl like me! Well, that’s not true. You do have a chance with me… the chance to be humiliated! Up for some humiliation phone sex? You know you are!

1 888 402 8669 ask for Tori

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Hi boys! Naughty phone sex girl Bailey is here teasing and taunting you with my uber short denim mini skirt. Silky smooth legs crossed as I twirl my long blonde hair in my fingers. *Giggles* You’re staring.. eyes completely on the cross of my legs, anticipating the second I’ll uncross my legs to unveil what I may have on underneath my skirt. I sit reading the latest version of People magazine when I notice you from afar. I gaze back down to my magazine and secretly shift my eyes forward to see if you’re still looking at me. You are. Intensly staring. Waiting. I slowly uncross my legs, parting them slightly, all the while secretly watching you. I see your mouth drop. At this moment I feel my pussy begin to throb and a sensation comes over me. My cheeks are starting to feel hot… then I do it. I begin parting my legs and like oil to fire we begin moving closer and closer to one another. . . No words are exchanged as we head to the closest alley. You are on your knees, you need to see what I have hiding underneath. upclose. up my tight denim mini skirt. my bare vagina. Clit swollen. Drips of pussy juice on my teen lips. You hike that tight skirt up and bring your face closer.. and closer.. to have a taste of me.

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I’m always a lady during the day… but when the sun goes down, so do I. *wink* But I do more than just give a yummy blow job. I’m a sweet sensual gal, who loves wild, hot, sweaty sex, too! Let me work you over real good. Get your thick cock nice and hard just for me. Enjoy my pretty blue eyes looking into yours while I take all of you into my mouth. I love real blow jobs and giving blow job phone sex. I can suck and lick my sweet dildo on the phone for you. Mmmm… I only wish it could be your cock. Yes! Then I can climb up on top of you, with my gorgeous breasts in your face and slide your rod right in between my sweet pink pussy lips. I can’t wait to feel you inside of me… cum deep inside me, won’t you? *kiss*

Cum have some kinky phone sex with me tonight!

Your honey bunny,
~Destiny~ 1-888-40-BUNNY

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The sissy phone sex girls have been out full force in the past week and I LOVE it. Some just want to dress up and be a pretty girl. Some want to dress up and look like a skanky whore. And then there are the cock sucking sissies… I have to admit, those are my favorite. Nothing I love more than seeing a sissy all dressed up and on her knees with a big black cock in her mouth!

Ready to be my dirty little phone sex slut? 1 888 402 8669 ask for Abby!

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P.S. It’s okay if you are a little scared or hesitant… I’m just the girl to turn you into a cock sucking whore!

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I am Meadow and I have a dirt *giggles* secret! I love LOVE (get off so hard) when I have golden showers phone sex : ) I just love potty play and I love all no limits phone sex role plays : ) The next time you have a dirty phone sex fantasy bring it to your best dirty little girl.

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