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Need a firery redhead to spice up your phone sex fantasy? Mmmm… I can be a very naughty girl. I have a sexy voice and adore every, single creative roleplay you can cum up with. What’s your pleasure today? It’s my pleasure to take care of it. I even use toys during my kinky phone sex calls! Cum hear my vibrator buzzzzz while I talk nasty to you. Or even better listen to my wet fingers pump in and out of my hot pussy.

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Imagine a beautiful dominant Woman casting Her spell upon you, taking total control of you through the use of Her powerful erotic hypnosis. The sound of Her mesmerizing voice feels like silk to your ears as She caresses your sleepy mind. It is so easy to just let go as you become weak and powerless as She twirls Her pocket watch or mesmerizing crystal before your eyes. You have become transfixed and entrapped in her web. She simply snaps Her fingers and you instantly fall into a deep, intoxicating trance of submission where you have eagerly surrendered your will. She is now in total control of your body and mind, and all is well. The hypnotic control She possesses allows Her to play with and dominate your mind, and compels you to obediently follow Her every wish.

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Great news…I’m newly single!! Ultimately it came down to the fact that I need much more sexual activity and stimulation than my boyfriend was willing to provide.

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Males between the ages of 18 and 80. No specific shape or size (variety is important). Must be fun loving, adventuresome and horny. I’m looking for guys who want to cum and cum hard. Horny males with a sense of sexual adventure who hunger for an explicitly erotic phone sex experience. Someone who is willing to take our sexual adventure all the way. A guy who is interested in my being satisfied as well as himself. More than just kinky phone sex. I want a guy who is willing to share himself with me….. how his day went, his dreams, his most secret fantasies.

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My name is Tara and I want to be more than just your phone sex lover. I need more.. I want to be your friend, lover, and confidante. My daddy said I am a princess and deserve to be treated as such. I require a man that can keep up with my sexual needs as well as spoil me in the way I am accustomed to. Do you have what it takes to please me? I enjoy roleplay phone sex, mutual masturbation, and am always up for anything else you have in mind. Call me at 1-888-40-BUNNY and tell me why you are the man I am looking for. Are you my Prince? Talk to you soon!


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I love giving wet and messy blow jobs! Slurping, sucking, and having that big wet cock slapped all over my pretty face and tongue. I’ll work my tongue ring real nice over that thick hard cock… Mmmm… I also enjoy cum shot phone sex fun! Blow that hot sticky load all over my pretty face and hair! Or you can cum right down my throat! Cum listen to me slurp on my dildo, wishing it was you stuffing your cock right down my throat. Make my pretty little eyes water while your cock is deep in my throat!

I know we’re having kinky phone sex, but you’ll swear I was there sucking your dick for real!! Mmmm.


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I got up for work that morning feeling extra horny. I decided to do something different for work and put on a short skirt, leaving my panties off. I put on my blouse, leaving the bra off. I started the day, determined to stir up some activity in the office. As I drove to work I unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of my blouse. I arrived in the office and there were looks of surprise on the faces of my co-workers. They were all speechless as heat seemed to fill the office.

My boss came over to my office, sitting on my desk. Without even asking, he knelt to the floor, looking up my skirt into my pussy. I leaned back in the chair, opening my legs wide, as he buried his face deep inside. Before I knew it, we were fucking over the side of my desk until he finally released his hot cum into my throbbing pussy. We turned to the door, there were 8 guys there jacking off. I walked over and sat back with my mouth opened as they each shot their hot cum all over my face and mouth.

When I arrived home that evening, I walked in and gave my hubby a kiss on the cheek. He asked me how my day at work was and as I smiled I said “Oh, same as usual…piles of paperwork on the desk….”

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I had a call the other day that was SO much fun… a sissy phone sex lover called me and I dressed her up in the sexiest outfit and then treated her like a real whore. Pimped her out to lots of guys and guess what? They all had thick juicy black dicks! She was in her glory and kept begging for more!

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I am SoOooOoOo young and perky! Always fun to play with : ) My name is Darcy I JUST turned 18 I like to giggle,laugh,smile and play with fat dicks!! Come into my room and sit on my pretty pink princess bed and run your hands over my soft blond hair. You can play with me I would love it so much! I like to get naughty and I love older guys…..they always know just how to treat young sluts just like me! Make me your sex slave. You could over power me in any way. I know I am such a naughty phone sex slut you should bend me over your knee and spank my plump ass till it turns bright pink! That will teach me what dirty little phone sex hookers like me get for teasing men all the time!

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Need a dirty little school girl to come over and seduce you? You know she’s a good cock sucker… or maybe you need your hot secretary to stay late and help you with some *hard* work. Need a sexy bad girl who can be innocent one second and a super slut the next? Let’s fulfill all your fantasy phone sex desires! I won’t say “No.” to anything. It’s always, always – no limits phone sex with me. So let’s roleplay! You know you want to!

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Please baby do you really think that I want a tiny dick loser like you? I mean come on there is no way you can compare to a throbbing big hard cock that a real man can give me. Think about your girl friend getting pounded by a real man with a huge 10 inch cock. And then you walk in and catch me. I know your less then average size dick gets rock hard seeing me get fucked. Knowing that you can’t please me. There are other things I can use you for. Like getting on your knees and taking those big fat cocks in both of your slutty holes. And don’t deny me faggot if you want to lick my pink tight cum filled pussy clean you will do it like a good bitch. So how about it pathetic loser. it’s time for me to put you in your place call me at

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