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I got up for work that morning feeling extra horny. I decided to do something different for work and put on a short skirt, leaving my panties off. I put on my blouse, leaving the bra off. I started the day, determined to stir up some activity in the office. As I drove to work I unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of my blouse. I arrived in the office and there were looks of surprise on the faces of my co-workers. They were all speechless as heat seemed to fill the office.

My boss came over to my office, sitting on my desk. Without even asking, he knelt to the floor, looking up my skirt into my pussy. I leaned back in the chair, opening my legs wide, as he buried his face deep inside. Before I knew it, we were fucking over the side of my desk until he finally released his hot cum into my throbbing pussy. We turned to the door, there were 8 guys there jacking off. I walked over and sat back with my mouth opened as they each shot their hot cum all over my face and mouth.

When I arrived home that evening, I walked in and gave my hubby a kiss on the cheek. He asked me how my day at work was and as I smiled I said “Oh, same as usual…piles of paperwork on the desk….”

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I had a call the other day that was SO much fun… a sissy phone sex lover called me and I dressed her up in the sexiest outfit and then treated her like a real whore. Pimped her out to lots of guys and guess what? They all had thick juicy black dicks! She was in her glory and kept begging for more!

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Need a dirty little school girl to come over and seduce you? You know she’s a good cock sucker… or maybe you need your hot secretary to stay late and help you with some *hard* work. Need a sexy bad girl who can be innocent one second and a super slut the next? Let’s fulfill all your fantasy phone sex desires! I won’t say “No.” to anything. It’s always, always – no limits phone sex with me. So let’s roleplay! You know you want to!

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I had one of those hot sexy dreams again. A stranger, no face, just a hot hard body. He totally excited me, rubbing my hard nipples, fingering my wet pussy. He turned me over and rammed his hard thick cock right right in my ass. then he rammed it in my wet pussy. I could almost feel his weight on me. I have this same dream from time. I call him dream lover. It is always so real, so sensual I can almost feel his touch. He is erotic, hot and hard all over, that I can always feel. Why do I have this obsession of being his? I want to see him, smell him, but I can only feel him. Was it you seeping into my mind? Call me and be my hot fantasy lover.

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Some babes are so hot that their simple appearance commands an instant hard-on with every straight man! I am one of them, with my curvaceous figure, long legs, incredible breasts, sensual lips, my entire body is just oozing sex! I am a walking wet dream for you waiting for our sensual phone sex call. Turning heads everywhere I go, with clothes on, you can imagine that there’s no straight man alive who wouldn’t want to bang me silly! Especially after seeing how incredibly sexy I am. I give a whole new meaning to the words “sex symbol”! You’d bang me, wouldn’t you? Of course you would! Who are you kidding? You’re holding your dick in your hand right now!

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