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Are you in the mood for some hot sissy phone sex. I have piles of beautiful lingerie that is just waiting for you to try on. I have thigh high stockings in a wide range of colors and textures, silk panties & g-strings, lace thongs, and all kinds of luxurious girly things. I will force you to wear my pretty panties and model them for me. I will take pics and put them on my blog and make you my very own panty slut. I will demand you wear lingerie to work under your business clothes and call me during the day to tell me about your “dirty secret”. I may even tell your boss or wife and expose you as the panty wearing sissy that you are. Can you handle being my sissy slut?  Are you ready for me? Call me and let’s explore all your panty fetish phone sex fantasies. A 20 minute call receives a pair of my sexy Tara scented panties.  I know you want to try them on.  See you in my lingerie soon!


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Hey boys, take a look at your seductive Sadie.  I love fantasy phone sex, I can’t get enough of it!  I want to be your neighbor, the girl next door that you just can’t resist.  You watch me each night getting undressed in front of the window, stroking your hard cock.  You want me to suck your cock and slide it deep inside my pussy.   You can’t take it anymore.  You find yourself knocking on my door… I look you up and down and I can tell your cock is hard.  I invite you in for a drink and you can’t help but notice my nipples poking through my shirt and my firm ass peeking out from under my nightie.

So, let’s fulfill your fantasy now, call me for some hot roleplay phone sex.  888-474-6769 and ask for Sadie!

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If you like it nasty, filthy, raunchy then you’re my kinda man! Fantasy is the name of the game. Which means we can do absolutely anything with me. I have No limits No taboos at all! The naughtier the better. 😀 Think you can shock me? I doubt it hehe. But hey give it a go. Whatever you throw at me I’ll take it and run with it. For Extreme Fantasy Phone Sex, or just for a good fuck, all you have to do is just call and ask for Tori 🙂 Let me drain those balls.


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I love to have fun with cbt phone sex, is nothing else the turn me on while I have the control of your sorry self in my hands ~laughs~. Let me see if you know what I like and enjoy….  Take a note and bring it over:

Burning Candle
…….Maybe tape too *laughs*

So…Now you know I’m sure! Well call me and lets the fun begin! …Oh!  Yes!  Don’t even think about touching that thing!

~ Pero ques lo tuyo, ven a cojer esta cuca, que la pasara rico, quieres ponertme la rico so lo tienes que llamarme ~

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I love to play with my hot neighbor when I am home alone*giggles* I love the way that he touch my hot silky golden brown body, he suck my tits and play with my hard nipples…He gets on his knees and start eating my pink tight pussy, I can see his warn tongue massaging my hard click, while I can see his big fat cock getting hard, he put one leg up so he can finger my tight asshole too, mm… I can feel how his finger and tongue worshipping me….Mmmm I can feel how my tight pink pussy get wet and he lick all my sweet juices. Mmm, he grabs me by long hair and put my little mouth on his big cock that is already hard rock, I suck it so gentle at first, playing with his big mushroom head trying to put the tip of my tongue in his peephole!!!  His pre warn cum taste like heaven!! And he loves went I gagging deeper and deeper…  Slowly he pick me up and bend me over his ready to fuck that tight pussy that his sister have for him I can feel his hands in my hips while he push his fat cock in to my tight pussy…
Do you want to be my hot neighbor?  I can’t wait to be your young girl next door for some no taboos phone sex.  Do anything you want to me! *giggles*
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I am the young girl next door whom you’ve always been turned on by… my nice hard nipples, my nice tight young ass. You’re just DYING to get that big hard cock inside of my wet tight pussy.

The time has come. I am out side in her backyard wearing just a 2 piece bathing suit…I caught you checking out my sexy young body. I get up and walk over to the fence, leaning over just enough so that you can see my tight tits under my bikini top… I tell you that I’m having trouble rubbing tan lotion on my body and could you help me?  I put some into your hand and tell you to be my guide…I will surrender my body to you in any way you please for hot teen phone sex. Before I know it, your big, hard cock is thrusting deep inside my tight pussy…

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Tina here… I’ve been known to be a sexy cougar. *meow* But I would love to be your naughty little minx! You’ll love hearing my sweet little purrs in your ear during our naughty phone sex calls. I’m not just into younger men, I’m into men my age and even older men. When it comes to sex, I’m definitely in my prime. My hot pussy is always wet, and I love it spoiled and pampered. Treat me like your queen sex goddess. I’m ready and willing for all kinds of kinky roleplay phone sex. So why don’t you head down my way? Right…. down there… don’t forget to grab your phone and call your mature phone sex kitten, Tina!

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You are a older man that I have teasing and seducing for quite some time now.  But today you confess to me that you want to try something new. You want to know what it’s like for a younger girl like me to fuck you. And you tell me that you want to try some kinky phone sex. I am very hot and turned on just as much as you are. I take you by your hand and lead you into my bedroom. You stand there with pre cum dripping out of your cock because you know what’s about to happen next. I bring out my favorite strap on as I go to slide it on and hold it in my hand.

The thought of me being in control seeing you bent over or on all fours as your ass is in the air ready to feel my fat tool sliding in over and over. Stretching it out as your moans get more intense.  Stroking your cock as you are ready to shoot a hot load for me.  So are you ready for me to take control of  you? But just know that my strap on is big and will stretch that hungry hole open and I’ll make you cum so hard you will be ready for more…

Call me today for hot strap on phone sex at 1-888-314-6639 ask for Mia

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i know there’s all kinds of fetish phone sex fantasies out there, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to the basics!!  don’t you think my lil pussy is so hot?  i bet you would love to hear me rub it!!  and i would love to rub it and maybe even fuck it for you.  hehe.  and i want to hear you stroke your cock, too!  after all, that’s what mutual masturbation phone sex is all about! and of course we’ll talk about a really naughty fantasy while we masturbate! hehe!

so grab your phone and dial 1 888 31 HONEY and ask for stefanie!!

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I don’t know about you, but I love licking pussy. Running my hot tongue ring all over a sweet pink clit until she cums all over my sweet lips. Then she turns around to lick it off. Do you want to join me in a phone sex 3some? I love doing 2 girl phone sex calls! Anywhere, any pussy, any cock, ANYTIME!

What other girl should we play with? You choose, we have PLENTY of hot ladies to choose from. Check our kinky phone sex girls and pick one babe to join your nasty threesome. I love roleplay phone sex, straight sex, kinky fantasies, force, ageplay, family fun, etc. There will be NO limits with out threesome. So dial me up?

Don’t think you’re ready for a threesome yet? You can call me solo, too. I love one on one with a fellow. Don’t be shy.

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