I'm no average huff, puff, and moan phone kitten.
I'm a woman who revels in her sexuality and the many ways to enjoy it.
I have a vivid, if sometimes warped, imagination that will make your mind reel and your body ache before you explode in ecstasy.
If you have an unusual kink or fetish and simply can't find the right girl to bring it to life, that's because you haven't called me yet. Dream up your wildest, most outrageous fantasy, then lie back and let me weave a world of pleasure you'll not soon forget. I specialize in the "unusual" or "taboo" , but let's face it, sometimes a girl just wants a long, luxurious lay. Whatever your preference, I'm here to take you over the edge and leave you trembling and breathless and begging for more.

AIM: SexySirenSandy
Yahoo: SexySirenSandy