Teasing Phone Sex Panty Boys with Arianna

Gotta say phone sex panty boys have had a bit of an effect on me lately. See today I went to put on my work out pants. The tight fitting yoga ones. That just know how to accentuate my ass so perfectly. The ones with the black and grey camo print so you know they will capture your attention. Well ok not just phone sex panty boys attention but any man with a fetish for asses.

phone sex panty boy

Now before I put on my work out pants I stopped to think what style of panties should I wear underneath?

Should I slip on a thong and have absolutely no panty line? Which I am sure any guy with an ass fetish would love being able to just look at the smooth curves of my ass as I am doing my squats but does a panty boy get any thrill from that?

Sure the phone sex panty boy would love diving into my laundry hamper after my work out to sniff those thong panties knowing where they had been rubbing up against the most intimate parts of my body.

Yet there is my cotton bikini panties which leave amazing panty lines under those curve hugging work out pants. No denying the style of pantie that is caressing against my nether regions. That soft cotton gusset getting wet as my pussy lips rub together while I run on the tread mill.

I know the decisions were very difficult today. Which leaves you wondering what did Ms Arianna choose to wear? Well since I am a sensual tease I am gonna leave you wondering and the only way you will find out dear phone sex panty boy is by calling me.

Trust me this way you can hear the very intimate details and make your cock throb extra hard. 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna.


Ass Worship Phone Sex with Memphis

Take a look at this ass! It’s complete perfection and you are not even worthy to be in the presence of it. But perhaps it’s your lucky day, loser. I am willing to let you call me for ass worship phone sex so I can tell you every single way I would like you to worship it.

ass worship phone sex

First things first, I want you to get onto your knees behind me and look at it. Great visual right? It’s even better than you imagined huh? How much do you want to touch it? And how much do you want to smell it? You’re already drooling…Look at you! I bet you’d do just about anything to be able to bury your face right in it, wouldn’t you? I’ve been working out and I’m little sweaty but I’ve been told that makes my amazing ass smell and taste even better. If you’re a good boy and you beg me in a way that satisfies me, I will let you lie down on the floor and I will squat right  over you. I don’t even have to look at you to know that you’re still drooling.

Just know that when I finally lower my perfect ass onto your face, it will make your dick start throbbing! You’re still fully clothed, but I can see a bulge growing in your pants. I’ll be watching that bulge throb even more as I wiggle my asshole right down onto your tongue. Mmm it feels so good when you work it all the way in. I am going to squeeze my thighs around your face and grind on you until you beg for mercy.

Are you ready for ass worship phone sex with the perfect Goddess? Call me right now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis.

Spanking Phone Sex with Memphis

Over the knee, with a hand, or a belt, spanking the bare bottom is one of the hottest kinks. Not the simple “bad girl” swats. I like those spankings that leave you unable to sit for days and the remnants of handprints all over the ass. Welts and bruises are just a sign of a job well done during spanking phone sex.

spanking phone sex

Last night after a kinky spanking  phone sex session, I was so turned on that I had to do something wrong. I called a friend and asked him to come over and punish me. We’ve fucked in the past, so he knows what a freak I am. The thing was, I didn’t want to fuck. I wanted to be punished. Rules were that I could suck his cock, he could jack off on my face, but he had to spank my ass so I would remember it for days. If he left a bruise on me, I would make sure to do anything he wanted for a full month. I never go back on a promise. It took him less than 5 minutes to get to my house, and when he arrived, I was already bent over the edge of the bed and presenting my ass for his hand. No belt or paddle. I want those fucking hand prints on me. Wiggling my ass at him, he told me to count them out.

One, two, three, oh fuck, four, five.

He wasn’t stopping anytime soon. I know that he wanted to own this dirty bitch for a full month, and I would let him. My ass was covered in spank marks, and his dick finished off all over the red welts. He rubbed it in hard to sooth down the pain. All that did was make me want more. I need another spanking phone sex session so hurry up and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis.

AIM: XXX_Memphis

Ass Worship Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

Was rather sorry to see summer pass and fall arrive. Granted the rain had a bit to do with my pout for it was having to pack my short skirts away. Which I never like to do. However, the bringing out of my skinny jeans did put me in a better frame of mind. For I do really love how my ass looks in them. I know anyone who has called for an ass worship phone sex fantasy is loving girls in tight jeans as well.

ass worship phone sex fantasy

Ok so perhaps it was the ass fetish fantasies that got me in a better mood about the season change instead of my actual jeans. Tomato. Tomatoe. Either way its a win win for you since I am all about teasing you and tormenting you with my perfect ass. Ok so its more talking about how I would tease you with my lovely derriere haha. Which I know will make your cock simply throb with anticipation of worshiping it.

Yes for I know all summer you were just going crazy with desire over short skirt ass worship phone sex fantasies and now we can switch the script up into yoga pants, skinny jeans, and leggings. Oh and sure some sexy panties cause lets face it those never depend on a season.

So lets make tonight all about you worshiping my sexy ass. Now I could tell you what I am currently wearing but where is the fun in that? Much more fun for you to wonder is she wearing work out pants? Jeans? or a Tee n panties? Ohh the options. Just as many as what I will do when you call.

Talk to you soon!

Arianna 1-888-402-8669

ariannateases on AIM