Hypnosis Phone Sex with Memphis

Are you ready to test your limits and be pushed further into an erotic state of mind? Hypnosis phone sex always makes me  tap into your subconscious and make you do things that you haven’t even begun to think of. You will finally be able to open up your thoughts as I deprogram you of any clouded judgements that currently fill up your mind. As we take this ride into the unknown, I want you to relax and remember to allow everything to take its course.

hypnosis phone sex

The problem with people today is that they are so judgmental when it comes to sex. Those who like to live freely and try to be open about their sex lives often hide their feelings because of the way society is. My hypnosis phone sex will help you get back on the right path and free you from any ill feelings. As we start our hypnosis phone sex session, my soothing voice reassures you that you will be safe. You close your eyes as I guide you into another dimension showing you things that you’ve been blind to. I guide your hands with my voice and tell you to stroke your cock while thinking about one of your most erotic experiences.

While you’re under my spell, I have you explain how it felt when you first entered your lover’s’ pussy. You explain the touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste of it all. As you’re speaking I can see your cock growing hard, so I tell you to stop touching it and explain how you made her cum. Your legs began shaking as you told me how your curved cock hit her g-spot, making her explode all over your shaft. I could tell you wanted to cum during hypnosis phone sex so I allowed you to stroke your cock again, finally making you cum  as I snapped my fingers to bring you back to reality.

The best part of erotic phone sex is that I will free you from those urges that you’ve been suppressing. You’ll feel relaxed and in a state of mind where everything feels natural and comfortable. Are you ready to try hypnosis phone sex?

Call and ask for Memphis at 1-888-402-8669

AIM: XXX_Memphis

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Memphis

Have I peaked your curiosity yet? If you have tried erotic hypnosis phone sex with me then you already know my worth. You know my capabilities to take you deeper down and where I have taken you and how far I have pushed your boundaries in your subconscious mind. If you have not had this experience with me I urge you to walk with me into a place like no other.  Erotic hypnosis phone sex is an erotic state of mind and the deeper I take you, the deeper you go and the better you feel.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

When you call me, be prepared to explore what your subconscious wants you to do.  Can’t you see that your mind has been playing tricks on you? Society has programmed you to think that all of your fantasies are too taboo and that masturbating is wrong. We’re never really allowed to be ourselves without being judged. I will uncover your hidden fantasies and bring them to the surface for the world to see. We already know what your mind is wanting from you and all I have to do is put you under my erotic hypnosis phone sex trance. The soft tones in my voice with leave you feeling safe and make it easy for you to have the ultimate experience.

When we start. you will listen to the sound of my voice, each word is like a spell that pulls you deeper into a trance. My voice completely relaxes you and you will feel at ease with everything that stresses you out from day to day. The good thing about erotic hypnosis phone sex is that you can’t lie. That’s right under my trance you won’t be able to deny anything. I can find out anything and everything about you.  You’re so vulnerable and you trust me. With that, I will use to my advantage. I love performing these sessions so I can make you do what I need and want. You will obey me without restrictions.

When you finish, I will degrade you with my forced feminization. I will make you wear panties and maybe I’ll keep you hypnotized and make you be a panty wearing slut for a week…maybe more. You’ll be dressed in soft frilly femmy clothes. Best part is that all of the money you make from being a slut goes to yours truly!

After each session, you feel refreshed and new! So many things I can do during erotic hypnosis phone sex. Nothing is off limits when it comes to this and I might even blackmail you a bit just for my personal gain.

AIM: XXX_Memphis
Yahoo: MinxMemphis

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Avalon

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Well hello there, my newfound pet, I’m your hypnodomme Avalon and I’m going to put you under my spell with my erotic hypnosis phone sex. Come into my lair. Relax, let your filthy racing thoughts slow, breathe deeply and take in all that I am. My intense seduction techniques will have you under and in the power of my pussy before you even realize what’s happening to you. I’ll initially engage you with my hot body, and my deeply erotic voice will enhance all of your senses making you willing and begging to serve me, as a grateful slave because erotic hypnosis phone sex is my true pleasure. Once you lay your suggestible eyes on my tight sexy ass and perky tits, it will be game over. Honestly, slave, there won’t be much time before I take control of you and fuck not just your body, but your mind as well. Look at my beautiful azure necklace, the same color as my hypnotic eyes. Watch as the shimmering stone heaves up and down, nestled deeply, deeply, into my cleavage. You will try to tear your eyes away, but the vision of me in my hot lingerie will hold your attention. You will find yourself growing harder than you ever imagined possible as I draw you in with my erotic hypnosis phone sex. You will be mesmerized into eating my dripping pussy til I cum all over your eager face. If you are a lucky mind slave, I will plant a delicious post hypnotic suggestion. Will it increase your arousal? Make you cum at the mention of my name?  Come to me, Mistress Avalon, for your erotic hypnosis phone sex needs to find out for yourself. I will fuck your mind and body into my willing submission for both of our pleasure and use you to my satisfaction. You  know good and well that I’m speaking to YOU and you will call. Your cock craves Mistress Avalon.

1-888-402-8669 and ask for Avalon for erotic hypnosis phone sex

AIM: Alluring_Avalon
Yahoo: AlluringAvalon

erotic hypnosis phone sex with pia

erotic hypnosis phone sex

I’ve been told by a lot of guys that my voice has a magical effect on them.  Just hearing it makes them want to do anything and everything I tell them to do.  Things they wouldn’t normally dream of doing, like dressing up in pretty frilly clothing, like sucking cocks, like fucking their own tight assholes.  I realized that I was a natural at erotic hypnosis phone sex, but I took it a step further.  I studied up.  I learned that it is an art form.  My voice suggests the painting and you become my brush.  I write the tale, and you become the hero.  I play the melody and you become the song.

My soothing voice will guide you into a deep and satisfyingly relaxed state.  I take my time and pull you in deeper and deeper.  Your mind becomes so open to my propositions.  My commands become irresistible.  There is nowhere for you to go but deeper down the rabbit hole.  Erotic hypnosis is the only way for you to find out what awaits you at the bottom of that dark and delicious place.  It’s everything that you’ve been wanting, everything you dream of having.  Every fear and anxiety wiped away until you are fulfilling your own desires.  I will show you the way.

When your erotic hypnosis session phone sex is complete, you will feel rested, rejuvenated, and eager for more.  You’re addicted to my voice now.  Each time you will be more compliant and find it even more relaxing.  My wish will be your command, your pleasure to perform.  Even after you hang up, my voice will echo in the recesses of your mind.  Do you hear what it’s telling you to do?  Listen closely.  It’s telling you to call me.

Call Pia for an erotic hypnosis phone sex session.  1-888-402-8669.

Yahoo: sassypia
AIM: sassypia4u

erotic hypnosis phone sex with kristi

erotic hypnosis phone sex

I am so in the mood for your erotic hypnosis phone sex today. I crave a deeper more sensual connection with my callers and when you call me for erotic hypnosis I will take over your mind and your cock.  I love it when you tell me that you need to relax  because I know exactly what it is that you need. You need to relax your body and relax your mind then let Mistress Kristi do all the work for you. I know that you’ve been a little busy lately and afraid to let go and give in, you no longer have to be shy or afraid. Lay back close your eyes and open up your mind,  you will soon lose control and fall into a trance as you hear my soft soothing calming voice. There we are now that you’re relaxed you are exactly where I want you. let your mind run wild suddenly you’re no longer afraid to tell me those naughty nasty kinky things you’ve been daydreaming about. Are you feeling the need to touch yourself?  Mistress Kristi says it’s okay to touch and rub yourself.

Now you are under my erotic hypnosis phone sex control and your cock is harder than it has been in a long time. now you’re in a trance breathing heavy and panting it just feels like you’re right there and your fantasy doesn’t it? You are now deeply relaxed and uncontrollably aroused, can you feel that huge load building up behind your cock and balls? mmm You can feel your cock being stimulated just as if I were there sucking and stroking your cock myself. Or can you feel the softness of the fabric and tightness the lingerie panties that you are wearing?

No matter the fantasy, no matter the desire, no matter the kink erotic hypnosis phone sex with me will satisfy all of your desires. Call me and ask for Kristi 1-888-402-8669

Yahoo: sinfulkristi
AIM: sinfulkristi

erotic hypnosis phone sex with payton

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Some people just need something deeper and more unusual than your typical moan and groan phone sex, you know? Something that will open up your soul, unhinge your inhibitions, and take over your mind. That’s where erotic hypnosis phone sex comes in.

Different things work for different people. I have one client who just has to look at my pictures and listen to my voiceclip. When I order him to do it, my eyes and voice start to take over his mind, and when he calls me, I know just what to say that will sink him deeper and deeper under my control.

Some guys need help with some deep seated inhibitions, so we have to take things a little deeper. The sound of my voice will sink deep into your soul as I take you into an advanced state of relaxation for some erotic hypnosis phone sex. Every part of your body will sink into your bed as I take you deeper and deeper until you’re ready to deal with the innermost desires that you’ve always feared. Perhaps I’ll use this increased state of receptivity to feminize you completely, take you further along the path to womanhood than you’ve ever been able to go on your own.

Perhaps in this open, relaxed state, you will finally be able to suck a cock, like you’ve wanted to in your deepest, unrealized dreams. You’ll open up your throat and take it deeper than you’ve ever dreamed you could.

Or maybe there’s an even naughtier fantasy that you need help admitting, even to yourself. If you think my sweet, sexy voice can take you deep into your subconscious and let you unleash all your deepest, most taboo desires, give me a call for some erotic hypnosis phone sex, and play with Payton.

AIM: PlayWith_Payton
Yahooo: PlayWithPayton

hypnosis phone sex with natasha

hypnosis phone sex

So, you have always wanted to be a sissy, but you’re really scared to actually go through with all that it entails. Even with me trying a little forced feminization on you, you still can’t go through with it. I guess the only thing left to do with you is hypnosis phone sex. You trust me, right? Just lay back and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and start counting backwards from 10. Once you’re under, I will talk to you softly and tell you that when you wake up, you will be my sissy canvas. You will finally give in to your desires. You will be transformed into the woman you have always dreamed of being.

The first thing you will do is shave off all of your body hair. You need to be smooth from your face down to your feet. I’ll teach you how to do your hair and make-up and even paint your nails. I brought a slutty outfit for you to wear, and you will put it on and then we’ll do a little bit of online shopping for some more clothes for you. You’re going to want a lot of sexy clothes for when I take you out. You want to look good, don’t you?

You’re also going to need to learn how to walk like a woman in a pair of heels. It might be a little tough for you if you’ve never done it before, but don’t worry. You’ll get it. You’re going to be a pro in no time and you’ll get that supermodel walk down!

After you’re all sissified, I will snap my fingers and bring you out of your hypnotic state, and you’re going to be blown away when you look in the mirror. And you’re going to be happier than you’ve ever been in your life, because you finally look the way you’ve always wanted to. See, that wasn’t so scary, was it?

Pick up the phone and call Natasha for hypnosis phone sex at 1 888 402 8669

AIM: coed_natasha
Yahoo: coednatasha

fetish phone sex with april

fetish phone sex

I’m April and I’m your newest fetish phone sex lover! I love the wild, taboo and extreme. Nothing is too much for me. You want it? All you have to do is ask and I’ll make it happen for you. I want to be the person you go to when you need your phone sex to be just a little bit more nasty than normal… the stuff you have been fantasizing about for a really long time, but you just haven’t really had the guts to tell anyone about it.

Or maybe it’s not really that nasty, but it’s just maybe something a little less mundane than normal. Do you have a foot fetish and you want a woman to jerk you off with her pretty feet and then let you cum all over her manicured toes? I love having a man do that and then lick them clean.

Have you ever tried erotic hypnosis phone sex? I can take you to places you’ve been too scared to go to. But once you are under my spell, you won’t be afraid anymore. I will take you to places you have only dared to dream of.

One thing that I really love that’s over the top and not for the faint of heart? Religious blasphemy fantasies. Maybe that one scares you a lot, but you know what they say… you should be brave and face your fears. Trust me, doing the things that are taboo for you will turn you on more than you realize. All you have to do is make that call and I will help you and take care of the rest.

If you’re ready for a hot fetish phone sex session, pick up that phone and call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for April. No matter what your fetish or fantasy is, I will take you to the next level with it.

AIM: Freaky_april
Yahoo: FreakyApril

erotic hypnosis phone sex with katrina

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Welcome to Mistress Katrina’s lair. First, I want you to strip, lay back, relax and get comfortable in your hammock. There is nothing and nobody around you other than myself and the elements. As you listen to my soothing, enticing voice, you are going to breathe in deeply, imagine yourself in your most calming place, let each part of your body sink deeply into that hammock and become one with where you lay. With each breath you take in, your mind will relax. All your fears and inhibitions will slip away. With every breath out, you will sink deeper, deeper and deeper under my seductive spell. I will weave a web into your mind that no man before you has ever come away from without needing more of my time. You like all the others will fall deeply under. During erotic hypnosis phone sex you will be nothing more than putty in my hands. *wink*

At the very beginning of our session together I will start a count-down starting at five. Of course I will also find out what it is you want me to do to your mind while under my enticement. Maybe you are just too scared to go femme there are too many fears. Maybe you have always wanted to be an exhibitionist, but just been too shy…*wink.* What-ever, it is you want while you are unable to make decisions will forever be life changing. With each step down you will sink deeper and deeper losing all control over your body, mind and soul. Erotic hypnosis phone sex with Mistress Katrina isn’t just your normal everyday session. No, no, it is very unique. I can see from the tent made by that brawny shaft of yours that my control over you is making you excited.

What are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there staring at your screen, pick up your phone… dial 1 (888) 402-8669 and ask for Mistress Katrina for the kinkiest erotic hypnosis phone sex you will ever experience. *wink*

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

erotic hypnosis phone sex with katrina

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Lay back, relax and get comfortable upon my couch as you listen to my soothing, seductive voice. As you breathe in, imagine yourself in your most calming place, and let each part of your body and completely sink into your couch. As you breathe out you are going to sink deeper, and deeper, and deeper under my seductive spell. I am weaving a web that no man has been able to escape from; you are the next one to fall even more deeply than the last. I want you to let go of all of your fears and inhibitions. There are absolutely no limits for this sweet hypnosis seductress. The only limits are the ones that you possess and set forth upon us. All of our adventures stay between us during our erotic hypnosis phone sex.

As we start our session you are going to listen as I count backwards starting at ten……this is when your eyes officially close and your relaxation starts, nine….. notice that your lids are getting heavy…. Eight … more difficult to open and fight my seduction…… seven feel the weight of your relaxed shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Six…. Now feel as your stomach, waist, hips, butt and groin start to “listen” too, five by now your body is almost near its transition. Four, now is when I give you our safe word, the only thing you will remember unless of course I direct otherwise. Three, two, one… our erotic hypnosis phone sex has officially begun.
Your body, mind, spirit, and cock are all under my control. There is nothing to fear now that you are under my care. Your inhibitions will not get in the way of all the fantasies, roleplays, and dark desires you wish to explore. There is nothing to holding you back. Want to know what will happen next once you are under my erotic hypnosis phone sex spell?

The answer is simple, pick up your phone, dial 1 (888) 402-8669 and ask for your favorite erotic hypnosis phone sex expert. My seductive spell is already underway; the best is yet to cum!

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u