Panty Hose Fetish with Sensual Tease Arianna

Panty hose fetish.

Stocking fetish.

Nylons fetish.

Oh My!

Now you dont have to wear them to understand the grand allure of such silky delights on ones legs. I mean seeing a woman wear such things will have your mind racing should you have such a fetish for hosiery.

panty hose fetish

The sensation of running your hands over legs that are encased in such decadence.

I know for me that I adore wearing them after I have just shaved my legs and they are beyond smooth. Massage in some lotion over my pale skin and those stockings feel divine. Heavenly really.

I could touch my legs for hours. Just rubbing my calves together. Slowly gliding them up and down. Feeling the nylon gentle catch with each passing.

Suppose that is what got you into having a fetish for stockings. Or perhaps it was something different that had you noticing panty hose on a woman’s legs. Was it a certain someone who teased you? The catalogs you use to steal from the mail pile for your masturbation material?

Rather like to know. For I know what got me wearing them. Its the knowledge that not many women wear them and its a pure tease to men.

Men wonder if I am in panty hose or stocking. Do I have a garter belt on? Do I wear panties under those nylons? The list goes on and on.

Can tell you that if you have a panty hose fetish then you should call me and lets discuss the fun we can have with them. The warm weather doesnt need to ruin our fetish phone sex fantasy. Even with the warm spring nearly summer temperatures that are going on today, I am more than eager to tease you with my nylons.

Just have to ask will it be nude or black stockings that get your cock throbbing?

Just ask for Arianna 1-888-402-8669