Two Girl Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! Let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects: two girl phone sex calls! As much as I love big, throbbing cocks, I love pussy just as much as you do, hon! While I just adore talking to you about both of our fantasies, adding one of my girlfriends to the mix will really take things over the top.

two girl phone sex

If one girl turns you on, then what do you think two girls will do to you? Have you ever had two girls give you a blowjob at the same time? Have you ever fucked a girl, while eating out another one? Have you ever had so many bouncing breasts available, you don’t know which luscious mound to fondle first?

And if you worry that you’ve only got one cock, so can only fill one of us at a time, that’s not a worry hon. In this two girl phone sex session, we can bring toys into the mix for even more fun! Do you want me to suck you off, while someone railroads me from behind with a strap on? Or do you want us to impatiently wait our turns while you fill one of us and then the other? Do you want to see us fuck each other? Do you want to see us explore each other’s bodies? Does the thought make you hard? Anything goes in this two girl phone sex session, hon! There are so many girls here that I would LOVE to fuck, and I’m just waiting for you to make it happen!

Do you have a specific girl in mind, or do you want me to choose? Email me at if you want to discuss your upcoming two girl session. Or check out twitter to see what I’m doing on a daily basis! But don’t forget to call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for some two girl phone sex with me and the girl of your choice!

Twitter: @CassiePierce

Sensual Phone Sex with Jocelyn

Ever since I popped my phone sex cherry, there’s nothing that gets me quite as turned on as sensual phone sex. There have been a few gentlemen who have really opened my eyes and all of my senses to how erotically charged a phone sex session can be when we both open ourselves up to experiencing each other and our bodies in every way in that moment.

sensual phone sex

The first key is to take our time with everything. You can’t rush a feast of the senses. Increasing the tension between us through long slow touches, tortured sighs and pants, even the smells of scented candles warming the air around us all add to the slow electrical thrumming in our veins. Those special satin sheets on the bed just for our sensual times together get so warm slipping around under our naked skin. And when our body heat warms up the drops of essential oils we put in them, spicy scents mix with the intoxicating aromas of our own arousal. And the sounds of the sighs as we breathe it all in together, your moans of ecstacy bringing me stronger and stronger waves of desire.

It’s all about stoking the hot needy feelings inside of us in every way we possibly can before we finally take the plunge and satisfy our lust. Those soft brushing kisses where our lips just barely touch and we gaze into one anothers’ eyes, limbs and breaths entwined. The long firm strokes and squeezes of our hands on each others’ bodies as we arch and writhe in the tension that grows between us, inside of us. Your cock throbbing so hard against my so soft skin, probing my slick sweet slit feeling how much I need to be filled. And when neither of us can take one more nerve stretched one bit tighter, your lovely hard rod slides right home in my sweet swollen pussy.

Your senses are tingling for some sensual phone sex with Jocelyn right now, aren’t they? Come and get it, honey!

Skype: Jezebel Jocelyn
Twitter: @JezebelJocelyn

anything goes phone sex with katrina

anything goes phone sex

Hey, it’s Katrina! You know your favorite co-ed from Boston! The naughty vixen that you have been missing and craving like crazy. *wink* I have some cravings of my own…*giggles* Do you think you are up for what I have in mind….. pun intended of course. I know just tiniest thought of me and you get a tent in your pants. The real question of course is can you handle what I have in mind? Maybe this naughty fucking vixen should be more specific?! *wink* I am craving a wild imagination with a dirty depraved fantasy. Hmmm.. it seems I have your um… attention now…*wink* I am craving anything goes phone sex.

You know the kind I’m talking about right?  I’m talking about true, ANYTHING goes! Nothing is off limits! *wink* The darker and more depraved the better. Of course I do have a more innocent side as well…. Maybe your wild imagination needs a submissive girl? I am so there. Bind me, whip me, chain me, fuck me hard… I want to be your naughty babysitter, slutty school girl, or your secret lover…. Whatever it is you have in mind, I am ready to play! I have fucking insatiable appetite so please bring on the play during anything goes phone sex.  Of course, there is something in it for the both of us. For me I am craving a juicy thick cock, to fill up my pink slit. Or maybe my soft, wet, pouty lips. Remember I don’t have a gag reflex so no need to worry about how deep we go during our anything goes phone sex together. *wink*

Of course, you are more than welcome to explore my dominating side. *giggles* There are so many things we can do with that, now aren’t there baby? Just the thought of submissive, dominating and anything in between makes you want to ask for Katrina when you call 1 (888) 402-8669.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u

adult baby phone sex

Just how kinky are you? I get many calls from men who like to wear diapers and/or talk like babies. Adult baby phone sex is fun and can be very hot, too. Sometimes my callers want a mommy to talk to them. My adult baby phone sex callers love the feeling of submitting totally to me and doing everything I say. Sometimes they need to wear a diaper. Sometimes they want to be fed and suck on one of my sexy tits. *giggle*.

Have you been a naughty baby who needs to sit in the corner? Have you been touching yourself? Naughty, naughty! Looks like I may need to give you a spanking.  Come here. Let me put you over my knee.

One….two…..okay, I’ll stop. Did you learn your lesson? I think you need more adult baby phone sex from me. Call me now and let’s play.

AIM: XsweetbunnyshayX
Yahoo: XsweetbunnyshayX

1-888-402-8669 ask for Shay