Body Worship Phone Sex With Connie

Body Worship Phone Sex
Facesitting, throning, queening, smothering, oral servitude, it’s all body worship phonesex, and it’s exactly what you crave, as a submissive male.
Or have you never heard of Queening?
Give me a call, I am always happy and horny to educate you on all my very favorite ways to pass the time, like body worship phonesex!
Oh, that got the attention of your cock, didn’t it?
Now, the only thing left to do is figure out the best way to please me, your Cuckold Mistress.
And as a cuckold, getting to be my clean up boy is the ultimate reward, wouldn’t you say?
I am a dominant Cuckoldress, and you are a submissive male, and we are going to have the best power exchange you’ve ever had.
Look at me, and imagine me cuckolding you night after night, while you wait and stroke, until I come home and tell you exactly what I was doing, exactly who I was cuckolding you with, every erotically humiliating detail.
And then, commanding you to please me in the only way that you can, the only use you have, as my body worship cuck.
My sensual voice commanding you to get on your back, right now, as I take off my creampie panties and you groan in anticipation, wanting the chance to body worship your Queen more than anything you’ve ever wanted.
Start at my pretty feet, licking, tasting, and if you do a very good job, you will be allowed to go higher.
Long silky legs, leading up to a just fucked creampie pussy.
And the best part of a woman’s body, is so close, isn’t it?
That’s right, my ass, filled with all that fresh cum from one of my lovers.
As a cuckoldress, receiving body worship, especially ass worship, is one of my favorite ways to introduce you to cuckolding.
And look at my ass, how could anyone not want to lick it clean?
Body Worship Phone Sex with Connie.