Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

Holy shit, that’s the smallest dick ever. Wow. I’m shocked that you would even take your pants down in front of a woman when you have something that looks like that between your legs. I’m so glad that you’re about to pick up your phone and call me for small penis humiliation phone sex because that’s really the only reason I would ever have anything to do with you. You’re not a person I would even speak to unless you’re paying me to. So that’s what you’re going to do because you want to talk to a Goddess like me and that’s the only way you will ever be able to. If your credit card isn’t involved, then I’m not interested.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I want to know if you have ever even had your pathetic, puny dick inside a woman. I seriously doubt it. I mean, I don’t know what self respecting woman would ever let you touch her, much less put your poor excuse for a dick inside her. I guess there might be someone who would have pity on you, but let’s just get something clear – I am not that woman. I would rather never have sex for the rest of my life than let you fuck me.

What I WILL let you do is get down on your knees and get a big fat black cock ready for me. That’s really the only thing you’re ever going to be good for. And who knows, you might even develop a taste for big black cocks. See, then you’ll be totally useful for something. You might not feel like the worthless loser you are.

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Small Penis Humiliation with Riley

Classes are way back in session and I’m seriously stressed out. I need an outlet for my tension, so why don’t you take that little finger of yours and dial the phone, and call me for your daily dose of small penis humiliation? I mean, you already live it daily, every time you pull out your tiny pud just to relieve yourself, but why not give your poor little brain a rest and let me do the humiliating for you?

small penis humiliation

That’s right, little guy, just sit right back and let Riley take the reins. Let me tell you why what you’ve got between your legs isn’t nearly adequate enough for a size queen like me. I like to feel it when I get fucked, so unless you’ve got a cock that’s going to stretch my walls, you need to just put that shit back in your pants and stop wasting my time. It’s time for you to sulk your sad little ass all the way home, like the pathetic little piggy you are. Put your head on your pillow, go to sleep, and then you can only dream of having the kind of cock that would make me happy. Then you get to wake up in the morning and relive the small penis humiliation that is your daily life all over again. Poor little thing.

Yeah, I need a good laugh. I think you should call me and tell me how small your dick really is. Is it a mini, or a micro? Even if it’s just below average, it’s way too fucking small for me. I just want to point, laugh, and maybe use my body paints to paint silly faces on your little pecker. Maybe we can make little animated films with your teeny weeny going on adventures, trying so hard to get by in a world of bigger boys. Yeah, I need a good laugh, and giving you some small penis humiliation would do just the trick!

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Raven

Little dicked bitches like you are always looking for that Mistress to give them small penis humiliation phone sex. When you call me lets get one thing straight, I won’t be sucking your dick, you will be sucking mine. Almost all you guys who call me for small penis humiliation are little dicked bitches with no sex life. I know you have looked at my body already and can just picture me with my big black rubber cock and it makes you want to be humiliated even more.

small penis humiliation phone sex

You have always craved small penis humiliation and luckily for you, I am just what you need. This other little dicked bitch sent me a photo of his tiny dick against a ruler, he just wanted me to see exactly how small he was. Then he asked if he could be my slut, my answer was, of course you can as long as you like to be laughed at and have your ass rode hard. Now is your chance to call me and have Miss Raven give you some of the best small penis humiliation phone sex you have ever had, get your tissues out!!!!

You little dick sissys with little dick don’t stand a chance. I love humiliating you. You can’t even get head from me or fuck me with that little baby dick you should be very ashamed of yourself, i mean how can you fuck a tiny penis? All i can do is laugh and humiliate the hell out of you. It would be a waste of time trying to fuck a tiny penis. Ha ha ha but if you like to be humiliated im the one for you, but just know i will hurt your feelings to the core i will make sure i humiliate you to the UTMOST EXTREME. If you can handle that call me.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Tori

I’m looking for a new panty boy to beguile with sissy phone sex. That’s right! I know you love wearing soft and sexy feminine undergarments. I also know just how to turn you into a blossoming little cock slut just for me. Oh, come on! You know you’ve thought about being dominated by a seductive brat like me! I want to train you to be my perfect sissy fuck doll. You’ll be good at all the feminine things you should be. Like sitting down to pee with your panties around your knees, giggling and moaning like a girl and learning to use your mouth by sucking my strap-on.

sissy phone sex

You’ll find it hard to say “no” when it comes to sissy phone sex with me. I can be both very convincing and encouraging when it comes to the transformation of panty bois. Don’t you want to blossom into a beautiful feminine flower, just for my amusement? *giggles* I bet all my girlfriends would love it if I took pictures of you all dolled up and sucking my strap-on. We can even facetime them so you can hear them laugh and encourage you to take it deeper into your throat.

Come on, princess! It’ll be SO much fun training you to be my perfect sissy phone sex toy. It’s only a matter of time after you’ve been properly trained with my strappy, that you’ll be ready for me to take you to the glory holes. Yes! Even you, a lowly little panty boy can become a glory hole whore! Just for me. *giggles* Sucking each and every cock that pops through that hole while I get behind you and pound your boy pussy with my strap-on. Oh, I can’t wait to tell all my girlfriends about your slutty new skills!

SPH Phone Sex with Size Queen Janelle

Your shortcomings aren’t the only reason I think you’re trash. Most men have the personality of dumpster garbage, but I still prefer rubbish bins with huge cocks. I’d like to welcome you into my word of verbal abuse, humiliation and SPH phone sex. It’s time you heard the truth about your useless little appendage. If you’re under eight inches, you’ll never be man enough, but some of you are seriously small. Your four-inch winky isn’t going to accomplish much, is it?

SPH phone sex

There will always be plenty of men who can step up to the plate and properly fill and fuck a woman’s pussy. It fills you with so much shame and guilt. You feel pathetic, but it turns you on anyway. You must feel like a total jackass when you start to date a new prospect. You feel like you’re keeping a dirty little secret from her. You should just tell her right away. Confess your shameful little SPH phone sex secret. Go ahead and tell her that you’ll never be able to fuck her properly because your cock isn’t enough to do the job.

Your best bet is to have a nice big fat bank account instead and also allow her to fuck real men on the side. Ouch! That’s got to hurt. To know that your lady is going to have to resort to fucking other men who can actually bottom out in her pussy. She deserves it though. She deserves all the huge cock she can handle for putting up with your pin prick.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I’m sure I’m not the first girl who has ever wondered whether or not you’re a real man just from the looks of your tiny dick. Well, let’s just settle it once and for all. I’m going to make an executive decision and say that you are NOT, in fact, a real man. You couldn’t ever make a woman cum with that itty bitty dickie, so the only thing you’re good for (and it’s debatable whether or not you’re even good for that) is small penis humiliation phone sex.
small penis humiliation phone sex
Maybe when you were younger and you had your first girlfriend, you both thought that your tiny dick was normal. Or maybe she was smart enough to know that you were not normal and laughed at you. Is that what happened? Did she just bust out laughing when you took your clothes off in front of her the first time? That’s what would have happened if I had been your first girlfriend. I would have taken one look, laughed, and just told you to put your clothes on and get out. Even at 18 years old, I was a size queen and wouldn’t have had any use for someone like you.
You’re not one of those losers who pretends like you don’t know you have a small dick, are you? Well, I certainly hope not because if you act like your dick is normal, I am going to roast you even more than normal. I will have absolutely NO pity on you when you call me and tell me you’re not THAT small. We both know that you are, so don’t even try to act like you’re not.
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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I have a question for you. What do you think of your dick size? Would you be proud to pull your pants down and show it to me? If you said no to that, then you’re the perfect man for small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t call you a man since your dick is so tiny. I think what you’re actually perfect for is being transformed into a sissy. I think that tiny dick will fit nicely into a pair of lacy panties, don’t you? I guess calling something THAT small a dick isn’t the right. It’s more of an over sized clit. Like I said, becoming a sissy is the perfect thing for you. You’re already halfway there since your lack of dick makes you more ladylike than manly.

I would get such a laugh out of watching you prance around in your lacy panties. I think we can start you out with a pair of boy shorts and then maybe later on put you in a thong. But if you’re going to wear a thong you’re going to need to wax. I don’t think you want to have a hairy ass if you’re wearing a thong, right? Haha.

I feel like part of your transformation and small penis humiliation phone sex should include you having to get down on your knees and sucking cock. You can’t please a woman at all, so the least you can do is suck dick and make them happy. I might even pimp you out and then keep all of your hard earned money. I will buy myself something really pretty with your cock sucking money.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Erin

It’s no joke that I am a size queen and a lover of small penis humiliation phone sex. The guy I met the other night thought it was a joke until he realized I was dead serious. He was so fucking hot and sexy and one of the best kissers ever. I was so damned horny that I knew he was the one I’d bring home for a hot nasty one night fuck. Imagine my surprise when I reached inside his pants to find, ummm, nothing? Okay then, maybe he’s a grower? I was so turned on there was no going back. After a little stroking I knew that my hopes of getting cock were dwindling away to nothing.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I didn’t say anything to him yet, as I pushed his head down between my legs. He was going to make me cum one way or the other. I guess it’s no surprise he was great at eating pussy, most lil dick boys are. Overcompensation or something like that. I think he knew how disappointed I was in his useless lil dick that he licked me until I came 3 or 4 times all over his face. I think he thought I was going to suck his dick after that, but you and I both know that was was never going to happen. Laughing out loud I told him that if I wanted to suck something so small, I’d meet up with my girlfriend with her big fat clit. He looked so sad and pathetic.

The fun part started when his teenie peenie started to twitch when I was laughing. Don’t be telling me how mean I am when I’m making your balls tingle and dick hard. You love sph and love it even when more when I can’t stop laughing. Put on some fucking panties and cover that thing. I don’t even want to be reminded that you aren’t a real man. Would you believe he dribbled his cum while I called him a little dick loser?

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Erin 1-888-402-8669

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Memphis

One evening I got home really late and spotted my neighbor crying outside of his home. I usually don’t talk to him because I’ve seen him spying on me numerous times but I was feeling friendly today so I approached him and asked what was wrong. He stated that he had a date with a lady earlier and she blew him off when he tried to have sex with her. He went more into the story and finally revealed that she laughed at him when she saw his cock. At that point I knew he was craving small penis humiliation phone sex. I told him to follow me into his home.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Once inside, I told him to strip so I could see exactly what I was dealing with. Before he could even take off his boxers for
small penis humiliation phone sex, I began giggling. He cried even harder than he did when he was outside and said it wasn’t his fault that he was born this way. As he took off his boxers, all I could see was what should be a cock barely hanging from his body. I took my ruler out and measured it only to find out he was hard and it was only two inches long! I thumped his cock with my finger and left him to deal with his tears.

I realize that it must be pretty humiliating to walk around your entire life with a cock that just can’t seem to get the job done. You’ve tried having sex with many women only for them to be disappointed with what they do not find in between your legs. I really enjoy small penis humiliation phone sex because it puts into perspective the type of activities you can do with what you have been provided with. Fortunately for you, I have plenty of experience whipping freaks like you into shape and helping you realize your place in this world.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Layla

It’s time I clear something up. As a woman who knows cock well, let’s say I’m a bit of a sexpert. I am experienced & can tell you all that anything under 7 inches – is small. 7 inches average & anything under that is well a joke. A guy can get by with 6 inches if he is thick. I can also tell you that the majority of women out there want at least 8 inches if not 9 inches or above. I prefer 10-11 inches myself. Women love a man with a massive cock.

cuckold phone sex

The other day I talked to a guy with 2 inches. He said that sometimes he can get it up to 3 inches if it is hard. HARD! What is even there to get hard? I made him admit that he was just a small dick loser. I explained that he didn’t even have a dick – more like an oversized clit. What a pussy? I mean what does a guy do with 2-3 inches. How does he even jerk off? He said he only uses 2 fingers. I bet his hands were tiny too. Maybe that helped. How pathetic! Seriously, a man with 6 inches is even 3 times his side. How sad is that? I pitied the poor pathetic small dick loser. I will say, he was perfect for cuckold phone sex. Even if that is all he was good for. It was a good time making fun of his tiny dick. I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. By the time I was finished, I was so amused with him. He was trying to jerk off, but he tried & tried & could barely even cum. He didn’t even have a real load to shoot. What else is there to do with a guy like that. I guess he could sit in the same room & watch while I take a bit 13 inch & thick as fuck cock. He might work out as a clean up cum slut – other than that – completely useless. Just sayin’.

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