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phone sexAw,did you finally get someone to take mercy on you and let you out of your cock cage? A little birdy told me that the only was that your key holder was willing to unlock your penis was if you took your chances with some cock tease phone sex. By taking your chance I mean that maybe you will cum and then again maybe you won’t. It’s been so long since you’ve had hand to cock contact though so you said anything to get out of your chastity device and into a fist fucking situation didn’t you? How much were you masturbating before your key holder locked you up? Well it’s a good thing that she got you under lock and key when she did. You aren’t female so the decision on whether or not to cum should never be made by you. You can just start rubbing yourself and following my cock teasing jerk off instructions.

Does the thought of having a Mistress walk you through jacking off for her after being denied so long have you throbbing? I’ll be sure to tell you all of the wonderful things that I can do to my body, since I have control over it. Wouldn’t you just love to jack off and hear me tell you about how many orgasms I’ve had since you last had one? I want to hear about how swollen and sore your full balls are while I contemplate giving you an orgasm. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you hanging. You can edge for me while I decide and while I tease your poor needy dick. I wonder what you would do to cum at that point. Do you? What is the most humiliating thing you’ve done for a Mistress while under the influence of cock tease phone sex?

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financial domination phone sex


There isn’t much out there that a day’s worth of shopping can’t fix. My luck can be running pretty horrible and then I escape into a shopping trip and my mood and luck just seems to improve right away. Can you relate to that? You probably can’t because you’re probably the kind of submissive loser that funds shopping trips for deserving women. If a day out shopping can pick me up then a day shopping on your money is just that much better. Doesn’t it feel so good to be able to offer something to women though? Maybe you have a tiny prick and your credit card makes up for it. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the size of your penis but you are a wimp in some other way. It doesn’t really matter to me what exactly makes you a good candidate for being a financial domination phone sex slave, it just matters that you are one.

It’s not just actually going out and shopping with your money that gives me a rush either. When we’re on the phone and you’re falling all over yourself to impress me with amazon gift cards or tributes it makes me light up. The other thing is I get the excitement from raping your wallet, I get the reward of whatever I get for myself with your money, and then I get reminded of it whenever I wear or use the very thing I got with your financial domination phone sex tribute. What do you get as a used money slave? Oh you get the feeling of my pretty fingers plucking your cash from your wallet, you get the credit card statement to look over and then you get to think about how you will go about impressing me the next time you’re at my feet waiting to serve as the money slave that I’ve trained you to be.



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Hi sissy cuckolds! Does it drive you wild to see and hear your hot woman sucking away at a hard cock in front of you? Even if it only happened after you asked for it, you could tell how much she was enjoying herself putting on a show for you and indulging your kinky side. Your panties get tight and snug when you think about her tossing her head back and slurping up his hot load don’t they? Has your wife or girlfriend ever made this fantasy come true for you? If so you should show her some appreciation and let her watch you fluff her next lover’s dick. If you’ve never managed to get your beautiful woman to go through with cuckolding or swapping then maybe taking the first step and engaging in some cock sucking will show her what kind of a sissy you really are. She might think you just enjoy waltzing around in private in sensual lingerie and high heels, and maybe you do. I’m talking to the sissies that want to be cuckolded and put in their place though.

I want to hear about how your wife looked at you when she swallowed her boyfriend’s load in fornt of you, and how hard it made you to see her as she orgasms all over his huge cock. Don’t you want to tell me about how your cock twitched and stiffened when you imagined your lips wrapped around his big cock? I’m not shy when it comes to sharing stories about strap on to real cock cukolding experiences. So the thought of being made into a feminized cuckold that is put in panties and turned into a cock sucker turns you on, well it turns me on too. Let’s talk about how watching your wife take his cock and drain it made you want to follow in her foot steps.



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Sissy phone sex with Victoria

 Sissy phone sex















Hi my sweet and slutty sissy boy. Do you remember what it was like back before you were transformed into the woman that you are today? You used to just call and ask me to feminize you, and to sissify you, and train in the ways of being a perfect girly sissy slave. That got old really quick though didn’t it? You were much more perverted than your average panty boy. You started with light cross dressing, and wandered into feminization with makeup, wigs, and body hair removal, and then you started calling me, your sensual Domme. I knew from the first phone call that we shared that you would long for more feminization than you had ever experienced. There was just something about you. Ah, and then I suggested that two girl call with the bewitching Roxy. She and I talked about how to make you blossom into the lovely woman we knew you needed to be.

You had to have your doubts, when I sent you to the doll shop to find your perfect female poppet. It certainly didn’t look like any doll shop that you had seen before. You’d passed by there on many occasions, and never even noticed it. So you went in and looked, and searched and found yourself the perfect stand in for your new shell. You did as the sales woman said and clutched your poppet to your chest and pressed into her with all of your intentions, and then headed home for our ritual. Soon you won’t need wigs, or breast forms, or push up bras, or intense hair removal sessions. It won’t be long now before you will be perfectly smooth and have that gorgeous slender model like body that you’ve dreamed of. Are you excited to start your journey into sissy sorcery?


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Sissy Phone Sex

Sissy phone sex has always been so much fun for me. I especially love getting the ones who have already perfected their girlie look and are just looking for guidance in learning how to act like a girl. And when I say act like a girl, I mean… well, they want me to teach them to suck dick and get them ready to be fucked.
You’ve been dreaming about it for so long, but now you’re finally ready to take the next step. You want to get down on your knees and wrap your mouth around a big fat cock and make him cum in your mouth. You find yourself longing to taste that warm, salty cum as he blasts it into your mouth. But you’re going to need to practice. I have my strap on ready and I’m not going to stop until you can deep throat the entire thing. And once you can take it all the way down your throat, that’s when I will start fucking your face.
Once you have mastered cock sucking, we’re going to move onto your pussy. Have you ever put your finger in it? Have you started stretch it out at all with a dildo yet? If you haven’t, it’s probably going to hurt a little bit when I start fucking you. But whatever. No pain, no gain. Trust me, after you get past the painful part of it, it’s going to feel SO good. You’re going to be begging me to fuck you harder and faster and you’re probably even going to make a mess in those panties you’re wearing.
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Kinky guided masturbation phone sex

guided masturbation phone sex

It’s just not as much fun getting off alone as it is with a stranger, is it? Wouldn’t you rather join me for guided masturbation phone sex than just jerk off all by yourself? Of course the feeling of masturbation is good, and it gets the job done. I think it’s better to do more than just get the job done though, I think it should be as kinky and nasty as you can get it. Think about it, I just might get you to try something that you’ve thought about but were too nervous to try yourself. It’s sexier to experience new things when you’re being coaxed by a horny blonde who is playing along with her soaked pussy during guided masturbation phone sex. You shouldn’t have all of the fun, of course I’m going to let my fingers and hands explore over my body as I listen to you jacking off at my command.

If it’s just you, your lube and your fist, well then you already know the way to handle your hard dick to get it throbbing and before you know it you’re cumming all over. When you give up the control and take time to enjoy guided masturbation phone sex every touch can be a surprise. So what do you think about having yourself a verbal hand job? With my sultry voice telling you exactly how to slide your hands over your aching hard cock it will be difficult not to let yourself lose control and cum. Be a good stroker for me though, and let me decide when you’re ready to drain your cum and have that much needed orgasm. Let yourself be open to what this guided masturbation phone sex vixen has in store for you. I can hardly wait to have you jacking off just for me.

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My fuck buddy has been gone out of town for a while and I’ve been so fucking horny without him. I’ve been fucking myself five times a day because my mind has been overrun with tons of naughty phone sex fantasies. The night before last I was laying in bed and I kept thinking about being fucked by a bunch of horny hot lesbians! They sneak into my room and gangbang me, sticking these massive dildos deep inside of my pussy, sticking their cunts on my face and making me bury it inside of them. I deny my attraction to them at first, but then I can’t resist it anymore and I give in. In my dream, I even made a few of them squirt!


But my woman on woman fantasy didn’t last long because the next day I was back on cock! This man that I see at the bank each week  is so fucking hot and so sexually pent up. I don’t think he’s been fucked in years. I think that I can help him with that. He’s always staring at my tits and I know that he wants to suck them. I think the next time I go in and see him, I should just pop my tits right out on his counter and see what he does. I bet that he’s going to want to suck them, then suck my pussy and then fuck my pussy. I bet I’m his phone sex fantasy!


See, I have an addiction! I’m addicted to fucking and sucking. I really need some help. I want you to call me and help me with my phone sex fantasy. I just need some hard cock and dirty talk to help me get off. Just call 1-888-402-8669, I’m sure that you can get the job done!