You ever heard the saying “Gentlemen may prefer blonds but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.”? They made up that saying for women like me.
I’m a little wild and crazy; I guess I’m still sewing my wild oats. It must be the Irish in me; I get that from my Father’s side. I’m a feisty, sparkly firework; lots of boys have thought they could tame me, most of them ended up tied to the bed with their own ties while I had my way with them.

You know that cheerleader you always wanted to fuck but couldn’t get her to notice you? Or that twenty-something secretary in your office that always wears her skirts a little too short and whose little black thong panties you have thought about stuffing in your mouth and sucking on or wearing yourself to make you feel a little more feminine? That stripper you wish you could take home but you can’t even figure out how to get her to notice you? That’s totally me, only difference is, I will notice you.
Lots of women will tell you that they are like a drug, that’s hot right? You own personal brand of ecstasy. The thing about addictions though is that they can be kicked. Men can break addictions and get back to normal life. I’m not an addiction gentlemen, I’m a fetish, in the true sense of the word, I’m that thing you just can’t get off without and what is great for you is that unlike most women, I enjoy getting off as much as you do.

Men always ask me what I’m into. Let’s be frank, I’m a sexual chameleon. I adapt to whatever situation I’m put in and really at the end of the day, like a lot of men, I find variety is the spice of life, especially in bed. I like to be on top, I like to be on the bottom, I like to be in control, I like to be controlled and the way I see it, so long as I have several mind blowing orgasms and you shoot a big old load of jizz, everything came out ok in the end. Right? Of course right. Repetition is boring as hell, and the one thing I don’t like is boring me, come prepared, come knowing what you want, and don’t be afraid to tell me, I won’t laugh at your fantasy, I might giggle, but I won’t laugh.
I’m Fiona, I’ve got red hair, green eyes, a friendly smile, and, let’s be real about this, I’ve got the tits and ass that make money in this industry or I wouldn’t be here. I’ve got the kind of pussy muscle control that promises good long rides and cock milking sessions that don’t require my hands… and by the way did I mention I’m a squitter? I’m not talking a water gun here gentlemen, I’m taking a put some towels on the bed and be ready for a gush, super soaker. You know what they say, “Fire on the head, fire in bed.”

The real question though is what makes me the girl you want to call right now? Being a redhead is sort of a spiritual thing sexually, as stuck up as this may sound, redhead’s are just superior, and when you’re picking a girl to get you off, superiority in a sea of normalcy is exactly what you are looking for.
Sure, blonds get noticed, but redheads are never forgotten. I’m your newest fetish, your newest sexual necessity. I’m nasty, naughty, manipulative and conniving, but you’ll never see it coming, I’m that girl that can get away with being extremely high maintenance because the good lord gave me a pussy and I know exactly how to use it against gentlemen like you.

But guess what, it’s time to stop reading and start dialing, it’s time you and I get a little bout of sexual mischief going… after all, they say if you want trouble find yourself a redhead, I’m trouble with a capital T… or is that a Double D?

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