Hey guys! I am Taylor! A sultry, sweet, girl who has been a phone slut for years! BASICALLY I am unpredictable, which describes my "submissive slut" personality, to the "T"! Sometimes I truly am submissive, but other times..... I am so alpha, that you won't be able to believe I can also be submissive. I fucking THRIVE off of knowing what gets people off, and taking them to levels they never even knew existed, even after years of exploring their particular fetish. Through exploring many fetishes, kinks, and any and all extra curricular activities that I could get my hands on, I have discovered that I AM a true no limits kind of girl! For a while, I was constantly surprised at the vast array of filth that could make my pussy squirt, but after a few years, I absorbed every filthy thing I had heard, seen, or done....And, now....I am your ultimate phone fuck slut! Submissive as quickly as dominant, a vivid, colorful role player, I will strap up just as fast as I will let someone strap me down. ;) I have never heard a scenario that I couldn't effortlessly improve with my creativity, and utterly limitless, disgusting imagination! I can not wait to meet you all, and explore our limits together! (even though I basically have none, we can try to find some!) Call me! Time to meet the infamous Taylor!




AIM: Tight_TaylorX
Yahoo: TightTaylorX