Sensual Phone Tease

Hi There Arianna Here!
So I was going to spend some time introducing myself telling you all the kinky little details about the new fetish phone sex girl joining Bed Time Bunnies, but after an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. That introduction sort of got tossed aside. For more of a what do men like sort of sexy rambling.
See I am a sensual tease.
I said it!
“I love being a phone sex tease!”
Always have and always will. I find clothing is a great way to enhance my sensual teasing ways. For every piece of clothing I put on my body I placed there with one intention and one intention only.
Getting your attention.
Captivating your eye.
And Yes even letting you undress me in your mind. Making you curious as to what I am wearing underneath my sexy layers of clothing. What type of panties I am wearing. If any!
Now my male friend feels a woman should wear nothing at all. Really? Were is the enticement in that? Were is the erotic mental tease? Sure a woman looks good laying on a bed naked. But honestly wouldn’t your rather watch me slowly slide my hand up my leg wondering if I am wearing panty hose or stockings?
The suspense of what my fingers will unveil under my skirt is what makes it so tempting.
So I would love to lure you in with what I have on in a tease and denial phone sex call. Never knowing when I will direct you to touch your cock. Or how long I will make your balls ache on the edge of that orgasmic release.
Tease you soon ~ Arianna~
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