Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Meeka

One of my favorite things to do is go shopping. Some things are way more fun to shop for than others. Clothes are some of my favorite. Finding different styles of clothes that fit my tight body just the way I want them to. I love finding all of the pieces to put together the perfect outfit. Most people just think about what they wear that is visible, such as shirts, skirts or pants and shoes. Most don’t include the things you put on under those clothes, but they are some of my favorite things to shop for during panty fetish phone sex. I love looking through all of the different pairs, all the colors and different fabrics are so fun to feel. My favorite part is when I find the perfect pair. They fit me just right, and the cut is exactly what I need to make my already awesome ass look perky and delicious in that sight skirt.

panty lover phone sex

Fuck yeah! I obviously can’t have granny panties that cause those horrid panty lines if I’m going to show off that ass of mine, it just isn’t a good look. No way. For this, I need something that has a few lines, and of course, there are so many to choose from. There are boy short, bikini cut, briefs, or my favorite- thongs. Even thongs have different styles and cuts so of course, picking out just the right pair is not always easy, but it is a process I love. This process usually involves me going to a place like Victoria Secrets, which has tons of different options. Yes, doll. I know all about different kinds of panties. You need some help picking some out during our panty fetish phone sex session, don’t you? Call for Meeka at 1 888 402 8669, and let me be the one to quench those insatiable desires.

Looner Fetish Phone Sex with Riley

What exactly is a looner, you ask, my curiously perverted reader? Well it’s someone who has a naughty fetish for balloons, and if you’re reading this, then you might be a looner too. If that’s the case, guess what? You can call me for looner fetish phone sex right now and I’ll be ready to take your freaky side on! That’s right – I always have balloons handy so we can play with the pretty latex balloons in all the naughty and fun ways you like.

looner fetish phone sex

So tell me, baby – are you a popper, or are you a non-popper? Would you like to hear me blow up a balloon, tease you with it, and then POP!! it? Or would you prefer hearing me blow it up and rubbing it all over my body, maybe crushing it between my thighs, or under my ass…always pushing the limits but daring it not to pop? Calling me for looner fetish phone sex means you get to tell me what you want me to do with the balloons I play with when we talk. If you’re lucky, you may even have your choice of colors, so you can enjoy the visual even more.

Speaking of colors, some of you may know I’m into art and body painting. Well, with me, looner fetish phone sex can go even further, because I also know about wamming!! Wamming is when you fill the balloons with any kind of messy substance – paint, whipped cream, pudding, confetti – and use them like paint bombs on a body. Our bodies are our canvases, and wamming is the brush. I’d love to be your canvas, and have you be mine – make those balloons go SPLAT!!!! all over our bodies, covering us with a mess of colors and balloon bits.

You’ve been looking for someone who can handle some looner fetish phone sex, haven’t you? Well look no further – pick up the phone and dial 1 888 402 8669 to get a fix today!

CBT Phone Sex with Princess Abby

It’s been a while since I heard from some of you CBT phone sex lovers. I know, you’re afraid that what happened last time will happen this time, too. I can’t help it that you ended up with bruises all over your dick. It’s not my fault. YOU are the one who called and told me that you wanted to engage in cock and ball torture with me. What kind of bratty domme Princess would I be if I didn’t give you exactly what you were asking for? So you can whine all you want and be afraid of me all you want, but we both know that you will be calling me again for CBT. Why? Because you’re a pain slut and you love it. You want that sweet torture. You can’t help it. That’s just the way you’re wired.

CBT phone sex

The good news for you is that I love bringing pain and suffering to others. Not everyone, though. Just losers like you. Hearing you torture your tiny little dick is music to my ears. It doesn’t bother me at all that you’re in so much pain that you’re in tears. That just gets me even more excited. Begging me to let you stop just makes me want to cause you more pain. So you’d better be really careful when you call me for CBT phone sex. You’re gonna get exactly what you want and then some. I can promise you that.

You need to gather up your supplies and call me right now for CBT phone sex. Don’t call me with nothing in hand to torture your cock and balls with. That’s gonna really get under my skin and trust me when I say that you don’t want to do that. Talk to you very soon, you tiny dick losers!

Strap On Phone Sex with Phoenix

If a hot strap on phone sex session makes your dick hard, call me, Phoenix. You know you would love seeing my tight body getting ready for some hot strap on fun. My naked body sliding into a leather harness, a thick cock standing straight up for you. You have to get on your needs like a good little cock whore and show me how much you really want it. Our phone sex fantasy is about to get wild.

strap on phone sex

I love putting a cock worshiping whore on his knees, make him whimper and moan just waiting for me to feed it to him. I want you to lick and suck my cock like a good cock whore should. Deep throat it, that’s it, gag for me bitch. After fucking your throat, shoving your head so far down that your eyes fill with tears, I am going to bend you over, spread your ass cheeks while I lube you up with my tongue. I will lick from the tip of your ass down to your balls and then stick my soft tongue into that tight hole of yours. Start finger fucking your man pussy, I want it nice and creamy when I stick this thick strap on cock into you. Strap on phone sex is really all about the fun in getting to the point where I slide my tip into you and make you beg for more. Can you really handle this big cock in your tiny hole? Well, show me how good you can really take it! I want to make that sweet hole gape so wide fir me. I know how much you love drooling all over and begging for my cock. Strap on phone sex fun with me for your pleasure is just a call away.


Two Girl Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey guys, it’s your favorite blonde bombshell, Gracie, here to talk all about my love for females, in our two girl phone sex session together. Being able to chat with you is always fun, but adding someone else to the mix spices it up and keeps things exciting. There are so many sexy ladies to choose from, and oh so many that I would love to play with. Tell me, baby, what’s your biggest fantasy? I’m sure we can satisfy any need that you may have. Haven’t you ever heard of double your pleasure, double your fun?

two girl phone sex

Two girl phone sex adds a little more desire to the mix, knowing that there are two hot, horny, wet ladies just waiting to please and be pleased on the other end of the telephone. A big fantasy that I have is being fucked by a TS. What’s not to love about a chick with a dick?! The fact that people find it so taboo makes my pussy gush and gets my juices flowing. Just imagine, you’re laying on the bed, throbbing cock in the air and me sucking on it with my hot, wet mouth gliding up and down. From behind me, you see a gorgeous woman with large tits bouncing as she fucks me with her rock hard cock from behind. The harder she thrusts into me, the deeper I take your cock down my throat.

Only the best for you, sweetie. I aim to please, and so do the lovely ladies that I work with. We are looking forward to making you cum and explode all over us! One girl is fun, two girls are better. Nothing on this planet will get me wetter!

Take your pick of the ladies, grab your phone and call your two girl phone sex goddess now at 1 888 402 8669!

Twitter: seductivegracie
Tumblr: missgraciemadison

Size Queen Phone Sex with Shay

I have been called the most beautiful size queen they knew once. And can you believe I didn’t know what that meant? However, after they explained to me exactly what it was a huge smile came across my face and I nodded yes yes that’s me a true size queen phone sex lover!

size queen phone sex

So many people have told me younger and old that it’s not the size of a guys cock. But I call bullshit on that song and dance. I’m sure it was said to make men with tiny little peckers feel better about themselves. I have turned men away from having small cocks and if they get far enough into my room without me knowing what size that cock is and there small… oh you best be getting out the hell out of here your not going anywhere near this sweet pussy.

I like my cock large and thick too. I want to feel the pop of the head of your cock when you push it into my pussy. I want feel my tight pussy stretch as you fuck me. I want a cock so big that when I go to put my lip glossed lips around that big mushroom head of yours I have to open as far as possible. I even get super wet when a guy unzips to unveil his huge semi-hard cock that wants me.

Personally, I think those girls that say its not the size have yet to had a good fucking by a huge cock. This is why I love size queen phone sex. I know that the guy on the other end of the line has a huge cock. I daydream about those large thick cocks sometimes. I think about them at home on the couch stroking their cock off while they’re on the phone with me. Or maybe he’s in the office hiding his huge hard cock under the desk in case someone walks in on him talking to me just before he cums a huge load under the desk. I get so wet just thinking about it.

Want to have some hot size queen phone sex with me? 1 888 402 8669 ask for Shay

Skype: sweet Bunny Shay

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Kelly

There are so many positives of being sexy as fuck, I can hardly name them all. But I have to say that financial domination phone sex is right up there. I work hard to look this good and you losers should pay for that! So many guys men want to pamper me in hopes of getting a bit of play from me. Especially guys who have NO chance with me go all out to impress and spoil me so that I will just talk to them or give them any attention whatsoever. It is almost like the meaner I am to them, the more they want to give me.

financial domination phone sex

I often start with a little tease to get them wrapped around my little finger, but honestly, it doesn’t take much. Buy me this, buy me that, pay my bills, send me a gift card or a tip….you know, that type of thing. Then I up the stakes if I need to, and the torture starts. I demand more and give nothing in return. The way I see it, he has MY money. And I require its return. I don’t have to be nice anymore, I just expect to be obeyed. They comply because they want to be close to me in any way they can. Even it leads to their financial ruin. I often include humiliation tasks to be completed just to keep them in line. Last week I made a money piggie go buy panties and lipstick and wear them to work. He was so scared and begged me for a different task, but I insisted. I made him film it for me so I could enjoy it over and over. And of course, he had to send me tips and gift cards just because. But I always need new financial domination slaves to use. Do you think you can handle me?

Call for financial domination phone sex with Kelly at 1 888 402 8669

Yahoo & GMAIL: CoedKelly4U

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Raven

Little dicked bitches like you are always looking for that Mistress to give them small penis humiliation phone sex. When you call me lets get one thing straight, I won’t be sucking your dick, you will be sucking mine. Almost all you guys who call me for small penis humiliation are little dicked bitches with no sex life. I know you have looked at my body already and can just picture me with my big black rubber cock and it makes you want to be humiliated even more.

small penis humiliation phone sex

You have always craved small penis humiliation and luckily for you, I am just what you need. This other little dicked bitch sent me a photo of his tiny dick against a ruler, he just wanted me to see exactly how small he was. Then he asked if he could be my slut, my answer was, of course you can as long as you like to be laughed at and have your ass rode hard. Now is your chance to call me and have Miss Raven give you some of the best small penis humiliation phone sex you have ever had, get your tissues out!!!!

You little dick sissys with little dick don’t stand a chance. I love humiliating you. You can’t even get head from me or fuck me with that little baby dick you should be very ashamed of yourself, i mean how can you fuck a tiny penis? All i can do is laugh and humiliate the hell out of you. It would be a waste of time trying to fuck a tiny penis. Ha ha ha but if you like to be humiliated im the one for you, but just know i will hurt your feelings to the core i will make sure i humiliate you to the UTMOST EXTREME. If you can handle that call me.

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Raven. You will be very humiliated.

Voyeur Phone Sex with Abby

Do you have voyeur phone sex fantasies? I bet you do. I know that a lot of men like being watched and you are probably no exception. It does kind of turn me on to watch guys masturbate. In fact, the guy in the house next door to mine has a bathroom that I can see into and just by accident one day, I happened to see him standing in front of the mirror masturbating. He had just moved in and I hadn’t seen him before that moment. Well, let me just tell you – he’s fucking hot. AND he has a huge dick. I am pretty lucky to have a man like that living next door to me – and he’s single!

voyeur phone sex

Most men are quick about it when they jerk off, but my neighbor is NOT one of those guys. He takes his sweet time when he’s stroking his cock and it’s the sexiest thing ever. Just watching him lube up his dick and start out stroking it really slowly up and down…mmm. And he always squeezes the head of his cock when he strokes upward toward it. God, that makes me so hot. I can just tell by the way he’s jerking off that he loves to take his time and that he values more than just the end result.

I’ve found myself looking for him in his bathroom every night. I am pretty sure that he’s figured out that I’m watching him and rubbing my pussy while he strokes off. I’m thinking that one day, I should go over and knock on his door and grab his cock and start stroking it for him. I know that he would be an excellent lover.

Until then, I guess my voyeur phone sex fantasies will have to do. Do you have those fantasies too? Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby so we can discuss.

Nylon Fetish Phone Sex with Arianna

Where are the nylon fetish guys?

Yes I wanna talk to you! The ones who love to see a woman’s legs encased in pure silky delights. From control top pantyhose all the way to thigh high stockings. Any and all of it.

nylon fetish phone sex

Those are the guys I want to call me tonight. Nothing but a hot, erotic conversation about sexy hosiery that will have you stroking and jerking your throbbing cock.

Let me start with telling you what I wore today a cute navy dress with small pink n burgundy flowers all over it and a pair of nude pantyhose. Yes I opted full leg coverage it was rather chilly out this morning when I left and well I gotta say I love the feeling of those stockings running all the way up my leg.

It would be rather wonderful to have a man worship my nylon encased legs. Wouldn’t you love to be the one planting kissing up these silky legs?

Don’t deny it any longer you wish your lips were brushing up against these pantyhose. Gonna add in that I am an anything goes type of phone sex girl which means that I will go from teasing you in a sensual way all the way to full on smothering you with my pantyhose covered ass.

So while you find your headset so you can work both hands over your cock. I will sit here rubbing my legs together. Mmm does it feel ever so good!

Ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669 and lets explore your nylon fetish.