Quality Phone Sex with Julia

Sure, you can find a girl to phone fuck just about anywhere online, but don’t you want quality phone sex? That’s why you need to seek out someone like me who can give you exactly what you want every single time. I’ll take the time to listen to you and really figure out what it is that you want and need. I won’t ever tell you no or make fun of you for what you’re into (unless, of course, that’s what you want me to do) and I’ll make sure you have the best time ever.

quality phone sex

You almost can’t blame those stupid girls who tell you no when you bring up certain fantasies and roleplays. They were taught that you just shouldn’t do some things. I guess they can’t help it that they’re so dumb, but that doesn’t mean you have to talk to them. You deserve to talk to a phone slut who will give you the quality content you’re craving, no matter what it is. Wouldn’t it be just amazing to call up a girl and have her say yes to every single thing you say? A girl like me who has absolutely no taboos is what you need if it’s quality phone sex you’re looking for.

Seriously, you can’t get any better than me. I will work with you and we will figure out exactly how to make your fantasy come true. Whether you are dominant or submissive, we’ll take care of that. If you have a taboo fantasy that you always are too afraid to tell girls, don’t be! I love hearing all those kinky and crazy fantasies. I’m ready and waiting to please you and give you exactly the kind of quality phone sex you want.

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AB/DL Phone Sex with Victoria

Hi, my name is Victoria and I can’t wait to hear from the ABDL lovers on the line. I love to have AB/DL phone sex and have for some time. When I first got into fetishism I didn’t know much about adult babies and diaper lovers but it wasn’t long before I fell in love with being a Mommy for adult babies and then I found myself curious about diaper lovers. It’s so easy to slip into a loving caregiver mode when I hear your soft voice on the other end of the phone.. You can tell me anything about your adult baby and diaper lover lifestyle. There are so many things that fall into that category and abies can be really different. If I’m caring for you I want to know all about your ABDL needs and what you want to experience. You can tell me all about it.

sissy training phone sex

One of the first things that I learned about adult babies and diaper lover fetishists is that it isn’t about sexual activity for everyone. I try not to assume either way. What I want is for the abies and diaper lovers that call me to have the most fun possible. Please let me know though, so I can be the best caregiver for you. What do you enjoy talking about and doing when you call for AB/DL phone sex? We can do any or all of it when you call. I am experienced with roleplay, age regression, discipline, and a lot of other fetishes that sometimes cross over. I like sissification and medical play too. You can tell me about your dream nursery and we can take a break from the world and play there for the entire phone call if you like. I hope that you call me soon.







SPH Phone Sex with Size Queen Arianna

I love a good laugh especially if that giggle happens during a sph phone sex call. As you quiver to tell me your size and some will go ok promise not to laugh? Ya I cant really say I wont laugh cause what your about to say next will have me laughing.

sph phone sex

Well its laugh or blurt out you have got to be kidding me? Your cock cant be THAT small?

Usually it is much smaller they were tossing out some number to “sound” bigger and it was an epic fail with this size queen. Though I dont think I am a size queen but according to those men who fall far under 5 inches myself wanting a man with an 8 inches or more cock puts me in the size queen category and only fucking porn stars. Haha.

Yes that was an actual quote haha. Still laughing over that one. So humiliating his small dick didnt really take much just had to tell him about my last boyfriend and well he was jerking away over what I considered on the small end up fuckable.

Man could only imagine how fast you guys would jerk off if I told you my idea of a perfect size cock. Damn you would think I was dreaming haha. But I have had the perfect cock. Hmmmm I think I need a moment to reflect on that for a moment or best you call me for some sph phone sex so I can tell you all about the amazing fuck sessions we had.

Little secret my pussy still twitches with excitement when i think of his amazing cock.

Anyways… The number to reach me is 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the size queen that is ready to giggle over your small cock.

Cock Tease Phone Sex with Abby

Hi, guys. It’s your lucky day. You’ve found the supreme Princess when it comes to a lot of fetishes but right now I’d like to talk to you about cock tease phone sex. See, most women just say they are a good cock tease, but they give in way too easily. It takes a smart woman who has a twisted mind and patience. Because we all know that you’re going to beg me to let you cum. But what you need to know about me is that the more you beg, the longer it will be before I let you cum. I may not even let you cum at all if you beg too much!
cock tease phone sex
I know that you’ll do whatever I want you to because you want my hot body. I won’t take a lot to talk you into anything and everything that I want you to do. Yeah, you might put up a little bit of a fight, but it won’t last for long. You will realize that you aren’t a match for me in any way and you’ll give in. I can tell you to cluck like a chicken and you’ll do it. I can tell you to buy me something and you’ll do it. You will do anything it takes if you think that there’s even a small chance that I might let you have an orgasm. Will I or won’t I? I don’t know. I guess that’s up to you and how much effort you make to make sure that I am happy. Are you willing to do what it takes? Probably not, but I guess we will see.
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Body Worship Phone Sex with Kelly

Take a good look at my hotness.  You’re in love, aren’t you babe?  The second you saw my picture you fell hard and of course, your pants got tighter in the crotch.  I get lots of guys calling me for body worship phone sex, telling me how hot I am and how they would love to fuck every hole.  These are guys who can only dream of being with a girl as hot as me.  I want to help make their fantasy come true. Do you have enough cum in those balls to fill my ass and pussy and still let me guzzle a big wad of your creamy spunk?  Check out my tits.  Now imagine your dick sliding between them.  Yeah, baby, that’s right.  Fuck these big fat titties. 
body worship phone sex
Don’t stop there.  Tell me more about how much you desire me and admire my body on body worship phone sex.  I never tire of hearing a man tell me all the things he loves about my firm, tight, curvaceous body.  It’s killing you that you can’t touch me right now, isn’t it?  I love to hear you moaning and grunting as you stroke looking at my pics while we talk.  I’m the woman you’ve always fantasized about.  The woman of your dreams.  No wonder you can barely contain your excitement on our body worship phone sex call.  The more you tell me how much you long for me, the wetter my pussy gets.  I want to hear you stroke and spurt for me.  It’s such an aphrodisiac hearing you cum uncontrollably on body worship phone sex because you are so turned on by me.  I might have to cum with you! 
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Phoenix

Of course you want to be the perfect lover for your beautiful wife but it’s very clear that is not the case or you wouldn’t be craving cuckold phone sex. You have such a little, tiny prick that couldn’t please anyone. Even hard that sad little thing barely reaches 4 inches! It’s time for a cuckold phone sex call with a real Goddess! You knew it was only a matter of time before she took matters into her own hands.
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Your wife has been going out more and more hasn’t she? Deep down you know exactly what she has been doing. She’s been fucking tons of big, manly men and taking it in every hole by those huge, hard cocks! Thinking about your wife and her big, powerful male lovers has made you even more of a whiny little bitch. You have been aching to touch and suck on those big dicks too. She might give you exactly what you desire but also fear the most, for you to bend over and take that huge cock of her stud.
Come on you worthless sissy, your wife and her manly lover want you on your knees. Get down on your knees and watch as he plunges his large cock deep inside her aching, swollen pussy. You know that’s much deeper than you could ever get inside of her! Look how wet she gets for his dick, she has never been that wet for you! She has never been that enthusiastic with you either. Look how she arches her back, moaning and in pure ecstasy. She looks your way and laughs at you in a cruel way while her hung man thrusts deeper and faster inside her. Look at you standing there with your poor excuse for a cock hanging between your legs. You are nothing but a cuckold phone sex whore, forced to watch your wife in the most pleasure you have ever seen her in. You’re forced to watch her sweet pussy fucked by another, far more attractive man, with a longer and much thicker cock than yours! You are no longer worthy of calling her your wife. You’re nothing more than her cuckold phone sex fuck slave.
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GFE Phone Sex with Shay

Hi guys! I know that the holidays are a lonely time of year for some of you. That sucks, but I think I have the perfect solution. I’ll become your GFE phone sex girl and we will spend a lot of time talking over the next few weeks. And hopefully even after that. You are probably going to get attached to me and I know I’ll get attached to you so it would be a shame for us to stop with our relationship just because the holidays are over.

GFE phone sex

There are so many things we can talk about when you call me to start our GFE phone sex relationship. Of course I always like to get down and dirty, but I like to actually talk before we go there. Getting to know each other a little bit before we phone fuck makes the intimacy that much better. Don’t you agree? But of course, there will be days when we are both so horny that we just want to get off immediately. We can always talk after we both have mind blowing orgasms.

Speaking of talking… we can talk about whatever is on your mind. If you want to talk about a movie you just saw, let’s talk about it. If you want to talk about a book you are reading, feel free to tell me about it. I don’t really love to talk about politics but if that’s what my man wants to discuss, then we will! I am here for anything and everything you could ever possibly want or need, baby.

Are you ready for the ultimate GFE phone sex experience? I am, too! Just get on the phone right now and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you ask to talk to Shay! I can’t wait to be your new phone sex girlfriend.

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Memphis

My name is Memphis and I deserve everything you have. For me, financial domination phone sex calls are so much fun because I don’t NEED what you have, but I want and deserve it all. Look at me. I think that once you do that, you would have to agree with me. Women who look like me don’t grow on trees and you are blessed to even have the opportunity to look at me. And that’s why you’ll not only call me right now, but you’ll also pay very dearly when you do.

financial domination phone sex

I have had guys ask me if I even care about how the men who call me for financial domination phone sex will be able to afford to live after they talk to me. And the answer to that is no. I don’t care. It’s not my fault that you are going to spend all of your money on me. If you suffer, oh well. If the woman in your life suffers, oh well. If she was anywhere near as amazing as me, you wouldn’t be looking for someone else to spend your money on. So no, I won’t ever feel sorry for you that you’re spending so much money on me. Don’t even try to play any kind of sympathy card because it will annoy me and you’ll just find yourself spending more money on me.
As you can see, I get pretty serious about financial domination phone sex and I don’t let anything stand in the way of what I deserve. Do you think you can handle a Goddess like me? I think maybe you can if your bank account is big enough. But I hope you are okay with it not being big for long because I’m ready and willing to make it dwindle down to nothing.

Schoolgirl Phone Sex with Riley

It’s the worst time of year for a wild coed like me. The holidays are coming up, and that’s great, but so are finals. That means I have to buckle down and really put on the heat with my studies, but all I really want to do is party the chilly weather away! So what is a girl like me to do, but study my ass off when I’m home, but also allow myself to blow off steam and have a little fun every now and then. All those holiday parties coming up sure do put a damper on my study time, so maybe I’ll have to tone it down and go to only the best parties, and the rest of the time I’ll blow off some of that stress from finals approaching with a lot of hot schoolgirl phone sex. I mean, I even have a few different schoolgirl skirts, which means that I can change my skirt when there’s too much cum and party punch on it! And I intend to change my skirt more than once.

schoolgirl phone sex

Mmmm yeah…imagine all the trouble a schoolgirl slut like me could get into at a frat party where everyone is there to blow off steam. Of course, steam isn’t the only thing being blown – I mean, there will be a lot of cocks in my mouth, and I’m only one coed out of hundreds. The frat boys on my campus know me well. They know the phrase “for a good time, call Riley!” very well, but I’m ok with that because I’m a total nymphomaniac, and I know I can always get dick whenever I want it. A college campus is a horny chick’s all-you-can-eat buffet, and this girl is not afraid to indulge!

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Premature Ejaculation Phone Sex

premature ejaculation phone sex

Why do so many men need to feel the embarrassing sting of premature ejaculation phone sex humiliation? Because the vast majority of men are completely out of control! Listen, since the dawn of time men have been running around and jacking off every chance they get. Some jerk off junkies bash the bishop all day long. Then they crawl into bed with a beautiful woman and what do they do? They cum before she even gets a chance to get wet. Like WTF! She is left to clean up her bored pussy and regretting she even bothered to get dolled up for you.

Women’s orgasms are more important than yours. Let me repeat, “women’s orgasms are more important than yours”. Got it? You have to ask why? Lordy, because women take longer then men to cum. We don’t sit around all day rubbing our pussies out. When it comes to getting busy we need lots of foreplay and then a good long fucking. Something you premature ejaculation phone sex duds cant provide. Its sad and you should be embarrass you.

You need training to put your goddess wife or girlfriend’s needs before yours. How do we accomplish this? Tease and denial. You need to learn your place. Imagine your horn-dog dick being in a cock cage. Chastity is a good place to start. Then your lovely Goddess can instruct you to eat out her pussy and if you are bad at it she is going to school you. Other ways to make her orgasmic? Foot rubs and worship, using her favourite vibrating toy on her, and maybe eating out her ass. Yeah, I know that’s all humiliating. You should feel shame while she reprograms your dirty mind and out of control cock.

Will she allow you to stroke while this is all going on? Nope. You will be in chastity. Man, you guys have a one track mind. All of this orgasm denial is also going to teach you to slow the fuck down when you are having sex. If that doesn’t work you wont ever get any pussy again. Premature ejaculation should never be tolerated.

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