Erotic Phone Sex Hypnosis with Arianna

So I am a bit of a self proclaimed sensual tease. Now I see nothing wrong with being a tease especially when its with men on the phone. And well lets be honest, even off the phone too! Some of you who have experienced a rather long tease and denial session with me know all to well how much emphasis gets put on that tease aspect. What you probably didnt know is how much I love using erotic phone sex hypnosis to help enhance the teasing.

Was that an Oooo interesting Arianna!

Either you never thought about combining erotic hypnosis with some orgasm denial or you didnt know I did phone sex hypnosis. Either way that is a down right shame. And one that needs to be rectified ASAP!

erotic phone sex hypnosis

I would say today but unless you have a good 30 minutes to devote to an erotic phone sex hypnosis call it just wont work. Cause it takes a bit of time working my soft n sensual voice into the deeper levels of your mind where I can take control of your cock. Plus its a cock tease fantasy and we both know there is no rushing that.

So when you have the time give me a call  for some erotic phone sex hypnosis. Good news is if you only have time for a quick orgasm edging session that can be done any time I am taking calls. I can make your balls ache long before you give your mind over to me. The 30 minute minimum only applies to hypnosis session.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the sensual tease about to take control of your orgasm.

ariannateases is my aim.



Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

You know what I love more than just about anything else in the world? Panties!!! That’s why I love it when you guys call me for panty fetish phone sex! You would not even believe the number of panties I have. Seems like I’m always buying a pair every time I go to the mall. I have every different kind you could imagine. Slipping into a pair of sexy panties makes me feel so hot. It makes me feel like more of a woman. Sometimes all it takes to make my pussy wet is to put on a brand new pair of panties.

panty fetish phone sex

But you know what else gets me hot? When guys call me for panty fetish phone sex and tell me that they want to wear a pair, too. I bet it makes your dick super hard just slipping into a pair, doesn’t it? What kind do you prefer? Lacy boyshorts? A sexy thong? G-string? Maybe just a pair of bikini panties to tuck your dick into. We can get all dressed up together in our panties and have a really good time. I like hearing about you rubbing your dick through your panties. Maybe we can indulge in a little bit of mutual masturbation phone sex. We could listen to each other touch ourselves and have mind blowing orgasms. How hot would that be??!

But you know, there is actually one more thing we could do. I think you probably already know what I’m going to say, don’t you? I could get out my strap on and teach you a little bit about what it’s like to be a girl. And now that your interest is piqued, why don’t you pick up the phone and call me for some panty fetish phone sex? I’ll be waiting for you

Erin 1-888-402-8669

Creampie Phone Sex with Julia

My new lover has a fetish that he can’t seem to shake. He loves creampie phone sex so much that he can barely function if he hasn’t tasted any at least once a day. The last time I gave into his needs, I was up all night making him nut inside of me so he could get his fix. I promised myself the next time we had an encounter, I would make it more kinky.

Creampie Phone Sex

To spice things up a bit, I told you to meet me at the local sex shop for an even naughtier experience. When we got inside we were met by the loud moans of a sex tape that was playing on all five of the tvs. We couldn’t help but stop and watch as the woman got her pussy banged by two men while the third nutted in her asshole. Your cock couldn’t resist it and started rising in your pants as you watched the performance. My tongue found its way into your mouth and before I knew it we were in the back of the sex shop making a little video of your own.

Your hands roamed my body as I allowed my clothes to effortlessly fall to the floor. I ripped off your clothes as our tongues played with one another making my center beg for your cock. I mounted you on the futon and began doing exercises while sliding up and down your shaft. Your face showed that you couldn’t hold in your orgasm after fifteen minutes of fucking, so you busted inside of me in creampie phone sex. I got off you and laid down letting you admire my creamy pussy. You began licking away at my juices that were mixed in with your fallen soldiers as I squired in your mouth.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia

AIM: SweetJulia_4U

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Abby

When you saw the title of cock sucking phone sex, did you think that I was going to be the cock sucking slut? Oh, no. I’m going to turn YOU into a cock sucker. I know that you’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. There’s no time like the present to make fantasy a reality.

cock sucking phone sex

If you’ve been thinking about sucking cock, why haven’t you gone out and done it yet? Are you shy? Well, you’re just going to have to get over that. Is being shy and not putting yourself out there worth maybe never realizing your cock sucking desires? I didn’t think so. So you are just going to have to figure out a way to find yourself a big, juicy cock to suck. If you live in a big city, that will be no problem. But even if you’re from a small town, there are ways to find dick. Like, you know, the internet. So don’t tell me when you call that you have no way to find one.

What do you think you’ll wear when you suck your first cock? I personally think you should put on a pair of sexy panties because real men love lingerie. You might even put on some lipstick so you can make a ring around his cock with it and see how much of it you can swallow. If you’re going to a good cock sucking phone sex whore, you’re going to need to learn to deep throat those big dicks. And I hope you like the taste of cum because you’re going to be eating a lot of it.

Do you think that you’re ready now to let me help you become the cock sucking phone sex slut you are meant to be? I’m ready, too. Call me now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby!

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Natasha

Are you one of those guys who thinks that just because you’re paying to to talk to me, you deserve to have an orgasm? Oh, honey…that’s just not how this works! You have just come across a woman who loves nothing more than orgasm denial phone sex. I’m VERY patient and I can make you edge for a really long time If you call in and expect an orgasm in 10 minutes, you’re going to be really disappointed. I mean, depending on how whiny you are when you call, I might not ever let you cum. I mean, if you call for orgasm denial, that’s kind of what you’re signing up for anyway.

orgasm denial phone sex

Not only am I going to deny your orgasm, but I’m also going to tell you how to stroke your cock. Did you think that you were going to get to have any kind of control? Oh, no. I will be in control of everything about your dick during our orgasm denial phone sex call. You’re just going to be my cock stroking puppet.

I know you’re probably think that I can’t be serious about never letting you cum. I don’t know… it really just depends on you. I can’t tell you now whether or not you will have that orgasm you want so badly. I mean, there’s a chance you’ll get to cum AFTER you call me several times. But you really shouldn’t count on that. I make no promises other than the fact that you’re going to be tease and denied beyond belief. If you think you can handle that, then maybe I am the girl for you.

If you’re ready to submit for orgasm denial phone sex with me, all you have to do is call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Natasha. There WILL be pleasure, but it will be mine, not yours. At least not for a long time.

AIM: coed_natasha
Yahoo: coednatasha

Phone Sex Girlfriend Pepper

Last time I checked you wanted a phone sex girlfriend who would do just about anything to make you cum. You’ve grown tired of the same old vanilla sex and now crave something much kinkier. When we met I warned you of how addicting I could be and that my sex wasn’t built just for anyone. Even with my clear warning, you still pursued me and pushed your limits knowing what may happen.

phone sex girlfriend

The first time I brought you into my web of sex you almost didn’t last. We met for dinner and before the night ended my legs were in the air with you forcing your cock into my desirable wetness in the back of the restaurant. Of course we ate some of our dinner, but I was craving dessert more than anything else so I made sure to not wear any panties as your phone sex girlfriend. I stroked your cock underneath the table with my feet and watched as others around us were having dinner and had no idea what was going on right before their eyes.

You couldn’t hold out any longer so we walked to the back and immediately began fucking. We were right near the kitchen so at any moment we could be caught but that didn’t stop us. I covered your mouth as you entered me to keep you from moaning too loud. My pussy fulfilled your every need as I sucked you in keeping you from going anywhere. After a few strokes you were already ready to cum, but I wasn’t to that point yet so I began rubbing my clit. Once we both reached the point of no return, we both came and moaned so loudly the entire restaurant heard us. We left out without another word and as your phone sex girlfriend I made you cum once again in the car. What are you waiting for you dont want to keep your girlfriend waiting do you?

Call me Pepper at 1 888 402 8669

Blasphemy Phone Sex with Riley

Yup, that’s right. I’m gonna go there. So if you’re gonna get offended, then just turn your head and stop reading. Or maybe keep reading, because the whole point of blasphemy phone sex is to be offensive. So here goes…

blasphemy phone sex

What’s the best way to make use of a confessional? To confess your sins, or to commit them? I say commit them. We could meet at a church and go into the confessional and fuck our brains out while the priest watches and listens – chances are his sexually oppressed ass will just jerk off and not stop us anyway. Maybe he’ll even get involved, turning that partition into the most sinful of glory holes. Oh, the divine glory!!

What else can we talk about with blasphemy phone sex? How about we turn those rosary beads into a kinky set of anal beads! Maybe I’ll be naughty and stick the crucifix in my pussy while you pull the beads out of my ass. Talk about a crucifix – let’s put a whole new spin on nailing Jesus to the cross. Yup, I went there. Nail Jesus. Haha. Fuck Jesus. Brings a whole new meaning to saying “oh God” as you’re about to cum, doesn’t it? Was Mary really a virgin? Please. Seriously. We know what she really was.

Let’s get really daring with our blasphemy phone sex. Let’s fuck on the altar when the priest isn’t looking. Cover me in wax from the altar candles and give me church tits. We’ll get drunk on sacramental wine and you can eat holy communion wafers right out of my pussy while statues of Jesus, Mary, and all of the apostles watch us with jealousy and disgust. You can use that baby Jesus butt plug on me too, as long as you promise to cover me and the altar in loads of hot cum. And when we are all sweaty and spent, we can wash ourselves clean with holy water, because why the fuck not? That’s what it’s there for – to cleanse away our sins, right?

Let’s get sinful together! Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for blasphemy phone sex!

AIM: Rileys_Ready4U

Big Tit Phone Sex with Memphis

You remember the last time I glided my big tit phone sex across your cock and turned you into my nipple sucking fiend? You were caught off guard and didn’t know what to do as I pulled you into my trance making you leave all of your worries at the door. You’ve never experienced something as sweet and tempting as this and you promised yourself you would keep coming back for more

Big Tit Phone Sex


I knew you would be calling me over the other day for another late night rendezvous. You wanted me to wear my leather skirt with red bottom heels, and nipple clamps. Your palms were already sweating in anticipation as I knocked on your door for our tryst to begin. When you let me inside your eyes inspected every part of my body while focusing mainly on my breasts in big tit phone sex. You tugged on my nipple clamps which only made me wetter for you as I stood there leaking from your sexual temptation.

Following you into your den, I prepared myself to step into pandora’s box. I expected the best as you removed my nipple clamps and took my mounds into your mouth and seductively teased them. I came just from you sucking on my nipples. As I turned around so I could face you, you flashed me a seductive smile. With my big tit phone sex staring you right in the eyes, you pushed me closer to you and freed your manhood. I knew you wanted me to give him a special treat, so I got down on my knees and allowed your cock to fall in between my breasts. You were seconds away from busting so I twirled my tongue around the head of your cock and allowed your sticky semen to drip from my luscious tits. We spent the rest of the evening seducing one another with you always finishing on my breasts.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for the one and only Memphis;)


     AIM: XXX_Memphis

Twisted Taboo Phone Sex with Erin

Sick, twisted, perverted, are just some of the words my callers use to describe me after a twisted taboo phone sex call with me. I admit that I’m a perv, although I prefer the term pervette. My lust for those taboo fantasies is equal to yours and you would be surprised at just how far I am willing to go. Just what do I mean when I say twisted taboo? I would tell you everything here, but they won’t let me. It’s too taboo and too deviant. The good thing is when you call me for taboo phone sex, I can and I will tell you all the naughty sick and twisted details.

taboo phone sex

Taboo phone sex means something different everyone. It’s all about what you know and how you were raised. My last fun caller thought ass licking was taboo; do I dare tell him how much sicker and twisted that could be? Voyeurism is another taboo fantasy, especially if you use those binoculars or peep and sneak pics and vids where you shouldn’t. Cuckold fantasies, cheating wife, even BBC, are taboo to some guys. Who doesn’t love a big black dick and a little sissy white cream pie eater after?! Call me for those fantasies too, nothing is off limits in my world.

I want to push the limits of decency, of what is socially acceptable. I want to take your teacher/student and babysitter roleplays to the extreme. How about a day trip down on the farm or to the local kennel? The hottest taboo fantasies usually involve fucking people society says is a big no. Whether it’s an age difference or someone close to you, it’s the intimacy and forbidden that makes those ideas so hot. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? No limits, all taboos.

For twisted taboo phone sex call Erin 1-888-402-8669

aim – sexyeroticerin

Extreme Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey guys! Welcome to another session of Confessions 101. It’s Katrina, your favorite coed from Boston with bright blue eyes that sparkle like diamonds. I look so sweet and innocent to the outside world. Like the girl next door type. I am far from innocent! My confession is that I have been craving an extreme fantasy. One that is dark and twisted. Even so taboo that the world just won’t understand. You have some dark and twisted extreme phone sex fantasies, don’t you?

extreme phone sex

I know what you want! You want a partner to join in your twisted fantasies, don’t you? I am the perfect woman to find us the perfect playmates. I mean two or three are better than one, right? It is simple really, I just invite my best friend or another sexy bunny to join in our fun. I mean come on and look at me! There is nothing too taboo for me. I am a filthy fucking whore! I am beautiful, easy to talk to, and really our playmates will be eager to join in as well. Fuck! I love it! Just the thought of inviting them along, oh the plot thickens, fantasies get more taboo. I just can’t wait to play in your dark and twisted extreme phone sex fantasies. I am so hot, my snatch is wet! Whoops! I think I might have made a puddle.

I might have one request, one I think you will be agreeable to. I want to be the first to have a taste. Especially from my best friends snatch. I have been craving to get a taste of that for some time now. Who doesn’t love a little lesbian play. I love to watch as she wriggles and writhes, wondering how she missed this coming. She is probably thinking “what’s going to happen next?”Fuck! I think it is so hot to listen to her screams of pleasure and watch as her body stiffens. I bet you want that kind of pleasure don’t you? Want to hear more of some of the fantasies I have for extreme phone sex?

There are so many ways to play out what is held up in our imaginations. I mean really, nobody can understand your fantasies and desires quite like I can. The darker and more filthy the fantasy the more wet my tight slit becomes. Many of those filthy fantasies are just too extreme to discuss here. All you need is the perfect partner. There is nobody more perfect than the hot coed standing in front of you. I want to play out all your extreme phone sex fantasies. All you have to do to bring me on board is ask for Katrina when you dial 1 888 402 8669.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

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