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humiliation phone sex

I didn’t start out doing humiliation phone sex, but when I started doing it, my callers told me I was so mean to them, they couldn’t get enough.  Now I get many repeats request for humiliation.  I have a mean streak that excites me to put men in their place.  What do you need to be humiliated for ?  Do you have a small dick ?  Are you a total loser?  Are you a glory hole faggot ?  Are you a chronic masturbater?  Panty sissy ?  Cuckold ?  a dick flasher ?  You haven’t had a girlfriend in 10 years ?  All of you are beyond pathetic.  You will pay me to humiliate you . My special brand of humiliation will resonate deep within your mind, body and soul and bring you to a cataclysmic orgasm .  I know how your brain works, your brain craves and release of chemicals that humiliate elicits.  You crave the mental pain and anguish that my verbal tirade causes.  And most of all, you know that what you are being humiliated for is the truth.  And the truth hurts, doesn’t it ?  So you will call me for humiliation phone sex to experience all of this and more. I can even go deeper than humiliation into degradation.  My tongue lashings are forecefull and might make you cry, if crying is your emotional fetish.  You will hear my voice continue to humiliation and degrade you in your mind, like a song stuck in your head.  You will realize you are addicted to me and my contempt of you.  You will keep calling me, because the more I humiliated you, the more powerful your orgasms !  That is a tiny cock , but right now, it’s time to stop thinking and time to start stroking as I humiliate you, loser.

Call Dee at 1-888-402-8669

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erotic hypnosis phone sex

Hello, boys.

As you know, erotic hypnosis is, of course, my favorite thing to do with my callers. One of the reasons for this is that it can be used for so very many things. No matter what your fantasy is, hypnosis phone sex and mind control can make it so much better.

For some fantasies, it’s pretty obvious how this works. If you’re a sissy, for example, hypno can give you the sensation of what it feels like to have breasts underneath your pretty little bra. Or if you’re a man who likes playing around with orgasm control and denial, then hypno is perfect for that as well.

But, again, these are fairly self-evident examples. Still, hypno works with almost all fantasies. Let’s try one that’s not quite so obvious, then.

Imagine being a body worship enthusiast who’s under my hypnotic spell. You’ll be able to feel exactly what it feels like to have a beautiful ass perched right on your face for you to worship, pinning you down, trapping you, smothering you. You’ll be able to taste every sweet taste, smell every sweet scent, and feel every bit of silky heat all by yourself as you listen to my voice.

Or, if that doesn’t do it for you, maybe this one will. Let’s say you want to improve your cock sucking skills, but you can’t quite get rid of the last of your gag reflex. No worries. Erotic hypnosis phone sex can help you with that, too. You’ll be deep-throating like a pro in no time.

Hypno and mind control really do work with all fantasies. I can’t wait to show you exactly what I mean.

Arianna 1-888-402-8669

religious blasphemy phone sex

Yes of course I still enjoy the wicked religious blasphemy phone sex calls. Nothing in the world is more satisfying, it is even better than sex. Let’s face the fact that the majority of people on Earth follow a certain religion and worship “GOD”. It is just a societal norm that people use to feel safe. Do we really need God or to follow a religion? I don’t fucking think so. I would rather spend most of my time going against society, God and religion.

Religious blasphemy phone sex is very exciting and freeing. It gives you the sense of freedom and power that no one can ever take away. There are absolutely no limits and if you can blaspheme God then you can blaspheme anything. It’s a real rush to take everything under the Sun and create you own evil wicked and perverted shit all over it. I know there are a lot of you sick men out there that find this arousing. You sit there like a bastard with your hard cock ready to spill it
while you scream and shout fuck Jesus. That’s right I said it fuck Jesus and fuck whoever your God is also! Now we can go and corrupt all the members of the church and make them watch while we create more wicked acts than Hitler himself. Neither one of us will have a heart. We will do the evil deeds of Satan no matter what happens to us. We don’t care about sinning. Who fucking cares we will worry about what will happen to us later. Fuck God and fuck everything. The only people that we will have to answer to is ourselves.

Let’s get really awful have the most extreme religious blasphemy phone sex you have ever had. Don’t hold anything back either. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for London!

BBC phone sex

Hey guys. I love cock, as most of you know, but what you don’t know is I love BBC much more then I love white cock.  BBC phone sex is the best and it makes me so horny and my panties so wet.  The thought of a huge 12 inch or larger cock sliding it’s head right in between my legs makes me tingle inside.  My pussy is full of cream just thinking about it!!

I have this boyfriend, and well his ding-a-ling sometimes just isn’t enough for me at all.  He knows this, just as well as you know it.  The white cock has no comparison to the Big Black Cock.  He gets me prepared for the BBC phone sex all the time.  Isn’t it just so sweet of him to do that for me?  I’m sure you want to know how he prepares me this way you can prepare me as well.  First, he finds me the biggest blackest cock for the night.  He calls him up, and tells him that I need a good hard fucking.  The guy comes over with his huge black cock dangling between his legs.  I make my boyfriend rip his pants off and get on his knees like a good bitch.  That huge cock is not fitting inside me unless its lubed up.  What better way to lube that cock up then with my boyfriend’s saliva. Watching that big black cock work in and out of my man’s mouth gets me so wet and creamy.  I love seeing him gag and choke on it.  Then, he comes over to me and eats my ass out.  That’s right, he gets his tongue way up there in my ass hole and gets it nice and wet.  Then, he steps, or should I say crawls away and allows the real man to fuck me.  He bends me over, slaps my ass, throws one leg in the air and within 3 seconds he is thrusting his huge Big black cock deep inside my creamy white pussy.

Why don’t you cum play with me and I’ll tell you all about it and we will have the most amazing and hottest BBC phone sex ever. Give me a call at 1-
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phone sex Mistress

My name is Natasha and I am your new phone sex Mistress. No, you don’t get a choice. It’s already been made for you. You will serve me from this day forward. You’ll do what I want and you’ll do it when I want you to do it. And you won’t question me. If all of that is clear to you, then you may call me.

I don’t know what I’ll make you do… or what I’ll do to you. It just depends on my mood when you call me. But right now, I’m in the mood for some strap on fun. Have you ever sucked a fat strap on? Ever been fucked by one? If you haven’t ever been fucked, you might worry that it’s going to hurt. Well, honestly… it probably is. But don’t you worry… I don’t care about that at all. I will still fuck you just the same as I would if you weren’t an anal virgin. Oh, you thought I was going to be gentle? Nope, that really isn’t my style.

If you think being fucked in the ass hard is mean, you haven’t really seen anything yet. You better hope that you don’t call when I’m in the mood for CBT phone sex! Oh, you don’t know what that is? Well, let’s just say that we’re going to use some fun household items to cause some pain to your cock and balls. Hairbrushes, wooden spoons, shoelaces, rubber bands, clothespins… oh, they are all so much fun to play with. Well, fun for me… you’re probably going to end up in tears!

So, are you brave enough to call this phone sex Mistress and see what I’m in the mood for? Just one thing… do not be a pussy if you call. You need to be willing to do whatever I want you to do. You need to dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to speak to Natasha.

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creampie phone sex

Hi all!  I have never been very handy in the kitchen, but there is one dish I serve up like Betty Fucking Crocker — creampie phone sex.  And of course, I love preparing it for my devoted cuckolded callers.  So here is my special recipe — I take several (at least 4) big thick cocks and I fuck everyone of them bareback to completion.  With each load, my pussy just gets more and more delicious.  Often, I let my cuckold watch so he can build up a voracious appetite.  With every thrust, he knows he is one step closer to getting what he wants.  I use my tight pussy to milk every fat prick I can handle.  I can feel that cum filling me up after each balls deep fucking.  Then when my sore pussy can not take one more poke, I know it is time to give my sissy cum eating bitch what he wants.  I lay back and spread those legs just as wide as I can and let my cuckold get such a good look at the creampie I prepared just for him.  He is often too excited to just dive in.  He takes his time and licks around the edges, just gets a taste.  Sometimes I instruct him to just lie down on the bed so I can mount his face.  That is such a good way to make sure he gets every drop of it.  Creampie phone sex can be messy and so much fun.

You should grab your credit card and your phone and call me at 1-888-402-8669 so we can see what I can prepare for you.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

hot phone sex

I’ve been told that I am a beautiful busty brunette & that my emerald green eyes enchant & that my pussy delights. I can’t disagree. The other morning I decided to take some pleasure in well…myself. I laid across my bed & got ready to have the hottest hot phone sex ever. I love the feel of satin sheets. Goes perfectly with my silky cami & panties. I wasn’t wearing anything else. I began by running my fingers through my rich chestnut brown hair. So soft! I started to give myself a very sensual massage. Eventually, I stripped my cami off & rubbed my shoulders & slowly almost teasingly ran my hands down to my breasts. I caressed them & pinched my nipples. I twisted them until a sweet moan escaped from my lips. My pussy started aching for attention. I felt so wildly sexual. The inner muscles of my pussy tightened with a throbbing sensation. All of the sudden my pussy was drenched & my panties were soaked with arousal. I couldn’t resist, I just had to touch myself. I reached over & picked up my favorite purple satin impulse dildo/vibrator. It’s shaped just like a real cock & feels so natural. I turned it on to the top speed & worked it against my clit. I slid it in between my pussy lips. I must say that I got so excited; I started moaning out loud. I was barely even rubbing the tip against my clit! It was throbbing so hard with excitement. I started to rage & thrust against the toy with an uncontrolled desire. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore & I worked the dildo right into my pussy. I shoved it all the way into my pussy with one good thrust. It was amazing…I can’t even tell you how hard of an orgasm I had. It felt so incredibly good. I can’t wait for a repeat, but this time I want you to get me off. I need your dick to be hard, horny, & ready for me. Well that’s all for now everyone, gotta go, I’ll tell you more about my hot phone sex adventures next time.

P.S. In case you didn’t know, I’m sweet as sugar & flawlessly fuckable too!

1 888 402 8669 & ask for Keira

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cuckold phone sex

Well you know that this cuckold phone sex slut can’t pass up a good time, right? Well let me tell you what happened when my phone husband “T” found a text on my phone! It had went off while I was out of the room, and him being curious, he looked at the message! It was from my guy with the BBC, Marcus. Well “T” went back through my texts with him and found out that I’d been cheating! Oops! Actually, he already knew I was. You see, he’d set up a nanny cam in our bedroom! So he knew what a cuckold phone sex whore his little trophy wife was! I know now why he has randomly been coming home early from work with no notice! He’s been trying to catch me in the act! I’m sure he was mad at first, but then he decided to give me a surprise! A big fat black double surprise! That’s right! He texted Marcus pretending to be me and told him to come right over. And to bring his friend with the biggest cock! Imagine my surprise when there’s knock at the door! Not just Marcus walking into my house, but his big dicked friend Tyrone too! What’s a BBC-loving slut such as myself to do? You guessed it! I stripped down and took both of them. Right there with my husband watching and listening to all the moans and squeals that he has never heard me make for him! He knows he just doesn’t have what it takes to make me cum like that. And I let those two big black studs do so many things to me that he has been begging me for! But that hole isn’t for average guys… oh no! So he just sat back and watch me be devoured while he played his own little instrument. What can I say? It isn’t my fault he can’t get the job done for me. If he could, then maybe I wouldn’t have to resort to cuckold phone sex… or maybe I would! lol Maybe you should cum play with me to find out if you are man enough.

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Avalon for cuckold phone sex

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phone sex girlfriend

My favorite part of being a phone sex girl is getting to know all you sexy men who call me. I know some of you just like to get to the fantasy and leave it at that, and that is more than okay with me; but there are others of you who like to take time and make a connection via the phone with me. Being your phone sex girlfriend is something I don’t take for granted either. When we have our time together the only thing I want to do is make you feel like the sexiest, smartest and best boyfriend ever. Call me for GFE phone sex and you always have someone who is not only willing to listen, but wants to know all about your day, the good and the bad. Let me massage your shoulders while you just relax and let me whisper in your ear how amazing you are.

The best part of having me as your kinky phonesex girlfriend, when it comes to sex, I will never say no! We can act out any fantasy, talk about all your secrets, no matter how dirty or taboo. I’ll be on my knees to suck your dick whenever you want and when you cum in my mouth, I’ll savor every drop. If you lean to the submissive side I’ll take full advantage and spend hours with my ass in your face. They say phone sex is the next best thing to being there, and when we’re on the phone together, dirty talking and phone fucking, believe me when I tell you that I will be cumming too! I always have a vibe or dildo handy and if you want to play with toys, that’s even better.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask to speak with Erin for kinky gfe phone sex for the girlfriend experience you’ve been searching for.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh my freaking God. You call that thing a dick? It most certainly is not! It’s more like an over sized clit and you know it! The only kind of phone sex you should be calling me for is small penis humiliation phone sex. Don’t even think about trying to talk to me and pretend that you could ever please me. The truth is, the only thing I would ever do to your dick is laugh at it. It would NEVER touch me.

I want to call a bunch of my girlfriends over and make you strip naked in front of us. You can stand there and we’re all going to take pictures of you for blackmail material. I know all of the laughter and humiliation is going to make your tiny nub hard, so I’m going to give you a throw pillow and you’re going to put it on the floor and hump it. It’s more action than you’d get from any of us, so you better enjoy it! We’re all going to have our cell phones out taking videos of this and we’re going to put it on one of those porn sites. I wonder how many people are going to get a good laugh out of watching you hump that pillow? Oh, I forgot one thing. Once you blow your tiny load on the pillow, I’m going to make you clean it up with your tongue. You’re going to lick every single drop of cum up until I am satisfied that you got all of it.

Ready for some cruel small penis humiliation phone sex? If you think that you can handle it, then you should grab your phone and call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for April. Make sure you have that pillow ready to hump!

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