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erotic hypnosis phone sex

I have recently discovered that I have the power of mind control.  During out erotic hypnosis phone sex call I will have you immediately entranced by my sexy slow purring voice.  You will be a ball of mush in my hands for me to do with as I please, and boy does Mistress Jocelyn have big plans for you!  I will give you a code work, and when I say this word you will be under my spell.  You will first strip yourself naked when I say this word, and then when I say it again your cock will start to grow harder and harder.  I say it a third time and you will stroke your cock for me as my voice guides and commands you to.  When I say it for the fourth time you will be ready to release all of your past inhibitions to me anything sexual that you have pushed away to the deepest darkest corners of your mind you will share with me.  All of your secrets are safe with Mistress Jocelyn during erotic hypnosis phone sex you will be able to play out any fantasy that you may have been even hiding from yourself.  You may be surprised at what you reveal to me during erotic hypnosis phone sex.  Maybe you’re an egotistic overly dominating male every day in real life, but deep down you crave to be dominated by a strong woman.  Or maybe you’re just an average everyday guy who would never dream of putting women’s stockings, and panties on, but when falling under my spell you reveal that you have always wanted to be a sissy slut who wants to play dress up, and be fucked in the ass by me with my sexy pink strap on!  Having second thoughts?  Well don’t because I will return you to normal before we end our session your slate will be wiped clean!

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strap on fetish

“Oh no Mistress Vanessa, please don’t stick that there! I’m not into anal” HA! As if. Now stop lying to me and tell me what you really want. Tell me what you came here for. We both know the answer so just say it baby. Tell your Mistress how you have a strap on fetish and need to feel my stiff one inside you now. I want to hear you tell me how much you want it. Then beg me. *laughs* Beg me to let you stay and play with me and my strap on cock. Nothing tone shy about here. I love fucking and fucking you with a strap on, well that’s quite a turn on for me. The first time I fuck you with my cock I want you on your back. On your back with your legs wrapped around my waist as I pump my big thick strap on cock in your tight ass. I want you to grab my beautiful breasts and look at me while I fuck you hard and fast.  I’ll fuck you in ways you didn’t even know you could be fucked. Of course before any of this, you’ll need to impress me with your cock sucking skills. I want you looking at me while you are on your knees in front of me. Look up at me while you suck my strap on cock. Look at me and know that your Mistress has put you there on your knees. Your Mistress has put that strap on cock in your mouth and your Mistress will also part your cheeks and stretch your ass open. I’m going to love exploring your strap on fetish. Finding out how you like to be fucked and with what size. When my cock isn’t in your ass I want you sucking it and stroking your cock for me. I’m going to keep you very very busy, I hope you can keep up with all my strap on cock demands. I know your ass is tingling and aching to be filled.

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GFE phone sex

Ready for some GFE phone sex with your favorite chocolate treat!! I’m Raven your nasty ebony wet dream come true.Are you looking for the perfect girlfriend?  I promise you, I’m the sexy college coed that you’d love to cum home to. When you walk in the door, I’m going to meet you wearing the skimpiest lingerie you have ever seen – and  I picked it out just for you. I hope you like see through. I want you to sit down so I can straddle you, and you can rip off what I’m wearing and get your big hands on my  perky coco titties and give them a nice squeeze … and of course I expect you to slid my panties to the side and finger my pussy — oops! I mean, your pussy, it belongs to you! Of course, I’ll remind you that I’m here to make sure that your nice and
relaxed after a hard day at work – so why don’t you  just get out of your pants, spread your legs and let me at that big hard cock – aren’t you dying to  find out what my mouth is going to do to you – I promise absolute pleasure! Yes baby I want to be your very own GFE phone sex toy. We can talk about whatever you want. I’m a very good listener and will make you feel so special. Perhaps you need a girl like me for sweet pillow talk or someone to snuggle up with in bed.You work so hard and long hours at the office doesn’t leave you much time to share with someone special. Those long, lonely nights at home leave you fantasizing about the perfect woman who would be able to satisfy your needs.It’s not as easy as it sounds I know, so that’s why being with me is the perfect solution because this sensual tease is more than able to give you the pleasure you so desperately need and deserve.So I  know just how to give you the most erotic and intense GFE phone sex experience you could ever imagine. Whether you’re home alone or your spouse is simply inattentive to your needs, you climb the walls obsessed with finding the perfect girl to share all those hardcore fantasies with.I love nothing more than to fulfill all those dreams you’ve dared not to say out loud.Listen as I tell you in my sexy, sweet voice how bad I want to taste your lips  feel your mouth sucking hard on my big juicy tits and feel your throbbing rock hard cock so deep inside my smooth tight pussy.I ache to hear your voice and tell me how you can’t stop thinking about me and how I quench your thirst for the most hardcore sexual experience. I’ll be here waiting for your GFE phone sex call baby until you crave my company because you know I’ll never deny or disappoint you.

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exhibitionist phone sex

Do you like to swim? I know that I do! I get quite the thrill when I’m doing something that’s naughty and I could get caught doing it. I’ve been known to be an exhibitionist phone sex slut. Are you wondering what I’m talking about? My boyfriend and I decided to go to this swimming hole close by to where we live. There were lots of people there, so we really didn’t have any privacy. See, that didn’t matter, I didn’t care if there were people around. I wanted some action, and honestly, I like it when people watch. Fuck it’s so hot, don’t you think so? I especially liked the feel of the cold water over my soft supple skin as we were walking in. Nobody knew what we were going to be doing. His swim shorts were loose enough, and my bathing suit bottom was easy to flip aside. Just like you, my boyfriend was instantly hard the moment the water hit his brawny shaft. I know that you’ve got your shaft in your hand.

So, are you wondering what was going on underneath that cool water?  Put your imaginations to work boys! I know that you like watching, and I really enjoy showing off, especially when there’s a lot of people to watch, or I can get caught with you. I like to fuck in public places like the elevator, swimming holes, on the hood of my car. You name it, I’ve probably done it! You should join me for some exhibitionist phone sex.

It makes me feel so free and hot knowing that we could get caught fucking in a public place, I know it turns you on too.  I would love to hear all about your exhibition ways through exhibitionist phone sex. Let’s cum together while we explore our fantasies!

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sissy training phone sex

Hey all your sissy boys and Tinkerbelle transvestites out there! I know you want sissy training phone sex, and I am the girl you are looking for!

I’m sure it’s your dream to be like me, with beautiful long hair, sexy shaved legs, high heels, and to have all the men following you the way they follow me. You’re a sissy, but you need help being the ultimate sissy, and that’s where sissy training phone sex comes in! By taking lessons with me, Miss Nadia, you will learn to walk like a lady, talk properly the way a real woman would, in addition to getting lessons in makeup application, hair extensions, and how to be beautiful the way a woman should be! I know you want to be a REAL woman, sissies, and do the things that we do! Of course, you could never learn on your own, no matter how many books you read or videos you watch! You need a superior female with a real vagina to show you how to be a woman. I know you sissies think I’m the epitome of female perfection, and you are absolutely right! Let me help you reach that high so you, too, can attract men, and be the ultimate sissy I know you are capable of being! I know you crave big, hard cock just as much as I do, and you could never satisfy a woman with your equipment. It’s time to give in and be the sissy that you are!

If you are in need of sissy training phone sex, make sure you take lessons from me! I have successfully trained 100’s of sissies-let’s make you my next one!

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cross dressing phone sex

I just love cross dressing phone sex sluts.  There are so many fun things we can do together!  When I help sissy bois like you get all dressed up, I go all out.  It’s almost a ritual to me.  You take a nice long hot bubble bath, shave your whole body.  I want you nice and smooth for me.  Now its time to get you all dried off and put lotion on every inch of your body.  Don’t forget, women are soft and delicious.  Let’s sit you down in front of my make up mirror.  I want your make up perfect.  Once I have your make up exactly how I want it, its time to pick out a wig.  I bet you would look good in a long blonde wig.  Yeah, that is just right.  Let’s step into my closet and find something that will make you look like the hot piece of ass you really are.  I have all kinds of stuff that will make you feel special and would feel so good against your skin.  I have the cutest pink dress that would look so good on you. Put that on while I get you some heels.  I have some jewelry and perfume to complete your outfit.  Now go and look at yourself in the mirror and tell me that you have never looked or felt prettier.  I know baby, it feels so right.  So how about we go out and have a good time, try to find some boys to play with.  Cross dressing phone sex can be so much for us!

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2 girl phone sextwo girl phone sex

Recently, Katrina called me & was very eager to know the tricks & treats I have up my sleeve when it comes to domination phone sex. I suggested that she needed to cum & visit me. She knew I would whip her into shape in no time. I decided a week would be sufficient! Attention whores like Katrina really aren’t too hard to train. I have to admit her eagerness did surprise me. She was on a flight that night to visit as well as be trained! I am not known for being gentle & Katrina was no exception. As soon as she arrived at my door, I immediately began giving her orders. I made her kneel before me naked & exposed. She was vulnerable to my wants & needs. I led her quickly into the dungeon. Of course I made her crawl on her hands & knees. I had already placed a sleek black leather collar & leash around her neck. She looked sexier than ever, but I didn’t let her in on that secret. I had just remodeled & couldn’t wait to try out my new toys! First, I led the sexy slut around the room; showing her shelves that displayed my collection of hard glass dildos. We then moved on to my wall of whips, crops, paddles, & floggers! I saw her wiggle with excitement as she eyed my abundant collection of paddles! I had a feeling that this hot co-ed chic was going to become the type of girl who loves a good spanking. I’m sure you know the type…bends over & shows her tight round ass before you even tell her to. I picked out my favorite paddle & led her over to a stool in the middle of the room. “Bend over my lap, domination phone sex slut!” I commanded.

“Yes…yes…” She stuttered. I could tell she was unsure what to call me.

“Yes Mistress. You will always address me as your Mistress.” I told her.

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” She replied.

Then she stood up with a slight sway of her hips. It was almost sassy. She gave me no choice. I began rubbing her ass cheeks. I didn’t warm her up too much before I started paddling her. It didn’t take long before her ass cheeks turned red hot for me. She moaned & whimpered. She continued to sway her hips for me & even tried to rub her tight cunt against my leg. Her pussy was drenched like a good whore. After I felt I had given Katrina a fairly decent domination phone sex paddling; I used my fingers to soothe & massage her now welted cheeks. She had a couple of tears streaming down her face, but she begged for more.

“Please…please Mistress Layla. Don’t stop. Please I want more…I need more.” Katrina begged to me.

I smiled, “Aww…don’t fret you poor sweet thing. I’ve only just begun.”  To be continued…

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Are you a pathetic small dick looser that needs to call me for small penis humiliation phone sex?  Well answer these questions first -  Your penis small?  under 6 inches?  Do you have a wife or girlfriend ?  Im pretty sure you are a looser? Maybe you need to beg me to see if I will let you touch yourself.  I want your looser ass to feel so helpless, and worthless when I get done with you.  Im pretty sure you will tho!  I will laugh so fucking hard at you, specially after you tell me how your tiny pecker fits so good in them panties.  What you want to jerk off ? I myself dont call that jerking off.  You know you have  such a small thimble dick that there is nothing to hold on to that you need to rub it like a tiny clitty.  I might even let you hump your pillow when you call me for small penis humiliation phone sex.  Dont get to fucking excited I said maybe.  I just love to hear you whimper on the phone because I am not shy about telling you exactly how I feel about small penis humiliation phone sex.   Little bitch go ahead put your panties on, give me a call I am so ready for a good laugh today, tomorrow, and any other day.

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mutual masturbation phone sex

Nothing gets me hotter and wetter than watching you stroke that hard cock while watching me play with my hairless, pink pussy. Mutual masturbation phone sex is one of my major turn ons because we both want each other and are in the mood for a good fuck. I can’t go to sleep at night without rubbing my warm, wet panties and imagining you slamming me from behind.

Every morning I wake up and I am so horny! The only way I can seem to calm my nerves is to rub my clit and imagine you watching me, and wanting me. I love running my hands along my creamy, smooth thighs and imagining your tongue trailing along them. I can feel us getting increasingly more and more turned on and the desire to pounce on each other is growing. I know you love mutual masturbation phone sex just as much as I do baby, and we both know what we must do.

Mutual masturbation phone sex is one of the many topics I would love to explore with you baby. The feeling of knowing that we both want and need each other sends shivers all over my body, and down my spine. The more I think about you massaging your package and staring passionately into my eyes, the more aroused I become. I imagine us kissing slowly, and then I grab onto that large package you have while you slide a couple fingers into my panties and we both please each other until we are bursting our juices everywhere.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

I like a man with a small penis. Not to fuck of course, but to humiliate. There’s something so sexy about using my beauty and charm to make a man suffer for his tiny dick. And that’s what tiny dick guys need to do, suffer a bit of humiliation. My pussy is meant for real men. Men with long thick strong cocks. Cocks that always work, that last until I’m done and never disappoint. That’s the kind of cock that I let fuck my beautiful pussy. As for men with tiny little dicks, you are so much fun to torment and tease. I can’t wait for the next caller who is in desperate need of some small penis humiliation phone sex. When I see your tiny dick I can’t help but laugh. Laugh and take a few pictures. Sometimes its fun to get out my great big strap on dildos and lay them next to your tiny dick and take a picture of that. Its fun to see your face when you actually look at the difference side by side. Then you really grasp how much you don’t have. Quite literally sometimes. I find many times that you have to see for yourself up close and personal exactly what your little dick can’t do. It can’t make me go crazy with lust. No one’s ever begged you to ravage them with your cock. No

one’s ever begged you to do anything but hurry up and finish. *laughs* I’m right aren’t I? If you are really good and watch close while I let a great big cock satisfy me over and over, then I might give you a little something as a special treat. I’ll slide down on your lap and wrap my warm wet cream pie pussy around your pathetic little prick and ride you. Just so you knew your place though, why don’t you open your mouth and experience the joy of big cock in a whole new way. I’ll help you even. And while you’re gagging on that great big cock, tasting my sweet pussy juices on it, I’ll ride your tiny pecker and laugh at how I can’t even feel you and bitch at you to hurry up and do your thing so I can get back to having some real fun with the big cocks. When I feel you getting ready to spurt your itty bitty load I get up off of you, leaving you to finish on your own, all over yourself. *laughs* How fucking pathetic you are on our small penis humiliation phone sex call. Clean yourself up and then clean me up so I can start fucking big cock again. Clean me with your tongue. And stick around, we’re going to keep doing this all night long. I’ve got some girlfriends I want to invite over to laugh at you with me.

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