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One of my most favorite things is watching you stroke your cock for me. I love to tell you how jerk your cock off; when to slide your hand your on your cock and when to tease your balls. You love guided masturbation phone sex because you are looking for something a little different, an extra hand so to speak. There is something so much better when you close your eyes and listen to my sexy voice telling how to make that cock rock hard for me. Use your hands as if they were mine as I instruct you to stroke slow and then harder and then give a squeeze before you take your hand away. If you have a cam, I would love to watch you jerk off for me too!

Don’t be surprised when you realize that not only am I guiding your hands, but my own as well. I can’t help it, I get so fucking horny when I hear how excited you get when you’re jerking off. So hot for both of us to get off together; me telling you tickle the head of your cock before I let you stroke again while I have 2 fingers teasing my juicy cunt. Jack that cock off for me and listen to me get off with you. If one of us cumming is good, both of us cumming together is better, isn’t it?

When you call for guided masturbation phone sex, it helps to have some lube or lotion, panties (not to wear, but you could wear them if you like), a piece of string, cock ring or whatever else you might like to play with. I love to introduce you to new masturbation techniques and sensations, all to increase your pleasure and the strength of your orgasm. A little tease and denial never hurt anyone!

Call me at 1-888-402-8669 (ask for Erin) for guided masturbation phone sex.

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I like to think of myself as quite sexually diversified.  I will try anything once. And if I like it, watch out.  So you can say I am not a “vanilla” kind of girl.  Nope, I am more like 31 flavors.  Every now and again I like to flip the switch and indulge in strap on phone sex. I want to feel the power that cock gives me when I strap it on.  I just love the way a big black strap on looks and feels on my petite body.  Not to mention how a man looks at me when I whip it out — a mixture of fear and excitement they can’t put into words. I mean, its only fair, right? Men always want to pin me down and fuck me hard, make me submit to them. Now, It is time for you to know what it feels like to get truly and deeply fucked. And this isn’t my first strap on rodeo, oh no. I know how to use my favorite toy. Trust me, I know where your g-spot is, and I will make you cum just hard like a slut.  All you have to do is lay on your back and relax, Kelly will do the rest.  We can go even further, you know!  I would love to see you all dressed up in panties and heels.  Put you on your knees and make you worship this big black strap on.  Act like the whore I know you are deep down inside.  That is right, channel your inner fuck slut for me.  Beg me to fuck you with my monster cock.  I just love the way that sounds!  You can straddle me, pull your panties to the side and ride my cock like a $2 whore.  Oh that is so frigging hot!

Call me for strap on phone sex at 1-888-402-8669 and get on all fours for me.

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guided masturbation phone sex

I know your most likely a master at masturbating.  Your a single man, a virgin and well not the most talkative when it comes to the ladies! I think I know just what will help you!  A guided masturbation phone sex call.  That’s right, my sexy self would love to guide you on how to masturbate and when to masturbate.

First, take your pants down and your boxers, all the way off.  Make sure you have a big bottle of lotion, your going to need it.  Do not touch yourself until you are instructed. I want you to think about how I’m over here in my sexy panties, rubbing my clit in circles with my 2 fingers while we talk.  Licking my fingers clean of my pussy juices and wishing I had a nice cock to fuck.  Now, I know your cock is nice and hard.  You may now touch your cock.  Put 4 squirts of lotion on the palm of your hand.  I want you to rub it all over and in your cock.  I want that cock slippery wet, just like my pussy is. Now, take your pointer finger and rub it in circles, slowly on the head of your cock, imagining it’s my tongue.  Mmmm feels amazing doesn’t it.  Then, you take your pinky finger and stink it right in the slit of your cock, “how does that feel?”  I hear the moaning on your end of the phone so I know your enjoying.  Grab your cock and start stroking it really slow with your right hand.  Put a few more squirts on your cock of lotion so its really really wet.  “Roni, this feels amazing and I feel like I’m deep in your pussy, I’m about to cumm cummmm cummm.”  Before I can stop you I hear the explosion
and I was not even half way done guiding you.

Looking for some hot and sexy guided masturbation phone sex, then call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Roni!!

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femdom phone sex

If you’re looking for the perfect femdom phone sex Goddess, you can stop searching now. My name is Victoria and I am everything you have been looking for. Tall, blonde, gorgeous, strict and intelligent… what more could you ask for, really? I’m not one of these women who claim to know what true dominance is. I know it’s much more than being mean to submissive men like you. It really isn’t about being mean. It’s about me knowing my place and you knowing yours.

And now, I will tell you where your place is. You belong at my feet. You will be my servant and you will do anything and everything that I tell you to do. If I want you to worship my feet, you will. If I want you to lick the bathroom floor, you will. If I want you to bend over and take my strap on in your sissy ass, you will. If I tell you that I want something, you will get out your wallet and get it for me. And if you show even one little moment of hesitance, your punishment will be swift and firm. Trust me, you do not want to cross me.

When you’re ready to submit and worship the most perfect femdom phone sex Goddess to ever live, call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to speak to Victoria

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financial domination phone sex

You know you’re a loser, don’t you? And you know that I would never have anything to do with you if you weren’t calling me for financial domination phone sex, right? Don’t act like you have any right to be offended. You know you’re a worthless loser. All you’re good for is being my pay piggy and buying me everything I want. I don’t NEED anything, and that’s the fun part… I don’t need it but I WANT it. I want everything that you have.

I hope you know that you won’t have any control over your finances anymore. You will live, breathe, and of course work to make sure I have everything I want. You can give up all of your little luxuries in life to make sure that I have mine. You don’t need cable anymore… you won’t have time to watch TV because you’ll be busy thinking about me and calling me. You don’t need the internet… you can just use your phone for that. You aren’t going to jerk off unless I tell you that you can, so you won’t need the internet for porn. I don’t even care if you have food. You can eat ramen noodles while I eat filet mignon and go shopping at only the finest stores. I don’t care how much you suffer. I am 100% worth it. Don’t you agree?

I don’t care how worried you are about what you’re going to tell your girlfriend or wife about your dwindling bank account. If it’s that big of a deal, just break up with her. I don’t care, it really isn’t my problem. I’m not going to micro manage your life for you. You will just willingly give up everything you need to give up in order to keep me happy.

When you’re ready to do that, pick up the phone and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Natasha for financial domination phone sex.

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spanish phone sex

Hola Papi! What’s good? Your blonde vixen is back and I want to tell you all about my love for Spanish phone sex. Now, although I might not be fluent in Spanish, I simply adore Spanish men! I love hearing you whisper in my ear and tell me all the nasty things you want to do to me. In my experience, Spanish men are more passionate lovers, too. Just the thought of all that Latin heat penetrating my tight, pink pussy sends shivers all over my body!

Tell me baby, in that sexy Spanish voice of yours, all the nasty and dirty things that you want to do to me. I love feeling you kiss my neck, and the way you run your fingertips along my thighs while we engage in some hot Spanish phone sex. Speak to me in the language that only you understand, and tell me how badly you are lusting for my creamy, satin pussy. What girl can resist an accent? It is one of the many things that I consider a major turn on. Can you feel the heat building between us Papi?

Spanish phone sex is about the chemistry and heat that is growing between us. Different cultures desiring the same thing, and that’s a good, passionate fuck! Let’s go dancing at a salsa club, where we are grinding and sweating into each other. You’ll grab my delicious hips and thighs and I’ll run my hand down your chest and grab your butt. Pressing into each other we will grind until you get so hard that you’ll have to take me behind the building and bend me over and fuck me wild in the alleyway! I just simply cannot resist that sexy voice, and they passion that is building between us. Drive me wild with your accent and speak to me in a way that only Spanish phone sex will allow.

If you’re feeling freaky, and want to fill me with Latin passion, give me a call at 1 888 402 8669!

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sissy phone sex

Greetings to all of my sissy cock whores out there. I’m looking for all of you out there who are longing/desiring to be a girls, and let me dress you up in the cutest clothes and show you off in public.

I want to tell everybody about my favorite sissy who calls himself Cindy. I just enjoy talking to him, taking him shopping for the cutest clothes and showing him off to all of my friends. Just recently, I invited some of my friends over so I could show my sissy off. My Cindy cried when he realized my friends were laughing and pointing at him. It embarrassed him so much that he had an accident on himself and he immediately started crying so hard. I enjoy berating my sissy with his 3 inch cock and telling him about what a loser he is. He is always asking me “do you think I’m a pathetic sissy?” Of course my response is always going to be yes because I want to make sure that he knows that the only way he can bring a smile to my face is by me reminding him of what a useless cock whore he is. I’ve even gone so far as to have sex with men whose cocks are at least 10 inches in front of him to prove to him what a cock whore he is.

I am always looking for the sissies out there who are in search of a mistress to dominate them and treat them like the girls they wish to be. So if you’re looking to have your masculinity destroyed, call your ebony goddess Sasha at 1-888-402-8669 for sissy phone sex and I’ll make that fantasy a reality.

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feminization phone sex

All the news lately about men becoming women is really making me itch for some hot feminization phone sex!  I know you want it too.  You have been sneaking around all over the internet wondering what the new girl looks like nude, and in some really sexy lingerie?  Hoping no one catches you stroking your cock, with that sad, sad face, because you wish you were rubbing your pretty pink clit.  I want to make you feel like the most beautiful little whore on earth!  You’re going to get the full treatment…head to toe.

During feminization phone sex I am going to start by putting some pretty makeup on you, red lipstick for a perfect little slut, and red fingernails too.  Then a really beautiful wig, with long flowing waves that you can feel down your back.  Are you feeling like a dirty little whore yet?  No?  Well, you will as soon as I dress you in some silky panties and a lacy bra, with some thigh high stockings and shiny stiletto shoes.  So shiny you can see your reflection in them.   Now I want you to pose for me while I take some pictures of you all dressed up.  Be patient slut, what you want is coming sooner than you think.  Don’t be greedy.

Look at how excited you get when you see me pick up my strap-on.  You just cannot wait to please me and be fucked like the little slut you are.  Well, all good girls have to suck it before they can get their dirty pussy fucked don’t they?  Wrap your pretty red lips around my cock and choke on it like the whore you want to be!  You better do a really good job, the better you do the easier it is going to be to get into that tight cunt of yours, no matter how wet you already are from being all dressed up.

Are you ready to be Mistress Harper’s dirty little whore? Call 1-888-402-8669 for feminization phone sex!

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 phone sex

Are you a fan of big tits? If your answer was yes (and we know it was… who doesn’t love big tits?) then you’re going to need to pick up that phone and call me for big tit phone sex. Look at them… wouldn’t you just love to squeeze them? You can just reach up and grab one in each hand while I’m riding your dick with my hot pussy.

Or maybe while I’m riding you, I will lean over and put them right in your face. I want you to wrap your mouth around each of my nipples until you get both of them nice and hard. Then I am going to wrap my tits around your face and smother you with them for a bit while I fuck you.

Is there something else you’d like? Oh, I know… you want to lay me on my back, straddle my chest and fuck my enormous tits, don’t you? You want to oil them up and have me squeeze them right around your dick while you fuck them just like you’d fuck my pussy. I’ll squeeze them nice and tight around that big dick, baby. There are times when I would rather have my tits fucked than my pussy. I really love feeling every inch of that dick slide back and forth. If you push it up far enough, I can even stick out my tongue and lick the head as you fuck my big titties. And honestly, there is nothing like feeling that hot and creamy load of cum shoot right between my big tits. I’ll even rub it all in while you watch.

I hope reading this made you as horny as it made me while I was writing it. Grab your phone and call me at 1-888-402-8669 be sure to ask for Erin for hot big tit phone sex. I can’t wait to hear what you want to do to them, baby!

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size queen phone sex

Welcome to Katrina’s world of perfection! So, I have to tell you something… but Shhhh… you can’t tell my parents… they don’t know. I have been dating my boyfriend now for a little while. He really is sweet, he tries to please me even though he has some short comings. *wink* I am guessing you can only imagine what those could be.  Recently, I have made him my big black cock bitch. He will do anything to make me happy… whenever and however I want him to. I mean he walks around worshipping the ground I walk on. It is sad really…. It used to be that I would just have all my fun while he was away at work, until I realized just how turned on he got by watching as I got the pleasure he just couldn’t give to me. He would always have his itty bitty tent from watching me with my big thick, black piece of man meat. The day I caught him watching, is the day I realized just how big of a size queen phone sex slut I really am.

Honestly, I enjoy big, not just big but HUGE! Give em’ to me big, thick and juicy! I mean fuck, I’m not God right? I’m not the one that gives these small dick losers what is barely between their legs. Some men are special and get all the meat while others are losers and didn’t get much. My guess is that God is in Heaven looking down going there you go stupid losers! I’m sure I sound like quite the bitch, but I can think of several losers that love to be told about my size queen phone sex obsession.

I mean, if you don’t have what I need, keep walking and shut your fucking mouth! There is another time and place for your shit. Like during a cuckolding call, while I am showing losers how “real men” please a REAL woman like me! I mean, I’m spoiled, I am a princess, I know what I want, and I go for it! What is so wrong with that right? * So, if you have what I want, cum and get what you want…*wink.* Unless… your brain is as small as the itty bitty clitty I don’t want right now *hahahaha* just ask for Mistress Katrina for size queen phone sex when you dial 1 (888) 402-8669.

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