Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex with Avalon

I’ve been thinking about you. I know how badly you think you want to cum. Am I feeling in a giving mood? Perhaps ruined orgasm phone sex will be punishment for you, my little sub, or maybe the idea of a ruined orgasm just gets your cock rock hard and you need me to guide you to taking it to the next level? My control and dominance over your orgasm pleases me so. Some may say that it’s cruel, but I just consider it a powerful turn on and a motivator for you to be a good little sub. With my ruined orgasm phone sex I will take you to the point of no return and then I will use all the fun ways I have to see to it that your orgasm never sees the light of day.

ruined orgasm phone sex

Imagine my hands on your cock bringing you to the point where you’re ready to explode, then imagine me removing my hands at exactly that moment, leaving your cock bobbing in the air, leaking precum. After a few moments of you begging, I’ll stroke your cock again til you’re ready to cum. When that is just about to happen, I’ll pop a plug into your cockhead, keeping all the cum that is so eager to come out trapped painfully inside you. Then we begin the whole process over again, your cock growing harder as I ruin any chance of letting you experience release. I have a multitude of ways to ensure that ruined orgasm phone sex lives up to its very name. A hand can be used to restrict the flow of cum by very firmly gripping around the head or base of your cock and once your orgasm has been stifled again, perhaps I will allow you to touch it with one finger or stroke it ever so lightly with a feather. I know you will not even try to cum because you want me pleased with you and cumming is a big no no and will just bring about punishment, such as some good old fashioned cock and ball torture or icing your cock and balls until it numbs away your pleasure. In any event, when you and I have ruined orgasm phone sex, you will come back to see what other inventive ways I have to obliterate your orgasm.

1-888-402-8669 and ask for Avalon for all your ruined orgasm phone sex desires

AIM: Alluring_Avalon
Yahoo: AlluringAvalon

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Kelly

cream pie phone sex

My mama always said the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach.  But I am not much of a cook. No, I am a hot piece of ass though and guys always want to see if they can get a chance with me.  So you know me, I improvise.  For those special callers who have more kinky tastes,  I make the best cream pie phone sex call they have ever tasted!  I don’t slave over a hot stove though.  Nope, I work on top of a cock until my tight pussy is all gooey and sticky.  Oh, I milk a cock until it can’t help but empty a hot load inside of me.  Then I save my sloppy pussy to serve it up to you.  I can sit right on your face and let all that cream slowly drip into your hungry waiting mouth. Usually the face I am sitting on is far too eager to just wait.  Gotta stick that tongue just as far inside to get all the delicious sweetness out of me.  And sometimes when I feel like its a special occasion, I will fuck several men and let each of them blow inside of me so that my snatch is just a cummy jizz soup.  Then I like to lie down on my back, my hands behind my knees and present that cream pie to you. Don’t be shy, jump right in and enjoy it.  I made it special just for you!

Call me at 1-888-402-8669 and I will walk you through my very detailed recipe for the best cream pie phone sex call.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

Phone Sex Mistress Pia

You’re on the phone professing your undying devotion to me.  You know that I know what’s best for you.  I know what you need.  Of course, you want to cum so you’ll say anything at this point.  Knowing this, I keep you on the edge.  I won’t let you slack up on your stroke, but you’d better not fucking cum.  So you dangle, begging, pleaded, flattering me hoping that I’ll let you finish.  Promising everything that you can think of.  I start a countdown, your balls get happy, and just as I get to 4-3-2 I make you stop.  We both know why I do this.  Because you’re fucking useless once you drain your balls.  You become a crying ass baby.  If I let you cum, I’m going to get an email in an hour saying that you think you need to slow down and this is too intense blah blah blah.  Yes, it is intense.  That’s why you wanted a phone sex mistress.  You wanted intensity.  You wanted someone to ignore your excuses and your bullshit and hold you to your promises.  If that’s not what you wanted, you wouldn’t be here would you?  You talk shit and act like you’re done with me, but the minute your balls start to fill up again you’re right back on the phone begging your phone sex mistress to forgive you.

phone sex mistress

Do you actually believe that you deserve forgiveness?  I don’t think you do.  But I know you deserve discipline.  You’re going to make up for your broken promises.  Remember when you promised you’d get your faggot ass fucked and send me proof?  Yeah, I haven’t forgotten.  Until you make good on that, you’re never cumming.  You got that?  And don’t you think you’re going to hang up the phone and do it anyway.  If you really want to go this route, I’ll put a cock cage on you so fast your head will spin.  This is not play time, slave, this is your new life.  No excuses.  I won’t have them.

Now get your ass on the phone and dial 1-888-402-8669 and confess to your phone sex mistress!

AIM:  sassypia4u
Yahoo:  sassypia

GFE Phone Sex with Katrina

Welcome to another session of Confessions 101. I am Katrina. I am your innocent, sweet and oh so naughty co-ed next door. Do not be fooled by my sweet exterior. I am not your typical GFE phone sex girl.

GFE phone sex

Growing up I was always the girl making sure all the older men were happy. I was taught that a woman should know her place. To cook, to clean, to make a man happy, and to bear children. I guess that’s why everyone always seems to think I am a home wrecker. It’s not my fault these other girls don’t know how to please their man. I actually take the time to listen, to tweak what other girls don’t do. I am more than just good looks. I am what you can take home to your parents, then at the end of the day when we get home I am a freaky girl in the sheets. It is why you call me for GFE phone sex.

Not only will I have a hot meal waiting for you when you get home, I will also have your favorite sport on and a beer in your hand. Then, I will get on my knees, unzip your pants and massage all your stress away. I love to take your hard mushroom dick into my mouth after your hard day at work and just suck it all away. Fuck! I love the taste of your pre-cum. That other bitch you had didn’t suck your cock like I do, and greet you at the door in nothing but an apron on did she. That is why the decision was so easy to call me for GFE phone sex.

Maybe you are just looking for a hot fling. Your wife is out of town and you are lonely and just need some company. I am the perfect Mistress GFE phone sex slut to call upon while she is away. Just tell me your secrets, fantasies and desires and I will ignite your fire. No doubt I will be the girl you cum back to over and over again. While you fuck your girlfriend or wife or even while you sit at your desk at work. It will be me you dream about. My voice in your head, visions of Katrina sucking and fucking you instead of the girl you dread. No doubt your cock will be well serviced by my pouty mouth and tongue. * hehehe * Cum baby cum, baby baby cum! Call your sweet, innocent coed next door. We will have so much fun you will cum back for me.

Ask for Katrina when you dial 1 (888) 402-8669 for naughty GFE phone sex.

CBT Phone Sex with Callie

I know exactly what you are craving you loser! You love CBT phone sex. You like it when I take control, teasing and torturing you as well as your cock and balls. You love having me in control, using and abusing you. Call me today and we will discuss what I will do next.

CBT phone sex
I love teasing and torturing guys who are always up to no good and making sure they know who is in charge. Are you that husband whom has been cheating on your wife?  Of course you are!  So what do we do when someone has been bad and is in trouble? We start with the small stuff. Wrap his cock up in aluminum foil, nice and tight;y. While his cock gets hard, and the pressure from the aluminum foil makes him horny, I’ll make him start jacking off his cock, with the aluminum foil wrapped all around it. If he wants to masturbate, then he has to use the aluminum foil as his lubricant, he has no choice. The aluminum foil squeezing around his cock, and just as he starts to cum, the aluminum foil rips from him busting his load. Just because he is finished, does not mean I am. I take off the aluminum foil and one by one, I slowly clip 10-15 clothespins to his cock and balls. Now the first one, I’m sure it hurts, but in a good way. But as I slowly add more, he winces in the pain. But he’s not allowed to remove them. He needs to endure the pain. Because as his cock starts to harden again from the pleasure, the skin getting tighter, the clothespins holding onto his skin, I can see it driving him crazy. Have you been a bad boy or husband, then give me a call today @ 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Callie for CBT phone sex an we can have a little fun as I torture your cock and balls and teach you how to be a good boy!

AIM: Naughty_Callie
Yahoo: NaughtyCallie

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

I have been so horribly distracted today. A random conversation last night on the phone has left me, well horny all day long. My mind is constantly racing to the thought of big black cocks! Thankfully I can cure my distraction with some cuckold phone sex fantasies.

cuckold phone sex fantasies

I am rather sure that I am not alone in my tempted desires for some big thick dark meat in my mouth today. It started out simple enough a random cuckold phone sex call where the guy wanted me to humiliate him for not being enough of a man to please me. The more he asked me to humiliate him the more aroused I got.

Before we knew it I was spiraling into this amazing BBC cuckold phone sex fantasy where I was hunting for some dark dick to fuck. Oh perhaps thats a bit of an over share but really it does happen. Where a phone sex fantasy just gets us girls turned on so much we are craving more of it.

Unfortunately, I never found a single black cock. Sad I know. However, I am taking calls tonight which means you and I can have some cuckold phone sex fun. For did you go off looking and venturing for a BBC loving girl that just got fucked today?

And here you are with your wishes as of yet unfulfilled. Hmmm maybe this is how things were suppose to turn out. You and me finding each other and talking about our cuckold  phone sex fantasies together. Turning each other on with each story we share.

Arianna is my name. You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669.

Become a Sissy Phone Sex Slut with Abby

I know that most of you sissy phone sex lovers have bought panties to wear, learned how to put on makeup, paint your nails and all the things that make you outwardly appear as a woman. But there is something else that you’re going to have to learn in order to truly be feminine.  You need to learn how to suck cock and also how to take a big fat cock in your sissy pussy.

sissy phone sex

I know, most of you have probably been fucking your pussy with a dildo for a really long time. But that’s NOT the same as having someone else in control of fucking you. If you aren’t ready to have a real cock yet, don’t worry. I have a big fat strap on that’s going to look so good in your mouth and buried in your pussy.

The first thing you need to do is get down on your knees and tell me how excited you are to have my strap on cock in your face. Go ahead, stick out your tongue and lick it. And once you’ve done that, I’m going to slap it on your tongue and start pushing it down your throat. Don’t struggle. Remember – you need to learn what it’s like to not be in control.  I can’t wait to see your glossy lips wrapped around the base of my strap on cock.

Once I think you have sucked me sufficiently, you will bend over and spread your cheeks apart and tell me that you’re ready to be fucked for the first time. Will I be gentle? Will I be a little bit rough with you? Who knows what kind of mood I’ll be in that day, but either way, you’re going to have a great time.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby for sissy phone sex

Babysitter Phone Sex with Pepper

Everyone loves babysitter phone sex. A sweet, cute thing, who watches your kids while you and your wife are out, while you secretly fantasize about bending her over the kitchen counter and having your way with her. I’ve seen how you look at me, when you think I’m not looking… But I know you are. That’s why I wear those short skirts or tight pants, that’s why I bend over to pick things up right in front of you, that’s why I’m extra flirty and giggly every time we talk.

babysitter phone sex

But this babysitter phone sex girl wants to take it a step further. You want to fuck me? You want to feel this tight, barely legal pussy wrapped around your cock? You want to hear me moaning in your ear, begging you for more, fucking myself back on your big, hard cock like your wife hasn’t done in years? The only way I’d ever give you that… You would need to leave your wife for me. That’s right, this sweet babysitter is also a homewrecker.

I can already see you considering it, baby. I know how hard your cock gets, when you think about being with me, instead of with her… Being with a hot, tight, wet babysitter rather than the woman you married, the mother of your children… But maybe you can give me some babies, too? Start a new family with your babysitter? Or, maybe, I’ll be a bit of a brat, and once you’ve left your wife, leave you high and dry, with nothing to show for it, already having moved on to the next guy, the next home to wreck?

There’s only one way to find out, babe, and that’s to call your babysitter phone sex homewrecker.. sweet, bratty, Princess Pepper! Don’t leave me waiting…call Pepper at 1888 402 8669

Accomplice Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey guys! Welcome to another session of Confessions 101. It’s Katrina, your favorite coed from Boston with bright blue eyes that sparkle like diamonds. I look so sweet and innocent to the outside world. Like the girl next door type. I am far from innocent! My confession is that I have been craving an extreme fantasy. One that is dark and twisted. Even taboo that the world just won’t understand. You have some dark and twisted accomplice phone sex fantasies.

accomplice phone sex

I know what you want! You want a partner to help in your deprived fantasies, don’t you? I am the perfect partner to lure in all those people that you so desperately want to play with. It is simple really, become their best friend, make them feel safe, and then it makes them perfect prey. I mean come on and look at me! There is nothing too taboo for me. I am a filthy fucking whore! I am beautiful, easy to talk to, and really our prey will never see us coming! Fuck! I love it! Just the thought of luring them in, oh the plot thickens, fantasies get more taboo. I just can’t wait to play with them in your dark and twisted accomplice phone sex fantasies. I am so hot, my snatch is wet! Whoops! I think I might have made a puddle. * giggles *

I might have one request, one I think you will be agreeable to. I want to be the first to have a taste. I love to watch as our prey try to wriggle and writhe. Fuck! I think it is so hot to listen to their screams and watch as their bodies stiffen. Want to hear more of some of the fantasies I have for extreme accomplice phone sex?

There are so many ways to play out what is held up in our imaginations. I mean really, nobody can understand your fantasies and desires quite like I can. The darker and more depraved the fantasy the more wet my tight slit becomes. All you need is the perfect partner. There is nobody more perfect than the hot coed standing in front of you. I want to play out all your extreme accomplice phone sex fantasies. All you have to do to bring me on board is ask for Katrina when you dial 1 (888) 402-8669.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

School Girl Phone Sex with Avalon

Oh no! I’m late for class yet again. As I’m doing my very best to slip in unnoticed, I jump as I hear my name announced over the intercom and my stomach drops. “Miss Avalon, will you please come to the main office post haste?” I make the slow march to the office wondering what my infraction was this time. I can think of a dozen different ways I’ve been naughty as of late. With school girl phone sex, one never knows what they may be getting punished for until they are directly in front of the Headmaster. I enter the office and get a stern look from Ms. Peterman. “You may go in now, young lady.”

school girl phone sex

I’m nervous and excited at the same time. My pussy started to get wet at the prospect of a punishment from the sexy headmaster. With school girl phone sex, you can be the stern Headmaster ready to discipline me for my abhorrent behavior and utter insolence in whatever way you see fit. A spanking bare bottomed over your desk til I cry for mercy? A caning or ruler on my sweet ass, leaving me tender and bruised for days to cum? I have been so ill mannered and insubordinate that I certainly do need some severe discipline. What would you do to return me to a compliant good girl? I think some hot school girl phone sex just might do the trick! I’ve been so bad and such a truly bad example for all the other younger ladies!!! Cheating on my exams, wearing my plaid skirt much too short, up to no good with the guys on the football team,  smoking in the girl’s room, skipping classes! I would absolutely benefit from a strict lesson that would keep my hot body and overactive mind under control!!! Are you the disciplinarian for Miss Avalon? Will you show me how to behave by filling my pretty mouth so I can’t sass back? Reprimand me!!!

Call 1-888-402-8669 and reprimand Miss Avalon with some hot school girl phone sex

AIM: Alluring_Avalon
Yahoo: AlluringAvalon

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