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forced feminization phone sex

You’re such a manly man, but you have secret desires.  You want to wear pretty things.  You want to get in touch with your feminine side, but you’re too macho to admit it.  That’s why you call me for forced feminization phone sex.  You don’t want to give in on your own; you want to be forced into it.  So you give me some damning information right up front and the games begin.  I’m going to use your information against you when you fight against your true desires.  I’m going to make sure that you become the girl inside of you.

You’ve spent so much time buying pretty things and throwing them away for fear of getting discovered.  Time to go out shopping again for something sexy and lacy.  This time you’re going to keep it because you’ll be wearing it on our forced feminization phone sex calls.  Gorgeous thigh highs, delicate panties, sexy bras.  You’re going to let go and be girly for me.  If you don’t have a name for your inner girl yet, I’m going to give you one and that’s how I’ll always refer to you.

You’ll put on your lip gloss and be a pretty little slut.  You know what sluts like to do?  That’s right, they like to fuck.  They take cocks in between their pretty lips and suck them like there’s no tomorrow.  I’ll guide you through it, teaching you how to give a proper blowjob.  Once that toy is sloppy wet, it’s time to put it in your tight man pussy and give it a good fucking.  That’s what feminine sluts do, too.

Like a true little bimbo, you’ll snap a few selfies and send them to me.  That’ll make sure you keep getting dressed up for me.  Hell, for yourself.  You’re not going to get out of it.  You’re going to be the slut you were born to be.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Pia for forced feminization phone sex.  Looking forward to talking to you, girl.

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ass worship phone sex

Hey there, it’s Memphis! Your hot blonde with a nice round ass! Does my sexy ass turn you on? Does it inspire any thoughts of ass worship phone sex? I mean, I know that you ass loving sub sluts wish that you could worship at my divine backside in person, but since you can not, phone sex about it is the next best thing. Do you really think that you deserve the opportunity to worship my glorious ass? Have you done everything that you can to be the best possible sub for me? If not you should familiarize yourself with my preferences and fetishes and see what you can do to satisfy me. Send me humiliating pictures of yourself after one of our sessions, I want pictures of you dressed as my fuck boy. You could spoil me by giving me a tip me after one of our sessions or you can lavish me with gifts that you can purchase through my wish list.

If you impress me in other sessions then I will be more inclined to allow you to have zero limits on ass worship phone sex with me. You can also gaze at my ass pictures that I post while stroking yourself. If you’ve come to me as a submissive I feel like you should honor me as the Goddess I am, and that could be in many different ways. Beg Goddess Memphis for ass worship phone sex.

Ass worship is something to be taken very seriously, as those enlightened enough to realize already know. Even though ass worship phone sex is limited in how far one can demonstrate their devotion physically, I give any discussion of my body and its beauty my complete attention. I love to hear ever single word… and the more wonderful the praise, the greater the potential rewards for the speaker ~winks~

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forced cock sucking phone sex

So I just found out you really want to be a good cock sucker OMG if I only had known on our last call. I love to force guy’s into becoming naughty cock suckers for me. There is an art in giving great head and I will teach you. Forced cock sucking phone sex is what every naughty bitch should know how to do. You will need a large dildo so I can teach you how to lick and suck it all. Rolling your tongue around that big mushroom head is what I think really turns men on, so practice rolling your tongue baby. Becoming a cock sucker will make you so horny that you will want to rub yourself while you are learning all girls do.

Grab your dildo and call me so I can teach you how to please a mans cock and if you become really good I may even pimp you out mmm. Just think you earning money to suck cocks all evening long WOW. I know you are eager to get on your knee’s and do your first blow job over the phone for me. Sucking and slurping that big dildo for me to hear wishing it was a real cock full of creamy cum for you to swallow. Forced cock sucking phone sex is your fantasy and you will become great at it with me teaching you. I have had my share of cocks to suck so you know baby you are learning from one of the best. Guy’s will be calling you a little cock teaser before you know it. If you are not into learning to suck cock call me for some hot cock sucking phone sex with me sucking your cock. Mmmm.

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bratty domme phone sex

Yeah I’m a fan of bratty domme phone sex and I’m proud of it.  I deserve to be pampered and spoiled, just look at me!  I deserve it more than your wife does, because I can satisfy that hunger in you that she can’t.  I’m young, I’m gorgeous, and I’m fucking nasty.  It’s a deadly combination that you couldn’t resist if you wanted to.  To be honest, it turns me on that you give me anything I want.  So frivolous and decadent.  And I don’t even have to ask.

So here’s how our bratty domme phone sex is going to work.  You’re going to hit me up on chat and I’ll give you my wish list link.  You’re gonna buy me a nice present before you even hear my voice live.  Something pretty and sparkly, maybe?  That’s foreplay baby.  Then you’ll pick up the phone and call me. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven because you’ll have to control your dick to make sure I’m satisfied first, and second, and perhaps third.  Then I’ll take you to the edge and leave you dangling.  Before you can cum, you have to get me another present.  Something that shows me how much you really long to drain your balls.  Once I receive the notification, then you’re good to shoot your load.

I know it’s hedonistic and I know that’s why you’re calling me again and again.  You want me to have everything I want, and I’m more than willing to take it.  I can’t let beauty like this go to waste! You can’t resist the demands from my pouty lips.  It’s a winning combination, don’t you think?

I know you’re going to call, because I’m worth it.  It’s all about me.  It always is. Call Pia for bratty domme phone sex and spoil me rotten.  1 888 402 8669.

big tit phone sex

Admit it, the first thing that runs through your mind when you look at me is having big tit phone sex with me. Who could blame you really? I mean I do have big amazing perky titties that are just asking to be touched and worshiped. I could tell from the moment you laid eyes on me that you were a tit man. Even though I had on a short mini-dress that showed off my round ass and my long lean legs you just couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away from my big perky breasts. You seemed to be mesmerized by the way they bounced. I bet you couldn’t tell me what color my eyes are but you could describe my nipples perfectly from the way they were straining against the front of my dress. Now is your chance, let’s see just how badly you really want them. Strip down naked and sit on the edge of my bed while I do a slow sensual strip tease for you. Look at your cock so rock hard, you really want to slide it right between my big tits don’t you? First though I want you to bury your face between them and lick and suck on my super sensitive nipples. Make them get rock hard so that they poke right out for you. It makes my tight pussy dripping wet to have my tits played with during big tit phone sex with you. Then I’ll get down on my knees and you can slide that throbbing hard dick right in between my breasts and titty fuck me. I like the way it looks when your pre-cum dribbles out onto them. I can suck your cock head every time that it pops out from between my luscious titties. I can’t wait to feel your dick explode all over them and just cover my tits with your big hot sticky creamy load of cum.

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sissy phone sex

Be a good sissy and call me up for playtime.  Playing alone is no fun when you’re a sissy boy.  You need a Mistress to control you, give you assignments, shop online with you, dress you up, make you give in to pleasuring men and more.  And you just can’t get this intense with anyone else other than with me, your sissy expert Mistress Dee. Sissy phone sex is going to be the hottest experience you have ever had.  We can even role play that I discover you are a sissy and I make you do things that you hadn’t even dreamed of.  I could be your girlfriend or wife or whoever you want me to be. Roleplays or sissy fantasy fulfillment have no limits with me.

Are you a very twisted sissy?  Your most freaky sissification needs require a sissy expert, not just a phone sex operator.  I have had several sissies in real life who I can tell you about if you like hearing actual stories.  I love emasculating men too, so if your sissy fantasies run all the way to forced feminization, Mistress Dee will force you to become a “sissygirl”.

I want you to call me in your best sissy voice and be dressed up like a bitch or be ready to put on whatever I say.  Have your slutty wardrobe laid out on the bed and ready if you can’t make dress up decisions by yourself or you like being a sissy dolly.  I believe in assignments to take sissifying even further, like public assignments, perfecting your look to become passable and whatever I feel you need for a head to toe makeover!  I will also demand that you pleasure men.  As a sissy you certainly can’t pleasure women any longer!  You will be guided to give oral sex to men while you are dressed up like a slutty bimbo.

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taboo phone sex

Are you in the mood for some kinky and twisted taboo sex? You’re totally in the right place. There is absolutely NOTHING that I won’t talk about with you. I know, everyone says that, but most girls do have at least one thing they just aren’t comfortable talking about. But that is not me.

I have been called sick and perverse, but I look at that as a good thing. I am so open minded about sexual things. I mean, I know those vanilla people must get so bored and that’s why they think they don’t enjoy sex. I don’t like letting my sex life get stale like that. I am always looking for the next exciting thing. You’d be amazed at what kinds of things would turn you on if you’d just open up your mind a little bit.

Of course, there are all kinds of kinky roleplays we can do. I will be ANYONE you want me to be. And when I say anyone, I mean it…and I know that you know what I mean. It’s so taboo that I can’t even talk about it here. It would make most people cringe, but all it does is make my pussy soaking wet.

Also, one thing that really gets me going is blasphemy. All those super religious girls are afraid of it, but oh how it turns me on. Or maybe you have an accomplice or forced fantasy that you’d like to talk about. That stuff really gets me going, too! See, I meant it when I said I am an anything goes phone sex girl. No is just not a word in my vocabulary.

I’ll be waiting for you and all of your sick and fucked up fantasies. Don’t keep me waiting. Let’s have some fun! Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin for twisted and taboo phone sex. Go ahead .. try and shock me!

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cheerleader phone sex

Welcome to another session of Mistress Katrina’s Confessions 101! In today’s confession we are going to learn just what it takes to be a cheerleader phone sex slut! -Giggles- F-U-C-K M-E! What does that spell? It spells Fuck Me! We are going to get nasty and naughty on that football field baby. Yay! Woohoo! -Giggles- Since the start of the school year I have been prancing and dancing around in my tiny cheer outfit. My regular sissy sluts and quarterbacks already know that I used to cheer in high school. It was no big surprise when I tried out for the cheer team this year. Who has more school spirit and pep than your favorite Mistress? Well me of course! That is why you are going to call me for cheerleader phone sex.

I have had a bit of a crush on the new coach on campus. It is so perfect, a plan I put in play to get closer to him. It was easy to get on the team -Wink- I mean, I just showed off my naughty bits, did a dance privately for the coach, let him have a taste of what it would be like if I was captain of the team. It is no big secret that I am the campus slut, why not add co-ed cheerleader phone sex to my resume.

I got cock regularly before, but now—when there are games and we have to wear our “team” uniforms on campus I get to become even more of a tease. -giggles- I just love to wear my short, slutty uniform, I just might accidentally forget to wear my bloomers under my skirt. Your favorite part of our cheerleader phone sex session will be the personalized cheers I make up while we are sliding in and out of ecstasy. Ask for Katrina when you call 1 (888) 402-8669 for cheerleader phone sex.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Hi there, it’s Memphis your sensual, seductive mistress! I like when you beg to worship my sexy body and when you are on your hands and knees begging to suck and lick my shaved sweet cunt!? I want to explore fantasies with you in the worst way. And you know what really gets me going? Small penis humiliation phone sex *giggles*

I have so much fun pointing and laughing and tiny little dicks. Your tiny worthless dick is a waste of my time and I will be sure to remind you everyday of how you will never be able to satisfy me. Why don’t you sit your pathetic little dick self down in the corner and watch me take a fat hard dick inside all of my holes! We can even make it more exciting by inviting a big black cock to ram my tight cunt. I want this hard black dick to cum deep inside of me so you can suck every drop out of my shaved cunt. You love the taste don’t you? I love a big black cocks and love talking about them when you call me for small penis humiliation phone sex about them but most importantly you know how much you love a big black cock.  I can’t wait to hear you tell me what you want to do to one.

I promise to keep this little secret to ourselves! Or maybe I won’t. We’ll see. Call me for some small penis humiliation phone sex and maybe you can convince me to not tell everyone what a tiny dick you have.

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis

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phone sex

When I have creampie phone sex I get so incredibly turned on thinking about you cucks licking my creamy pussy out dry. It takes me from so so to hot as can be when I hear you tell me that you want to taste anotehr man’s hot load inside of my pussy. I was into creampies before I knew all about cuckolding and cuckold fantasies, but it’s another way that I get off on the humiliation of a cuckolded boyfriend or husband. It’s hot when you beg to watch and then clean me up, and it’s also hot when you protest and tell me you don’t want to eat that creampie out of my pussy. We both know that you will eat it and you will be ever so hard while you do it too. You watch as I get fucked by him, that man with the thick alpha male cock and nervously wait for the moment that he creates your creamy treat, or is it punishment? Is it a reward for being a good cuck or is it punishment for not being manenough to please me yourself? Reward or punishment, I am sure it will taste the same, and it will please me either way you look at it.

Even though it’s ultra humilating to sit and watch another man please me you can’t shake what a huge turn on it is to see me filled and in need of a cleaning. It makes you blush and question yourself, but it is so hot to hear the sounds of a well satisfied woman even if you’ve never created such pleasureable sounds. This is just how it is. I want to get fucked well, and I want the creampie, and I also want to have you cleaning it up and all of the humliation that comes along with it.

Call me to explore your creampie, cheating, cuckold, BBC and cum eating fantasies.

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