BBC Impregnation Phone Sex with Erin

BBC impregnation phone sex has to be one of the hottest fantasies I play on the phone. I mean, I am a big black cock lover in real life, I just haven’t been knocked up … yet. Let’s talk about how much you want to see me, or your wife or girlfriend, bent over and getting fucked hard by a big black guy. Hearing me cum over and over while he fucks my white pussy like you never could. Watching my hot cunt open up for his cock and when he’s all done, see it gaping open. I’d offer you my cream pie, but I want all his sperm deep inside my belly. I want him to knock me up with his black baby.

bbc impregnation phone sex

I think the most humiliating fact about getting pregnant from my BBC lover is the look on my white boyfriend’s face when he finds out. It’s bad enough for him that everyone knows I cheat, but once that black baby pops out, the evidence is obvious. Every one will know that your wife or girlfriend is a dirty white slut for BBC. I could be their white breeder slut. Have so many black dicks dumping their cum in me, no one will even know whose baby it is. How fucking hot is that?

You’re going to love when I’m pregnant too. My big tits are going to get even bigger. My belly will grow soft and round. And what I know from friends, I am going to be as horny as I’ve ever been. Ever fuck a pregnant girl? Up on my hands and knees, my fat tummy underneath and your cock just fucking my hot cunt. Fuck me on my back and you might even be treated by some titty milk if you’re sucking on my boobs at the same time!

For BBC impregnation phone sex call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin.

AIM – sexyeroticerin

Hypnosis Phone Sex with Memphis

Are you ready to test your limits and be pushed further into an erotic state of mind? Hypnosis phone sex always makes me  tap into your subconscious and make you do things that you haven’t even begun to think of. You will finally be able to open up your thoughts as I deprogram you of any clouded judgements that currently fill up your mind. As we take this ride into the unknown, I want you to relax and remember to allow everything to take its course.

hypnosis phone sex

The problem with people today is that they are so judgmental when it comes to sex. Those who like to live freely and try to be open about their sex lives often hide their feelings because of the way society is. My hypnosis phone sex will help you get back on the right path and free you from any ill feelings. As we start our hypnosis phone sex session, my soothing voice reassures you that you will be safe. You close your eyes as I guide you into another dimension showing you things that you’ve been blind to. I guide your hands with my voice and tell you to stroke your cock while thinking about one of your most erotic experiences.

While you’re under my spell, I have you explain how it felt when you first entered your lover’s’ pussy. You explain the touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste of it all. As you’re speaking I can see your cock growing hard, so I tell you to stop touching it and explain how you made her cum. Your legs began shaking as you told me how your curved cock hit her g-spot, making her explode all over your shaft. I could tell you wanted to cum during hypnosis phone sex so I allowed you to stroke your cock again, finally making you cum  as I snapped my fingers to bring you back to reality.

The best part of erotic phone sex is that I will free you from those urges that you’ve been suppressing. You’ll feel relaxed and in a state of mind where everything feels natural and comfortable. Are you ready to try hypnosis phone sex?

Call and ask for Memphis at 1-888-402-8669

AIM: XXX_Memphis

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Katrina

I have a craving! I have a confession! I am a Goddess, a Princess, a Mistress. I look sweet, but I crave meat! Do you see my ass? This ass is only made for those that know just how divine and perfect it is. All you fuckers best know your place, now get behind me and kiss my perfectly round ass! That’s right, I called you a fucker, and I told you to kiss my ass. You will be begging to serve and worship me like I am your idol. No, my ass is your idol and you will worship during ass worship phone sex.

ass worship phone sex

In order to worship my perfect ass, you must first get on your knees and beg me. Beg like your life depends up on it. IF you seem believable, then I might allow a peek of my ass when it is bare. Even I love to stare and the perfection I have behind me. How sweet does my ass look in my delicious pink lace cheekies? The accentuate my asset perfect, don’t you think? It’s more round and I know the thought of stuffing your nose and tongue up my rosey hole makes you stiff with excitement during ass worship phone sex.

Rules for worshiping Mistress Katrina’s ass are during ass worship phone sex are simple:

  1. You must beg for it, with everything you’ve got like your life and manhood depend on it.
  2. I am a Goddess; to be an obedient servant you must obey by not only worshiping my perfect ass, but also buying me pretty things.
  3. Never touch without permission. Touch only if permitted.
  4. Serve your Goddess with pride, brag about her ASSets to other slaves you might know.
  5. Finally, you must call NOW and ask for your favorite ass worship vixen by dialing 1 888 402 8669.

See, now was that difficult? I didn’t think so.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Tickle Fetish Phone Sex with Pepper

Tickle fetish phone sex has a way of making my pussy cream. When I was over my friends’ house the other day, we were just fooling around and having fun until he got a little too close and started tickling me on my thigh. I began moaning and immediately began playing with my pussy. His cock started getting hard and before I knew it, he began tickling me on the crease right by my hot box. I couldn’t understand why I was getting so wet from it, but before we could take things any further, his girlfriend came home so I left.

tickle fetish phone sex

The next day he invited me over because he knew his girlfriend would be coming home late so we would have the house to ourselves. I told him to make sure he had some feathers so I could really squirt everywhere while he got his nut off. When I got to his house, he had the door unlocked for me and shouted for me to come upstairs. We sat and talked for a bit while watching tv when he began touching on me again. I was hoping this was leading to tickle fetish phone sex.

When he began tickling me near my chest, I started moaning and began pulling on my skirt. He got a couple of feathers and lifted up my skirt and began tickling me on my pussy lips. My pussy began creaming right before his eyes. I began moaning louder as he kept tickling me waiting for me to cum. He kept asking if it would be okay for him to nut as well but I ignored him as my body began to quiver and shake from an intense orgasm. When I got up, I saw that his pants were wet. He nutted on himself just by seeing me cum! Ready for some tickle fetish phone sex? Then call me pepper at 1 888 402 8669

No Limits Phone Sex with Julia

I tend to sometimes attract lonely and submissive men who are shy when it comes to explaining their fantasies. They need someone who will captivate both their mind and cocks and drain them enough for them to feel comfortable enough to unlock their secrets. During no limits phone sex with me is the best way to release your mind of those hush hush and taboo topics that some women just refuse to talk about. Not with me though…I prefer opening up your deepest, darkest cravings.

no limits phone sex

One guy in particular contacted me saying he had no idea what he wanted but he knew it had to be a unique experience. I offered him no limits phone sex which turned out to be extremely erotic and something he had never had before.

I really wanted to test him and see how far he would go. He was already submissive so I knew giving him certain commands and tasks wouldn’t be hard for him to follow. So I gave him an assignment which consisted of him finding his favorite porn scene and then attempting to act it out with me. He was nervous about the task I gave him but knew that if he followed through with it, that his no limits phone sex session would be explosive and guess what? It was intense!!!! Explosive is just one word to describe that no limits phone sex session.

I was excited about the possibilities that he would come with. When he finally chose a scene which consisted of public sex, I got everything together and told him to meet me at the train station. I saw him waiting for me on a bench right where everyone was getting on the train. Walking up to him, I saw him admiring my red stilettos and trench coat. While I removed my coat, I saw everyone’s jaw drop as I stood there naked in the train station. I mounted my lover and fed him each one of my nipples. He acted as if he was starving as he sucked on each one of them while feeling on my hot center. I took his cock out of his pants and road  on it!!! Are you interested in knowing what else happened or are you ready to indulge in no limits phone sex with me where the possibilities of my imagination plus yours are endless.

Call and ask for Julia for no limits phone sex at 1-888-402-8669.

AIM: SweetJulia_4U

Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey guys! I have to confess that I march to the tune of my own drum. Especially when it cums to having complete control. Oh the things I can do when I have complete control over that rock hard brawny shaft. I especially love to use items that are common in most households you may not have thought of to cause pain and pleasure. I love to see a man under pressure, especially when it is heated. * wink * How much heat can one dick take? I love to hear tinfoil as it’s being torn off, folded over and rubbed up against your rock hard shaft. Fuck yeah! Mmm… mmm… mmmm… The best part about using tinfoil during cock and ball torture phone sex, is that once you start rubbing there is no turning back.

cock and ball torture phone sex

Baby, you had better have a high tolerance for pain, because that is exactly what I am going to give you during an intense session of cock and ball torture phone sex. This type of cbt isn’t for the weak. I love to hear the begging, and the breathing as you pathetic pain sluts rub, rub, rub.

No doubt that once you have a taste of just how this Mistress works, you will be begging to serve me in any way I please. All you pathetic fools look at me like I am just an innocent coed. I am sweet and innocent, until you double cross me and don’t give me exactly what I want. That is a mistake I am sure you will not make twice, I promise you that! From the moment we chat, to the time you hear my sweet, seductive, sultry voice… Your cock is mine to use in any way I desire. I intend to cause intense sensations all over your body, one that cannot be stopped once you have already started. See, I love the idea of you taking some hot sauce, putting it on a q-tip, and well you will have to call me for the rest of that. Pain slut be warned and be prepared for what is in store with me during intense cock and ball torture phone sex with Mistress Katrina.

Are you wondering how you might get yourself prepared for a pain inducing session with me? It is simple! I love to use household items like tinfoil, ice, and icy hot, but I also love to knee, kick, slap and bite your cock as well. I don’t just stop there, I like to use hot sauce, peppermint and other foods that sting going in that hole. Fuck all this talk about causing pain makes my snatch creamy. I know you will be crying like the pathetic bitch that you are. That is what happens when you give me complete control over your cock and balls. I want nothing more than to cause you intense tear producing, unforgettable cock and ball torture phone sex.

Ask for Katrina when you call 1 888 402 8669 to find out exactly what I am capable of during cock an ball torture phone sex. There is a reason why I am called the “Pain Goddess.”

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex with Pepper

Having trouble when it comes to controlling the urge to nut? Well I have the perfect remedy for you. It seems you have no patience when it comes to waiting for your turn to bust. I hate an impatient lover so ruined orgasm phone sex it is. I’ll bring you right to the brink of releasing your man juice, only for me to pull away ruining any chance you ever had of cumming. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll learn that patience truly is a virtue.

ruined orgasm phone sex

I saw you stroking away at that cock of yours from the corner of my eye. I had just got out of the shower and was putting lotion all over my body while you jerked away. You were to wait until I came out of the shower so we could have our fun but instead it seems as if you’ve opted for ruined orgasm phone sex instead. I’ve always known you were a bit impatient, but I thought you could wait at least ten minutes for some wet goodness. After all, who wouldn’t want to wait to climb into some tight pussy?

I came out of the shower with every intention to fuck you until you busted until I spotted you on the other side of the room trying to make yourself cum. Since that’s what you want, ruined orgasm phone sex is what you get. I quietly came up behind you and slapped your cock out of your hand. You were shocked since your eyes were closed while you were pleasing yourself. I climbed on top of you, whispering in your ear that you were no longer allowed to cum. You just kept staring at my ass as I got off you and walked in the other direction. Your cock immediately went down as you thought about your ruined orgasm.

Call me Pepper so I can destroy your orgasm at 1 888 402 8669

Strap On Phone Sex with Abby

How many of you have talked to me for strap on phone sex and are familiar with my sparkly pink strap on? I haven’t been on as much lately and I KNOW you have to be missing it! But don’t worry – all you have to do is call me and I’ll be more than happy to give your pansy ass the fucking you need.

strap on phone sex

Am I going to be gentle with you if you’re a virgin and call me for strap on phone sex for the first time? I don’t know, but probably not. I’m not really known as a softie. So, if you don’t think you can take a hard fucking, I’m probably not the Princess for you. But knowing you losers, you know that I’m the hottest girl you’ll ever have the privilege of speaking to, so you’re gonna call and take your chances.

Look – I know I’m not there and I can’t REALLY fuck you with a strap on. But this is where you are going to use your imagination, loser. You will get a really big dildo (or whatever else you can find around your house) and you’re going to fuck the daylights out of yourself while I tell you about what I’d do to you. If you don’t sound like it hurts a little bit, then you need to do it harder. I’m not going to be satisfied until I hear you tell me it hurts. Then, and only then, will I tell you that you’re allowed to cum. So, I really hope you know how to follow directions, loser. If I’m not satisfied with the sounds coming out of your mouth, then I wouldn’t count on being allowed to cum.

Ready for some strap on phone sex? Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

When “b” calls me for foot fetish phone sex, he knows his place is on the floor, eyes only looking at my sexy feet. He knows if he looks at my face that I will punish him; he doesn’t deserve nor has he earned that privilege. “b” has a very intense foot fetish and I know exactly how to take advantage of that. It’s also a good thing that I love having my feet adored, worshiped and pampered. In fact, the first thing we did was a lesson on just how to give me the perfect pedicure.

foot fetish phone sex

It’s not just the foot fetish that gets “b” off, it’s how I control him with my beautiful feet. It’s knowing how I get off on hearing him beg to be able to kiss my feet gently. How he will grovel and degrade himself to be able to suck on each one of my toes. Sucking on each toe just like it was a little dick. And it’s how much he pays to just talk about what it would be like to lay on the floor at my feet and act as my foot warmer. He craves being used as my throw rug and my foot stool. Just an object to be used for my pleasure.

He knows when I walk on him and trample him that I am pleased with his behavior. For “b” and my other submissives it’s a treat and a reward. In heels or barefoot, you’ll feel me when I stand on your cock and balls. My heel pressed into your belly button. My dirty and stinky bare feet smothering your face.

Foot fetish phone sex fantasies are wide and varied, so don’t be afraid to tell me about your fantasies on our foot fetish phone sexcall. Whatever your fetish entails, I am sure I can help you live it out.

Call Erin 1-888-402-8669

aim – sexyeroticerin

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Memphis

One evening I got home really late and spotted my neighbor crying outside of his home. I usually don’t talk to him because I’ve seen him spying on me numerous times but I was feeling friendly today so I approached him and asked what was wrong. He stated that he had a date with a lady earlier and she blew him off when he tried to have sex with her. He went more into the story and finally revealed that she laughed at him when she saw his cock. At that point I knew he was craving small penis humiliation phone sex. I told him to follow me into his home.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Once inside, I told him to strip so I could see exactly what I was dealing with. Before he could even take off his boxers for
small penis humiliation phone sex, I began giggling. He cried even harder than he did when he was outside and said it wasn’t his fault that he was born this way. As he took off his boxers, all I could see was what should be a cock barely hanging from his body. I took my ruler out and measured it only to find out he was hard and it was only two inches long! I thumped his cock with my finger and left him to deal with his tears.

I realize that it must be pretty humiliating to walk around your entire life with a cock that just can’t seem to get the job done. You’ve tried having sex with many women only for them to be disappointed with what they do not find in between your legs. I really enjoy small penis humiliation phone sex because it puts into perspective the type of activities you can do with what you have been provided with. Fortunately for you, I have plenty of experience whipping freaks like you into shape and helping you realize your place in this world.

So hurry up… call your one and only small penis humiliation phone sex goddess at 1 888 402 8669.

AIM: XXX_Memphis

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