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humiliation phone sex

“Oh baby, it will be fun and no one needs to know” are often famous last word where humiliation phone sex is involved. It often starts innocent and for fun’s sake, but with time it becomes something else entirely. With me, breaking my boyfriend in with humiliation fun was so very easy. Now, he is nothing more than a sissy fuck!  When we started, he really thought he was a big strapping masculine guy.  But I could tell that with just a bit of humiliation training that would change.  With training, he no longer even thinks of himself as a man, but more like a submissive girlfriend.  We even share cock!  He gets on his knees an sucks a big fat cock for me to make sure its nice and hard.  I can’t help but laugh at the sight. Watching him slide his sweet mouth up and down on monster cock is just the natural order of things with us now.  If he is good, I will let him clean my pussy after that big dick as fucked me well.  I know that particular humiliation is pretty fucking bad, but when I make him dress in one of his many sissy outfits  and parade around in front of a group of my friends  must really do some damage to whatever ego he has left. An alpha male looking guy like him standing in front of hot chicks wearing pink high heels, white thigh highs, a tiny plaid skirt and white cotton panties  as those women berate him and humiliate him must be so painful!  But this is our way of life now with humiliation phone sex.

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2 girl phone sex

I had the wildest two girl phone sex experience the other day. I met someone in class the other day that reminded me of well fuck, myself. This very fucking hot girl draws my attention as her huge tits are piercing themselves at me. I try to concentrate while in this class about sexuality & desire. We listen to the lesson on sexual pleasures, masturbating, & devices used for erotic orgasms. My fucking twisted sex crazed thoughs take over. Finally, class ends. I follow the girl & invite her over to my place. We get comfortable as I watch every move she makes. Her ass is formed with perfect fucking curves. I inquire information on her sexual desires. She wants to play the naughty fucking bad girl & deserves torture for punishment. My blood rushes through my veins with raging desire. She uncrosses her legs & I see that she has no panties on. I can see her fucking cunt. The light hits just right & the wet juice from her pussy glows. I pull her into my bedroom & strap her fucking ass down. I take a heavy weight needle with a chain & drop it onto her hard nipple. She gasps & cringes. I sway it over her fucking luxurious body & drop it directly into her navel. She moans. My breathing grows heavy as I near her cunt. I gaze at her fucking wet pussy. I stick her vagina lips with the needle. She starts to pull against the straps. I act quickly. I get out a shocking probe & place it against her fucking hot ass. She pleads with me to give her even more attention. I inform her that I wish to see the results of desire mixed with electricity. I want to fucking see her pussy orgasm over and over again. I place the shocking probe just abover her cunt, then I rub it all around her pussy lips. Her cunt jerks & quivers as she screams out. She moans out wildly with a rage I had never heard before, “More you fucking bitch …please give me more!” I shove the probe into her fucking wet pussy. Her body arches. I demand her to describe her experience. Once again she blurts out, “Fuck you!” I ram the probe up her ass & refuse to remove it until she agrees to describe her experience. She screams, cries out, & finally she agrees. She stated that the shock shot through her body raged with complete arousal & excitement. My own sexual desires were on edge. I drop my panties & crawl on top of her fucking face. I demanded her to taste my fucking pussy. Her tongue licks my pussy back & forth. Fast & hard. I rub my pussy over her sweet lips. My arousal continues to rise. Then she stops on my clit & creates this amazing fucking suction. It makes my head jerk back. I fucking lose myself with the pleasure from it all. I hit full orgasm & moan as my breath realeases out with great relief. As I climb off of her, she screams out again, “You are such a fucking cunt!” I look deviously at her and reply, “I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” That has to be one of the most amazing two girl phone sex experiences ever. Just sayin’.

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anything goes phone sex

I know your cock gets rock hard when you think a bout sharing your favorite anything goes phone sex fantasy with me.  When you see me sitting here like this grabbing my bikini top all you can think about is all the things you want to do to me. Do you want to slide your dick between my 34 C breasts as I look up at you talking really dirty? I’m a very kinky girl and I love it when a man knows what he wants. Every time I think about how hard your cock gets for me, my puffy bald pussy gets so wet. You take the tip of your dick head and run it around my pouty lips and say “Brandy did you know I secretly watch you in  your back yard when you run around in your string bikini? Or when you take a dip in the pool or when you’re in your bedroom barely dressed? I watch from my bedroom and stroke my hard dick off to all the kinky, dirty, nasty things that I want to do to you.” I smile as your cock slides in and out of my warm wet mouth. I taste your pre cum as you push it further down my throat. You start telling me about how I make the perfect anything goes phone sex slut for you. And you tell me all the positions you want to put me in to take your long hard dick. As i’m slurping up and down your meaty pole my soft petite hands start to play with your full balls. You raise my head off of your dick and you hear my sweet southern young voice say “I wanna be the girl that gives you whatever you want. I’m the slut who will do all the things the other girls wont do.” You feel my pretty hands slide up and down your dick and my pink glistening pussy is so ready to feel you stretch it open. And you know a bad girl like myself will even take it in my sweet puckered ass also. My fuck holes are so tight the moment you push your dick in i know it wont be long until you give me the biggest load of cum i’ve ever had. And no girls sweet fucking pussy will make your dick addicted like mine will. Are you jerking your dick off right now? Are you thinking about how much you want to paint my face up pretty with all your jizz? After you fuck my young tight pussy and firm fuckable ass I will drop down to my knees and suck you so good and beg for all your jizz like the perfect cum slut that it wont be long before you cant take it any more and spray the hugest load all over my pretty face and tits….MMmMM I can taste it now…

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small penis humiliation phone sexHey boys!! I bet you’re thinking i’m a man not a boy, what is she talking about. Well sorry tiny one’s you can’t really be called men when you’re walking around with a peanut between your legs lol!  You see real men have a nice long, thick cock a woman wants, and needs to fill their wet pussy.  While you and your peanut have absolutely no power to make us wet. Ok i’ll take that back you actually do have to power to make us wet, extremely wet. When you call for small penis humiliation phone sex all you have to do is show us that peanut and wait for us to laugh so hard we just might piss ourselves! Now don’t get me wrong you little dick losers have a purpose. I mean there’s only one thing I like better than cumming, and that is laughing.  A good laugh is always appreciated, and small penis humiliation phone sex never fails to give me a good laugh every time.

Maybe i’m being a bit unfair for the purpose those peanuts provide. Not that they are worthy to slide in my tight, wet little hole. Little dick losers are some of the best pussy eaters you can ever hope to find. I mean what else do you have to offer a hottie like me than to lick, suck, and eat that sweet, sweet pussy?  Why don’t you call for small penis humiliation phone sex and I will show you just how useful they are. You never know exactly what I might say or make you do on a small penis humiliation phone sex call so you need to be prepared for anything, and I do mean anything boys!  Go ahead give me a call I promise it won’t be to painful the first time.;)


tickle fetish phone sex

I look for men in bars, horny men who’ve had a little too much to drink.  When you look at me, admit it, I’m not the most beautiful blonde.  I have a great “bod”, but my face shows that I’ve lived a rough life.  When men have their “beer goggles” on, they will flirt with me, try to get into my panties, hoping that they won’t have to go home and masturbate.  They hope I might be good for a roll in the hay.  Little do my tickle targets know what I have in store for them.  I’m into abduction.  I like to overpower drunk men.  Tie them up, throw them into the back of my SUV.   I bring them back to my place.  I tell them we’re going to play some games.  They’re a little scared.  Or maybe a lot scared.  If they’re not that scared, they think I’ll just tie them up and go for a ride on their hard cock.  But I have other more perverse plans.  I get them naked, tie them back up and play Tickle, Tickle.  That’s when they can’t take it and beg me to let them go.  I laugh when they beg.  I get out my feather tickler or just use my nails lightly tickling across the soles of their feet, just below their ribs, or I find their other ticklish spots.  I have no mercy when it comes to tickling and you will find out when you call me for tickle fetish phone sex.

Tickling is just one of my fetishes.  I like to keep men helpless.  I will tickle them until I make them cum by tickling the insides of their thighs, running my nails lightly across their balls while I stroke or suck their cock.  I crave control.  If you want to get into tickle fetish phone sex that is very kinky, you have to call me, Hellena.

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hot phone sexMy favorite part of Summer? Well that’s easy. Sunning myself by the pool of course. Nothing like taking my hot phone sex out of doors into our very privet back yard along with a little libation over crystal clear ice in sweltering heat. I can get even more specific if need be. The absolute best of the best part of summer is the fact that someone must be responsible for the pool boy. You know his main go to person – supervisor if you will. For the life of me I can’t figure out how I get saddled every year with this mega responsibility. I’ve learned to adapt and of course as  always, I’ve learned to make the best of it.

Just yesterday when he was here I gave my new water proof vibrator one heck of a work out. A hot phone sex girl has to have something to help relieve the build up of sexual tension that comes with looking sexy and talking dirty. We freaky hot phone sex types may  know no limits but the same is not true for pool side furniture, pool boys and some vibrators.

So I’m out by the pool right – sipping on my icey beverage supervising this built like a greak god, when I get a hot and heavey,down and dirty hot phone sex request. Thank god he’s over 21 because that  hunk of handsome maleness was  doing his darndest not to be obvious about doing his darndest not only to  to see what I have in my hand but what I am doing with it between my legs. I mean who could blame him right?

Joseph, the owner of the pool cleaning service we use, tells me that the reason a different guy comes out each time is that our service ticket goes to the highest bidder.  The other girls and I love the free pool service and my favorite part of summer is getting a rise out of pool service guys.

I think you should grab your phone and help me supervise. My number is 1 888 402 8660 Don’t forget to say you want to talk to Trixi for some hot phone sex

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roleplay phone sexKatrina here boys! Have I told you yet about my newest interest? I don’t think that I have. Well, we both know that I enjoy cock, but did you know that I also enjoy me some sweet pussy as well? *giggles.* That sweet pussy just so happens to be my good friend Destiny. *Wink* We are both such exhibitionist sluts, but I especially love watching from my apartment as she draws her water for her bubble bath. She loves putting on a show not just for me, but with me too. There is something so taboo about watching and being watched during a 2 girl roleplay phone sex session. Wouldn’t you agree baby? Think about it, not only can you watch one girl, but now you get the luxury of watching two.

As I think about the way she draws her bath, purposely doing a strip tease as she removes her robe, rubbing her smooth, creamy white legs. Fuck! I really love those legs. I imagine myself in her bathroom softly running my finger up her leg, to her thigh, between her legs… and….*giggles*…. The door opens, and in walks a man, catching me with my fingers in her wet snatch during our sizzling 2 girl roleplay phone sex. I can see you sandwiched between our naked bodies with our pussy juices running down off your face and balls. Fuck that’s hot! Better than one girl with sizzling curves, is two girls with blazing hot curves. I know you just love the idea of not one stretched, sopping wet pussy, but two stretched to their limits. Fuck! I just can’t wait to play during a scorching hot 2 girl roleplay phone sex call!

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voyeur phone sex

Hey there peeping Toms are you in the mood for some hot voyeur phone sex?  I’m not shy so I don’t mind if someone watches me getting my fuck on.  As a matter of fact I get turned on by the idea of voyeur phone sex! You are my hot next door neighbor and I really want to fuck you, but in the mean time I want you to get an idea of what fucking me would be like so I leave my shade up so you can see straight into my bedroom.  I bring home this guy that I love to fuck and together I know we are going to give you more than an eye full!  Your bedroom is dark, but I can sense you there watching us.  I leave the light on so you will get a good view.  I come over to the window and look over at yours and begin to undress seductively knowing you are watching and your cock is getting hard.  My fuck buddy is getting so turned on by the sight of my hot ass stripping slowly by the window that he comes over and bends me over right there.  He slides his huge hard cock into my tight wet pussy, but little does he know that I’m wet because I know you’re watching me during this hot voyeur phone sex fantasy.  He’s really working up a sweat sliding his cock in and out of my pussy making me cream all over his dick, and you can’t help but to start stroking your cock now wondering what it would be like to be inside of my tight wet pussy.  I know I have you exactly where I want you now as my friend with benefits fills me with his cum I can’t help but to wish it was yours.  I know you’re over there probably getting off while watching me get off during this hot voyeur phone sex fantasy.

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strap on phone sex

Hello there, you lucky boys get to hear from your lovely blonde coed Goddess Destiny. Have I got a story to tell you! Now, I am a very strong and firm woman. I love having my way and getting what I want. One time I had this fling with Leo, a fine muscular man with chiseled abs and olive skin. And Leo thinks himself a strong man, and because he is such a hung stud he thinks he can have his way too. Well that just doesn’t happen whenever you’re with this goddess. Little did he know that we were going to have strap on phone sex. I love showing that I am the boss, just because I have a nice ass and perky tits doesn’t mean I don’t wear the pants in the relationship. And I am going to make Leo my bitch boy.

So I tie him up, and he’s grinning at me with his hard shaft saluting me in the air. I smile as I strut over to the closet, giggling to myself knowing that I have him trapped. And then I slip on the harness, sliding it over my long legs and creamy thighs. I fasten the harness and turn to face my prey, brandishing my 8 inched black dildo. *laughs* You should’ve seen the look on his face as I placed myself between his trembling legs. I took a firm hold of his ass cheeks and spread them open nice and wide to see that tight man pussy hole. Mmm and I like to tease, slowly lubing up that dildo to his entrance and taunting him. Hearing that strained grunt as I push it in stretching that hole slowly makes me so wet. That gasp as I push it deeper and deeper into that man pussy drives me wild and I become an absolute beast. I pound the fuck out of that tight ass relishing how he moans like a whore as his cock bounces up and down to my fast rhythm. Strap on phone sex made Leo my bitch slut and I can make your ass mine as well! Let me pound that slut hole of yours with strap on phone sex. I have a nice pink dildo as well to really make you know what a sissy bitch you are.

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anything goes phone sexI am one dirty fucking cock whore, and I want you all to know it. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do to get fucked nice and hard. That is why I can’t get enough of anything goes phone sex.  I want to be used by hot and horny men with insatiable libidos, just like me.  I don’t care if you have a sweet girlfriend, if I want that cock you are going to give it to me.  I will do all the things she will not.  You know that you are dying to slide your cock up her ass, but she keeps saying no, doesn’t she? Well baby,  if you didn’t fuck my ass I would be pissed off.  Ass fucking is always a given with me. Have you ever wanted to blow your big load all over your woman’s face, but knew better than to ask her? I love nothing more than when a guy finishes all over my face.  I love sitting on my knees with your cum dripping onto my perky tits as you call me a dirty whore.  Go ahead and watch me as I rub that cum into my face and tits then lick it off my fingers. If your poker night has become a little boring give me a call, baby. I will be very happy to take good care of you and your buddies. Trust me it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the game,  everyone’s attention will be on me.  Make sure you tell them that I am an anything goes phone sex kinda girl.

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