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no limits phone sex

When you call me you have an idea of where you want the call to go.  That’s cool.  You also have limits.  Areas that are just too scary for you, too out there.  Areas that you would never allow yourself to go.  Why?  What are you afraid of?  I think you’re afraid you’ll become more sick and twisted than you already are.  You don’t think you are?  LOL then why are you calling me?  You know what you are, that’s why you keep it all hidden.  You’re so afraid that if you tried no limits phone sex you’d slip deeper into the darkness, but what’s so wrong with that?  I propose you call me, tell me what you want, and then go exactly where I tell you to.  No limits, no fussing.  It’s like improve.  One of the main rules is that you always say yes to whatever is suggested.  Wouldn’t that be delicious?  I make a suggestion and you say yes.  I give you an order and you comply.  The control freak in you is saying, “But it’s my money, I should get exactly what I want.”  I’m saying slapping you out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need.  How many times can you cum to the same old fantasy.  A lot of you call me and talk about the same freaking set up over and over.  Then you have the same old orgasm.  So the question becomes, are you satisfied with that?  Are you fine with a mediocre orgasm every single time?  Or do you want a mind blowing, ball draining explosion?  If you never take a risk you’ll never know how good it can actually be.

I know men are creatures of habit, but that shit gets old.  No limits phone sex will rock your world.  The only limits you have are in your mind.  Mine is much more fertile with the things you won’t allow yourself to think and do.  I bet you’re scared, but also stiff at this point.  So what the fuck are you waiting for?  The worst that will happen is you’ll get scared and hang up.  Ah men, you’re such mice.  If you hang in there, though, your cock will explode.  After that, anything but no limits phone sex will feel like missionary position.  Don’t be a vanilla fuck.

Call Pia for no limits phone sex …no limits for you, that is.  1-888-402-8669.

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phone sex fantasies

I know you’re probably thinking that I don’t look like the kind of girl who can make all of your naughty phone sex fantasies come to life, but think again! I think it makes it that much better for you when the girl bringing your fantasies to life looks like she’s too sweet to get raunchy. Oh, no… don’t let these looks fool you. I am the girl who is going to “out kink” you and make you wonder where the hell I have been all your life!

So, now that we’ve established that I’m the dirty girl you’ve been looking for, what are you doing to do with me? Do you want to do a role-play with me and have me pretend I’m that woman in your life that you have been dying to get your hands on but you know it’s just never going to happen in real life? Oh, honey. I can make it seem so real that you’ll feel like you really got to have your way with her. Who is she? Your best friend’s girlfriend? Your brother’s wife? Or maybe that girl next door that is way too taboo for you to touch. Let me be her. It sounds like so much nasty fun, doesn’t it?

Or maybe your phone sex fantasies include some fetishes that you are scared to tell your wife or girlfriend about. Do you like being a sissy and dressing up in panties while you’re on your knees in front of a cock? Maybe you have a tiny dick but you can’t tell her that you want a little bit of small penis humiliation. Or maybe there’s something a little more sinister… religious blasphemy anyone?

If you’re ready to let me bring your phone sex fantasies to life, call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Lola! I’ll be ready and waiting to give you what you need!

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submissive phone sex

When somebody’s in control and on top of the game as often as I am, they need a little bit of release. Some time to decompress. To give over control completely to a strong Master who is man enough to control me. That’s when I need some submissive phone sex.

And I know it when I run across the right man for the job. It all starts with that voice. An edge of steel in it. That lets me know that he’s in charge of this situation. Lets me know that if I don’t submit, I will be punished.

I’m already wet by the time he commands me to my knees. It’s so humiliating when he securely buckles the collar around my neck. I don’t know why it turns me on so much. He uses the leash to roughly pull me toward him. With one hand holding the leash, and the other gripping my hair, he commands me to be a good girl and suck. My eyes are wide open, looking up at him while he forces his fat cock down my throat, telling me that I’m his filthy whore, that he’ll use every slutty hole I have until it’s filled with cum. And my juices drip down my thighs when he tells me that I will do everything he commands. EVERYTHING. I’m quaking inside wondering how far he’ll take this submissive phone sex session.

What will I do if he ties me up? Leaves me helpless and immobile while he uses my body in unspeakable ways. Or maybe he will hurt me. Clamps, whips, chains, turning my creamy skin warm pink, then bright cherry red. Will I be able to keep silent, as he commands? I want more than any thing to please him, and when he strokes my hair and tells me I’ve been a good girl, I’m desperate for his cock and my panties are soaked through.

When he finally holds me down, the leash wrapped around my neck, and forces his thick, massive cock into my tight little holes, I’m begging for release. He demands, “Take it, slut,” as he roughly fucks my ass. I hold on as long as I can, and when he finally gives me permission to cum, I explode in full body orgasms that seem endless . . . *sigh*

Do you have what it takes to force me into submission? Can you take control of my body, teasing me, using, bringing me to an earth-shattering release? If you think you’re man enough, give me a call and play with Payton at 1 888 402 8669!

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sissy phone sex

Put your panties on, and give me a call, sissy phone sex sluts! I’m going to give you a sissy assignment and send you on a panty shopping adventure. See, I know you probably don’t have very many pairs of panties because you likely have to hide them from someone in your life. So you have probably been dressing up in the same couple of pairs for years. But it’s time for you to go out shopping and buy some new ones. Yes, I said go out shopping. I’m not going to let you do online shopping like you usually do.

Your sissy assignment is going to be so much fun. You’re going to call me and you’re going to take me to the store with you. You can pick any nice store in the mall. Nothing like Target. When you get there, I want you to walk right up to the cutest sales girl and tell her that you need to buy some panties. She is probably going to ask you if they are for your girlfriend or wife. And you are not allowed to say yes. You HAVE to tell her they are for you. I love humiliating sissies like you. And if I know you the way I think I do, you’re probably going to love it just as much as I do.

Ready to go shopping? Call me at 1 888 402 8669 for sissy phone sex and ask to talk to Abby! I can’t wait to have some fun with you. And if you’re a sissy and you can’t go shopping at the moment but want to in the future, call me anyway. It’ll be so much fun to talk about and plan!

phone sex

I had some steamy size queen phone sex with a man that wanted to roleplay that I was corrupting his wife and turning her into a BBC lover behind his back. Size queen phone sex is very sexy to me and I loved his idea of turning his faithful loving wife all nasty. It’s no wonder that a guy wanting me to get his wife hooked on big black cock would have a less than average dick himself. It is 4 inches hard, ouch. His poor wife must be aching for some real cock, or maybe she doesn’t know what real cock is since she’s been with him. Anyhow, we roleplayed me having her over to welcome her to the ladies in the neighborhood. Once she got over to my place though we were the only women there. It was the two of us and a couple of big guys. She insisted that she was married and not up for the plans that we had but after a little bit of flirting from one of the men she was taking his hand and being led back to a bedroom.

After a few girl’s nights like those and his wife didn’t want anything to do with his pathetic cock. So then it was time to show him why his cock just wasn’t worth her attention anymore. We moved the girl’s night to her place and let her little dicked hubby watch what a size queen his wife was. There was no way that she was going back to his 4 incher now. She had worked her way up to taking so much more than that. It was just the beginning of his ongoing small penis humiliation at the hands of his slut wife and her newfound pleasure for BBC.


phone sex Mistress

It takes a lot of energy to keep track of all you slaves.  I have to take notes on who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.  Unlike Santa, though, I’m not bearing gifts.  That’s your job.  But I do have something for you naughty boys who act like your wife or girlfriend is more important that your phone sex Mistress.  When you signed up you knew that placing me above all women was a prerequisite.  Now you’re acting up and I have no choice but to fuck up your happy little home.  You only have yourself to thank for this.  Don’t expect me to feel bad about it.  I’m hotter than your wife and you PROMISED that I would always come first.  So who’s fault is it???

You will do everything I tell you to do.  You’ll insult her.  You’ll restrict her spending money and call me with the excess.  You’ll play mean tricks.  You’ll humiliate her.  You’ll be in the doghouse in no time.  She’ll be giving you the cold shoulder, and you know what that does?  Frees up your time for ME.  I know, I’m such a clever phone sex Mistress.  Don’t even bother whining about it, because I really don’t care if you’re miserable.  It’s not my job to make you happy…it’s quite the other way around.  You obey because it keeps me happy.  If I’m happy, you’re ok.  If I’m unhappy, you suffer.  Your job is to figure out how to keep me happy.

For now, calling me is a start, but please know that’s not the end of it.  You’re going to work your ass off for your phone sex Mistress or you will suffer the very dire consequences.  I’ll wipe that fucking smirk off your face faster than you can say “I’m fucked.”

Call 1-888-402-8669 now and ask for your phone sex Mistress, Pia.

BBC phone sex

I must say that BBC phone sex really hits the spot, if you know what I mean.  So many guys have a  fantasy of watching me and a black guy with a monster cock have a proper fuck fest.  Are you into that too?  I bet you want to be my bitch. You want me to humiliate your tiny dick and tell you what a worthless excuse for a man you are. Yeah, I know all about guys just like you. You need to see a sexy woman give herself to a much much more well endowed black man. I am sure you have called many girls who talked to you about this fantasy, but here is the thing — I really fuck black men! I have 1 or 2 always ready to slide their huge monster cocks inside me at a moments notice. I don’t mess around when it comes to BBC phone sex! And I know you want to hear all about how they work me over and open up my sweet pink pussy with his giant dick. Fuck, I am getting wet just writing about it.  The last BBC I fucked really knew how to tease me that that massive prick.  My mouth was watering  as I just look at him sitting there naked. His legs were spread and his dick was just hanging down like 7 inches past the chair.  I could barely contain myself.  I don’t know how long I held out before I was on my knees sucking on that big black thing. Do you want to watch him to shoot that load in my pretty face? You just pull up a chair and get a close look but I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.  We are going to put on a  BBC phone sex clinic and I don’t want to be distracted.  I know it will get that little ridiculous penis of your hard as it gets.

Let’s fucking do it — just call me for BBC phone sex at 1-888-402-8669 so I can get to work on that cock.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U


small penis humiliation phone sex

I swear, you have one of the smallest dicks I have ever seen. I guess that’s why you’re about to call me for small penis humiliation phone sex. Part of me wants to tell you to just put it away so I never have to look at it again, but then there’s a part of me that wants the world to see it. It’s THAT small.

You know what would be a great idea? I think I should invite over all my girlfriends and show them how pathetic your teeny tiny little weenie is. But before they come over, I have to get you ready. I am going to pick out a pair of my panties for you to wear, because you certainly don’t deserve to wear men’s underwear. I mean, you really can’t call that thing a dick. It’s more like a clit and they belong tucked away in a pair of frilly panties.

Once all my friends get to my place, I want you to offer them a drink and serve it to them. Then the real fun is going to start. I want you to prance around and show them your pretty panties. And then after they have finished their drinks, you will take your tiny nub and show them just how small it is. They will need to see it to believe it. And I know my friends. One of them is going to ask how small it is and that’s when we’ll get out the ruler and measure it. First you’ll have to masturbate and get it hard for us. That is, if it isn’t hard already from the humiliation you’ve endured. When you tell us the official length of your tiny dick, I bet we’ll all just start giggling and taking pictures.

Are you ready to be laughed at? Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin for small penis humiliation phone sex and there’s no way I won’t laugh at that useless pathetic dick.

taboo phone sex

I have to admit that I love being your favorite taboo phone sex slut. I am so horny all of the time and I love to tease and please all of you nasty boys out there. I want to get down and dirty with you. There is no reason for you to be shy when you’re telling me what kind of kinks you have. I love what other people consider “fucked up”. Do you want to tell me that really far out there fantasy that you have never told anyone before? Come to me and tell me all about it. I will help you bring it to life and I know I can make you blow your load harder than you have in a very long time.

So, tell me… what kind of taboo fantasies do you have, baby? Do you want to do something you feel is forbidden like get down on your knees and wrap your mouth around a big fat cock? You think it will mean you are gay if you give into your fantasies, don’t you? Well, it might mean that, but I won’t tell anyone. It will be our little secret for when you call me.

Oh, or maybe you have a fantasy that involves someone you could NEVER ever fuck in real life. So you just fantasize about her while you jerk off. You know that if it ever happened in real life, it would cause a major scandal. But you can call me and talk to me about it and nobody ever has to know.

No matter what kind of taboo phone sex fun you’d like to get into, I’m your girl. Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Lola! I can’t wait to make you cum!

AIM and Yahoo: lust4lola

big tit phone sex

I hear that you want to talk someone who is experienced, flirty, seductive and that has big tits. You also want a female who knows how to be a total slut especially when it comes to your hard cock and big tit phone sex desires. Just look at these voluptuous tits. They are perfect, aren’t they? Perfect for sliding your throbbing cock between them. All you want me to do is get down on my knees and look up at you with my big blue eyes, smiling. I know that you’re waiting for me to slide the top to my pretty yellow dress down to expose my perfect 34 DD’s!

I know you have been watching me for days now. You keep visiting my page, reading and rereading my kinky blogs, starring at my naughty pics. The way I get your attention has you forgetting all about your significant other and any other girl you talk too for that matter! Just wait until we talk because every time you call me for big tit phone sex  you’ll be craving more and more of my attention. You won’t be able to think of anything or anyone else.

You have that lustful and puppy dog look in your eyes as I take my hands and squeeze my breasts around your shaft. I’ll tease and please your cock so good with my big tits and  it wont be long until you are ready to give me that pretty pearl necklace. If you want a little bit more than big tit phone sex then I am just the girl you want. I have no limits to what you desire and I never say no to any roleplay!

I’m a very open minded bit tit, blonde hair, blue eyes slut who has no limit’s to fulfilling all of your fantasies…  call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis for big tit phone sex.

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