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domination phone sex

Well hello there sissy bitch! I know just what you and your tiny dick need.  Your a pussy ass bitch who is in some need of domination phone sex.  I am just the Dominatrix you have been looking for.  Get over here right now.  Now, get on your knees and start by taking off my shoes.  Good boy! Now, I have been walking around work all day and my feet are all sweaty and hurt.  You know just what to do.  Start massaging those piggies with not only your hands, but your mouth.   Be a good slave boy.  I’m sorry, are you sitting there on your knees and whining because you don’t want to do this anymore? That’s fine. Get your ass up and follow me to the bedroom NOW.

I pull out my rope and handcuffs as you shimmy down because your a scared pussy bitch.  “Mistress no please no, ill do whatever you say”  It’s to late you bitch, you should have listened to me the first time.  Your here for domination phone sex and that is what your about to get.  Now, get your ass on that bed.  Strip down to nothing, I want to see what we are working with here.  Oh my, just what I thought!! Absolutely nothing!  I grab my handcuffs and my whip.   handcuff your arms to the top of my bed and I take your ankles and I tie them up in the air to your wrists.  Perfect, I have you just where I need you.  I grab my whip, and as you beg me not to spank you, I spank your ass with my large whip.  You start screaming and whining like the bitch you are!  Now, do we have an understanding? You do as your told and I won’t spank you too hard next time.  “Yes Mistress, I will behave”  Good boy!

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strap on phone sex

If you don’t already know by now I love my toys, and one of my favorites is my strap on.  There’s nothing quite like a strap on phone sex call to get my mind going, and the juices flowing.  I love the entire process, from slowly teasing you getting you aroused, and filling you with so much lust you are practically begging for a strap on phone sex call.  Or maybe you’re a little strap on bitch who can’t get enough of a long fat strap on in your wanting ass.  No matter I’m not picky when it comes to strap on phone sex just as long as I get to hear you moan and groan for me.

Now I have several thoughts in mind when it comes to giving you what you need. Yes I did say what you need, and not what you want. You see when you come to me wanting my strap on you loose your chance to decide what you want. I decide from then on what you need. I get inside that filthy mind of yours and find exactly what you want, and desire.  Are you one of those who needs to be coddled, or slowly seduced into the pleasure of my cock, or are you a little bitch I can bend over and fuck the shit out of?  I’m all for tying you up and making you take my cock, but really it won’t be any effort as you will be begging I did say by the end of the call.  Doesn’t matter what you think you want I will always give you just what you need as that’s my right since you’re my bitch now. Don’t get all nervous on me I never give or take more than you can handle on a strap on phone sex call. So stop wasting time thinking about it, pick up that phone and call me to see just how incredible my strap on can make you feel. I’m waiting with tingling pussy, and cock in hand for your willing ass.;)

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asian phone sex

I feel you watching me doll, your eyes roving over every inch of my tan body, starting at my almond shaped eyes, not leaving an inch unexplored by your eyes. I can tell you like what you are seeing, baby.  As soon as you see my features your asian phone sex fantasies that you’ve kept quiet all these years come to the forefront of your mind.What exactly is it you fantasize about, baby? I mean.. I know what most people think of as the “typical” asian girl. Tiny body, sexy curves, long hair, and the thing that probably has you drooling- the unquestioning submission a meek and mild personality, just like my name sounds.

Are you thinking about a sweet submissive girl, ready to give you whatever you want during asian phone sex? Maybe you picture something as vanilla and innocent as me between your legs sucking on your rather large *giggles* pickle. Well I’ll be honest with you baby- I love the way a pickle tastes when I suck it between my sweet, pouty lips. The juicier and meatier the pickle the better! Maybe you picture something a bit more..taboo? Maybe you fantasize about tying me up so I had no way to fight against whatever it is you have planned for me. You want to have your way with me? Maybe you want to invite some friends over to watch them have their fun with me. It doesn’t matter what it is baby, if you’ve been fantasizing about it. We will find a way to make it happen,  just say the word. This no taboo asian phone sex slut is ready to try anything you have in mind, baby.

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forced feminization phone sex

There are so many of you out there who are dying to be a sissy, but you just don’t have the guts to actually go through with it. You are a coward and you need a little bit of “help” and that’s what I’m here for. Just give me a call for forced feminization phone sex and I’ll totally make it happen for you.

Do you need a little extra push to shave all your body hair, get a wig and start wearing makeup? I’ll give you that push. You can’t expect anyone to take you seriously if all you do is wear panties now and then. That doesn’t make you a sissy and you know it!

And when it comes time to suck dick and be fucked, I’ll make sure you don’t even have a chance to say no. You’re going to be stuffed with cock… mouth AND your pussy. You’re going to learn how to suck and be fucked and maybe by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be as good at it as I am!

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sissy phone sex

Hello to all of my sissy boys out there. I’m looking for all of my boys out there who are longing/desiring to be a girl to call me for sissy phone sex and let me dress you up in the cutest clothes and show you off in public.

I want to tell everybody about my favorite sissy boy who calls himself Natawee. I just enjoy talking to him love taking him shopping for the cutest clothes and showing him off to all of my friends. Just recently, I invited some of my friends over so I could show my sissy boy off. My Natawee cried when he realized my friends were laughing and pointing at him. It embarrassed him so much that he had an accident on himself and he immediately started crying so hard. I enjoy berating my sissy boy with his 3 inch cock and telling him about what a loser he is. He is constantly asking me “do you think I’m a pathetic sissy boy?” Of course my response is always going to be yes because I want to make sure that he knows that the only way he can bring a smile to my face is by me reminding him of what a useless little cock whore he is.

I am always looking for the sissy boys out there who are in search of a mistress to dominate them and treat them like the little girls they wish to be. So if you’re looking to have your masculinity destroyed, call your ebony goddess Sasha for sissy phone sex at 1-888-402-8669 and I’ll make that fantasy a reality.

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Mistress phone sex

I am your mistress and I expect to be worshiped. This means frequent calls to me to profess your devotion. This means I will take your kinks and fetishes and explore them deeper than before.  You may also have a real time mistress, but she wont know you as intimately as I know you.  You may have a wife or a girlfriend who knows nothing of your secret desires that you will pursue with me.  None of that matters to me.  All that matters is tat you focus on me now.  There are mistresses who will say : no, we cant talk about that or no we cant do that.  But I have no taboos or limits about our time together.  And I will own you unless we engage in BDSM in my virtual dungeion or I meet you in a hotel room with my strap- on, cuff and riding crop.  you will become my bitch, subby or slave.  You will be drawn to me from my alluring photos knowing all the while how cruel and calculating I can be during a mistress phone sex session.  You will think about me day and night in between calls, and you will beg to know my schedule.  I travel frequently, so I am not always available but when I am available, I demand you will be there at my feet or on your knees in a worshipful pose.  I know you may pretend to be a real man in order to pursue your career or profession, but underneath that disguise of your suit or scrubs, I know you are secretly submissive, kinky or that you have a fetish which can not be satisfied otherwise.  You can not risk revealing this to anyone but me or a real time mistress.  Still, you will get the pleasure you have been missing from pursuing your desires when we connect for our mistress phone sex call.

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phone sex Goddess

Do you love to admire a pretty girl from afar and smile when she looks your way? I’m sure that you would like to walk up to her and to respectfully kiss her hand or kneel down in a gesture of respect and admiration. If you have ever contemplating doing any of these things then I know that you will appreciate a phone sex Goddess. I am a college girl that loves to have fun just like that next girl, but I also know that am a Goddess of the highest order. When men see me they become intimidated, sexually aroused, and even confused by the intensity of my power. When you call me and hear my seductively charming voice, you will immediately feel the divine nature of my being and become entranced within my power. I am certain that you will be kneeling down on your floor while talking to me as I stare into your eyes deeply. Don’t worry, I’m sure that your cock will become stiff and that your heart will begin to beat faster and faster at the sight of my beauty. You might feel fearful, or even tearful, but do not be alarmed. I won’t hurt you unless you make me very angry because I am a good Goddess to those that are good to me. Even in my wrathful form, I have love and compassion for you and am only trying to teach you a valuable lesson. As you watch me standing before you either fully clothed or naked, your urge to kiss my feet or grab my ankles in desperation is so obvious. I will gladly reach down and pat your head and assure you that you are going to enjoy every moment of my deliciously sweet pussy juices as well as the suppleness of my gorgeous tits. You will have to earn that right though, by worshipping me properly and following my directions. Trust me, I am a phone sex Goddess and following my instructions will only lead to a pleasurable experience for you. You might even win a special place in my heavens. Call me and I will be sure for you to have a hellishly angelic good time.

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phone sex

I think that the thing so many men wish for is to have a smoking hot, smart and kinky girlfriend, the typical lady in public whore in the bedroom mindset. That’s just how guys are… you want it all. And with me, you can have it. I might look like a trophy girlfriend, but I am much more than that. I’m the kinky GFE phone sex girl of your dreams.

What exactly does it mean when I say that I’m a kinky GFE girl? It means that I am ready, willing, and able to do anything you want to do. No topic is off limits with me, baby! I know that sometimes my man needs a little something extra to get off, and I am willing to give it to you. I don’t even mind talking about things that most girls would say no to. What kind of GFE girl would I be if I turned you down? That’s not being a very good girlfriend, is it? I promise to be the best GFE phone sex girl you’ve ever had!

Hmm… I wonder what kind of kinky fantasies we can explore. Do you love roleplaying? I surely do! I can be anyone you want me to be… from the hot neighbor, your brother’s wife or maybe someone a little more taboo, if you catch my drift. Or maybe you have a fetish that you feel like you can’t tell anyone. Trust me, though… you can tell me. Whether you like strap on play, you love wearing panties or you like being cuckolded, I’m the GFE girl for you.

GFE is not always about sex either. Sometimes you just need a sweet and friendly voice to soothe your crappy day. Like any good girlfriend, I am in your corner always and will support whatever you do. Need to vent? Let off steam? Or maybe you just want to hang out on the phone, and share our hopes, dreams and fantasies? I am smart and can talk on so many different subjects, sexy sports pillowtalk after a mind blowing orgasm is one of my favorites!

If you’re ready for kinky GFE phone sex, pick up that phone and call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin. I want to make your dick feel good, baby and I promise that you’re going to be addicted to me after just one call. Let’s have some fun!

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Well hello there boy sitting in the corner of the bar all alone.  You don’t have to say it, I already know what your issue is! You like small penis humiliation phone sex.  Well, Maybe you don’t like it, but given the fact that your dick is as small as my pinky finger, you have grown to just deal with it.  Its okay sweetie, I won’t make too much fun of you and your french fry penis. **giggles**  I know your atleast 21 since your in the bar in this college town, and I am pretty sure you haven’t ever had a girlfriend and if you did, im sure she ran for the hill with one little look.  Let me guess, you pulled down your pants and said you were going to fuck her and she gave you one look, and said take that small dick and go call some sexy girl like myself for small penis humiliation phone sex.

So, here you are.  All alone, and catching yourself trying to rub your little clitty, making it hard and trying to make it grow.  That guy over there even told me you tried sprinkling miracle grow on it, and used a penis pump!! OMG!!! Your so pathetic because I know that penis didn’t grow any with that help.  How about you sit right here, cross your legs and close your eyes! Now, ask the penis lords to make your clitty bigger..ready, set go. Yup…didn’t work **giggles** Okay, I have an idea.  You go home, I’ll go grab my magnifying glass and my tweezers.  I have nothing better to do tonight then to try an find your tiny penis.  And sweetie, from the looks of it, we may be here for a while.  You were meant for some small penis humiliation phone sex and I am just the sexy girl for you!

Let’s have some fun and some small penis humiliation phone sex.  Give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Roni.  My tweezers and I will be waiting!

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big tit phone sex

Hey there guys! Goddess Gracie is back and I’m here to tell you why you’ll love big tit phone sex with me. My delicious 36D tits are waiting for you to suck and fondle them. Just imagine tasting my scrumptious, whip cream covered nipples! While you are licking them and teasing them with your tongue, I will be moaning quietly in your ear. I bet you can’t wait to lather my tits in baby oil, and then slide that rock hard love stick right between them.

When I am walking down the street, my low cut tops always reveal my large, bountiful breasts. I catch people staring all the time, and it instantly makes my panties soaked. There is something so captivating to me when I notice the stares are coming from both women and men! Big tit phone sex can be awesome because I can tell you all kinds of stories about my soft, smooth tits. I remember one time I was getting a wax and the woman kept catching eyes with me and blushing. I asked her why she was getting so flustered, and she told me that my breasts looked soft and she could imagine her face between them. So, as soon as everything was done, I was getting off the table to leave and I grabbed her arm so she was facing me. I had her help me remove my top and I placed her head between my soft, smooth breasts. The rest I’m sure you can imagine baby. Big tit phone sex is going to be so much fun baby, just wait and see. Imagine us in bed, and while I’m on my back you poor some warm baby oil all over my smooth tummy and large tits. The warmth of the oil sends electric signals all down my legs, and soaks my pussy.

You know you’d love to play with my tits baby, so give me a call! 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Gracie for big tit phone sex!

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