Cross Dressing Phone Sex with Heather

Hello, perverts! I’m Heather, and I am not afraid to admit that I am a selfish phone sex princess! Right now, I need to find for a dedicated, no limits crossdressing phone sex sissy. My requirements are obviously cross dressing, cock worship, milking the hell out of your prostate and foot worship along with whatever kinky, taboo that crosses my mind at the time. I love it when a man gives in to his sensual, feminine side without holding back. You will be dressed from head to toe and made up as I see fit. You will wear the sexiest, silky outfits out there and I guarantee to have you looking like a pretty cock sucking whore. My cross dressing phone sex sissy will also have to worship me. I’ll train you on how to worship my ass, my small, dainty feet and every other inch of my body. I want to hear all about when you started to fantasize about this fetish. Knowing you’re slipping into something sexy, feminine clothing just gets me turned on. The thought of the silkiness and laciness of women clothing just gets your cock rock hard, doesn’t it?
cross dressing phone sex
To state the obvious, sex toys are required. If you don’ have any, well we will shop online for some together.  But if you have any, they better be available and ready to use on that asshole of yours before you call me. I know how excited my cross-dressing phone sex sissies get just at the thought of lubing up that dildo, knowing it’ll be rammed right in their asshole by me. Or if I’m in the mood, ill move those pink panties you’re wearing to side and violate you with my strap-on, with or without lube.  The more submissive you are, the wetter I’ll get during our session. We will have so much fun with this cross dressing phone sex roleplay, I just know it!

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Natasha

Are you one of those guys who thinks that just because you’re paying to talk to me, you deserve to have an orgasm? Oh, honey…that’s just not how this works! You have just come across a woman who loves nothing more than orgasm denial phone sex. I’m VERY patient and I can make you edge for a really long time If you call in and expect an orgasm in 10 minutes, you’re going to be really disappointed. I mean, depending on how whiny you are when you call, I might not ever let you cum. I mean, if you call for orgasm denial, that’s kind of what you’re signing up for anyway.

orgasm denial phone sex

Not only am I going to deny your orgasm, but I’m also going to tell you how to stroke your cock. Did you think that you were going to get to have any kind of control? Oh, no. I will be in control of everything about your dick during our orgasm denial phone sex call. You’re just going to be my cock stroking puppet.

I know you’re probably think that I can’t be serious about never letting you cum. I don’t know… it really just depends on you. I can’t tell you now whether or not you will have that orgasm you want so badly. I mean, there’s a chance you’ll get to cum AFTER you call me several times. But you really shouldn’t count on that. I make no promises other than the fact that you’re going to be tease and denied beyond belief. If you think you can handle that, then maybe I am the girl for you.
If you’re ready to submit for orgasm denial phone sex with me, all you have to do is call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Natasha. There WILL be pleasure, but it will be mine, not yours. At least not for a long time.

Fetish Phone Sex with Memphis

I am really in the mood for some nasty fetish phone sex. If you’re looking for a woman who loves fetishes and has absolutely no limits, you don’t have to look any further. I’m here and I am more than ready to satisfy any of those ugly needs you have, baby. But don’t feel bad about the fact that I said “ugly” needs. That’s just what society thinks. I think all of your fetishes are hot. I mean that! I have never said no to anything and I plan to keep it that way.

fetish phone sex

Is there a certain person that you really want to fuck but you can’t? See, that’s a fetish that a lot of people have but aren’t brave enough to admit it. You know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you? You know that there are certain really nasty fetishes I can’t even talk about here. But when you call me on the phone, we can talk about whatever your perverted heart desires.

Are you a sissy slut who needs your cunt pounded with a strap on cock? Do you have a tiny dick that is craving some small penis humiliation? Or maybe you are an adult baby and you need someone to comfort and take care of you. I can also be that size queen slut that you’ve been dreaming about. I don’t know if roleplays are technically a fetish, but I love them! I think we can find something that would make you happy, don’t you? And if you aren’t sure of what you want, I would be more than happy to help you come up with something hot.

My name is Memphis and I’m ready and waiting to talk to you about all of your fetish phone sex needs. All you have to do is get on the phone and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for me!

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Cassandra

Hola, my name is Cassandra and the only thing I like better than a big cock is the cum that comes out of it. I love my wet pussy being filled to the brim with a fat load of hot cum. I want to be your cream pie phone sex cum whore. Will you eat and suck all that cum out of me? I believe in the clean plate club so, you better make sure my pussy is nice and clean when you get done with me!  Call me so we can have hot, dirty and nasty cream pie phone sex. I will take you to places you have never been before and do things you didn’t think possible to make sure I get that juicy jizz inside me. I love fucking random guys and letting them cum inside my wet tight pussy so you can put your tongue inside my cream pie pussy while I fuck your face. 
cream pie phone sex
When I tell you there is nothing I won’t do to get your cum inside of me. I mean it! There is never anything off limits or taboo when you call me for cream pie phone sex! I will take your cock deep down my throat or in my ass. I don’t care as long as you cum deep inside me. You can watch your friend fill me up and fuck me when he is done so you can feel all that cum on your hard cock! I love to be nasty and slutty for a cock I know has a lot of built up cum so you can fill me up and clean me out. Call me for cream pie phone sex and I know you will be back time and time again so I can be your Latina  phone sex whore! Hurry. I am waiting on your call.
Call me at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Cassandra

School Girl Phone Sex with Jocelyn

OMG midterms were so ridiculous and crazy. But really what was on my mind buried under all those books during all that studying was nasty naughty school girl phone sex!!! 
school girl phone sex
I mean, it’s hard not to get all sorts of kinky ideas when I’m spending all my time with my sexy study buddies in the library… Or getting personal hands-on attention from the TAs and professors- they always like to extend their office hours just for me!!!
What can I say??? I really will bend over backwards and do anything to get my grades up… not just my grades though!!! I fucking love getting cocks hard and I would totally ace Getting Guys Off 202. I think they’d just make me Headmistress of the whole School of Sex, honestly!!! That would be some hot school girl phone sex to role play and I have to admit, my pretty pink pussy is getting all sorts of slick and wet for it… is your dick getting just as hard???
In my favorite school girl phone sex fantasy I’m always wearing those really fucking cute knee-high white socks. Maybe I have a stocking fetish but I really love how those white socks look with my legs wide open in the air!!!
Don’t you think it’s so sexy to see those white socks kick when you make this school girl slut cum??? Oooh, and another of my favorite things is when my cute school girl skirts get cum alllllll over them from- well, that’s the fun stuff we have to talk more privately about. But I bet you can’t think of all the different places I like to have cum to play with!!!
So won’t you help fulfill my fantasy for some school girl phone sex? And I will fulfill yours! Call for Jocelyn at 1-888-402-8669?

Submissive Phone Sex with Alexis

Are you a dominant guy looking for some erotic submissive phone sex with a girl like me? Well, you’re in luck because I have a secret confession to make! **giggles** I just love it when a strong confident and dominant man like yourself takes control of me and tells me exactly what to do. This dirty phone sex slut has been having way too many naughty thoughts lately and I was really hoping that maybe you would be the one to help me out with my submissive phone sex fantasy. Make me your bitch and tell me what a dirty slut I have been.
submissive phone sex
My tight pussy is in need of a dom like you. I’m not afraid to follow your every direction, in fact… it turns me on! You will be stroking your hard cock while telling me exactly what you want to do to this sweet body of mine. Take control of me. Call me names. I’ll enjoy it. I promise!
Do you want to tie me up and have your way with me? Mmm, I like to be teased. Will you let me cum over and over or make me beg you Sir? I can not wait to find out 😉 Or maybe I’ve been such a dirty slut that you decide I need to be punished with your cock shoved deep down my throat until you hear me gagging uncontrollably?!? Spank my ass and pull my hair. I’m feeling extra naughty. Mmm, there are so many ways this could play out and I’m an obedient sub who will do whatever you say.
All I want is to make your cock happy and follow your rules. So, if you think you’d like to be a dom to this sub slut and you’re ready for some submissive phone sex with me, dial 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Alexis. I’ll be waiting to follow your every direction!

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Julia

I want you to take a deep breath and feel every bit of the air pulling into your body. Now, slowly let that breath out. Didn’t that feel nice? It can feel even nicer than that when you hear my soft voice tell you to do that. Breathing in deep slow breaths and focusing on the syllables that come out of my lips will make you feel incredible. That’s why you call me for erotic hypnosis phone sex, isn’t it? Yes, you need to unlock your mind and open the doors for a Goddess with a velvet voice to walk you through the relaxing feeling of hypnosis and the sensual experience of phone sex all wrapped up into one delicious phone call. The longer you listen to my words, the easier it is to allow yourself to open up about the things that make you shiver with excitement. You will confess.

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Do you need to let it all go with some erotic hypnosis phone sex? You’ll feel your worries peel away layer by layer as you soak in the sound of my voice. I can take your mind places that your lovers never could, not even phone sex girls can do what a hypnotist can do. Just think about how good it feels to masturbate alone, now consider jerking off to a voice, next consider stroking your hard cock to the sound of a kinky woman that has you under her hypnotic spell? You couldn’t get yourself into a more alluring web of seduction than one woven by a dominant woman with the means of putting you into a trance. It’s all of your deep-seated submission desires in one heavenly body. I’ll take you by the ear and cock and I will control the things that you are unable to control alone.
Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Nadia

There is nothing like a fresh pedicure, smooth feet, perfect pained toes, and they smell absolutely delicious. Look at my pretty little toes, doesn’t it make you want to have a fun foot fetish phone sex call with me? Let me place my toes on your nice hard cock, feel your warm ball sack with the bottom of my feet. I have the perfect size 7 feet, perfect arches, and toes, too. And to make it better, I love to wear shoes to show off my pretty painted toes off. I want to walk into a room with you laying on the floor, blindfold over your eyes, you are just there baby, waiting for a lovely surprise I’m going to give you.

foot fetish phone sex

Will it be my nice hard nipples you get to suck on? Or my tight pussy you get to lick? Better yet, what I’m going to give you is my big toe in your mouth so you can taste it. I want you to start sucking, the taste is unbelievable isn’t it? I want to see your cock grow hard for me, the pure joy and pleasure I’m giving you with my feet. That’s why I love foot fetish phone sex because I can oil up my pretty feet and massage and play with them while we talk on the phone. To be honest, I will be playing with my tight little cunt too. It really turns me own to have the attention on my feet, I have always gotten compliments on my painted toes and how beautiful my feet looked in high heels. I want to manipulate your cock with my feet. Do you want to cum? Be my foot slut and worship them with foot fetish phone sex. I’m always ready to make your cock nice and hard and am waiting for that load on my toes.

Call me – 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Nadia
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Taboo Phone Sex with Cassandra

Are you stuck with a boring sex life with a even more boring partner? Ready to spice thing up with a hot sexy Latina who loves taboo phone sex? I love to do anything you want to sexually. Tell me your all your secret fantasies and I promise to give you anything you want and more. Do you love to wear panties, stockings or lingerie? Do you love to have sex in public places? Do you love sucking cock and cream pies? Do you wanna pay me or me pay you? Do you love race play? Got a foot fetish? Love to be punished for being a dirty little slut or do you wanna punish me? Call me I love anything goes taboo phone sex. Those are just some of the things I love to do. I am a down for what ever slut. I like it all and there is nothing and I mean nothing I won’t do.
taboo phone sex
I am never surprised or shocked by what anyone tells me.  I am freaky, fun and open minded. I love getting off to your most taboo fantasies. I get so wet and crave to cum for you. I want you to make this tight wet Latina pussy yours to do anything you wish. These are just some of the things I like to talk about but, sky is the limit with me. You don’t have to worry about anything with me. Be yourself and let this hot Latina take you to where you want to go. Call me for taboo phone sex and while we are talking and living out your taboo fantasies I will have you feeling like you are right here with me with your hard cock in my hand, mouth, pussy or ass. Maybe somewhere else anything is acceptable and fun for me. So call me for that secret indulgence to be taken care of with taboo phone sex.
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Phone Sex Slut Kelly

Pop quiz, hotshot.  Do you know why so many men are unhappily married?  Because they married the girl they thought their mama would like, instead of the girl who would rock their world with her dirty mind and rocking body.  That’s why you need this phone sex slut!  I’ll take care of that dick better than your wife ever would.  Honestly, If she sucked your cock and fucked you good, you wouldn’t be so unsatisfied, right?  I bet she doesn’t even whisper naughty things in your ear. What a lazy and complacent bitch!  I’ll tell you things that would make the devil blush. I’m a dirty and kinky phone sex slut with no limits…ever!  You can’t imagine all the nasty things I’ve done.  But I’d love to tell you about them. 
phone sex slut
I’ll get that dick so hard you’ll bust a nut all over yourself listening to the filthy things I’ve done.  And I want to hear about what you want to do to this horny phone sex slut too.  Will you lick my ass and finger it while I play with my pussy?  And will you promise to bend me over and fuck me raw until you explode in my tight juicy cunt?  Baby, I want you to let yourself go and do all the kinky things you’ve always wanted to…with me.  Use this phone sex slut to satisfy all of your fantasies and you’ll soon be a very happy man.  No one ever has to know.  Everything we share is between us.  All I care about is being the best freaky phone whore to take care of that aching throbbing dick and those cum filled balls. 
Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for you phone sex slut, Kelly!  It’s time your dick got taken care of like you need it to!