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tease and denial phone sex

Lately, I have been in the mood for tease and denial phone sex. A pretty coed like me always craves power over big strong men like you. I will get that power right from your prick. It always makes me giggle to use your cock as a play thing as I see fit.  I know that your cock controls you and now I control your cock. So that means you are mine to put in my pocket and take out when I feel like it.  Once you get to know me better, you will learn that the more your balls ache the happier I am.  I need them to throb so you can always be reminded that you belong to me. You will spend so many days and nights humping your hand while you plead with me to allow you to cum. Of course, I can’t allow that.  You haven’t even begun to earn that pleasure. But you will soon learn to enjoy that ache. You will come to except your place in this relationship — edging your cock until you can’t think straight. Even though you beg me for a release deep down you hope that I will say no. It is so powerful knowing that I can have you jerk your cock with the cum right at the tip for hours and you will hold it in. I know that when I am not around you don’t touch yourself. You would never disobey me. That is what I call power! I might even invite my friends over to watch you put on an edging show for us.

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humiliation phone sex

I bet I know what you are craving right now ?  Your craving humiliation phone sex aren’t you ?  Guess what, you will be talking to the right girl for that, because I love hearing how pathetic you are.  It makes me so fucking wet.  You know that you have a small little pecker when you have to use two fingers to stroke it instead of using your hand, like a real man would jerk off.  You know nothing gives me pleasure but to put you in your place.  You couldn’t even pay a women to have sex with you with that tiny thing you call a dick.  But from now  on you need to start calling it a thimble.  I know how bad you would love to fuck a hot fucking lady like myself wouldn’t you ?  Well that would never happen, because I crave nothing but a big fat cock on a real man, who knows how to fuck.   Don’t try and give me that line of shit that size doesn’t matter either, because I am here to tell you it does and it always will.  Just remember when you call for humiliation phone sex I will probably make you cry like a little fucking bitch that you are.  Maybe if your lucky I will let you fuck your pillow, and drizzle out the little bit of cum that goes along with little dick losers like yourself. I can’t wait to tell you what a loser you are !   So call me and let me do just that.

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impregnation phone sex

Hey baby! Your favorite blonde haired vixen is here to tell you why impregnation phone sex will always be a special call with me. There is just something so sexy about the idea of you penetrating me hard and deep while filling up my tight, pink pussy with your hot, sticky baby juice. It really gets my sweet juices flowing like a waterfall! Just imagine us pressed tightly against each other, our bodies on sizzling from the heat building between us and soaking wet from the hours of fucking we have just endured. The thought of you planting your seed inside my fertile womb makes my back begin to arch and my body to become tingly.

The idea of getting pregnant has crossed my mind a lot lately, and after our hot impregnation phone sex session together, I know that it will be on yours too. I long to feel my stomach getting bigger and feeling the fluttering movements inside. The best part is that my titties will start to get bigger and I’ll become more sensitive down there, causing the orgasms you give me to be that much more intense! My plump breasts will start to produce milk, and I know you want to taste the sweet secretions that will begin to drip out of my hard, pink nipples. I am a no taboos girl, so you already know that I am all for adult nursing relationships baby! Don’t be afraid to share all your kinkiest thoughts about it with me!

Don’t be afraid to give me a good hard pounding! I love to be stretched out by your large cock, and my body tingles when I feel all of your hot, sticky cum dripping out of my sore pussy. The feeling of my belly stretching and getting bigger is such a turn on for me. I need you to fuck all of my back pain away! Imagine rubbing baby oil all over my tired, sore feet and over my growing back and titties. During our impregnation phone sex call I expect you to finish the deed. I better be pregnant by the time we are done baby!

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erotic hypnosis phone sex

Welcome to Mistress Katrina’s lair. First, I want you to strip, lay back, relax and get comfortable in your hammock. There is nothing and nobody around you other than myself and the elements. As you listen to my soothing, enticing voice, you are going to breathe in deeply, imagine yourself in your most calming place, let each part of your body sink deeply into that hammock and become one with where you lay. With each breath you take in, your mind will relax. All your fears and inhibitions will slip away. With every breath out, you will sink deeper, deeper and deeper under my seductive spell. I will weave a web into your mind that no man before you has ever come away from without needing more of my time. You like all the others will fall deeply under. During erotic hypnosis phone sex you will be nothing more than putty in my hands. *wink*

At the very beginning of our session together I will start a count-down starting at five. Of course I will also find out what it is you want me to do to your mind while under my enticement. Maybe you are just too scared to go femme there are too many fears. Maybe you have always wanted to be an exhibitionist, but just been too shy…*wink.* What-ever, it is you want while you are unable to make decisions will forever be life changing. With each step down you will sink deeper and deeper losing all control over your body, mind and soul. Erotic hypnosis phone sex with Mistress Katrina isn’t just your normal everyday session. No, no, it is very unique. I can see from the tent made by that brawny shaft of yours that my control over you is making you excited.

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phone sex

I know you’re probably used to jerking off by yourself all of the time, but wouldn’t it be so much more fun for us to masturbate together? I know it would make your dick even harder to listen to the sounds I make when I am feeling really good. And I just love hearing your breathing get heavier when you get close to orgasm. It will totally send me over the edge and make me cum, too! I love mutual masturbation phone sex as much as you do!

I would love to get my vibrators and other toys out to play with  during our mutual masturbation session. I’d even be willing to let you tell me how to play with it. You could tell me when to rub it up against my clit and how hard. And you could tell me when to slide it inside me. Should I just push it in and leave it, or do you want me to fuck myself with it? You can even be the one to decide when I’m allowed to give in to that delicious orgasm. The decisions can all be yours, baby. I hope you like to listen as I get myself off too. I’m pretty loud sometimes and I just can’t help myself when I’m so turned on!

But you know, guided masturbation does go both ways. I think it would be amazing to tell you exactly how to stroke your dick. I love to tell you how hard to grip it, how fast to stroke it and I want you  to hold it until I tell you when to cum. Hopefully we’ll even cum together! How much more fun could it get unless we were actually together?! I’ll let you hear my wet pussy if you’ll let me hear how hard your cock is. mmmmmm

If you’re up for a hot mutual masturbation phone sex session and want to cum with me (who doesn’t?!) call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin. I’ll have my toys ready and if you have any, bring them along!

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kinky phone sex

Hey guys its your favorite red head girl with the sexy southern voice. Are you having kinky phone sex thoughts as you see me here sitting like this for you? Do you want to crawl between my sexy long legs and taste my creamy bald pussy? I slid my panties off for you and now all i can think about is your finger, tongue and throbbing dick tease my pink pussy and tight firm ass. And I know how much dirty fun you love to have. And you know a slut like myself has no limit’s when it comes to making your cock as hard as a rock. You cant help but confess that you are the kind of man who gets hard for girls who are much more kinkier than your typical “vanilla” type of sex. I will flirt and tease you when you see me in my skimpy clothes that show off my firm 34 c breasts and super short skirts that show off my sexy long legs. I love thigh hi’s six inch pumps and the perfect sweet scent that will turn your head from “her” to me. And when you hear my sweet dirty talking young voice I just know it wont be long until you are ready to push your throbbing hard cock inside. But which hole will it be first? Are you the kind of man who loves a princess who will bring you to your knees to serve and submit to me? Just imagine being under my pretty panty covered pussy. I look down at you and say “I bet you want to feel my sweet ass and pussy just grind against your face. You would do almost anything to have me remove my panties or pull them to the side so you can worship my pink pussy and yummie kinky phone sex ass. Or maybe you are looking for a sweet and slutty girl with a hint of innocence. I’ll never say no to you. I’m a yes girl who will pay very close attention to what makes you happy. I’ll lay back in this chair as you look down at me with your stiff pole as hard as rock. And this cum loving slut will do anything to make your dick cum harder than it ever has before.

So please let me wrap my pretty hand around your dick and stroke it just how you like it. And you can decide which hole you want to have first. And by the time you push your hard dick in my tiny virgin ass it wont be long until you have me on your knees begging to suck you off until you blow all over my pretty face. I’ll lick and drink down every last drop too *yum* I cant wait to be the best kinky phone sex girl you have ever had the pleasure to talk too.

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creampie phone sex

Well hey there guys. Goddess Gracie is here to tell you all about my love for creampie phone sex. There is something so dirty and sexy to me about having my tight, hairless pussy filled up with a huge, hot load! Sometimes I love being stuffed by several men, with all their loads filling me up and exploding out of my body. Nothing in the world feels better to me than feeling the warmth of all that cum dripping out of my sore, swollen pussy. I want to be made into your own personal cum dumpster. This no taboos slut wants you to fill every one of my holes!

I love it when those dirty, nasty boys call me for creampie phone sex because we talk all about how they are going to clean me up afterwards. Imagine we just finished a hard, rough fuck session and you blew a large load into my sweet pussy. The only way I would let you fuck me is if you cleaned me up afterwards, so you better get on your knees! The mixture of my sweet juices and your hot cum fill your mouth and you suck up everything like a good boy. Sometimes I might even have you come over after a gangbang and let you suck out all of that cum from the nasty men who beat my sweet pussy up!

I get turned on immediately when I know I am going to have a creampie phone sex call! The thought of a man cleaning his cum, or another man’s up from inside of me is so sexy. It might be taboo for most people, but not this girl! This no taboos girl is up for anything, so maybe I’ll even let you blow a hot load inside my tight, pink asshole and let you suck it out afterwards. I will be moaning and continuously cumming from all of the orgasms you are giving me. All that licking and sucking will get me in the mood to ride that hard, throbbing cock once more. We will be going all night, so I hope you can handle me baby.

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barely legal phone sex

Hey, Boys! I thought we could get to know each other by me telling you about one of my favorite kinds of sexy fun, barely legal phone sex. Obviously, a sexy 19 year old like me has lots of opportunities to play with boys. Unfortunately, growing up in a strict household under the watchful eyes of my parents, I never had much of a chance to play with men. Real, older men, who knew what a tight cunny like mine should really be used for. When I was younger, I could tell that the older men in my life wanted to have their way with me by the way they looked at me and “accidentally” rubbed or brushed against me all the time. When I found myself alone, I would feverishly imagine those “accidental” touches turning into something much, much naughtier…those thoughts got me through some of the most frustratingly horny years of my life, but thoughts alone weren’t enough!

The day I turned 18, I learned about the joys of barely legal phone sex with my piano teacher. We were setting up an appointment when a very naughty mood stuck me. “I’m 18 today,” I told him. He asked what I wanted for my birthday and with that, I reached into my panties and plunged a finger into my tight, wet cunny. “I want you to jerk your cock for me while I finger my slit,” I purred. He was speechless at first, but it didn’t take long for him to divulge what he’d been fantasizing about for a long time. All the nasty, perverted things he talked about subjecting my body to sent me over the edge in no time! That’s when barely legal phone sex found a very special place in my…heart, hehehe!

Mmm, now I’m really in the mood, hurry up and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Nadia for barely legal phone sex

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CFNM phone sex

Hey there! Welcome to the enticing and seductive lair of Mistress Katrina. I recently started dating my most recent boyfriend. I really don’t think he knew what he had gotten himself into that is until recently. *giggles* I have a firm belief that ALL woman are superior to men. A man should do whatever a woman asks without questioning! I truly mean this….. I mean I recently had to teach my boyfriend. Of course, I had to entice him into my web first. Make him “think” he was “the man.”  He had a rude awakening, when he woke up with naked and with a chastity device around him. When he went to get dressed he had NO CLOTHES. *wild laughter* I just cannot get the image of that terrified look on his face, when he realized all the rumors he heard about me being a CFNM phone sex mistress were true.  That is right, I believe that men should only please a woman the way she wants. This means for work, sex, and general activities. Of course, I have been told that my ways are taboo in our society, but do I look like the type of Mistress that really gives a rat’s ass? I do not give a fuck about society! I can actually say I am proud of my man, when he does as he asked… it is ONLY then that he gets to wear clothes. *gasp* I know! Can you believe I just said that? I prefer him naked, even if I have company over, unless he has directions to be clothed which is a rarity he is to be nude. He is NOT allowed to cover himself with his hands. After all I am the queen of what happens under my roof. You have not experienced CFNM phone sex superiority until you have been under my enticing spell. Just ask for Katrina when you call 1 (888) 402-8669 for no limits CFNM phone sex.

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sensual domination phone sex

Sensual domination phone sex can be so much fun. It’s fun for me, anyway. I have to admit that I really enjoy being in control, but I don’t always want to be hardcore about it, you know? Sometimes I like to tap into my softer side yet still have my way with you. Don’t worry, sensual domination can take many different forms, so there is sure to be something that will tickle your fancy while still satisfying me.

Are you a panty boy slut? Maybe you’ve been stealing panties and you’re kind of ashamed of that. Do you sniff them and jerk off with them? Or maybe you put them on and wear them while you fuck yourself with a dildo. Well, when you’re with me, you won’t have to fuck yourself. I will push those slutty panties to the side and fuck you like the dirty whore you’ve always dreamed of being.

Maybe a little bit of tease and denial would be more your style. I would love nothing more than to tease you, take you to the brink of an orgasm and then just tell you no. I like telling men no. It’s annoying how you all walk around thinking women owe you sex and orgasms. We don’t. You owe us, but you rarely ever can last long enough to please us. Well, this time if I’m not pleased, you won’t be either. And even if I am, bitch you still might not be.

And then there’s always my favorite… turning men like you into cock sucking whores. I love nothing more than to push you down onto your knees and make you suck a big fat black cock. Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it after a few minutes and you’ll be begging for more.

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