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roleplay phone sex

Shes gone right now and all you can think about is how much you want to invite me over to share one of your favorite roleplay phone sex fantasies. You like sexy young red heads with sweet dirty talking mouths. You like a girl who knows how to be pleasing and submissive and then there are other times when you crave a flirty teasing princess who knows how to bring you to your knees. I also know you’re a kinky, dirty open minded taboo man who loves stroking his dick for petite, ripe girls like me. You are my daddy’s best friend so that makes it super easy for you to have access to being all alone with me. Sometimes I crack my blinds open for you to spy on me. I parade around in my skimpy tiny two piece showing off my sexy legs and perky 34 C breasts. When you see me like this all you can think about is groping my body all over and having me all to yourself. Do you know my pretty panties get so moist every time I think about giving my tiny body to you? You want to play with my nipples and feel my hand slide around your dick as it starts stiffening more and more. I look up at you with my pretty baby blues smiling and say “I’m ready to give you what she wont. And my tiny holes are all yours.”

I stroke your long hard pole even faster and you say “I would give anything just to take my dick and push in that tight bald fuck box.” You start having all of these roleplay phone sex fantasies about the flirty babysitter, and girl next door. You think about that perfect college slut who goes around fucking the football team but really wants you. Or that unforgettable girl next door who wont stop waiting for the perfect moment to make your cock rock hard. And there are other times when you have those taboo and forbidden fantasies that are way too naughty to mention here *wink* and my pretty panties get super wet for those kinda fantasies. I walk closer to you as my panties drop to the ground and my bald puffy pussy is exposed. Your cock is sticking straight up and all you can think about is which yummie hole you want to push your dick into first. Hmmmm how long do you think you will be able to last before you are blowing your tasty cum just for me? When i’m sliding my warm wet mouth up and down your shaft sucking your stiff hard pole? Or when you have me in your favorite position ready to stretch my cherry box open. It’s so super tight and wet. And when you feel it stretch open grabbing and squeezing your shaft you may just want to flip me over on all fours and fuck my tiny slutty ass too. And when you can’t take it anymore and are ready to blow your thick jizz load for me I’ll beg in my sweet southern voice for every last drop. MmMmM I can’t wait to taste your delicious cum. ….My slutty fuck holes are all yours…

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fantasy phone sex

I woke up the other night having a nightmare about being fucked by a strange man which made me think about how hot it would be talking about fantasy phone sex. In my dream I was at a party having a great time with some of my friends and flirting a little with every man there. As the group started breaking up most of the party crowd left I found myself alone with only a few people left. Still drinking and chatting and having a good time I felt one of the guys that I didn’t know grab my hand and lead me to another room yes the bedroom. I looked around and saw a large swing hanging from the ceiling like one of those sex swings I saw in a magazine once. The man that led me in walked me over to the swing and said “come on take a ride it’s fun”. Being the drunk girl I was, I climb up in the swing as he slowly started pushing me.  I was really enjoying it when he turned it upside down flipping me so my legs were up in the air. He then took off my panties and started touching me rubbing and licking my pussy. If this was one of my fantasy phone sex calls I would being playing with myself right now getting all wet. But back to my dream as I was hanging upside down feeling so good I didn’t even mind a stranger licking and sucking on my wet pussy. He then took out his cock and pushed it deep inside of me I thought I would scream with delight it felt so good. Then when he pushed the swing it pulled his cock out of my pussy then it would swing back right in my pussy OMG it was the best fuck ever. I think we fucked using the sex swing for an hour or so until I came so many times and was covered in his cum all over me. I think I had a wet dream because I woke up soaking wet and my panties were clinging to my pussy. Fantasy phone sex is what I really love now so if you have any fantasy you would love to chat about with me just pick up your phone and call me. Jenny 1-888-402-8669. I’m available evenings!

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tease and denial phone sex

Girls like me are good at a lot of thing, but one thing that I am exceptionally good at is cock teasing and tease and denial phone sex. Why is that? Well, a lot of losers call me and they expect that I’m going to just talk dirty to them and get them off because they are paying me. Okay sure, if you catch me on a day when I’m feeling nice, that might happen. But more than likely, it’s just going to be a hot tease and denial session and you’re going to be begging me to let you cum. I COULD do that, but it’s no fun for me. The fun for me comes in the form of teasing losers like you. Did you really think that a hot woman like me would want to listen to the disgusting sounds you make when you blow your load? Um, no. I don’t think so. Not on our first call.

What’s more likely to happen is that when you call me, I am going to talk to you a bit and decide how long I’m going to make you wait to cum. Sometimes, it might be as short as an hour. Sometimes, a day. Or maybe a week. A month. Honestly, it depends on how much of a loser I think you are and the kind of mood I’m in when you call me. Do you feel like gambling? I know you’ll call me, even knowing that the odds are not in your favor. That’s just what kind of loser you are.

So if you’re ready for a tease and denial phone sex session that totally has an unspecified end, give me a call. And remember, I don’t care how blue your balls are or how much agony you’re in. The more you whine, the longer it’s going to be before I let you cum.

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spanking phone sex

Katrina here! Welcome to your favorite Boston coed’s perfect world of perfection! It is all about me all the time. *giggles.* what? You pathetic fools! *evil laugh*  Did you really think it was going to be about you…. at all? Please get a fucking clue! We all know that I am the Mistress in charge! That is right! You will call me Mistress, Goddess, Princess, or Miss. Pick one and stick with it! Once the decision has been made… well there is no going back! I do not like indecisive slaves, those of you that have served me before will know that only one thing usually comes out of annoying this Mistress! That is right, I will bend you over my knee and spank you. I like to give as well as receive! I especially enjoy spanking phone sex!  To see all those red welts, well they make this girl very wet and creamy.

Do not deny that you are purposely naughty! We both know that you enjoy my hand across that ass. Sometimes however it might include my paddle. That is right, I get downright mean, after all I am a woman, and I am the superior species. *evil laugh* Well that is to my servants I am superior! *wink* Spanking phone sex, is the perfect way to get a naughty boy or girl to mind their mistress. There are consequences to not listening and not doing one’s assigned homework. *giggles* Sometimes, however I like to change the tables and I enjoy getting my creamy white ass spanked. I especially enjoy having hot, red, stinging welts left by my teachers at school when I have been very naughty and shown my pussy to too many boys. *giggles8 I just cannot help myself. I admit professor that I am naughty just so that you can spank me during spanking phone sex. So what is it going to be? Will I be spanking you, or will you be taming this naughty coed?

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financial domination phone sex

Hello there guys, well I should say boys! I know your not a real man an you have already proved it to me.  Your just a bitch that loves financial domination phone sex.  Your wife’s at work an your home playing.  Your wife thinks your amazing an wonderful, yet you an I both know your a bitch who needs to be dominated! I let you know I’m in control as I demand lots of personal information.  *giggles* I’ll take your full name, number, email, wife’s name, name of work place, boss’s name, an make sure you email me something stating I can use your personal information if you don’t abide by the rules! I want a picture with your face, an you holding a piece of paper saying, “Natasha’s Bitch”.   Perfect, now I have all the evidence I need! Pictures, information.  I have you right at my fingertips.

Now, I want you to get completely naked an open your shades an doors while you start to walk around your house stroking your itty bitty penis.  I’m sorry, are u complaining, an whining like a bitch that you can’t let anyone see you??  Of course you are.  Well, I suppose there’s nothing else we can do, so it’s punishment time.  I’m going to send these 3 pictures right to your wife.  You beg, plead, cry, whine that this will ruin your marriage.  So I say I will send to your work as well.  Thats going to ruin your career.  Not knowing what to do, you ask what the payout is.  $300 an I won’t send the info.  You go back an forth, an send little increments at a time till you get where your bitch ass is supposed to be.  Now you know who’s in total control! Are you looking for financial domination phone sex, then give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 an ask for Natasha.

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submissive phone sex

I love to to go to nightclubs,especially the really wild and crazy ones.I love to have hot college girl submissive phone sex and tell you all about my experiences. I’ve been to so many different ones but a few months ago,my roommate took me somewhere VERY different. She insisted on picking out my attire for the evening from her own closet. We are both sexy black girls with big boobs and round perfectly spankable asses. She loves to get me naked and find things that look sexy on me. I was shocked when she picked out short black leather boyshorts and a matching bra…Nothing else to the outfit except for red patent leather stilletto heeled pumps and a leather collar around my neck,complete with a long silver and gold chain. My roommate had plans to totally control me for the evening and this became clear as we entered the sex club complete with private rooms and a bondage chamber. She was wearing wearing a tight leather body suit and sexy heeled boots with a long sleek,dark pony tail. I was admiring her ass as she walked ahead of me,pulling me along with a look of seriousness.  I love the way the chain felt l,gently pulling on the collar around my neck and loved the way EVERYBODY stared at us.. A guy caught my attention..his eyes so sexy but my roommate noticed and jerked my chain harder causing me to gag as we took a seat at the bar.. we took jello shots off of each other slowly looking in each others eyes as free drinks kept coming our way.

A man finally caught my roommates that she approved of and as he approached she jerked my chain for me to get up and supervised as he felt my body all over…Before I could open my mouth to speak,he was sliding his tongue inside,and then I was abruptly jerked to my knees right in front of his big black bulging dick..My mistress grabbed my hair and forced me to take it all in my mouth as I looked up into his deep eyes..Needless to say, I was wetter than ever..Want More??? Call me for some hot college girl submissive phone sex. I’m waiting…

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ass worship phone sex

Hey, Katrina here! Welcome to my world of complete perfection! *giggles* That is right my body is a temple, one that should be treated as such. Of course there is one asset that I am talking about in particular. *giggles* Do you know what that “asset” is? Oh c’mon don’t play stupid!  It is the body part that all the horny men and boys stare at as I walk by. It is especially accentuated in my metallic black mini dress. The body part that you will get behind me for on your hands and knees during ass worship phone sex.

It is ok to stare as I walk by! I mean c’mon it is hard to notice the perfection that is accentuated by my dress, now isn’t it. Even I cannot resist my firm, round, beautiful, bubblicious ass when I walk by mirrors. I just cannot help but stop and stare at it! Fuck! It is just so perfect! I know you just want to reach out and touch my perfectly, round ass, now don’t you baby? Well, I will only allow you to do that if you are going to treat me like the princess that I am. That is right; this taboo princess deserves only the best. Do you think you can handle my perfection during ass worship phone sex? *giggles*

I am complete royalty after all, so you had better worship the ground I walk-on, but especially the place in which I sit. *giggles* I know you just want to reach out and touch it, I can’t blame you! *wink* I know all about your craving to get on your knees behind me to breathe in the sweet aromas that come from my asshole. I know just how badly you want to taste it when you lick between my sweet cheeks. *giggles* I know all about the pathetic fucking losers that can’t please a woman any other way than by worshipping her sweet ass. We both know it is no different with this anything goes princess. *wink* If you are lucky I might actually give you what you want during ass worship phone sex.  All you have to do to find out is ask for Katrina when you call 1 (888) 402-8669, dial with that rock hard shaft if you must. I will be waiting! *wink*

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strap on phone sex

Hey boys do I have a kinky surprise for you!  I’m going to invite you over to my place for some kinky strap on phone sex!  Don’t be shy lol you know you’ve always wanted to experiment with some new and kinky things you just weren’t expecting for them to be on you!  I take your hand and guide you up to the bed room you get so excited when you see the blindfold and handcuffs I have laid out on the bed.  I tell you to put the blindfold on and then I handcuff you face down to the bed.  It’s then you start to get worried and little do you know that I have strap on fetish phone sex in store for you!  You nervously ask what is going on I tell you just to relax as I slide on the strap on that I purchased that afternoon.  You start to struggle a bit against the restraints and I tell you again not to tense up or you’ll only make it worse.  I promise that you’ll love strap on fetish phone sex once we get started!  You feel me climb around behind you and you feel something graze your leg and you ask me what it is.  I tell you teasingly that you’re about to find out.  You feel something start to press against your asshole and start to become excited.  I have lubed it up nicely for you because I know you’re a strap on phone sex virgin.  You feel me slide the head of my nice hard strap on in your tight asshole and your cock is so hard you are totally loving me owning you feeling me fucking you making you mine during strap on fetish phone play!  You will never want to be anyone else’s bitch again!

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BBC phone sex

What is it about a nice, suburban housewife MILF who has a big black cock fetish that really turns on the tiny, pickle dick men of the world?  *Laughing*  I mean every day I get some guy who is puny that just loves to hear about me getting pounded by a big black cock while I talk about how pathetic there puny member is.  I am not sure which one I enjoy more to tell you truth, talking about my massive stud or humiliating the little loser who just can measure up.  Although sometimes those who are just a few inches cannot even get hard and that is really a whole new ball game and I am always the first one at bat.  Cock praise is always a favorite because a great, big dick deserves it and I love to give a full, heavy rod exactly what it deserves.  Which is my sweet words and tight pussy of course!  BBC phone sex really gets me going, and going hard I do.

The real question is why do you like to hear about cocks that are like a soda can?  Is it because you really like to be degraded about your size?  Should I even call it “size” at this point?  Hummm, maybe that IS it, you love to hear about those nice, thick rods compared to your cigarette sized shame!!  I wonder when was the last time a girl even spread for you when there are fat cocks out there.  BBC phone sex with Mistress Emerald is always satisfying because I love to praise the huge members, humiliate the tiny ones and talk about all the bucking bulls I have ridden.  Each pounding can still make me cum all over again when I think about it, with out a doubt.  If you have read this far you must love BBC phone sex so call me, Emerald so I can ignite your desire.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Hey, it’s Katrina! Welcome small dick losers to my world of perfection! *giggles*  I have something in store for you! *wink* Oh, no no no… it is not my pussy that you are going to get… that is much too perfect for you fuckers! That dicklette you have there in your pants is much too small to come anywhere near this perfect cream filled cunt.  Only one type of cock will be allowed to cum near me…*wink* one that is thick, chocolatey and long. That thing you call a dick is more like a clit. *evil laugh*  I don’t even know how you please yourself, and you sure as hell won’t be during small penis humiliation phone sex with me… that is until I tell you, you can!

There are only a few uses for men *ahem* I mean “girls” with clits like yours. Are you wondering what they are baby? For starters I am a size queen, so the dick I get must be bigger than the size of a pinky finger, and I mean smaller than any rolled up candy package like Mentos or Sprees. *laugh* I do not want to be disappointed, but something tells me that my expectations are too high, so you will be a perfect small penis humiliation phone sex loser.

OMG! Fuck!  That reminds me about this professor I had for one of my classes last semester. It started with an innocent *wink* email to try and get my grades up. I mean, I knew the material but I was just slacking. Who wants to do school work when you have parties and guys to fuck? Well, this professor was really hot, so I used my seductive persuasion on him, only to be disappointed. I met him in his office and it was dark. Too dark to see how big his cock really was. I swear that it felt as though I had a tic-tac poking me. I was like “what the fuck, are you in yet?” He was like “yeah Katrina baby, it is so good, just feel the motion of the ocean.” I pushed the fucker off, turned around and laughed in his face. I told him if he didn’t give me the grade I worked so hard for I would tell everyone about his tiny dicklette. Turns out that made him even more excited.

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