Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Abby

I know that if you’ve ever talked to me, you know that I am a perfect bratty domme phone sex Princess. You will do anything to please me. I know it and you know it. You can pretend that you can resist me, but you really won’t be able to. Once you get on the phone and you hear my voice, you’re going to be mesmerized. I will give you fair warning – you’re going to get addicted to calling me.

bratty domme phone sex

You’re going to be addicted to hearing me tell you what a fucking loser you are and how you don’t deserve to even talk to me. It’s a good thing you’re willing to pay to talk to me because there’s no way I’d entertain having a conversation with you for free. You aren’t interesting enough for that. God knows you probably can’t even hold a conversation. All your loser ass is concerned with is rubbing your miniscule dick and trying to make me believe that it would be good enough to please me. But you’re never going to convince me of that. If you had a dick that was good enough to please a woman, you’d be doing that instead of calling a Princes like me. I don’t know what it will take to get it through your head that you’re a loser, but don’t worry. We have plenty of time for me to help you see what you really are. And what you really are is a loser. You’re not a real man and it’s time that you stop pretending you are.

Are you ready to surrender to this bratty domme phone sex Princess? Well you better get on the phone and call me now because I’m not very good at waiting. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

Fetish Phone Sex with Memphis

Do you get excited when you start to think about fetish phone sex? I do, too. I love all kinds of fetishes, but my interests tend to fall more toward the femdom side of things. So if you’re a submissive slut, you might want to keep on reading because things are about to get really good.

fetish phone sex

A lot of submissive guys like you like to start out with strap on play and boy do I love that. It’s so empowering to bend a man over and tell him to reach back and spread his ass cheeks so you can give him a nice, hard fucking. I can’t even begin to tell you how many lovers I’ve talked into letting me do a little bit of pegging. They always resist at first, though. But you wouldn’t ever do such a thing, would you? You wouldn’t resist a gorgeous woman such as myself. After all, by fucking you with my strap on cock, I’m just trying to give you exactly what you really want.

If pegging isn’t for you, then maybe you want some tease and denial. See, a loser like you doesn’t even deserve to have someone like me. But don’t worry, I won’t completely ignore you. I’ll turn you on in ways you have never been turned on and then I’ll just leave you alone without any kind of satisfaction. You’re going to have a major case of blue balls, but oh well. That’s honestly not my concern. The only thing that I’m concerned with is making sure you’re miserable.

Not everyone is going to be interested in these fetish phone sex fantasies, but don’t worry. I have all kinds of naughty things up my sleeve for you submissive losers. So get on the phone and give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis.

Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Nadia

I must say that I have always gotten compliments on how soft and smooth my skin is, especially my long legs. Do you have a leg fetish? I’m you’re leg fetish phone sex girl. I have always been active and in great shape which helps my legs a lot. Nothing like feeling a strong hand rubbing my legs all over, you can even feel my strong thighs and take a quick second to take a look at my tight little cunt. How about I slip on a short mini skirt with some 5-inch heels, you could put your head right underneath, on the floor between my legs, what do you see?
leg fetish phone sex
This leg fetish phone sex you have must be kink, take your tongue out and lick my ankles all the way to my thighs. Don’t just stop at licking my soft strong legs, let’s us rub some lotion and even some warm oil all over them. Massaging my legs all over will that give you a hard-on? Would it make my cut nice wet?? I had a teacher in college worship my legs, how else was I supposed to get an A in class? I found what he had a leg fetish, just like you have this leg fetish phone sex kink, and I took advance of it, keep his dirty little secret and in exchange a set of toned long legs for him to rub on with his hands and cock. Better yet he loved when I would wrap my school girl legs around his waist, maybe you can use your imagination to where that lead too. I bet you would do just about anything right now to take a bite just like he did, make me shake from pleasure, you pulling me closer so my legs can squeeze you even tighter. We could have so much fun baby, come worship my legs, they could be all yours, am waiting…
Call me – 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Nadia
Email me directly –

Feminization Phone Sex with Harper

One of my subjects has begun the process of feminization phone sex with me and it’s going so well.  We have established the fact that he will now be referred to as “she”.  That was one of the biggest changes for her to adjust too.  She had always wanted to be so girly and feminine that calling her a man was almost blasphemous. Now, that we have established that she is no longer a man we are focusing on her mannerisms and everything that makes a woman exactly that – a woman!  
feminization phone sex
From sitting and crossing your stocking covered legs to the way you brush your blonde wig from your face is the next step in this process.  You have to know how to move like a woman – otherwise you are just a man in a dress – and we both know you are so much more than that. You are going to be the ultimate in femininity. Your feminization training with me will include every single detail, from picking out the perfect breast implants, all the way to the color of polish on your pretty little toenails.
It’s not all about shopping – although that is a super fun part of it. We will burn all of the clothes that you wore when you were a man.  Your closet will be stocked up with beautiful dresses and sexy high heels. No more boxer briefs for you – only the silky and sexiest panties and bras will do!  I bet you are so excited right now that you are jumping up and down and clapping your hands like a good girl!
Do you think you are ready? Can you handle feminization phone sex with me? I’m here to change your world and bring out the sexy bitch you were meant to be!  Dial 1-888-402-8669 and ask for harper.  Let’s let the sissification begin!

Virgin Phone Sex Fantasies with Jocelyn

Do you love having virgin phone sex fantasies as much as I do??? *giggles* It’s super sexy to think about being a cute virgin with a cherry just bursting to be popped!!!
virgin phone sex fantasies
My first time just a little while ago was when I was a cheerleader… did you always fantasize about fucking a cheerleader for her first time??? Lifting up that pleated skirt to see my pretty pink pussy dripping wet and so horny to be taken for the first time by your throbbing veiny cock- I know that fantasy is making me touch myself, how about you??? *giggles*
What other virgin phone sex fantasies can you come up with, honey??? I’ll bet there are lots of taboo kinks floating around in that dirty mind of yours that we can get off to together. All sorts of sweet little cherries that your cock is just throbbing to pierce. I know there are plenty of off-limits men I flick my swollen bean off to!!!
Maybe we can roleplay something really sexy you’ve been thinking about for a long time. I love being the sweet virgin living next door who babysits for you and your wife. You know I need an older guy just like you to show me my first huge hard cock, and how to suck it and take it deep in my sweet virgin slit just for you!!! *giggles*
And you know an innocent virgin doesn’t take any kind of birth control… Those virgin phone sex fantasies can turn into impregnation fantasies really quick, can’t they??? *giggles* And how hot is the fantasy of turning an untouched creamy pussy into your breeding ground??? Hot enough to make me keep fingering myself and cumming over and over right now!!!
If you’ve got virgin phone sex fantasies as hot as mine, call 1-888-402-8669 to ask for Jocelyn and let’s talk about them!!!

Taboo Phone Sex with Kelly

I think you need to spend some quality freaky time with me, a barely legal coed smoking hot piece of ass.  And when you do call, make sure you tell me about EVERYTHING that gets you rock hard.  Taboo phone sex is the perfect way to release your kinkiest desires.  Seriously, don’t feel like you have to hide anything from me.  All I want to do is get you off.
taboo phone sex
You don’t have to worry about being judged and you can really be yourself.  Nothing is off the table on taboo phone sex.  Even if you think it’s too extreme or that you should feel ashamed for wanting whatever it is you desire, you can share it with me.  What is it?  You ashamed that you want to fuck someone you aren’t really supposed to? Your boss?  Do you want to knock up your best friend’s wife?  Have a hot teacher-student fantasy where she does whatever you want just to pass your class?  Or maybe your taboo phone sex fantasy is a bit darker?  Do you need someone to help you achieve your most perverse desires?  No matter what it is, I want to be your partner in kink. 
See…taboo phone sex can be anything you want it to be.  I’m the one person you can truly tell ALL of your dark secrets and desires to.  And not only that…I’ll help you have the most amazing, explosive orgasm by roleplaying your fantasy. I’ll never judge you and I’ll make sure you are very well satisfied.  All you have to do is call me at 1 888 402 8669, make sure you ask for Kelly. Then it will be just you and me and your undeniable urges.  You’re about to have the best taboo phone sex experience you could ever imagine.  Trust me…you need this! 

Kinky Phone Sex with Memphis

Hey, baby! What’s your kink? Oh, don’t you dare even try to tell me you don’t have one. Everyone does, even me. That’s why I get tons of calls for kinky phone sex. People are turned on by all different kinds of things and they want to tell an open minded woman like me all about it.

kinky phone sex

So, what is on the menu for tonight? Are you a sissy slut looking for someone to help feminize you so you can go out and find a man who will fuck your naughty holes? I can definitely help you out with that. You’ll look like a million bucks by the time I am finished with you.

Maybe what you are into is being humiliated. You have no idea how much I love humiliating losers. I don’t care if it’s for having a small dick or for being a fat losing still living at home with his mom – I am here to make you feel so much worse about yourself than you already do. I mean, you’re a loser so that’s exactly what you deserve.

Ohhh or are you one of those guys who love pain? Pain sluts are so much fun and the variety of things I can make you do to yourself are endless. I can’t wait to tell you all the ways I want you to torture your cock and balls. That’s one of my favorite things in the world. Hearing you in pain is so exciting.

These are just a few of the examples of what we could talk about when you call me for a kinky phone sex session. The sky is the limit and I have no taboos, so we can talk about anything you want. Just give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis.

Strap On Phone Sex with Harper

I love having strap on phone sex with my sissy sluts.  I get to be my dominant, kinky self, and it turns me on so much. Seeing my little sissy with his mouth wrapped around my huge 9 inch rubber cock just gets my pussy all wet and dripping.
strap on phone sex
I stand in front of you while you are in your place on your knees. You look up at me lovingly, as I slide my dick against your closed mouth, rubbing it against your lips.  I slap you across the face with my rubber cock and you open your mouth wide, as you are trained to do.  Sliding the dildo down your throat, I start to thrust, fucking that sweet mouth while you gag for me.  I just love hearing you gag and seeing the tears stream down your cheeks.  You want to make sure that you get that cock nice and lubed up because your ass is next!
Now, lay on your back and bend your legs back.  I wanna fuck you missionary style like the little sissy you are.  Plus, I love to see your panties covering that clit.  Let me pull those panties to the side and expose that pretty man pussy.  I line the head of my rubber dick against your hole.  Are you ready to take this rod?  I shove it inside you and it just pops right in – just like your ass was meant for fucking.  I love to see you gaping wide open.  That clit is getting ready to squirt in those panties, isn’t it?  You will not cum until I say – don’t forget that I control all!
Give me a call so we can have strap on phone sex.  I have a huge rubber dick for you to worship! Call Harper at 888-402-8669 and let’s have so me fun!

Domination Phone Sex with Jocelyn

Have you heard of this new trend called choreplay??? It’s foreplay but with chores!!! *giggles* I bet you’d fucking love choreplay domination phone sex with a bratty domme like me!!!
domination phone sex
Choreplay as a slave for me won’t be easy, honey!!! *giggles* First of all, my slave will work completely naked except for the leather collar and cock cage I put on him. And my slave will work on his knees!!! I know you’re already feeling your eager self trembling with how perfect this seems to be for a domination phone sex slut like you. *giggles*
I’m going to laugh when you beg to do my laundry. I know you just want to get ahold of my dirty panties!!! Such a naughty slave boy. Once you make me a gourmet meal and lick the dishes clean I might let you put your nasty face in those crusty crotches!!! *giggles* Socks and pantyhose and all the cute outfits I wear to be sexy for alpha males. You know, the big dick dudes you’ll never compare to. Maybe with good enough choreplay domination phone sex you can earn some cuckolding and watch a huge cock pound my perfect pink pussy right in front of you.
That’s the ultimate chore to earn with choreplay domination phone sex, really: cleaning up after a better man than you!!! *giggles* A hot creampie always need a choreplay slave to scoop all that hot jizz out of it and lick it clean. So you’d better make sure you get all the rest of your chores done so you earn that delicious creamy treat for your reward!!!
Having a bratty domme to perform choreplay domination phone sex for is going to be your new addition, honey!!! *giggles* Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Mistress Jocelyn to make your sex slave dreams cum true!!!

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Julia

You probably get really tired of girls saying that they will talk to you about anything and everything only to be told “No, I don’t do that”, aren’t you? Well, you should go right ahead and give me a call for anything goes phone sex because the word no isn’t in my vocabulary when it comes to sexual things and it never will be.

anything goes phone sex

Limits are for losers, don’t you agree? Like, why would you deny yourself something that turns you on so much? You shouldn’t. If you do that, then you’re just going to be really unhappy in general and that’s not good. Don’t you know that happier people are more productive in life? And I am here to make you happy. You won’t regret calling me. I bet you never knew that calling an anything goes phone sex girl like me would lead to happiness in other aspects of your life. But it will and it will only take one call to me for me to prove that to you.

So go ahead and call me and give it your best shot. Try to push my limits. See if you can come up with something naughty and taboo that I won’t indulge you in. You can try but it’s just not going to happen. You’re going to call me for anything goes phone sex and we’re going to have the most kinky, fun time ever. I can’t wait to tell you what makes my pussy wet, too. Hey, maybe we will get lucky and we will have the same fantasies. It would be a match made in pervert heaven.

Are you ready to have some fun with me now? I’m ready and waiting for you. Just call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Julia, your anything goes slut.