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sissy phone sex

Hi you sissy boys. I haven’t heard from you in a while. I don’t miss you now, don’t jump to conclusions. I just miss our laughable, conversations you bring to my friends & I. Dressing up as women, haha, what a joke! Grown ass men in little pink, satin dresses & a sensual pair of lady panties with some 6 inche heels. Absurd! But somehow I still love sissy phone sex with my pretty sissy men! Some of you & I mean “some of you” even are prettier than me in your lady clothes. Dressing as good as you do should never make you embarrassed or ashamed. I wish you wouldn’t do it alone, as much as you do. I’d love to keep you company, maybe get some fashion tips! Don’t you need help anyways sliding those panties over that pinky sized wank & that plump ass which I know is hiding back there. How could anyone be embarrassed with all that ass! Call me, I’d love to help & scrutinize you.

Does your wife know you are dressing in her clothes while she’s out the house? That’s probably why you haven’t called me in a while, you afraid to get caught! Maybe you really wanna get caught & want me to break it to her for you or it’ll just be our little sissy secret until you piss me off. Id advise you not to piss me off or those prissy pictures with you all dressed up will be sent your wife or maybe even your whole family. Don’t act like you didn’t want it to be known. You know you are tired of hiding, so come out & play. I’ll poke good fun at you, how many you are in front of the world, but when you get behind closed doors with me, we have the best times. I know you wanna look like me or even be me. I’m proud to be a sexy woman. But too bad that will never happen for ya, so calling me is the next best thing. I can give you the best sissy phone sex you’ve ever had. Praise you for being the sexiest sissy I’ve ever seen. I can also give you the best sex. You can choose from my 8 inch thick pink glass strap on to my black very flexible plastic strap which I love the best. I know how to fuck my sissy’s asshole right. I want my sweety to scream my name, oh Terrilyn, so call me so I can hear you precious screams.

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domination phone sex

Hi subbies it’s your favorite domination phone sex mistress Brandy! What are you thinking about right now? Are you having thoughts about one of your favorite kind of fantasies? Are you thinking about how much you want to serve me right now? I would like to share a secret with you. I’m thinking about how turned on you get every time you see me here like this. My pretty panties get so fucking creamy when I know that you are stroking your hard dick just for me. Are you thinking about the last time you called me ready to wrap your hand around your shaft? You know I love guided masturbation. And with my detailed imagination you know I will tell you exactly how i want you to touch and stroke for me. You confessed that a lot of girls will just go through the motions and you are the kind of man that loves a vocal dirty talking mouth. There are other times when you cant help but grab a pair of your favorite panties. Yes I know you are a panty thief and you cant help but sniff, lick and taste those creamy undies. There are even times where you are so addicted to them that I walk in and catch you wearing them! You know if they are mine then you will get a punishment so unforgettable that you will come back for more. Sometimes you like it mild and other times you like it very kinky. Are you thinking about the last time I bent you over like a bitch and fucked you with my strap on? I know you love it when this domination phone sex mistress takes control. I’ll grab your hips and take my strappy and tease your slut hole. I’ll make it feel so good you drop to your knees and beg to be fucked deep and hard.

I bet your dick is dripping pre cum for me right now. Maybe you are thinking about how much you love face sitting. And with an ass like mine to hover over you could not help but want me to lower it down and make you my new favorite pillow? I just love to grind and wiggle my apple bottom ass on your face as i’m teasing your shaft with my smooth pretty hands. Sometimes you want to be a cuckold to me. You know how much I love a big hard dick and seeing as how yours is so small and useless I may just want to humiliate and degrade you. What not better way than to walk in and catch me being a total slut with a well hung stud. I bet you stroke your dick just thinking about me taking it in all my holes. Maybe you like cream pies and stroke to thinking about cleaning up my pink pussy after I’ve had a huge load of cum shot deep inside. You may even go so far as being my fluffer and sucking a real cock for your mistress. I bet you would do just about anything to feel me grind my smooth pussy against your dick. Including blackmail, being pimped out at a glory hole club and you may even want to dress up like a slutty sissy and go to a truck stop or adult book store to get used, fucked and be a cum dumpster. If your dick is tiny and worthless you may feel like you are not worthy. You may be into something really kinky like golden showers or something more extreme. I also love cbt. I just love putting my clothes pins, duct tape, q tips and ben gay to good use. And if you deny me I’ll just have to blackmail you to get what I want. Do you know how much I love bondage as well? HMMMM just the thought of having you tied and helpless in my bed is one of the most wonderful thoughts I can imagine right now. I also cant forget how much I love being worshiped from my pretty little feet all the way up to my soft kissable lips. And with a tongue that is as talented as yours I just know you wont disappoint.

So I’m accepting new applications for willing slaves, subbies, boytoys, servants and so much more. And believe me when I say I have no taboos or limits. There is nothing that you can throw my way that will shock me. I’m your seductive princess who is ready to control that throbbing hard cock. I’ll never say no to you.

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forced intoxication phone sex

This forced intoxication phone sex is going to make you forget all those loser troubles you have. Open your fucking mouth so I can make you down this full bottle, swallow it all. You hate your life loser. I know everything seems so bad and yes, it’s as bad as it seems. You’re not that delusional. You’re humiliated and feeling shamed that your tiny prick doesn’t please your wife any more.  Drink up loser!  Call me so we can do a forced intoxication phone sex call and I’ll make you forget all of your pathetic troubles. Just know that I will manipulate you into doing what I want so go ahead and drink every last drop. There’s plenty, go ahead and open that sweet dark liquor.

Life always looks better from the bottom of a bottle, doesn’t it? Ask any of those pathetic drunken losers that sit at the bar all day.  As with everything in this life be careful what you ask for because forced intoxication phone sex isn’t for the weak minded.

With every drink you will be under my complete control. I will make you take a drink with my forced intoxication phone sex. I will make you chug drink after drink until you pass out. I will use everything I know about you, against you.  I will blackmail you with your own stories. I will make you feel even more worthless.  By the time your finished you will be useless and unable to resist me.

When you sober up in the morning, you will know I have maxed out your credit cards with long calls and tributes. Don’t even try to threaten me because I will expose your every secret. So grab your bottle, pull out your cock and call me!  Get ready to drink up baby lets have some fun.

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erotic hypnosis phone sex

I’ve been told by a lot of guys that my voice has a magical effect on them.  Just hearing it makes them want to do anything and everything I tell them to do.  Things they wouldn’t normally dream of doing, like dressing up in pretty frilly clothing, like sucking cocks, like fucking their own tight assholes.  I realized that I was a natural at erotic hypnosis phone sex, but I took it a step further.  I studied up.  I learned that it is an art form.  My voice suggests the painting and you become my brush.  I write the tale, and you become the hero.  I play the melody and you become the song.

My soothing voice will guide you into a deep and satisfyingly relaxed state.  I take my time and pull you in deeper and deeper.  Your mind becomes so open to my propositions.  My commands become irresistible.  There is nowhere for you to go but deeper down the rabbit hole.  Erotic hypnosis is the only way for you to find out what awaits you at the bottom of that dark and delicious place.  It’s everything that you’ve been wanting, everything you dream of having.  Every fear and anxiety wiped away until you are fulfilling your own desires.  I will show you the way.

When your erotic hypnosis session phone sex is complete, you will feel rested, rejuvenated, and eager for more.  You’re addicted to my voice now.  Each time you will be more compliant and find it even more relaxing.  My wish will be your command, your pleasure to perform.  Even after you hang up, my voice will echo in the recesses of your mind.  Do you hear what it’s telling you to do?  Listen closely.  It’s telling you to call me.

Call Pia for an erotic hypnosis phone sex session.  1-888-402-8669.

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It has been quite awhile since I have had religious blasphemy phone sex and I sure do miss it! You wont believe how wet my pussy gets when I take on you God and tell you how much I hate him. There is no better way to turn me on and make me want to fuck.You never know what kind of mood I will be in when you call me. Most of the turn I will want to sin like I have never sinned before. Sometimes I think I have done all the bad I can do and somehow I always surprise myself.

First, I want us scream to the top of our lungs and hail Satan into our presence. It isn’t hard, when we call him into our phone conversation he will come right away. Just think of all of the influence Satan will have over us. We can do the most taboo things that you have always wanted to do. Just think of your most evil desires. Don’t worry about it being too extreme for me. I masturbate and cum to religious blasphemy phone sex all of the time. I am sure that Satan will be happy to join us on our murderous quests. After the 3 of us are all together there will be no limit to all of the fun we will have. We can commit all of our sin in front of everyone. How about we go to a church a be devious? Hopefully Jesus, Mary, and Joseph will be there to pray for us!

Come and let me lure you into my love of fucking you God with my mouth, body, and soul. The Devil will be with us, and anyone else you want to be. Let’s get loud! Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for creamy wet religious blasphemy phone sex with London.

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stocking fetish phone sex

Last week I went on a mission to find a really fun pair of stockings, and I definitely succeeded! I found a pair of white, fishnet thigh highs with lace trim around the top. They go just perfect with my schoolgirl uniform and mary jane shoes. *Giggles* And they’re absolutely perfect for some stocking fetish phone sex.

There’s just something about the feel of fishnet stockings as they slide over my silky, smooth legs. Something exciting and stimulating. And when you rub your lips slowly up those stocking covered legs, you’ll definitely feel it too.

It just makes fucking my juicy, wet pussy all the hotter when you feel those fishnets rubbing against you, my stocking-clad legs wrapped around your hips while you’re deep inside me. Stocking fetish phone sex is exactly what you need.

Or maybe you like to take it even further? The feel of my fishnets on your rock hard cock as you fuck my pretty little feet. Think how pretty my dainty little toes will look inside a pair of cum-covered stockings.

I have so many pairs of pretty stockings. Silky black ones, dainty white ones, slutty red ones. Pantyhose, thigh highs, with garter belts and without. You should give me a call, and tell me what pair to put on that will give you the sexiest, hottest, stocking fetish phone sex you’ve ever had. Just call 1 888 402 8669 and play with Payton.

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phone sex brat

I love being a phone sex brat. All you losers are calling me and thinking that you’d actually have a chance in hell with me… well, that’s hilarious. Look at me and then go take a look in the mirror. DO you honestly think I would ever give you the time of day if you weren’t paying me to do so? It’s my JOB to pay attention to you and don’t you forget it. I hope you don’t expect me to touch myself while we are on the phone. Why on earth would I masturbate to a loser like you? No thanks! That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

What I will do while we’re on the phone is tell you how much better I am than you and how I deserve nice things from you. I think you should get out your credit card and buy me anything I want. And trust me, I have expensive taste. Your bank account is going to be seriously hurting after you call this phone sex brat.

Also, I know that there’s a 99 percent chance that you have a tiny dick. Why else would you be calling a girl like me? If you were a real man, you’d be out having real sex instead of jerking off to me telling you what a loser you are. So, why aren’t you on the phone yet? Don’t keep me waiting. There are several men (and I use the term loosely) who are scared of me, so the last thing you want to do is make me wait and get on my bad side.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby, your new favorite phone sex brat! I feel like I should warn you, though, that you are going to get addicted to me.

foot fetish phone sex

I have really gorgeous feet and I like to get pedicures very regularly. You know who pays for them? Foot fetish phone sex loving guys like you. Guys tell me all of the time that they want to make sure that my feet are pampered just as they deserve to be.

One of my biggest fantasies is taking you with me to a pedicure appointment – one that you’re paying for. I know exactly how much seeing my bare feet turns you on. And I know that watching someone touching them when you want nothing more in the world than to do so yourself is going to be pure torture for you. You want to be the one to give me a pedicure. You’ve told me so yourself. Maybe eventually I will let you, but for now, all you get to do is watch another person touch my precious feet right there in front of you. I love the part at the end of the pedicure when she massages my feet and legs. I look over to you and you’re getting hard and you’re having a really hard time hiding that fact. And then when she starts to paint my toenails, it takes all the power within you to not excuse yourself to the bathroom so that you can jerk off. But you don’t do that because you know how much it would upset me.

Once we get back to my place, I’m going to take my shoes off and you’re going to take all of your clothes off. I want to see how hard my freshly pedicured toes make you. I want to watch it throb and tell you that you can’t touch it. But hey, maybe if you beg me enough, I’ll wrap my pretty feet around it and stroke it until you cum all over them. But only if you agree to lick it off and clean them up for me.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Natasha for foot fetish phone sex.

AIM: coed_natasha
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I love hearing from men for panty fetish phone sex. Women certainly have better underwear than what men have available to them. I can see why you’d want to shed the boxers or briefs and slip into some soft sexy panties. Sure you could get satin boxers or briefs, but there is something better about panties isn’t there? You can tell me all about it. I want to know about your first time in panties, your favorite style of panties to wear. I’m also into roleplay involving your panty fetish phone sex fantasies. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a woman to put you into panties for the first time ever. We all have to start somewhere, right? I’ll coax you out of your men’s underthings and into sexy panties for the first time. When you feel that delicate fabric hugging your cock you’ll know you’ve made the right choice to give it a try.

Some of my favorite panty fetish roleplays involve catching some panty lover playing with my panties. Imagine you being at my place after having a bit to drink and thinking that I’m going to be a few minutes in the restroom you help yourself to my dirty panties. Just as you press the warm crotch to your nose you hear me step in. What would I do with you when I caught you playing with my dirty damp panties? Also what would you be willing to do to keep it all a secret just between the two of us? It was like panty boy entrapment though. There were so many pairs of different styles and cuts of panties you were helpless. I know bwing around sweet smelling panties makes you so incredibly weak. What sort of panty fetish phone sex re you in the mood for?


vixenvictoria4u aim or yahoo








sensual phone sex panty tease

This warm weather is just what a Canadian girl needs to not only show off her long legs but to flaunt her panties a bit too. Hey you didnt think I was just a phone sex panty tease did you?

Heck no. I love toying with you panty fetish guys off the phone too. In fact, today when I was doing some shopping I made sure to wear the perfect pair of satin panties under my favorite short summer dress. The type of dress that with the simplest of summer breeze has me doing a Marilyn Monroe type move to hold it down.

Now when I wear this dress I park far off in the parking lot so that I can capture the eyes off all those married men waiting in the car for their frumpy wives. Let them admire my long legs walking along the hot pavement. Distract them with the movement of my favorite pink dress and then if they are ever so lucky enough the breeze will lift that dress up and boom a glimpse of my panties.

Oh wait perhaps I am being a bit of a phone sex panty tease since I have only described my dress and how it likes to float up a bit. I really should describe those satin panties underneath. Well I will save that for when you call me tonight.

I mean some details you just have to hear in person. Then I can tell you all about what happened in the grocery store too.

Just ask for Arianna your sensual  phone sex panty tease 1-888-402-8669