Anything Goes Phone Sex with Nadia

You know what you get with anything goes phone sex? We get to have extreme naughty fun with each other. Explore our deepest darkest secrets that we just can’t share with anyone else. Go ahead, tell me your deepest darkest naughty secret and I’ll tell you mine. Why is it so hard to open up to normal people? I honestly can’t, I need to do it on the phone, and while I am talking to you I want to play with my sweet tight pussy as you tell me how much you want to do to me what your wife won’t let you do to her.
anything goes phone sex
Yes, I’m a coed during the day, running around being a good college girl and of course, being surrounded by horney boys all the time. Let me tell you nothing like hot and horny college guys with big cocks fucking me all the time. Even though I take all the cock I can get, I crave older cock all the time. I’m tired of having to teach these college guys how to lick my tight pussy or how to fuck me nice and deep without cumming in 2 minutes.  You see with anything goes phone sex, I get to tell you how much I love being a sugar baby to older guys, older cock turns me on so much, I can enjoy a naughty conversation with some as naughty as I am. What about you? Ever see a young hot thing like me and fantasize everything we can do together, I’m so open-minded, which means if you’re a sissy boy I can have my way with you as well. So many possibilities with anything goes phone sex. What are you waiting for? Call me and tell me what will make that hard cock of yours burst for me.
Call me – 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Nadia
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Supernatural Phone Sex with Riley

Last night one of my favorite callers decided to give me a Halloween treat, which is awesome because Halloween is my favorite day of the year. Aside from being my birthday, it’s full of all the things I love the most, and those are the things this caller loves too. Horror movies are at the top of that list, and he loves to call and act out our own horror film scenarios. Last night, in honor of Halloween coming up, he called for supernatural phone sex and we had fun in the form of fangs in my throat as well as cock in my cunt.
supernatural phone sex
It’s a typical Halloween party, lots of people in costume, loud music, red plastic cups full of who-knows-what, and hormones pumping as hardcore as the music. I’m in a skimpy Cleopatra costume, and he’s, well, a vampire. I can’t help myself. I love the cool charm of a good, classic vampire, so it isn’t long before I give in to his hypnotic stare from across the room and find myself outside, in the darkness, away from the party, with only this mysterious dude in a vampire costume to keep me company. We immediately are making out, pulling each other’s clothes off, licking and sucking and groping and fucking – it’s so fucking hot, my panties are drenched within seconds. He asks if I will give myself to him completely, and I’m so turned on and caught up in the moment, I beg to be taken. His rock hard cock enters my pussy and he’s fucking me hard, pinning me down, breathing in my ear. I think I’ve given myself to him, but he has more in mind for this supernatural phone sex call. Just when I’m caught up in the throes of an explosive orgasm, his fangs plunge into my throat and he takes me under his spell forever…
Supernatural phone sex can be so much fun – we can do anything we want, baby, so let’s do it ALL the way!! Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley!
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Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Julia

If you love panties as much as I do, then you should give me a call for panty fetish phone sex. I love it when a man is brave enough to admit that he likes to prance around in a pair of panties. They just feel SO good, don’t they? That satin, lace, and/or very soft cotton up against your penis just feels so much better than men’s underwear, right?
panty fetish phone sex
And panties are SO much prettier to look at than men’s underwear. I don’t blame you for wanting to wear them. Do you just wear them at home or have you branched out and started wearing them to work, on dates, or when you go to the gym? Does it give you a little bit of a thrill to think that maybe someone will see your panties when you bend over to tie your shoe or pick up a weight off the floor? Will it make your dick a little bit hard if you think someone has discovered your little secret? Maybe you’ll even go into the bathroom, pull your pants down and rub your cock through your panties until you cum in them. I think that would be really hot, don’t you?
Of course, if that’s not your thing we can always talk about what your favorite kind of panties are and why. Maybe you have a certain material that really gets you going. But rest assured that no matter what kind of panty fetish things you want to talk about, you’ll get what you want when you call me. Maybe we can even put on matching panties and talk about all of the panty related things that get us excited.
Just make sure you call Julia right now for panty fetish phone sex at 1 888 402 8669.

BBC Phone Sex with Cassandra

I know you must have heard how much Latinas love fucking. It takes a lot to satisfy me because I am so horny and it seems like I can never get enough. Not just any man has everything I need to release an orgasm. That is  why this slutty Latina loves BBC phone sex!  I need to have a real man who can take charge and take care of me sexually. A man who will do any and every freaky thing to me.  I want it all and I love it.  I have absolutely no taboos or limits! I will be your nasty slutty Latina who loves BBC. I love taking a 10 inch cock all the way inside me making me scream in ecstasy!
BBC phone sex
This slutty Latina loves BBC phone sex so much I would love to have 2 or 3 or 4 or more BBC’s pounding every hole!  I love to deep throat and I love nothing more than challenge. So, dare this slutty Latina that loves BBC to take that huge thick long BBC all the way down my throat. Sucking you hard while I get my pussy pounded from behind! I want that cum on my lips dripping down my chin while your friend is cumming on my fat ass! A big slutty Latina with a fat dripping wet pussy that can squirt is waiting for you to call her so we can have wild, wet and freaky phone sex. I need the BBC and will show how appreciative I am by making you cum over and over until you scream mercy! Hurry I am horny and can’t wait to be your dirty kinky slutty Latina for BBC! I can’t wait to be all yours and who ever you else you might want to share me with!
1-888-402-8669 and ask for Cassandra for BBC phone sex

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Abby

I want to talk to all of you who would love to be transformed into a sissy slut for a minute. You know Halloween is coming up soon, right? There’s no better time to start with your sissy training phone sex than now. See, you can go out all dressed up as something sexy on Halloween and nobody will even give you a second glance. Anything goes on that night and you can finally dress up and go out just the way you’ve always wished you could. There will be cock as far as the eye can see and you’ll probably have your pick of whichever one you want, as long as you do exactly what I tell you to do when you call me. I’m a pro at training sissies to become sluts.

sissy phone sex

What do you think you should dress as this Halloween? I think maybe a slutty nurse would be a good choice. See, everyone loves a sexy nurse and I think it will increase your chances of finding a nice, fat cock to suck. Plus, everyone in the bar will be drinking and even if you make an ugly woman, they will probably still let you suck their cocks. They might even bend you over the bathroom sink and fuck the shit out of you, if you’re lucky. And hey, I’m flexible. If you don’t want to be a sexy nurse, you can tell me what you would like to be. Just make sure it’s extra slutty so you can be assured of getting cock. I’ll help you pick out what to wear and it will be perfect.

Are you ready for your spooky sissy training phone sex call now? All you have to do is call me right now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

Kinky Phone Sex Role Play with Arianna

There is nothing more I enjoy than a good kinky phone sex role play, be it something on the more erotic side of things or it diving into something with more a bdsm kick. Usually say I am a sensual tease sort of girl but when it comes to phone sex role plays have to say I lean to more the anything goes type of girl.

kinky phone sex role play

Well last night a certain someone, never really asked him if he had issues with me blogging our call so gonna leave that air of mystery as to his identity you know to protect the kinky. Lets say instead of me telling the erotic story it was him telling me his. Which was most fun to have the tables turned on me. No not in the sexual switch sort of way just to hear what someone else finds erotic and kinky.

Anyways this kinky individual wanted to be my slave but he had to prove his worth and being a sexy sensual domme like myself I wasnt gonna make it easy for him. It started out with just seeing how much of a kinky little bitch he was willing to be for me in this kinky phone sex role play. As you can guess he was willing and more than agreeable.

Well it was rather hard to tell if he was agreeing with him slurping down my 8″ strap on he seemed to be letting out some enjoyable moans and gulps. Mind you the head nods might of been from my hip thrusts. Either way the way he was sucking down that strap on did let me know he was willing to move on to the next step.

The next step in deciding if he was a willing kinky bitch for me…

Ya that will remain between us. You really didnt think I was gonna give you all the dirty details from our kinky phone sex role play did you?

Come on now! I didnt earn the title of sensual tease for nothing. Will say you can become my kinky bitch just by calling 1-888-402-8669 and asking for Arianna.

Submissive Phone Sex with Nadia

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the minority when it comes to submissive phone sex. I can’t tell you enough about how much I love it and can’t get enough of it. Yeah, all the other calls are fun, trust me, I get off every single time, but there is something about being dominated and treated like a dirty slut that turns me on so much. I want to start by letting you know a little secret of my, I dream of finding a strong dominant man, a Master, to have his way with me whenever he wanted. I want to be his cum bucket and he can have his way with me whenever he pleased.
submissive phone sex
With submissive phone sex, you can tell me all about the dirty and naughty things you can do to me, tie me up to the bed fuck my little cunt and then leave me there. Come back from work and fuck me again, shooting your warm load over and over again all over my body. I have to take it, am a pleaser, I have to take warm cum load every time. A different hole, you get to pick, blindfold me and don’t let me know what tight little hole of my is going to take your strong Master cock. What makes my pussy extra wet is hearing you calling me your slut, your bitch, your slave while you’re pulling my hair. And that’s what I want to be, is a slave to your cock. Imagine all the fun submissive phone sex we can have, I can wear a dirty slut outfit just for you. Dreaming about how my Master’s cock is going to fill my mouth with his strong cock, you know that am going to beg for it over and over again. I’m ready to be your submissive bunny.
Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Nadia

No Limits Phone Sex with Memphis

Limits are absolutely no fun. I don’t like to be limited in any part of my life, and especially not my sex life. And when it comes to phone fucking, I am strictly a no limits phone sex kind of woman. It’s so much more fun to open up your mind and see where things go. If you start out with a list of things you won’t do or talk about, then that just means you’re not going to have as much fun. You don’t want to limit your fun, do you? Don’t deny yourself any of the pleasure you could have and that you one hundred percent deserve.
no limits phone sex
Magic happens when you get two people who love no limits phone sex get together. You can rest assured that you can call me up and never not get what you want. I love men and I absolutely live to make men cum. It makes me feel good and when you start cumming, that always makes me cum, too. Just knowing that I gave a man what he wants because I don’t have limits really gets me wet and excited. I won’t ever be faking it when you call me. I might even be dirtier than you are. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is call me and you’ll see. You can lie back, talk about your twisted fantasies, and cum harder than you’ve ever cum on a phone sex call.
Are you ready for some hot no limits phone sex with a woman who will always give you every single thing you want? All you have to do is call me and I will make it happen for you. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis, your new favorite no limits phone sex slut.

Extreme Phone Sex with Kelly

So if you are going to let me take care of all your most wild and deepest desires then you are going to need to trust me.  I would never betray your confidence and that is why I am the perfect partner for you on our extreme phone sex call.  What’s the wildest extreme phone sex fantasy you’ve ever had?  Do you crave a little pain like with CBT, bondage, spanking, caning?  Any of those appeal to you?
extreme phone sex
I for one am a bit of a pain freak.  I like giving it and receiving it.  For me it gets the juices flowing and my heart pumping.  I get so turned on when someone is spanking me or fucking me forcefully with their fist, pinching my nipples, or maybe fucking my ass with a beer bottle.  Would you like to be the recipient of extreme phone sex, or the one doing all the hardcore kinky things to me?  We can take turns.  There’s nothing more bonding and intimate then testing each other’s pain threshold.  The surprise of how much pain is inflicted each time it’s enforced, and the intensity of pleasure from the pain. Mmmmm I’m getting wet just thinking of the things you could do to me on extreme phone sex, and I to you.  Like for instance, we could take turns being bound on an A-frame with close pins on our nipples while a 15-inch dildo is being rammed up our holes.  I can see both of us screaming in pain and pleasure, begging for more and pissing and cumming all over ourselves.
I have a million ideas running through my filthy mind right now and want to try them ALL on you with extreme phone sex.  Are you man enough?  Only one way to find out!  Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly.

Extreme Roleplay Phone Sex with Shay

The change of seasons seems to have me really horny…..I have never felt anything like this before.  I have been in the mood for some extreme roleplay phone sex. Not the regular you touch me I suck your cock and beg for you to fuck me in a manner that would make the street whores blush. I mean wild, crazy may be something you or I have wanted to do but never spoke of.

extreme roleplay phone sex

I’m a people pleaser, I love to make people happy!  I also enjoy hearing and acting out deviant phone sex roleplays. I am beautiful but a bit twisted as well.  My voice is sweet and sounds innocent but my imagination is twisted af ! I give some no taboo phone sex girls a run for there money with the things that gets my pussy wet. And I don’t mean just a little moist im talking soak my cotton sheets wet.

Looking for something extreme yet very real? I will take your fantasy and run away with it. Not only making it my own but enjoying it with you as I play with my pussy. Cum on nothing is better than a good phone fuck with my sex toys while listening to your extreme role play fantasy. What makes you not only hard but cum so hard you wonder how did that happen?  Perverted phone sex and extreme roleplays are my specialties. I’m sure you would be pleasantly shocked at the kinky and nasty stuff I have not only done in real life but thats gets me all hot and bothered.

I encourage you to let down your guard and talk about whatever you chose. Nothing you ever say to me leaves my lips unless you want it to that is. My imagination is endless and I can paint you pictures of taboo fantasies even you may not have thought of.
So what are you waiting for call the extreme roleplay phone sex bunny of your dreams?  1 888 402 8669 is the number to call. Ask for Shay Ill be waiting for you. 
Skype with me: Sweet Bunny Shay
Twitter: @ShayBunn