Submissive Phone Sex with Julia

Let me be honest with you I’m why they call a switch. At times I tend to sway a little toward the dominant side of things and other times im submissive. I love both. I get off on both and I gain so much knowledge and experience during every call. Sometimes submissive phone sex is something I crave and every now and then, I love the idea of letting a real man control me.

submissive phone sex

I’m talking about a real man who knows exactly how to handle a real woman, not you men who just THINK you are dominant. If you know exactly how to dominate a woman like me, then you should already be dialing. I want to talk to you and I want you to show me that you know how to take care of all of my submissive needs.

Do you want to turn me over your knee and spank me? I HAVE been a pretty bad girl and I need you to straighten me out. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with being a bad girl, but sometimes I just get a little bit out of control and I need someone to rein me in a bit. Is that man you? I will lay over your knee with my bare ass in the air while you discipline me by bringing your strong hand down hard against each of my bare ass cheeks. Welts is what I need. I want you to make my ass sore so that even the day after my spanking, I will think about how bad I’ve been and I’ll continue to be a good girl.

I know there are other ways to discipline me and I am looking forward to hearing about them when you call me for submissive phone sex. Are you the perfect Master to get me in line? We will see when you call. But just know that I can tell the difference in a real Master and someone who is just faking it.

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Phone Sex Goddess Cassie

Hey hon! I’m sorry, but I need to be worshiped like the phone sex goddess I am, and I’m feeling just a little ignored. You know you love our phone sex sessions. You know I never leave you wanting. And you just know satisfying you satisfies me every time.

phone sex goddess

I think next time you call, I’m definitely going to need some worship for you. I need you to worship my body, and my soul. While I’m always down for something kinky and dirty, I’d also love some sweet nothings whispered in my ear as you worship at my alter. We can light candles, set the mood with some soft, romantic music. I’d love some close, teasing dancing if you’re up for it. Hold me close to your body, let me feel the warmth and strength of your arms. Seduce me with the beating of your heart. Let me tease you with some soft, caressing flicks of my hips against your groin.

All this is foreplay for both of us, and will soon make us hot and panting and so very wet. But don’t let the worship of your goddess end just yet. While I love to have my clothes ripped off my body and thrown down on the bed, this call is all about sensual seduction. Remove my clothing one by one, and kiss every inch of skin you expose. Now you’re really worshiping at this phone sex goddess’ alter. Nibble at my earlobes, that really turns me on. Only once you’re done worshiping at my alter, I’ll return the favor and give you ease for all your prayers.

Only once we’re both naked, then we can take this phone sex goddess worship session to its ultimate end. I can’t wait to feel you rubbing up against my nether lips before we plunge right in. But this session is all about worshiping me, your goddess, so don’t be surprised if I make you wait until I’ve come a time or two before I give you your release.

If you’re more than ready to worship at my alter, give your phone sex goddess a call today. I’ll be waiting for my supplicants. Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Cassie.

Sissy Phone Sex with Abby

Are you looking to become a sissy phone sex girl but you have no idea what to do, exactly?? Well, that is totally what I’m here for. I will be more than happy to train you and give you assignments until I’m satisfied that you’re the perfect sissy slut.

sissy phone sex

Do you already wear panties? Well, you need to wear more than just panties, so I think that the first thing I will assign to you is a trip to the lingerie store. You can go to any one that you want, but if you live near a kind of slutty store like Frederick’s, I would really like that you go there.

I want you to go into the store and start looking around. Chances are, a sales girl will come up to you and ask you if you need any help. I think she will probably also ask you if you’re shopping for something for your girlfriend. I know that you’ll be tempted to say that you are, but you need to NOT say that. Just tell her that you’re trying to become a sissy slut and you need to find some lingerie that will make you look sexy and feminine. I want you to let her help you through the whole process. And when you go to try it on, I want you to step out of the dressing room and ask her how you look. I know that you might be embarrassed just at the thought of that, but you’ll get used to it. The first time will be the hardest. Then you’ll probably love doing it and you’ll go shopping all the time!

Are you ready to start your sissy phone sex adventure? Then all you have to do is grab your phone and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby.

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Avery

It is ok do not worry your pretty little face I knew all along you wanted to be a dirty little cock sucker, and I am going to teach you how to be a great dick sucking whore by the time we are done with our cock sucking phone sex session. I am not sure why you have not just gotten over yourself already and just did it, are you afraid you will not be good enough at deep throating that giant stiffy you have been dreaming of, and want instructions?

cock sucking phone sex

Or do you need me to coax you into getting down on your knees while he pulls out his big fat cock I will even grab the back of your head and tell you to open wide so you can claim I made you to suck him dry. We can take turns sucking his dick and balls, but you have to open wide and take that fat ole cock all the way in until I can hear you gag on it. It gets me so excited to out you closet sissys, maybe we should each put on a different color lipstick and see who can take it the deepest into their pouty mouths. Not quite ready for a real live penis, I can break out my 10 inch strap on and you can practice on that, maybe if your a really good cock sucking whore during our cock sucking phone sex session we can see what other holes we can break in with it!

No matter what the fantasy is I will have you deep throating and swallowing by the time we are done. What are you waiting for? Don’t be scared call me at 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you tell them you want Avery to take you to the glory hole.

Strap On Phone Sex with Phoenix

You like to put on my dirty satin panties hoping for some hardcore strap on phone sex and have me rub my hand up and down that satin wrapped cock. The soft satin feel of my silky panties makes your cock so hard that it starts oozing pre-cum. I then tell you that you are making my panties warm and sticky. You just give me a mischievous little smile and tell me that you cannot help it, that you are a naughty boy and panties thief.

strap on phone sex

I press just the head of my strap-on against your tight puckered ass teasing you for a moment. I then walk around, grab the back of your head and throat fuck you a bit. Make sure to gag and drool because that is all the lube this strap on will have when I fuck your tight ass. You let out a sigh of as I pull the strap on out of your mouth, dripping all over. You lubed up my strap-on just enough before shoving it in to your ass. I start pounding your ass as you are sniffing my dirty panties telling me that you will be a good strap on phone sex slut. I tell you that you have to show me so you cannot touch your cock until I give you permission… if I give you permission.

You agree to just take what I give you, promising to behave while I make you gape, but then you start whimpering and begging me to let you touch your cock. I tell you no, you must earn it. I keep gliding that strap-on in and out of your ass making sure to hit your P-spot and causing you to explode with out your hand having ever touched your cock. My strap on is creamy from your sweet spot and your cock never needed a stroke. Strap on phone sex can be so intense and exciting if I find the right ass, how about yours?

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Virgin Phone Sex with Jocelyn

It’s amazing what medical technology can do these days. Girls can even get their cherries put right back together so you can pop them, again and again. It’s such a delicious feeling to slide into a sweet, tight, virgin pussy isn’t it, honey? I know how much you crave it, so I had a procedure done and now my cherry heals after every time I have sex. You can have virgin phone sex with me every day, pop my cherry over and over, claim my body as yours again and again, as much as you want.

virgin phone sex

What do you want to do with your hot virgin vixen??? *giggles* Are you going to tease me and taunt me, telling me just how you’re going to deflower me every time for hours before you actually do it??? I can just imagine you whispering in my ear every day as we go around shopping and to dinner, making me shiver to know you’re going to enjoy piercing that flesh and making me squeal all over again any time you want.

Maybe sometimes you’ll take my virginity while we’re out in public, too. While we’re having a picnic in a quiet corner of the park, maybe, or in one of the back hallways of the mall you can shove me down or against the wall and ravish me in virgin phone sex so hot people are sure to hear me scream!!!. You cum so hard knowing your bare cock is going to fill me with hot white jizz that’s going to drip right into my pretty cotton panties along with that tell-tale bright red cherry blood.

It’s such a fucking turn on thinking about how fertile virgins are, too, isn’t it??? Knowing my pussy is healing after you penetrate me, becoming a virgin again every time, you know I’m going to be perfect for getting impregnated. Impregnation fantasies with me will be just as hot as virgin phone sex, I promise!!! *giggles* Just call Jocelyn at 888-402-8669 and find out!

Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Riley

I’ve got myself a new guy, and yep, you guessed it – if you know me at all, you know it’s pretty likely that he’s a delicious dark chocolate lover. And yeah, that is exactly what he is. Yes, I have a fondness for black guys, so if you want to know more about my new guy, you can just call me for some super hot big black cock phone sex. Mmmm yeah, he came over the other night and we had a great time together – twice – and before he left he asked when he could cum over again. I practically wanted to tell him to cum by the next day, but after he was finished with me, my pussy needed a little time to recuperate from his big thick cock. He stretched me wide open, every hole, and I loved every minute of it – and every inch!!

big black cock phone sex

He started out grabbing me from behind, fully clothed while I was in some sexy lingerie. His hands worked their way up and down the front of my body while he was grinding his rock hard bulge against my ass. It only took a few seconds of this to get us worked up, and before you knew it I was turned around, on my knees, and throat-deep with big black cock. He thoroughly enjoyed it, but didn’t want to cum that way, so soon enough he had lifted me up, pushed me back on the bed, ripped my panties off, and was fucking me bareback with his huge hard cock until he pulled out and came all over my pussy. Then we hung out and chatted for a little while until he was ready to leave, but as I started to walk him out he grabbed me and I felt that huge hard lump in his pants again, and next thing you know we were at it all over again. Another hot load of cum for my starving pussy

Want to know how it felt to be impaled with the force of his big black cock? Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for big black cock phone sex and I’ll do my best to describe the sweet pleasure and pain, and how I was able to make his chocolate melt in my mouth, my hands, and my pussy!!

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Virgin Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey Hon. Wanna talk about virgin phone sex? I have so many ideas floating around in this red head of mine for some roleplay fun. Should I be a shy maid you’ve asked to clean your office? Maybe I’m the studious new girl at work who spent all her time studying in school instead of playing?

virgin phone sex

There’s always the time I lost my own virginity, of course. I was babysitting for my father’s friend. It was a last minute thing; his wife was out of town, and his buddy had a surprise bachelor party to go to, so he asked me to watch the kids for a few hours. I had just turned 18 a month or so beforehand, and the first thing I had done was go out and get my nipples and belly button pierced once I didn’t need my parents’ permission.

I had plenty of experience pleasuring myself, but I had been in a serious relationship for the past four years with my now-husband, and he was big on religion, and wanted us to be chaste and virgin on our wedding night.

The children were in bed, and I had underestimated just how sore my nipples would be after wearing a bra all day. I wasn’t expecting the father home for another two hours, so I had taken my bra off and was massaging my nipples through my shirt when he surprised me. I didn’t really have much experience with men before this, but even naive me could tell he was horny by the bulge in his slacks.

My fingers stilled circling my rings as I felt his presence behind where I sat on the couch. I was staring at him over my shoulder when I felt his hands go to my bare shoulders — I remember it was hot a hot summer night in Northern New England, so I was wearing a spaghetti-strap tank top. I tensed, unsure, but his quick hands relaxed my shoulders and I was butter in his hands. He didn’t ask for permission, just came over the couch and started kissing me. I had been kissed a time or two by my now-husband, but we had never gone past second base. Before I knew it, his tongue was in my mouth and I was mewling. I gasped as his hands pinched my sore nipples, but he quickly softened his fingers and eased my pain away.

I murmured that I was a virgin with his lips nibbling at my ears. He whispered sweet nothings in my ears as he guided my hand to his bulging slacks. He taught me just how he wanted to be touched as he talked me out of my shirt. He told me that even though the strippers had been beautiful, I was the most exquisite thing he had ever seen or touched. Before I knew it, his hand was down my pants, and his slacks were wide open. He took me right there on his wife’s couch, with his children sleeping just down the hall.

He may have been my first, but that certainly wasn’t the last time he filled me to bursting. Every time his wife went out of town or went out with girlfriends, he would find an excuse to invite me over to babysit. He is the main reason I’m the slut I am today. I chose the college I went to because of him — it was his alma mater, and he told me the frat boys would be a whole new experience for someone so recently deflowered as me. And the best part? My husband, the trusting fool that he was, had no idea I wasn’t a virgin when he fumbled his way through our wedding night.

Do you want to hear every scintillating detail of me losing my virginity? Every gasp, every moan, every deep penetration of my tight virgin pussy? Give me a call, and we can both talk and masturbate all about it. Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Cassie.

JOI Phone Sex with Abby

You jerk off WAY too much. You need to get that shit under control right now. If you’ve been wondering why you can never last very long when you’re fucking a woman, that’s why. You jerk off fast and you get used to it and that makes it harder to last. That’s why you need JOI phone sex. If you don’t know exactly what that means, I’m about to tell you. JOI means jerk off instructions. And that’s what you will get when you call me. By the time I’m done with you, you are going to be able to last for a REALLY long time. I’m going to cure that premature ejaculation problem you’ve been having.

JOI phone sex

Before you call me, I want you to be 100% okay with giving up control to me. And when I say control, I mean of everything. I want control of when you touch yourself, how you touch yourself, and I will especially be in control of when you have an orgasm. Don’t worry, you’re going to get to cum. But I just want you to learn to savor it and make it last. I am going to make your sex life so much better. You’re going to be thanking me for the rest of your life.

Do you think you can give up control to me and let me help you? Good. I’m ready and waiting for our JOI phone sex session. You might be a little bit leery of it right now because you’re the kind of man who likes to be the one who has the upper hand, but this time it’s not going to be you…it’s going to be me. You’ll be calling me over and over again until you totally get things handled. You will just be handling things the way I tell you to!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Avery

I am such a spoiled princess and I will get my way, and I will have you wrapped around my pinky finger, during our bratty domme phone sex session. You will give me what exactly what I want or I will let everyone know about our little affair we have going on. Although I do require you to shower me in gifts and spoil me rotten there will be so much more to our affair. You will satisfy me in every way before I even think about letting you cum.

bratty domme phone sex

That is right you heard me I will not let you cum until Im completely drained and have had multiple orgasms, and I will warn you it will take me awhile I am insatiable. There is a lot of stuff I will need to be your pampered princess, think your wife will notice your bank account depleting? All the sexy lingerie and stilettos I will need for when we are together, so I can walk around teasing you. I will need spa trips, and so many cute dresses to go out in also. There is so many fun fetish fantasies I want to have you play out for me during our bratty domme phone sex session, and you will not be able to say no, I mean why would you want to say no to me anyway. Maybe if you are a good slave and spoil me just right I will eventually reward you, but then again probably not. Why would you deserve a reward from a beautiful spoiled princess like myself. Your first order of business is to pull out your credit card right now and call me at 1 888 402 8669. Make sure you ask for Avery for bratty domme phone sex!