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forced cock sucking phone sex

You have told me SO many times that you want to get down on your knees and suck a dick but you just haven’t done it yet. That is really starting to get on my nerves. You make so many excuses as to why you haven’t done it, and I really hate when someone makes excuses over and over. So imagine this forced cock sucking phone sex scenario… this is how I’d cure you of your “stage fright”:

I invite you over and when you get there, you see that there’s a big, strong man waiting there with me. You look nervous and you ask me who he is. I tell you that he’s the owner of the awesome dick you’re about to put in your mouth. You start to hesitate, and I tell you that I’m sick of you saying you’re going to suck cock for me and not doing it. So I’m going to push you down onto your knees and you’re going to undo his pants, take his gorgeous cock out and you’re going to suck it. I got you a fantastic cock for your first time, so the least you can do is go to town on it and suck it until he blows a hot, creamy load in your mouth. And you’d better swallow every single bit of it. There’s nothing worse than wasted cum.

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orgasm denial phone sex

I find it disgusting when I have to listen to a man shoot a load of cum over the phone. Espeically because I know it’s probably some loser with a tiny dick jerking furiously while he thinks about how perfect I am. I mean, if you can’t get laid in real life, why would you think I’d want to listen to you jerk off? Ugh. No. Just no. I don’t care if you’re paying me. All you’re going to get from me is orgasm denial phone sex.

Okay sure, I’ll let you jerk off as long as you don’t make disgusting sex noises. No grunting, no moaning, no screaming (yeah some of you losers scream and squeal like pigs sometimes) or anything like that. And you must always ask me for permission to orgasm. The sad part, for you, is that you’re probalby not going to get to. You can jerk it and beg but when you ask me if you’re allowed to cum, I’m most always going to say no. Not unless you want to buy me something pretty. Then I might allow it. Who knows?! You still might end up with blue balls and a load of cum that you desperately need to shoot.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby for orgasm denial phone sex. And don’t expect me to cave and let you cum. I won’t. I’m just not that kind of girl.

CBT phone sex

I had him where I wanted him, on the phone for CBT phone sex. He used a shoelace to tie his balls up on top of his cock like Mickey Mouse ears.  That alone had me giggling and had him moaning and groaning already.  The butt plug just intensified things.  Then the edging began, but it didn’t feel like it was enough.  So I took it a step further.

He had rubber bands, so I had him wrap one tightly just under his cock head.  His breath quickened and I thought he was actually crying.  Two more to go.  I instructed him to wrap one tightly around his already bound balls.  The best part of CBT phone sex is when I make him hurt himself.  It takes so much mental energy to inflict that kind of pain on such a sensitive part of the body.  To prepare him, I had him rub his bulging wrapped balls ever so lightly.  So gentle and soothing.  Then I told him to slap them.  I know he didn’t want to do it.  I could hear the conflict in his voice, but he did it for me.  The screams made me gush.  When he could hear me again, I had him stroke his cock hard and fast making the head turn a deeper shade of purple.  When he started to whine, another smack to the balls.  This went on for a while.

At the end of his CBT phone sex session, I commanded him to cum.  He said he felt in his balls that he came but no ejaculation.  I had him remove the rubber band from his dick and try again, only to release a couple of drops.  When he removed the rubber bands and bindings from his balls, the cum just oozed out.  No big release, no earth shattering orgasm.  Just a dribble.  I loved it.  I stole his big moment, and he loved doing it for me.

I’m always looking for new ways to torture your cock and balls, so call me for CBT phone sex and let’s get creative.  1-888-402-8669

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erotic hypnosis phone sex

I am so in the mood for your erotic hypnosis phone sex today. I crave a deeper more sensual connection with my callers and when you call me for erotic hypnosis I will take over your mind and your cock.  I love it when you tell me that you need to relax  because I know exactly what it is that you need. You need to relax your body and relax your mind then let Mistress Kristi do all the work for you. I know that you’ve been a little busy lately and afraid to let go and give in, you no longer have to be shy or afraid. Lay back close your eyes and open up your mind,  you will soon lose control and fall into a trance as you hear my soft soothing calming voice. There we are now that you’re relaxed you are exactly where I want you. let your mind run wild suddenly you’re no longer afraid to tell me those naughty nasty kinky things you’ve been daydreaming about. Are you feeling the need to touch yourself?  Mistress Kristi says it’s okay to touch and rub yourself.

Now you are under my erotic hypnosis phone sex control and your cock is harder than it has been in a long time. now you’re in a trance breathing heavy and panting it just feels like you’re right there and your fantasy doesn’t it? You are now deeply relaxed and uncontrollably aroused, can you feel that huge load building up behind your cock and balls? mmm You can feel your cock being stimulated just as if I were there sucking and stroking your cock myself. Or can you feel the softness of the fabric and tightness the lingerie panties that you are wearing?

No matter the fantasy, no matter the desire, no matter the kink erotic hypnosis phone sex with me will satisfy all of your desires. Call me and ask for Kristi 1-888-402-8669

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financial domination phone sex

If you asked me what the one thing is that makes me happier than anything else in the world, my answer would be, hands down, financial domination phone sex. The best part of it is that I am taking a man’s money just because. I don’t NEED it. I WANT it. I don’t need a man to pay my rent, but I want it. Why should I have to spend my own money. I don’t need a loser to pay for my mani/pedi, but I want it. It makes me happy to look down at my pretty nails and think of what you had to give up in order to get it for me.

If you haven’t figure it out by now, loser, financial domination for me is about the sacrifice you have to make in order to make me happy. You’re going to start out by giving up the little luxuries you have in life and you’re going to think it’s not so bad. You’re going to be like “I didn’t need all those cable channels anyway”. But you’re soon going to find out that you’ll have to give up way more than that. You will be allowed to keep only the necessities in your life and the rest will be mine. You’ll pay for MY necessities. You’ll pay for my luxuries. You will send me on amazing vacations. And what will you get out of it? Not a lot. You’ll get to pay to talk to me while I tell you how superior I am to you. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

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phone sex slut

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I think its always wise to have certain people in your life on hand when an emergency arises. You know, like a mechanic, an IT guy and of course (and most importantly) a filthy nasty phone sex slut.  I want to be that slut for you.  My goal is always to get you off and leave you spent and always craving more.  If you make me your go to phone sex slut, you will never be sorry. Oh shit no, your cock and balls with thank you for it later.  I can be just dirty a whore that you could ever hope to meet.  I am down for EVERYTHING and always ready to learn new ways to push the sexual envelope further and further.  I want to hear about your fantasies, your fetishes or any role play scenarios that make your cock throb and drive you to distraction.  When your cock gets hard all you have to do is pick up that phone and call 1-888-40-BUNNY  and ask for Kelly and I will take care of the rest. That is what a phone sex slut does . My purpose is to be the perfect tramp for you.  I will never let you down, I won’t ever say no or say you were too rough or too pervy.  On the contrary, I love to be perverse with you. And even better, you never have to take me to dinner or a movie before you try to fuck me.  Nope, I am a sure thing once you call and connect with me.  Could that be any more perfect?

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impregnation phone sex

Hi guys!! I am feeling pretty kinky today and I’m in the mood for some taboo impregnation phone sex! I don’t want to get knocked up by just any man. I want to get pregnant by someone who I shouldn’t even be thinking about fucking. It’s so kinky and taboo that I can’t even say it here, but I know that you know exactly what I mean. That’s because you’re just as twisted as me. I love it!

The fantasy that I currently have stuck in my head goes a little something like this: late one night, you sneak into my room after everyone else is asleep. You gently shake me to wake me up and when I ask what’s up, you tell me that you’ve been daydreaming about having your way with me for such a long time and that you just couldn’t take it anymore. Of course, I let you fuck me because I’ve been thinking of the same thing for so long.

Before too long, I realize that I am pregnant and when I tell you, you are so excited and you tell me that you can’t wait to see my belly grow big with your child. I’ve heard that women get really horny during pregnancy and if that happens, you better be ready because you’re not going to be able to keep up with me!
Oh and you know what is going to be so hot?? After I have my baby (and maybe even while I’m still pregnant) I’m going to be lactating and it will be so hot to see you sucking on my tits during that time. They are going to get so huge and I can’t wait! Mmmm.

Ready for our hot taboo impregnation phone sex call? Let’s get me knocked up now so the real fun can begin! Call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

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humiliation phone sex

Hi there! I’m Memphis and I am here to bring you the humiliation phone sex that you are so desperately yearning for. I know there’s something inside of you that desires to hear my voice. Thoughts and fantasies are causing you emotional pain while bringing your cock pure joy. Why do you find it so arousing? Why can’t you stop thinking about it? Does it matter? I’m not here to question why these things turn you on! I’m here to figure out how I can use them to bring you to your knees!

I like to talk, delve and interrogate. You will hear me whispering the cruelest things in my most gentle voice. I will bring you down with my words and I’m not afraid to use them. I don’t mind using foul language either.

When I speak to you I prefer to choose my words to belittle and emasculate you in the most sincere of ways. I have a creative imagination and I am very knowledgeable in most kinks and fetishes. I am truly open to whatever it is that’s on your mind. I am always interested in hearing about what you find utterly humiliating.

Maybe humiliation phone sex isn’t what you’re interested in and that is OK because I offer many different specialties and I’m personally interested in your fantasy. I invite you to call and see what I’m all about. Please take some time to visit my personal blog. I value our time together and look forward to finding all the right ways to satisfy you.

I promise that you will enjoy our time together and you will be left with an experience that keeps you wanting more of me. There is no kink or taboo that I am not afraid to explore.

Call and ask for Memphis at 1 888 402 8669

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forced bi phone sex

Baby, You are so cute when you call me up and try to pretend you want me when what you really want is to wrap your filthy mouth around a nice fat cock while I grab you by that hair and fuck your mouth with it.   I love hearing you slurp, gurgle and choke while I push it deeper into that tight throat –don’t fight it-open your throat for me and take every inch, because you are about to have forced bi phone sex with Mistress Harper.

I want you to be a really good cocksucker and drain every last drop of that fat, creamy cum load.  Keep sucking it some more and keep it super hard.  I knew from the first time I heard your voice shaking you weren’t interested in me, you wanted the cocks I could make you suck and ride like the dirty little slut you are.

You dream of being forced to take a big fat cock deep inside you so you can pretend you didn’t really want it.  Forced bi phone sex is perfect for a little wimp like you because you can only admit what a filthy whore you are that loves cock when I force you to open that tight ass up for it.  It’s hilarious the way you pretend to be scared when you see that big cock -your eyes get wide and your tight little asshole clenches up like you don’t know what it is going to be like.   You know all too well exactly how it’s going to feel, you’re not clenching up because you’re scared, it’s because you’re an excited slave slut.  Too bad that cock of yours won’t be getting relief tonight… you are here merely to serve any giant cocks I decide you are lucky enough have.  If I were you I’d be practicing because I have no intentions of taking it easy on you.

If you think you are opened up and ready call Harper at 1-888-402-8669

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humiliation phone sex

I hope that you are not seriously calling that thing a dick! It’s ridiculous and it’s repulsive to those of us who are accustomed to very large dicks. Yeah, I’m a size queen and I’m proud of it. There’s no need for you to even try to convince me that your dick is good for anything other than humiliation phone sex. I would rather not get fucked for the rest of my life than let you come anywhere near me with that disgusting thing.

But I tell you what I will let you do… I’ll let you be the party entertainment when I invite all of my girlfriends over for our monthly ladies night. I’ll put you in a pair of lacy pink panties and you can serve us drinks, get our snacks and just whatever else we want you to do for us. Maybe I’ll make you get down on your knees and give each one of us a pedicure. And when you’re done, you’ll stand up and show us your teeny tiny little clit. Of course we’re all going to start laughing and taking pictures. Maybe you’ll even become an internet sensation by the time we’re done with you.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby for humiliation phone sex. I can’t wait to have some fun with you, but it’ll be my kind of fun, not yours.