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Something sweet and salty, and it’s is on the desert menu tonight. Get it while it’s still hot… and juicy juicy juicy..giggels. Go ahead and pick up the phone creampie phone sex is what you have been thinking about all day… I know your cock is already hard from checking out my pictures.

See my boyfriend just left and he left you a little present…can you see my sweet tight black pussy dripping sweet cream so hot and sticky….smells like strawberries ..i can feel you sucking and licking and sucking up all that delicious cream pie…hhmmm while you’re eating it all up I want you to put your finger in my tight ass and fuck me with that finger …then I’m going to cum all over your face and your going to eat that all up then you threw me so I was face down on the bed you spread my legs and thrusted your huge fat cock in my tight ass with no warning it felt soooo good you just kept going faster and faster fucking my black ass like a rabbit till you exploded in my ass pushing, thrusting deeper and deeper into me to make sure not a drop gets wasted in the creampie phone sex.

Then you start eating your fresh cream pie while fingering my tight little twat and I cum over and over again the feeling of you sucking and licking all that cream pie out my ass feels so good I just can’t stop I squirt all over your face I can’t stop it ..But you have a look of satisfaction on your face and you lick your lips hhmmm call me I will be up all night waiting to play.

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foot fetish phone sex

Oh, there you are!  I knew that title would catch your attention and make the head of your cock start to rise and your shaft start to swell.  That is fantastic feeling that makes this foot fetish phone sex Mistress very happy and truly naughty.  You have been thinking about my pretty, little toes now haven’t you, you slutty subbie *winks & laughs*  That is what I thought!!  There is nothing quite so sexy as woman like me, a true Mistress who knows exactly how to keep a submissive in line with my perfect tootsies.  Though I am wondering what really drives you wild with foot fetish phone sex.  Is it the color polish I have, pink, red or maybe a French manicure?  Perhaps it is knowing I slide them right into a nice pair of stockings and heels?  Or it could be wiggling them right in your face, you trying to take them into your mouth.  Tasting my perfect 10…feeling them with your tongue.  Hummmm, then again we can get down to the real nitty-gritty with a full on foot job…

I love it when I run into a man in my day to day life who has the urge to please my pretties.  Actually just the other day I had the pleasure, or should I say the sales men who bought a pair of boots for me, had the pleasure!  In these winter months, with closed toe shoes and long boots it is hard for a man to really get a good look at what drives them crazy so when they get a chance the reaction is unmistakable.  I went into the my favorite department store and picked out a few pairs to try on.  When I slide off the shoes I was wearing I saw him squirm as he kneeled down.  I told him I could manage on my own but he insisted on helping me slide my socks off and I knew I had him, right then and there.  His hands caressing my arches, toes and heels, rubbing his thumbs in between my toes felt so good and when I “accidently” brushed over his cock I knew I was going to get anything I wanted.

Then again, he got not only what he wanted but from the way he was groping my feet by the end what he needed as well ;)  It is your turn now, so call me, Emerald so I can ignite your desire with sensual foot fetish phone sex.

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ass worship phone sex

What’s your favorite part of a woman? Oh, no, you don’t have to give me the PC answer like “her eyes” or “her smile” or whatever.  You can tell me the truth…the dirty, naughty truth.  Is it her legs?  Her tits?  Her ass?  All of the above?

Well, I’ve got something for you regardless of what your answer is, but if you’re an ass man, you’re really in luck.  I have a perfect round, sexy butt, and I love ass worship phone sex. See?  I told you that you were in for something good!  Let me tell you what I’ve got in mind for you.

The first thing we have to do to begin an ass worship phone sex session is that we both have to take all our clothes off.  We can take off our own, each others’, or some combination of both.  Then, once we’re both naked and ready to go, I’m going to have you lie down on your back for me on the bed or the floor.  You know what’s coming next, right?  I’m going to slowly lower myself down onto your face so that my ass comes to rest right against your mouth.  I do *love* facesitting!

Once we’re both nice and comfortable like that, I want you to show me what you’ve got.  If you impress me enough with your ass worship phone sex skills, I might even bend over and play with your cock a little while you lick my ass and moan underneath my hot ass.

What do you think?  Will that be enough to fulfill all your desires, or do you have something else in mind that you’d like to add?  I’m up for anything, as always! Call
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phone sex Mistress

I’m Mistress Dee and I am here to take control of you and make you submit to me.  You will obey without fail.  I understand the psychology of the male mind and am very skilled at taking men further into submission and devotion to a femdom.  If you are readying about me here , you already know that I am who and what you seek.  Don’t suppress your hidden hunger to become enslaved to me.  You should indulge your deep fascination with being owened by a dominant woman.  A mistress/slave relationship is pure perfection, and I am perfection personified.  I understand if you are married or if you are involved that I will be your secret mistress.  Besides, your wife or girlfriend doesn’t understand your secret desires.  She would be shocked to find out that you would rather be down on your knees worshiping me, than presiding over the relationship your’e in where you pretend to be a real man.  If you want to be with me, its very painless to begin in a relationship with me.. You will call me on my line to introduce yourself to me during a mistress phone sex call.  Tell me what you can offer me, beg to be my subbie slave.  You will always address me as mistress Dee.  I will also direct you and tell you what will please me.  You will not refuse this opportunity to become one of my select servants in my virtual harem  As a mistress, I will require that you do long devotional calls with me, worshiping me means sacrifice on your part, including financial sacrifice.  Be prepared to do whatever it takes to please me in anyway.  Let me hear from you soon.  Call Mistress Dee for mistress phone sex.

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domination phone sex

*Clears Throat* Hello all you pathetic, maggot losers! Are you ready to do the bidding of an intense mistress such as myself? I am not so sure that you will be able to handle what I have in store for you. *Evil Laugh* You will start by getting on your knees and bowing before me….. you will be calling me Mistress Katrina, no other name or title will do during our domination phone sex session.  I have such an insanely, intense desire to force pathetic losers like you to do crazy things for me, like sucking cock on cam, or taking several hundred clothespins and putting them all over your pathetic body. These are just some of the things I expect out of you inferior maggots during domination phone sex.

Begging and screaming is what you will be doing, when you pick up the phone to call your mistress for domination phone sex. There is just something about forcing pathetic losers like you to suck big thick juicy cocks. Admit it! You are insanely jealous that I am always the one that gets the big black cock. *giggles* There is something about the ability to have control over what you do with the holes in your body *wink* that makes my pussy drip sweet nectar juices all over the place. I don’t give a fuck if you try to tell me “no,” because you see refusing to do my bidding is just making me want to be even crueler.

The more you fight, the angrier I will become. The more ways I will find to beat and torture you. *evil laugh* My favorite part will be hanging you to the wall with shackles in my dungeon. I will then allow my other slaves and dominatrix friends to tease and torment you, until you are begging for mercy. Ask for Mistress Katrina when you pick up the phone and dial 1 (888) 402-8669 for taboo domination phone sex.

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sissy transformation phone sex

You know, you’re totally ugly as a girl.  But I can help you out if you call me. I’m somewhat of a sissy transformation phone sex expert and I can help you turn into a pretty girl. Well, as pretty as you can be, anyway. You’ve got to get rid of that damn hair all over your body. Like, nobody is going to believe you’re a girl if you are as hairy as bigfoot. Yes, waxing will hurt, but that’s just the start of what you’re going to have to go through in order to be a girl. There’s waxing, eyebrow plucking, makeup application, doing your hair, learning to dress as a woman, making sure you can walk in heels. It’ll be a long process, but you can do it. I have faith in you, sissy!

Now, once all the aesthetics are taken care of, it will be time to learn how to please a man.  You know you want to. You’ve been daydreaming about what it’s like to suck a fat dick, haven’t you? And I bet you’ve already been fucking your ass with a vibrator or something, but it probably wasn’t big enough. I’m going to have to get out my strap on and make sure you know how to take a real dick in that brand new pussy of yours before I take you out and pimp you out to guys. I don’t want them being disappointed when you’re all whiny about how bad it hurts to be fucked. You don’t want them to be disappointed either, do you, sissy? I didn’t think so!

When you’re ready for total transformation, call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby for sissy transformation phone sex.

foot fetish phone sex

Let me ask you a very important question — are you a horny fuck who is into pretty feet like mine? Oh you are, aren’t you!   I need a good foot fetish phone sex slave like you. Someone who does as he is told just to get a chance at some quality time with my stems.  Oh how I love to have you down on your knees,  kissing my feet and worshiping them. Maybe I will have you start off by licking my high heels while I am wearing them? How does that sound?  Yeah, that’s it,  lick those heels you little bitch.  Sure, you can suck on them, too! I know it makes your cock so hard to have my beautiful feet so close to you.  Go ahead and take off my shoes and pull your dick out.  I want to run my stocking covered feet on that throbbing dick. I bet you just love laying there as I jerk your hard dick off with my feet.  I will rub on your dick and balls  and then put my other foot into your mouth. How does that foot taste after working all day? Heavenly, huh?  I bet you can’t hold that cum in just thinking about me doing this to you with my sweet feet? Now,  kneel before me and  pull off my stockings and suck my toes,  you little freak. Jerk that dick and cover my feet in your cum. Look at the mess you made!  Be a good and obedient foot fetish phone sex sub and clean up my feet. Collect all your dirty thoughts and call me and get ultra kinky with me!

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tickle fetish phone sex

Hey there boys do you want to know a secret  there is something that really turns me on, and I think you’ll like it too see I love to laugh and giggle that is why I love tickle fetish phone sex so much!  There is something about the idea of you stripping me down and finding all of the places that make me laugh out loud.  You can even use a feather to run lightly down my naked body and make me squeal with delight during tickle fetish phone sex!  Did you know that when a woman laughs her pussy muscles tighten so what could make tickle fetish phone sex any better for you then hitting all of my sweet spots making me laugh uncontrollably while my wet pussy clamps down on your hard cock!  If that isn’t an incentive to make me laugh I don’t know what is.  I want you to tickle me so much that I beg you for mercy or to let me cum whichever happens first lol!  They say laughter is contagious and let hope so because I want you to hear my musical laughter as I cum all over your cock during tickle fetish phone sex!  I’ll have you wanting to make me laugh louder and harder so you can feel how tight my pussy can get.  Before it’s all said and done I’ll have you cuming back for more tickle fetish phone sex you’ll want to hear my sweet laughter and feel those pussy muscles work that dick over until you explode.  Who knows maybe I’ll find a few of your tickle spots as well, and maybe you’ll have a good laugh or two as well.  With tickle fetish phone sex we can tease and please each other in ways we never thought possible!

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kinky phone sex

Hey guys have you missed me? It’s your favorite red head with the sexy young southern voice who loves being your kinky phone sex slut. Now that i’m back I can’t wait to hear all about your hot fantasies. You know I always think about what kind of dirty fun you are stroking your hard cock off too. And I’m the kind of bad girl who really gets into the more non vanilla kind of sex. Just look at how i’m sitting here like this with my sexy long legs wide open for you with my black panties in my mouth. MmMmM they taste so good and creamy. I bet you want to finger, lick and nibble on my bald smooth pussy and kinky tiny ass. Once you them good and wet you just know you will have an open invitation to stick your throbbing hard dick deep inside. Are you stroking right now thinking about my dirty talking raunchy mouth getting you off like no other slut can? There are all different kinds of sides to me too. Sometimes I love getting it rough and hard while other times I like being the submissive slut who never says no to you. I’m also the seductive flirty princess who will put you on your knees begging to serve me. You wont find a sexier young red head who will do all the things the other girls wont. I have absolutely no taboo’s either. I’ll do anything to make your dick hard as a rock and blow your load harder than you ever have before. And after you have fucked my slutty rose bud I’ll beg you on my knees to suck that dick until you are blowing your warm sticky load all over my face. I’ll drink down every last drop too. I’ll be the best kinky phone sex addiction you have ever had and I just know you will find yourself coming back for more….

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no limits phone sex

No limits phone sex is what I want,  it’s almost December boys winter is here and its fucking cold. I hate the cold, what I need is some No limits phone sex to get the blood and my juices flowing and keep me hot … hot… hot….

I am a very dominant girl, some may say too much at times no limits phone sex?…there is no limit so it’s not meant for the weak minded, but don’t less this scary your pussy ass, all you have to do is use our safe word and ill ease up a little but not too much giggles..after all isn’t that why you came to see your black Goddess Raven?
Picture us in your room. It’s just snowed so like I said its cold as fuck so my once soft and smooth to the touch  marshmallow nipples  are rock hard. I want to give you the whole picture but still tease you a little, so I come into the room in just my panties, your already tied up with some silk ties also blindfolded but not gagged (not yet any ways) giggelsss.. you’re so vulnerable laying there but ass naked you’re lame little dick not even worth the time so ill take my time on punishment and playing with you remember this is no limit phone sex so ill do with you as I please.

You know what would be really sexy though you calling me right now for some no limit phone sex me and my fingers will be anxiously waiting for you so call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Raven for no limits phone sex lets finish what we started.