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If you were to ask me what my favorite type of phone sex is, I would have to say cuckold phone sex. Nothing gets me moist like making my man watch a much larger cock enter me. The feeling of having two men at my mercy is all the more pleasurable during a cuckold phone sex call. Teasing and taunting my partner’s tiny limp dick, delights me and turns me on. The smaller the cock the more I love to tease!

Recently my friend Tony and I took a much needed trip to Aruba. You can imagine how erotic things can get with the beautiful surroundings and hot tanned bodies! I preferred clothing optional beaches, and Tony happily obliged. I was tanning myself in the sand behind our cabana, when I looked up and spotted the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. His firm body glistened in the sun, while his cock hung low. I knew I had to have him, He introduced himself as Steve and sat down beside me. We talked for a while and shared a bit about ourselves. The more he spoke, the more I realized I did not really care about who he was, or where he was from. I wanted him inside me, nothing else. Steve knew what I wanted, and knew how to give it to me. I turned over on all fours and spread my juicy cheeks for him. As he thrust he glorious throbbing cock inside me. I thought only one thing will make this even more incredible. “Hey Tony, come out here!” I moaned loudly. As Tony emerged from the cabana I could see the look of shock on his face. Tony wanted in, but I was not having it.

I forced Tony to sit in the corner and simply watch me with this much larger, much manlier lover. I giggled and teased as I compared Tony’s much smaller cock to Steve’s nine and a half inches! Tony knew that once Steve was finished with me, he would be left to clean up the mess. And that is precisely why I get so deeply turned on by cuckold phone sex!

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forced bi phone sexYou know you have always wanted it!  The number one thing that I get from my callers is they want to know what it is like to suck a nice, fat cock.  Surprise!  A lot of men really want to get down on their knees for that dick.  I love it when they are all timid and afraid to tell me, then after I get it out of them and are so relieved to have it out in the open that sometimes they thank me.  On the other hand when I pretend to not know they want a tickle from a pickle they cannot stand it anymore and have to blurt it out, what fun that is too!  Either way they are always relieved when I can set up a dirty forced bi phone sex fantasy for them so they can indulge and not feel guilty.  They can start of sweet or just go right into hard core, of course a gang bang is always a nice choice too.  There is no end to my imagination, so naughty and I love doing it, all the way through!

Or do you already have a desire in mind?  What could it be?  Maybe has something to do with your neighbor, boss or wife’s brother?  There is always a piece of man meat in mind, from my experience in forced bi phone sex, that is.  I can use that huge rod you have in mind to really make you quake.  How should it go down? (*laughing* every single pun intended on that one, you cock sucker you!)  You do not have to wait another moment to get that sweet cream and/ or hard pounding you so desperately need.

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submissive phone sexOnce again, I’ve brought a submissive phone sex slut into my dungeon. I have brought him in for my own personal pleasure. He crawls over to me. He is completely topless. I have not made him strip down naked for me. I intend to. First thing is first though. I pull out his locking leather collar. It has a chain attached to it. Shiny & perfect for a leash. Perfect for taking control. I wrap the collar around his neck. I lock it in place. He begins to kiss & worship my body. I only give him a minute or two to do so. I then place a ball gag inside of his mouth. I strap it down. He can no longer speak. He can no longer use his mouth to worship his Mistress Layla. He appears to be completely controlled & completely content. That’s when I begin to beat him. I am only using a flogger on his back. He loves it. He’s a fucking pain slut. I know he can take it. The marks of the flogger show on his flesh. Beautiful. Hot. Sultry. He’s already in the mood to please his Mistress. It really doesn’t take much. I spread my legs far apart. I’m wearing a pair of black lace crotch less panties. I tease him with my cunt. I take his chain. I pull him in close. He wants so badly to taste his sweet & oh so seductive Mistress. It’s just a tease though. The gag stops him in his tracks. His cock is getting hard through his pants & there’s not a damn thing he can to do about it. I stand up. I pull his pants off. His cock is completely exposed. It is massively hard for me. I make him kneel up for me. I suspend his hands from a hook & chain in the ceiling. I pull out my favorite riding crop. I hit him hard with the crop. Right across his ass! Aww poor submissive phone sex slut & that is just the beginning of our session. Just sayin’…

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humiliation phone sexI love love love humiliation phone sex.  You know you have the smallest baby dick that I have ever seen seriously.  Especially compared to some of my boyfriends, I mean I thought they were small until I saw this pathetic fucking thing.  So fucking sad that I buy a dildo and its bigger then you, but at least it can please me like you never could or even thought you could. I love to stand you up and hold the dildo up to yours and show you just how fucking little your thimble dick really is.  You make me laugh so hard when you tell me that your dick is hard, because I wouldn’t have known by looking at it.  You want me to tell you what it really looks like ?   A fucking belly button for fuck sake.  Now I know exactly why I saw you sitting on the toilet yesterday, of course you wouldn’t be able to stand up and piss it would just roll down your damn leg.  So tell me do you wife yourself too like women do?  You sure have nothing to hold onto to shake it.  So damn pathetic you little dick looser.  Seriously just everything about you spells out LOSER….  All I know is you give me the best fucking laugh that I’ve had in awhile that’s for sure .  Well guess what ?   I have some new things for you when you call me .

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big tit phone sex

Boobs Juggs Funbags Melons TaTas Bazookas Headlights Hooters ChiChis Twin Torpedoes Titties.  Admit it, you love ‘em!  You are a breast man and big breasts get you off big time.  Check out my sweet luscious melons right now.  Feel your cock begin to get hard for my huge breasts.  Don’t deny yourself what you really want.  You can have my breasts in your hands, my pink nipples in your mouth, you can slide your hard cock in between my big tits and titty fuck me.  Call me for big tit phone sex and my tits are all yours, baby.  A girl who has big tits like me craves to have her breasts to be worshiped and admired.  I love walking down the street in a sexy, low cut top and hearing men whistle at me or call out to me – nice tits!!  And best of all, my titties are real, too.  I didn’t have to visit a plastic surgeon for silicone bolt-ons to get my big boobs on.  These tits are courtesy of Mother Nature, so admire her beautiful work then get to work, dialing my number!

I like to know that my boobs turn men on.  And I always get my way, because of my nice big juggs.  You know, like talking myself out of speeding tickets, well, my hooters do the talking.  I can seduce men with what I wear or don’t wear as long as I show some titty cleavage or hard nipples or side boob.  You can’t be immune to what I’m showing off in my pics, so you need to call me and give in to my big breasts now.  I can even suck on my own nipples while we play on the phone or buzz my breasts with my vibrator.  Sometimes I can even give myself a breast-gasm, where I can cum from playing with my own tits during a big tit phone sex call. My name is Zona and I can’t wait to talk to you!

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humiliation phone sex

How can I humiliate you today?  Humiliation phone sex is so much fun for me, why you say?  Because when I was younger and in school, I was always picked on and made fun of by the older boys for my flat chest.  Can you believe it?  Now it’s a different story, I have blossomed and now I have these huge DD’s!  Now all men fall all over themselves to compliment me.  Now I get to turn the tables and make fun of you pathetic dweebs.

You’ll tell me your dirty little secrets.  You’ll tell me about your tiny little dick.  Now there’s something to really be humiliated about!  Who do you think you are going to fuck with that?  You try to jerk off but your hand is too big, you have to use just your thumb and forefinger!  You send me pictures and plead in vain for me to not show my girlfriends.  But guess what?  It’s too late, just like me they can’t stop laughing either!

You’ll tell me about your embarrassing kinky fetishes.  Like how you like to go through your neighbors dirty laundry and steal her dirty panties, one of these days I’m going to make you knock on her door with her panties in your mouth!  I could never get bored with humiliation phone sex, how could I when I have so much to work with?  I can’t hold back my giggles as you stutter and stammer about how you are sitting there jerking off in lacy panties watching BBC porn, jealous that you’ll never make a woman scream like that in your lifetime.  Silly sissy!!!  Did I forget something?  Is there another kinky embarrassing fetish you have?

Well give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 and I’ll give you the most humiliating humiliation phone sex that you have ever had!

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CFNM phone sexWelcome to my blog boys! Katrina here!  I am going to tell you a story where women are superior to men. The thought of CFNM phone sex, is such a major turn on to you that I promise you, will enjoy the story that follows. You are allowed to read under one condition, you are to get naked NOW! Then, once you are fully exposed you may sit back, relax and start reading…

There is something about having complete control over a naked man. His inability to be able to cover up, just makes my pussy drip. The thought…… Ha ha ha, of a man being completely exposed, humiliated, and naked; while having absolutely no way of covering anything up, gets my juices flowing. We both know that you like the sound of that, now don’t you? I expect that during our CFNM phone sex session, that you are automatically going to answer “yes” to that, because if you don’t the punishment just for being disobedient to your female superior will be unbearable.

If you cannot sit or stand in front of me without trying to cover yourself up, well I will have to tie your hands and feet to the nearest bed, chair, or post of my choosing so that I can watch you wriggle and writhe. *Evil Laugh* You see, I believe that if a man cannot be obedient then they should be jailed and punished to the highest extreme possible. *Evil Laugh* While jailed they will learn to cook, clean, and will have their pathetic cocks caged so they are unable to touch themselves in any way, shape or form during CFNM phone sex. The mere thought of any sexual kind will produce searing pain through their brawny shaft. *wink.*

Since men, such as yourself are good for nothing maggots, pick up the phone NOW and ask for Mistress Katrina to join a world of inferiority of man-kind. All you have to do is dial 1 888 402 8669.

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strapon phone sex

Arianna here! Being Friday I have one thing on my mind today. Fucking a guy in the ass! I know perhaps its the strapon phone sex call that I had last night that has my mind totally obsessing on that dirty taboo topic today.

Oh who am I kidding! Course its that hot ass pounding fantasy that has me in a daydream today and wanting to do more dirty strapon phone sex fantasies today. Just the thought of a guy on his hands and knees with his hot ass up in the air. Actually I prefer when the guy is on his elbows much better position for me anyways. That little change of body position gets those bum cheeks just opening up.

My hand wrapped around my thick 9 inch rubber dick as I lube it up. I may tell you how hard I plan to fuck that ass but really I am a sensual tease of a girl and will go gentle for I want you to enjoy this ass fucking as much as I will.

For I wont go in dry. I want you to savour every inch of my strap on dick as I claim that ass. If you never tried it before that makes it even better. This sensual tease will be smiling the whole way through.

I am around this Friday night just lubing up my 9 inch strapon cock ready for some hot and steamy strapon phone sex calls.

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religious blasphemy phone sex

You play yourself off as pure and so full of devotion. But I know what really lingers under that pretense of the holy cloth, and it is anything but holy. The very moment I walk through the church doors you find yourself captivated by my sultry curves and supposedly modest demeanor. Little did you know that I was basically Satan in a Sunday dress, and I was luring you along to a most sinful trap. And once I have you in my grasp, you knew we were going to have religious blasphemy phone sex! Nothing makes my sweet cunt wetter than knowing that I am bringing you down from your high pedestal to turning you into a depraved beast. I know exactly what kind of dark sinister lusty thoughts you try so desperately to keep under lock and key. I will make myself that influence to push you over the edge, indulging in all your twisted carnal desires. You will be denouncing your faith on that same holy bible that you used to hold so dear. Religious blasphemy phone sex will turn you into a sick demonic fuck beast by the time I’m through with you. We will fill the church halls with guttural moans and grunts instead of those pathetic hymns. You will start to lose yourself as I unravel all aspects of your mind, exploring every nook and cranny revealing things about yourself that you ever knew before. You’ll soon be questioning that faith you wasted so much of your life on. Give into the serpent you filthy fuck animal. I have you snared in my siren’s song, I’ll bring you over to the wild side baby and it’s not going to be pretty. You’ll be chanting and talking in tongues as we desecrate the once holy ground, you’ll be feeling such a rush that you can’t help but unleash your true potential. And oh my that will be quite a sight to behold. Don’t hold yourself back any longer in this tiring self righteous pretense, break free from those constraints!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and get Destiny to unleash those demons inside you with religious blasphemy phone sex now!!! We all know there aren’t any angels sitting on your shoulders. *smirk*

humiliation phone sex

“Oh baby, it will be fun and no one needs to know” are often famous last word where humiliation phone sex is involved. It often starts innocent and for fun’s sake, but with time it becomes something else entirely. With me, breaking my boyfriend in with humiliation fun was so very easy. Now, he is nothing more than a sissy fuck!  When we started, he really thought he was a big strapping masculine guy.  But I could tell that with just a bit of humiliation training that would change.  With training, he no longer even thinks of himself as a man, but more like a submissive girlfriend.  We even share cock!  He gets on his knees an sucks a big fat cock for me to make sure its nice and hard.  I can’t help but laugh at the sight. Watching him slide his sweet mouth up and down on monster cock is just the natural order of things with us now.  If he is good, I will let him clean my pussy after that big dick as fucked me well.  I know that particular humiliation is pretty fucking bad, but when I make him dress in one of his many sissy outfits  and parade around in front of a group of my friends  must really do some damage to whatever ego he has left. An alpha male looking guy like him standing in front of hot chicks wearing pink high heels, white thigh highs, a tiny plaid skirt and white cotton panties  as those women berate him and humiliate him must be so painful!  But this is our way of life now with humiliation phone sex.

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