Hot Phone Sex with Riley

Mmmm fuck yeah…..I’m in the mood for some red hot phone sex right now! All that dirty talk steaming up my bedroom windows, getting me so worked up and wet that I have to get myself off over and over. I want to hear how badly you want to touch and taste my body, and I’m dying to hear how you sound when you moan with desire while I tell you exactly what I want to do to you. I want it to get scorching hot in here – I want the damn phone to melt!

Oh yeah, baby, right fucking there….

hot phone sex
Call me for hot phone sex and tell me what you would do if you had these big, juicy tits in front of you, yours to play with and do with as you wish. I bet you’d like to see them bouncing up and down while I ride you through the night, or maybe wrapped around that hard cock of yours – when you call me I’ll tell you exactly what I’ll do with you then, and what I want you to do with these young, firm breasts.

Mmmm feels so good, so fucking hot…

How about my beautiful ass? If you had the chance to play with it, what would you do? Well, you can do the next best thing and call me for hot phone sex, and tell me how much you would love to worship a delicious ass like mine. You can tell me how much you want to bite it, kiss it, and maybe even spank it until it turns a nice shade of red. If you’re good to me, I may even let you in…

Oooooh fuck yeah, just like that….I love the way you touch me, baby…let’s get down to brass tacks. You know what you want, and you want it hot. That’s why I’m your girl!

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Phone Sex Girl Natasha

Hi guys!! I’m Natasha and if we haven’t already “met”, then you should take some time and get to know me. I know that you might not believe me yet, but believe me when I say that I’m about to be your favorite phone sex girl. I’m pretty confident about that. I’m a pretty dirty girl and I have no limits. I’ve never met a fantasy I didn’t like. And I’m really great at phone fucking you. I think that pretty much makes me the perfect girl.

phone sex girl

It’s so exciting being a phone sex girl. I never know what each call is going to bring and that turns me on so much. Some days, all I seem to get are cock sucking faggot sluts. And then some days, I get a bunch of guys who want to turn ME into a dirty slut. That, or there are tons of taboo guys ready to tell me their sick and twisted fantasy. It’s so thrilling to just not know what’s gonna come up.

When you’re a phone sex girl with no limits, you never get bored. There is always a super hot and kinky fetish, roleplay, or fantasy to talk about. But even if some fantasies seem the same on the surface, they all have a special kinky twist that always keeps me on my toes. I’m always trying to think of ways to be super creative with all the pervs who call me. Sometimes they even come up with things I’ve never even thought of and that’s fun, too!

Are you ready to make me your one and only phone sex girl? I know that I’m more than ready to take you to limits you never dreamed of, baby! All you have to do now is call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Natasha.

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Kennedy

You know what excites me? The anticipation that comes from waiting to have a huge, throbbing cock fill my dirty mouth when you call me for cock sucking phone sex.  I can feel my pussy getting wet and dripping just thinking about it. I just want to rip those clothes off and trace my lips from your mouth, to your chest, then you stomach, and finally to the very tip of that rock hard cock and kiss it. Then I’d slowly work my tongue in a circle around the head of that cock, going a little faster with each round as I grab the base with my hand, working in the same circle as my tongue, tasting that cock.

cock sucking phone sex

Once I hear those few gasps of excitement from you, I’ll work the palm of my hand right under your balls, massaging and adding just the slightest bit of pressure. I love having balls in my mouth, so I’ll take that cock in one hand and stroke it to the rhythm me sucking of your balls. Gently at first, but harder with time. As soon as I can feel your body tense up from craving for me to take all of you into my mouth, I will take your pulsating cock deep in my mouth and suck every last inch of you. I want to feel the head of you cock hit the back of my throat while your hands grip my head and guide me up and down your long, hard shaft.

I’ll take that cock as fast and deep as possible, gagging even until you’re ready to explode. I want to taste every drop of cum from your cock head. I will suck up and down you shaft and cleanup the sexy mess I made. I get so turned on by hearing a man cum just from what my mouth can do, so give me a call and lets share this erotic experience together.

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GFE Phone Sex with Keira

Hey guys, I’m Keira – the hottest GFE phone sex girl of your dreams. I’m going to be your favorite fantasy. The girlfriend you have always wanted & desired. Just think it’s the holiday season & perhaps you are thinking about how you wish you had a girlfriend, but just don’t have the time for a real life girlfriend. That’s where I come in. I can give you that girlfriend experience you are looking for. I can give you the personal attention you are aching for. I want to get to know you on an intimate level so that our chemistry can ignite.

GFE phone sex

I’ll give you my all of my attention & not just sexual attention – of course there will be plenty of that too. I’ll give you everything you want & more in a girlfriend minus all the headaches & hassles. You’ll never feel unsatisfied with a girl like me. Want to know more? Well, I’m sweet, sexy, & your girl next door type only even hotter. What’s even hotter is that I have no limits what so ever. Unlike most girls, I am ready to explore ALL of your fantasies. No matter what they may be, I’m ready for anything. After all, GFE phone sex – it’s my specialty. I have the most incredible body & would love to shock you with all of the naughty things I can do with it! I have the most mesmerizing voice you have ever heard. Plus, you can tell me about absolutely anything. I have the wildest imagination too. I’ll make your cock hard & your own imagination will run wild when we connect. Not to mention, I love to have fun & can be a tease too. Flirting is the very best! I am sexual, sensual, & passionate. Mostly though, I’m a true listener – genuine & intimate like you’ve never known.You’ll see, if you’re looking for the perfect mix of sweet n’ sexy & hot n’ horny – all I can say is, let’s get to know each other. So let’s have some fun together with a bit of GFE phone sex. What are you waiting for?

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P.S. I really should add that my pussy…well I’m turned on all the time – so it’s very hot, creamy, tight & wet 24/7! In other words, my pussy just loves attention too! Just thought you should know. <3

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Phone Sex Princess Jocelyn

Once upon a time there lived a phone sex princess named Jocelyn, and men from every part of the land called Princess Jocelyn to cater to her every whim! But Princess Jocelyn refuses to accept any but the best suitors as her consorts. Those gentlemen the best endowed in their wallets and in their slacks earn Princess Jocelyn’s attentions and affections. They shower Princess Jocelyn in gifts and in turn Princess Jocelyn showers them in the warmth and love they deserve. Cash, clothes, jewelry, and toys mean plenty of wet sloppy blowjobs and hot tight holes for their hard cocks to enjoy. They can cum wherever they want when they bring Princess Jocelyn just the right present. Princess Jocelyn is all sugar spice and everything nice to the Prince Charmings who bring the bling!

phone sex princess


But for the little dick trolls who haven’t got two dimes to rub together, let alone a decent dick to tug, it’s an entirely different story. Princess Jocelyn only deserves the best and that certainly isn’t what these excuses for guys bring to the table. About the only thing their puny offerings to Princess Jocelyn are good for is entertainment. She can spend hours laughing at their teeny weenies as they try to please her. They should know better than to even try yet they bring their hard little staffs to her and she points and giggles and watches them squirm for her!

What can these tweezer-dicked little jesters bring to Princess Jocelyn so she doesn’t get bored of them, you may ask? Their wallets stuffed full of wads of cash thicker than their cocks are long! Gold and silk and satin and sweets… When Princess Jocelyn receives such loving treats and tokens of adorations from her little jester playthings, they might be lucky enough to have a happy ending for her, too!

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Strap On Phone Sex with Shay

I enjoy doing phone calls that involve strap on phone sex. But I really do have a strap on at home. I bought one as I had a girlfriend in high school who wanted me to fuck from behind when her mom wasn’t home. I kept it along with many other sex toy’s that have there own special bag next to my bed.

strap on phone sex

I know you love thing’s in your little hole. I know you have touched it and loved how it felt to do so. But what if you could have a real big strap on controlled by a sexy smart beautiful woman like me? Would the thought of me standing at the foot of my big fluffy bed with a rock hard strap on make you hard ? Would you beg for it?

I would love to bend you over my huge collection of pillows on my bed and tease your ass with my strap on. Make you want it and wonder when I will finally push into you and make you moan with every breath inside of you. The pleasure it would cause will make your whole body will shake. You would fall in love with my soft skin next to yours as I thrust it deep in your hole…making it mine.

Now the only question is would the neighbors hear you or maybe my roommates LOL If you want some hot and steaming strap on phone sex call and ask for Shay!

Yahoo: XSweetbunnyShayX
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BDSM Phone Sex with Riley

Yeah, I like to be on top most of the time, but I also like to switch and take the bottom every now and then. Either way, I’m always up for some BDSM phone sex! Do you wan to tie me up? Or does it turn you on if I tie you down? Once the knots have been tied, then what? I know I love to have hot wax dripped on me while I’m tied down – it’s fun to fight against the urge to squirm every time that super hot wax drips, drips, drips on my sensitive nipples and pussy lips! I’m getting so turned on just thinking about it now – I’d love it if someone would call right now for that BDSM phone sex call, because I really want to work out some hot tension with some cool BDSM talk.

BDSM phone sex

Call and talk to me about all kinds of kinky things – whatever is on your mind, in your darkest fantasies. If you’re feeling like you want control, I want to be your kinky kitten, down on my knees for you, collar and leash – as long as you are worthy of my devotion, of course. Nipple clamps with chains for you to pull on, your hands around my throat while your tongue is in my mouth – show me how hot that can be in a BDSM phone sex call. Pull my hair, choke me with your cock, and tell me I’m your good girl.

Maybe you want to give me control – honey, I’ll gladly take it too! I’ll happily whip your ass into submission – I love my new bullwhip! It’s six feet long, has a hot little cracker at the end, and feels so sexy in my hands. I’ll bend you over my padded sawhorse and cover your ass cheeks with whip marks – you won’t be able to sit down for a week after some BDSM phone sex with me!

Which side of my kink switch do you want to flip?

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for BDSM phone sex!

Twitter: @ReadyRiley

Cock and Ball Torture Phone Sex with Layla

You know what’s better than having sex over the phone? I’ll tell you. I should warn you though. I’m in a wickedly devious mood today. So back to what I was saying, what’s better than having sex over the phone – having cock and ball torture phone sex.

cock and ball torture phone sex

It’s true. Think about it for just a minute. First of all, I already know you’re a pain slut. Here you are on the phone with your Mistress & you’re completely naked. Exposed. Your cock is hard and throbbing for some attention. It’s aching like it’s never ached before. The sound of my orgasmic voice is driving you completely wild. My voice is demanding, firm, & alluringly seductive. You wouldn’t dare think to disobey your Mistress. This punishment of your cock and balls is just what you need & your Mistress Layla knows it. Your balls are heavier than they’ve ever been before. Your cock & your balls are anticipating what’s to cum. Torture. I don’t mean just any kind of torture, but a kind of torture you have never experienced before. You can’t help but to wonder what it is your Mistress is going to do to you. I have to confess it does get my pussy extremely wet thinking about what a good pain slut you’re going to be. There’s something about an obedient cock and ball torture phone sex slut that gets me completely aroused. I just get so hot & bothered knowing you’ll do exactly as I say – OR ELSE! Don’t worry, I’ll start nice & slow. I do plan to tease you & make you beg for more. Gripping, smacking, squeezing, hitting, scratching, banding, & humbling those naughty balls & cock. That’s just the beginning. There is so much I can do to you. The more I torture you – the more you’ll be begging me to stop. No worries, your Mistress will show no mercy in our cock and ball torture phone sex session. Just sayin’…

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Mistress Layla

Yahoo: laylalix

GFE Phone Sex with Jocelyn

Honey, when you have had one of those long hard days and just need a sweet, loving girlfriend experience to take a load off, call me for some GFE phone sex. Come see the girl next door where I’ve got candles and the best neck massage waiting for the greatest guy around! I want to cuddle with your head in my lap and hear all about what’s got you all twisted up. Or maybe your day was just fine or even better than fine, I want to chat all about that and celebrate with you, too! Just hearing all about your day makes mine more complete.

GFE phone sex

Listening to your voice makes my skin tingle, honey, I hope you can feel the electricity when we talk, too. There’s just something about sharing so many intimate thoughts and experiences with someone. It makes every one of your sighs mean so much more when I whisper those sweet nothings in your ear. All the loving things I wanted to do to you while we were apart, and that I want you to do to me now that we’re together again.

Knowing each other so well will make the time we spend together so romantic and tender. Sweet kisses while we’re intertwined limb in limb and the candles flicker over our skin. Tell me your secrets and let me confide mine in you. You know I’m the girlfriend here to fulfill all of your fantasies. Whisper them in my ear and let’s make them come true together. All I care about is making you happy, honey.

If that means being a dirty talking slut for you, your ears are going to burn when you hear the filth pouring from between my lips. If that means a finger exploring those intimate places most men don’t dare to have anyone go: that’s what a loving girlfriend is here for, honey. And if that means the most sensual, erotic lovemaking you’ve ever experienced, all you have to do is say the words.

GFE phone sex with me will have you calling and asking for Jocelyn every night 😉

Twitter: @JezebelJocelyn

Creampie Phone Sex with Kelly

Creampie phone sex is so stupid fucking hot. I can “make” it in a couple different ways. I love to fuck and I super hate condoms. Who doesn’t right? I crave feeling that cum shoot deep inside of me and filling me up with hotness.

creampie phone sex

Yep, I am bareback kinda cowgirl straight out the gate. And one of my favorite things in life is sitting on a guys face and feeding him my pussy. I love to just grind on that hungry mouth and stay for at least an hour. I never let having a snatch full of cum hold me back either. I do love to share the delicious mixture of my sweet pussy juice mixed with your jizz. It makes the perfect creampie that demands consumption. I can make it other ways too. And this is where it can get naughty. I might get some afternoon action with a fuck buddy and still have his cum inside my twat when I am getting eaten out by the next fuck buddy. Oh, snap! I know it is rather mischievous, but it really turns me on to be raunchy like that. It is even hotter when the guy knows he is cleaning me up from another fuck session. And he is willing to do anything just to get his mouth on me. Those are my favorite kind of guys. I love to have pervy cum eaters in my life. My pussy does taste so good that he would taste another guys cum just to get a hint of what I taste like. I fucking love the power of the pussy!

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and tell me how you prefer your creampie phone sex.

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