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cum fetish phone sex

I know that there are a lot of you guys out there who love cum fetish phone sex. And honestly, what’s not to love? Cum is really fucking delicious, so why wouldn’t you want to eat it? I love making you guys who have a cum fetish eat your own cum every time you call me and jerk off. But you probably are already doing that anyway, aren’t you? Maybe you want to suck cock and you haven’t yet gotten up the nerve to go out and do it. You just jerk off and swallow your own loads until you can build up the courage.

But there are those of you who are just curious about eating cum. And by curious, I mean you’re obsessed with it. You don’t want to suck cock or anything, but you are always watching porn where either a girl or another guy is eating cum, aren’t you? I think it’s high time you shoot that load in your hand and then taste it for the first time. It’s okay, you can do it. It will be our little secret. I surely won’t tell anyone about it. So when your dick starts leaking that pre-cum, just scoop it up with your finger and suck it off. Just get used to the taste of it so that when you eat your entire load it won’t be too shocking!

There IS another way to eat cum, you know. You could eat a hot cream pie out of a gaping pussy that has just been fucked by a big fat cock. Can you imagine how satisfying it would be to crawl up between a beautiful woman’s legs and just clean her up? She will love it and your cum fetish will be totally satisfied.

Ready to talk about how much you love cum? Call me for cum fetish phone sex and let’s see just how obsessed you are! Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin!

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blackmail phone sex

Welcome to yet another session of Confessions 101 with Mistress Katrina. Tell me something sissies, sluts and horn dogs… Do you enjoy being forced to do things against your will? Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to have a hot co-ed such as myself, a mistress to control your every move? To control you wallet and to ruin your life if you did not obey? It seems I have a new slave on my hands but only time will tell if he can meet my expectations and standards of slavery. He claims he wants to do naughty things, to take videos and send them to me. My question is.. will he chicken out? The stakes are high if he does not follow through and complete his homework. After all I have phone numbers and emails to thoroughly destroy him. I do not know many that would mess with a Mistress such as myself during blackmail phone sex.

I am a dominant woman of my word, one that does not waver easily. I can be sweet, an innocent, draw you in, and then BAM! Watch out for the consequences! Do you really want to reveal all your secrets to me? Of course you do, opening up to me seems so innocent. Little do you know, I have spies watching you, they can see your every move. Did you cheat that assignment I gave you? Did you miss my deadline? I absolutely love delving into your mind; I know I will make you constantly look over your shoulder, wondering if you are being watching. Are you wondering what is in store next? So many thing that can happen if you do not do exactly as this blackmail phone sex mistress tells you. Bring me your fantasies, secrets, and you wallet. Ask for your favorite blackmail phone sex expert when you call 1 (888) 402-8669, ask for Katrina.

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GFE phone sex

I’m always hot, wet and ready to satisfy my man. I can never keep my hands off of you and I love to sit on your lap while straddling you with my warm moist pussy lips. I’ll tease you by grinding all over you with my soft pussy lips. You’ll soon have my wet juices all over your body. I love when you have my sweet scent all over you and well I can tell you do too because I can feel your throbbing cock. I know your craving a GFE phone sex call with me because you already know you’ll get the ultimate experience and after all that’s what we all want out of this.

I know that you’re so proud to have me as your girlfriend. The way you walk with your head held high when we are out together lets me know that I’m your trophy. That makes me feel so good. When we’re around people you know like your friends and co-workers you love to show me off. I love when you share your conversations that you have with them. with me. They tell you all of the time how sexy and hot they think I am and how jealous they are of you. They always beg you for details about our sex life but you hold back because you know that can be dangerous for you to divulge too much information. They’d try to hookup with me behind your back but don’t worry you’ll never have to worry about me leaving or straying outside of us. I’m as loyal as they come and I love you.

The best part about GFE phone sex with me is that after we have mad passionate sex, we’ll lay together, cuddle and talk about what happened in our day. We’ll smile and laugh as we drift off into a deep sleep in each others arms. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Don’t you wanna be my boyfriend? Call me at 1 888 402 8669 for the most passionate GFE phone sex experience.

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size queen phone sex

Is it wrong that I am a size queen phone sex slut at my age? I really don’t care because now my pussy requires, no, demands a big dick to satisfy it now.  I can barely wait to text my giant cocked fuck buddy once my average boyfriend goes to work.  He is gone! That’s right stud, my tiny dicked boyfriend is finally at work. I couldn’t wait for him to get the fuck out of the house, so you could call me and come over. Oh how I miss that big fat manly cocks. I know it was only yesterday that he had me cumming all over that beast, but he opened up something inside me every woman needs. The feeling of being completely full and pleased gets me so wet, it is so basic, so carnal. So if today he wants to see if that monster can fit inside my ass I will try for him. It’s my job to do whatever he wants,  it’s only right. Big cocks make the rules.  I love how he is so in control of me. How he drops his pants in front of me, and I can’t believe what I am looking at. That soft cock hanging down low between his legs. No matter how many times I see it I can’t believe it! I even told my girl friends about him, and they all are so jealous of me. I was thinking maybe one day I could have a few of them over so they can see it for themselves?

If you have a big one, why don’t you unzip those pants and slide that huge dick out and call me at1-888-402-8669 for size queen phone sex.

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tease and denial phone sex

People say it all the time: Payton, you’re such a cock tease. Lol, like that’s a bad thing. A long teasing session with your throbbing cock just means that the release will be so much sweeter . . . if it comes, that is. *Giggles* After all, I’m in control, and maybe I don’t feel like letting you cum. It all depends on my mood. . . let you shoot that load . . . or leaving you writhing with a wicked case of blue balls? Lol, you never can tell until you get me on the phone for some incredible tease and denial phone sex.

The teasing just comes naturally. I mean, with this body, I can’t help but make men hard, can I? I admit, I do play it up with tiny skirts that give frequent flashes of the tight panties hugging my curves. Or tight t shirts, with no bra. Your cock will spring to life when you imagine your teeth around those hard nipples you see poking out against the soft cotton. And maybe my hand might brush, not-so-innocently against your throbbing fuckmeat, causing you to groan in frustration. *Giggles* Or I might let you get a peek of me, when you think I don’t know you’re there. My pretty fingers sliding into those panties, making my juicy, pink cunt nice and wet.

I might even sit in your lap and let you nestle that rock hard cock right in the crack of my tight 18 teen ass. By the time I finally let you pull it out, it will be swollen and purple, with drops of precum leaking from the tip. Your balls so heavy and full of cum that you’re dying to deposit in my tight 18 teen holes. I’ll let you touch while you watch me play with myself, but don’t think it’s time to cum. Oh, no. I’ll bring you right to the edge, but you’ve got to stop when I say. I want to watch you squirm, moan, and beg me for release during a tease and denial phone sex session.

It feels so dirty to have your orgasm controlled by a hot, sexy 18 teen girl, doesn’t it? How long can I stretch it out? I love testing your limits. I’ve had men cum all over themselves uncontrollably without even using their hands just from watching me. Of course, if you do that, you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Boys who can’t control themselves get punished, you know. When you’re crying and begging me, and your balls are blue, will I let you release? Maybe. Maybe not. You’re at the whims of a moody 18 teenager, after all, lol. Maybe after all that build up, you’ll just have to try to sleep, feeling your cock and balls throb with the pain of unspent jizz. *Giggles*

Have I got you hooked through the cock already? Lol, join the club, Honey. After all, I can get fucked whenever I want, I don’t need your pathetic dick. It’s so much more fun to make you squirm. Do you think you can withstand me? I seriously doubt it, but hey it’s fun for me if you try. So give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and play with Payton.

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phone sex fantasies

One of the phone sex fantasies I like talking about the most is situations where I get to fuck in public. Sure, maybe not right out in the open, but in a place where we really shouldn’t be fucking. One of my favorite fantasies involves a changing room at the mall. And not just any changing room, but one in a really fancy store. I want you to walk into that changing room with me and let those prim and proper bitches see you come in. I want them to KNOW what we’re doing, but they are going to be too uptight to go tell anyone what is going on. Instead, they will probably just stand outside the door and listen to us fuck and wish that they had a sex life even half as exciting. You know, one of them might even go into the changing room next door and rub her pussy while we fuck. It’ll probably be the most action she has seen in a really long time. You know husbands don’t like to fuck their uptight wives. They are off fucking the sluts like me.

And speaking of exciting sex…it’s going to be fun fucking you in that changing room. I can’t wait to bend over and have you lick my pussy from behind to get it nice and wet before you stick your big cock deep inside me. I don’t want you to be gentle or even quiet. I don’t care who hears us fucking. All I care about is cumming hard all over your dick. It’s going to feel so good when you shoot that hot load inside me and I walk right out of there with it dripping down my thighs.

Do you wanna help me with one of my very favorite phone sex fantasies?

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Lola!

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sissy phone sex

So I want to take a minute to talk to all the sissy phone sex lovers out there. I know there are a lot of you and I want you to know that you’re my very favorite kind of caller. I am fully aware that there are sissies who JUST like to dress up in lingerie and feel girlie…and while I love those calls, I’m talking right now about the other kind of sissy. I want to talk to all of you cock sucking sissy whores out there. You’re the ones I have the most fun with. I mean, what’s not to love about a sissy who likes to get dressed up in her most feminine lingerie and shoes before getting down on her knees to suck a big fat cock? And then there are the ones that love being porked like a nasty whore. Oh, you sissies are so much fun.

But I know that sometimes it can be just a little bit overwhelming to actually go through with sissy transformation, even if it’s something you want more than you have ever wanted anything in your life. So if you need a little help getting started with your sissy phone sex adventures, I’m your girl. I will not coddle you if you call me for forced feminzation and sissification, so don’t expect that. You sissies who aren’t self starters need a firm hand and that’s what you’ll get with me.

Are you ready for a sissy phone sex call that will have you addicted? Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby right now. Make sure you’re wearing your nicest lingerie… you have to look good when you’re talking to me! I mean, as good as a sissy can look, anyway!

AIM: CumBunnyAbby

tease and denial phone sex

You call me for tease and denial phone sex because you enjoy the longest drawn-out tease, a tease so intense you feel like you are on the edge of cumming, a tease where you beg me to let you cum while I make you keep edging for me. Over and over and over again. You feel your balls filling up with cum, see a glistening drop of pre-cum at the tip of your dick, look down and see your cock head is swollen and turning purple, and feel your cock begin to throb. You are there, right there on the edge… Will I deny you or will I let you cum? You will be in total suspense during a Tease and Denial Phone Sex call with me. I love denying a man his orgasm as much as I like to make a man cum for me. Maybe you will have to earn your orgasm, call me to find out how…

I’m Erin and I’m a horny bitch who enjoys cock control and orgasm control. This includes T&D, edging, ruined orgasms and chastity. You will be under my complete control and once you start calling for tease and denial phone sex, you will get addicted to my sexy voice and beautiful body. You won’t want to stroke without me! I’m a little dominant, not like a dungeon dominatrix, but I do enjoy controlling men and making them do exactly what I want. I’ve always been a cock tease and know the power my beauty and sexiness has over men. It makes them feel weak and full of desire to have me in charge of their cock, their pleasure, their orgasm.

If you’ve never tried Tease and Denial Phone Sex – you don’t know what you’re missing – call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

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taboo phone sex masturbation

Sure I know who it is by the shaky voice on the other end of the phone. Trying to get out that hello all while jerking away distractedly. Yet trying to cover up thats what your doing. I know that there is one thing on your mind which is a taboo phone sex masturbation call. Something that will have you so completely relaxed in the mind and body you will pass out before you can hang up the phone.

You have called me quite often so I am well aware of what makes your small dick ooze precum. However, I wont let  you get away with things so easy. No I wont sit here and tell you all those dirty things you need to hear so your dick can throb. Taboo things that will have you masturbating.

No! I wanna make your voice quiver as you ask my questions. Those painful taboo inspired questions. The things that you dare not whisper even to your girlfriend,  yet with me you can. You can wank your small cock all night to those dirty phone sex questions.

Dont worry! Your secrets are safe with me for I would never divulge what we talk about in a blog on a public site but I will hint at them. Does this make your small cock throb even harder?

I am not one for public outings but I do love to tease and well teasing with what I know…. Rather priceless.

How about you? Yes you with your cock in your hand slowly jerking at the thought of what it would be like to confess your inner most taboo thoughts to a stranger. Does this excite you the idea of sharing your inner most dirty ideas. The things that really get you off with someone?

Well then perhaps you should call me and lets enjoy a taboo phone sex masturbation session. Just ask for Arianna 1-888-402-8669

foot fetish phone sex

Welcome to another session of Confessions 101 with Mistress Katrina. Are you wondering what my confessions will consist of in this session? I am going to take a wild guess that you are already hot and excited. I know your deepest secret. Something most people find dirty….it makes that brawny shaft of yours start to grow. Now you are waiting to find out what I am going to write about this time. Well baby, you have come to the right place to address all your foot fetish phone sex cravings. What is it that you like best? I really like to be pampered, worshiped, and made the center of attention. I love the sensual feeling of having my feet massaged. After walking around in stiletto heels all day shopping to keep myself beautiful, I come home and my feet are oh, so sore! Think you can help me? Just the thought of my feet makes that cock stand firm, now doesn’t it baby? Good… because I have a plan for that cock and my tootsies.

I even like to have my feet tickled. For many this sensation makes them laugh, and yes I do on occasion, but for me it is sensual, it turns me on, makes my sweet cunny hot and wet! Take a feather and run it down the soles of my feet. Mmm… Fuck, baby that feels oh so good! Now, suck on my tootsies, you know you want that salty goodness during our hot foot fetish phone sex.

If you treat my sweet tootsies right, I will be rubbing that thick, brawny shaft between them. Edging you closer and closer to sweet orgasm. Sounds so nice, now doesn’t it? I sure think so. Making your mistress happy is quite simple, worship me, praise me, and be an obedient slave during foot fetish phone sex. Simply call Mistress Katrina at 1 888 402 8669.

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