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So what if I’m not the smartest girl in class? ‘Cause I sure am the cutest and the sluttiest submissive school girl phone sex girl. I’m always dressing sexy and teasing all the boys. I can’t help but pretend to be flirty and innocent with my teachers too. I pretend that I’m only late for class because I’m so ditzy, that I lose track of time easy. Why do they make those big fancy arm clocks so hard to read anyways? *giggles*

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Of course I lost track of time because I’m a ditzy, silly, blonde that gets easily distracted. It’s totally not because I was giving one of the jocks a blowie in the bathroom. I mean, I try to keep it to just handies in the hallways, but something about how dirty the boys bathroom is makes me want to deepthroat all the cocks that walk in there for school girl phone sex.

It’s why I’m so popular really. All the boys like me and some of my teachers too. Honestly, the only way I can pass is if I use my hot 18 teen year old mouth to serve men! *giggles* I don’t mind though, because at least I found what I’m good at! I’m good at being a hot little fuck doll for anyone who wants one of my sweet holes. Do you want some, too? I’ll be the sluttiest, nastiest, filthiest barely legal school girl phone sex whore you’ve encountered.

I don’t need to be smart to be a cock slut! Can I be your cock slut tonight? I promise to let you use me for whatever you want with no limits and like nothing is taboo with me. See if you can push my limits… I promise you that you can’t cause I’m the best at being rammed and crammed with big ol’ cocks!

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You losers need someone to help you with jerk off instructions. I know this because you’re always calling in and you last about two minutes. I’m not shocked that you can’t get a woman to fuck you. Who would want anything to do with a dick that can’t last long enough to even get going, really? See, that’s why JOI phone sex is the perfect thing for you. I can’t promise anything because you might just be a loser who is always going to suffer from premature ejaculation, but I might be able to help you and make your pleasure last a little bit longer than it normally does.

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And before you start telling me that you don’t need jerk off instructions, just stop for a minute and think about it. Don’t you wish you could last a little longer? Don’t you wish you could build up to your orgasm and make it feel stronger and maybe be more than one big squirt? I know you didn’t think it could ever happen, but that’s what JOI phone sex with a pretty Princess like me is good for. Who knows, if I can get you to last for a long time, you might even be able to get a woman to sleep with you. You might even become good in bed if you just shut up and listen to what I tell you to do.

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Greetings all you horny wankers, I’m Janelle, your evil villainess of a Mistress. You’re probably a weak-minded, short dicked, pussy that’s attempting to masquerade as a man. Just take a look at your unimpressive excuse for a penis – how could I ever take you seriously? I could give a fuck about your face, so why don’t I use it as furniture for facesitting phone sex?

I will sit my fat, round, juicy booty right down on your face and grind it all over you while you gasp and struggle. I’m grinning wickedly right now…. Just imagining you squirming beneath me. All the power and control over you in the world…. That power belongs to me. Let’s throw in some bed restraints for good measure. You aren’t going anywhere with Janelle’s mean queen facesitting phone sex. You’re stuck. You’re powerless. And you’re all mine.

You need to breathe? No, you don’t. You need to breathe when you Goddess allows you to take a breathe. I’ll pop off to check on your face. Examining it to see how very red or even shades of purple you’re becoming. While I’m smothering you with this perfect ass, make sure you’re using your tongue. I want it all up in my cunt and my ass during facesitting phone sex.

Let’s see if I can blow your mind and keep you crawling back for more. Don’t worry, I’ll most likely not push it too far. I don’t usually like to break my toys. Just admit it, you want to worship my divine ass and cunt and what better way to do that than smothered underneath these big round ass cheeks? Sounds just like heaven, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to cum and grind it all over your otherwise useless fucking face.

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Ruined orgasm phone sex absolutely has a place in my sexual arsenal. It is a much-needed tool to help train over eager guys to focus on being obedient. All too often there are guys out there who do not want to wait to experience a mind-blowing orgasm. No, they are in too much of a hurry to even think of anything but their own pleasure. Tsk, tsk, selfish! They need to learn a lesson, to let me take control of their cock and balls and only cum when I give the okay.

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And to prove that point, I get them all worked up, just needing that sweet release of shooting a big load. I will jerk that cock and let you think it is just about to happen and remove my hand, the stimulation and just let it go. All the spurt, but with no real satisfaction. It is fun to watch the cock bob up and down, almost in protest. And of course to see the look on his face when he realizes just what just happened. It makes me smile and even giggle a bit when I watch the feeling just wash over him. He almost feels much worse than he did when we started. It is simply delicious! The pain in your balls will be a reminder of who is really in charge of your orgasms — me! I might even dig my nails into your balls and squeeze the next time if I think you aren’t paying attention. Ruined orgasm phone sex is really a game changer and I am not afraid of using on you if it suits my mood.

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Looking at me you would never suspect that I would be the kind of girl that would enjoy some naughty fun in the sun. A private beach, a nice warm day, and a sexy asian phone sex slut like me is all we need to turn a day at the beach into something much dirtier, and way kinkier. I can tell you love the idea of being so naughty where anyone could catch us, or even better- watch our escapades! Knowing someone is watching is so hot, especially if they don’t know I am completely aware that they are there. Please, dollface, will you help me show off for them? Mmmm, god that sounds so fucking good! Some looser thinking I don’t know he’s there in the bushes, trying not to get “caught”. Nope. This asian beauty is completely aware. I’m just letting you think I don’t know because you don’t deserve to be out of the bushes if you don’t have the balls to either not get caught, or realize that I know.

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It makes my slit drip with anticipation just thinking about the endless possibilities. I am sure your mind is churning with ideas as well! I can’t wait to hear about every single one of them, doll. Just hearing how your voice catches as you tell me the steamy details of what you picture happening as you stroke that meat stick I see hardening between your legs. I mean, come on dollface.. Please tell me you wouldn’t love to spend the day on a warm, white sandy beach with the sun kissing my skin, and the waves crashing all around us and I will tell you what a liar you are. Have more ideas for our asian phone sex session? Pick up the phone, dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Meeka. Let me be the one to quench those insatiable desires.

Crossdressing Phone Sex with Tori

I love the idea of transforming a man into a beautiful feminine creation of my own desire. I want you to look exactly how you should… as a girl. I think that’s why I love crossdressing phone sex so much. I get all the control of taking you from a manly man into a dainty flower of a feminized sissy just for my own excitement and entertainment.

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Think about it though… You’ll be the center of attention and get all the encouragement you need from an experienced lady. Even if I giggle or laugh at how feminine you look, you’ll still be turned on! I just want to make you into a more feminine plaything for me to toy around with. I promise you won’t be disappointed…. All my sissies keep coming back for more cross dressing phone sex. So don’t be shy! Actually, I think it’s even more feminine when you are shy and a little restrained once you’re all dressed up just for me.

I’ll seduce you into doing things you once thought were hard limits! That’s the most exciting part of crossdressing phone sex for me. You think that you’ll never go to an adult store to purchase a sex toy, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get you to do it. Come on, you know you want a jeweled butt plug or a hot pink sparkle dildo. Maybe even both! Oh, we could have so much fun if you just have the courage to call me and let your transformation begin.

I love feminization so much that it’s in my top five type of calls to do, so if you’re new to crossdressing phone sex, I’ll help guide you in the right direction. But if you’re experienced in being a feminine doll in kitten heels and costumes, then dial me up! I’m so excited to make your dreams a reality.

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You sissy phone sex sluts always want to talk, talk, talk about what you WOULD do if you could. I’m really tired of hearing that you can’t find a cock to suck. I know for a fact you could walk outside your house right now, get down on your knees and open your mouth and you would have a dick in it REALLY quickly. It’s not that difficult. You would probably get your mouth gang banged. So are you ready to stop being a pussy about it and go out to find yourself a dick to play with? Then it’s time for you to call me and let me get you ready for your adventure.

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Listen, most guys aren’t going to be very patient with you, so you need to realize that they are just gonna shove their cocks in your mouth and that’s just the way it’s gonna be. You can either be a pussy about it or you can just relax and let them do their thing. If you just relax, I know you’re going to just love having a juicy throbbing dick in your mouth. Rub that tongue all over it and make him happy. He might even reward you with a big creamy load of cum if you’re a really good boy. I know you’re dying to know how it feels sliding down your throat. You’ve probably already tasted yours, but you know it’s going to be different when you have the cum of a real man in your mouth and not the cum of a sissy slut. Sounds like tons of fun doesn’t it?

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Hey, I’m Molly and anyone who knows me knows that I love to party! My favorite way to party is a ménage à trois. I love eating pussy just as much as I love sucking cock, so let’s party together with a steamy 2 girl phone sex call. I’m a bisexual babe and love encouraging and instructing you on how to fuck my friends.

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There are so many hot ladies here in bunny land but if you need help choosing, I don’t mind steering you in a direction that would suit your fantasy 2 girl phone sex call. Some come on and join the party. I promise you’ll shoot a nice big load just so we can lick it off of each other’s face, tits, or I could suck a juicy cream pie out of her sweet pussy.

Just think of all the hands, tongues, and pussy grabbing and groping you all over. Or maybe you want to sit back and watch two sexy girls go at it while you stroke your hard cock. We’ll put on a nice show just for you before you’re ready to join in. The best part of a 2 girl phone sex threesome is that us ladies won’t even need a strap on because we have your cock.

Just think of all the possibilities. We could be bossy and control you…. Or you and I could boss around our personal little fuck doll and use her in the nastiest of ways. My mind is running wild with all the possibilities and my pussy is extremely wet right now. I want to slap on a nice firm ass, deep-throat a big hard cock…. fuck, a ménage à trois really is having your cake and eating it too. So cum have our pussies and eat them, too.

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Mmmm I love having my big, beautiful tits played with. I enjoy having my nipples sucked on, nibbled, and pinched – I even love having those pretty pink bitches twisted! I could lie back in bed all day and have my big tits played with nonstop, and I’d be a happy girl. That’s why you need to call me for big tit phone sex – because you’re a big boob man, aren’t you? And you need to have some fun with big tit phone sex, almost as much as I need to have my delicious tits played with!

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That’s right, baby – I want you to call me soon and tell me exactly what you want to do with my large and luscious tits. Do you like the shape of them? I bet you do! They’re still perky, but they’re also heavy from their size. They feel good in your hand – trust me, I know because I get to play with them all the time! I’m sure you’d like them to be even bigger than they are, but I also know that for a boob man, they are still big enough to appreciate and enjoy!

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Are you fed up with those goodie, goodie Christians and their stick up the ass religion? I know I sure as fuck am. Well, I’ve got just the thing for you baby. Let’s have some no limits blasphemy phone sex together. Your cock is already twitching in your pants at the thought of it, isn’t it? Give in and let me show you just what a nasty and twisted little freak I can be. There are so many better ways to use a bible that don’t include preaching from it or seeking enlightenment. Please, that bible is such a fucking joke. Life is way to short to constantly deny yourself of all the fun things in life, like no strings sex with a hot blonde stranger, or getting head in a back pew while the priest drones on and on mindlessly.

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The bible does make some pretty good toilet paper to wipe your ass with though. Then, of course, there’s always the hot fun of fucking on it and covering it with pussy juices and cum. Blasphemy phone sex always gets my hot tight wet pussy dripping with anticipation. Look at that big stone altar up there. It’s the perfect place to put on a really good show for the entire congregation. Slide your crucifix up my tight ass while you plunge that cock deep inside of me right underneath the crucifix while that piece of shit Jesus looks down on us and wishes he was getting laid. Let’s really give all of those hypocrites something to talk about. They might act horrified but secretly you know they’re fingering their cunts and jerking their dicks wishing they had the balls to do even half of the shit that we are. Let’s see how far I can push your limits and just how dark, twisted, and demented we can get together.

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