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Hi there, it’s Memphis your sensual, seductive mistress! I like when you beg to worship my sexy body and when you are on your hands and knees begging to suck and lick my shaved sweet cunt!? I want to explore fantasies with you in the worst way. And you know what really gets me going? Small penis humiliation phone sex *giggles*

I have so much fun pointing and laughing and tiny little dicks. Your tiny worthless dick is a waste of my time and I will be sure to remind you everyday of how you will never be able to satisfy me. Why don’t you sit your pathetic little dick self down in the corner and watch me take a fat hard dick inside all of my holes! We can even make it more exciting by inviting a big black cock to ram my tight cunt. I want this hard black dick to cum deep inside of me so you can suck every drop out of my shaved cunt. You love the taste don’t you? I love a big black cocks and love talking about them when you call me for small penis humiliation phone sex about them but most importantly you know how much you love a big black cock.  I can’t wait to hear you tell me what you want to do to one.

I promise to keep this little secret to ourselves! Or maybe I won’t. We’ll see. Call me for some small penis humiliation phone sex and maybe you can convince me to not tell everyone what a tiny dick you have.

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When I have creampie phone sex I get so incredibly turned on thinking about you cucks licking my creamy pussy out dry. It takes me from so so to hot as can be when I hear you tell me that you want to taste anotehr man’s hot load inside of my pussy. I was into creampies before I knew all about cuckolding and cuckold fantasies, but it’s another way that I get off on the humiliation of a cuckolded boyfriend or husband. It’s hot when you beg to watch and then clean me up, and it’s also hot when you protest and tell me you don’t want to eat that creampie out of my pussy. We both know that you will eat it and you will be ever so hard while you do it too. You watch as I get fucked by him, that man with the thick alpha male cock and nervously wait for the moment that he creates your creamy treat, or is it punishment? Is it a reward for being a good cuck or is it punishment for not being manenough to please me yourself? Reward or punishment, I am sure it will taste the same, and it will please me either way you look at it.

Even though it’s ultra humilating to sit and watch another man please me you can’t shake what a huge turn on it is to see me filled and in need of a cleaning. It makes you blush and question yourself, but it is so hot to hear the sounds of a well satisfied woman even if you’ve never created such pleasureable sounds. This is just how it is. I want to get fucked well, and I want the creampie, and I also want to have you cleaning it up and all of the humliation that comes along with it.

Call me to explore your creampie, cheating, cuckold, BBC and cum eating fantasies.

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foot fetish phone sex

Not sure about you but here on the west coast its been feeling more like Summer than Spring. I am far from complaining for this gives me great reason to grab my new summer dress, the one that shows off my sweet legs oh so well. Course when I put on my summer sandals I am left with only one thought. The need for a pedi. Cant go around with less than pretty toes, any foot fetish guy would agree.

If there is anything foot fetish phone sex has taught me over the years that is to pay extra special attention to my feet for ya never know when a foot worshiper is around.

Which is why I often hit up the pedi place in the mall. Ya its cheap and low class but you foot boys have a fondness for being able to sit out front in those benches and enjoy the view through that unobstructed window. Watching my toes dip into that bubbling water. Salivate as the nail tech is buffing my feet. Trying not to explode in your pants as the lotion is applied ever so slowly.

Oh trust me I pay more attention to you guys than I do to relaxing in that massage chair. Rather considerate of me that I venture to such a place to let a foot fetish freak enjoy such a luxury of my pretty feet getting pampered.

I am sure you have a few fun confessions of what you have done to get a naughty view of someone’s feet. How about giving me a call and lets talk feet haha.

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Welcome to Confessions 101 with Domination Mistress Katrina! Life on campus has been interesting of sorts lately -Laughter- I just love to share my kinky stories with all of you horny men. Anyone that has played with me or been my subbie slave knows I am a real horny coed slut! I especially love to train new sissies to suck cock just like me during cock sucking phone sex.

I recently had this one sissy slut boi that I played with for hours, actually those hours turned into a day. The things I did to that cock sucking phone sex slave are too detailed to write here, but you can call me to get all the gory details. -Laughter- Fuck! Thinking about the way I prepared him has my panties wet with my juices. There are many nights I get lonely just touching myself. It is more fun to play with someone else, like another cock sucking phone sex whore just like this domme Mistress.

See, sucking cock is much more than being a woman. See, I know your secrets

slut boi! I have been watching the way you play with that toy, practicing the way you long and desire to suck on a fat cock. It starts with the flick and twist of your tongue, moving it slowly in and out of those juicy lips. Make sure to get it all nice and wet, if you do it right, no lube required.

Why not share some of my stories… yours and mine?! There is something about cock sucking phone sex that gets me all worked up. Mmmm…. I know what it is! Do YOU want to know? Some thing cock sucking phone sex is taboo, but in my world there’s nothing too dirty for my mouth, my holes or my mind. -Laughter- Cum play and suck with me, I will teach you how to catch the cock of a lifetime, thick, meaty, huge and tasty. Ask for cock sucking phone sex with Mistress Katrina. 1 (888) 402-8669

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It’s hard to try to pretend you’re a macho man all the time isn’t it? I know what you’re really craving. You want to put on lipstick. Slide a pair of silky panties onto your body. Get on your hands and knees and take a cock like the little sissy slut that you are. That’s where I come in. You need a sexy domme like me to take you firmly by your soft little hand and give you what you need: sissy phone sex.

Even if you have trouble admitting what you really want, you don’t need to worry. Mistress Payton will force you into that slutty dress. If I have to tie you down to shave those legs all smooth and soft and girly, that’s what I’ll do. And when your little sissy cock starts to get hard in those lacy, little panties, the truth will come out. You’re dying to be Mistress Payton’s sissy bitch.

I think you need to wear the sluttiest shade of hot pink lipstick. We need the guys to know that you’re ‘open for business’. *Giggles* And your skirt will be super short to give them easy access to your tight little pussy. I have some very thick dildos here that will work in your training. I want to see those lipstick marks all the way at the base, because a good little sissy bitch can choke on cock, and you’ll have to learn. And once you’ve slobbered and drooled all over it, so it’s nice and lubed up, we will train that tight little hole to open up like a proper pussy. Yes, it will probably hurt at first, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly I can make you beg me to stuff your slutty little sissy pussy. I want to hear you sobbing and begging me during a sissy phone sex session.

Once you properly tricked out and trained, then we go out on the town. I want those boys to see you, dressed like a whore, dancing like a stripper, showing them that you’re dying to have your girly, sissy ass fucked right there on the dance floor. Don’t worry, in no time, I’ll have them lined up in the bathroom to use your sissy ass and mouth for their pleasure. Mistress Payton will turn you into the dirty little sissy cumdumpster you’re dying to be.

Are you shocked? Surprised that this blog made your cock rock hard? Never realized before how deeply you need to be sissified and turned out for a sexy redhead domme like me? Time to explore your deepest most secret desires, panty-boy. If you give me a call for some sissy phone sex, believe you me, Mistress Payton will play with you.

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I love to tell a man how to touch his cock. So guided masturbation phone sex makes me feel like a powerful and horny slut.  I know that you get rock hard just thinking about having your cock controlled by a hot piece of ass like me. You will only touch yourself when and if I allow you to. Don’t you ever let me catch you jerking that dick without permission!  There will be hell to pay.  I will guide your hand and make your cock throb for my voice.  You know its so much more fun to sit with me, listening to my sexy and sweet voice while you doing everything that I say. Jerking and cumming exactly the way I tell you to. I want to make you beg to shoot your load.  I’ll make you ride the edge of your orgasm for as long as I like. What fantasy do you have? We can role play your naughty fantasy into our guided masturbation phone sex call.  I crave cock control and giving you jerk off instructions.  The thought of you milking that cock for me alone makes me super super creamy.  And I know you need a jerk off instructor, especially one with a body like mine and a filthy mouth to boot.

So be my good jerk off guy and call me at 1-888-402-8669 for guided masturbation phone sex so I can get to work on your cock.  You know you need/want to stroke it for me.  I want your balls full before I let you explode.

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Welcome to Mistress Katrina’s Domination confessions 101! I find something very seductive about my next confession topic. Taking control and making you my dirty cum slut, while I pound you during strap on phone sex. Before, I get to pounding that tight pussy of yours, I am going to turn you into a woman. If you have called Mistress Katrina before that entails any type of domination, you already know that “no” is not an answer for anything with me.

To start, we are going to take a look around for a sexy pair of lace panties and matching bra. Once the pair arrive on your doorstep in the mail you are going to call me so I can see your slutty ass in your new ensemble. This is where becoming a true sissy starts, but it does not end with just slipping on a pair of panties. Becoming a woman is so much more than sexy clothes and makeup. You cannot deny that you have been fantasizing about having your ass filled for days, months, even years with a nice piece of cock meat or strap on by a sexy woman. You just haven’t had anyone willing to get you through your fantasies and desires. That is what I am here for, to get you away from the old mundane boring ways of life and sex with strap on phone sex.

The next thing to be done in learning how to be a real woman is to suck a cock. Now I know you have been fantasizing about sucking a big, thick, chocolaty piece of meat. Any “real” woman does. I mean c’mon, you know what they say once you go black there is no going back to anything else. Lucky for you I have a big, thick, hard black strap-on just for you to practice your cock sucking skills. * Evil Laughter * If you are not ready for the real cock sucking to begin, strap-on phone sex sucking will work for now. -wink- Once you have my strap-on cock all wet and ready, you can get on your knees and spread those cheeks. While you are at it, you can pick up the phone and dial 1 (888) 402-8669 and for Mistress Katrina for strap on phone sex.

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Spring is here, and I’m almost done with school for the semester! But don’t get me wrong, although the coursework can be stressful, I really do love school. If for no other reason than that it gives me plenty of opportunities for some outrageous school girl phone sex.

I can’t help it that I want to look nice when I go to school. I know the other girls say I’m a slut, just because I don’t show up in pajama pants and no makeup like they do. I wear cute little skirts that show off my sexy legs, and tight, low cut tops that really accentuate my . . . assets. *Giggles*

I know the male students like to look. And it’s fun to see their eyes go wide, and the tent grow in their pants. *Giggles* But what’s really fun for me is the naughty professors. Even the ones who think they’re impervious don’t last long. All I have to do is lean over their desk to ask a question, and look at them with my bedroom eyes and they melt like putty in my hands.

If a Professor proves himself to be particularly resistant, I just leave my panties at home for the day. I’m a very good student, and I always sit in the front row. Call me a teacher’s pet if you want, but the sight of a straitlaced English professor’s face when I uncross my legs and give him a glimpse of pink, creamy 18 teen pussy is worth every epithet. J And the ensuing school girl phone sex is absolutely fantastic.

Some of them can’t help but give me whatever I want, when I sit in their laps and wrap my arms around them. I can feel their hard cocks pressed against me as they run their hands all over my sweet, school girl body. And some need to teach this slutty school girl a lesson about trying to distract the professor. I get so turned on when my favorite Professor bends me over his desk and spanks my cute, round bottom until it’s bright red. He finished the lesson by giving me a good, hard fucking right on his desk.

Do you wish you were my naughty professor? I’d be happy to roleplay and be your naughty slutty schoolgirl, who will do anything for that A+. If you think you can make the grade with some incredible school girl phone sex, give me a call, and play with Payton at 1 888 402 8669.

Mistress phone sex

Do you always wonder what it would be like to belong to a mistress or even worship a beautiful goddess like myself ?   Well you are about to find out when you call me for mistress phone sex today.  I love to take on new men like yourself, but be prepared because what you wish for is what you will get from me.  You will from now on do what I say as often as I say no matter how kinky or freaky it may be, do you understand that much ?   Great then you will surely understand that when I tell you to call no matter how long or how many  times, you will  !  You will also from now on out call me your mistress, because that is what I am to you now , not just another phone sex girl that you decide to call and get your balls off.  Don”t use any excuses that your married either because I don’t care.  I will always come first before anyone else in your life.  You will bow down at my feet, and tell me how beautiful I am and how you will do anything for me.  I know that I deserve everything that I want and I will get it from you and I will take it .   So now that you are ready for a lady like myself you need to call me for mistress phone sex and serve me.

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humiliation phone sex

So you call and ask for humiliation phone sex well watch what you ask for when calling me. I love to totally humiliate anyone who is looking for this kind of fetish I will hold nothing back even if it’s hurtful… I will totally humiliate you. I love small penis humiliation laughing at your little dick is so much fun to me I love making you blush. I love humiliating losers I think you are my favorite callers because I can say what ever I like. Making you feel more like a loser makes me smile knowing I made you feel even worst.

Humiliation phone sex can be anything from very vanilla to very extreme, I get into it all and love being the bitch that I’m. You will be calling me a bitch when we are done but I know I will get to your head first. Laughing at cuckold guys is another fun one for me because I’m not sure what your deal is. You could be just that bad of a lover, that your lady fucks around. Or your cock is so small you can’t satisfy her any more. Either way I will make you feel so stupid and may even turn you into becoming a cocksucker lol. Then there is always just you guys that fit in nowhere and have nothing going for yourself that makes humiliating you so easy.

Let’s face it what ever makes you call me for humiliation phone sex you will get what you are looking for and then some. I’m your humiliation queen and proud of it, I will never go soft on you like you will on me hahaha. I will make your call worth every minute you spend with me making you feel so worthless like most likely you are.

Call 1 888 402 8669 for some really hardcore humiliation phone sex call with Jenny. I love making men feel even more stupid lol.

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