Big Tit Phone Sex with Angelique

Sensual, fun, uninhibited and exploring. Those were just a few words he used to describe me when we engaged in our very erotic big tit phone sex session. And when I heard his sexy voice on the other end of my phone I just knew he was the kind of man who could really appreciate a female like myself. He took one look into my eyes and I couldn’t help but wonder if he felt like a magnet from the alluring sexual vibes that was oozing from my body. My full soft lips, big bouncy breasts and warm creamy pussy were just a few things that caught his attention. I could imagine him standing above me as I looked up and saw the look of lust across his face. I couldn’t help but start moving my hips and pussy lips into my computer chair as he said “Angelique my cock is so hard right now that it’s dripping pre cum for you. I smiled seductively as I teasingly sucked on my bottom lip. I took my soft hands and started to toy with my hard nipples because I knew it would just be moments until he would be ready to slide his hard dick out and decide where he wanted to put it first. And then he said “between those luscious cock sucking lips, full big breasts and creamy pussy I’m not sure where I want this to be put in first.” I couldn’t help but say “well my mouth would love to wrap around your cock head and suck it nice and slow.

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I want to make it sloppy wet so you can slide it between these big tits of mine.” He started to moan out because I knew he was a big tit phone sex breast man. And as much I wanted to feel him slide in my tight fuckable pussy I just couldn’t help but him saving that for later. All I could think about was wrapping these 34 D breasts around his dick and feeling him pump as his pre cum oozed all over my nipples and cleavage. I just knew it would be a matter of moments before he gave me a pearl necklace. And between sucking his hard thick dick and feeling him thrust his shaft between my breasts things were getting more intense and heated up by the second. I squeezed these big tits around his shaft pushing my nipples up to my mouth to suck on my nipples and trail my tongue around his mushroom head. Smiling sensually at him as I told him I was so thirsty for his warm thick cum. As I cradled his full balls in my hands just massaging them nice and slow I said “my pussy is so wet for you right now. You’ve got me tingling from head to toe.” The way that I described my creamy inner walls and how good it would feel if he fucked me and how tightly it would grab and choke around his dick had him so aroused that it was moments until he was ready to give me all of his creamy jizz. Do you think he made it to my tight wet pussy? Do you think that he had the chance to feel my inner walls submit to his meaty cock and take it in deep? Or do you think my sweet and sexy dirty talking mouth made it impossible? Are you a breast man as well? Would you like these perfect cock sucking lips wrap around your cock right now? Because one thing I can promise you is that I’m no stranger when it comes to sucking your dick the way that you like it. That and so much more… You can start right here and see where else you’d like to slide that meaty dick at next…

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Exhibitionist Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey guys, it’s your favorite Florida bombshell, Gracie. I’m sure you know most of my favorite turn-ons by now, don’t you? Just in case you don’t already know, exhibitionist phone sex calls are my favorite to play out! The idea of getting down and dirty in the wide-open public, where everyone can see us, makes my sweet, smooth pussy super juicy! We can go and explore any place we want to. The possibilities are endless when it comes to you and I! Tell me, baby, what is your biggest fantasy that deals with being outside or in a public place?

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Imagine that during our exhibitionist phone sex session, we travel to one of our favorite beaches, maybe at dusk, when the sun is just starting to set and the beach isn’t as public. We lay a blanket down and lay facing each other, while the waves crash against the sand and the stars start to light up the sky. We start making out and rubbing our hands over each other’s bodies. I can feel your hard, throbbing cock as it pokes me through your swim trunks. As we start to undress each other, you climb on top of me, spreading my long, silky legs apart. As you slip my white bikini bottoms to the side, you enter me in a rough, yet passionate way. As I feel you slide inside my tight pussy, all I can do is gasp! There are people on the beach, walking along the surf, and they stop to explore where all the moaning is coming from. They come closer and stand to watch us, but we don’t stop! Intrigued and turned on by the eyes that are on us, we fuck harder and are filled with lust more than we ever have been before!

If the beach isn’t our thing, then maybe we decide to take a trip into town and need to take the subway in order to do so. The train car we step into is somewhat packed, but we manage to grab a seat. I decide to stand and you sit down in the seat directly behind me. I don’t mind standing, because I love watching all the people who enter the train. As passengers continue to get on and off at each stop, you cannot keep your hands to yourself! Your rough, strong hands caress my plump, smooth ass and legs, which causes a large bulge to emerge in your pants. You then decide to stand behind me, grabbing onto the pole that I am also holding. With your free hand, you decide that while kissing my neck, you are going to slide your hand up my skirt and push two fingers inside my tight, dripping wet pussy. I push my ass against your growing bulge and grind into you while you finger fuck me to ecstasy. I know people can see and hear us, but we cannot stop the lust that is brewing between us.

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Domination Phone Sex with Raven

I am your domination phone sex Mistress Raven and I demand only the best from those who serve me. You are the lowest of the low of my household staff. Your loyalty and obedience shall never come into question. My every whim and demand will be met without question or comment. You are the lowest of the low and must act appropriately.

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My dress code for all my servants is complete nudity, yes you will be absolutely nude. Both male and female will strictly adhere to this rule. Any state of arousal shown without my express permission is strictly forbidden.

As my servant one of your duties will be attending to my persona hygiene. You will bathe me, towel me off and dress me. I hope you have a delicate touch when I need shaved and powdered. You will also make sure I am clean and fresh after I finish my more personal bodily functions.

You will be required to have an erection when I am in need of sexual attention and of course be flaccid when I am not in need of that service. You will refrain from ejaculation unless I request otherwise. If I do request that you ejaculate, my rule is simple. You do it exactly when and where I request. The shower, In the kitchen, outside don’t care whose watching, you will obey every command bigboy. If i say get down on your knees and eat my pussy you are to do so, if i say play with your penis you will if i say cum all over my face you will do as told. Spankings will be given.

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Abby

Let’s talk about panties. I know you panty boy phone sex sluts are out there and you love panties just as much as I do. Do you want to call and tell me what kind of panties you like the most? What style? What fabric? Do you wear them around the house or do you slip a pair on everywhere you go? I can’t wait to hear all about that! And listen, I’m not judging, but if you don’t wear a pair of panties everywhere you go, then are you really even a panty boy? I don’t think so, but we can talk about that when you call me. I’ll help you figure all of that out.

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How old were you when you started wearing panties? Did you always know you wanted to? I bet you always had some kind of inclination that you were meant to be a panty boy phone sex slut, didn’t you? Hey, it’s good to accept who you are. I found out that a friend’s brother was a panty boy slut when we were 18 and I invited him over to my house alone to talk to him about it. I even had some panties for him so that he would know I accepted him. I’d seen him wearing panties around their house but he didn’t know we were there so he didn’t know I’d seen him.

When he got to my house and I told him what he was there for, he tried to deny it, but I told him that it was okay and then I got out the panties I had for him. He put them on and I put on a matching pair. We just hung out in our panties and browsed the internet for new panties to buy all afternoon.

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Phone Sex Girlfriend Jocelyn

You know what I love, honey? Being your phone sex girlfriend! *giggles* You’re such a sweetie, calling me every night to talk about your day and what’s going on with you. We can talk about anything going on with you. From the biggest accomplishments to the most petty annoyances, it makes me feel so special to know you want to share everything with me!

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And I can’t help but try and make you laugh when you feel down or stressed. Or to use my gorgeous body to make you horny to distraction from whatever is on your mind. You’d be surprised how fast some sweet cuddling can turn naughty! Or maybe after knowing each other so long and so well you won’t be surprised at all and will take control and turn it around on me. You know that as your phone sex girlfriend, I will do absolutely anything you command… or crave secretly. Making you feel good is what makes my luscious honeypot practically gush with hot, sweet honey, and you know it.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to be a clingy whore, though. *giggles* It’s why I love being your phone sex girlfriend so much: We know each other so intimately and still keep each other happy without being like, obsessed! I’m the girlfriend you can keep all to yourself and not have to worry about taking care of me, because that’s what I do for you!

Of course, I’m not going to object if you feel extra lovey-dovey and want to buy me gifts to show how much you enjoy our relationship! *giggles* It will be extra fun on our calls together after that, since I’ll be wearing the clothes or using the toys you bought me! I’ll bend over backwards to show you how much I love being showered in your attention. And I mean literally backwards, if that’s what you want! There’s definite perks to having a cheerleader as a phone sex girlfriend.

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Furry Fetish Phone Sex with Riley

Damn! I’m so fucking busted!! I was at a furry convention and I ran into someone I knew. Yeah, you read that right – I was at a furry con!! I confess – I am a proud furry fetish phone sex freak! I love wearing furry costumes, getting caught up in the cartoon-like existence of being a big, adorable furry creature! I have a few different furry costumes – call me tonight for furry fetish phone sex and I’ll tell you about each one of them. My favorite one is my hot pink fox furry, though – I feel super mischievous when I’m the pink fox – I call her Letitia. She’s sexy and bratty, and oh so naughty!!

furry fetish phone sex

I guess my furry fetish began back in high school when I was a cheerleader and I was dating my school football team’s mascot. You think the football players are good athletes? Some of these mascots are amazing acrobats – which makes them even better at fucking! I’d be on the sidelines cheering the team on, and he’d be running around the field, in the bleachers, and around us girls. He’d always make sure he’d grab my ass as he ran by or play with my pom poms, and I found myself spending the entire game hoping he’d keep coming back. After the games I’d be so worked up that I would beg him to not even wait to undress and shower – I wanted him to fuck me right there, still wearing the mascot’s uniform, with just his hard cock sticking out the front for me to ride away on! Eventually I got my own costumes, and we were just a couple of furries fucking all the time, always finishing up with a nice session of “skritching” – scratching and rubbing each other’s furry backs while we make cute critter noises.

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No Limits Phone Sex with Bentley

Hello there I am Bentley and I love to get kinky and have no limits phone sex. I love to use my perfect body to arouse you and make you crave me. Doesn’t it make you want to have some fun with me? When you get tangled up with me it will be intense and sexy. I love to hear about all of your taboo fantasies that you can’t let anyone but me know about. Tell me all of your deepest, darkest secrets.

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Since I like to have no limits phone sex, we can do whatever comes to your mind. Think up the most forbidden thoughts in your mind, then come and share them with me. I want us to make them even more taboo. My beautiful nipples harden as I think of what I am going to hear next. My fingers feel so good in my sweet pussy as I masturbate while you jack off your cock. Depending on how aroused I get, I might even use my favorite toy to fuck myself with. I can imagine myself now thrusting my thick dildo inside of me while I imagine that it is you. Mmm, do you want me to go slow and gentle or hard and fast?

Come on baby, don’t be scared to come and give me what you got. The sicker the better with me. It just makes phone sex that much better. I am getting ready for you! You can tell me your fantasies and I will tell you mine. Your stories of all of those wicked acts you love to do or create make me so wet. I love a naughty man that goes against his morals and does whatever his hard dick tells him to do. Show me how far you are willing to go. Let’s get each other off like never before. When you call 1-888-402-8669 for no limits phone sex, ask for Bentley!

Face Sitting Phone Sex with Kelly

Fall is coming, so it is time to put away my bikinis and short shorts and break out the tight sweaters and jeans. I am not sure if it is the change in the weather or something, but I sure have been craving face sitting phone sex lately. I see so many guys during the course of my day that whose face would be the perfect seat cushion. You better be hungry because this is an all you can eat buffet. I could just sit there all day and be serviced until you cried lockjaw.

face sitting phone sex

You will think you won the lottery as I demonstrate my inherent superiority over you. You are simply here for my sexual satisfaction and to keep you in line. It is not like smothering, you can breathe and enjoy the view. After the first session, you will beg for my queening you. If you show potential, we can get a proper queening chair that you can slide under as I sit upon it like a throne, open and ready for your oral worship. My pussy and asshole better be shining from the spit polish you are giving it. And you will stay in that position even after I am done letting you touch me. Because this is where you belong. You will stay there and tell me how fortunate you are to be my slave, how happy it makes you to please me and show me total adoration the way I deserve.

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Gracie

Mmm, hey baby. What’s your biggest fantasy? Anything is possible during our roleplay phone sex call! I can be your sexy maid that cleans your house topless, I can be your sex slave who has to do as you please, or maybe we could pretend to be Harley Quinn and Joker, and express our lust-filled relationship. Anything goes with this phone sex goddess!

roleplay phone sex

You call me to your house, expecting an older, poorly dressed housekeeper. I arrive at your door in a tight, black and white french maid outfit, with very perky tits sitting nicely in the corset of my top. As you open the door, you are taken back by my large, sparkling blue/gray eyes, and my sweet smile. As you tell me to enter, I do so and place my bag on the floor. I walk into the house, and start first in the kitchen, wiping down the counters and then move on to the dishes. I start to get a little warm, so I take my top off, letting my perky, creamy vanilla tits out for you to see. You come up behind me, and tell me how sexy I am, and as you place your hands on my hips, the roleplay phone sex fun begins!

Who doesn’t love a sexy, wild, and crazy blonde who will do anything to please her man? I’ll be your own Harley Quinn during our roleplay phone sex session. Will you be my Joker? Will you be the man who will die for me, who lusts for me, who wants the world to know how madly in lust he is with his queen? We can rule the world, cause chaos and corruption everywhere we go, and fuck like mad anywhere we choose. I am yours and you are mine, in our own distorted reality.

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Fetish Phone Sex with Phoenix

As a 21-yr-old kinky slut, I like to ask, what turns you on? Do you have a special fetish phone sex fantasy that you have been thinking about? We can talk about anything under the sun. If you like fucking that hot neighbor, or if you need a open minded whore to get on her knees and worship you, I am open to anything that would please you. Or you can stroke your cock for me while you listen to what a dirty whore I am. This anything goes phone sex slut means ANYTHING!

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I want to get to know what makes your cock throb. I want to get to your dirtiest fantasy and bring it to life, allowing us to cum together. I love a good hardcore fuck. I enjoy strap on play, or sharing a huge big black cock. Or if you enjoy hair pulling, spankings, maybe you need you to force me to please you in every way. I have so many naughty outfits, you can dress me up, or I can find the sluttiest, silkiest thing to dress you up in! I love any kind of taboo play, I never say no to anything your imagination or that hard cock can come up with. Call me now and listen to me moan as I fuck my soaking wet pussy with my vibrator. We can talk about anything and everything that we can come up with, there are no limits or restrictions. So, you should not wait any longer. Give me a call and let’s have the best fetish phone sex fantasies of our lives. I can’t wait to get so very kinky with you! Let me please that cock any which way that you need. I am waiting for a kinky good time! What are you waiting for? Call me!

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