No Limits Phone Sex with Shay

Lets face some facts here for a moment shall we?: The word is an odd and crazy place right now. I must say right now I’m super excited to be able to have some no limits phone sex to help me get off.  God knows I can not cum on my own I have tried and it just doesn’t happen. I need some male stimulation and some dirty talk. My favorite calls are where the man tells me I fulfill a need he has that his girlfriend or wife can not or will not. Being someones dirty little secret turns me on so much.

no limits phone sex

I love calls where I can satisfy those nasty and some times vile fantasies that you can tell no one else. I enjoy them, hell I enjoy touching myself while you tell me your fantasy. Come on and tell me the urges you have. Let’s roleplay them with some no limit phone sex. I love that you confine in me. Trust me with what makes that cock hard. I’m more then happy to tell you my dirty fantasies too if you want. I love being the other woman…the phone whore of your dark dreams. You might be shocked to hear the kinds of things that get my pussy wet and wanting to be touched and fucked.

I do love it when a caller asks about my real-life sex stories. I personally love touching myself as I tell you all about them.  And some of them are pretty wild and really truly have happened. I would describe myself as a loveable wildflower with a perverted mind.  I truly have no limits in real life when it comes to sex.

I’m sure one real-life no limit story you would love to hear about is my love of getting fucked with a banana both with the peel on and off. But after it’s been in my tight hole I make my lover eat it while it’s covered in my sweet pussy juice. Maybe you want to hear my odd cuckolding relationship or about public sex in the park.  I have so many stories to tell you if that’s your thing. Some wild and some downright nasty.

Indulge yourself and spend some time with a sexy no limit phone sex princess like me. You’re going to love your time with me.

Call Shay at 1 888 402 8669 and have some sexy no limits phone sex fun!

Twitter: @ShayBunn

Creampie Phone Sex with Barbie

Hi fellas! I’m your black Barbie doll and I’m really hot and ready for some fun! I’m looking to get my tight pussy off and make you happy at the same time. I know what your dick wants and needs and I’m ready to take your creamy white cum when you call me for creampie phone sex. Yes baby, I’m a freak. I love to have my asshole fucked and my wet juicy mouth always makes a man come back for more. You know what they say – the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. Let me be your sweet juice and get on my knees for you. Put your big cock in my mouth until it gets nice and hard.

creampie phone sex

You’re getting hard just by reading this, aren’t you? How about I open my legs and you crawl on top of me with your big cock? Spank me and call me your nasty bitch. Suck my tits hard and tell me this is your pussy. Give me long deep strokes in and out of my tight pussy. It’s nice and wet and I know you like it like that. Take your dick out of my pussy and let me suck it. I love the way my pussy tastes just like I love the taste of your dick.

How about you get on your knees and eat my pussy? I love squirting all over your cock and now it’s time for yout o clean up the mess you made. Let me fuck your face with my fat pussy until I scream out your name. Baby, this is going to be the best creampie phone sex you have ever had.

I love to use all four fingers to fuck myself. It makes me think of your big cock. I love when you bring me over and you put your big hard juicy dick in my tight pink asshole and creampie in it. I love trying new things. How about you take your fingers and put them in my tight hole? I know you love when I’m lying in bed plaing with my toy. I am getting so exciting just thinking about the conversation we can have.

I want you to come make me feel good and you’ll feel good too. I can be as dirty as you want as long as you promise me the creampie I want so much. My nipples are so hard just thinking about what I want you to do to me. Tell me how much of a dirty bitch I am. I have been a terrible girl. I’m horny and I need to get off. And I’m pretty sure you’re open to dirty creampie phone sex. I’m open to any and everything.

Extreme Phone Sex with Julia

Even the most vanilla people need extreme phone sex fun sometimes. And it doesn’t always have to be some kind of extreme fetish or fantasy. Maybe you just wanna take regular fucking up a few notches. Maybe you fuck her a little bit harder than you usually like to. Or maybe you fuck her in a really wild new position. There are options for those of you who don’t want something brand new and crazy.

extreme phone sex

But the people I’m really talking to here in this extreme phone sex blog are the ones who want to go nuts. Do you have a really taboo fantasy you have been jerking off to your whole life? I bet you thought you couldn’t ever tell another living soul about what you wanted to do. But I am here to tell you that you can tell me and not only will I talk to you about it, I’ll celebrate the fact that you are just as kinky and perverted as I am. I won’t shame you for what you like and I will never try to talk you into jerking off to something else while we talk. I’m here for what YOU want. Hey, that’s what extreme phone fucking is all about, isn’t it? And you know what they say – the customer is always right! And I can’t wait to hear what kinds of things you’re right about today.

So, you know what to do! If you want to talk to a really kinky woman about extreme phone sex fantasies, there really is only one thing you should be doing. Pick up your phone right now and give me a call. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you ask to talk to Julia. I promise I won’t let you down. Things will only be “up” on my watch.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Abby

Hello to all you naughty sissy sluts. I know you must be in the mood for a sissy training phone sex session! You’re probably already sitting there in a frilly pair of panties, aren’t you? That’s great and all, but there is so much more to being a sissy. If you’re totally serious about becoming a sissy, then you really need to be on the phone with me right now. You are SO close to being the sissy you’ve always wanted to be.
sissy training phone sex
You have to look the part and that means you need to be wearing more than just panties. You have to be serious and commit to making yourself look more feminine. Honestly, the first thing you should do if you want to feel more like a woman is shave your entire body. Do you really think anyone will think you look like a real woman if you have arm pit and leg hair? Ugh no. And trust me, you’re going to love how it feel to be all smooth. It’s amazing.
You’ll have to learn to shape your brows. It’ll be tricky but I know you can do it. If not, you can always just go have it professionally done. You will also need to shave your face twice a day to make sure you have no stubble. This isn’t a freak show. You’re not trying to be the bearded lady.
All of that’s a pretty good start. If you’re willing to listen to what I tell you to do, then I am more than ready to help you when you call me for sissy training phone sex. I’m here for whatever you need and I am here for as long as it takes to turn you into a sissy whore.
Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby

Cum Denial Phone Sex with Kelly

I know your balls are ready to explode, but I have so much fun torturing you on cum denial phone sex.  There is nothing sweeter than hearing a man beg to cum.  You can’t imagine how good I am at edging you until you feel like you’re going to lose your mind.  Sorry, not sorry.  But I really get off on causing you agony.  In fact, I get chills.  It’s so exciting. Especially when I tell you that you have to stop stroking.  You practically cry when I tease and torture you on cum denial phone sex, don’t you? 

cum denial phone sex

So cry…beg…grovel like the weak little man you are.  It only makes it more fun for me.  I’ll make you lay down and straddle your face. Letting you lick once or twice and then take my pussy away.  Straddling you letting you see my juicy cunt just inches from your face but not let you touch or taste it.  I might even put your dick in a cock cage so you can’t stroke!  That would definitely torture you.  Imagine your cock locked in a tiny cage as you get harder and harder and you can’t even jerk.  But what’s a teeny weeny bit of pain?  Even when it hurts all you can think about is how bad you want to blow your load.  Your balls get tight and full of jizz and all you want is for me to say you can cum.  Too bad I don’t feel like being nice today fucker.  Maybe next time but today there will be no spurting your spunk on cum denial phone sex!  Suck it up blue balls.  You might get lucky when you call me next time. But don’t count on it!

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and make sure to ask to talk to Kelly.

Phone Sex Girlfriend Arianna

Wish I could be the sort of phone sex girlfriend that will whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Like yes baby your cock is the biggest I have ever had. But we both know that out of all your girlfriend’s I have been the one that is the most honest. Which can be a good thing and a bad thing a times.

phone sex girlfriend

A good thing for you know exactly where you stand with me and a bad thing for just once you would love me to lie and say that your the best I have ever had in bed. Sorry that award goes to someone else. Mind you I do so much love telling you every wonderful detail of what made him so fabulous detail in bed and so do you from how hard those details make you.

Where was I going with this?  Not really sure other than if you like a phone sex girlfriend who speaks the truth and with provide that light dash of humiliation in a very loving way then that would be me. Also if you crave that girlfriend experience with a dash of cheating then I would definitely be that girl too.

Know we all search for something different when it comes to a phone sex girlfriend and I enjoy taking a walk on that cuckold side all while remaining sweet and loving to my main squeeze. I know those guys into having such a girlfriend completely understand what I am talking about.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna

Dirty Phone Sex with Memphis

I’m so horny that my pussy is throbbing so I hope you call me for some dirty phone sex soon! I am not always so forward (okay, maybe I am!) but if I don’t get phone fucked really soon, I might explode. I want to hear about all of your dirty fantasies. I’m not talking about run of the mill fantasies. I really want you to call me up and tell me the things you’d be scared to tell most people. See, everyone can’t handle all of the awesome twisted things that are going on in your mind. But I promise you that I can and I will match your dirty. I bet you’ve never had a woman who could get as nasty as you. But when you call me, you’re going to find out that there is someone out there who will help you live out your fantasies happily.

dirty phone sex

So what will it be, my new dirty phone sex partner? Is it a roleplay that you have just been dying to do with someone who has a great imagination? I love getting into a new role and making you happy. Or maybe there’s a fetish you have been curious about and you want to hear about my experiences with it. I’m absolutely up for that, too. No matter what kind of needs you have, I promise I can fulfill them. And I will absolutely do it with a huge smile on my face and a hand between my legs.

Are you ready for dirty phone sex with a kinky slut? You just have to pick up your phone and give me a call and I’ll make your dreams come true. Just dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis for all of the dirty phone fucking you could ever want or need.


CBT Phone Sex with Abby

Did you really think that nobody would ever find out your secret – that you love CBT phone sex? Oh, you silly, silly perv. I know that you cannot get off without your cock and balls being in pain, can you? But this is a good thing for us both because I LOVE inflicting pain on a man’s junk. And yes, that’s what your cock and balls are – junk. You know you can’t do anything for a woman with that poor excuse for a cock so we might as well do something productive with it. Plus, the process of showing you how useless you are while causing you pain will make me VERY happy. And honestly, that is really the only thing you should be worried about. My happiness is the only thing that should matter to you now. When I tell you to do something, you should do it. No questions asked.

CBT phone sex

It’s good that you are experienced with CBT phone sex. That means we can go a little further than the “basics”. I’m not gonna tell you right now what you’ll be doing to your cock and balls. I can’t ruin all the fun secrets right now, but trust me when I say that it will be really painful. I hope you don’t mind crying on the phone with a stranger because that’s probably what you will end up doing. It’s okay – I already know you’re a weakling so I’m expecting your tears. But don’t expect me to feel any pity for you. There will be absolutely none of that.

If you think you can handle me, then go ahead and give me a call for CBT phone sex. I’ll leave you in pain and maybe even bruised. It’s happened a time or two before. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

GFE Phone Sex with Barbie

Hi baby how was your day you look a little stressed how about little GFE phone sex? I have missed you all day where have you been either work or just hanging out you can always come talk to Barbie anytime anyplace my fat black juicy pussy is always waiting for you and my juicy lips are waiting to be wrapped around your big fat juicy cock I can sell and getting you very horny right now how about we connect and you can hear me play with my fat black pussy while you stroke your heart dick what are you waiting for let’s have fun.

GFE phone sex

I promise I won’t bite unless you ask me to I’m here to satisfy you with the best GFE experience you’ve ever had that will have you coming back 4 more but don’t get it twisted I love to fuck and can be dominant or a submissive GF so let’s make the rest of your day the best day as much as possible come chat with Barbie trust me it would be worth your time and mine.

I have been missing playing around and being a really really bad girl. But willing to show you how much of a good girl I can be for you and do whatever makes you happy in every way I can do come play with Barbie and have some fun. I promise I don’t bite not unless you ask me to. I have been playing with my perky titties all day waiting on you getting more and more excited every time I think about you. I have been using my toys all day and they haven’t been working. I can’t seem to get rid of this urge for you waiting for you to sneak away trust me I won’t tell your wife let’s be each other’s secret. I think sex is better when it’s a secret so you keep mine and I will keep yours no matter how dirty or wrong it is I’m here to make you feel good baby late nights are the best night to have fun uncensored nasty adult fun with the one and only Barbie so hey what are you waiting for make your next move you’re bad ready to talk and hear all your dirty fantasies in exchange for mine don’t be shy it’s only adult fun only if you can handle it call Barbie your dream girl today right now hope to hear from you I’m wet and ready to do whatever you like.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 for GFE phone sex.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Cassandra

Hey it’s Mistress Cassandra and I have been walking around all day in my bare feet. Stomping in the mud from the cold rain outside. I love how the dirt and mud feel in between my toes and how the dirt gets under my nails. I need you to be my foot fetish phone sex bitch and worship my stinky and sweaty feet. You are going to be my stinky foot smelling whore and do whatever I say! Clean my nasty feet with your tongue and suck my toes hard as I watch your cock grow with the pleasure of being my foot worshiper.

foot fetish phone sex

When you call me for foot fetish phone sex you will see that I like anything that has to do with feet.  You will literally be under my foot as you kneel to be my human foot stool. Give your mistress foot rubs after I get back from getting a pedicure and my feet are clean and beautiful with slut red nail

polish. Rub oil on my feet and when I see that cock get nice and hard I will reward my foot fetish whore by rubbing my slick oily beautiful feet on your hard cock as you let out a moan from how good my toes feel as they slide up and down your shaft until your body is tingling all over from feeling me give you pleasure with my feet. If you want to love and worship my feet call me now for foot fetish phone sex! I will step all over your body until you fall in love with my feet stomping all over you, turning you on as I treat you like the scum on the bottom of my shoes. You’ll love every second my feet are on you making you hard as a rock as I stroke you until you shoot that hot load all over my pretty feet. I love how that hot sticky cum feels as it drips down my toes and feet. If you are a real good foot worshiper I will let you clean the cum off my feet with a tongue bath.

Come and worship your Naughty foot  Mistress for foot fetish phone sex. Don’t keep my feet waiting! Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Cassandra