Humiliation Phone Sex with Harper

Let’s do a twisted humiliation phone sex fantasy. I don’t really want to humiliate you this time, not unless it’s necessary, but I want to humiliate your wife or girlfriend. Doesn’t that sound fun?

humiliation phone sex

Just imagine that your little tittied bitch of a wife walks into the house to find you on the couch with your cock in my mouth and your hands squeezing my perfect tits. She starts to complain and yell, but before she can get a word out, I’ve told her to shut the fuck up and sit down on the couch. Her man now belongs to me, and there isn’t a fucking thing she can do about it.

She’s going to see how a real woman fucks a man up close and personal. I’ll lay her down on the couch and we will fuck on top of her. I’ll make her lick my clit while she watches your cock slip in and out of my wet cunt. I don’t give a fuck if she doesn’t like it. I love humiliating whiny bitches like her and showing them who’s boss.

She is going to lick up our juices while I tell her how much better my pussy is than hers. She just wishes her snatch was as perfect as mine. There is no way in hell that she can compete with my hot sexy body. I hope she cries. Then I can give her something to cry about. I’ll put on a strap on and fuck her frigid pussy while she begs me to stop. She needs to learn her place and that women like me run the show.

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Blasphemy Phone Sex with Jocelyn

So I’ve had these fantasies about blasphemy phone sex for like ever. I always had to go to Sunday School when I was younger and I used to love it because of all the cute guys I got to sit with while I was all dressed up.

blasphemy phone sex

Right now I keep going to church because I have this insatiable urge to seduce the pastor. I know, that’s so wrong, isn’t it??? *giggles* He’s not even that good-looking, but something about getting under that frock has got my pussy wet!!!

I keep imagining kneeling under the altar before service and waiting for him to start his sermon before I take his cock out and just start blowing him right there in front of God and everybody!!! Can you even think what kind of kinky naughty things I could get him to do??? I mean, a married pastor has definitely got some pent up urges his dutiful godly wife isn’t doing anything for *giggles*

With my tight young coed body it couldn’t be hard to talk him into fucking right there in the chapel. My Sunday dress hiked up above my waist and my tits pulled out, his frock still on over those boring pastor clothes. So fucking hot, to just be getting railed by a man of God right there on His altar, like a sacrifice maybe even to the darkest force possible.

Think my sweet pink pussy could make a good Christian man call out the name of the Dark Lord while he shoots his seed in me??? It’s like communion turning wine into blood, but the demonic version, turning his cum into hot molten demon seed, right??? A supposedly holy man calling Satan’s name as he fucks a little slut in the middle of a church; the thought of being impregnated by a demonic entity… I can’t keep having these twisted thoughts alone!!!

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Phone Sex Slut Avery

Are you tired of a wife that doesn’t do everything you desire in the bedroom? No need to be tired anymore I’m here for you I’m Avery a hot sexy phone sex slut that loves to have fun. We both know there are things your wife will not do those are the things that I love to do. Drop to my knees and take that big hard cock in my mouth and start sucking it all the way down to you cum filled balls as I look up at into your eyes, taking every inch Deep down my throat.

phone sex slut

Do you dream about bending over this hot phone sex slut and fucking her nice tight ASS? If so then what are you waiting for. No need to dream anymore I’m all yours to do as you please. Maybe you’re looking to fuck me doggy style. No matter what you desire I’m your naughty dirty phone sex slut that is here to take whatever you wanna give me. We both know that your wife this so vanilla in the bed room and you desire so much more so what are you waiting for I’m right here I’m your personal phone sex slut that will make all your desires are reality and come true let me make that cock throb harder than it ever has. Let me have every drop of your cum filled balls in my pussy, ass or mouth. Maybe all three let’s wait and see I’m yours do with me as you please. There is no need to be begging your wife for vanilla sex anymore you have someone that is willing to do it all and more. I can’t wait to hear your deepest darkest secrets your fantasies not only hear them I can’t wait to make them come true so your cock is rock hard and throbbing No need to go to your wife for that vanilla sex come to me I will take care of it all it’s time to play with Avery phone sex slut.

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Voyeur Phone Sex with Phoenix

For all you guys who like to spy on gals playing with their pussy, I have just the thing… voyeur phone sex. I love an audience so it would turn me on to know you were watching me. Or maybe I would pretend I didn’t know. That way you might take your dick out and stroke it while you watch me slide my dildo in and out of my sweet, juicy, tight, wet cunt.

voyeur phone sex

How long can you take it before you want to bust down my door or climb into my window and fuck me until you spurt inside me? Why wait? You don’t have to hold back. I would love to be your submissive voyeur phone sex slave. Force me to my knees and ram your cock down my throat. I’ll take every inch you give me and swallow it until you fill my mouth with a huge load. Why stop there? I am your sex slave after all. I know you want to feel your cock pounding my tight pussy. I’m a very obedient bitch so whatever you want to do to me, I will never object. I’m just a dirty whore and I love being treated like one. Spank me, tie me up, force me on all fours and ruin my asshole. You’re the one in control right now and I love it rough, so don’t be shy. I’m the phone sex slut you can unleash all of your sexual fury on. Whatever makes your cock hard and turns you on…just use me to satisfy every craving you’ve ever had. I will beg you for more and swallow every load you pump down my throat. I’m here to satisfy you in every way, so call me and have some fun!

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CFNM Phone Sex with Riley

I know, my body is hot, right? You betcha, honey. But in this CFNM phone sex fantasy, you’re the one who’s naked. Got it? Good. Because that’s what CFNM means – your ass is the one being shown off, so you’d better hope it’s a cute ass, baby! On top of you being naked, I’m in charge. That’s the rule – I’m in charge and you’re not. You have to ask for permission to scratch that naked ass if you have an itch, and if you don’t, you WILL be disciplined.

CFNM phone sex

CFNM phone sex is about a lot more than just you being an exhibitionist. It’s about the humiliation of you being the only one without clothing. It’s about your body being scrutinized, and of course, your dick being sized up. Can it stand at full attention under these circumstances? My kinky lady friends and I can be tough judges, you know. I can invite a whole panel of kinky lady friends to judge what you’ve got going on under those clothes, and if you’re good and humble, we just might let you take turns worshipping us in all the ways you fantasize about while you rub one out.

Yes, that’s the ticket. Call and ask for BDSM phone sex with Riley and you’ll find your cheeks nice and red by the time you’re finished. Both sets of cheeks, of course. Your ass cheeks will sting from my paddle, and the cheeks on your face will flush with shame from the humiliation that comes with being the nude male in a room full of kinky women. You know you want it – your cock is so hard at the thought of being sized up and used that it doesn’t really matter how big or small it is, right? Either way, you’re in, even if you know you’re going to pay for your inadequacies.

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Orgasm Edging Phone Sex with Arianna

Happy Monday! Normally Mondays can be a bit eh but today I woke up in a good mood. Well scratch that I always wake up in a good mood knowing my day is gonna involve talking to some very horny men. But today I think I woke up in an extra teasing mood for all I could think of was some orgasm edging phone sex fantasies.

orgasm edging phone sex

Ok granted I didnt wake up with a complete game plan on how I was gonna edge your cock but the idea of giving you blue balls till the point of you doing that moan. You know the one I am talking about the moan of please no more stroking I cant handle touching my cock unless it leads to an orgasm ~ That moan!

Oh I guess unless your someone who indulges in orgasm edging phone sex you dont really know the moan I am talking about but trust me it is super hot and sexy to hear. Or least this sensual phone tease LOVES hearing it.

That denial moan actually gets me very wet. Yes never really admitted that before but I do get really excited teasing and denying you your orgasms. So what better way to start the week off than denying you an orgasm today. Well any day is a good day if it involves orgasm denials *smile*.

So how about you make my Monday extra exciting and let me take control of your cock with some sexy voice guiding your touches. Having you obey me. Then when I think your ready I will give you that oh so intense orgasm.

Just ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Harper

I know I have a soft spot for sissies, but sometimes you boi’s come to me with very little training. You are running amok, thinking you can make your own rules and just do whatever you want. Well, I guarantee that is not how this works. Being a sissy is more than just prancing around in panties. It’s about pleasing me, and nothing pleases me more than seeing you suck cock. What? You don’t like that? Well, that means we are going to have sissy training phone sex then, doesn’t it?

sissy training phone sex

There is so much more to life than licking my pussy and getting me ready to fuck real men. You aren’t just my fluffer. That mouth belongs to any cock I see fit. My trainer has the perfect dick for you to start out on! That’s right, you’ll have big, 9 inch big black cock to pop your blow job cherry. You’ve eaten his cum so many times out of my pussy, and now its time to get it straight from the source!

Now, get on your knees you little panty boy slut! Open your mouth wide and take that big cock down your throat. Don’t you just love how that dick tastes. Now lay on the bed with your head hanging off so he can get it all the way down your throat. It’ll make it easier on you and you won’t gag as much. Don’t disappoint me, slut. Make me proud and show everyone what a good cocksucker you are!

I love forcing you to try something new! Before you know it, you will be craving cock like a sissy is supposed to. So let’s get the fun started. I don’t mind making you have sissy training phone sex over and over again until you get it right. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Harper.

Phone Sex Brat Jocelyn

I have to admit, I’m not really sorry to say that I am a total phone sex brat!!! *giggles* When you’re as hot as I am though, all the guys are constantly falling all over you, and so I should be picky, right???

phone sex brat

I think it’s a good thing to be a princess, honestly. Somebody has to be honest enough to tell little dick dudes that they’re just not up to snuff!!! I mean, they don’t even really deserve anything but to be laughed at. Or maybe to serve real men with real cocks.

But a bratty bitch like me definitely doesn’t do teeny weenies. I deserve the best of everything, and that includes dick! Of course, since I am such a huge phone sex brat, it’s all about getting me off first. I only cream on the thickest dicks, too *giggles* You know what that means… My juicy pink pussy split wide fucking open on a big fat black cock sounds like the perfect way for this phone sex brat to be put in my place. My place is on top of that huge dick, of course!!!

And I know you small balling losers are going to give it a shot with me, too. Don’t expect me to be sweet or anything!!! *giggles* Of course that’s what you teeny weeny dudes get off on, being laughed at and made fun of for even trying to make it with a hot coed like me. I can’t help but giggle so hard when a little vienna sausage dude thinks he can come anywhere close to my pussy!!!

I don’t think you’ll be able to help yourself, you’re going to get addicted to this sweet phone sex brat pussy and how much you love to please me. Wanna bet? Call me at 888-402-8669 and let’s find out!!!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Avery

Are you in the mood for some hot erotic mutual masturbation phone sex? Are you home alone filling all worked up needing the stroke that nice big hard cock? Are you in the mood to touch yourself while I touch myself? I know I am, I wanna tell you how to touch that nice big hard cock how to stroke it nice and slow up and down to is nice big come filled balls. While I’m running my fingertips up and down my chest over my nice big nipples down my stomach to my nice wet juicy pussy.

mutual masturbation phone sex

We both know you enjoy mutual masturbation phone sex as much as I do being told how to touch yourself exactly what turns me on hearing me come at the same time you do. We both know you enjoy doing it with your wife at home sneaking off into that other room just so you get that time alone with me. Mutual masturbation gets me all worked up getting hear me come very hard very fast over and over again during our mutual masturbation phone sex session I will make sure that you blow that load all over the place at the same time I do also So what are you waiting for Are you ready for me to play with my nice wet juicy pussy for you Are you ready for me at pinch my nice hard nipples teasing them making him feel really good just like I’m going to do with that cock of yours so you know what to do this time to call me what are you waiting for I am totally all yours. It’s time for one of the hottest sexiest mutual masturbation phone sex calls you have ever had.

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Phoenix

I want to know exactly what turns you on during anything goes phone sex. That’s right. There is absolutely nothing you can not tell me. I am not your average girl. I like things dirty, and kinky. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the more vanilla things, too. Sweet, innocent and passionate anything goes phone sex is fun, and gets this sexy slut off, too.

anything goes phone sex

Both sides of things have their time and place. They say it is all about timing, and in this case, it is very true. A real man knows when a gal wants to be told what a kinky, nasty slut she really is, and when she wants to have all of those sweet nothings whispered into her ear. I will describe it like this – I love being treated like a slut in the bedroom, and a princess outside of it. That is why anything goes phone sex is so much fun for me. I get to hear all kinds of different fantasies, and it is never, ever exactly the same thing. I love being able to explore all of these new fantasies, so please don’t hesitate to share them with me. You can tie me up and use me, or I can reverse the role, I will even bring a strap on if you are willing! When I say anything… I mean ANYTHING! So, come on, pick up the phone, tell dispatch to connect you with Phoenix and lets get kinky! You know this no limits slut is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you have a great time during our anything goes phone sex session.

If you want to have some fun, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Phoenix.

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