Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Abby

I know I’ve probably said this before, but I am sick of you wannabe faggot whores who say you want to suck cock but when I ask you if you’ve done it, you say “Not yet”. Listen – when you call me for cock sucking phone sex fantasies, you WILL be promising me that you’ll suck cock by the next time we talk.  If you don’t think you can make that promise to me, then there will be punishment. I don’t know what the punishment would be yet – it just depends on my mood the day you call me. So you’ll just have to be ready and willing to submit to whatever punishment I give you. Either that or you could just be a good boy and get down on your knees and open your mouth for that big fat cock. It’s delicious and you’ll get a belly full of cum.

cock sucking phone sex

Don’t you worry about whether or not you’ll do a good job. If you have me teaching you, you’ll definitely get a big, hot load of creamy cum in your mouth. You’ll make him cum really hard and he’ll probably even want you to suck his cock again. And when that happens, I will be so fucking proud of you, my little cock sucking protégée.  So what are you waiting for? I know you want that cock down your throat as much as I want it down your throat. All you have to do is give me a call and I’ll turn you into the best cock sucking whore in your town. Maybe even your whole state.  You’ll be famous for sucking dick. I think that sounds really exciting, don’t you?

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CBT Phone Sex with Princess Abby

I am craving some cruel, painful CBT phone sex with a loser just like you. The truth is that you don’t deserve anything more than that from me, unless it’s perhaps a bit of humiliation to go along with your cock and ball torture. I think those two things go together nicely, don’t you? First I’ll tell you how useless your itty bitty cocklette is to me and any other real woman out there. So if I can’t use it for pleasure in the traditional sense, then I will definitely delight in using it for unorthodox purposes. You know, like spanking your cock and balls with a wooden spoon. Like tying a rubber band around your balls and then spanking them with that spoon or maybe something like a meat tenderizing hammer. Sure, it will probably hurt a LOT, but you should know that I do not care about that.

CBT phone sex

You’re probably scared by just reading this. I have several regular callers who are terrified of what I’m going to make them do during CBT phone sex calls. Yet, they still call me so it must not be all that bad. I know that some of them probably call me because they are addicted to the sound of my voice and will put themselves through it just to be able to hear it. You’ll be no different. So yeah, you might think I could never talk you into torturing your cock and balls, but trust me, you’ll do what I tell you to. If you don’t believe me, you just have to give me a call. I’ll be ready and waiting to talk you through the torture. It’ll be fun…I promise.  Well, for me anyway.

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Erotic Phone Sex with Nadia

Erotic dirty talk is a tool of pleasure through the gateway of your fantasies and desires.  We are in a new paradigm that is calling for all of us to retreat into our homes.  And, with the act of social distancing as a tool to feel safe, it brings with it a feeling of isolation.  Of course, you and I both know that being home alone doesn’t have to mean that. In fact, erotic phone sex has long been the erotic companion of you and your hidden desires.  And, the voice that answers when you call can become your sacred Goddess to your pleasure. She can be the one that leads the way to release the pent up stress of our current times.
erotic phone sex
Since I had my first orgasm with a shower massage, I’ve become hooked on sex and need plenty of it.  Soft, slow, rough or pounding hard.  I love it all.   And the kinkier the better as far as I’m concerned.   I’ve always gotten off on taboo role play with lovers.  I love the idea of getting caught in a compromising situation and being blackmailed with sex as payment to keep my dirty little secrets quiet from the rest of the world.  Erotic phone sex provides an outlet for all my dark and dirty desires right in the comfort of my very own bedroom. Where I can totally let go and be free.  Call me, and I’ll prove it to you. Xoxo
I honestly believe that living a fully alive and lit up erotic life both physically and in fantasy supports us in being healthier and happier human beings. So lets have some erotic dirty talk, with a twist of kinky fun.
“Sex is our life pleasure. After all, it’s how all of us ended up here.” – Nadia
Call me at 1 888 402 8669.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Riley

You know, sometimes life is like a mirror if you pay enough attention. You can see who you truly are by the way the majority of the world reacts to you or anticipates what you’ll say or do, so I think it’s fucking hysterical how many times I answer the phone to hear that some guy is calling for humiliation phone sex, and that the dispatcher has told him I am really good at it. I mean, I’m not complaining – I am really good at it, but why? Because I’m so good at being a bratty bitch. Of course I was one of the mean girls in high school – that girl that could just look at you in the hallway and laugh in such a way that everyone around her laughed too – well, she is me, I am her, and you are such a pathetic loser that the only way to make that useless dick of yours stand up at attention is to get you to relive that moment. That moment when you were standing in that hallway with the hottest mean girl leading her pack of mean girls in a great round of laughter, all at your expense. That’s me, loser, so get ready.

humiliation phone sex

All I need is to size you up and work you over. I don’t know what you need to be humiliated for, but it doesn’t matter. You’re a man (well, that’s debatable), so there’s always something. Humiliation phone sex can even cover multiple bases. I mean, you could be of an inferior race AND have a tiny dick. Then we can put you in a skirt, make you suck a dick, and see how far we can make you go to humiliate yourself at my command. Honestly, I don’t care why you deserve to feel shame and humiliation as the words flow from my mouth. As long as you are reduced to the size that you are meant to be, I have done my job.

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18 Teen Phone Sex with Kelly

So you have a thing for fucking an 18 teen phone sex princess, right? You see this sweet tight body and your mind runs wild. Well, I LOVE older men! I’m so hot for an older guy to take advantage of me and make me his obedient fuck slave. I’ll dress up in a short skirt and sit on your lap so you can tickle my pussy and make me wet. Mmmmm yeah, get my pink sweet cunt dripping wet. Imagine how good it’s going to feel when you slowly slide your throbbing dick inside me. We can role play any fantasy that you have in mind. I have no limits when it comes to getting us off. Maybe you are just a horny perv who likes sticking his dick in young pussy? I’ll be whatever you want me to be. You just tell this slut what you want and I’ll do it.

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Do you want me on my knees looking into your eyes begging you to fuck my pretty mouth? Here, let me take your dick out for you. Watch as I wrap my pink lips around the head and start sucking, then grab me by my hair and slam your cock down the back of my throat. I’ll choke and gag on your big meat! And when you’re ready to fuck my tight little pussy, just throw me on the bed and have your way with me. I won’t fight you…unless you want me to. I just want you to make me your 18 teen phone sex fuck toy and treat me like the cock whore that I am. I promise I’ll be a good girl and make you feel really good. I’ll be here on the bed waiting for your instructions. I can’t wait to be your cum slut!

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Nadia

Who doesn’t love cum?? I know I do! I love to lap it up when it spills – play with it on my tongue… swallow it. But what I REALLY love most is to take your cum inside my soft, wet, slippery pussy! It ACHES for you to release that hot, thick seed into it. FLOOD it with your sperm. Fill me full of yourself… claiming that womb as your own. I do have a more submissive side, and giving up your body to your man is the ultimate act of submission for a woman! Knowing that once your belly starts to grow, other men will know that you are taken… knowing that once you have his baby, your body will never be the same again. Once your baby is inside of me? You own this impregnation phone sex slut – I belong to YOU.

impregnation phone sex

And when that seed you shot SO deep and SO hard makes your baby grow inside of me? Nothing will make me cum harder than when you pound me while I’m pregnant. Mmmm, feeling that cock deep inside me; filling me with your milky sperm again and again as that belly swells bigger and bigger! Those huge, plump tits looking even more ripe than usual… engorged with milk for our baby. My nipples turning darker and becoming SUPER sensitive. You know you want to suckle that breast and taste my sweet milk leaking out while you grind your cock inside me! YOU know how horny pregnant women can be!

And once 9 months is over, and that baby belly is gone? We’ll just have to start trying ALL over again, until you fuck ANOTHER baby into me! I wonder what your wife would say if she knew that you had shot your married cum deep inside your home-wrecking whore and given HER your baby instead? Hmmm. As long as you keep giving your slutty mistress your cock every day instead of her, we’ll never have to find out!

Want me to be YOUR dirty hidden secret? Your barefoot and pregnant country slut? Your own private playtoy all tucked away, at your disposal 24/7 to fulfill all the desires that you could NEVER tell HER about? Then pick up the phone and dial. Your kinky partner in crime is just a phone call away! Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Nadia for impregnation phone sex.

Taboo Roleplay Phone Sex with Shay

Its the start of a long hot summer. I’m craving the following: extra sweet slushies, soft-serve ice cream in a cone, taboo roleplay phone sex, and being in a chlorinated pool. Of course not in that order….. well not every day I love to mix up my days 🙂 I have been thinking about really hot taboo roleplay phone sex fun lately. I’m your sexy younger new sister in law. You have to been learning to live again since your divorce. My warm smile at family functions always makes you feel comfortable and my tight short dresses make you horny as hell. You notice how much of a tease I am when my new husband isn’t around.

taboo roleplay phone sex

I wish you would make a move on me. I try to show you that I’m very interested in an older man like yourself. But you do notice the way you were raised it is taboo to have the urge to fuck your sister in law no matter how beautiful she may be. You want to live dangerously and come up behind me and give my bum a nice firm grab. You are dying to hear my devilish sweet laugh as you touch me. You fantasize about me as a dancer in your favorite rock video with my clothes half on and begging to fall off.

One day we both find ourselves alone in your yard. Everyone’s either inside or have gone out to grab beer, fireworks, or firewood everyone is busy but us. I’m not paying any mind to what’s going on around as the sun sets and I am playing a game on my phone. You cant help but have dirty thoughts about me in my short tight cotton camo dress. Maybe you should ask for help behind your small shed. When we get back there you pull out your cock and tell me how you have wanted me since I said I do. I just might offer to suck off your cock.

You could of course ask me to help on the side of the house between the house and the stockade fence my old man helped you put up. When I get over there with you. I’ll profess my attraction and tell you I’m willing to be your personal whore. Wishful thinking right?

That isn’t how it all happens sadly. As I lay in the lounger eating one pixie stick after the other I notice no ones out there and spread my legs around the chair. I have no panties on today and fully know your going to see my sweet young pussy. It needs to be touched. I wait till you look over and make sure you see me touch my pussy. I even reach down and spread my pussy lips open with my hand so you can see how sweet and pink I am.

I don’t say a word and motion for you to follow me out to my SUV. I climb in the back seat and give you that look. You know what that sexy devil look means. As You shut the door I almost Tripp off your swim trunks and rip open my pixie in my hand and pour it all over your already hard cock. I start sucking that cock of yours . You are in awe of what a good cock sucker I am. I beg for you to finger my pussy in the back seat. You love the noise I make sucking all the sugar off your cock. Never in your whole life did you think some taboo sex stuff would really be happening to you.

Cum to find out… see what I did there LOL! I’m not only a hot sister in law but I can drain your balls by sucking your cock. But as soon as You fill my mouth with cum I get out and act like nothing happened. Trust me its ok to taste your fingers that made me cum and stroke your cock in the back seat before you return the back yard. I wonder what else this could lead too? Maybe late-night taboo roleplay phone sex calls or a taboo roleplay phone sex call when everyone’s asleep? Or maybe someday just someday You will get to fuck my pussy!

If you’re seeking some wild taboo roleplay phone sex to livin’ up your day or night You know who to call !!! Me of course! Call me 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Shay !!

Twitter: ShayBunn

Strap On Phone Sex with Abby

I’m always more than willing to strap one on when I get calls from guys with strap on phone sex fantasies. It’s so much fun to hear from straight alpha males who are willing to confess to me that they have been jerking off to the thought of a woman fucking them in the ass with strap-ons. Finding someone who is willing to admit that their sexuality might be a little bit more complicated than they thought. It’s okay to admit that and if you’re willing to tell me all about it, pick up the phone and give me a call.

strap on phone sex

Do you picture yourself on all fours, wiggling your ass around in the air to tempt me? The lube that just dripped down the crack of your ass felt really good and that’s why you started moving your hips back and forth. If you wiggle around too much, it might turn me on so much that I can’t help myself and I’ll shove my entire strap-on all the way inside you in one thrust. It’s a good thing I lubed you up first, or that might have hurt pretty badly. Just don’t piss me off and that’ll never happen.

Perhaps what you want is to be a little more romantic. I can put you on your back and fuck you while your legs are in the air. I will make out with you first and we’ll light some candles and put on some love making music. That idea sounds really hot to me, too. As long as I get to fuck you, it’s all good with me. Do you think you are ready for some hot strap on phone sex with me? Just grab your phone and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you ask to talk to Abby.

Strap On Phone Sex with Kelly

Come on, fess up. I bet you you like it when I stick my finger in your ass huh? I think I just discovered you’re a closet strap on phone sex sissy. I bet you just think of me licking or fingering your ass and you just can’t help but pound that rock hard cock. Does it really get you going? I bet I could work at least three fingers in there before you are moaning like a filthy whore. Now let me get out one of my huge rubber dick just for you baby. I have the perfect way to lube it up for you too…suck on it! That’s right suck it down and get it all slobbery wet. The wetter you get it the better lubed up it will be for your dirty little asshole. Don’t clinch or it will hurt. Unless you like a little pain with your pleasure. Just how freaky are you my naughty strap on phone sex perv? Let’s see how deep you can take it.

strap on phone sex

I bet you wish this was a real cock. In fact, I’m sure of it. That can be arranged. But I want to fuck that ass first! Maybe you can warm up a real cock with your mouth while I pound your boy pussy for you. At least that will keep you from screaming too loud and scaring the neighbors when I slam this fake dick in you harder and harder with every thrust. I’m impressed! You really are a strap on phone sex freak! Now that I got your ass all primed for you, are you ready for the real thing? Say please and I’ll let him fuck you now. But only If I get to watch it!

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 for a hot and wild kinky strap on phone sex call and ask for Kelly.

2 Girl Phone Sex with Barbie

How better to celebrate a new week than with two us in a wild 2 girl phone sex session! We’re all yours baby and we’re so ready and willing to make your dreams cum true. Just imagine our two sexy voices talking to you and telling you every delicious detail of what we want to do to your body. Of course, we absolutely love doing things to each other too so we’ll let you in on what we’re going to do to each other. How we’re going to suck each other’s nipples till they are hard as ice and work our way down to our pink pussies that glisten with wetness. Mmmm I can’t wait for you to watch me munch on her lips and stick my tongue up her hole while your fingers are inside me finding my g-spot until I explode. We’re both going to want to ride that big, fat cock of yours so take your pick on who gets to take the first ride. Maybe I will while she sits on your face. That way we can both bounce up ond down in sheer ecstasy for all of us.

2 girl phone sex

Fuck me any way you want just call me and will decide what kind of fun we are going to have and maybe you’ll even want to include another girl and we can have amazing 2 girl phone sex. We can include another girl on the phone and the 3 of us can have some fun together. Maybe you want us both to be cheating wives, or my very close friend and we can fulfill your every fantasy together. Lets talk i am sure you will like it.

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