Kinky Cuckold Phone Sex with Arianna

Quite often guys wonder what type of taboo phone fantasy gets me going. Well over the last bit the idea of cucking a guy has really gotten my panties wet thanks to all the hot and kinky cuckold phone sex calls. Yes fully admit the various topics within cuckolding has got me reaching between my legs a few times during our calls. Ok maybe more than a few.

kinky cuckold phone sex

Yes I know your wondering which cuckold fantasy have made me touch myself. Well the thought of my boyfriend watching me fuck another man who is far more endowed than him definitely got my juices flowing. Oh and dont even get me start on the idea of it being a BBC fantasy. Will not hear me argue over getting fucked by a dark chocolate dick. I have fucked a big black cock but never in a cuckold way, so the idea is very intriguing. Course from the cucks who have called me they tell me I am definitely missing out.

Really love getting my pussy eaten out and to think a cuckie would dive in and enjoy eating the cream pie. Hmm well I am all for that especially if it means your spending more time pleasing me orally. Actually, I have to admit I have had a little experience with the cream pie stuff. Its rather hot and oh so dirty. The full on details sorry you have to call for that but your cock will thank you when  you do.

Course I know there are tons of different fantasies around cuckolding and most cant get into in a short sexy little blog but we can talk about anything and everything when  you call me for a hot and kinky cuckold phone sex fantasy.

My number is 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and lets enjoy some time talking about cuckolding. Real life or fantasy stories.

Babysitter Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey Baby! I know I have missed you! So have all the husbands, boyfriends and significant others of the families I babysit for. You need a babysitter? Well, baby I am your girl, you know I will keep all your dirty secrets. I cum in high demand for my babysitter phone sex services.

babysitter phone sex
I know I am always rushing around frantically to get ready for the weekly date nights for many of my loyal families. The wives love me because I am so great with the children, the kids love me because we do fun activities and I do an amazing job tiring them out, so they are always in bed early, and the men love me because I am so kinky and naughty after date night is over during our secret babysitter phone sex sessions. * giggles*

You know I will please you when your wife or girl-friend is not pleasing you the way a woman should. There is one guy that called recently. He sounded so desperate for my babysitter phone sex services. I just couldn’t help but run to his aide. The moment he called me my stomach was full of butterflies. He and his wife haven’t been getting along so, they requested I come over to watch their adorable kids. Of course, I had my own plans in mind….plans to spoil the person that hasn’t been receiving the attention he deserves.

I always cum prepared to get my naughty on. * he he * Fuck! This particular guy I just cannot deny. I mean, he has the cock of a horse for real! I don’t know how his wife and be such a bitch and know enjoy such pleasure. Seriously! When you can be stretched and made to orgasm multiple times. I mean, I know from experience that he knows how to please. After all, he is my favorite babysitter phone sex playmate. Whenever he calls, I jump up and run over. My favorite part… his wife has no clue. She is always too “drunk” and “tired” to take me home after of their date nights. Lucky for me! I get to be taken home by the hottest hunk of a man I have laid eyes on. *wink * Just thinking about it makes my honey drip, drip, drip.

I look so sweet and innocent it is the perfect disguise. Your wife or girlfriend will never suspect me as the one that meets all your unmet needs. I mean c’mon! Look at me! My sky blue eyes twinkle like diamonds, my long hair flows over my shoulder and down my back. Baby, I have got curves in all the right places; perfect tits for any hand size and my legs are so long they seem to go on forever. I am confident, and that is what makes me so sexy and beautiful.

Whatever you fantasy, we can make it happen during babysitter phone sex. Just ask for Katrina at 1 (888) 402-8669.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

GFE Phone Sex with Julia

Hmm… I’ve been wondering what kind of fantasies we can explore. Do you love role-playing? I know that I surely do! I can be whomever you want me and need me to be; from the sexy next door neighbor, your best friends wife or maybe someone a little more on the taboo side, catching my drift? Do you have a fetish that you feel like you can’t share with anyone? Trust me, I’ve been there and if there’s anything I know it’s that you can tell me. Whether you’d like for me to be in control, you love being a sissy boy or you like being cuckolded, I’m the GFE phone sex girl for you.

GFE phone sex

Maybe all you want is a secret GFE phone sex girl while your wife is away. I’m someone that you can tell all of your secrets and  deepest, darkest desires too.. I’ll make you feel things you haven’t felt in so long. You won’t be able to resist the way I suck on your cock because it will be sucked like you’ve never felt before! The passion I’ll have for making you my number one priority will be felt with every single lick and suck.  You’ll love being inside of my tight pussy all night long. It’s been way too long since you’ve had someone like me. Let me show you the kind of GFE phone sex experience you’ve always desired.

GFE phone sex with me will be unforgettable because I know exactly what you want and how to make you feel like a man who deserves to be adored and worshipped.  I’m ready to be all yours…Are you ready to have me moan your name as we cum together during our GFE phone sex call?

AIM: sweetjulia_4u
Yahoo: sweetjulia4u

Interracial Phone Sex with Terrilyn

The older man came over last night.  He usually pays me a visit at least once a week. This geriatric dude keeps me spoiled. There’s nothing he won’t give me. I know when He comes by he has something special for me. Sometimes he brings jewelry. Other times he brings shoes.  This time he brought me a stack of cash. My oldie but goldie said I could spend it anyway I wanted.  Now I know you’re wondering why I’m kicking it with an old ass white guy. Truth is, I love interracial phone sex.  Especially with a guy like him.  He makes it so easy to get what I want.

interracial phone sex

Although he can’t please me with his old ass tiny limp cock; he makes sure I have any and everything I desire.  Do you want to know what it is that I do for him during our interracial phonesex sessions?  The answer is not a whole lot.  He likes telling me how he wishes he could fuck me with his little cock.  But I’m quite firm on the no sex for his old white ass rule.  I love teasing him though.  I show him my pretty ebony tits.  I even let him look at my pussy but under no circumstances can he touch my young voluptuous body.

Sometimes I plan a little something special for him.  He has a weakness for watching me get fucked by other men.  Other men with big cocks.  He really loves it when it’s a BBC.  He sits in his little corner and flops his little wee-wee while he watches my pussy envelop a big hard cock.  He says he loves watching my get rammed by another man.  My hot cunt gets so wet when I see how humiliated my pathetic He gets during our dirty interracial phonesex call.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Terrilyn for interracial phonesex

18 Teen Phone Sex with Payton

I’m just barely legal, and I love to take advantage of it. I know how much you older guys check me out, and that you can’t help but think about how my tight, 18 teen pussy would feel wrapped around that fat shaft. You try not to look, try not to think, but my barely legal body is just way too much of a distraction. You know you need 18 teen phone sex.

teen phone sex

It’s funny to watch you squirm. You’re old enough to be my father, and you know it’s so wrong that I make you sooooo hard, lol. Your face turns red, and you try to hide that raging hard on when my schoolgirl skirt flips up to give you a flash of my pink panties, or you realize that I’m not wearing a bra and you can see my hard, pink nipples poking out of my uniform blouse.

What would your wife think if she knew the thoughts that ran through your head about this 18 teen phone sex slut? I know her pussy is not nearly as tight as my sweet, barely legal cunt. And I doubt she’ll let you do all the nasty things that I’ll beg for. When was the last time she sucked your dick? I’m a cum eating 18 teen whore, and I’ll suck you dry while I finger my hungry pussy.

And this tight, tender ass is absolutely irresistible. Want to be the first person to fit his cock snugly in my pink rosebud? Bet your prude wife never let you do that before, lol. That’s why the girls of today are so much better. We love to fuck, and we aren’t afraid to admit it!

Is the thought of my tight 18 teen body and my sweet young voice making your cock dribble already? What are you waiting for? Give me a call and ask for your 18 teen phone sex slut Payton.

AIM: PlayWith_Payton
Yahooo: PlayWithPayton

Taboo Phone Sex with Pepper

Do you have a secret you want to share? Something so filthy and dirty you haven’t been able to tell anyone? Its so bad but it makes you feel really good when your thinking about it. You don’t have to hold your naughty secrets inside anymore you can call me Pepper for taboo phone sex. I am very good at role playing so no matter what your kink is I can make your fantasy into a reality.

taboo phone sex

Does it make your cock hard when you fantasize about having sex in public? The thrill of getting caught excites you doesn’t it? Maybe your fantasy is a little bit more hardcore. Do you want to be tied up and have a beautiful women take the reigns and do whatever she wants to your vulnerable body? That definitely sounds like a fun time to me! I am a switch and I am very good at being a dominant mistress but I also know how to listen very well and be a good submissive slut. There will never be a dull moment on our taboo phone sex call I will stop at nothing to make sure your balls are completely empty. I love new unique fantasies so maybe you have one I have never heard before, just know there is nothing to naughty for us to discuss after all that is what taboo phone sex is all about. Don’t worry about shocking me I have heard some pretty extreme stories and the filthier they are the wetter my pretty pink pussy gets. I always have toy collection nearby so you will get to hear how wet my cunt gets on our taboo phone sex call depending on how kinky your fantasy you may be able to get my kitty to squirt!

Call me Pepper at 1888 40 BUNNY for taboo phone sex

AIM: PrincessPepper4you
Yahoo: PrincessPepper4u

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Abby

I love when a wannabe cock sucker calls me and tells me that he wants to go down to the glory hole and service as many dicks as he can in one day. I mean, it’s really the perfect fantasy for cock sucking phone sex, isn’t it?

cock sucking phone sex

The last time I had a man call me and tell me that he spent the day at a glory hole, he said he sucked like 8 cocks in a day. EIGHT. He told me he wanted to call me that night when he got back, but his jaw was so sore that he couldn’t really talk. That tickled me more than you can even imagine. I just pictured him sitting at home, jerking off while he had an ice pack on his face. How funny is that?!

Right now I want to talk to those of you who have been thinking about going to a glory hole but you haven’t yet found the courage you needed to actually go do it. Just trust me when I say that you NEED to do it. You need to just not think about it. If you overthink it, trust me… you’re never going to do it. Get out of your own head, drive down to the glory hole and open your mouth and wait for a giant cock to slide down your throat.

Don’t be nervous, okay? If you want, you can call me before you go down to the glory hole and I’ll teach you how to suck cock as much as I can over the phone. I’ll give you pointers and tips and you’ll be ready before you go, I promise. I mean, nothing can totally make you a hundred percent ready, but you’ll be as close as you can be.

Call me now for cock sucking phone sex at 1 888 402 8669 so we can get you ready to service all those big dicks. Don’t forget to ask for Abby!

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Natasha

You have no idea how much I love tease and denial phone sex. I’ve always been a bit of a tease and I think it’s just become more and more of my personality the older I get. I mean, I always got what I wanted from all the men in my life. All I had to do was ask. I just had to be all cute and I’d get what I wanted. Then when I got older, I learned that I could tease guys and turn them on to get what I wanted and then I didn’t even have to follow through. They would STILL give me what I wanted. Yeah, that’s right…I know that you guys like to be teased sometimes. I know that it turns you on. It’s hard to get you to admit it sometimes, but I know.

tease and denial phone sex

If you didn’t like being teased, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t be calling me for tease and denial phone sex. You wouldn’t be begging me to tease you all the time and asking me to come up with scenarios where I tease you until you’re about to burst and then tell you no – you can’t cum today. You should know that if you call me for a tease and denial session, you will under no circumstances be permitted to cum during the first session. How many will it take before I let you blow your load? I don’t know. Depends on my mood. Depends on how obedient you are. But I can promise you that it will NOT be the first time you call.

If you think you can handle a tease and denial phone sex call with me, go ahead and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Natasha. I’m not for the faint of heart. I’m not the kind of girl who is going to feel sorry for you and let you cum quickly. Where would the fun be in that?

AIM: coed_natasha
Yahoo: coednatasha

School Girl Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey guys! Are you ready to cum and play with me? Fuck! I sure hope so…I must confess I told my professor that I was going to bring along a playmate. So… you are NOT allowed to say “NO” or else he will spank me. You won’t let my professor spank me will you? I know you are falling deeper and deeper in my seductive trance. Don’t feel bad baby, it happens to guy son campus all the time during our school girl phone sex sessions.

school girl phone sex
My favorite guys are the ones that are married or have girlfriends. They always start off by saying “No, I am attached…” but once I have worked my magic. Those unsuspecting sweet and innocent looking guys just cum begging for my time. What can I say? I just can’t help myself. I have to confess one of my favorite places to pounce on unsuspecting guys is in the library. * giggles * I mean seriously, they don’t even see me coming. Those nerds, typically attached to their books, soon enough they just fall under my spell. A whiff of my perfume, a peek down my shirt, a sweet kiss on the cheek, or they saw what was under my short plaid scholgirl phone sex skirt. It is simple for me, all I have to do is bat my lashes, sashay my hips and blow those nerds a kiss.

The innocent guys are always the nerds and the virgins. By the time this schoolgirl phone sex slut is done with them, they have gone pro. Who will be my next playmate when I go to see my professor? Sometimes I am so naughty that I have to turn to my professor for a strong hand to teach me a lesson. I have been known to sneak under his desk and wait for the perfect moment to wrap my pouty, pink lips around his throbbing shaft. I have also been known to sit at my desk during a lecture, purposely wear no panties, and spread my legs to show him my glistening, honey filled slit. * giggles* Whoops! Fuck! I love it when he turns me over his knee. Want to know exactly what my professor does to me during our schoool girl phone sex sessions? * giggles *

You didn’t seriously think I would divulge that divine information here did you? It is simple to have fun with me. Ask for Katrina 1 (888) 402-8669 for kinky school girl phone sex.

AIM/Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

CBT Phone Sex with Kelly

I get so excited when someone calls me for CBT phone sex.  It is almost therapeutic to take out my aggression on a willing pain slut.  Because if you want pain, I got some for you.  My imagination just runs wild thinking of all the things I can do to inflict that much needed agony on your weak and eager body.  Sure, I can start on your cock and balls.  I can spend hours torturing that very sensitive area until you are in tears and begging me to stop.  Of course, I won’t.  No, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

CBT phone sex

I can focus on other body parts that will respond to my tormenting touch.  I don’t need a lot of instruments to help me hurt you, just your willing mind and hand and I can leave you a mess.  It’s a win win really.  I work out all my stress and bullshit of the week and I use and abuse you for every little indiscretion.  Hell, sometimes just because it tickles my fancy.  You don’t mind, do you?  You are just a sick pain freak and I am going to give you your fill.  I don’t mind going all out either, a little blood doesn’t make me squeamish in the least.  Sometimes it is exactly what I need to see from you to measure your true devotion to our therapy.  Maybe If you are good, I will take it easy on you. Oh, who am I kidding?  Nothing will deter me from some intense CBT phone sex remedy.

Call me at 1-888-402-8669 and let’s get started already.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

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