Religious Blasphemy Phone Sex with Natasha

Are you one of those pretend to care about going to church?  You tell people that you go but you really don’t.  Or your like myself and your into religious blasphemy phone sex.  Come play with me while you listen to me Hail Satan and Lucifer.  When I connect with Satan, its a totally relieving experience.  Satan is my God, my one and only.  This is my way of life.  This is how I do things.  I don’t pray to God like the rest of the losers do.  I hail Satan all the time.

religious blasphemy phone sex

Just recently I had an amazing blasphemous experience with my boyfriend.  Both of us our satanists but what we did last week was something out of the ordinary.  We were sitting home bored and decided we were going to go to church. Haha I know funny right?  Well we went to church all right.  We just didn’t have the same experience that everyone else may have in the church setting.  We walked in and the first thing my boyfriend did was piss in the holy water.  Boy did this make me so wet and hot.  Pissing in the water that everyone is going to try an annoint themselves with haha.  I walked over to the “blood of christ” or as we call it the fucking red wine.  I pulled an empty douche out of my purse and douched that wine right up my ass.  We went up to the alter and he stripped me naked.  He took the body of christ, or what we call the wafers and crumbled them up all over my naked sexy body.  As he pounded my tight little pussy he ate every last crumb of those wafers off my body.  He pulled the a cucifist off the wall and shoved it up my ass while I scream, “Fuck God”.  Walking out of the church he ejactulated all over the virgin Mary! She wasn’t virgin when we were done with her.

Sound like some fun you would like to have.  Lets have some religious blasphemy phone sex! Give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Natasha!

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Abby

You probably already know this, but my name is Abby. I’ve been a sissy training phone sex Mistress from the day I answered my very first call. It was a sissy who liked to be humiliated and I knew right then that this was what I was meant to do. And since that day, I have never looked back.

sissy phone sex

I’d have to say that sissy training and feminization is my favorite kind of phone sex. I mean, what could be better than taking a hairy gross man and turning him into a fabulous woman?! So, if you’re looking for the perfect sissy transformation, you are absolutely on the right path. I’m the best woman to train you.

Before you get to the cock sucking and fucking part of things, you have to look the part. Honestly, one of the things that will help you feel more feminine is to shave off all your body hair. It’s only then that you get to put your panties and bra on. Do you want to wear a lacy pair or a silky pair? Maybe even smooth cotton. It’s up to you. I want you to feel your most sexy.

You know you’re going to have to wear makeup, right? It’s really an important part of the feminization routine. We can start with some lipstick and mascara and then work on the parts that might be more challenging. It might take a little while to make you look your most beautiful, but don’t worry – I’m going to help you make it happen.

We’re not going to get into the other parts of being a sissy in this call. That will be for another day. I just want to make you look and feel more feminine and then you’ll be ready for more! Just grab your phone and call me for sissy training phone sex at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Arianna

Sitting here wiggling my toes in my slippers. This is most definitely not where I want my toes to be wiggling and I am sure those out there with a desire for some foot worship phone sex would agree.

foot worship phone sex

For my toes are too perfect to be hidden away in these grey fluffy slippers. Even through they are cute and adorable but my toes should be on display. Wiggling around letting the light catch the shimmer in my red polish. That sparkle that just draws your eyes down. Unable to resist and letting me knowing you have a foot fetish.

Well perhaps you rather not call it a fetish for feet more just know how to look after a lady from the top of her head to the tip of her soft toes. Plus I do agree foot worship does have a nicer tone to it that foot fetish.

Now that I got off on a tangent or perhaps you liked that little distraction. Giving you a chance to compose yourself. Tame that throbbing between your legs. But we both know one little wiggle of these perfect toes and your right back to being enraptured by my feet.

Letting your imagination run wild with what all I can do with the soles of my feet. Knowing full well that I am a sensual tease and will let you indulge in some foot worship phone sex with myself but also tease you with your infatuation with soft sexy soles.

Just have to ask will you like my feet to be bare for our foot worship phone sex fantasy or does the idea of them encased in stockings get your cock twitching harder?

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Foot Fetish Phone Sex with April

I love foot fetish phone sex so much! It’s hot, kinky and really really erotic and naughty.  Especially someone like myself who has really sexy feet, why wouldn’t I want a guy playing, massaging and sucking on my piggies.  I really love my feet massaged, but since you and I are at the park, I have no lotion for you to use to lotion them up.  I have the perfect idea! I slide my red 6 inch heels off my feet and I slide my pantyhose down my body and off my ankles and feet.  Laying next to you, I start to rub my feet on against yours and your legs.  Working my feet up yours legs and your body I get right to your cock. 

foot fetish phone sex

Ever have a foot job before? Well today is your lucky day.  I’m going to jerk your cock off so hard with my feet until you cum all over them.  I start running the bottoms of my feet on both sides of your cock.  The balls of my feet are wrapped around your cock.  They are sliding up and down your huge cock.  Up and down.  I take my little piggies and twirl them around the head of your cock.  The pre-cum starts pouring out.  I look up at you and ask if you really are enjoying this as your cock is rock hard.  This foot job is making your cock throb which is making my pussy super soaking wet.  Your getting close to cumming.  Exploding that load all over.  Where am I going to cum you ask me.  I tell you to cum all over my sexy red piggies as I stroke your cock in between my big toe and my second toe.  The cum starts pouring out of your cock all over my feet.  Now you take your hands and give me the best foot massage ever.  Rubbing my feet and toes one by one with all your cum.

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Cock Tease Phone Sex with Nadia

Wouldn’t you want to give me a mouth full of hot cum? With cock tease phone sex that’s exactly what you can do to my pretty little warm mouth. I want you to grab my head and push my wet lips towards your stiff cock. Let me open my mouth, I want to thrust your hard cock deep into my mouth, leaving me gasping and choking for air. very slowly fuck my mouth, pushing my head unwilling up and down onto your hard cock until I slobber over your shaft and dripped down onto your balls. You see, I like it dirty and rough, make me your cock whore. With cock tease phone sex that’s what I’ll be for you, I want you moaning in my ear with pleasure. Just rip open my dress and let my pretty little tits tumble out into your hand, as you continue to thrust your cock into my increasingly submissive mouth. Hear me moan as I actively suck on your cock as you sit back and admired my petit tits.

cock tease phone sex

Oh, come on, take it out on me. Release that pressure of a long day at work and let me make you feel so good. I can rub my ass right against you, making that limp cock become a strong and powerful horny cock for me. That cock of yours oozing pre-cum, just feeling my warm body against yours, smelling my hair, kissing my neck. what are you waiting for, cock tease phone sex is right here and is all our yours. Don’t make me wait, I’m here waiting to be pulled onto your cock so you can give me that load, shove my head down onto it. Thrusting deep into my mouth until I can take in your whole shaft, unloaded all cum straight into my throat. I want to Hungrily swallow, trying not to gag on that big, warm load of cum, and making sure that eat every single drop of your cum.

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Submissive Phone Sex with Annie

Happy new year guys! Hope you got fucked at least once over the holidays, and that it was as good as you and I have it when we do submissive phone sex calls together. I know some of you think about me when you are fucking your wife or girlfriend. I totally am down with that too, in fact it turns me on… more than you know!  I love being the center of attention, or like a secret little addiction on the side. I know I do more for you than she does, as I never tell you “no”. I let you fuck me in the ass. I will eat your ass out if you tell me to. I have even gone pee while you listened and jerked off. You know that I will do anything for you, don’t you? That is what a good phone sex slut does.

submissive phone sex

For those of you who have not talked to me before, I am great phone fuck. I am very open minded and mostly submissive, but I do have my opinions on some things 🙂  I love a great conversation as much as a good orgasm, both whenever possible. I have a high sex drive, so being a phone sex operator allows me to let out a lot of my sexual energy and share common fantasies with all of you. I am bi-sexual, so I enjoy two girl calls in case you ever are looking for twice the fun, hehe.  I don’t have a favorite fantasy really, as there is so many that I love equally. What I love most is pleasing all of you who call in, being a good listener and masturbating on my end (if you let me). I will do as you tell me like all good submissive phone sex girls would. So with that being said, “May I go masturbate now, please?”
Want to call me? Ask for Annie.

Submissive Phone Sex with Phoenix

He needed a submissive to punish, normally he spoils me, but today he punish fucked his submissive phone sex princess raw! This is the sixth time I had to be punished by Master this year. He warned me last time he’d punish me good if it happened again. I thought he was going to put a hold on my credit card or not pay for my shoes or something like that. But he was really, really pissed off at me. He came into my room, threw me on the bed, ripped off my clothes and pushed his dick into me so hard that I cried. He hates when his subs cry, it makes him very angry!  He kept saying I warned you about a punishment and you just would not listen as he fucked me deeper and harder making me scream in pain. When I started to cry, he covered my mouth with his hand and said if I didn’t stop he’d fuck my ass the same way.

submissive phone sex

He has never ever been this mad at his submissive phone sex princess. I tried to stop crying but I couldn’t. He scared me with how angry he was. The more I cried, the angrier he got and the harder he pounded me. And just like he warned me, he pushed me down and fucked my tight asshole too! When he was done, he locked me in my room and told me to stay on my bed and not to get dressed. He wasn’t done punishing his submissive phone sex princess, he just needed a break. He has never punished me so long before. I thought he would stop then, but no…he kept going until he literally couldn’t cum anymore. Then he said he’d be back in the morning to punish me again as he tied me to my own bed so I couldn’t move! I know that you would enjoy a submissive phone sex princess to punish, wouldn’t you?

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Creampie Phone Sex with Kelly

Are you a creampie phone sex aficionado? Then you’re gonna love this story! So the other night I went out to a party and hooked up with this guy I’ve never met before. Honestly, I do this all the time. I am just all about that cock. I don’t even know his name actually now that I think about it. His name really doesn’t matter. Anyway, so yeah we hung out for a bit and then went to his car and fucked like animals till he filled me with multiple loads. It was so hot. He totally fucked me raw and made me squirt so many times I lost count.

creampie phone sex

But then when I got home my boyfriend was waiting up for me and got so pissed cuz I was out so late and gave me shit for dressing so slutty. He accused me of fucking and when I denied it he made me come over to him so he could check. He lifted my short skirt and sniffed my cunt and I thought he was getting even angrier once he smelled all that cum. I expected him to turn me around and spank me but instead, he pushed my panties aside and started to lick and slurp up all that spunk leaking out of my pink snatch. I had no idea my boyfriend was a creampie phone sex freak! But he turned me around, bent me over the sofa, ripped off my panties and put them in his pocket while he continued to lap up every drop of jizz in my cunt. I have to say it really turned me on and was so unexpected. What a relief that I have my own creampie phone sex clean up crew at home for my sloppy fuck fests.

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Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Abby

Hello to all you perverted losers. Are you prepared to be owned by a bratty domme phone sex Princess like me? I hope so because that’s what’s going to happen. You may not believe me, but once you talk to me once, you’ll be hooked. I dare you to pick up the phone and call me. And you know, the best part is that I don’t even have to do anything particularly special. I’ll answer the phone, talk to you, and you’ll be pussy whipped in no time flat.

bratty domme phone sex

But before we get into things, I want to tell you something about me. I’m a cock tease and I am in no way, shape, or form ashamed of it. Actually, I’m very proud of it. Look at me – it’s easy for me to get men to do whatever I want them to. It makes me laugh when men who have no chance of impressing me try to do so. Of course they never have a shot, but it’s fun to let them try. The more they think they have a chance, the funnier it is when I shoot them down. I don’t know what it says about me as a person, but that totally gets me off.

Being a cock tease plays into one of my other favorite things – financial domination. I was absolutely born into this world to spend men’s money. I want you to know one things – I don’t NEED your money. I deserve it. There is a big difference. Once you’re on the phone with me, you’re going to want to give me everything. I’ll be living my best life while you’re at home with nothing to do other than eat your dinner of peanut butter sandwiches.

Those are just two of the fun things I like doing with losers. I also love humiliating men for their small dicks, cock and ball torture, cuckolding, orgasm denial, and so much more.
Are you ready for this bratty domme phone sex Princess? Call me now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby.

BBC Phone Sex with Victoria


BBC Phone Sex for white men

Merry Christmas guys, do you have your plans made for New Year’s Eve yet? It’s my hope that there will be many white men in panties taking black cock to ring in the new year. I’ve heard from a few men that got panties from their wives for Christmas. Those will be perfect for crossdressing and creampies. Do you want to have BBC phone sex and talk about your dirty secret? I hope so. It arouses me so much to hear about how white wives are getting satisfied by big black men with huge black cocks. It’s even more exciting when those husbands are sucking the black cocks while their white wives watch in amazement. I bet some of you have been practicing on toys and blow your wives’ minds at how good you are at sucking dick for the first time. Would your wife be proud of you?

bbc phone sex

BBC phone sex with sad white men who have mini cocks is so fun. It tickles me to hear about the size difference between them and the black cocks their wives prefer. I can’t say anything. I’m not going back to an inferior white dick after being spoiled by big black cocks for so long. I want to get all of the white men used to sucking the black ones. We will train them to do so. All of the pitiful white men can get down and fluff and suck on big black cocks .. I think everyone will be happier with this arrangement with the possible exception of some white men who are in denial. The ones in denial crack me up. They have no shot at being the superior race with pathetic toothpick pricks like those. You fruit loop fuckers can stand down.