Sensual Phone Sex with Julia

Beauty will only take you so far. You need to have the brains behind it. I’ve always been the perfect woman. Sweet, honest, and the kind of girl you can take home to Mom, but what if that all changed? I have days where my fantasies run wild in my head, and even I want to make something bad happen. When sitting at a local coffee shop and daydreaming, I couldn’t stop the overwhelming need to take things to a new level during sensual phone sex.

sensual phone sex

The couple sat across from me arguing. It wasn’t the time or place for that to happen. Both sipping a latte, their voices were low, but I heard it all. He caught her cheating by checking her phone messages. Remember to clean your cache boys. No one likes a cheater.

Though she kept denying the fact that she slept with his brother, he knew the truth. He had all the proof in black and white. She was seen giving his brother a long blow job at the last family party. Nasty whore should have known to take that elsewhere. When she excused herself to the restroom, I couldn’t help but go over and console the man to let him know how I could help cure his woes with sensual phone sex. He was crying and I knew that I could help relieve some of his heartache.

My hand went to his knee, patting it before rubbing gently, “You know she doesn’t deserve you, right? You happen to be a handsome man, and if you were mine, I would make sure you never have this pain. Being a sensual phone sex therapist, I know how to treat the broken. Moving my hand up his thigh, massaging over his dick, “How about I leave you my number, and you can call me sometime? We can have coffee and talk,” winking, he knew what I wanted. Pulling out my pen, I wrote my name on his hand before walking away.

As I left, I looked back to see them break up and grip his hand tight. I knew I would be getting a call that night.  Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia.

AIM: SweetJulia_4U

GFE Phone Sex with Kristi

I am a single woman sometimes I miss having a boyfriend. That’s why I really enjoy GFE phone sex. Sometimes after a long day of work you just want to come home to a hot meal, a hot bath, a foot massage and lots of kisses. I will be here for you to provide just what you need. When you come home from a long day at work I love to hear how your day went. While I take off your shirt and give you a relaxing massage I’ll plant little kisses all over your neck and shoulders to show you how much I have missed you. I hope you enjoy my soft lips pressed against your body. I have missed you so much while you were gone that’s why I cannot keep my hands off of you. I was thinking about you all day today, that’s why I have your meal cooked, your bath water ready and the kids are asleep. You are all mine tonight and I’m going to show you just how much I appreciate you.

GFE phone sex

I love to wash your body in the bathtub paying close attention to your special areas. When I’m done washing you I’ll dry you off with my tongue. mmmmmm I just love the way you taste. I slide you down my throat a little deeper. I know you like the way that feels baby I can hear your quiet moans and your breathing getting deeper. I squeeze your ass to slide you further down my throat while looking into your eyes. You can never keep your eyes open long while I am deepthroating you. 🙂 Do you like the way that feels baby? mmm i know u do!

I gently push you onto the bed and I climb on top of you. I know you loved my cheerleading days when I would split on your cock. I’m going to give you all the things you love tonight just dial 1 888 402 8669 ask for your girlfriend Kristi for GFE phone sex.

Supernatural Phone Sex with Jocelyn

I had a dream about supernatural phone sex last night and I had to write it all down before it slipped away like the cum out of my juicy peach. Even the kinky, cute girl next door can have some twisted fantasies. I want to share mine with you!

supernatural phone sex

I was standing in front of a mirror and could see my cute waifish succubus body, clad in shiny latex lingerie the deep scarlet of drying blood. Behind me in the mirror you stood staring at my exposed nipples. So pink and perky, my fingertips circled them, flicked them, pinched them and twisted them for your open-mouthed pleasure as you stroked your cock for me. You were ensnared in my succubus spell and there would be no way you would leave undrained of your very essence. I could already sense it rising inside of you, pushing you to give yourself to me in searing hot supernatural phone sex.

My red lips parted to show my pointy little fangs but I didn’t want to bite my willing fucktoy. No, I was hungry for your sin-tainted soul itself. I licked my lips and beckoned you to step forward as I bent over between you and the mirror. The platforms and heels on my thigh high shiny boots brought my creamy round ass to the perfect height in front of your rigid cock.

“Stroke for me, fucktoy,” I moan with my wet cunt perched right on the tip of your throbbing mushroom head. You groan and try to shake your head but your hand was already moving, up and down and up and down. My intoxicating honey dripped down your cock and I was so hungry for your lust and sin.

“Are you ready for me to take you, fucktoy? All of you? Do you want and deserve your succubus Mistress to possess and drain you?” My eyes locked on his in the mirror as he panted and groaned and stroked even faster. He could hardly even speak to beg me to suck him dry even though he kept trying to resist; it made me laugh, fangs flashing.

And then I made him stand still there, while I fucked him like that, to the point of bursting, of exploding and giving me every bit of his essence and soul to feed my succubus hunger in the hottest supernatural phone sex dream.

Call me and give me another naughty something to dream about?

Twitter: @JezebelJocelyn
AIM: PlayWithJocelyn
Yahoo: CumPlayWithJocelyn

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Raven

Hello gentlemen are you ready for passionate anything goes phone sex? Are you into roleplay and sensual sex? I would love for you to call and share with me. I am very horny and ready to imagine your cock penetrating me. I love to wear my favorite lingerie and imagine receiving great oral. Would you like me to talk dirty to you while you masterbate for me with your hard cock? I would like to share our fantasies and desires together.

anything goes phone sex

I am very into romance and sex talk. Are you into foreplay and oral I am dying to know? I love to be fucked missionary and doggy style. Where is your favorite place to have sex? I love to have sex everywhere. My favorite pass time is anything goes phone sex. Would you like for me to talk dirty in your ear? Do you like to give oral? Call me and let me know. I can’t wait to have anything goes phone sex with a charming gentlemen. I hope your ready to go on a mind blowing sensual journey with me. I am ready and waiting to show you a good time. Do you like to get hand jobs? I am down to talk about whatever you want, anything goes when your talking to me. What is your biggest desire? Care to share? Would you like to chat while I play with my dildo? Would you like to hear me have an orgasm when I reach my climax. I love nothing more than a big fat dick in my soft wet pussy. I am always down to try new things during sex. I love to get fingered while I imagine being fucked hard. I also love to receive anal. Are you down for anything goes phone sex. I am here horny and waiting for your call. Your desired pleasure is one call away. I can make all of your sexual dreams come to reality. I love to have foursomes and sex parties. What is your favorite role play? I can’t wait to find out. Are you spontaneous? Are you down for whatever? I know I am. I don’t know how I would survive without a hard cock to please me. I am a sex fanatic that just can’t get enough. I also go both ways and love to do oral and more with woman. Im always down for anything goes phone sex.

AIM: Raunchy_Raven4u

Call 1 888 402 8669 to chat with me

BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

BBC phone sex always makes my pussy so wet and sloppy. So I know why I love it so much, but tell me about your fantasy. Are you a white guy with a wee cock and a fantasy of watching a live fuck show starring me a big black buck? Do you really need to see what it looks like when a legit man takes me to pound town? Because let’s be honest, you wouldn’t know anything about that. You have been trying to throw your best fuck for years and you know you come up so very SHORT – literally. I bet your poor woman even pats you on the back and tells you how great it is, but you see the disappointment in her eyes.

BBC phone sex

Maybe it is time you get a front seat and see for yourself how fucking is really supposed to be done. You know, some serious sport fucking. You don’t really have the equipment to truly satisfy a woman, but it would be an education for you anyway. Hell, you might even learn to like being humiliated after a bit. I know that when I get fucked by BBC my whole body responds and I moan and whimper like crazy. That must really gut you to think how no woman has ever or will ever react like that with you. Just embrace that pain and just feel lucky that you get to witness the miracle of a truly good dicking. I might take pity on you and let you clean me up with your tongue after that mandingo cock has used me like a whore. Be gentle though, my pussy is so sore from all that good fucking. You should feel blessed that I even let you close to my sweet pussy after I have taken some BBC phone sex peen.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Memphis

Three of my favorite words are “Bend over Bitch” I love anal sex, and the backdoor is always the loophole. I started using it back when I first started having sex. No better way not to get pregnant than to take the cum shot in the asshole. Plus, I cum so hard with a dick in my ass during ass worship phone sex. That stretch, burn, and pain, I thrive on it. When the rest of the women in the world tell you not in the ass, find your favorite anal sex slut and pound her asshole into submission.

ass worship phone sex

Stroking your cock and wishing the wife would take it in the ass? I am the ass worship phone sex slut that prefers it there. I have a huge toy just for back door fucking, but no worries. I will share it with you if that’s what you prefer. Remember the first time you placed the head of your cock on an asshole? The temptation you had to push inside. Do it. Smear the little rosebud with lubrication and push into it.  Spread that oil slick around with the head and slip inside. So tight it almost feels like a rubber band constricting the tip. Not a better feeling in the world that something too tight around your dick.

If she screams, fuck her harder. If she says ouch but pushes back on it, don’t stop. A true ass worship queen will love the pain you give her. Look down and watch her love chute open wider. Fuck, pull out and look at the damage you’ve done.  Balls were pounding her pussy lips, dick all the way in, you’ll be in heaven soon enough. Make sure to call the girl who never says no when you break the bank. I am the no limits, no taboo phone whore for you.  Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis!


Humiliation Phone Sex with Riley

So how pathetic and worthless are you? Well can definitely explore that question when you call me for some humiliation phone sex. Dial, my pitiful little piss ant, because I’m in a seriously bitchy mood and I need a good laugh tonight. I want you to call because I’m very sure I can find more than a few good chuckles at your expense. I’m going to find out what makes you the sad little worm that you are, and exploit it until you cum all over in your pants so you have to spend the rest of the day explaining and blushing over that crusty stain on your crotch.

humiliation phone sex

Speaking of sad little worms, is your dick small? A teeny weeny? Do you need to be told how inadequate that little clittie is for fucking any hole? I don’t think there’s a woman alive that wants to be stuck fucking that little mini-meat breakfast sausage! We can talk about getting you the right strap on for you and your lady, so you can finally give her a little real satisfaction. Unless she’s getting it from somewhere else, like a well hung cuck bull, while you watch and clean up his cum like a frilly little hand maid. No worries, I can find lots of ways to exploit that arrangement during humiliation phone sex. We can always just talk about what a pathetic failure you are at life overall, and how much I would prefer to fuck any guys that aren’t you. You really should be on the floor in front of me, licking my shoe clean, but you aren’t here so you need humiliation phone sex to know what your place is. In fact, maybe I’ll just tell you to shut the fuck up and listen while I fuck my boyfriend, so this way you can hear how it sounds when it’s done right. I’m sure that’s not something you get to hear in real time that often. Let’s find out…

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for humiliation phone sex!

AIM: Rileys_Ready4U

Voyeur Phone Sex with Payton

Like it’s not hot enough just being naked in general, it’s so much sexier when I know that someone’s watching me. . . watching me strip off my clothes, watching my hands slip down to that sweet spot as I bring myself to a gushing orgasm, watching me please a hard, hung cock. I admit it, I totally get off on voyeur phone sex!

voyeur phone sex

I just spoke to a friend who loves it as much as I do. . . We talked about how we go down to a busy part of the city, in broad daylight, lots of pedestrians, and park on the street. He strips me down to nothing but my high heels and starts teasing my tight, wet pussy. Then, when my nipples are hard, and my juices are dripping down my thighs, he pushes me out onto the sidewalk and locks the door behind me!

There I am, standing on the busy street, in nothing but my black stilettos. Everyone stops and stares at my tight, naked body. I try to cover myself, but I’m totally exposed. People are pointing, laughing, taking cell phone videos. Men are stroking themselves as my sweet 18 teen body makes them rock hard. And my friend sits inside the car, stroking furiously as he sees me, naked and exposed to a street full of people during a hot voyeur phone sex session.

And yes, I’m embarrassed, almost in tears, but there’s a dark, secret part of me that enjoys having all those people stare at my bare body. I try to cover myself with my hands, but I can feel that pussy flooding with juices as I see the looks in the men’s eyes as they stare at me, and the bulges in their pants grow bigger and bigger.

Do you dream of being exposed? Or of showing the world how hard you can make me cum? Just want people staring with fascination as you engage in your most perverted fantasies? Let me join you! Give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 for some smoking voyeur phone sex, and play with Payton!

AIM: PlayWith_Payton
Yahooo: PlayWithPayton

Voyeur Phone Sex with Julia

Voyeur phone sex…ahhhh I love it. Showing off in public. Fucking without care, I am a voyeur phone sex dream. I will turn the tables on you though. Not only do I love to put on a show, but when my man does it for me, I get off hard. Sharing you with the world makes my pussy wet. Last night though, I went to a whole other level of twisted. Come a little closer and let me whisper all the dirty sexual details in your ear. Promise never to tell? Liar! I love when you tell all the other boys about your nasty phone fucks.

voyeur domination phone sex


Sending my caller out to the mall, I knew he couldn’t resist that bench in the middle of the food court. It was right in between a clothing store and a shoe shop. Both a toss-up on what he loves more. I know all the naughty fetishes. As the patrons walked by, I made him touch himself. First, adjust his zipper to the down position. Second, give that dick a rub. Making him hard with my sultry moans, I masturbated while the world watched him sit in discomfort. I told him not to rub his cock in public, but he couldn’t help himself because voyeur phone sex made him weak and my whimpers drove him insane.


I had him put a bag on his lap and stroke his cock while watching girls try on clothing and shoes. He would have to be careful not to get caught. Having him jack off in public was a voyeur’s phone sex fantasy. I could imagine someone seeing him and watching. Would they say something? Or maybe they would help. He couldn’t tell them no in fear of being caught. Imagine being a straight male and you must let another man jerk you off. Would you take the chance and say no, or would you allow it? I told him if that happened, he couldn’t say no and after all I’m the best phone fuck around and I know exactly what makes you cum hard. Call  1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia.

AIM: SweetJUlia_4U

Ass Worship Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

Was rather sorry to see summer pass and fall arrive. Granted the rain had a bit to do with my pout for it was having to pack my short skirts away. Which I never like to do. However, the bringing out of my skinny jeans did put me in a better frame of mind. For I do really love how my ass looks in them. I know anyone who has called for an ass worship phone sex fantasy is loving girls in tight jeans as well.

ass worship phone sex fantasy

Ok so perhaps it was the ass fetish fantasies that got me in a better mood about the season change instead of my actual jeans. Tomato. Tomatoe. Either way its a win win for you since I am all about teasing you and tormenting you with my perfect ass. Ok so its more talking about how I would tease you with my lovely derriere haha. Which I know will make your cock simply throb with anticipation of worshiping it.

Yes for I know all summer you were just going crazy with desire over short skirt ass worship phone sex fantasies and now we can switch the script up into yoga pants, skinny jeans, and leggings. Oh and sure some sexy panties cause lets face it those never depend on a season.

So lets make tonight all about you worshiping my sexy ass. Now I could tell you what I am currently wearing but where is the fun in that? Much more fun for you to wonder is she wearing work out pants? Jeans? or a Tee n panties? Ohh the options. Just as many as what I will do when you call.

Talk to you soon!

Arianna 1-888-402-8669

ariannateases on AIM

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