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Hey boys! It’s your favorite mature phone sex slut, Trixi. And when I say slut, I really do mean that. I have been fucking and sucking cock for a really long time now and if I tried to add up all the men I’ve fucked… well, let’s just say that it would be an astronomically big number. Some women might be ashamed of that, but not me. I’m proud. I take so much pride in how good I am at pleasing men. I have quite a reputation in town among the younger men. They know that as soon as they turn 18, I am more than willing to show them how to use those throbbing younger dicks.

Yes, I like to show those younger men how to use their dicks, but one thing I think it’s important to teach them is how to eat pussy. So many men these days either didn’t have someone to tell them how to do it properly or they just don’t seem to want to do it because nobody ever insisted on it. But I do. I teach them that if they learn to orally please a woman, their own pleasure is going to increase. If you make a woman cum with your tongue, you can bet your sweet ass that she’s going to go out of her way to make sure that you have a great sexual experience.

It’s also fun to have orgies with these younger men. If there’s anything better than an 18 year old cock, it’s a room full of them. And they really love fucking me in all of my holes. It’s so hot when I have one in my mouth, one in my pussy and one buried balls deep in my ass.

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Hi my sweet and slutty sissy boy. Do you remember what it was like back before you were transformed into the woman that you are today? You used to just call and ask me to feminize you, and to sissify you, and train in the ways of being a perfect girly sissy slave. That got old really quick though didn’t it? You were much more perverted than your average panty boy. You started with light cross dressing, and wandered into feminization with makeup, wigs, and body hair removal, and then you started calling me, your sensual Domme. I knew from the first phone call that we shared that you would long for more feminization than you had ever experienced. There was just something about you. Ah, and then I suggested that two girl call with the bewitching Roxy. She and I talked about how to make you blossom into the lovely woman we knew you needed to be.

You had to have your doubts, when I sent you to the doll shop to find your perfect female poppet. It certainly didn’t look like any doll shop that you had seen before. You’d passed by there on many occasions, and never even noticed it. So you went in and looked, and searched and found yourself the perfect stand in for your new shell. You did as the sales woman said and clutched your poppet to your chest and pressed into her with all of your intentions, and then headed home for our ritual. Soon you won’t need wigs, or breast forms, or push up bras, or intense hair removal sessions. It won’t be long now before you will be perfectly smooth and have that gorgeous slender model like body that you’ve dreamed of. Are you excited to start your journey into sissy sorcery?


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financial domination phone sex

I love every kind of phone sex with hot, sexy guys with huge delicious cocks, that can fuck me hard and give me endless orgasms. But I also get plenty of calls from losers who don’t have much to offer in the physical department, if you know what I mean. *Giggles* Those guys have to prove they have something to offer. And that’s when financial domination phone sex comes in.

I mean, if you losers want attention from a girl like me, you’d better be prepared to pay up. Just look at my pictures. Don’t you think I deserve to be spoiled and pampered? I know that you’re dying for a flash of my panties, a peek at my perky tits, or maybe even to feel my soft hands stroking you, if you’ve been especially good.

And let me just say this: If you message me and tell me you want to spoil me and pamper me, you’d better be serious. You do not want to get on my bad side. So don’t mess around when it comes to financial domination phone sex.

And when it comes to the things I need, baby, I’ve got bills to pay. I’m a college student, you know. So aside from my tuition bills, I need to live in the lifestyle to which I’m accustomed. I deserve to eat at the finest restaurants, wear the costliest designer clothes and shoes, get regular spa pampering, because I work hard for you, don’t I, baby.

My time is valuable, and if you want my attention, you’d better be prepared to give me everything I deserve. I don’t care if you’re living on ramen, I deserve lobster and caviar, because I am incredibly sexy, and if you want even a peek of this body, it’s going to cost you. I don’t care if your wife will find out, that’s your problem, not mine. I want jewelry. Real jewelry. Diamonds. And you’re going to pay for them.

Because, in real life, I wouldn’t even give you a second glance, you know that, right? The only reason I’m interested in you is because of what you can offer me. Do you think you’re capable of fulfilling my expensive tastes? Do you feel the need to prove your worthiness to me? If so, give me a call, and play with Payton.

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domination phone sex

I have recently inherited a new toy. Not the kind of toy that you might be thinking of either. I now have my very own boat. What is so exciting about that? In other words, why would a boat get your cock hard? Well, I’ll tell you. First of all, I have always dreamed of fucking on a boat. Secondly, this boat holds its very own dungeon. As many of you know, my pussy gets extraordinarily hot for domination phone sex. I love whips, chains, floggers, canes, rope, strap-ons cuffs, & so much more. My new pleasure boat is perfect for all of the above. I will erotically tease & torture the fuck out of you. I will have you on your knees in no time & I will have YOU begging your Mistress Layla for more. You won’t be able to get enough of my erotically devious antics. I will fuck with you like you have never been fucked with before. Can you handle it? Is your cock dripping with pre cum yet? I know you are touching yourself & imagining my voice in your ear. Seductive, hot, sensual, strong, & domme. You will relinquish all control & you will do as your Mistress Layla desires. I will own you. You will be mine. My personal property. My personal fuck toy. I will take you into my dungeon & show you what real domination phone sex is all about. This isn’t just a fetish for me, this is my passion. There will be no turning back. One last thing, YOU will not cum without the permission of your domination phone sex Mistress. You will beg for mercy & for my attention. You will worship your Mistress Layla. You will be devoted, obedient, & so fucking hard for me. Any slip ups or naughtiness of any kind & you will feel my wrath & experience a punishment like no other. Are you ready to begin your training?

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small penis humiliation phone sex

So I must tell everyone, I had a phone sex call today , we were getting to know each other like I like to do with my men that call.  I asked him what he looked like, he tells me he is tall, has a nice tan, blue eyes, very athletic , in really good shape.  I said you sound so hot, instantly my pussy got wet.  I mean his voice went right along with how hot he described himself.  I then asked him what size cock he has, which I should of known because he didn’t give me that information .  He was starting to get a little bit quiet and tells me it’s about average.  I said what is average to you ?  He says its 3 1/2 inches hard.  Well now we get to have one of my favorite calls and that is small penis humilisation.  I know you sound nice looking, but that little fucking dick , thimble or lighter looking dick you have is just fucking pathetic to me.  There is nothing I can do with that but laugh .  Im sure he masturbates with a little rubbing like a girl does her clit, or maybe he can hold it with his thumb and index finger if he is lucky hahaha . I can see him now doing that , damn what a little dick looser !  I bet the only way he can go the bathroom in public, is to go in a fucking stall instead of using the urinal because he has to sit down.  I mean there is nothing to hold onto to stand and piss.  Just like little boys have to do and ladies.   Sad thing is he don’t have nothing to hold onto to shake it like men do, that he has to grab some toilet paper and wipe it.  He is always a fucking looser to me, and will always be just that.  Call me for my next laugh, because it turns me on so much doing small penis humiliation phone sex.

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anything goes phone sex

When I picked up the phone and heard your sexy voice you said “Brandy I’m in my kitchen right now and all I can think about is putting you up on my counter and doing you right now. I couldn’t wait for my wife to leave. Shes just so boring and never gives me what I want. And if i wanted to take her right here on the counter she would say no.” I smiled and said “Well, you know i’m just the opposite from her. And when it comes to making your dick throb, there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to make you happy.” That’s why I love anything goes phone sex. I’m the kind of girl who loves turning a man’s head my way. Especially if he’s taken. I can’t pretend that older men don’t excite me also. Just the thought of a man telling me his fantasies wants to say yes to whatever it is that makes his dick rock hard. I’m a sweet southern red head with the accent to match. I’m also down right misbehaving and a bad girl *giggles* But bad in all the kind of ways. I may appear to look sweet and innocent, but that’s just on the surface. Underneath that lies a girl who will drain all the cum from your cock.

I think about having you call me into your room, you look at me and see the way that i’m dressed for you and all these kinky, dirty, taboo, and things that she won’t do flood your mind. Your dick starts rising in your pants and all you can think about is my firm 34 c breasts, sexy long legs, tight firm ass and sweet mouth. I look up at you letting my body speak and say “can I be your favorite anything goes phone sex slut? And would it be wrong if i confessed that I really like forbidden, extreme and taboo fantasies?” I don’t want there to be any limit’s when it comes to all the things that make you want to start stroking for me. And as you are sharing all of your dirty secrets with me I want you to pull me in your lap and take your big strong hands and touch me everywhere. My petite and very sweet body belongs to you and only you. And when you’re thinking about all those places and positions that you want to take me too and put me in I’ll look up at you as I slowly slide my finger inside my pink pussy. I’ll be the one driving you so crazy you wont be able to stop yourself from taking that rock hard cock out and stroke for me. And when  you’re ready to feel these tight slutty holes wrap around your cock I just know it wont be long until i’m begging you to cum. MMMMM you can shoot it in me, on me or down my cum loving throat. I’ll lick it all up just like a good girl should. Because when it comes to you there is never enough and I’ll always want more…

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cuckold phone sex

I have a question that I’d like to ask you. Do you have a teeny weenie? If you are here on this site, then you are more than likely going to answer yes to that question. I bet a lot of girls who have seen it have said “Oh, that’s cute!” but please trust me when I say that I don’t mean that in a good way at all. I mean it in an “I am going to laugh so hard at that and then show all of my friends so they can laugh” way. It’s so fucking hilarious that you think that tiny thing (you should stop calling it a dick) could ever come close to pleasing a woman in a sexual way. And that is absolutely why you’re the perfect “man” for all of the cuckold phone sex fantasies that are currently running through my head.

A lot of cuckold phone sex calls will involve a “man” getting on his knees and sucking my black lovers cock to get it nice and hard for me. Or maybe licking my pussy to get it ready for that black cock. But that’s not what will be happening with you. You’re just going to stand there and watch. It’s going to be terribly frustrating for you, but you have accepted that it’s just what you deserve. How does it make you feel that I think you are so pathetic that you don’t even deserve to be turned into a slutty BBC whore for my lover? I hope it makes you feel like a loser, because that is exactly what you are. You don’t even deserve to lick cum out of my gaping pussy when he’s done with me. But you’ll get to feel like a loser, and that’s really all you need.

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asian phone sex

My picture caught your eye, didn’t it doll face? My big brown eyes, my soft curves, and tan skin. I feel your eyes looking at me from head to toe, wondering if I’m as innocent as I look. I’m the one that you close your eyes, and think about when you’re all alone on your bed, trying to fufill that certain need..The one your whole body is aching over. I’m the one that keeps you tossing and turning at night, my body dancing through your dreams. During our steamy and kinky asian phone sex session I will show you exactly how innocently I will seduce you, and get exactly what I want from you. Give me just a few minutes with you and I will have your heart racing, and the rod between your legs straining against your pants to come out and play. I won’t have to demand anything from you. All it will take is a turn of my hips, a slight flutter of my long dark eyelashes, and I will have you right where I want you- begging for time with this asian phone sex princess.

I have no limits, so during our asian phone sex session my goal is to please you, doll face. That means I will give you whatever it is you may want. I am your typical asian girl. I am submissive and meek by nature, and my ultimate pleasure is to do all I can to make you happy, even if I have to do a little…convincing first.  I can’t wait to hear all about what it is you crave, your innermost wants and needs. Please baby, let me be the one to quench those insatiable desires- just call 1 888 402 8669, and ask for your asian phone sex princess, Meeka.

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cock sucking phone sex

I have this insatiable need for cock sucking phone sex. It’s YOUR cock that I’m craving. I can’t wait to taste you again, baby. I’m kneeling before you, your huge dick just inches from my face as I hungrily lick my moist red lips, my mouth watering. Your musky scent is driving me fucking wild. Just the thought of you, your shaft growing and ready to sink itself deep into my ravenous mouth is making my already-wet pussy clench in need. Those first salty droplets of pre-cum are oozing from the slit in your swollen crown; mmmm, I just have to lap it all up, making us both shiver with pleasure as I savor that first taste of you on my tongue. I’d planned to tease you, to torment us both awhile, to curl my slick tongue around that sensitive spot on the underside of your throbbing cockhead the way I know you like it, to suckle and roll your balls in my mouth like the most delicious candy I’ve ever tasted…but again, I just can’t wait.

I’m a cock-sucking, ravenous whore, and I -need- you buried in my throat NOW. It’s urgent! I’m impaling myself on your throbbing dick, tears streaming down my face because I’m whimpering and gagging and choking on your thrusting cock in my total slutty eagerness to suck every juicy inch of your hot meat down my throat.

That’s right, bury your hands in my silky blond hair and fuck my face. You know you want to. You don’t have to be gentle with me. I love cock sucking phone sex, so do it! Don’t stop! We’re both panting, grunting mindlessly in our mutual pleasure and the need to cum. That’s right, I want you to explode for me. Shoot your load down my throat, give it to me now!! I’m cumming too, fuck yes!

Oh, that was so good! I tried to swallow every drop of your hot, creamy cum, but there was so much of it that it’s dripping down my chin. I’m licking my fingers clean now, mmmm…can’t let any of it go to waste, now can I? I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, lover! Let’s do this again *very* soon!

I’d love to deep-throat my favorite dildo during our cock sucking phone session together. It’s nearly 9 inches long and 3 inches thick. You’ll hear me licking and suckling on just the tip as we begin our chat, just like a tasty lollipop. Mmmm, my mouth just watered again!

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sensual domination phone sex

Sensual Domination phone sex, like any other kind of Domination, is purely subjective and can take so many different forms and fantasies. To me, sensual Domination usually involves some sort of light bondage, a lot of teasing – edging – denial, guided masturbation, anal play – strapons, and more. JOI, CEI (jerk off instructions and cum eating instructions) also fall under sensual dom in my mind. If you have never been under the control of a Dominant woman and it’s something you fantasize about, let me introduce you to what I think of when you call me for sensual Domination.

I lead you into the bedroom and sit right at the edge of the bed while you stand in front of me ready to serve and obey your Mistress for the night. “Strip”, I say, “Nice and slow, put on a sexy strip show for me”. I turn on some rhythmic music in the background and lay back watching you get naked for me. You see my cross my stockinged legs and notice the soft white skin of my thighs. I smile as I see your cock get harder and you blush when you see I notice. Once you’re naked I have you turn around for me, bend, over, spread those legs, I want to see every part of you.  I stand inches from as you feel my hand reach for your balls and squeeze (not too hard, just hard enough) and lead you to lay back on the bed. I straddle you with my perfect tits in your face as I slip the blindfold on and tie your hands with my stockings to the headboard.

Now you are at my mercy as my long nails scratch down your neck and over your nipples. I might even get those clamps, I have one for each of your sensitive nipples. I’ll slip a cock ring over your dick and might even tie your balls up into a tight little pretty package. For tonight, those cock and balls belong to me. You do trust me, don’t you? Before you know it I am sitting and riding on your face, smothering you with my juices and my ass. You’re here to please me, don’t forget that. It’s my pleasure that brings yours.

You know this only the beginning, let’s see where we can take this sensual domination phone sex fantasy. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your call!

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