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Hi all!  Kelly here and I hope you are being as naughty as I am. Tell the truth, don’t you need a naughty phone sex slut like me in your life?  I make everything better.  I just can’t help myself, I am horny cum whore! I have so many fuck stories I can tell you — in graphic detail. I don’t consider it bragging, I am just willing to share my experiences with you. Right after I became legal (when I turned 18) I would seduce the older men in the neighborhood.  I would put on the tiniest bikini and go lay out on the front yard.  You better believe I got a lot of attention.  The more courageous men came over and laid some rap on me, if they were cute and packing a nice dick, I gave them a shot.  But I loved knowing that every man that saw me put me in their spank bank.  It makes me so hot knowing you beat your cock when you think about me.  I know that makes me a slut, but I don’t care.  Hell, I embrace that.  I am a whore — I want to try any and everything that gets my pussy all creamy.  I never have any problem finding pervy guys to experiment with me.  I guess word gets around about what I have done and what I am willing to do. Oh the things I can tell you, wow! Good thing for you is that when it comes to hard dick there isn’t much this phone sex slut will say no to.

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I love seeing the way that you look at me. Especially when I’m dressed like this in my super short skirt and tight fitting top. I just love being a tease and being super flirty making your cock rock hard for me. And it doesn’t matter if you like a submissive slut or a princess to bring you to your knees. I will be the perfect phone sex switch to make your cock rock hard every time. You are the kind of open minded man who has no limit’s to what you like. There may be times where i’m the perfect cock tease and will flaunt myself around you and drive you to the point of not being able to take it anymore. Just think about my firm young body brushing against yours. You look into my pretty baby blue eyes and you start to touch me everywhere. I brush my soft glossy lips across your lips and feel your hands as they slide under my skirt. My pretty panties are so wet for you right now. Are you stroking your dick thinking about how much you want to serve and orship my tiny body? Are you a submissive man who wants this seductive red head to use and have my way with you? Or maybe you are a dominate man looking for a submissive slut who will never say no to you? My perfect breasts, hard nipples, tight bubble bum, and sweet pink cherry is all yours. You can lick and suck and worship me from my pretty toes all the way up to my kissable lips. I will wrap my sexy long legs around your shoulders and moan out sweetly as I take your throbbing dick in my hand and start to stroke. MMMM do you like the way that feels? I just may decide to drive you even crazier and run your cock head against my pretty panties. Do you want to see this sweet, pink, bald pussy? Should I move them to the side and slide your dick against my puffy pussy lips? Just feel how wet they are as I slide and tease your shaft like no one else can.

I will be the phone sex switch of your dreams. The girl who will always say yes to you when all those other girls say no. There is no limit’s to how kinky, dirty, naughty, and taboo I will be with you. I want to be all the spice that you crave and I’ll do things that your girl friend or wife never dreamed of doing. I want to be the one you cant stop thinking about when you are at work or with “her” A red head switch like me will make your cock so rock hard and explode I just know you will be cumming back for more. So please don’t keep standing there looking at me smile at you like this. You know how bad I want you. Come and get this sexy slutty red head southern girl. My delicious young voice and super naughty talking mouth will have you stroking like never before. I’m all yours for all of your secret fantasies…

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One of my favorite things in the world is sensual domination phone sex. The reason I love it so much is because it encompasses so many different things. I want to tell you about a few of my favorites and maybe then you will call and tell me some of yours!

Teasing… oh, I love being a cock tease. And usually with me it involves denial, too. Is there anything better than getting a man to the point of no return and then just walking away? No, I really don’t think so. Just wait until I tell you all the ways I will tease you… it might involve a little bit of bondage. I’ll tie you up and then you’re going to totally be at my mercy.

Have you ever had your ass played with? No? Well, trust me, you’re going to love it. We can start out slow, if you want. We will work up to you being fucked with my strap on. Oh, I love strap on fun. And you’re going to love it too. Having your ass filled will make you cum like never before. You might be nervous to try it, but soon you are going to be asking for it all of the time.

One last thing I want to tell you about… well, I mean, you can see that I have an amazing body that just deserves to be worshipped all the time. Body worship is so amazing. I have guys who worship my feet, guys who worship my tits, guys who worship my ass and the lucky ones who prove themselves to be good slaves get to worship my glorious pussy. You don’t start out there, but there’s potential for all slaves to work up to it. Trust me, it’s totally worth the wait.

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Katrina here bitches!  Are you ready for what I am craving? I am willing to bet that you are not ready! Ha ha ha. We all know that I am one fucking hot vixen! All those horny cocks just can’t get enough of this anything goes phone sex slut. Mmmm.. Well, I have some hot fucking stories for you! Guess what? You will have to call this slut to find out what they are. Maybe I will give you just a little hint. Ha ha ha. Are you ready for it? *Evil laugh* Just joking, I am not going to tell you but I know what makes that cock twitch! That is right; it is me having complete and utter control over that rock hard brawny shaft. You know what? There is not a thing that you can do about that! Especially, when No matter how much fight you put up, you will always come crawling back begging and pleading for me to be your Mistress! You know I am right!  In fact, I know that you want to call me right now for anything goes phone sex!

There is nothing too taboo for me! That is why I cum in such high demand! *Evil Laugh* Wipe up the drool dripping down your chin and stop fucking gawking. In fact, I know you already have that rock hard shaft in hand and ready to play. So, why not get into anything you want, I do mean anything! The darker and more depraved the better! Anything goes phone sex is the best! It gets us both off, we can cover any fantasy, fetish or roleplay you wish. Want some hot and steamy girlfriend experience time? Well, I can be your girl, your vixen, your slut, and your naughty school girl all wrapped into one anything goes phone sex package.

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blackmail phone sex

I always love to learn about all kinds of fetish phone sex.  Lately I have been doing a lot of  hot blackmail phone sex. I am always down for a little forced fun! I can make up any scenario and run with it.  What if you are dating my best friend and I stop by to pick something up she left for me only to find you walking around the house in her panties and bra? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!! Why are you dressed like a woman? My girl always said you such a man’s man!! Gosh I would hate for her to find out that are you some kind of closet faggot? I guess you are going to have to do something to keep my mouth shut. So here is the deal, I am seeing this guy and his sexual appetite is insatiable and his cock is massive! It would really do my mouth, pussy and ass good to take a break. You will be my pretty faggot back up. Oh how he will enjoy mouth fucking and ass ramming your pretty self. So from this day forth when I call you, that means you drop what you are doing  and get your ass over to my place. Oh I love that one!  There are so many different blackmail phone sex scenarios we can play.  There has to be something you don’t want your friends, family or even your job to know about you.  And I am just bitchy enough to destroy your life so you better do what I want, when I want.

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CBT phone sex

I bet you’re the kind of guy who likes some pain, aren’t you? I think the term for you is pain slut. Guess what? It’s your lucky day, because I’m the kind of girl who likes to cause pain and it usually comes in the form of CBT phone sex. If you don’t know exactly what CBT means… it stands for cock and ball torture. I’m not trying to brag, but there are several guys who have called me who are afraid of me. I don’t normally like to take it easy on a guy. Sure, I guess if you’re just starting out we will work up to the intense pain. But if you’re not a CBT phone sex newbie, don’t expect me to go easy on you at all. My goal is to make you scream, cry and beg me to let you stop. I won’t, but it’s cute when you beg.

So, yeah… if you’re a CBT phone sex virgin, you need to know that you have to have a few things ready when you call. Torture devices, if you will. Some of my favorites are: hot candle wax, aluminum foil, icy hot, a sturdy hair brush or wooden spoon. That should get us started, but it’s nowhere near the end of the list of things I will make you use on yourself. But I can’t give it all away now…I have to leave some surprises for you.

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CBT phone sex

I crave the ultimate control over your most prized possession. Are you wondering what I am talking about? It is what many call the “family jewels!” *evil laughter* I intend to weave a web tightly around you, one where you will not be able to escape my seductive ways. *giggles* Once I get my grip, well let’s just say I won’t be letting go. In order to properly make this Mistress happy, you will have to bow to my every desire and whim. That means you will need to break out some paperclips, elastics, ice cubes, and some other household items I would love to torture all you naughty pain sluts during an intense session of CBT phone sex.

I just can’t wait to dig in my heels or my nails or clamp your balls so tight you are crying, begging for me to release them! That is right, there is no mercy with this Mistress! Do you think you are ready for what is in store for you? I don’t know that your “family jewels” will make it through what I have in mind for you.  You are going to dress the way I wish, and nothing else will do. Do you know how that is going to be? You are such a pain slut, I will not only have you begging for more pain, but I will also have you crying, screaming, and begging for mercy during extreme CBT phone sex with me.

Just the mere thought of having that much control over your brawny cock makes my pussy drip, drip, drip with anticipation. I am so wet, it is glistening like a diamond as the light shines above my bed. Just can’t help having my legs spread and my fingers between my legs as I hear you begging and pleading during extreme CBT phone sex with a Mistress like myself.

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size queen phone sex

I never realized what a size queen phone sex slut I was until quite recently.  Sometimes I day dream when I am bored and more and more I keep dreaming of big thick cock.  I think of how hot it looks when its all hard and throbbing.  About how much I want to just admire it for a bit before I even put my hands on it.  I think of a big strong man standing naked in front of me with his big cock jutting out and almost pleading with me to touch it.  And oh, the things I want to do to that fat prick with my body — and the things I want it to do to me.  All women must feel this way, We need to be fucked often and properly by a monster cock.  When I am lying in bed at night and these thoughts overwhelem me, it just drives me crazy!  My pussy is on fire and I need  it filled.  So I have to grab the next best thing to take care of me — my boyfriend’s average sized penis. I grab his boxers and yanked them down, exposing his small penis laying on his tiny balls. I just looked at it for a minute. I couldn’t help but compare his to the monster cocks I have had in the past.  I let out a little giggle,  what he asked? Oh nothing. I put his penis into my mouth and sucked on it hard. I was so disappointed when he got hard and I couldn’t feel him any where close to my throat. Look at what being a size queen phone sex slut has done to me! Can you be cock spoiled?  I think I am.

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domination phone sex

Are you a submissive bitch that’s looking for some domination phone sex, then I am the Goddess for you!! Do you find that your doing everything for your wife and or girlfriend an she treats you like a little slave, then you are definitely a pathetic submissive bitch that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

I see you from across the way! Your that pathetic skinny man, with his head tilted down, looking so sad an lost.  Your wife is disgusted by your actions, you can’t seem to please her anymore an she is busy running off with her new boyfriend.  Let me handle this issue for you.  She needs to dominate your pathatic bitch ass! That’s right, take control of you.  First, you better have the whole house cleaned an dinner on the table when she walks in the door.  Then, you are to take her shoes off the minute she walks in an start sucking on those sweaty, smelly toes.  Massaging them with your tongue an sucking on them really well.  Make sure you have her bath water running, every goddess deserves a nice warm bubble bath, an you are to wash her body down.  If you think that your going to have any sex with her at all, then you better listen an do as your told.  Wash her down, comb her hair an carry her into the bedroom.  Lay her down on the bed, an start massaging that clit.  While massaging her clit, make sure you get your tongue deep down inside of her wet, juicy tasty pussy.  Please her well an she may just allow you to take your pathetic cock an shove it in her pussy.  However, you better make sure your submissive self pleases her really well.  Let her tie you up, spank your ass till your red as red can be! Just please her right an listen to her every demand.

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GFE phone sex

GFE phone sex is having a virtual girl friend, like me, to call when you need to get through the day. It’s when your wife won’t put out or the girlfriend is being a total bitch. I on the other hand will always be ready and never have a “headache” or the famous, “I’m not in the mood”.  When was the last time you heard that old line. I will make you feel like a man again, even bring that spark and spring back into your cock. That feeling you had the first time you met your wife or g/f do you remember? Like a young man again looking forward to talking to me knowing most of all that I will give you all the time and attention you been searching for. Just hearing my sexy voice will get you so excited, brightening up your day. The best part about us is that it’s just our little secret know one will ever know nor do they need to. Turning your very bad day into the best one you have had in years is what I will do.

During GFE phone sex I will let you relax and take your body and mind to a much better place for the length of our call. You will hear in great detail how I’m going to totally make love to your body or maybe you want just  raw sex. Which ever you are in the mood for I’m here just for you, need just a blow job… call me. No one understands your needs nor are they making time for your needs. This is where I can make the different I will never turn you away and all your needs will be taken care. I will listen and hear every word you have to say and I will listen to your fetishes and never question you or make fun of you. Being your virtual girl friend I take very serious and will be the best GFE around.

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