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bi curious phone sex

Imagine…….. You are shackled to my dungeon wall….*evil laughter* blind folded, cold, and naked. You are nothing more than a pathetic whore! A whore I intend on using and abusing. You are going to do exactly what I demand you to do. I know your secret! What? You thought you were hiding it well or something? Please fucker, stop fooling yourself. Not only are you a pathetic slut, but that thing you try to call a dick, cock, piece of meat is pathetic as well. It is nothing more than an insignificant grain of sand as far as I can tell. I have big plans for you….*evil laughter* bigger than what is in your pants…. Can you imagine that? Well, you are going to need to buy several things…. Want to know what they are? I am setting you up. Are you wondering what that is? I will bet that I am making that brawny shaft twitch in anticipation. Well, I am going to reveal your big secret…. You have always wanted to know what it would feel like to have a big, thick, piece of real meat slide down your throat during an intense session of bi curious phone sex with a kinky Mistress like myself.

While you are shackled to my dungeon wall… *evil laughter* I will have a thick, juicy cock waiting to do as he pleases…. Oh, don’t be scared of what is about to open you up and rip you apart. You are going to enjoy every moment of what I have in mind. You know you have been secretly wanting  to know what it feels like to have a big thick cock sliding down your throat, to feel he warmth of what is to cum during bi curious phone sex with me. Just ask for Mistress Katrina when you call 1 (888) 402-8669 to find out exactly how I’m going to whore you out during bi curious phone sex.

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phone sex princess

Hi, I am Kelly, your darling phone sex princess.  I love being pampered and doted upon.  And don’t you need an adorable princess like me in your life?  But in the interest of honesty, I must tell you that I am very demanding.  By the time I am done with you, I am sure you will be calling me a lot of different names — to yourself of course!! You know better than to make your princess angry. I have a thing for cock control. I want to control every aspect of your person, but that cock is my chief concern. You need to understand that just because it’s on your body doesn’t mean you have control over it, right?  The more I tease you with my perfect teen body the harder your useless dick gets. I put on these super slutty cock tease outfits for you, baby. Do you want me to bend over in front of you, and point my tight butt right at you?  Do you get mad when I lay down in front of you and show you this perfect pussy knowing you will NEVER put your pathetic dick inside me? Sure, you  can play with your dick, but you know the golden rule  —  you can only bring yourself to the edge and hold it. There is no cumming unless I say so. And as you know, I very rarely give the ok!  That is why you need to focus on being good for me. Your phone sex princess shouldn’t have to work so you paying my bills and making sure I have cash to shop,  just may get you that release, MAYBE!

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tease and denial phone sex

Tease and denial phone sex is the best. I love it when you call me and we have a dirty fantasy. It’s so sexy when you are laying back on the bed looking at me like you want to devour me. I walk in wearing my sexy black see through lace body suit with red sexy thongs underneath and black stilettos. Staring at you from a short distance,standing there in front of you,your big cock standing straight up for me. I demand you not to touch it until I give you permission. You look confused,excited,and filled with an almost uncontrollable desire for me. I’m standing infront of you,staring intensely. I know that you can feel the heat between the two of us. Our favorite slow song is playing in the background and I begin to gyrate my hips slowly staring at you. I motion for you to come closer and order you to sit on the edge of the bed right infront of me. I bend forward infront of you,my voloptuous breasts gently caressing your face. I see your hand moving down towards you huge cock,but i order you to stop! I am in control of you tonight. You look sad and confused and I give you permission to pull the thin straps of my bodysuit down and suck my big nipples. I hold your head,moaning as I watch my nipple sliding in and out of your hot mouth. I give you my permission to stroke your stiff,thick,long cock and you grab it excitedly. I get on my knees in front of you and open my mouth as you greedily grab my head with your free hand,the other on your cock. I grab your hands and resist your attempt to fuck my mouth. “Stop stroking yourself right now!”,I say with authority as I slowly start to remove my body suit. I see you shaking almost,your dick twitching uncontrollably. Just because I’m getting naked doesn’t mean that I’m just going to give myself to you easily,does it? Call me and let’s have some nasty tease and denial phone sex!

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phone sex

I know your type… you’re a panty boy phone sex lover, aren’t you? I love it when guys like you call me for panty boy roleplays. You’re so much fun to play with and humiliate. You’ve probably stolen many pairs of panties in your day, haven’t you? And I know that can go one of two ways.

The first scenario is that you’ve probably stolen the panties of someone close to you so that you can sniff them, haven’t you? And when I say they were the panties of someone close to you, I mean really close to you. Did you crave the smell and taste of their pussy juices? I bet you jerked that younger cock so hard and blew your load right on the crotch of those panties. You were just DYING to have a taste of their sweet pussies and asses. You knew they were getting fucked regularly and you loved the taste of her hot pussy mixed with her boyfriend’s cum, didn’t you?

The second scenario… well, that one is just as naughty. Have you been stealing panties all your life because you like wearing them? It started with her panties. You’d steal them out of the hamper and wear them and just prance around in them and feel all girlie, wouldn’t you? And then you started getting a little more risky… stealing the panties of girl friends, your friends’ girlfriends and wives, and just any that you could get your hands on. Sure, you could buy them, but that wouldn’t be nearly as risky and exciting, would it?

If you’re ready to confess all of your panty boy phone sex sins, pick up that phone and give me a call right now. I am ready and waiting. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin.

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blackmail phone sex

Do you have skeletons in your closet that you don’t want anyone to find out about? Well, why on earth did you just reveal them to me? I know I look so sweet and innocent don’t I? You just made the biggest mistake ever if you do not do exactly what I tell you. That means if I want for you to embarrass and humiliate yourself by acting crazy, when I say crazy… I mean like standing in the middle of a median strip dressed like a chicken, clucking and dancing around. I mean, you live in a small town, how do you think your wife would feel if she found out you have such a no limits mistress such as me on the side? Well, of course, I have videos of all these humiliating moments that I intend to use during our blackmail phone sex sessions.

There is more to cum. *evil laugh.* You don’t even know the worst of it! No seriously, you really do not know what this sweet and innocent face is made of! I smile, and dress conservative with my long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. Even if you tried to tell someone what type of girl I am, they would never believe you! There is no way you will be able to say no to me. I will have you doing things, well quite bluntly you won’t want to do. When I say jump, you WILL say “How high Mistress Katrina?” What would the people close to you think if you got caught up in a scandalous rendezvous with a girl like me? It could be anyone that receives the materials I have collected for our blackmail phone sex.

Guess what? I love having control over that brawny shaft of yours so much that I will have it twitching in the bedroom. *evil laugh*the part you do not know about however, is that I will have it all on video. That’s right I didn’t explain to you that you’ve been caught in an affair. Your wife will leave your ass if she found out…. Now wouldn’t she? *wink* I have a mind full of evil thoughts and plots. Just ask for your favorite kinky Mistress Katrina when you dial 1 (888) 402-8669 when you call for scandalous blackmail phone sex.

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size queen phone sex

It is no secret that I am a size queen phone sex fiend.  I worship at the altar of big cock.  I cannot get enough of it.  I do whatever it takes to get my fix of giant monster dick.  It is almost like magic, what happens to my whole body, when he slips that massive cock inside of me.  My latest hung fuck buddy, the mechanic has been keeping me quite satisfied.  Well, the other day my mechanic friend left his clip board in my car after a tune-up.  I decided to drop it by his place — and hopefully get a quick one in. He was watching the game, wearing sweats. My God, his package jutted out into quite a bulge. It was so obvious, I couldn’t help but stare. I knew he saw me.  Hell, he is proud of that dick.  He should be. I  My mouth and my pussy were both watering, if you know what I mean.  He smirked and slowly pulled the waistband down and I was left staring at the most enormous cock and balls I’d ever seen. Long and ridiculously THICK. So much GIRTH in fact, that it almost didn’t fit inside me. But I am not a quitter — especially when it comes to this!  It was quite a struggle to take that thing, but it was SO fucking good. He really knows how to use that tool. Tune-up complete! I will ride his cock as long as he wants me to.  Size queen phone sex sluts like me know when to hold on to a good thing.

Call me at 1-888-402-8669 and let’s have a long and intimate conversation about big cock.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

OMG look at that pathetic thing you call a dick!  You have definitely picked the right woman who can dish out the small penis humiliation phone sex to you!  I’ve never seen such a teeny cock in my life I’m pretty sure if I got together with your mom and compared your baby pictures  there’d be little change ooops lol get it little change!  I’m sure you have been the brunt of little dick jokes your whole life from the locker room to the bedroom.  That is why I know you’re ripe for the picking for small penis humiliation phone sex!  I can imagine it now you taking off your pants for me and thinking that you may actually get lucky with a girl like me lol and then I spy it that tiny cock of yours and I can’t even contain my laughter!  I ask you just what exactly you plan on doing with that puny thing!?!  I mean I think I’d have to jack you off with a pair of tweezers lol let alone try to put you in my pussy lol!  You stand before me turned on as I shame you and that tiny cock during small penis humiliation after all you are used to it every girl you have ever tried to fuck has laughed at you when she has seen that shrimp dick of yours.  I mean let’s face it have you really ever been laid before?  Have you slipped that micro sausage into a real pussy before or only your hand lol.  We both know how pathetic you are and so do all of the other girls who have seen your teeny dick and let’s not forget all the boys from gym class too.  Everyone knows that you will never get real pussy only small penis humiliation phone sex!

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spanking phone sex

My ass is big and bouncy and I am in need of some spanking phone sex. I’m always soooo bad,walking past your house in my tight shorts and sexy low cut top. If i am seeing things correctly, your cock is hard! Im so naughty and silly sometimes when I know your watching. The sexiest thing ever is when you look in my bedroom window from your window. I try to take my clothes off nice and slow so that you can get a good look at my pretty brown skin and hot body. Your wife probably knows that you love looking at me more than her and im sure that she is jealous. We don’t care about her though,do we baby?

I have this fantasy about you when I’m masturbating . While I am rubbing my clit and feeling my tight wet pussy get wetter and wetter, I imagine that you take your belt off and spank me hard. I love the look of control in your eyes as you watch me cry out in pain and pleasure. Your spankings make me want to do all kinds of nasty and taboo things with you. Sometimes I call your cell phone just so I can spank my ass for you while I’m cumming so loud in your ear. I know that you love spanking phone sex with me,your little black college slut. Call me now and we can do whatever you want to do.

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smoking fetish phone sex

I see you watching me, watching my every move as I bend over running my pretty pedicured fingers down my lusciously long legs, moving my hand underneath my chair to pick up my black glitter covered purse. As I sit back up, I blow you a kiss as I reach into my purse and pull out a tube of bright pink lipstick. I love how smooth it is as I apply it to my already perfectly pouty lips. Then, I pull out my box of cigarettes. I see your eyes light up…mmm.. you like those do you baby? I pull a long cigarette out of the box, placing it between my lips. Mmmm… Fuck! I love the way it feels as I light it with the flick of my lighter and suck in deeply. I know what you are thinking about….. you are wondering how my lips would feel around that rising package during smoking fetish phone sex.

Cum on over baby, don’t be shy. As long as you have the brawny package I imagine you can ignite my fire starting right here and now. Mmmm.. fuck yes! I would love to wrap my lips around that throbbing member just the way I do my cigarette. Slipping it between my soft, wet lips, deeper and deeper into my mouth; I love to flick the tip of my cigarette with my tongue, just to give you a peek of what I am capable of. *wink* Fuck that is hot! My pussy is aching thinking about all the kinky things we can do during our smoking fetish phone sex session.

Once we get into my bedroom on my four poster bed, I can see my perfectly formed smoke ring sliding down your rock hard shaft. Mmmm…. I can see it sliding deep… Mmmm want to know more of what I am thinking will happen in my bedroom during our smoking fetish phone sex? Cum and find out just what I will do as I ignite those desires within you. Ask for Katrina when you dial 1 (888) 402-8669 for no taboo smoking fetish phone sex.

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tease and denial phone sex

Hi guys, I hope you are keeping warm.  You know you can always call me and I can warm you up in no time at all. You know that I am sweet that way.  I love nothing more than when my pervy pets call for a tease and denial phone sex session! My obedient guys always know how wet it makes me when they follow my every word. A smoking hot bitch like me must always be obeyed — no matter what filthiness I demand. So let’s see…decisions decisions… how about a nice milking session? Oh yes…I will tie you down and stroke your cock only to make you empty your balls in a glass for you to drink!  That does tickle me so!  Or perhaps we could play a little orgasm control game?  I dress in a sexy outfit that you want to see me in and I tease you for hours as you jerk your dick to the edge over and over. Don’t you dare cum!  I really like that game a lot. I make my boyfriend do it and he is going on months now without an orgasm. His cock weeps for me all the time now.  This is why I love tease and denial phone sex so much, it shows you are willing to be under my complete control.  I will tie your hands behind you as I play with and suck on your cock until you can’t hold that cum in one for second then I stand up and dig my nails until your nuts.  I don’t want you to go too far now.  Know your place — which is right under my thumb.

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