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small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh my God that’s one of the smallest dicks I have ever seen in my life! It’s a really good thing you’re about to call me for small penis humiliation phone sex, because that’s all you’re good for. I’m a mature woman so I’ve been around for a while. Trust me, they don’t get much smaller than yours. I guess you’ve already found out that it’s pretty useless when it comes to pleasing women, haven’t you? I know I can’t be the first woman to ever say that to you.

Oh, there are so many things I can think of off the top of my head that are bigger than your dick. Pickles, a sharpie, a D sized battery (the thickness, at least)… and yeah, I could go on and on here, but I don’t want to ruin the fun for you and your little shrimp dick. That’s one more thing that’s bigger than your dick – shrimp! LOL

Now what I’m going to do with you is up in the air. Maybe I’ll just humiliate and laugh at you while you beg me to touch your tiny dick. I might let you, and I will probably even let you cum so I can tell you how pathetic you are for cumming while someone laughs at you. Just so you know, though, I’m more than likely going to make you eat your load. Why would I do something like that? To get you ready to eat the cum that shoots in your mouth when you’re sucking huge dicks, of course! That’s exactly the kind of thing losers like you are good for. It’s really the only thing you’re good for!

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GFE phone sex

Hey guys!! If we haven’t met, let me introduce myself to you. I’m Natasha and I do love a lot of kinky fetish calls, but I can be sweet and cuddly too when the mood strikes me and I love GFE phone sex calls. I really enjoy getting to know you guys. It makes our phone fucks so much better, you know? The orgasms feel so much stronger when I have gotten a little personal with my callers. I love having phone sex boyfriends. We can talk about anything and everything. I’m always more than happy to discuss anything that’s on your mind, my dear. Just grab a drink, relax and tell me what’s plaguing you. Maybe you’ll want to tell me about your day and how you had to deal with stupid people or a boss that just won’t cut you any slack. You can even ask me relationship advice. I’m pretty good at that. And if nothing heavy is on your mind, maybe we’ll just talk about a movie you saw recently, a new food you just tried for the first time or maybe even politics, although we might have to agree to disagree.

But don’t worry, I can do more than hold an intellectual conversation. I want you to share all of yourself with me, not just your mind. I want to worship that big cock, just like any good girlfriend would. I will stroke it, suck it and then sit on it and ride it until you blow a hot load of cum deep inside me. I love making you feel good and I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. I don’t care how kinky or taboo it is, I will make it happen for you.

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ass worship phone sex

Welcome to the depraved world of Mistress Katrina! I heard some of you horny slut have a thing for tight, curvy asses. Do you know what that means? It means we have something in common; it just so happens that one of my favorite calls is ass worship phone sex. In the morning, I slip out from under my sheets totally naked of course. After all I am a slut that is very comfortable in her own skin. I sashay my hips and ass into the bathroom where I have mirrors everywhere! Mirrors have many uses just like other materials I use. *wink * As soon as I get in those mirrors I just cannot help but goggle at my own ass. It is just so tight, round and curvy! You know I just love to touch and squeeze it, and sometimes I love to spank it too! * wink * I know you just want to reach out and touch it, but wait….You can’t! I know you want to smother your face in my sweet ass. The thought makes your cock twitch. My ass should be praised, and admired for its perfection and beauty. Don’t you agree?

If you behave I just might allow you to kneel behind me with that stiff cock to worship and admire my ass. I know you are squirming to be able to lick, kiss, fondle and finger my ass. I can tell you are just about to burst. You only get to cum and touch me when I decide during ass worship phone sex.

I can tell that you would love nothing more than the ability to kiss up my thighs, breathing softly on my skin, and attempting to make me squirm, now wouldn’t you? I am not a mistress that will let you do as you please though. See, You will kiss, lick, and deep in my sweet aromas when I TELL you to. I just might tie you up, and make you stare at my goodness. Want me to let you in on a secret? Well, if you want to know my secret, then you are going to have to convince me that you deserve to know.. by begging and showing me that you are a loyal servant and deserve what is given to you during our ass worship phone sex session. If you think about it, you are already worshiping me; a little begging wouldn’t hurt you, now would it? There is really only way to find out…

Stop drooling, pick up the phone and dial 1 (888) 402-8669, and perchance you will find out what this Mistress keeps so hush-hush. You know who to ask for… Mistress Katrina for ass worship phone sex.

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body worship phone sex

I know how fuckable I am.  Guys check me out all the time.  And why shouldn’t they?  Check out my body and tell me you wouldn’t do a double take if I walked by you. My body is so tight and soft in all the right spots.  Men want get their hands all over me. I do see it in their eyes and sometimes, their pants.  I do love all the attention that I get. I get eye fucked so often and it always makes me smile.  That is why I love body worship phone sex so much.  You should see my body as a temple.  And its proper for you to get on your knees and pray to me.  Pray that you get to touch me, pray you get to look at me, pray you get to put your mouth on me. I  bet you are over there drooling and your cock is rock hard looking at my perky tits. How much do you want to see me oil them up and make them all slick and shiny.  I know I drive men crazy when I leave the house  with no bra on? Do they make you sweat when you see them bounce around?  I bet I could get you to do just about anything to get the chance to put that dick between them. Just think of what you might do to me if I gave you the go ahead.  You could use me however you like when you call for body worship phone sex.

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financial domination phone sex

I like it thick and big! Loser, I’m not talking about your dick size! Put your pencil dick away, you know I don’t care about that. The only thing I care about is your wallet and it better be bigger than your cock! I’m such a brat and love taking money from men like you, that is why financial domination phone sex is what makes me smile.

I make guys pay me because their dicks are so tiny like playing the inch game you give me $100. for every inch you can get your little dick to grow hahaha. It’s one of my favorite games along with the stroking game where you pay me for every stroke I allow you to have. Because you are so helpless with that small dick you are willing to give me your money just to get attention from me. I love controlling pathetic, weak men you have nothing else in life to look forward too, so why shouldn’t I show a loser like you some greedy attention. It’s a total rush for me to make “seemingly” strong men extremely weak for me with minimal effort. Men realize that without me in their lives, there’s nothing left. I show them the way to happiness.

Put that dick away loser and pull out the only thing that matters your wallet with all your money in it for me. I know how you feel giving all your money to a beautiful woman like me and not being able to touch me ever. I chew men up like you on a daily bases using you for what I can take from you only. I will talk to you on the phone only to make you tribute me while laughing as your calling the dispatcher to give me more and more. She will even laugh at your pathetic ass while she takes more money for me. Oh yeah don’t forget to tip her too hahaha LOSER!

Call Jenny for financial domination phone sex at 1 888 402 8669. I’m the real thing nothing fake here!

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phone sex girlfriend

Hi guys! I am a sweet and loving college girl that really enjoys your company after a long day at school. It feels so nice to come home, slip into something “more comfortable”, and catch up with you. I have been looking forward to this. Daydreaming about my perfect, attentive, and loving boyfriend. Daydreaming about you.

You find yourself thinking about me throughout your day. Waiting and watching the clock until you can call me. You get hard as you reach for the phone. Soon you will be experiencing a very special GFE phone sex call.

You wait with anticipation as the call connects and you can hardly stand it. You know that sexy yet comfortable feeling that you get when I answer the call and it just adds to the excitement.  My voice washed over you and it is just like coming home. You can hear how genuinely happy that I am to hear your voice. My voice is like a nice warm hug but with a sexy and sultry side. You feel it embrace you.

You tell me about your day and you ask about mine. We share experiences and thoughts. Intimate details that lovers share. I am so happy and lucky to be your girlfriend.  I am actually the perfect girl for you.  I listen attentively to every word that you say. I make you feel important and loved and so very special.

We talk about anything and everything. We go from friendly, comfortable, and relaxing to sexy and steamy with no awkwardness.  I feel so incredibly close to you as we share our personal thoughts and lives. We have a very close and special bond.

I slide my hands into my panties and rub myself as I listen to your voice. It is so sexy and loving. So exciting yet familiar. I always get very wet on our calls.

Maybe I will guide you as you touch yourself or perhaps you will take control and tell me what you want and desire.  Either way, we will both be completely satisfied. Our calls are more than just hot phone sex. I am more than just a phone sex girlfriend and you are very special to me. Will you be my boyfriend?  Call 1-888-402-866 and ask for Tara T for sincere and sexy girl friend experience phone sex.

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phone sex fantasies

The thrill of meeting strangers. Opportunity abounds when you meet people online.  But, following through with meeting people in person, carries with it a special kind of excitement.  Especially when you’ve already had secret phone sex.  The kind that no one is supposed to know about.  I mean NO ONE.  Yep.  He’s married, with children.  We’ve had to be careful every time we’ve talked.  And he always has to call me.  I can never call him.  This is both irritating and titillating.

He asks what my fantasy is.  I tell him a fantasy that I am only going to share with him.  No, it’s not necessarily kinky, by definition.  Although, kinky is always encouraged.  I tell him how much I have enjoyed getting to know him from the inside out.  We’ve talked online and on the phone.  Normally, you *see* someone.  And then you *talk.*  And then you *touch.*  I want to switch it up.  I want *see* to be last.

So, I tell him we have already *talked.*  Next, I want to *touch.*  And THEN *see.*  He agrees. We arrange to meet at a hotel room.  He is already there.  He has the lights off and is blindfolded.  I
arrive and blindfold myself immediately upon entering.  I feel his breath on my neck.  I hear him say, “I don’t want to hear a word from you, bitch.  You will let me fuck you with no protest and not a word from your cunt lips.”  The passion level just went up two hundred percent!  He’s behind me.  He reaches around and begins to undress me, groping me impatiently.  I reach back and grab his cock, turning my head for a deep kiss.  Is it possible for a kiss to make me cum?  Well, it did.  We proceed to do everything we talked about in our secret phone sex.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Even the things I wasn’t certain that I wanted to do outside of the world of fantasy.  The darkness and the blindness intensify every sensation.  I do not say a word.  But, every minute or so, he makes a very well placed and thrilling filthy statement.  Of course, it all ends with a shower (as all of our secret phone sex does).  It is pitch dark in a hotel room shower, so no need for the blindfolds.  I see his shadowy figure depart through the bathroom door.  I know he is dressing and escaping and I am left in the room to get dressed and prepare for our meeting… face to face… in the light… at the restaurant downstairs…

Let me full fill your secret phone sex fantasies. Simply dial 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Sonia


sissy phone sex

Hey there, my little sissy phone sex slut. Are you all dressed up for me today? I sure hope so because you’ve been serving me long enough to know that it’s a rule for you to already be dressed when you call me. And you wouldn’t want to get into any trouble before we even get started, would you?

You are all dressed up for me? Good. I knew you could be a good little sissy slut when you put your mind to it.

Now, let me tell you what you’re going to do for me today. I want you to find yourself a mirror to stand in front of. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it does need to be big enough to for you to be able to see most of your body, at least.

Once you’ve found the appropriate mirror for this task, I want you to reach down between your legs, without removing your skirt, and rub your little sissy pussy through your panties. Watch yourself as you do it, watch your facial expressions and the way your body responds. Hmm, perhaps I should have you set up your webcam behind you so that I can see what’s going on behind you *and* see your face in the mirror.

Soon, I’ll tell you to reach down into your panties, keeping all your clothes on still, to bring a lubed-up finger to your hole. Then, you’re going to penetrate it for me. We’re going to take it nice and slow, so that you’ll be begging me for it before it’s all over, all the while watching yourself in the mirror. If you do a good enough job for me, I’ll even let your finger yourself until you cum all in those little panties of yours. Of course, you’ll have to lick it all up later….

Don’t you want to be both a sissy phone sex voyeur and exhibitionist at the same time? All you have to do is call me.

1-888-402-8669 Arianna

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fetish phone sex

Fetish phone sex is my favorite things. Or, I guess I should say it’s a lot of my favorite things. There are so many fetishes out there that just when I think I’ve heard it all, someone calls me and surprises me with a new one that I’ve never even heard of.

I don’t want you to think I don’t love more common fetishes, too. I really do. Among those fetishes, I think that foot and shoe fetishes are my favorites. I mean, what woman doesn’t love having her feet massaged, worshiped and pampered? And don’t even get me started on how much I love shoes and dangling them in front of your face.

But let’s get back to those unusual fetishes I was talking about. Do you have an amputee fetish? I had a guy once tell me that he had a fantasy about getting a private show from a stripper with an amputated leg. He wanted to see her wrap her leg around that pole and then give him a steamy lap dance. He loved to rub that stump.

Do you have an odor fetish? I bet you can only get off when a girl has kinda let herself go a bit. My favorite thing to do to someone like that is to not wear deodorant all day. I’ll work out, clean my entire house and make sure I sweat a LOT. Can you imagine what my arm pits are going to smell like at the end of the day? Sniff my armpits and feel your cock get instantly hard!

There are so many unusual fetishes we could get into. Latex fetish, giantess fantasies, hair fetishes, and tons more. The sky is the limit with me. And if it’s a fetish I’ve never heard of? That’s totally a bonus. Call me and teach and let’s play your kinky fetish phone sex fantasy. I will be waiting to get freaky with you!

Call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

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guided masturbation phone sex

Do you know how many guys call me and say, “I’ve been looking at your pictures all day, and I’m soooooo hard, please help me.”? These guys get so turned on for me that they want to give it up completely. They want me to take control of their most intimate actions. They want some guided masturbation phone sex.

You’d better not touch until I tell you it’s ok. *giggles* I want to tease you with my sweet, young voice until that cock is throbbing, and you’re begging permission to stroke for me. Every single stroke and squeeze belongs to me, isn’t that right? I know your balls are hot and heavy and full of creamy cum for me, so I will make you tease and massage those sensitive, full sperm sacks for me.

And it wouldn’t hurt to tease those nipples, too. I love it when I tease your nipples and watch that straining cock twitch. It might be fun to make you use a silky, soft pair of panties to jerk on that hard cock, too. I know how many of you perverts love the feel of my panties wrapped around your dick during some guided masturbation phone sex. *giggles*

It will be so relaxing to tune out everything except my honey sweet voice in your ear, telling you what to do, making you feel so good, stroking my creamy pussy as I bring myself to the edge of climax with you.

But don’t think you get to cum without my permission. *Giggles* I want to make this experience last. By the time I’m finally ready to let you give over to your pleasure, you’ll be begging me for exquisite release.

You’ll need lots of lube. I want it to feel like you’re fucking my tight, wet, 18 teen pussy. I’ll totally get off on the idea of you listening intently, humping your hand furiously, dreaming of pumping your load into my tight, bald cunt.

By the time I’m done, you’ll be completely drained. But that’s what you were going for, isn’t it? *giggles* And I’m sure you’ve made a mess. You’ll have to clean that up like a good boy, won’t you?

Do you need to hear this sweet, soft voice commanding you to abuse yourself in the most delicious way? Do you think you’ll be able to cum at my command? If so, you definitely need to try some guided masturbation phone sex. So, give me a call, and play with Payton.

AIM: PlayWith_Payton
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