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Boy was this guy horny that just hung up a few minutes ago for BBC phone sex. I could hear the porn movie in the background. It sounded like there was a huge big black cock
in her mouth as she gagged and chocked on it. He asked me if I liked big black cock, I surely told him yes. I had to tell him how much I love it and about the last time that I got a train ran on me with 2 BBC’s at the same time. The feeling of all of that cream pie in both of my fuck holes makes me so fucking crazy. I just let it sit in me all day while it drips in my creamy wet panties. I could hear in his voice that he became hornier as I told him my sexy story. Then he whispered, “I love big black cock too.”

Then I became really horny, I mean I love big black cock but when I can share it with a man, it is way more exciting. We ended up both getting on ours knees so that we could share a BBC together. I spit and sucked all over that cock as I pulled it in and out of our mouths. The dick swelled up so big as we sucked it and I knew that he was going to fuck him good. I spread his ass cheeks open to hold that hold of his wide open. He took every single inch inside of him too, he really was excited to share that cock with me. I pushed hard and deep as I encouraged that black guy to overpower him and thrust him good. We can have some hot BBC phone sex together too, do you want a good BBC pounding?

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mutual masturbation phone sex

Lately I can’t get enough of getting my tight wet slit off.  I crave the time spent playing, and pleasing my pretty pussy.  I can think of something to make it even better. That would be if you pick up that phone and call me for mutual masturbation phone sex call.  I can play for hours teasing and edging my tight hole.  I love a mutual masturbation phone sex call not only because I love to get off, but also I love to get you off.  There is nothing more satisfying than hearing , and making you cum.

Mutual masturbation phone sex calls are one of my favorite calls just because I can’t wait to hear the end result.  My pussy gets wetter, and wetter as I listen to you moan, and groan for me.  Hearing you stroke, and rub that hard cock is enough to make my lady bits tingle, and leak.  You wanna hear how wet your moans, and strokes make me? No problem there, I will gladly let you hear my fingers sliding inside my tight hole, or my vibe center and focus on that hard swollen clit.  Both of us stroking and playing as we play out some hot fantasy we have cooked up.

Thinking of my leaky pussy straddling that mouth, while I suck, and stroke that hard cock licking those full achy balls is enough to send me almost to the peak.  I can’t promise I will hold off until you finish, but I can promise that I will work my way back up there and finish again with you.  Wonder if you can moan enough to make me squirt?  Cause I do love to squirt while doing a mutual masturbation phone sex call.  The mutual pleasure always gets me so hot and bothered.  So what are you waiting on? My hot little slit is just aching to play with your hard cock.  So give me a call, and we can reach the finish together.

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phone sex mistress

Hey babe, is your wife around today?  I was wondering if we can play.  You know how much I love being your phone sex mistress!  Well if she’s working, I can come over.  You know it’s been awhile since we’ve fucked at your place.  When I pull up, I see that she still there.  So I parked around the corner to wait.  I’m kind of bored so I’ve decided to have some fun.  I pull up my skirt and spread my legs, revealing my black lace thong and garters holding up my black silk stockings.  I take out my phone and take a picture of this lovely view.  Just before you kiss your wife goodbye, you get my text.  Your cock starts to throb knowing I am so close and she might see me!  You love the adrenaline rush you get when you get close to getting caught.  You give her an extra long kiss before sending her on her way.  I wait for her to be out of sight then I pull up to your house.  When I come in you are already naked except for your boxers, your clothes in a pile at your feet.  I can see your hard cock standing at full attention.  My text worked maybe too well.  You grab me and kiss me forcefully, and your hand finds my wet panties.  Being your phone sex mistress is so much fun!  We run upstairs like two naughty teenagers.  Leaving a trail of my clothes behind us.  We have all day to fuck in every corner of this house.  But you know I’m hungry for your cock and as you sit on the edge of the bed, I get on my knees and take you deep down my throat.  I’m your phone sex mistress and I do so much more…

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roleplay phone sex

Hi guys, Emerald here to share one of my most dirty roleplay phone sex fantasies I enjoy over and over in my kinky mind.  I love being the school slut and getting to enjoy all the boys and a few teachers.  First I walk into the school  in my short, little, skirt and bounce down the hall so that my skirt kind of flips in the back showing off my red lace thong.  Then, I waltz into class and find the desk right up front so that when I slide into my chair everybody can see my pretty booty.  One of my favorite games to play is distract the teacher!  While he is talking and giving his lecture I start with my legs crossed and then cross them the other way.  I clear my throat to get his attention and then I raise one of my legs to let my skirt slide down and show off a little more of my tight thigh.  I can see him glance down and when he holds it for just a heartbeat I know I have him and the real fun begins.

I raise my hand to go to the bathroom and of course he says “yes.” Guys always want to give me what I want, and I savor that endlessly.  So when I pop up out of my seat I make sure to arch my back a little and then prance up to his desk.  Watching him write I say in a throaty voice “thank you sir” I can see his cock starting to get hard through the material on his pants.  “I was wondering if I could get some more help after school?  I am having some trouble with the lesson today.”  Of course he is going to say “yes” because he knows what fun we will have.  I met him after school and the details are only the best for dirty roleplay phone sex so call me.

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ass worship phone sex

I have a craving! Do you see my ass? This ass is only for those that know how divine my perfectly round ass is! All you fuckers that don’t get it can kiss my ass! That is right, I called you a fucker and I told you to kiss my ass! I am a goddess and if I want my body worshipped you are going to do it, if I want you to lick the lint from beneath my toes, by all means you will do that too. Right now, I want you to kiss my ass! That’s right I want kisses all over my perfectly round, scrumptious ass! Before you begin to plant your lips upon it, you are going to call me for ass worship phone sex.

Now, you are going to get on your knees behind me; I am going to lift up my short pink skirt so you can get a peek at how sweet my ass looks in my pink lace cheekies. They accentuate my ass perfectly, making it look even more round and delicious. Even I love looking at my ass, I mean c’mon it is perfect after all! It is so perfect that you just want to reach out and touch it, don’t you baby? The sight of all that perfection in front of your face makes that brawny shaft of yours rock hard. You can’t deny it! I can see the tent it is making in your pants as you think about ass worship phone sex with me. *giggles*  I know you just want to plant your face between my ass cheeks, but first you will have to beg like the bitch that you are. Tell me how badly you want to sniff all that aroma sweetness from my skin.  You just want to reach up and spread my ass cheeks, and lick and stick your tongue all in my asshole! You cannot deny it!

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fetish phone sex

Hey there boys I’ve noticed you watching me, and I know you have a thing for my long legs so you will be up for leg fetish phone sex.  You watch me walking around in my heels making my legs look even longer and your cock gets hard wondering what it would be like to run your hands, and maybe even your tongue up and down those sexy legs.  You call me in your office to discuss things at work, and I notice you keenly watching me making circles with my foot as if admiring my ankle and my calf.  You look lost in thought when I call your name to get your attention.  That is when you tell me that you can’t hide it any longer, and that your cock gets hard thinking about my long legs and firm thighs and ass, and that you are really into leg fetish phone sex.  I crawl under your desk and unzip your pants and slide your hard cock into my pretty little mouth.  You are kicked back in your chair with your hands on the back of my head guiding me up and down your cock moaning with pleasure.  You pull me up off your cock and rip my panties off and sit me down on your desk.  You take one of my legs in your hand and start running your tongue up and down my calf licking, tasting, and massaging it while stroking your cock with your other hand.  You tell me how much you’ve always admired my legs and wonder what it would be like to have them wrapped around you during leg fetish phone sex!  You begin licking my thighs spreading them open now with both hands kneading them and telling me how you’ve always loved my milky white thighs and what lies between them!

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ass worship phone sex

I see the way you look at me when I turn and walk away. Your eyes are glued to my perfect and tight round ass, aren’t they? You fantasize about my ass, kneeling before me just waiting for the moment I turn around and your face is up close and personal with my hot ass. Ass worship phone sex with a girl who loves to have her ass worshiped as much as you love to worship it. Gentle kisses over my butt cheeks, waiting for my next instruction. I tell you to gently lick up and down the crack of my ass and don’t you dare let it slip inside until I tell you. You are shaking with anticipation anxiously awaiting the moment I order your tongue to brush across my asshole.

The sweet, musky smell of the sweat between my cheeks, the heavenly aroma from my asshole acting like a magic potion making you weaker and weaker. When I finally tell you to work that tongue deep up my perfect rosebud you will think you have died and gone to heaven. Be a good boy for me and fuck my asshole nice and deep with your tongue. That’s right, get it in there deep and clean my ass like a proper ass boy should. Look at how hard your cock is when you are calling me for ass worship phone sex.

I love sitting on your face for hours and using you ass my personal seat cushion. Facesitting and smothering you with my bottom gives me insane amounts of pleasure. I like to see how hard you are and watch your cock throb even more with every thrust of your tongue. I could easily suffocate you under my ass and you would die a happy man! When it comes to my ass there is nothing you wouldn’t do for me. Beg to sniff and taste my stinky farts and more. I might even offer you an anal cream pie!

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh. My. God. What IS that thing? I know you call it a dick but… um… no. It’s not a dick. I’ve seriously seen clits bigger than that. Ugh. All you’re ever going to be good for is small penis humiliation phone sex. And like I said, it really isn’t a penis. I guess we’ll call it that for arguments sake but honestly… have you ever even gotten that thing inside a woman? Hahaha. I can only imagine the struggle to try to get a little bit of it in. I can imagine the bored look on her face. She was probably disgusted with it but she let you try because she felt sorry for you. And you probably came the minute that “thing” touched her pussy, didn’t you? I guess that’s what happens when you never get laid… well, when you CAN’T get laid because it’s seriously physically impossible. Haha.

Are you ready to pick up the phone and call me for small penis humiliation phone sex yet? Honestly I can hardly wait to tell you what a fucking loser you are. You’re a nobody. You will never have a serious relationship. If you do, she’s either fucking around on the side with another man (or woman!) or she is just using you for your money. I can guarantee you that nobody could ever fall in love with a fucking pencil dicked loser like you. How does that make you feel? Eh, just pretend I didn’t ask that because I really don’t want to know. I just hope it makes you cry… a LOT.

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guided masturbation phone sex

Hey guys! It’s Katrina your seductive girl next door.  Remember how sweet and innocent you think I am, but remember how kinky I am in the sheets. After all, there is nothing too taboo for this slutty vixen. I heard you needed some help with a SOFT problem to make it a HARD one. Sometimes I just can’t help but touch myself while watching you stroke on cam for me during guided masturbation phone sex. What could be hotter than hearing my seductive voice telling you just how to stroke yourself until you reach ecstasy? While I’m telling you to take the tip of your finger to tease the head of your already ultra-hard prick, I’m doing the same thing to my already dripping wet pussy. I mean, I have to admit the thought of reaching down between my thighs to touch my sweet spot while controlling what you’re doing makes me so fucking hot! *Wink.*

It’s especially hot if you’re moaning and telling me how good it feels as you stroke for me. Guided masturbation phone sex always makes me extra creamy! Sometimes the only way to reach a nice slow orgasm is with ourselves. I mean think about when you’re waiting for everyone in the office to leave because you want to go to town. You ache for that release, but the missing piece is my seductive coed voice on the other end. Personally I enjoy a good hour or more….*giggles,* spent exploring my already tight wet pussy. Put my voice, your throbbing cock, and some hot porn in the mix and you have some amazing guided masturbation phone sex. After all, I do love watching porn with you while you breathlessly stroke and choke that rock hard cock. Want to know what would be the ultimate turn on? To catch you stroking your cock….*giggles* you wouldn’t even know I’m watching until you’re right in the middle of it! You look down at the end of the bed, *wink* and there I am! Want to find out what else this guided masturbation phone sex slut can make you do?

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sissy phone sex

Hey there sissy boy!  Little do you know that when I mention cock sucking phone sex that I’m not talking about me sucking cock that I’m talking about your sissy faggot ass sucking cock.  That’s right I know you’re into it, and so am I that is why I can’t wait for you to call me for cock sucking sissy phone sex!  I happen to know your secret, and that is you actually prefer transsexuals.  You like them to look like women, but with a nice big juicy cock for you to suck!  I invite one of my tranny friends over, and I’m going to coach your sissy ass at cock sucking phone sex.  I have him stand in front of you I tell you to slide his skirt off, and take his cock out of his panties.  Then I tell you to slide his nice hard cock in your sissy faggot mouth.  That’s it wrap your lips around that nice juicy cock and take him deep in your mouth really work that cock good.  I knew you were going to be a quick learner at cock sucking sissy phone sex!  It is making me really hot watching you suck my friends cock my pussy is dripping wet.  I think I’m going to have to finger fuck myself while watching you!  I can tell my tranny friend is really enjoying himself while using your mouth as his own personal fuck hole.  That’s it keep going really get into it I want to hear you suck you faggot cock sucker!  All good sissy cocksuckers will be rewarded with a nice big hot load in their mouth.  I can tell my friend is getting very close to giving you what you have been waiting for, and I know you are anxious to find out what cums next during this sissy cock sucking sissy phone sex fantasy!

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