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pain slut phone sex

Oh boy! I am going to spend some quality time with my slaves to give them exactly what they are craving. And that’s pain slut phone sex! I know you pervy boys love the devilish tortures that I unleash onto your bare quivering form. Just the anticipation right before I bring down my whip gets you hard already. But I can’t have you cumming yet, that just won’t do. You see, I plan to torture you all night and that’s just no fun if you cum this early. So I’ll just have you get some shoe lace and tie it tightly around that cock of yours so that that won’t happen. You eager sluts enjoy each lashing you can take as I start to dish it out. But I’ll be sure to take you to your limit and cross over them too. Your cries of mercy won’t bring about any hesitation as I continue to taunt and torture your pathetic balls. Because when it cums to pain slut phone sex, I am the one who is getting the pleasure. I enjoy making you feel new levels of pain that you have never experienced before. Consider your balls, my new stress toy to pull, squeeze, and stretch as I see fit. And your cries of agony are only an added bonus. Everything you are and everything your body has to offer are all mine to torture and inflict as much pain as I please. Nothing like taking the stress out of my day than having my own personal living pin cushion to take it out on. *giggle* I find it cute how slaves think I do it for their pleasure when really it is the exact opposite. Those tears of yours will only make me laugh as I continue to make you suffer.

Don’t make me wait any longer. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask Destiny to give you pain slut phone sex! *wink*

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Guys with small cocks are so fun to play with. You try so much harder. *smiles* If you have a small cock then plan on being on your knees most of the night. On yours, between mine. Exercise your tongue before you come see me. you’ll be between my legs licking my pussy all night. Not that you’ll complain. My pussy is fabulous and anyone would be thrilled to taste me. But while you’re enjoying the delicious taste and smell of my beautiful pussy, I won’t be able to help myself. I’ll just have to make sure and tell you how much my pussy is aching to have some big thick hard cock pounding it. Something you can never do. The only thing you can do is call me up for some totally degrading small penis humiliation phone sex. I’ll make sure and tell you how disappointed I am that your cock is just a short stubby prick.

Let me tell you all about cocks that I love. Big long thick meaty cocks. Cocks with ridges and veins and big fat mushrooms heads. Cocks that would knock you over if I slapped you with them. And I just might before the night is thru so be careful. A cock slap just may be in your future. Some of my small dick callers can’t handle anyone else witnessing their shame. I laugh and chastise them for being losers and then diddle around with their dicks, flicking them around and laughing at how silly and small they are. I usually let guys like this get behind me and slide it in while I flip thru a magazine. I don’t even bother getting all the way naked. Just push up my skirt. I really don’t have time for anything else with such a small dick.

Other guys are hungry for total degradation. Humiliation not just by me but in front of their betters. And by betters I mean men with better cocks. Better cocks make better fucks. And pretty much better everything really. Powerful and important men have big cocks. If you have a small limp dick then you aren’t very powerful or important. If you are, it’s only a matter of time before someone realizes you are a big dick phony. *laughs* For guys like you, I like to make you bow down before what you’ll never have. Look up close at the massive cocks that you envy so much. Look at them, touch them, suck them. Bend over and take them. I’d say take it like a man but with your small penis, you’re more bitch than man. So call me up you limp dick loser and get off on some hot and sexy small penis humiliation phone sex.

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foot fetish phone sex

Hey guys, your favorite blonde bombshell is back, and I am here to tell you all about my number one favorite fetish. Foot fetish phone sex is a major turn on for me, and I am looking for the right guy to treat these pretty feet right! When I leave the salon from getting a pedicure, my feet are always so incredibly soft and super smooth. The vibrant, fire engine red polish makes my toes look yummy, and almost good enough to eat! I really get turned on when my piggies are licked, kissed, and sucked. The right touch can send shivers up my creamy white thighs and straight into my bald, pink pussy which is why foot fetish phone sex is my favorite!

I love rubbing my smooth, sexy feet all over your hard cock and balls. Those bad boys might feel a pinch or two from my toes in the tender skin of your balls or under that shaft of yours. You’ll be begging me to let you cum once you receive the best foot job you’ve ever had! My feet love to be worshipped, and I cannot wait to run them all over your chest and face, slipping my big toe inside your mouth. I long to feel your tongue sliding between my toes, and the thought is sending pulses to my sweet pussy, forcing me to expel its delicious juices. I want to feel your hot, sticky load between my toes, and dripping down my feet and ankles. I have several pairs of heels that will expose my gorgeous feet. I also have sandals, open-toed shoes and more. I love it when I see men staring at my feet when I’m out in public, and they have to adjust their massive bulges. Even women will glance down from time to time and compliment on how beautiful these feet really are. My size 8.5 feet are the perfect size for affection, attention, and satisfying all of your foot fetish phone sex desires.

Want to give in to that foot fetish phone sex craving you’ve been having baby? You know what to do. Call Gracie. 1-888-402-8669 ;)

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cock sucking phone sex

*Giggles* Hey guys! It is your favorite coed slut with another one of her kinky stories. I don’t know if you guys are up for it though! I find it incredibly wild and sexy to use nothing but my hands and softy, wet lips to tease a man for seconds, minutes, hours, sometimes even days; of course we both know I am talking about my pouty lips. *kisses* It starts with the blowing of my breath softly against the skin of your shaft. Are you wondering what is to cum next baby? Well, you will certainly find out during our kinky, anything goes cock sucking phone sex session.

I just can’t wait to unbutton and unzip your pants with my teeth. It is the perfect way to get a taste of what my warm breath feels like on your package. *wink* Not only that, but I will be sure to take a gentle bite out of your brawny shaft to be sure to make it damp with my wet mouth. *giggles* I can tell by the growing size of your bulge beneath your pants that you are getting excited at the mere thought of my lips near your…… *giggles* mmmm… the temptation is just too great to ignore. My tight, tender pussy is dripping my sweet juices just thinking about wrapping my mouth around your package during cock sucking phone sex.

After I have unbuttoned and unzipped your teeth, I will take that bulging cock out of your pants. Fuck! I love the way it stands at attention just waiting to feel my breath against your shaft; or the mere flick of my tongue at the tip of your cock as I taste the start of your pre-cum start to seep from your hot hole. All the endless possibilities  for cock sucking phone sex that we can dream up… ask for your favorite kinky cock sucking coed Katrina when you call 1 888 402 8669.

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cuckold phone sex

Hi guys,Kelly here!  I hope everyone is having a hot and horny good time.  I know that I am. I am so lucky that my boyfriend is an obedient cuckold phone sex slave.  He loves to help me get ready for the dicks I take.  Yeah, that’s it you sissy faggot,  shave my pussy so it will be nice and smooth for your friends when they get here. I do love to throw a nice “fuck fest” every now and again.  And I know that it might seem like a bad idea to have a little dicked loser for a boyfriend, but it works out fine for me.  He takes care of me, and I get to fuck whomever I like.  He has lots of friends with monster dicks.  I think these guys actual become friends with my boyfriend because they heard about me.  I don’t hide it from anyone, hell I suck and fuck them every chance I get. I flirt with them by grabbing hold of their huge dicks when even when my boyfriend is looking.  And when these monster cocks are are resizing my pussy, they make fun of my boyfriend.  It makes it even hotter for me when they talk shit about him  — right to his face!  What can he say, it’s not like they are lying.  Their taunts help me keep him in his place.  He serves me, he helps me get laid the way I need, he pays my bills, he just worships the ground I walk on.  Why wouldn’t I love cuckold phone sex?

Call me at 1-888-402-8669 and we can discuss this and so much more.

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sissy phone sex

I love to do many things, an there is nothing to taboo for me, nor do I have any limits.  However, there is one thing that I love the most an that is sissy phone sex. I believe the total number of girls, I mean guys *giggles* that I have placed in panties is way over 100.  You can’t resist wearing my panties. I know this because I have not only caught you stealing them, saw you prancing around wearing them, but I have also received pictures of you wearing them!!!

We have a romantic dinner planned for tonight.  You come over my house an I am running a little behind schedule as usual.  I am in the bathroom doing my makeup.  You think your sly an you slitter your way to my bedroom.  You go into my panty drawer an you start to take your pants off an slide my sexy pink silky panties on.  I happen to have an alarm on my panty drawer an immediately it goes off an I come running into my room to find you like this.  “My oh my, my sissy panty boy just loves wearing my panties so much you had to sneak up here.  You just keep looking down in shame as your dick is getting bigger an bigger as you start to rub yourself through my panties.  I have decided as my sissy panty boy your punishment is you now have to go to dinner just wearing your shirt an panties.  You fight a little, but you know you don’t stand a chance winning you sissy panty boy! I take you out an show you off to every one.  Letting them know your my sissy panty boy an how much harder your cock gets when you wear my silky panties.  You walk around in shame all night, but your cock is hard an you cum multiple times from being so excited.  Guess you will think before the next time you steal my panties!

Are you my next sissy phone sex victim, then give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 an ask for Natasha

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panty boy phone sex

Hello there you little panty wearing sissy slut!  I am Emerald and panty boy phone sex is one of my favorites.  Knowing I have a sweet one on the other end of the line, craving panties or better yet already wearing them.  Aching for all the naughty, nasty things I have to say to him.  Some want to be degraded and treated like a slutty, whore while others like erotic, sultry domination.  Which on are you?  Because I know if you have read this far you must be a sissy slut or a panty boy!  That is right, Emerald is on to you and I love it too because I cannot wait to find out what kind you are.  Both are lots of fun.  Getting to use my soft and sweet touch to seduce you and walk you through the ins and outs of being the best you can be in your sexy panties.  However, on the other hand, there is making sure you know your place, taking all that I have to give you and wanting more of the humiliation and abuse that you crave so much.

Since I am a no-taboo kind of bitch there is nothing off limits and we cannot go to far.  Anything you want, or can think of, you and I can do together.  We can also play with some sexy toys, should you have them.  Panty boy phone sex can go in so many directions, I can’t wait to try each and every way you want to take it.  So get your panties ready for me, slutty or sexy so we can get down and do this dirty and fun!

Pick up the phone and call me, Emerald so I can ignite your desire: 1-888-402-8669

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guided masturbation phone sex

The last call we did together we did guided masturbation phone sex and I loved controlling your cock and making you do as I say. It was so much fun hearing you get off to me telling you how to stroke your cock. Remember, we started out with you getting nice and comfortable pouring some lotion into your hand and rubbing them together. You lost yourself in the sound of my sexy voice whispering in your ear with my naughty words. I have you stroke your cock and rub your balls just for me and you had no problem giving me all the control. Hearing you moaning and breathing heavy as you allow yourself to just let go and let me guide you completely.

Guided masturbation is a form of phone sex that always excites me. Knowing I’m controlling your cock along with your orgasm is amazing. I know you were totally into our call because you couldn’t talk at the end hahaha! I know you like to try different kind of fetishes, but for some reason you always come back to this one. Maybe it’s because your cock likes this one the best hahaha. I just know I enjoy making you feel so incredibly good that you continue to call me for more and more. I love guiding you to that explosive ending that makes you all crazy inside, but so relaxed.

When you allow another person like me to control your orgasms you totally get to feel what real guided masturbation phone sex is all about. I have you in the palm of my hand, telling you how to move your hand on your cock,  something about someone else controlling your cock and mind is intense. Together we could have a really great time exploring all kinds of phone sex! Just call me and try something new.

Call me for some guided masturbation I know you will want more and more mmmmm Jenny.  1-888-402-8669

Mistress phone sex

Wow, you really are a pathetic little dick loser aren’t you ?   Your tiny little dick has no purpose what so ever but to sit and laugh at.  That is why mistress phone sex is perfect for looser like yourself.  So just remember when you talk to me on the phone it is mistress to you, do you understand ?   One thing I love is watching you dress up in your sexy clothes and dropping straight to your knees right where you belong you loser.  You know exactly what you are good for too don’t you ?  Now you see that big 8 inch cock in front of your face, so take it in your mouth, and work it like you should.  I mean way back in your throat and suck it the way it should be.  You poor thing, gagging and tears rolling down your checks and gasping for air not being able to take a breathe.  Well guess what ?  That is to bad, maybe if you were worth anything at all you wouldn’t have to serve me , you would be able to fuck me instead but nope you sure as fuck can’t even think about that, with a little fucking thing you call a dick.  With mistress phone sex you must behave for me, or I will introduce you to the real cock and not this strap on I have .  You might even get cock and ball torture if you aren’t up to my expectations.  I also want you to worship my ass, and I want to feel your nose sliding up and down my ass crack and you lick up and down it, I mean bury that nose in my ass.  You will soon find out that your pain is surely my pleasure so get back down on your knees and to my feet.  Look up at my wet panties and see how much this turns me the fuck on to know that I am your mistress.  You are just quivering wishing you could fuck this sweet pussy aren’t you ?  Well keep fucking wishing you pathetic loser but that’s all your going to do is wish.  Do you think that you have what it takes to please a mistress like myself with mistress phone sex ?   If you do then i would suggest you pick up your phone and call and ask for Dee.

Call Dee at 1-888-402-8669

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tease and denial

I think pretty much everybody who’s into phone sex is also into roleplay to some extent.  I mean, it kinda doesn’t work without it.  But the best thing to do with roleplay, in my opinion, is to incorporate it seamlessly into whatever fetish you may have.  Ok, like, for instance, tease and denial.  There are tons of guys who like to be teased and then ultimately denied their orgasm by a hot girl, right?  You may even be one of them.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you are one of those guys who’s really into T&D.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if you really were, to be honest.)  Anyway, what do you think is more fun?  Just having the sexy voice on the other end of the phone tell you to stroke for awhile and then to stop and then to stroke some more and stop again?  Or having her weave a roleplay that you can also participate in? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

One of my favorite roleplays for tease and denial phone sex is a Teacher/student roleplay.  I can be either the teacher or the student.  If I’m the student, then I’m the naughty schoolgirl who’s old enough to know better than to tease her professor…but who does it, anyway.  If I’m the teacher, then I’m the sexy teacher who keeps her favorite student after class one day to discuss his recent academic performance.  It’s amazing how much better work a man can do if he’s properly motivated, you know!

Of course, that’s not the only roleplay that’s fun for tease and denial.  It’s just a very good example.  Do you have any tease and denial roleplays that you really enjoy? Then call me, Avery, at 1-888-402-8669!