Edging Phone Sex with Abby

Some of you guys just don’t take the time to enjoy your masturbation sessions. You just jerk off really quickly and then you’re on your way. But I think you really need some edging phone sex in your life. Taking the time to REALLY enjoy the masturbation process will make your orgasm SO much better. I know that maybe you don’t believe me, but trust me when I say that making it last will be better than you ever could have dreamed.

edging phone sex

So, when you call me you really need to be ready to obey me and do exactly what I say. If you want to have better orgasms, then that’s just what you’re going to have to do. I don’t have the patience for guys who call me and say they want to do what I say and then just do their own thing anyway. It is really fucking annoying. So just be prepared to take direction from a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing. It might seem a little unnatural to you at first, but you will be thanking me afterward and I promise you that you’ll be calling me back again and again.

Let’s just put this in simple terms that even an idiot could understand. The difference in a quickie orgasm and one that you get from edging phone sex. Quickie orgasm = ground beef. Taking your time = filet mignon. I mean, sure, ground beef is good but everyone knows that a nice juicy filet is what everyone prefers. So why would you waste an orgasm on something that takes 2 minutes? You shouldn’t.

But what you should be doing is calling me right now for edging phone sex. Just pick up your phone and dial 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you ask the dispatcher to talk to Abby!


Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with Arianna

This sensual tease loves wearing dresses. Even with the weather dipped down to sub arctic temperatures I am still grabbing my cute knee length dresses. Now dont think I am tossing on leggings. Far from it I am a pantyhose fetish phone sex wet dream right now. For my long legs are encased in silky nylons.

pantyhose phone sex

Now I could be a true sensual tease and wear some nude stockings but that would make most people think crazy thoughts like “How could this girl go out with bare legs?”

Instead I toss on dark nylons so that you know when you see my legs even out of the corner of your eyes that yes this girl is indeed wearing what gets my cock throbbing. Then have to think about my sexy legs in those dark pantyhose all day long.

Good luck not darting off into the bathroom for a quick jerk off session!

Now back to my sexy legs. For I do have a few pair of pantyhose that have intricate designs and well some that are silky smooth. Ohh how I love to tease pantyhose lovers with my sexy nylon encased feet. And if you have been teased by my sexy hosiery before you know exactly how I use my feet. *wink* These toes may of made one or two or more cum in pure pantyhose fetish phone sex orgasmic heavenly delight.

Course now its your turn to find out just how much of a sensual tease I am to those of you with a nylon fetish. I am on tonight and as luck would have it I was out today in a cute wine colored dress and black panty hose.

You can call me at 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and I might let you make a mess over my pantyhose covered legs.


Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! You’ve probably noticed, when I go out on the town with my girlfriends, I love to bum cigarettes off you. I think I have a love of smoking fetish phone sex, but don’t tell anyone!

smoking fetish phone sex

It honestly only happens when I’m drinking. I love the burn of liquor going down my throat, and I love to chase that feeling with a drag or two of your menthol cigs. I love the cooling sensation as the smoke fills my lungs. And sucking on that thin cylinder fulfills an urge inside me.

You’ll know I’m almost ready to go out for a smoke when I’m starting to act tipsy. I’ll turn into a major tease, pulling you outside by the beltloops and away from our friends. Of course I don’t have my own cigarettes or a lighter, and I have no problem searching your pockets for them. Then I’ll give you a half smile as I bite my lip and try to light that little stick and make it burn. I may have to have you do it for me; I get clutzy when I’m drinking Sex on the Beaches and Cape Cods. Yes, I’m a fruity bitch, does that bother you?

I know I’ll have your full attention as my bright red lips wrap around that stick and suck. I know happiness will flirt across my face as I hold that smoke in my lungs for just a moment, and then release it in one long, slow exhale. You don’t mind if I lean into you while we smoke outside the bar, right? I might be a bit wobbly, you might have to put your arm around me to steady me. That’s okay, right? Oops, I just blew smoke in your face. How can I make it up to you hon? Do you want me to replace this cigarette between my lips with something else, or do you want me to keep teasing you a bit more?

How do you want this night to end, hon? I know we’ll both be getting off during this smoking fetish phone sex session, that’s for sure! Call today, and I’ll show you just what I like to do once I’ve got some alcohol and nicotine coursing through my veins.

Twitter: @cassiePierced
Email: piercedcassie@yahoo.com

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Jocelyn

I am in the mood for some ass worship phone sex – who else is with me??? *giggles* I mean, more like who else is NOT after seeing a lovely luscious bottom like mine???

ass worship phone sex

And can I be totally honest and confess something to you??? It’s such an embarrassing secret, but I mean you’re bound to find out once you start properly paying tribute to my glorious toned round ass… But I am like, really really ticklish under my buttcheeks!!! *giggles* It’s making me squirm to even just think about your lips tracing along the bottom edge of my bikini panties… Not to mention how wet those are getting!!!

I’ll admit I love lying around in bed on a lazy morning reading or doing my homework in just my cute lil panties and a shirt. What would make it absolutely perfect though is a devoted ass worship phone sex slave to lie behind me and snuffle, nuzzle, kiss, and lick me till I am absolutely glowing warm and sparkling clean all over!!!

I bet you’ll be just as eager a slave for me when I’m all dressed up in stockings, too, won’t you??? When I’m dolled up all sexy slutty to go out for a night of dancing with my girls and fucking hot guys it’ll make you beg to take your place on your knees under that special throne you know I keep just for the best ass worship phone sex slaves. The one that makes it super comfortable for me to receive all the proper face-rubbing, tongue-lapping, and crack-sniffing I deserve, you know the one!!!

Are you the kind of simpering, begging, do-anything-for-a-taste kind of fucktoy I’m looking for? We’ll have to see how your attempts at proper tribute to my goddessness stack up. *giggles* Ask for Jocelyn at 1-888-402-8669 to bow before my beautiful butt!!!

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Abby

Look at you – sitting there in that red lacy thong. You are waiting for your lover to come over again, aren’t you? You always call me for panty boy phone sex when you’re waiting for him. You love telling me what you’re wearing and what you went through to get ready for your sexy lover to arrive, don’t you? You shaved your entire body because he likes you to be smooth from head to toe. Then you exfoliated, put body cream all over your body, and then put on some perfume. You are so soft and you smell so good. You felt so sexy when you slide that red lace thong on, didn’t you? I bet it made your little clitty SO hard. But you know you can’t touch it yet because he doesn’t like it when you get started with out him.

panty boy phone sex

I love it when you tell me how you greet him at the door on your knees. You need to be ready to open your mouth as soon as his pants hit the floor. Remember when you told me how he loves to grab the back of your head and shove his cock down your throat and gag you before he starts fucking your mouth slowly? I know you love it when he shoots his load in your mouth, but I like the stories you tell me where he bends you over and slides his big, thick cock into your sissy cunt.

You need to call me right now and tell me what you think he’s going to do to you when he gets to your house. I’m sure you have a good idea. Also, you can call me back after he leaves and tell me all of the dirty details. Call me for panty boy phone sex at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby!

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! Can we talk about some mutual masturbation phone sex for a minute? So I was in the tub, soaking in hot, bubbly water as per my usual, and while perusing literotica and other sites to find some dirty literature, I came across this fantastic story that I want to share with you.

mutual masturbation phone sex

Do you ever read fanfic? Do you know what fanfic is? It’s where a writer takes premade characters, and has their way with them. In this case, their dirty, dirty way. While I’ve read erotic fanfiction about many topics, like that teen wizard, or that perky blonde vampire slayer, my new favorite is about that super sleuth and his doctor companion at 221 B Baker Street.

The story starts commonly enough, with them arguing about a case they just finished. But it soon takes a kinky turn when they start arguing just who knows the most about sex. Our super sleuth is loath to admit his knowledge isn’t completely exhaustive on every topic, including sex. He thinks his doctor friend is saying he knows the most about sex because he fucks every woman in sight, while our sleuth has more exacting tastes — and almost admits he hasn’t been fucked in 10 years! Oh hon, call me, and we can fix that with some mutual masturbation phone sex!

The argument continues, with our sleuth saying woman are experienced at “faking” an orgasm to stroke a man’s ego — this slut has never faked it, trust me. I will let you know if you’re not getting me there!

So they finally decide on a bet. And an experiment. And a questionnaire! They decide they need to fuck the same person at different times. Two different people, one male, one female. And watch each other’s performance. I was laughing so hard I almost lost some of my bathwater over the side!

But then came the good parts. The sexy, kinky, interesting parts. And the only reason I bring this up, hon, is wouldn’t it be fun to find some dirty, kinky, erotic fiction and read it to each other, and then act it out? While reading kinky stories during our mutual masturbation phone sex sessions, we can talk about what we like best about the story, or maybe what we’d like to do instead. Even with my vast sexual experience, I always tend to find things that I had never thought to try in dirty stories. It’s always a fun surprise to learn new things that gets me wet, and I can never wait long to try out my new ideas!

Let’s find new things to do in our mutual masturbation phone sex session. Call me, and I’ll be your dirty librarian and show you just where I hide all the really good stuff. Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Cassie right now!

Twitter: @cassiePierced
Email: piercedcassie@yahoo.com

BBC Phone Sex with Phoenix

Ray just called me because he goes crazy for a hot BBC phone sex call with me. Sometimes he just wants to hear about me fucking a huge black dick, describing it in detail to him. Other times, he wants me to be dominant and force him to worship and to take that black dick in his mouth until he sucks those huge black balls dry, swallowing every sticky drop. He does such a good job at being my cocksucker, down on his knees with his mouth open up wide. taking a hard thrusting big black cock right down his throat until he drools and gags all over it.

BBC phone sex

Yesterday, I took him to a glory hole, blind folded, he had no idea where I was taking him. So many cocks kept coming through the holes in the wall and I forced him to lick those big mushroom heads one after the other. His dick gets so hard when I tell him exactly what they look like, how long and thick they are and what they will taste like. One huge, thick, black cock came through and after he sucked for a few minutes he yelled that he just wanted to get slammed with it the way I do. As a matter of fact, that same guy had just left such a luscious cream pie for him. Ray began licking my slick, creamy, wet pussy while the man with the thickest big black cock spread him open and really started banging him so hard, he was moaning like crazy. He took it like my good boy and exploded his jizz everywhere when that BBC came inside him. When you are desperate and craving BBC phone sex, give me call!

You can set up a call through dispatch, meet me in chat, or on SKYPE: Phoenix PSO

Sploshing Phone Sex with Shay

I look good enough to eat most day’s but what if I was covered in your favorite wet and mushy food? What would that food be? I am very into sploshing phone sex and more than willing to raid my fridge before or on a call to look for creative, wet and sometimes sticky foods to cover myself in just for you.

sploshing phone sex

I once dated a guy in my first year of college that got off on sploshing phone sex while we were away from each other. But when we did get to see each other he loved pouring drinks and food down my panties. He loved the way I would move around and pose in my panties when he dumped a cup of rice pudding in them. The texture, the smell and the look of it my tight panties drove the man wild and he would fuck me while my pussy was covered in his homemade rice pudding! We also played with gravy, oatmeal, butter, and my personal favorite pasta sauce!!!!!

That brings me to my current turn-on of sploshing phone sex. I just had phone sex last weekend with a man from Utah and I sat in front of my fridge covering myself with all the finds and leftovers I had. He loved hearing the texture, me telling him how I was rubbing the cold strawberry jelly over my nipples and then spreading it between my pussy lips like I was making a sweet treat. The sound of me sucking the sticky sweetness off my fingers just for him. And he came with me as I poured milk down the front of my body and it trickled down my perky tits and ran right over my wet pussy. It was very hot and I’m craving exploring with other wet and moist things from the fridge or my small pantry.

He did want me to roll around in baked beans but I didn’t have any in the house sadly but I’m going to make it a point to get some when I go food shopping this week! I can count on getting excited while looking at all the different kinds of baked beans and the flavors they will have when I go. I never have put baked beans on my body but I’m sure they’re going feel amazing.

Are you looking for some wet and messy sploshing Phone sex with a very sexy woman? 1 888 402 8669 ask for Shay

Skype with me: Sweet Bunny Shay

JOI Phone Sex with Jayda

Hello lover boys! Are you wanting some hot jerk off instructions but don’t know where to look? Look no further! Take off all your clothes and get comfortable and naked. Don’t forget your wallets! Then, give me a call for some hot and nasty JOI phone sex.

JOI phone sex

I want you to release full control of your cocks to me. Don’t be afraid to make me your JOI master and financial dom. Not only will I milk your cock but I will milk your wallets too. Do you cum too fast when you fuck? I can train you to be a better fuck boy and hold your creamy load, so you won’t have premature ejaculation. I want you to visualize me laying there naked in front of you and you’re staring at this tight Asian pussy. We both engage in mutual  masturbation, but the sight of this cunt in front of you makes your cock grow harder and harder. My soothing voice tells you to take your hand and gently start stroking your cock back and forth. You get so excited by our JOI phone
sex fun that I tell you to stop because I want you to hold the excitement a bit.

Use your imagination and imagine me there right in front of you playing with my tight slit, and fingering this pussy getting it really nice and wet. Mmmm, you can see the wetness on my cunt glisten and I suddenly become slippery and creamy. Then, I tell you to start stroking your dick and imagine it’s me jacking your cock off. Doesn’t that feel good? You will never have a dull moment while we have JOI phone sex. As you caress your cock I will order you to stick your finger in that sweet little anal hole of yours while you leave the other hand jacking your dick off. Then, I would tell you to go just a bit faster. I know you just love having that finger shoved up your asshole. You could imagine it being my 10 inch big, thick, black strap on slowly pounding your ass. I will own your ass and cock. Call me
your master while I make you stroke your hard stiff piece of meat and take all your money. Let me take full control of your body through JOI phone sex. Call me now!

JOI Phone Sex with Kelly

Sure you can jerk your dick alone. By why would you when you can talk to me as you do it? What you really need is my sexy sweet voice in your ear controlling your every move. You know that you will cum so much harder if you call me for some intense JOI phone sex. Listen up, it won’t just be me giving you a list of stuff to do, but I will make you work for that orgasm.

JOI phone sex

The more you do for me, the more powerful your climax will be. I’m not going to just let you yank your meat and blow your load in 2 seconds. No no no, baby! I am not one of those basic bitches. I’m going to tease that dick and make you beg to cum on our JOI phone sex call. I’m going to make your dick throb so hard your legs will shake and your body will be tingling all over. Just lay back and close your eyes and do everything I tell you to do on JOI phone sex and I promise you will cum harder than you’ve ever done stroking it alone. I will edge you over and over until you can barely take it anymore. Sometimes I’ll make you stroke faster….then slower. I might even make you stick a finger in your ass while you stroke to keep you really hard and dripping pre-cum. And I will not let you bust your nut until you beg and ask for permission. But trust me, when I am done teasing and edging you on JOI phone sex you’ll be madly in love with me!!

So go grab your lube and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly…if you are ready for a truly amazing experience.