Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Nadia

I have such a hot mutual masturbation phone sex story for you! When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time at my neighbor’s house. Tara’s parents were divorced. Her mom worked a lot, so a lot of the time we were pretty much left alone to do what we wanted. Her older sister, Tina, was a pothead and hardly ever left basement apartment. She had a cool set up down there. I was so jealous and thought she was so cool. She had just started going to college and she had a ton of friends.

mutual masturbation phone sex

One night, I was woken up. I got up to close the window and heard some giggling. I saw Tina and one of the girls outside smoking a joint by the pool. They were wearing their bikinis. As I tried to hear what they were laughing about, Tina pulled the girl’s bikini top aside and started to play with her breast. She sat there just playing with her big tit, massaging it. The girl pulled her other tit out and they bounced together. She had a full chest. Tina began to play with both of them. She put her face between them and kissed each nipple. I felt a sensation in my pussy I was just getting used to. I really wanted to touch myself, but Tara was asleep in bed. I put my hands in my panties and put my middle finger in me. It was so wet.

The girls had moved from the table to the hammock. Tina was fully dressed, while the other girl was completely naked. The girl sat on the hammock and spread her legs. Tina got on her knees and seemed to balance herself on the hammock and right between these girls thighs! Her tits were visible with the little light that was on, but it was enough for me. I watched as Tina licked this girl. I wanted my pussy to be licked. I wanted to feel like that girl. I heard her orgasm and I wanted it.

I took my panties off and slipped back into bed with Tara with only my nightgown on. I spread my legs and started to masturbate. I thought I had an orgasm before, but after seeing that girl cum, I didn’t think that was what I felt. I played with my clit and was fucking myself with my fingers, but I wanted more. I looked over at Tara longingly. She was on her side and her cleavage was right in front of me. I thought about how it would feel to touch those new, fresh breasts. I wondered how big she was really going to get. I wanted to see her nipples.

I popped open a button on her nightgown, and she didn’t stir. I undid another, and another. And I pulled the gown until I saw her full pink nipple right next to my head. My pussy suddenly throbbed. I took my finger and glided it gently over her nipple. It got harder. I pinched it gently. She stirred and moved so she was sleeping on her back, both of her nipples exposed.

Suddenly, all I wanted was so suck on my best friend’s tits. I was so wet. I ached. I ached like I had never before. I wanted to know if her pussy felt like mine. I wanted to put my finger inside her and feel her. I wanted to touch her all over. I laid there playing with myself, watching my beautiful best friends tits so close to me. I thought about touching her tummy and pulling her gown up so I could feel her. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted to make her moan and scream my name.

And then it came…. I suddenly got hot and my ass came up off the bed and Iet out a moan. I came right there next to my bestie, because of my bestie. I leaned over and kissed Tara on the lips and on her nipples.

“’Night,” I whispered, hoping not to wake her.

She opened her eyes answered, “Mmmhmm…’Night.”

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CEI Phone Sex with Abby

I know there are a lot of you out there who say you want to eat your cum but you always chicken out when it comes time to do the deed. That’s why you need a CEI phone sex session with a strong bratty woman like me. I won’t take no for an answer. You ARE going to eat your cum when you call me. I’m not willing to entertain any of your lame ass excuses, it really is best that you don’t try them on me. It won’t work anyway, so all you’re doing by giving excuses is wasting my time. And trust me – I don’t like it when my time is wasted. You will end up doing more than eating your cum if you do that.

CEI phone sex

I have a great idea for you. I know a lot of men chicken out because after you cum, you’re not horny anymore and you lose desire to eat your load. So, a couple of hours before you call me, I want you to have a quickie with yourself and shoot your load in a shot glass. That way, when you call me and I tell you how to jerk off and how to eat your cum, you will have some there waiting for you while you’re still all horned up. You won’t make any excuses, and I won’t get mad at you. It’s really a win-win for everyone involved.

Are you ready for your CEI phone sex session with me? I can’t wait to be the first woman to hear you swallow a load of your own cum. Who knows…maybe once you get that under your belt, you’ll want some cum from someone else’s cock.

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Arianna

I always giggle when a guy asks me if I like cock. Your finding me doing taboo phone sex for the times I am not out getting actual cock doesnt that tell you something? Am seriously obsessed with dick.

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Whats really fun is when a guy is obsessed about cock too. I mean he isnt interested in hearing girls stories about going out and getting fucked but like he actually has stories about sucking cock. He just wants to share his love affair with those thick throbbing dicks with someone who can relate.

A girl who isnt gonna judge him about his cock sucking obsession. Well maybe there is a little bit of judgement cause lets face it you do love it when a girl whispers what a dirty fag boy you are. Those little words of humiliation start to get your wee dick twitching with excitement and that taboo phone sex call turns into a full on bisexual phone sex confession where your telling me all those dirty secrets.

I dont mind one bit for I so enjoy listening to the tone of your voice change. You stumble over every word as you get more and more excited. That sense of arousal building. I wonder how fast you will head out the door to go find a dick to shoot a load of hot cum down your throat.

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Bratty Phone Sex with Barbie

What is it about bratty phone sex that is so fun? It legit makes my clit tingle to mouth off “Make me, baby !” Maybe because when you take me at your word and literally makes me do whatever he wants, it is the most fun ever? Perhaps I love being put over your knees as much as I love being your perfect fuck toy? Teasing and giggling and provoking you is my favorite type of phone sex.

bratty phone sex

To begin with, picture me in my favorite summer jammies. Soft pink cotton panties that hug my barely legal pussy lips. And a tight cropped tee that clings to my perky tits and nipples. Maybe I’m lounging in your big bed with my favorite stuffie? What is your first command ? Because I can’t wait to tell you “NO!” LOL! Uh-oh, you need to spank my bottom! I giggle and stick out my tongue and squeal “Make me, baby ” And that is your cue to take me in your arms and put me over your lap. Pulling down those shorts to reveal my cute bubble butt. You see my goosebumps as you rub your hand in circles on my bare bottom.

“Barbie , what did you say?” you grin at me.


And then he brings his hand down in one swift smack! And again, and again and again. Until my bare ass is red and stinging! I am squirming in your lap. Your spankings are taming my brattiness, but they’re inspiring my horniness! Perhaps baby will you take a break from spanks and let one of your fingers explore my pussy? After all, you probably want to see how wet you have made your bratty little slut! I am a spoiled brat who loves taking your credit cards and going on a shopping spree without you knowing. I take my friend amy with me and we max out my your credit card. I love shopping my you have me spoiled, but I also get punished by you . When I got home from shopping you are always waiting for me.. I was a bad girl you tell me. You spank my bare ass till it gets red, then tells me I was a bad girl. Then I make you feel better after.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Nadia

I have to admit that I just love to laugh at pathetic losers when they call me for humiliation phone sex. Losers love to be laughed at by a mean girl like me. These totally perverted cock strokers know they wouldn’t be able to get one tiny bit of attention from a pretty, barely legal girl like me unless they pay for a humiliation call. It’s pretty funny really, to think you losers who call me for degrading femdom fantasies do not even get real phone sex! All I do is laugh and giggle and call you mean names and then pick on you for having such a small penis! I’m such a mean Goddess, I can do whatever I want! You will only thank me for giving you the time of day!

humiliation phone sex

I make my submissive slaves call my humiliation phone sex line all the time and say stupid things like “Mistress I only live to lick your ass” HAHA! So much fun and amusement for me. I take your cash, leave you broke and pathetic and then remind you how worthless you are to me! I don’t care if your balls are swollen, full of cum and about to burst. If you have nothing to offer your Mistress then you don’t get to cum at all. You will just have to deal with those blue balls and thank me for giving them to you. Hell, even if you do pay me, I still might not allow you to cum! I sure will tease and torture your throbbing cock though!

Some of my brave losers like to send me pictures. You look so silly fucking that orange and writing things all over your teeny, tiny cock in permanent marker. The best though is when my sissy sluts get all dressed up in women’s lingerie and then show me how sexy they look. I truly do enjoy receiving all of my sissy boy pics and humiliating my slaves. It’s one of my favorite things to do during a phone sex call. Just beware that I have sometimes emailed these pictures to some of my other phone sex girlfriends so that they can laugh and giggle at the perverted losers too!

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Taboo Phone Sex with Shay

Hey, guy’s it your favorite taboo phone sex girl! You know you are in the mood for an upbeat horny girl that loves some naughty and kinky phone sex. You are always promised a good time with me. Who really could resist a sexy perverted girl that loves being dirty and loves it when you stroke your cock while on the phone with her?

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I love having taboo phone sex role plays to be real with you. I love acting out crazy, dark, dirty fantasies of yours and I have some too. Some of my taboo phone sex fantasies are things you will never find anywhere else. Some of them even sick and twisted. I’m more than happy to play with myself over them too. I love kinky freaks like me <3

A kinky taboo role play I had last week really made me cum so hard. I was hired as a young intern at a local law office for a hot older senior lawyer in the firm. Easy enough job, smile, answer the phones and bring people to the conference rooms for there meetings. He told me right off the bat at the interview I needed to look good. I wore nice tight-fitting skirts and v neck blouses, My coworkers joked I was the siren of the office. Always looking good with a smile to sell snow to the devil himself. I noticed how my boss always was enjoying watching me do the tasks he gave me. He was double my age but fit and educated what a mix.

One of the female lawyers there told me that he loved having young interns like me in the office. He liked being in control of young eager to please ladies like myself. I did everything asked of me and I did them all well to the point he noticed and would ask me to stay late and even bring me my favorite ice coffees and slushy sodas. One day I asked him to bring me my favorite candy which is sugar dips. He looked at me odd and asked me why and I admit I crossed the line first and told him I liked to sprinkle on guys cock before I sucked him off. Hehehehe

That was the day our relationship changed. He started giving my ass a swat when I walked by and one day even lifted my black pencil skirt up a little while we were in his office alone. I knew what he wanted. I didn’t care if he was a married older man. I know he wanted to fuck my young intern pussy. In the day time in the office, I was miss goody two shoes but when the office started to clear out I became his sex toy.

I’m becoming the good office girl that will let this man twice my age fuck me in his office, I even stained his client chair in the office the one night when he tongue fucked my ass. I came so hard it left a stain on his black chair. I even let him call me after hours for some taboo phone sex while his wife was sound asleep next to him in bed. I could hear her snore. I loved playing with my pussy for him and sending it to his office phone.

I even let him fuck me with a fresh banana someone left in the office fridge. The cool hard fruit was more then I could bear as he fucked my young pussy in the lunch area. To my shock he even unpeeled it and gently fucked me with the peeled fruit making sure it was soaked with cum before eating it in front of me before he fucked me.

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Abby

You’ve been dressing up and calling for sissy fantasies for a while now, but it’s time to move on to something a little bit more sexy. Don’t worry, you can still dress up in your pretty outfits – it’s even encouraged. But from now on you’re going to be on your knees for some cock sucking phone sex. Don’t try to resist me. You know I’ve been telling you for a while now that you were ready to suck cock and your stalling tactics just aren’t going to work on me anymore. It’s time for you to open your mouth, pretty girl. You have got to put that bright red lipstick to good use. I didn’t teach you to put it on for nothing.

cock sucking phone sex

I know you’re kind of nervous to suck cock for the first time, but trust me when I say that you’re going to be a natural. The fact that you WANT to suck cock is the main thing. That means you’re going to be so enthusiastic and do a perfect job. And if you need help, I’ll be right there with you helping you and cheering for you. I might even show you how to suck cock by demonstrating. Would you like that, my little sissy slut? I know you might not consider you a slut yet, but trust me – you will be. I promise you that. As soon as you get your first taste of cock and that first load of cum down your throat, you’ll be absolutely addicted. Your knees are gonna be sore from being down on them getting your face fucked.

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Sugar Baby Phone Sex with Nadia

Are you looking for a college girl to love and spoil and worship, but you know you’d never be able to get her in real life? Welcome to sugaring in the digital age. I’m the sugar baby phone sex girl of your dreams, the girl who will make your toes curl and your eyes roll back with the ways I show my gratitude for all you do for me. I’m your confidant, the one who listens to you, who always texts and emails you back and never says no! Don’t worry, will never let you down. Talking with me you will have constant smiles. And endless organisms. Let ’s be clear though – a real sugar baby like me doesn’t date just anyone. I’m looking for a man who indulges in me and with me. Let’s get to know each other and by the end, I promise you, you’ll be addicted not only to my wits but also to the sound of my voice as you hear me cum.

sugar baby phone sex

So don’t keep me waiting guys, take the first step and pick up that phone. Call me. I promise I’ll be a fun time. Who knows, you may just like me so much, that you won’t be able to stop calling. That’s my goal. For your unlimited sugar baby phone sex call your favorite phone girl naughty Nadia. I cant wait to hear from you. I’ll give you the one on one attention you need and demand. I’ll even let you in on all my twisted deep dark fantasies. You know the ones that make you think twice. The unforgettable ones. Those ones are the best ones. This hot college sugar baby wants to hear from you. I’ll give you the best experience of your life!

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Phone Sex Princess Callie

Hi, Fellas! How have y’all been doing? This phone sex princess has been up to no good and I’ve been acting naughty all week. I’ve been walking around the neighborhood wearing a pair of shorts that barely cover my nice round ass. Along with some pink high heels and a white tank top, with no bra. That way when my nipples get hard and I am walking around the neighborhood, all of the horny men can see my small perky nips get hard. I bet you these men have very naughty dreams about what they with they could do to me.

phone sex Princess

My favorite part about walking around town like this, is the innocent curious look of desire behind my big blue eyes. I give them a taunting smirk, as I watch the bulge in their pants grow as I walk by them. I am a phone sex princess, and I always get what I want. I am daddies spoiled girl, I like to call the men that I control, my toys. Because that is all you are to me, a toy. Someone that I can play with whenever I like, and humiliate, then I’ll put you back when I am done teasing you. All I am is a naughty tease with a an equally as dirty mind as yours. The only difference between you and I, is that I have power.

This sweet and southern phone sex princess, loves to tease older men and have them wrapped around my finger. I’ll have you buy me things, and carry everything for me, then step on your foot with my heels and pretend that it was an accident. Getting an old geezer on his knees, and turning him into one of my toys is just soooo hot to me. I can feel the heat between my legs just thinking about it! This phone sex princess can’t wait to hear from you!

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CFNM Phone Sex with Kelly

I personally think one of the hottest forms of foreplay is CFNM phone sex. If you don’t know what that is, it’s clothed female naked male fantasy. You will do everything that I say. I think it’s the ultimate in cock teasing. I love to make a man strip for me as I rub my pussy through my panties getting them soaking wet. Then I make him sit on the bed and watch me give him little peep shows but never fully take anything off. I lift my skirt a little so he can see my ass in my thong panties, or I sit in a chair with my legs spread wide open so he can see my panty covered snatch while I tease my clit. I’ll open my blouse and let you see my cleavage covered in my lace bra as I rub my nipples through the lace getting them all perky.

CFNM phone sex

Now tell me your dick isn’t getting rock hard thinking about me teasing you without even taking off one piece of clothing? I’m telling you CFNM phone sex is crazy erotic. Imagine me climbing on top of your cock and rubbing my panty covered pussy all over your dick until you spurt. Or I can stick your dick up under my bra and fuck you with my cleavage until you spray all over my face. I know you’ll be dying to take my clothes off me, but that’s part of the fun with CFNM phone sex! It heightens your desire for me so that when I finally do strip, you’ve been edged so much with CFNM phone sex foreplay that you unleash all of your passion onto me when I let you fuck me. So come baby, let’s have some fun!

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