Bi Curious Phone Sex with Brandy

You may start off by having bi curious phone sex fantasies. But believe me it won’t be long until I turn you into a bisexual cock sucking cum slut. You will love it so much that you’ll be wanting it in both of your slutty holes. Another really good touch to add is dressing you up to look just like a female. Just ask one of the guys who saw my page and decided that he wanted to be feminized so I could take him out cock hunting. I brought him in my bedroom as I transformed him into the perfect girl. Red thigh hi’s, a pair of cream colored panties trimmed in black lace with pale pink lips all over them. My tiny skirt, mid drift top to show off the fake tits and bra and a six inch pair of wedge shoes to perfect it. How could I not mention my black wig to add to the hotness.

bi curious phone sex

I called her “Jessica” That’s one of my favorite slutty names. She also had burgundy painted dick sucking lips just like I wanted. I had the choice between a house party and the club scene. But she looked much to hot to stay at home! Besides there so much more to pick from when the club scene is added. We walked in as all eyes were on her. I already knew that she would be a perfect bi curious phone sex slut to service those well hung studs either in the bathroom or in the back alley of the club. Jessica looked like she could pass for a real female! She was so happy with my work. But a fashionista like myself knows just how to dress you guys up to totally transform you. We made our way back to the men’s bathroom where 2 hungry men followed us.

They were ready to pull those dicks out as she went into the bathroom stall to sit and start sucking and choking on those big fat dicks. I guided those horny fucks on what to do as Jessica’s mouth slid up and down that hard dick. It wasn’t long until he had her ass in front of the hand washing station spreading those legs open. I said “look at yourself in the mirror looking like a cock taking slut getting that slutty hole fucked.” I got so damn turned on seeing her have both holes fucked. Being treated like a bi curious phone sex slut. My nipples started getting hard and my pussy was dripping wet. If I was able to undress and take a big fat dick in my pussy and milk it until it came then she would have been the perfect cum licking clean up slut for me.

Before I knew it more men were coming in. By then I said “put your fucking cash at the door before you come in this bathroom men! We don’t fuck for free now!” They dropped their cash as Jessica started sucking on a big fat nine inch dick. There she was moaning out like a bitch in heat in the men’s bathroom. What a way to be passed around in times like these. I wrapped my hand around that hard dick and started jacking until Jessica couldn’t take it anymore.

The bathroom had the scent of cum and sex in the air. She came so fucking hard after all of that. I have a feeling that her bi curious phone sex fantasies turned into something much more.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Abby

It’s finally October and you know what that means – Halloween is right around the corner! All you sissy phone sex sluts out there better be thinking of what you’re going to dress as this year. I guess it doesn’t really matter what you are as long as you’re the slutty version of it. I know you love getting all dressed up as a woman on Halloween because that’s the only day of the year you can go out like that without anyone saying a damn thing to you about it. They will think it’s just your Halloween costume when really it’s your true self. You can revel in your femininity and be as naughty as you want to be, all at the same time. I would freaking love to get you dressed up and take you to my friend’s infamous party. She always invites the hottest guys and girls and people always end up fucking at some point.

sissy phone sex

Last year, we ended up having an orgy right there in the living room. It was so hot and I bet you’d have loved being there. There were so many cocks to suck and I know that’s what you really want. Or maybe you’d rather be bent over and fucked in your cunt right there in front of everyone. Hell, there were people getting fucked from both ends all night long, so you could have had both of those things, no problem. Why don’t you go ahead and call me for sissy phone sex so I can tell you more about what happened and what would have happened to YOU.  I will be waiting to fill you in on all of the dirty details, you dirty little whore.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Kelly

Do you really think your crying about your tiny dick on small penis humiliation phone sex is going to get sympathy from me? It only pisses me off to hear you whimpering and sniveling in my ear like the little bitch that you are. I don’t want to listen to you whining about pathetic your micropenis. It’s not my problem you’ve got a defective dick. And don’t even think I want to hear you jerking that minuscule pinky prick either. I doubt it’s much bigger than my clit. Here’s what you will get when you call me for small penis humiliation phone sex — I’ll instruct you to stuff that pathetic worm in a cock cage. And if you don’t have one of those then get a rubber band to tie up those shriveled nuts and bind that puny wee nub. You will not be using it anyway. In fact, you might as well get it cut off and turn it into the pussy you were meant to have.

I’m going to enjoy making you my femdom sissy and dressing you up like the sissy bitch boi l you are supposed to be. Then I’ll invite all the guys in my neighborhood to come and ruin that nasty boy pussy. Bend over and grab those ankles. I’ve got a monster strap on that is perfect to start the fuck party off! And you can forget about any lube you no dick loser! I want you to feel the pain. Come on sissy, give me a call. I’m really looking forward to taking my frustrations out on your sorry ass on small penis humiliation phone sex. But do your crying on your own time!! All I want to hear is you saying thank you for the cock you’re getting because of me.

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BBC Phone Sex with Pepper

I love BBC phone sex! Big, black mandingo cock…..YUM! The reasons I love BBC? Let me count the ways! They’re huge! 10 inches and up, and no small cocks in sight lol. Big cock means I can feel those deep strokes in my tummy as they always demand that I take all that cock balls deep. Riding a BBC can be challenging, because I find that I squirt each and every time that I bounce up and down on that mandingo cock. It gets soooo messy, but they never complain lolz.

BBC phone sex

The next reason I love BBC phone sex is because they are oh so thick…..just like a coke can, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. My pink tight pussy is getting wet just thinking about that thick black cock stretching me out. It also makes my mouth water cause I love when its shoved in my mouth and down my throat. Have you ever tried deep thoating a BBC? My eyes water and I gag but I keep going cause I love having my face fucked. What do I get out of it? A face full of cum of course lolz.

Lastly, I love BBC phone sex cuz they always wanna fuck me raw and shoot their loads inside me. Condoms are for pussies, you can barely feel anything when you have one on. I wanna be fucked raw so I can feel each and every stroke of that BBC as he bends me like a pretzel and fucks me like I’m a dog in heat. There’s nothing more satisfying than having my pussy pounded until its swollen and full of cum. Now I’m horny and I need to fuck, whatever shall I do?

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Tickle Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

You’ve been begging to tie me up, but I can’t just let you do that because you want to. You have to beg for  that privilege.  You think that you’re going to be teased and eventually pleased, but I have something that will be even more fun – for me, at least. Yes, I am going to tease you and please you, just not in the way that you think. You see, I have a tickling fetish and I want you to call me for tickle fetish phone sex.

tickle fetish phone sex

You told me once in passing that you are very ticklish and hated to be tickled. So when you pissed me off, I decided that that a severe tickle session would be the best way to punish you and have a little fun for me! You didn’t quite tell me what parts of your body are ticklish, but that’s okay. I am going to have a lot of fun exploring your body and finding the spots that send you into fits of laughter and maybe even some begging when I touch them with my feather. Or my long red painted nails.

Making you beg, tickle fetish or tickle torture?

When you finally end up begging me to stop, I am just going to laugh and keep going. And it’s not like there is anything you can do about it because you are at my mercy. Oh well. Maybe you should learn to keep your mouth shut and not piss me off. Instead of getting amazing sex from me, I’m going to leave you tied up to tickle all day and night! If you get too loud, I’ll sit on your face and use my feathers at the same time.

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Quality Phone Sex with Shay

Hi !!! Are you looking to call a woman that very different and a breath of fresh air? Looking for a beautiful lady to tell your darkest fantasy and will enjoy hearing about? Someone who will interact with you and ask sexy educated questions? Well, you found her! I’m a hard-working young woman that happens to love being naughty and having quality phone sex. That’s right I’m so normal I could be your next-door neighbor.

quality phone sex

I love candy. Not a huge fan of chocolate it’s ok here and there. I love snacking on fresh fruit, skittles, and fun dips. I have been known to do some naughty stuff with fresh fruit. Like a few years ago when I didn’t have any sex toys I would use banana or cucumbers to fuck myself with. Hey, don’t knock it felt great and they were great sex toys. There was one guy a few years ago that loved to eat the nana after he fucked me with it. Yes after he peeled it. I have had the fantasy of sucking on a huge cock and then covering it fun dip sugar. I haven’t got to do it yet 🙁

Everyone tells me to be a good girl but I am not as innocent as I look. My mind is always in the gutter. You can say something to me and I can turn most stuff perverted, Maybe that’s why I enjoy taboo phone sex so darn much. I’m a dirty girl with one hell of a winning smile. I swear when you call me you can hear my smile over the phone.

I’m a party girl by heart. I love wild parties and of course, many times that always leads to crazy sex and trying new things. You should hear some of the real-life sex stories I have to tell you.

My best friend calls me an educated whore. I’m perverted and that’s ok. I work a regular job and enjoy quality phone sex after I get home. Some people come home and put their feet up and watch a movie I get out sex toys and want to play. I’m a real woman, Real dreams, real voice, real-life kinky, and have a lot to offer those who call me. I really do enjoy answering the phone for you.

I really enjoy lucid fantasies of all kinds. Even if you sitting there thinking I don’t know if would enjoy this don’t second guess yourself baby. I like tons of twisted perverted shit. In a world where everyone is uptight and politically correct, why not give in to those fantasies with me.

So come on what are you waiting for? My smile says it all, doesn’t it? I’m a real horny girl and the envy of most of my friends. I live life on my own terms. Let’s explore together and cum with each other over some kinky twisted stuff.

Quality phone sex is only one call away baby. I bet you can’t wait to talk with me. Call me 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Shay.
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Strap On Fetish Phone Sex with Jayda

Firstly, how are my submissive cock craving sluts out there? I bet some of you can’t wait for strap on fetish phone sex. Some of you submissive fuck sluts often think about a nice hard stiff cock up your ass. You can confess all those kinky details to me. Furthermore, allow me to dress up in all black leather. I have a sweet surprise between my legs. Standing in front of you, I look like a sexy beast wearing high stilettoes and a tight black leather catsuit. Right between my legs is a long, black strap on dick. This 10-inch rod will dominate and penetrate your insides. Consequently, my shaft will bring you to your knees.

strap on fetish phone sex

Then, I will make you bend over on all fours. You will begin to feel me desecrate and violate your tight hole. Let my rod stretch you wide open. I want to see your hole gap wide. Pegging you during our strap on fetish phone sex will be a call that you won’t ever forget. Without a doubt, I won’t just own you, but you will become addicted to my long, thick rod I use repetitively to pound your man pussy with. I go faster, harder, and deeper. You begin to feel me dig into your insides and I savagely fuck you like an animal.

My tiny body and this massive strap on has you captivated while I violate you. Suddenly, your pain intensely becomes my pleasure. Your vulnerability gives me the strength to dominate you even more. You scream and moan with painful pleasure. I smack your ass and peg you harder going inside of you deeper and deeper. Each stroke takes you to a place that makes you lose all control. Call me for more strap on fetish phone sex. It won’t be easy for you! By the time I am done, I will own you and all the money in your wallet! 1 888 402 8669.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex Tease Arianna

My usual foot boy called up the other day and he had a very hard time deciding what fantasy to do. For his cock was going hmm Arianna’s feet while his mouth was going ohh lets worship her pretty ass.  How one must struggle when they have a foot fetish but a strong desire to worship this Goddess’ entire body.

foot fetish

He didnt struggle for long other than there was that slight hesitation in his voice but he dove in with I want to worship your ass please. Course being the phone sex tease that I am and knowing full well he has foot fetish so even when he was somewhat confident in his decision I was there wiggling my toes going “are you suuure?”

Granted he was sure about wanting to worship my ass but being the phone sex tease that you all know me to be when I was going over the outfit that I would be teasing him in there was perhaps a touch more emphasis on my feet. What shoes were adoring my pampered tootsies.

Ohhh dont go ohh poor him you know this foot fetish lover was enjoying every moment of that tootsie tease.

Loved every wonderful description of my toes and the panties that adorned my sexy ass too. See thats the joy of having a regular girl who knows the buttons that get you hot. There is the fun  in exploring other fetishes but we have that special way of making sure near every button gets hit. Cause we love it when your cocks are dripping for us.

Now I could go into more detail but I am a tease so gonna leave you right there pondering which fetish of his got him blowing that load and where.

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BBC Phone Sex with April

Hey guys! My name is April and I LOVE BBC phone sex! Do you have a big black cock I can play with or do you know someone who does? Perhaps maybe you enjoy watching women with tight pussys like mine get rammed by a big black cock. There is nothing sexier than a big black cock! My first cock was black and almost every cock I have had since then has been black. How could I ever fuck a white boy cock when they are so tiny compared to the black cocks. I know you understand where I am coming from! Those black guys have monster cocks. They aren’t only long but super thick and veiny. Nice, big, and plump meat sticks. The kind you want to wrap your lips and pussy around all day and night. It makes my pussy super wet and tingly just thinking about it! I know your white boy cock can’t make my pussy like that!

Did you ever realize that not only do women like myself love big black cock but so do men! They love to get on their knees and wrap their white lips around those tree trunk black cocks. I’d love to show you how to suck one! I share with you and we can both pump that BBC with our mouths! I love sharing cocks with men, especially when they are big, plump, vein black cocks! They have the biggest loads and nothing is hotter than when they blow their loads all over all of my tattoos. Their loads are so big they can usually cover at least 10 of them! Would your tiny white dick be able to blow a load that big? I’d love for you to watch how big their loads are! Whether you like BBC or you have one, let’s have BBC phone sex! Give me a call @ 1-888-402-8669 and ask for April!

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Natasha

Oh hey, my favorite panty boy! I knew I saw you sitting over there in the corner acting all shy! I knew you were trying to hide from me when all you want is panty boy phone sex! It looks like you bought some new panties! I can’t wait for you to model them for me! I hope you bought lace and leather ones! The leather ones really show off that small dick of yours..if that’s what you want to call it! It is quite pathetic!

Why don’t you stop on over tomorrow? Be sure to bring your panties with you! I will invite some of my girlfriends over so they can enjoy the view as well. We will sit here and laugh uncontrollably at you while you prance around the living. Showing off your pathetic dick as you massage it through those silky panties. Make sure you look your best when you get here. I will be video calling all your guy friends! The girls and I will sit back and watch you explain to them that you’re a panty boy who loves panty boy phone sex so much! I can’t wait to see the look on their faces! Perhaps some of them may really love this side of you and would like to come over and join you next time! I can’t promise they won’t want to take advantage of your slutty body in those panties! You should definitely expect them to fuck your ass since your such a slut and a small pathetic dick loser!

If your interested in being my next panty boy, give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Natasha! I love panty boy phone sex so much!