Bisexual Phone Sex with Molly

I think it’s safe to say that we both appreciate the female body. That’s why I’m in the mood for some bisexual phone sex. Whether you want to try a 2 girl call or just talk about how irresistibly sexy women are, I’m totally game. I could get lost in feminine curves, sweet scents, soft skin and pouty lips. Who doesn’t want to smooch on some sumptuous soft lips? I know I do.

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Lately I’ve been getting so turned on while on some of my steamy threesome 2 girl bisexual phone sex calls. Seriously, it sometimes becomes hard to focus with my pussy juices soaking through my panties. I can’t keep my hands off my body. Squeezing my breasts, rubbing my pussy while dreaming of watching this sexy vixen sucking your throbbing cock. Listening to her soft moans and watching her eyes light up with excitement as she takes you deeper into her throat. I’ll hold back her hair and kiss her neck while whispering sweet and/or nasty words of cock sucking encouragement in her ear.

I can only watch for a little while and resist the urge to bury my face in her sweet, sweet cunt. I want to make her squeal with your cock in her mouth. I want to make her wiggle all over my face while she tries to juggle having an orgasm and deepthroating cock at the same time. Part of me hopes it’s a little too overwhelming for her on this bisexual phone sex call and another part of me knows she’ll rise to the challenge.

I even love all the taboo or nasty fantasies you guys can come up with involving 2 girl calls. It allows me to have two of my favorite things at once. Cock and pussy. I’ll be in heaven.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Shay

I always answer every call I ever get a big smile on my face and I’m sure you can hear it in my voice. I am excited to speak with you my pussy seems to know to LOL. One of my favorite kinds of calls is tease and denial phone sex calls. My bratty self-loves teasing you.

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You know you would love to see my naked body lying next to you in your bed. Talking to you with my young soft voice and speaking to you like a lover would. You love how I put my leg over yours and touch you with my soft hands. I’m so close to you, can you smell the scent of my shampoo and the new perfume I’m wearing that smells a lot like fresh lemonade? Your cock is begging me to touch it but you haven’t said a word yet.. I will gladly tease the hell of your large cock if you beg me, that’s right tonight I want you to beg me.

Tonight your not allowed to touch me as I lay there next to you and fuck myself with my bright green glass dildo I make sure to give you a show and when it is dripping wet with my sweet cum let you just have a drop to taste what your missing. You know you wish you were in me deep instead of a sex toy. I reach over and give you a few long soft strokes and then abruptly stop again to lay back down with my pussy towards your face as I rub my clit and make sure you’re watching and wanting.

You want to release and explode so badly as I giggle and tease you. You love every second of it. I think I should make you beg, what do you think? This could go on for hours I get your right there ready to spill your load all over my perky tits but then I deny you and stop and start doing something else. Sound like something you crave? Call me ill be waiting 🙂

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Memphis

Have you been wondering what it would be like to suck a dick but you just haven’t had enough courage to go through with it yet for real? That’s what a gorgeous Goddess like me is for. I’ll talk you through it and if you need a little push, well, I’m totally okay with that, too. No matter what, when you call me for a cock sucking phone sex session, I will make sure that you finally seal the deal.

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If you want to do it so badly, I’m curious about why you haven’t gone through with your cock sucking fantasy yet. I bet you are probably scared that you might not be good at it. I mean, we all have first time jitters. I’d be happy to talk you through it and help you with exactly what to do. Do you want to take it down your throat balls deep? Do you want to suck the head and jerk it off? Just do whatever it is that feels natural to you and I promise you, you won’t go wrong. I’d even stand behind you and put my hands on your head and give you a little push. Sometimes that’s all a natural born cock sucker like you needs to get started. You’ll be a pro at sucking cock before you know it!

Maybe you’re a cock sucking phone sex lover already and you just want a hottie like me to talk about it with. Maybe you want to share with me what a slut you are. I love hearing about how many cocks you’ve had total or how many you’ve had in just one day. Maybe I can talk you into upping your game a little.

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Babysitter Phone Sex with Avery

What would you do for babysitter phone sex? Is your wife out of town for the week and you need help with the kids? I know that you always call me because I don’t just take care of the kids but I take care of you also!!! I love being the babysitter who you can count on every single time your cock is nice and hard!!! When I show up to your front door this time I’m going to have on my cute new summer dress that I just bought that shows off my nice BIG tits and I made sure it was short enough so when I bend over you can see that I’m not wearing any panties!! (hehe)

babysitter phone sex

You are going to see my big tits bulging out of my tight summer dress and its going to make that BIG cock of yours get so HARD!!! I love being the naughty babysitter that all of the neighborhood men talk about!!!!! I bet they all fantasize about me when they are fucking their wives!!!! I love that during babysitter phone sex we can fulfill all of our fantasies together!!!!

I walked in on the last guy I was babysitting for stroking his big hard cock on his bed!!!!! When I saw him with that cock in his hands I knew I couldn’t leave him alone so I walked over there and put that HUGE cock in my mouth and started sucking on it!!!!! OMG it was so hard and so big that I couldn’t help but to choke on it!!!! He flipped me over and started licking my sweet pink juicy pussy!!!! OMG his mouth felt so fucking good down there I love being the naughty babysitter!!!

I knew he wanted to fuck my tight wet pussy so I bent over right in front of him and he started fucking this pussy so fucking hard!! OH that big hard cock of his was making my pussy throb!!!! FUCK he was making me so wet!!!! When he was ready to shoot his load I told him to fill my pussy with that cum!!! I love the way that warm cum feels when it fills up my tight little cunt!!!! So cum play with me and lets have some HOT babysitter phone sex!!!!

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Phone Sex Girlfriend Kelly

Hi guys! I have been thinking and have decided that I wanna be your phone sex girlfriend. I bet I am just the thing you need in your life. And I am always the perfect girlfriend, eager, hot and horny for you. I listen when you talk, I will support you in all your endeavors and I will never say no to you. In fact, you can talk to me about anything — work, family, friends, fantasies, fetishes, you name it. I want to hear your opinion and on everything and show you just how encouraging and reassuring I can be.

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I will be the perfect listener and you can always tell me the truth. I will never judge you. And it is not like I am going to tell your secrets to anyone, so I can be your ultimate confidante. Everything you tell me will be our secret and I will never reveal it to a soul. After our call, I want you to feel safe, comforted, satisfied or whatever you need to feel in that moment. All I care about it making you feel good. You don’t have to take me to dinner or a movie or introduce me to your friends. Sure, you can buy me some presents or tip me if you feel like it, and I will show you my appreciation in all sorts of ways. When you want to get off, oh you better believe that I will do whatever you need to make that happen. I want to make your cock crave me, my hot body and the sound of my voice.

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Submissive Asian Phone Sex with Meeka

I know exactly what it is you are looking for, dollface. You are not looking for your typical woman who takes charge, and you just get to enjoy the ride. No. You are looking for a sweet, innocent woman, like me, to explore all of your submissive asian phone sex fantasies with. You know what I am talking about. All those juicy secret desires you hide from everyone. The ones you sneak off to the bathroom to “take care of yourself”, or the ones you close your eyes and dream about while you are having fun.You may even watch porn about it when you are all alone. I can see it all over your face, baby. And just so you know- I am the kind of girl that absolutely loves those kinky things.

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I know you don’t hear that kind of thing very often but you heard me quite clearly, baby. I want those things as well. This asian phone sex slut loves to give you exactly what it is you want. The word no hardly ever falls from my pretty pink lips (unless that is what you want to hear). I am the kind of woman who knows her place as a submissive asian phone sex slut. I will do whatever you ask of me.There is nothing I love more than that feeling I get when I have helped a man live out a fantasy. For me there is absolutely nothing better than being used like the submissive asian phone sex slut that I was born to be.

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Cock Sucking Sissy Phone Sex with Abby

Oh, you silly sissies! You pretend that you don’t want to talk about cock sucking sissy phone sex when you call me, but I know that’s what you’re craving. If you weren’t, then I don’t think you’d be wearing that cock sucking red lipstick that you’re wearing. You know that red ring is going to look SO good around that big cock you’re dying to suck. But I don’t know…for some reason it makes you feel better to have a pretty girl like me tell you what to do, doesn’t it? If cock sucking encouragement is what you’re looking for, then you don’t need to look any further. I’d be more than happy to guide you to dick sucking ecstasy.

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I get it, I really d0 – your first time can be nerve wracking. You want to do such a good job on that big cock. You don’t want to disappoint him. You’re all dressed up in your best sissy lingerie, but you know that looking the part is only half the battle. You have to be good with that tongue and mouth, too. I’ll give you lessons, but not before you suck a real dick. I like on the job training. Trust me, he won’t mind if you’ve never done it before. Most guys love fucking a virgin sissy mouth. And I know you want to do it, so it’s not like you won’t be enthusiastic about it. I think that’ll ensure that you do the very best job that you could possibly do.

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Role Reversal Phone Sex with Domme Janelle

Looks like it’s time for my performance review. That means it’s time to listen to yet another weak man blather on about useless bullshit I care nothing about. Role reversal phone sex is so much fun because I enjoy being victorious. I don’t mind letting this pathetic man think he’s top of the food chain, because I’m the real apex predator. So keep yammering about how I’m wearing inappropriate work attire, “boss.”

role reversal phone sex
What I’m wearing is making people uncomfortable? More like, what I’m wearing is making YOU uncomfortable because you’re weak. Why should I listen to any man who is so easily distracted by a tight shirt and skirt? A gay man would have no issue with how I’m dressed.

Apparently, in this role reversal phone sex call, “boss man” also had an issue with my productivity. How could he have so much time to pay attention to my work skills if he’s so busy staring at my juicy round ass? I decided to nod my head and feign like I was actually listening. But I was biding my time; waiting for the exact moment when I could turn the tables on him and force him to admit that he’s weak. Force him to admit the truth: that he finds me so fucking sexy, that I’m becoming trouble for him. That I make him uncomfortable on a cellular level. That he has no control. That I could turn him into my eager body worshiping bitch if I wanted to.

I decide to get out of my chair and walk around to his side of his desk. Perching on the edge. He keeps blabbering about how this is inappropriate, but I can see his erection. I can see that mediocre bulge in his pants. He only needs to be taught a lesson in role reversal phone sex. I wear him down and have him show me his unimpressive boner. I make him stroke it for me while I observe. I inform him that I’m going to exploit his weakness and I make him admit that when we’re alone, Janelle is the real boss. I’m going to wear whatever the fuck I want to work. I’m going to work as hard as I feel like it and he’s going to just accept it. He’s also going to accept that he’s a very weak man and worship my hot cunt and ass whenever I demand it.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Julia

I’m sure you have made tease and denial phone sex calls before. And you’ve probably found out that not every girl is good at it. Some can tease, but they kind of are a little loose with the denial part of the call. They just don’t get that you don’t deserve to cum. You don’t have to worry about that happening with me. It will take several long calls before I ever let you cum – that is, if I ever do. Are you willing to take that chance with me?

tease and denial phone sex

Look at me. You KNOW that you don’t deserve a woman like me and you know that you would be lucky to even be teased by me. I will tease you relentlessly with my perfect body and my filthy mouth. You’ll be so horny your dick will throb and you’ll be begging me to let you shoot your load. Sorry, but that is just not going to happen. Do you think I am going to be THAT easy? Oh, no. Not for the likes of you. Like I said, I may never let you cum. I could torture you for days, weeks, months…it doesn’t matter to me. I am not going to be the one suffering. You are. And your suffering will bring me so much pleasure.

Do you think you can handle being my tease and denial phone sex victim? You might think you’re strong, but trust me, you’re going to be putty in my hands and you’ll be begging for that release. It’s not going to do you any good to beg, though. You might not think I’m serious, but trust me, I am.

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Taboo Phone Sex with Kennedy

Hello, whores, it’s Goddess Kennedy, your taboo phone sex queen! I know you all have a plethora of dirty, freaky fetishes up your sleeves that you’ve been dying to pull out. What’s got you waiting? Have you had a hard time finding a girl that can perk up your cock and play along with all your fucked-up fantasies?

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I’m a specialist at placing my hand in any honey pot I can find and pulling out the dirty dreamer inside. I want you to tell me the details of every single thing that gets your dick hard and the tip weeping for me. Don’t be shy, my sweet, you don’t have to worry about any of your phone sex wishes being too taboo for a goddess like me! With each drop of pre-cum slipping down your shaft, there’s another fantasy for me to make a reality. All the delicious, dark wishes you’ve kept locked away, waiting for the right slut to help make them come true? It’s time to let them out.

It’s rare to find a girl like me that will do anything and everything to make sure that you’ve had a fantastic phone fuck experience, one that keeps you hard for days on end and always coming back for more. You’ll find yourself imagining me on my knees, waiting and begging to please you any way that I can. You’ll call me your whore, your princess, your mistress, all while picking which part of me to deliver your load of cum on. Once you’ve blown your load with Goddess Kennedy, you’ll never go back to bland, boring, and barely taboo phone sex again.

Ready to have your mind blown? Call me at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Kennedy! You’ll never turn back from this addiction.