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Hey guys! Mistress Gracie is here to tell you all about my love for creampie phone sex. There is something so dirty and sexy to me about having my tight, hairless pussy filled up with a huge, hot load! On occasion I love being stuffed by several men, with all their loads filling me up and exploding out of my body. Nothing in the world feels better to me than feeling your cum dripping out of my sore, swollen pussy. I want to be made into your own personal Gracie Cream Pie. *giggles*

I love it when the dirty, nasty boys call me for creampie phone sex because we talk all about how they are going to clean me up afterwards. Imagine we just finished a hard, rough fuck session and you blew a large load into my sweet pussy. The only way I would let you fuck me is if you cleaned me up afterwards, so you better get on your knees! The mixture of my sweet juices and your hot cum fill your mouth and you suck up everything like a good boy.

I get turned on immediately when I know I am going to have a creampie phone sex call! The thought of a man cleaning his cum up from inside of me is so sexy and taboo for most people. This no taboos girl is up for anything, so maybe I’ll even let you blow a hot load inside my tight, pink asshole and let you suck it out afterwards. I will be moaning and continuously cumming from all of the orgasms you are giving me. All that licking and sucking will get me in the mood to ride that hard, throbbing cock once more. We will be going all night, so I hope you can handle me baby.

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body worship phone sex

I know how much my hot tight body tempts you, that is why I love body worship phone sex.  I get to just bask in your lust and adoration.  And if you are good, i will encourage you to jerk your cock.  But that is only if you worship me like the petite Goddess I am.  I know what my body does to you naughty minded men and I love it! Believe me, I am always in the mood for some hot body worship phone sex. Why do you think I walk around my house naked or damn close to it? Itls to tease the life out of you, and to drive you crazy with lust. There isn’t one window in my house that has the blinds down. My naked self is there for all to see. I want to make sure you can get a good long view of my perfect body. Especially when I am standing in front of an open window at night with the lights on as I oh so slowly rub my body down with lotion.  Do you notice how I always turn around and bend over as I rub lotion down my legs. I get so wet knowing you are out there beating that cock to death as you worship me. The things you want to do to me, I can almost read your mind. You are just dying to put your tongue on my clit and make me moan. I bet that you want to drop to your knees behind me and push your tongue up my ass, right? I bet there isn’t anything I couldn’t get you to do for me. I can start putting on sexy outfits if that turns you on more even more. I am so ready for your body worship phone sex call.

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big tit phone sex

Hey there I heard a dirty rumor that you really loved big tits, and that you were really into big tit phone sex!  I know you have been admiring mine for quite some time now, and you really want to know what it would be like to slide your hard cock in between them like a hot dog in a bun.  You really like it when I wear a push up bra and they are practically bursting out the top of it.  I notice you staring always looking and admiring them, and I’m finally going to let you find out what big tit phone sex is like with me!  I take off all of my clothes and lie down on the bed, and you climb on top of me and start to lick and suck my juicy big tits.  You are giving them lots of attention licking and sucking on my pretty pink nipples making them nice and hard just like your cock!  You take the massage oil from the night stand and pour it all over my tits taking careful time to get them nice and greased up as if I had asked you to put suntan oil on my back.  You finally have them lubricated to your satisfaction so you have me lie back and push them together for you, and then you slide your huge hard cock in between them.  You guide your cock in and out working it nice and slow appreciating every stroke between my nice big titties watching your cock pop out the top.  I look down and see your cock right in my face and I give it a lick just like it was a lollipop.  You’re really getting worked up now, and I can tell you are torn as to where you want to blow your hot load.  The choice is all yours with big tit phone sex!

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guided masturbation phone sex

Guided masturbation phone sex is one of my specialties,  I just love guiding a man to have an explosive orgasm. Knowing I’m telling you how to stroke and touch your cock to make it feel so good must be such a turn on for men. Hearing my sexy voice guiding your every move will make your cock happily respond to me. Close your eyes and see me stripping down to my sexy lingerie with my cleavage bubbling over the top. Watching my nice round ass wiggle for you will excite your cock. It just makes me feel so feminine and sexy and it really puts me in the mood to have some guided masturbation phone sex. I like to get you horny by letting you listen to me play with my pussy while sucking on my dildo will make you want to play with me. You already know how much I love being naughty and doing nasty things with you. I know you have lots of fantasies you want to explore. But for now I want to guide your cock into the greatest orgasm you will ever have, just lay back and listen to my voice telling you how to stroke your cock. You can almost feel me wrapping my hands around your cock and squeezing it so hard. That’s right you are moving your hand up and down over that big juicy head mmmm. Hearing you moan and breathing heavy as your cock takes over makes me horny wanting to guide you even more. Helping you to have the best orgasm is what I’m all about making our call together the best experience for you. Letting go and letting someone like me control your orgasm is really a total experience you really need to explore once.

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extreme phone sex

Extreme phone sex is one of my favorite phone sex loves. It is way more fun to talk but something that is off of the walls and so taboo that you can’t even tell your best friend. I like to do all kinds of kinky and crazy phone sex. I will never deny you of your craziest fantasies. The more extreme that phone sex is for me means the more that I like it. If you think that you are too sick and perverted for me, come on and try me and I will push you to limits that you have never even thought of. I do like vanilla phone sex, but it’s better to be as extreme as we can get!

This morning, I got to play as a accomplice and boy did we have some sadistic fun. I was with one of my good friends and he had been stalking a girl who he wanted to fuck for a long time, but she just would never give him any attention. He wanted me to help him with his problem, so I seduced the bitch and asked her to come over to my place. When this young slut arrived, she was surprised to see her stalker on my couch as he rubbed his hard cock. He had some really sick shit that he wanted to do with extreme phone sex and it had me so fucking wet to be his naughty partner in crime. We tortured the bitch and made her so shit that I can’t even write down. The hottest part was when he asked me if I wanted to off the bitch, what do you think we did?

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anything goes phone sex

For the past three days, I have been so fucking horny!  I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t had anyone to satisfy my cravings.  I have been a little bit naughty though.  I can’t lie and say that I haven’t rubbed my clit in the past few days or even fingered my tight cunt for a while, but I always stopped myself before I made myself cum or squirt everywhere.  Fortunately though, because me cumming and/or squirting is an amazing feeling for me, it becomes an even more amazing feeling, sight and taste for you.  What I really need to get off, is anything goes phone sex.  I say anything goes simply because I’m a freak, I’m soo horny and I need some kinky shit to get off on, with a freaky man.  I need super dirty, super perverted and the most forbidden fetishes to get my warm juicy pussy leaking cum.  Anything goes phone sex has absolutely no limits.  Meaning, we can combine the dirty, the freaky, the kinky, the nasty and the forbidden sexual acts all at once.  Now, doesn’t that sound like orgasm central?  I know you horny pervs love the thought of that while you’re sitting there with your hard cock in your hand.  Come, let me show you just how far we can go and how freaky we can become together.  Let me show you the true meaning of anything goes phone sex.  You’ll be so anxious to tell me all of your deepest, darkest secrets and I’ll love every minute of it.  I am the anything goes phone sex queen and I know exactly what you horny men need.  You need a queen like myself to get down and dirty with your perverted ass.  And, guess what?  You’ve come to the right place.  Before you know it, I’ll have your every desire and every fantasy completely fulfilled.  Don’t waste your time and energy with the rest, come fuck the best!

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forced bi phone sex

I get alot of phone sex calls, but lately I have been getting alot of forced bi phone sex, which I just love when I pick up my phone and hear a voice that is so girly. Alot of guys that call tell me that they fantasize about sucking a nice and big thick juicy cock.  Which I kind of knew already after talking with them for a few minutes  and all they want to know is how a cock feels in my mouth when I am giving a blow job, and how it taste and feels when they shoot the big load of cum in my mouth.  I can say that you are about to find out with forced bi phone sex. So get your panties, lacy bra, thigh highs,short slutty skirt and your cum fuck me high heels.  We will get your lipstick on to leave your slut marks on that dick you are going to suck for me too.  So down on your knees, look up at me and wait for permission to take my boyfriends dick in your hand, mouth and maybe if your lucky even your slutty dirty hole.  I know alot of men just cant bring themselves to do this on there own, thats why you need a hot professional cock sucker to teach you how to please a cock.  I am happy to teach you to be the best cock sucker for me.  Dont be shy to admit you need forced bi phone sex.  If necessary I will force you or take your face with my hands and guide your mouth right to that cock that is standing at attention waiting for your hot wet mouth.  Pretty sure your mouth will open when you see it cumming towards you anyway.  Call me and stop fantasizing about forced bi phone sex and lets have our hot session today.

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cock sucking phone sex

We have something in common.  We both want it and we should even do it together.  I won’t keep you wondering what it is.  It’s cock.  I love cock.  I have been told I give the best blow jobs.  I’m very oral and love to suck, lick and slurp on cock and lick, suck and teabag balls.  I even have my favorite dildo that I love to work over when men call me for Cock sucking Phone Sex.  Just writing this is making my mouth water.  Sometimes I think I need to suck cock more than I need to fuck.  Could that be possible?   Even after I’ve broken up with boyfriends, they would still want to come over and get blown.  And I can’t refuse.  I always choose boyfriends with amazing cocks anyway.

I hope you’re getting excited about reading this.  Do you want to get down on your knees with me and suck a cock together?  Or do you want me to watch you suck one while I play with my dildo?  Maybe I should be the first girl to take you to forced bi and make you suck one of my ex-boyfriend’s dicks.  If there are any role plays you want to get into that involve sucking cock, you know I will be excited to make it happen for you.  I can even get a little dominant and tell you to go to the adult bookstore and suck a cock in the gloryhole booth for me.  Do you like to swallow or take a facial?  We can talk about our cock and cum lust.  Nothing will be too taboo when it cums to cock.  I’m going to have to sign off this blog post and get out my dildo right now.  Now you know who to call for Cock sucking Phone Sex.

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blasphemy phone sex

I know I look all cute and innocent. But clearly there is a side to me you don’t know. I’m very big into evil blasphemy phone sex. Call me today and tell all the things that we’re going to do to shame your religion. 
I know you’re the same way I am. Everyone thinks you are such a good man. But you’re a secret sinner. You go to church every Sunday and everyone knows how devoted to the church you are. But really, when everyone is leaving, you excuse yourself to the bathroom and then you sit there and you want to masturbate all over the bathroom. Leave your sperm all the churches clean soul bathroom. In front of god, you release your cum into the church for him and everyone to see. Then return to the flock, to seem normal and righteous. When everyone thinks you’re going home, you’re on your way to my house, to come worship satan in my dark temple. Where we will fuck each other, in the presence of satan and all his underlings, for his pleasure. You’ll tie me up and drip hot candle wax on my body in the shape of an inverted pentagram. Then you’ll cut your hand to drip your blood on me, and then finally blowing your load of cum all over me so that the dark lord will be pleased with our offering of sex and torture especially for him. When we’re finished you’ll just go back to being that good guy down the road that no one really knows about. After you work your nine to five and go to church, you always call me each and every night to tell me all the sins you did, because you know how much it turns both of us on and how wet it makes me. 
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spanking phone sex

I’m Raven a naughty 19 year old college coed. Look at me bent over like this. You know I’ve been a very naughty girl today. Don’t you want to walk up to me and give me some spanking phone sex? You have heard rumors of me sucking off all the boys at school and cutting classes. I’ve been sucking dick in the boys locker room, behind the bleachers at the football field. I’ve even been sucking off my teacher to get good grades! I can’t get anything past you can I? Lately I’ve had an appetite for spanking phone sex. I find it to be the perfect punishment. Many have complimented on my perfect rump black ass and many have also enjoyed giving it a good spank. A firm spanking is what I need sometimes! Maybe two, or three, or fifty ought to do it. Giggles I need some discipline I’ve been very bad.. Did I upset you baby take out your frustration on me
dont worry baby I can take more pain than you think. A good dose of spanking phone sex is what I need! I’ve misbehaved and my punishment should fit my crime. How do you like to give your spankings? Shall I count each spanking given unto me?? Slap my perfect ass until it’s a pretty shade of red, please. I really deserve some nasty spankings, don’t you think? Maybe even a more if you think I have not learned my lesson afterwards. Come do your worst! My ass is exposed and ready to be greeted by your firm hand. Giggles I love bending over in my cute mini skirt for you. It drives u while to wild to see this perfect round ass wiggle in front of you. You know how naughty I have been lately. Which means I’m in for a good punishment, please bend me over your knee and show me what I deserve. I want a real good spanking from you to show me how to behave like a good girl. I want my cheeks to be so red from your punishment. Don’t make me beg for it because I might do it. In this spanking phone sex call, you can show me how to behave exactly how you want me to. If not, be a real man and discipline me for my disobedience. It makes my coco pussy so creamy to feel the sting on my ass each time you teach me my manners. Sometimes well maybe most of the time Giggles I’m a very naughty phone sex slut.  Always talking dirty on the phone making guys stroke and shoot that sticky, thick load for me. Up all night watching porn and playing with my sex toys.Maybe it is time you bend me over your knee for some really kinky spanking phone sex. Just look at my sexy round bubble butt and imagine slapping it until its all red from your hand or belt. Make me promise to be a really good phone sex whore and suck your throbbing shaft when you are finished. I wrap my wet lips around that huge fuck pole and slide up and down on it sucking, licking that fat cock until you shoot that creamy load all over me.  Mmmm maybe then you will not spank me so hard.So what are you waiting for think that you have what it takes to put me in my place!  I’m way too naughty for just your hand, grab your belt or paddle and really punish me until I beg and moan and squirt all over your lap. Give me a call, this cute tight ebony ass is waiting for you.

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