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You know what I love first thing in the morning? I love nice hard morning wood fucking my horny cock sucking lips.Ever have a woman who just makes love to your cock with her mouth? I’m in a mood to give some bone-melting cock sucking phone sex Are you game?  I’m Raven and I have always been a honry cock sucker! I just can’t help myself but I love sliding between a man’s legs and taking my time licking every inch of him. Giggles You know you love it. Burying my face all in those balls and let me suck on them. Tasting your sweetness.  A lot of guys believe that a girl on her knees with cock in her mouth is the bitch in the relationship, but I’m here to tell you that the exact opposite is true. My power is never quite as great as when your dick is sliding, slicked-up from my spit, between my pretty pink lips. When I’m sucking on your balls, I’m in charge. With my tongue swirling, my throat milking you, my moans vibrating over your skin, you know I own you. My cock sucking phone sex is the best baby. I’ll have you twitching and moaning like a whore, and you’d never question that the woman sucking your stiff cock is anything less than the boss. Tell me how good my tongue licking my way all the down up that hard shaft. Watch as my tongue swirls around the head before sucking it deep inside my mouth. You feel the watering of my mouth surrounding it. Up and down, deeper and deeper into my hot throat. Let me suck that cum right out of it and be your cum swallowing phone sex slut. LOL What can I say I can never suck enough cock. I need a nice fat dick deep down my coco throat morning,noon and night. Everyone says the size is important but I don’t think that it is really a factor. In my opinion as long as it is something that is suckable then I want it in my mouth. I am sure all the real cock sucking phone sex sluts out there would agree with me one hundred percent. Picture me on my knees in front of you. Looking up with your stiff big dick just ready to
explore every single inch of it using my tongue. I obviously love sucking your dick like a big lollipop, popping that mushroom head in my pretty mouth. MMMM baby I get so creay while I lick that big fat man stick while I look up at you. Every time I have cock sucking phone sex with you, I take the largest dildo I have, then slide it all the way down my narrow throat like it’s the real thing. Fucking my mouth with that dildo while fingering my wet love hole at the same time.  And while I listen to your breathing as you beat your cock really hard. Because you know what the finale is going to be, right? You are going to quench my thirst with your warm cum, spraying my face with it. I will drink your cum like a milkshake. Call me now, and I’ll give you the nastiest cock sucking phone sex you’ll ever have.

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Do you like to dance? I love to dance! There’s nothing better than rubbing up against you to get you hot and bothered for some tease and denial phone sex. I like all kinds of dance, furiously fast or sexually slow it doesn’t matter! The club would be the best place for us to go so you can feel my body rubbing up against you.  That’s not all…. I know your brawny bulge will grow beneath my tight, barely covered ass rubbing up against you. You’ll have all you can handle when I’m pushing my perky breasts against your chest. I know you want to touch what’s between my legs. After all, my dress is almost short enough to see everything I’ve got underneath. Tease and denial phone sex gets my tight pussy moist.

As we walk through the door you nuzzle your face up against my neck thinking “yes, I’m finally going to get what I want!” Think again hot shot, I have something else planned for you. You’re in for a treat my girlfriend Layla is in town and has been expecting you.  First, I want you to lie on my bed while my friend Layla ties your hands and feet to the bed. You weren’t expecting to be the one tied up, were you? Why settle for one girl when you can have two? You know when you call for tease and denial phone sex with me and Layla that it’s going to go at our speed. If you rush what’s going to happen, then you won’t get the real reward of cumming. That’s right it’s going to take a lot more than tying you up and dancing to get your reward for being a good boy. The real question is do you have the stamina to get you through? I don’t know if you really do!  It’s going to take some work to slide your rock hard cock into my tight, dripping wet pussy. What will it be that finally makes you lose control? Will it be Layla on top of your face dripping her juices down your throat, or will it be me teasing the tip of your cock, rubbing it lightly then stopping before you reach your breaking point? Will it be when Layla and I switch places and I’m the one sitting on top of your face? Are you ready…..

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Hi there honey. Are you stressed out, sick of stupid mind games, and want a woman who will be there for you? Someone you can talk to about anything, a girl who will listen to all of your concerns, worries and problems…and enjoy getting off with you? You need GFE phone sex, and I’m just the woman for you!

You may have a wife, a girlfriend, an ex (or maybe all three!), but they don’t listen to you, or care about your feelings. I’m your hot, young, loving GFE phone sex fantasy girlfriend, and I’m here to provide for all your needs, making sure you have a full stomach, empty balls, and someone to always be there for you. I love listening to you talk-be it about your problems at work, how unhappy you are with your wife, or how much that hard cock of yours needs me to stroke it with my tight pussy until we both cum. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my man, so just let me know what it is I can do to please you, and I will gladly give in! Yes I am submissive by nature, but I can be whatever you want in the bedroom. My first concern is making you feel happy and fulfilled, and giving your life a new lease for pleasure and happiness! And of course it’s easy to get super naughty and dirty when it’s with someone you care about! Whatever roleplay or fantasy your wife or girlfriend won’t indulge you in, I most certainly will! I have an open mind with no limits and no taboos, and I’m willing to do anything to make you happy. What pleases you pleases me!

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Hi sluts! I simply love my job! Why shouldn’t I?  It is so much fun! There are so many hot fantasies and fetishes I get me so hot. I love humiliation phone sex. It really helps me get out all my sexual aggression.  Oh how I love to put down and belittle those guys who crave it. If it gets your dick hard to be verbally reamed, then I am your chick. They want to hear my sweet young sounding voice tell them just how worthless they are.  I have so many callers that I have made my personal bitches. I am always looking to add new slaves to my humiliation circle. I just sit back and get such a huge laugh at how pathetic they truly are — and  I don’t want them to ever change.  The world need bitches out there.  We can’t all be alphas — we need bitch ass omegas too.  They just love when I am such a bitchy girl and I make them my pathetic cock strokers. It is really easy to own guys like that, well if you are a hot piece of ass like me it is.  Especially when I am sitting here in tight panties telling them just when and how to touch their cocks.  I own those dicks.  No one gets to cum unless I okay it.  Sometimes I make a guy wait for weeks — that is weeks of listening to me destroy their manhood and making them cry while stroking their cock to the edge.  Do you think you can handle that?

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Day two of submissive 2 girl phone sex training and I am alone in my room sitting and wondering what the fuck is going to happen to me today? Is Layla going to spank my ass again? Am I going to spank her ass? Will I get to sway my hips as I did that first day? Mmmm…maybe she will cuff my wrists to the wall and spread my legs wide revealing my hot and tight pussy. I have a vision of Mistress Layla snapping cuffs around my ankles and wrists. I imagine her leaving me useless, vulnerable, and more exposed than I already am!

As I sit in the room assigned to me by no other than my Mistress, I couldn’t help but let my thoughts and my fingers run wild. I want so badly to be an amazing submissive slut. Oh and how wild it all is and learning more on how to become the best dominant Mistress out there…wow! Just the thought makes my clit harder and I want to rub it. I can imagine having a slew of submissive 2 girl phone sex sluts to serve and obey me and only me.

The door squeaks open and it startles me. In the shadows of the room, a mysterious figure stands, interrupting my thoughts! I knew right away it was not my Mistress Layla; for the figure was larger, very masculine, and brawny in appearance! Suddenly, I hear a man’s voice telling me to follow him! I obey quickly and get up from my position. I do not hesitate to please this mysterious man. I know that Mistress Layla would demand that I follow his orders and so I follow quietly; knowing better than to ask any questions!  To be continued…

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Nothing more then I love to stand behind a man as he is bent over grabbing his ankles with my strap on behind him.  Strap on phone sex excites me knowing that its me fucking your ass when you just assumed you would be fucking mine.   Am I right ?  That is what you were thinking until I saw that pair of panties you were wearing under your pants, and that tiny dicklet that you cant even get hard.  Well maybe it is hard I really cant tell as its so fucking small.  You spread that ass for me knowing I have this yummy delicious dick that I am going to pound your ass with.  You thought you were tough till you were begging me to stop didnt you ? I just love to make grown men cry.  They always come crawling back to me for strap on phone sex , and Im sure you wont be any different.. I bet you have your panties on now getting ready to touch your little clitty dont you ?   Well stop, you need more then that to cum , you need to hear me telling you what a little bitch you are and hear me telling you what size strappy im going to use on your slut hole.  Cum on bitch pick up your phone and call Dee for strap on phone sex and be on my sluts.

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So you are looking for GFE phone sex? Well I’m the girl for you. I’m the perfect girl friend I will never have a headache, or be to tried for sex, and never cheat on you ever. I’m always willing to explore new sexual fantasies, having 3somes or even letting you listen to me with another girl. Knowing I’m licking pussy just for you to stroke your cock will totally excite you. Giving you a sloppy, wet blow job is how I would love to wake you up everyday, actually I ‘m a amazing cock sucker. Making my man feel like he is the biggest stud in the world is my first priority. Catering to your every need like listening to you or making you have an incredible orgasm makes me happy. Taking pictures for you  in my tight dress, or my very naughty lingerie maybe even naked will keep your cock rock hard.

As you can see I will do anything that your wife or girl friend is not doing for you. GFE phone sex is what I’m all about, being that perfect slut for my man. Being slutty over the phone for you is what I wait for day after day. I get goose bumps all over my body every time I hear your voice. Need some TLC having a bad day well I’m just a phone call away to fuck you or give you a fast blow job on your lunch break.  Having a girl friend that will understand your need for some really hot, sweaty sex without any commitments is what I will do for you. Make me your new girl friend, experience what I can do for you on a daily or weekly basis I’m always ready.

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I have recently discovered that I have the power of mind control.  During out erotic hypnosis phone sex call I will have you immediately entranced by my sexy slow purring voice.  You will be a ball of mush in my hands for me to do with as I please, and boy does Mistress Jocelyn have big plans for you!  I will give you a code work, and when I say this word you will be under my spell.  You will first strip yourself naked when I say this word, and then when I say it again your cock will start to grow harder and harder.  I say it a third time and you will stroke your cock for me as my voice guides and commands you to.  When I say it for the fourth time you will be ready to release all of your past inhibitions to me anything sexual that you have pushed away to the deepest darkest corners of your mind you will share with me.  All of your secrets are safe with Mistress Jocelyn during erotic hypnosis phone sex you will be able to play out any fantasy that you may have been even hiding from yourself.  You may be surprised at what you reveal to me during erotic hypnosis phone sex.  Maybe you’re an egotistic overly dominating male every day in real life, but deep down you crave to be dominated by a strong woman.  Or maybe you’re just an average everyday guy who would never dream of putting women’s stockings, and panties on, but when falling under my spell you reveal that you have always wanted to be a sissy slut who wants to play dress up, and be fucked in the ass by me with my sexy pink strap on!  Having second thoughts?  Well don’t because I will return you to normal before we end our session your slate will be wiped clean!

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“Oh no Mistress Vanessa, please don’t stick that there! I’m not into anal” HA! As if. Now stop lying to me and tell me what you really want. Tell me what you came here for. We both know the answer so just say it baby. Tell your Mistress how you have a strap on fetish and need to feel my stiff one inside you now. I want to hear you tell me how much you want it. Then beg me. *laughs* Beg me to let you stay and play with me and my strap on cock. Nothing tone shy about here. I love fucking and fucking you with a strap on, well that’s quite a turn on for me. The first time I fuck you with my cock I want you on your back. On your back with your legs wrapped around my waist as I pump my big thick strap on cock in your tight ass. I want you to grab my beautiful breasts and look at me while I fuck you hard and fast.  I’ll fuck you in ways you didn’t even know you could be fucked. Of course before any of this, you’ll need to impress me with your cock sucking skills. I want you looking at me while you are on your knees in front of me. Look up at me while you suck my strap on cock. Look at me and know that your Mistress has put you there on your knees. Your Mistress has put that strap on cock in your mouth and your Mistress will also part your cheeks and stretch your ass open. I’m going to love exploring your strap on fetish. Finding out how you like to be fucked and with what size. When my cock isn’t in your ass I want you sucking it and stroking your cock for me. I’m going to keep you very very busy, I hope you can keep up with all my strap on cock demands. I know your ass is tingling and aching to be filled.

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Ready for some GFE phone sex with your favorite chocolate treat!! I’m Raven your nasty ebony wet dream come true.Are you looking for the perfect girlfriend?  I promise you, I’m the sexy college coed that you’d love to cum home to. When you walk in the door, I’m going to meet you wearing the skimpiest lingerie you have ever seen – and  I picked it out just for you. I hope you like see through. I want you to sit down so I can straddle you, and you can rip off what I’m wearing and get your big hands on my  perky coco titties and give them a nice squeeze … and of course I expect you to slid my panties to the side and finger my pussy — oops! I mean, your pussy, it belongs to you! Of course, I’ll remind you that I’m here to make sure that your nice and
relaxed after a hard day at work – so why don’t you  just get out of your pants, spread your legs and let me at that big hard cock – aren’t you dying to  find out what my mouth is going to do to you – I promise absolute pleasure! Yes baby I want to be your very own GFE phone sex toy. We can talk about whatever you want. I’m a very good listener and will make you feel so special. Perhaps you need a girl like me for sweet pillow talk or someone to snuggle up with in bed.You work so hard and long hours at the office doesn’t leave you much time to share with someone special. Those long, lonely nights at home leave you fantasizing about the perfect woman who would be able to satisfy your needs.It’s not as easy as it sounds I know, so that’s why being with me is the perfect solution because this sensual tease is more than able to give you the pleasure you so desperately need and deserve.So I  know just how to give you the most erotic and intense GFE phone sex experience you could ever imagine. Whether you’re home alone or your spouse is simply inattentive to your needs, you climb the walls obsessed with finding the perfect girl to share all those hardcore fantasies with.I love nothing more than to fulfill all those dreams you’ve dared not to say out loud.Listen as I tell you in my sexy, sweet voice how bad I want to taste your lips  feel your mouth sucking hard on my big juicy tits and feel your throbbing rock hard cock so deep inside my smooth tight pussy.I ache to hear your voice and tell me how you can’t stop thinking about me and how I quench your thirst for the most hardcore sexual experience. I’ll be here waiting for your GFE phone sex call baby until you crave my company because you know I’ll never deny or disappoint you.

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