BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

I am just the kind of white slut who need BBC phone sex in her life.  Personally, I think all white women should whore themselves for the BBC as much as they can. I know it makes my life so much more satisfied.  I love nothing more than watching that huge thick black man meat start to slowly push its way inside my tight snatch as it stretches me almost to my breaking point. I can’t help but submit to that powerful cock. I find myself fantasizing about those hung black men several times during the course of the day. I can’t wait for one to be inside me making me his filthy and obedient slut.

BBC phone sex

I have even started talking my girlfriends into trying a black cock. I love being the reason a girl cheated on her boyfriend with a monster black cock. They always call me afterwards to thank me and go on and on about what happened.  I hear that familiar combination of  lust/satisfaction in her voice and I know she is now a BCC slut too. We both work on talking more white girls into giving themselves to that gigantic cock. I am such an evil cunt I know, but you small/average sized cock boys need to understand that black cocks are just far more superior. You would live such a easier and less stress filled life if you admit you know you are inferior, and step aside or should I say kneel before those big, fat, thick, long, manly black cocks and allow your women to enjoy them without having to sneak around. Seriously, cage your tiny useless penises and learn your place in life already.

1 888 402 8669 and be sure to ask for Kelly for BBC phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Lola

Oh man, I love teasing. And I also love denying. It makes sense that I would end up loving tease and denial phone sex calls. Men calling me and paying me to tease them to the point of orgasm and then denying them that orgasm they so desperately need. Haha. What could be better than that?? That’s right, not much, if anything.

tease and denial phone sex
I don’t know why I love tease and denial phone sex so much. You know how sometimes you really love something but have no idea how you got into it? That’s kinda me with tease and denial. All that matters is that I know I love it, and I know YOU love it. Don’t pretend like you don’t. I know some of you reading this have called me and begged me to not let you cum. You’ve told me that, for whatever reason, you don’t deserve it. And believe me, I am more than willing to withhold that sweet release that you so desperately need, but won’t be getting since you told me yourself that you don’t deserve it.

It’s music to my ears when I hear you starting to breathe heavy and I know that you’re getting closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. It makes me so happy. And it makes me even happier to tell you no when you start begging for it and telling me that you didn’t mean it when you told me that you wanted to be denied. Oh fucking well. You should never have told me that if it wasn’t what you wanted. There is absolutely nothing in the world that you could say to make me let you cum now. You’re just going to be suffering from blue balls, I guess.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Lola for tease and denial phone sex

18 Teen Phone Sex with Annie

Here I am, your sweet 18 Teen phone sex tease *giggles*  Yeah, I like, no LOVE to tease, it is soooo much fun! The look on men’s faces when I whisper in their ear while I am sitting in their lap “I am not wearing any panties” is priceless!! Then they get a hard on, and I enjoy wiggling and giggling against their growing bulge like a barely legal horny 18 teen phone sex slut would do. Yup, I am a naughty, naughty girl… wanna punish me? *giggles*

teen phone sex

What is an 18 teen phone sex girl like me to do when it comes to practicing my oral skills if you keep telling me to stop! You don’t want me to stop, I can tell, but maybe you are worried that we will get caught? That someone will find out? Ooooo yeah, that makes me hot and wet down between my legs, here let me show you. Oh come on, stop telling me to stop, I know you want to see my clean shaven pink pussy all wet and ready for a good hard punish fucking. Yes, I deserve to be punish fucked, don’t you think? Teach me a lesson, show this 18 teen phone sex slut what happens when a grown man gets teased by a barely legal girl like me. This is gonna be good… I can’t wait!

I am not the dominant type, mostly submissive but I still have opinions on things that matter to me. I like to please, and get pleasure in return. Phone sex is something I enjoy (not just a job) as I am a “talker” and like conversation as well as sex. I am a good listener, and sweet most of the time (keyword MOST) but if you piss me off, I will fucking (pun intended) let you know it, LOL!

Call Annie for 18 teen phone sex 1 888 402 8669

Domination Phone Sex with Layla

domination phone sex

Femme Fatale – have you ever wondered what a true femme fatale is? Dangerous, unbridled, & filled with female sexuality – more than what one man can handle. Oh & you’re staring at her right now. That’s right – I am one of the most wicked femme fatale’s you will ever come across. I know what you are in need of – or should I say what your cock is need of. A wicked & devious Mistress; one who is going to tease & torment you. You need a Mistress who is going to make you get down on your knees & beg for permission – to do anything at all. You will live every waking moment with only one thought & one thought only, “How can I please my Mistress Layla?” Domination phone sex is my passion. Imagine yourself in all kinds of positions, all tied up, serving your Mistress day & night. I have all kinds of implements to use on you & I am well acquainted with methods of torture. I will punish you for the slightest error & you will beg for that punishment. You will beg for more, you will beg for mercy, & you will thank me when I am finished with you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I am a dangerously sexual Mistress. I will get your blood pumping & your adrenaline at an all time high. Your heart will be pounding & so will your cock. My voice alone will hypnotize the naughtiest of men. I will own you. I will make you mine. I will entrap & enslave you. Don’t think I can? I am a Mistress who is always up for a domination phone sex challenge. Try me. Perhaps I should mention, I also give out rewards on the rare occasion. I have all kinds of toys to go along with my tools of torture. By the way, I am a Mistress who loves to fuck too. Just sayin’…

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Layla for domination phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: laylalix

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Callie

There are so many guys out there that need to be shown what a real cock is. Just like you, and thats why you enjoy small penis humiliation phone sex. You love knowing how much larger every other man’s cock is compared to your pathetic thing.  Call me today, and I’ll make a real bitch out of you.

small penis humiliation phone sex

You have such a small penis, if we can even call it that. Real women won’t have sex with you, because they have bullet vibrators at home bigger than your cock. Why don’t you come home with me and I will show you what a real cock is. My boyfriend has a thick, juicy 8 inch cock! Come take a look at this big cock! Do you see how big it is, and how you can actually see it! Now, let me grab my big magnify glass and my tweezers so we can try to find your penis.  Lay down on my bed an pull your pants down.  Geeeeezz….I don’t even see anything!! I place my magnify glass up to your penis and I finally can see it!! There it is! Just a tiny cheese curl! It is so cute! **giggles** I grab my tweezers and pull that cheese curl up away from that bush of hair you have growing.  It looks like your penis is a mole inside its tiny grass hole!  I make you grab your penis with the tweezers an pull back and forth, maybe this will make it grow a little.  Stay right here…I run and grab my measuring tape! I place the measuring tape up to your cock and wow your a whole 2 inches. Oh, stop crying like a bitch! Your dick is never going to grow, and your never going to be able to please a woman, ever.  So, get over it an rub that clit of yours!

I know your ready for some small penis humiliation phone sex, so give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Callie!

AIM: Naughty_Callie
Yahoo: NaughtyCallie

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Avalon

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Well hello there, my newfound pet, I’m your hypnodomme Avalon and I’m going to put you under my spell with my erotic hypnosis phone sex. Come into my lair. Relax, let your filthy racing thoughts slow, breathe deeply and take in all that I am. My intense seduction techniques will have you under and in the power of my pussy before you even realize what’s happening to you. I’ll initially engage you with my hot body, and my deeply erotic voice will enhance all of your senses making you willing and begging to serve me, as a grateful slave because erotic hypnosis phone sex is my true pleasure. Once you lay your suggestible eyes on my tight sexy ass and perky tits, it will be game over. Honestly, slave, there won’t be much time before I take control of you and fuck not just your body, but your mind as well. Look at my beautiful azure necklace, the same color as my hypnotic eyes. Watch as the shimmering stone heaves up and down, nestled deeply, deeply, into my cleavage. You will try to tear your eyes away, but the vision of me in my hot lingerie will hold your attention. You will find yourself growing harder than you ever imagined possible as I draw you in with my erotic hypnosis phone sex. You will be mesmerized into eating my dripping pussy til I cum all over your eager face. If you are a lucky mind slave, I will plant a delicious post hypnotic suggestion. Will it increase your arousal? Make you cum at the mention of my name?  Come to me, Mistress Avalon, for your erotic hypnosis phone sex needs to find out for yourself. I will fuck your mind and body into my willing submission for both of our pleasure and use you to my satisfaction. You  know good and well that I’m speaking to YOU and you will call. Your cock craves Mistress Avalon.

1-888-402-8669 and ask for Avalon for erotic hypnosis phone sex

AIM: Alluring_Avalon
Yahoo: AlluringAvalon

Fetish Phone Sex with Natasha

Do you love fetish phone sex? So do I. And when I say I love it, I mean it. It’s so hard when someone asks me what my favorite thing to talk about during a call is. It really just depends on the day and the mood I’m in. Some days, I might feel a little more submissive than others and let you do anything you want to me and I’ll even call you Master. But I’ll warn you, it takes a special man to bring out my submissive side. But then other days, I am full on femdom and I will be the one getting you to do things for me. I wonder what kind of mood you’ll catch me in when you call?

fetish phone sex

Being submissive has a lot of potential fetishes and fantasies and directions we could go in. Do you want to tie me up and invite all your friends over to use my body? Do you want me to crawl around on the floor and service you whenever you want me to? What do you think about pimping me out to make money for you? Those are just a few things we could talk about. The possibilities are really endless.

But if you catch me in a femdom mood, well… who knows what will happen to you. Maybe you have tiny dick and you’re calling for small penis humiliation. Or maybe you are a loser and you want to give me everything you own…financial domination is great for that. If you happen to be a pain slut, then I think that maybe a little bit of cock and ball torture is just the thing you need. Again, the sky is the limit and who knows what we will end up doing.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Natasha for fetish phone sex

AIM: coed_natasha
Yahoo: coednatasha

Panty Tease Phone Sex with Erin

panty tease phone sex

I love doing phone sex calls with guys who have a panty fetish. I get off on panty tease phone sex calls just as much as you do. I love panties and I love to tease you with my panties, in my panties, stealing my panties, sniffing my panties and so much more! There’s just something so hot about fucking in my panties too. Just pull them aside and slide your cock deep inside me. Can you feel those panties rubbing on your balls when you’re balls deep inside me? Maybe you like to wear them too and we can both panty fuck together.

I am a bit of an exhibitionist and I get off on flashing my panties to cute guys when I’m out and about. I’ll think nothing of sitting across from you on the train and spreading my legs just enough to give you a peek and a tease. Watch me bend over and see my short skirt hike up showing off my panty covered ass. You might pretend you didn’t see anything, but the bulge in your pants tells me everything. If you’re really into being teased, let me sit on your lap, you either naked or in panties and me in just panties, and all grind and hump against your cock like that. My panties are getting soaked from not only my pussy juices but your pre-cum as well.

We can do a panty tease phone sex roleplay where I catch you stealing and jerking off in my panties. It would be so hot to make you kneel in front of my sniffing my panty pussy while I make you hump my dirty panties at the same time. I’ll turn you into my panty humping slut!

When you’re looking for panty tease phone sex, call Erin 1-888-402-8669

aim – sexyeroticerin

Exhibition Phone Sex Fantasies with Katrina

Do you like to swim? Well, I have a fantasy that I have to share in this session of Confessions 101. I know that I love to swim! In fact, I get quite the thrill when I am doing something naughty and I could get caught doing it. My confession for today… I love exhibition phone sex. The thrill of getting caught while doing something I am not supposed to, well it gets me into trouble every time. Of course the real secret is doing it and not getting caught. Here is something that happened that has my pussy tingling, and a smirk across my sweet angelic face. * ha ha ha * Some friends and I decided we were going to go down to the swimming hole close by. Not only were we mingling among one another but there were a ton of people at this place. So, there was no privacy. Of course the group of us really didn’t care who saw what we were doing. That is the thrill.

exhibition phone sex fantasies

It was hot, I was horny, I wanted some action; and honestly I love it when people watch. So, before getting into the water I took off my bikini. Fuck! It is so hot, don’t you think so? I especially liked the feel of the cool water over my soft supple skin as we were walking in. My friends weren’t as daring as I am. Nobody had even noticed that I stripped naked on the beach before getting into the water. Imagine the trouble I could get into as I walked out of the water later. * he he he* The best part, nobody knew what we were doing. My boyfriend’s swim shorts were loose enough, so I wrapped my legs around him beneath the water. Just like you, my boyfriend was instantly hard the moment the water hit his cock. I know you have got your cock in your hand. There is no denying it!

Can you imagine the show that was about to begin above and below the water? I love to be a show off and this time was no different. Alone, with my boyfriend, or with a group of friends, a good time was about to be had by all during our exhibition phone sex.

I would love to hear about all the places that you would like to fuck in public… so all you need to do now is call and tell me your exhibition phone sex fantasies so we can explore and explode together. Ask for Katrina 1 (888) 402-8669. I will be waiting for you.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Phone Sex Mistress Pia

You need someone to take the reins.  You have all of these twisted little desires, but you can’t make yourself actually go through with them.  You need a phone sex mistress to make you do the things you’re afraid to do.  I’m going to yank you out of that closet and throw you into your new life.  You tell me how much you want to suck a cock.  You cry about how much you want it and how you keep chickening out.  You wonder if it makes you a closet fag.  I’m pretty sure it does, but there’s nothing more pitiful than denying your desires.  Think of me as your personal life coach.  I’m going to train you up to be the cock sucker you fantasize about.  No more looking at porn and yearning.  No, your phone sex mistress will not allow that.  It’s time to take action.  I’ll give you some baby step assignments to test you, but at some point I’m going to throw you in the deep end and make you swim.  Swimming in cock, swimming in cum, swimming in lust.  You don’t have to thank me now, but you will absolutely thank me later.

phone sex Mistress

All you have to do, my chicken little, is submit to my instructions.  Buy the panties, get that cock cage, and await further instructions.  I know it makes you nervous, but I can hear the excitement in your voice over the anxiety.  I’m what you’ve needed all along to satisfy those secret desires.  I’m actually helping you.  But know this.  If you fail to live up to your phone sex mistress’ expectations, there will be severe consequences.  You don’t even want to know what they are, but if you try me I pity you.  No more pussy footing around the bush, it’s time to dive in to your destiny.  You’re a set of holes for a man’s pleasure, and you’re under my command.

If you’re looking for a phone sex mistress to train you to be a cock pleaser, dial 1-888-402-8669 and request Pia.

Yahoo:  sassypia
AIM:  sassypia4u

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