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Hey guys, it’s your favorite blonde bombshell, Gracie! I’m back to tell you why you’ll love big tit phone sex with me. My delicious, creamy white 36D tits are waiting for you to suck on them. Imagine wrapping your hot, wet tongue around my whip cream covered pink nipples. Maybe while you are licking them and I am moaning quietly in your ear. I bet you can’t wait to slide your throbbing, rock hard cock in between them, can you baby? Don’t worry, I’ll bring the baby oil. ;)

Whenever I am walking down the street, my low cut tops always reveal my large, bountiful breasts. I catch people staring all the time, and I get very turned on, especially when I notice that the stares are coming from women. The more forbidden, the better for me. Big tit phone sex can be very enjoyable because I can tell you all kinds of stories about my soft, smooth tits. I remember one time I was sitting in a club with my favorite redhead, Lyric! We were sipping some drinks at the bar when I noticed a man sitting alone at the end of the table, and the look on his face seemed as though he was enjoying his drinks just a little too much. *giggle* He was biting his lip and kept staring at me. The restroom was behind him, so with some encouragement from Lyric, I walked past him and motioned him to follow me. It was a single bathroom so after he entered, I locked the door and backed him against the wall. I let him begin to massage my perky, supple breasts. His cock began to get hard so I kneeled down and exposed it, and slammed it between my warm, smooth tits.

Big tit phone sex is going to be so much fun baby, just wait and see! Imagine us in bed, and while I’m on my back you poor some warm baby oil all over my smooth tummy and large tits. The warmth of the oil sends electric signals all down my legs, and soaks my pussy. You know you’d love to play with my tits baby, so give me a call!

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Mistress phone sex

You need a Mistress now, you can feel it.  You know you don’t want to see a dominatrix in a dungeon.  You deserve a virtual dominant mistress like me.  I will take control of you and make sure you do what you are told.  Or else you will be punished.  You need to be kept under control 24/7, you must obey.  I wont have it any other way, I’m to be worshiped, adored, revered, spoiled.  There will be no there will be no other woman and certainly no other mistress in your life but me.  You will hold me in the highest accord and gaze at my photos to feel my dominance and control over you .  As a beautiful and busy mistress, I’m not available for Mistress phone sex 24/7.  But that doesnt mean you wont worship me round the clock.  Don’t fall short on serving me the way I demand, you want to please me don’t you ?  You are to call me whenever I tell you I need to be spoiled.  You are to spend a lot of time on the phone with me telling me how perfect I am ad how weak you are.  I should be able to enslave you without much effort on my part.  My beauty ad dominance are that powerful.  You will amuse me and reaffirm your enslavement every time we speak.  the truth is that you will be competing for my attention with all my other slaves.  Therefore, you must strive to be the most generous and most devoted of my subbies, bitches and slaves !  Prove you are the type of submissive or slave I seek, and that you have what it takes to finacialy continue our mistress, slave relationship.  Mistress phone sex is just one way you will prove it.

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roleplaying phone sex

Hi all you hot horny men looking for some really steamy roleplaying phone sex? Well I’m Jenny, a sassy, slutty phone slut looking to rock your cock. Phone sex with me is sensual, erotic, stimulating conversation that will have you groveling for more of me before our time is up. I can have you on your knee’s before me or in my bed riding you, either way you will become addicted to me, or I know your cock will for sure.

Calling me for roleplaying phone sex while wearing a pair of my panties or having my panties in your mouth tasting all my sweet juices will get you turned on and really hard. I love pretty panties and I know you will love to buy me knew ones on my wishlist. Personality I adore a man who loves to shares his fantasies with me and actually play them out. Creative roleplaying can make phone sex so intense. Rather I’m being someones sister-in-law, best friends wife, girl-friend or even your wife’s best friend or sister, I really get into my phone calls.

So make me whatever you want me to become for you I will make you enjoy every minute of our time together. With roleplaying phone sex you can let your imagination run wild and go where ever your dirty mind will let you. Worshiping my body and me is just another way a good slave can play with me on the phone. Sissy boy’s along with tiny dick guy’s can have a really good call with me too being totally humiliated. Just try to think of me in any situation you would like and I will achieve it for you.

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babysitter phone sex

Hey there boys I have a feeling that you are in the mood for some naughty babysitter phone sex!  I’ve been babysitting for you and your wife for some time now, and I see the way you look at me.  You call me over to babysit for you and your wife telling me that she is going out with her friends for the night, and you are going out with yours.  You both leave and I take charge of things as usual and have everyone in bed at a decent hour.  I’ve just settled in on the couch to watch a movie, and I hear a car pull in the garage but I’m not expecting either of you until much later.  You walk in the door, and I can tell by the look on your face that you have hot babysitter phone sex on your mind!  You go grab a beer from the fridge and come sit by me on the couch.  You ask me if I have a boyfriend, and I tell you that I’m in between boyfriends right now.  You laugh, and ask me if I find you attractive and I say of course I do but you’re married.  I’m becoming a little hot and flustered now and tell you that I should just collect my pay and leave, but you have other ideas in mind.  You tell me you don’t have any cash on you, but you could pay me in other ways.  You sit me up on the kitchen counter slip off my panties, and spread my legs.  Then you part my lips with your tongue during this hot babysitter phone sex fantasy!  When I’m wet and thoroughly ready you bend me over the couch to show me how to earn extra during kinky babysitter phone sex!

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fantasy phone sex

Have I been a good girl? Have I been behaving myself? Not at all, I’ve been very naughty indeed, indulging in some fantasy phone sex. I answer the phone, shivering in anticipation of what is to come, squirming as my panties begin to get wet. I love to hear what dirty, oh so very naughty desires you all have!

My favorite kind of fantasy phone sex is the kind when I get to explore those deepest, darkest fantasies with someone. You steal away a few moments to let your mind wander to these desires you don’t dare to share with anyone else but you know what? I’m here to enjoy all those naughty, erotic thoughts with you. Nothing gets me wetter than knowing I’m penetrating those secret thoughts of yours, sharing in some forbidden naughty fun together. I feel my thighs getting slick as I run my hand up my legs, teasing myself at first, just a little. But the sound of your voice carries me away, releases all my inhibitions as I let myself get lost in the erotic fantasy we’re creating together. I let my fingers explore up between my legs, a moan escaping my lips as I can hear how aroused you are. It pushes me onward, encouraging me as our moans become louder, less controlled, I can hear how much you need this release.

Yes, I’ve been very naughty indeed lately, indulging in some fantasy phone sex and I can’t wait to do it again with you. Time for another call, some more fantasy phone sex, I’ll be waiting for your call so don’t keep me waiting long. My panties are already getting wet again and I have some fantasies I can’t wait to share? Want to know more? Well, you’ll just have to give me a call, now won’t you?

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phone sex

It’s so funny when guys meet me and think they have a chance at fucking my Princess pussy.  I know I come off as sweet and friendly at first, but don’t let that distract you from the idea that a girl like me would never let a guy like you fuck me.  I take pleasure in denying you and humiliating you and using you on our humiliation phone sex call.  Laughing at your pitiful ineptitude with women and being disgusted by the lack of manhood in your pants.  I will have to shave all that nasty hair off and tie that sissy cock and balls up with a pretty pink ribbon. I am sure I won’t want to look at your pathetic excuse for a cock, so  I will have some sweet and satiny sissy panties for you to put on, maybe even my dirty panties so you smell like a pussy too!  No need for mens underwear if you are  not a real man and have nothing to fill it.  You might end up as my fluffer or my clean up boy while I laugh my ass off at your desperate attempts to please me.  Cream pie for dessert if you are a good boy.

Prove to me you are worthy of serving a Princess like me and I might even allow you the sweet release you desire.  I get off  listening to you beg and plead and grovel, not only to cum, but to worship me too.  If you don’t please me, why should I allow you the rewards of an orgasm or the taste of my juices?

I am Princess Erin and I’m an experienced Humiliatrix of little dick wankers and wannabe sissies.   If you’re in need of Humiliation Phone Sex, I’m your girl. So pick up the phone and call  1-888-402-8669 and ask to speak with your Princess Erin.

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anything goes phone sex

Too ashamed to do what you really enjoy? Sounds like you need taboo phone sex with me, Destiny! I have just the body that could fill out any desirable fantasy you can think of. From my tight hot ass to my lush perky tits, there isn’t anything that I’m not willing to do with my perfect body. I would love to hear you whisper all the things that go on in your pervy mind and make my bright blue eyes widen in delight. Are you the kind of guy that likes to show he has a firm hand? Well let me tell you that I can be a total pain slut and love the excitement of being smacked around. Mmm just think of the endless possibilities we could have with taboo phone sex! With me you could really go all out, even bring out some toys! Whips, rope, blind folds, oh and some lit candles and sharp toys if you’re feeling really extreme!

No fetish is too daring for me to handle. Don’t think that I won’t hesitate to call you a whore, slut, or fucking sissy. I can just as easily be an evil cunt as I am a pretty fuck princess. I won’t think twice about grabbing those big balls of yours and pulling, stretching the life out of them. Think you know what real humiliation is? *snickers* Then I guess you haven’t seen what I can do. I can point and laugh at the sight of your silly tiny cock, tell you what it really looks like! I won’t be afraid to say anything that comes to my pretty little head, and I’ll be sure to let you know it. I could have you naked and ashamed on the floor, with big wet tearing spilling out of your eyes as you cling to me, begging for mercy. Taboo phone sex could have you under the spell of my alluring voice. Making your body do things, controlling you.

Who knows what we’ll get into when you call 1-888-402-8669 and ask Destiny to be your taboo whore? I just can’t wait to see what’ll be waiting in our dark fuck dungeon!

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CBT phone sexMy name is Abby and I love CBT phone sex. Sounds kinda like some sort of confession you’d make at an AA meeting or something. But I guess it kind of is because I am really addicted to the sounds you make when you’re torturing your cock and balls while you talk to me.  If you call me for CBT phone sex, don’t EVER expect me to feel bad for you or feel sorry for you. I won’t. I won’t go easy on you. If you aren’t serious about the cock and ball torture, then don’t call me. I don’t have the time or desire to deal with you pussies who just THINK you might like to torture yourself. I want the real deal. As a reward for being brave enough to call me, you’ll get all the pain, tears and laughter (from me) that your heart could ever desire. I really love it when you cry and beg me to let you stop. But be warned… the more you beg, the more torture you’re gonna get.

And honestly, you’re going to need to have CBT supplies on hand when you call. I HATE it when guys call and tell me they have nothing to “play” with. Shoelaces, rubber bands, toothpaste, Icy Hot, hot sauce, a wooden spoon… those will do for starters. Don’t tell me you have none of that around your house. I know you do. So lets do it, losers!

Go get your CBT phone sex supplies ready and then call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for  Princess Abby

foot fetish phone sex

You know what part of me I absolutely adore? My feet! I just have the daintiest little soft feet and cutest toes! And I love using them for some hot foot fetish phone sex. That’s right boys, my feet not only turns you on but using them on you turns me on as well. I love hearing about how beautiful my feet are and how you would caress them in your hands. And I work hard to make sure they stay looking good by keeping up with pedicures and lathering them in cream to always keep them feeling soft for you. *giggle* I love how it tickles when guys play with my feet! It just makes me squirm and giggle, and curl my pretty little toes. Foot fetish phone sex will show you exactly how expressive and playful I am with my feet, they are just to lovely to pass up!

There is nothing I like more than coming home from a nice long day and propping my aching feet up in front of you. I know you just can’t resist the chance of touching them and giving me a massage. The way you ease all the aches from my feet with your fingers shows that you are a real feet fanatic. Mmm just the way you rub my sensitive foot skin makes a soft groan escape from my mouth. Nothing excites you more than the thought of me getting pleasure from my feet or perhaps… you getting some stimulation from them? Hahaha, just thinking of my nice soft feet pressing against your cock already gets you hard. Foot fetish phone sex lets you relish the guilty pleasure of my feet rubbing up and down your thick shaft. Working my toes in to hear you let out every gasp and moan. It really makes me wet the at the sight of your throbbing member held firmly between my feet. Using them to stroke you until I get that lovely well… I guess you’ll just have to call me to find out.

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tease and denial phone sex

Hey there roomie you’re like my perfect boy toy roommate and it’s the perfect setting for tease and denial phone sex!  I can’t decide what makes you the perfect roommate whether it’s the fact that you haven’t been laid in so long or that I find you a source of my own personal amusement.  It makes me giggle a bit when I think of how desperate you are for hot tease and denial phone sex with me!  I have all sorts of neat little tasks that you can help me with since we have a strictly platonic roommate relationship.  You could help me wash my back side when I take a bath, and then help me wash my long beautiful hair.  Then you can help me put lotion all over my beautiful body all the while trying to hide your hard on from me.  You think I don’t notice how much I turn you on?  Of course I do, and that’s what makes tease and denial phone sex with me so much fun!  You comb my hair and paint my toenails while I bore you with the details of my oh so active sex life knowing how long it has been for you and that you jack off while thinking about me at least once a day.  I love knowing how hard I make your cock, and that you would do anything to touch me or be near me.  I know how humiliated you are that I know just how long it’s been since you’ve had any real pussy to speak of it makes me giggle just thinking about you and your predicament. That’s why I know when you have tease and denial phone sex with me that you will be begging me for release even if it is just your hand!

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