Cuckold Phone Sex with Wanda

I love to make you my cuckold baby. Watch me get filled by cock after cock. Then I reach up, grab the back of your head and make you suck all the cum out of me. Looking at your face as you watch and stroke while he’s stretching my pussy out. Making me moan in deep pleasure. You haven’t been able to satisfy me for a while. I want a nice big black cock to stretch me to the limit. More than one really. Knowing you’re watching every move he puts on me. make me moan desperate for more. Cuckold phone sex with me cal take you to the place you need to go and that’s my watch, stroke and clean up boy, baby. Can’t wait to feel your tongue lick my clit while he fucks me to baby. As he starts to explode in my tight pussy it can squirt in your mouth. Having cuckold phone sex with me means you must watch me take that big cock right down my throat like a good slut. fill my mouth with cum so i can spit it down your throat.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold phone sex is the best. knowing you’re watching me suck and fuck as much cock as I can. Then you clean out my pussy and my mouth baby. You know your duties as my cuckold!! I’ve made them so clear. Loving you watching close up by licking my clit. Mmmm, my fave. While that big black cock stretches me out. I wanna feel my clit rub against that huge cock so I can squirt all over it. I can’t wait to have some real quality cuckold fun with you. Also those sweet lips of yours wrapped around my pussy just eating that cum out baby. Call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask  for Wanda.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Caitlin

What’s a girl to do when it comes to small penis humiliation phone sex and a guy who is tall, handsome, and athletically built, rub clitties together? He sounded so sexy when he asked me what I was wearing and what kind of girl I am. I couldn’t help but notice how excited he started getting when I started explaining the kind of panties I was wearing. I said “they are yellow with splashes of neon green in them. They are high cut half back super soft cotton panties. Sometimes I find that I’m a panty tease to guys. I wear cotton skirts or dresses that are short enough so if a swift wind comes it goes flying up and there reveals what kind of undies I’m wearing.”

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

He asked, “How else do you tease guys with your panties?” I said, “Well sometimes I like to bend over where my skirt comes up and my panty-covered ass gets exposed. There are also other times when I’m sitting down, I inch my skirt off to show the way they cling to my bald pussy lips. He was a super horny small penis humiliation stroker by then. From the moment I started talking to him, I could hear the sound of him stroking it intensely. But when he revealed that his size was only three and a half inches, I knew there was nothing there to stroke.

I couldn’t help but laugh in my sexy girlish voice. I said “That’s a natural reaction. He wanted to know if I liked guys with small cocks. I said, “Yes I do for all sorts of reasons!” He said girls usually don’t like guys with small ones. But I love to humiliate, laugh, and have them do all sorts of embarrassing things for me. They are in a class all by themselves. He wanted to know if I like big cocks and I said “Are you kidding me? I LOVE big dicks. I love to stroke, lick, suck, deep throat, and take them in my tight creamy pussy and my kinky ass.

By then he knew the only thing I would do is sit my panty-covered ass down in his lap and wiggle and grind on it. I said “if you wanted me to touch it then you would have to do something humiliating for me. It would be sad too with someone that looks as good as you. Because I couldn’t have sex with you. It would be like rubbing two clitties together.” He said, “I guess that’s why I can’t keep a girlfriend.” I said “Guess? Know! It’s a fact that any girl who likes big dicks will not want someone with a tiny willie. It doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be the best small penis humiliation phone sex licker though. I’d let you worship and lick my pretty pussy. That comment sent him right over the edge….

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Femdom Phone Sex with April

Losers like you aren’t good for very many things, but don’t you worry your stupid little head about that. You are good for one thing, and I bet you are really curious what that is, right? Okay, well before I tell you what the thing is, I should revise my statement. You aren’t good for what I’m about to tell you, but you will do, I guess. Anyway…I am talking about femdom phone sex. We all know that a loser like you could not handle a woman like me. That’s okay, though, because I know exactly how to handle you. When you call me, I will probably ask a few questions to figure out exactly what kind of loser you are. Also, it is worth noting that losers are kind of on a spectrum, so some of you will be bigger losers than others. What kind of loser are you?

Femdom Phone Sex

Maybe you have a teeny dick, and you deserve to be made fun of relentlessly for that. Sure, you get what you get when it comes to dicks, but when you call me for femdom phone sex, you’re still going to get laughed at. Maybe you have a fetish or fantasy that people have laughed at you for. I’d love to hear all about it so I can laugh at you, too. And then later, I’ll probably tell my friends about this nameless loser that has a weird fantasy, and they will laugh at you, too. Are you ready to tell me what’s wrong with you? Give me a call and listen to me shred you into pieces. Fair warning, though…I’ve been known to make men cry. But go ahead and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to April. This perfect femdom Mistress you don’t even deserve is ready for you.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Wanda

I’m a real open fun loving girl until it comes to humiliation phone sex. Once I get started I can’t stop pounding on you with my words. I will completely break down your spirit and soul till you’re crushed. If you have Humiliation phone sex with me, You will hear things like you’re a worthless piece of shit, pathetic excuse for a man, perverted sick twisted fuck, nothing to show for your pathetic little life. I can keep getting more and more vulgar. I want to abuse you till I make you cry. the first time that happened to me doing humiliation phone sex. The guy started crying and I felt bad right up till he said that was the best he has had. I laughed right at him after he broke down in tears. I really don’t care that you know that I know you’re a piece of shit now. Always have been and always will be. Don’t even get me started on the size of your itsy bitty cock. Teenie weenie little thing you try to call a cock is smaller than some clits I’ve seen. I’ve had shit on my shoe better than you are. I could spit on you but you’re not even worthy of that. I can’t even imagine any real woman to even notice you’re alive. You’re just that little loser walking by unnoticed always and forever.

Humiliation Phone Sex

I love to give you a tongue lashing with all my degrading words. You know that you deserve every little insult to the character you will never have. That’s right you deserve my punishment and to break you so far down that it will take you days to pull yourself back upright at the least. I can’t wait to hear you thank me after you get off from my abuse. If you think you can take being broken on humiliation phone sex, call me at 1-888-402-8669. Ask for Wanda.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Kelly

Are you kidding, am I supposed to look at that thing and be grateful or something? Am I supposed to get turned on by that gross-ass wrinkly worm you affectionately call a dick? I can’t believe that you don’t get what a small penis humiliation phone sex loser you truly are. Be honest, has anyone ever said, “OMG fuck me now” when they saw that pathetic micro penis of yours? Of course not. I bet no chick has ever sucked it or gagged on it. Trust me, this chick isn’t going to either. You don’t have enough money to pay me for me to put that gross little defect in my mouth or cunt. In fact, if I wasn’t so appalled by it and trying not to throw up in my mouth, I would probably be laughing my ass off. What exactly were you thinking when you came up to talk to me? You couldn’t have believed there was any way I would be glad you pulled out that disgusting deformity in your pants and would want to touch it let alone do anything else with it.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

I’ll tell you what I do to small penis humiliation phone sex freaks like you. If you have the audacity to come at me with a sad little waterlogged-looking pinky dick, be prepared for me to slap it or kick it or spank it with my shoe! I will bound your hands to the beam in my ceiling, bound your legs with an ankle spreader, and pull down your boxers with your puny cocktail weenie there for all to see. My curtains will be open and you will be facing the huge window I have in my living room. And as people walk by or drive by, they will get an eye full of me abusing your tiny prick with my whip or paddle, or just pulling and plucking it. I will do whatever I please to entertain myself and punish and humiliate you! I think everyone would like to watch that and have a good laugh. I might even let them come in and have some fun abusing you too! Now I would love to watch that!

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

If there is one thing that I want no part of, it is a small dick. And when I say small, I mean anything under 8 inches. I can’t imagine letting anything smaller than that inside my perfect pussy. So, if you have a tiny dick, then all you’re going to be getting from me is small penis humiliation phone sex. It is just SO much fun to laugh at you and tell you how ridiculously small your dick is. And what’s even more fun is when guys like you try to convince me that you are NOT useless in the bedroom. I guess you think you can get away with lying to me since I’m not in the same room with you. But trust me – you can’t lie to me. I will be able to hear it in your voice that you are a loser with an itty bitty little cock.

Phone Sex

What kinds of things could I do with a loser like you when you call me for small penis humiliation phone sex? Oh, the possibilities are endless. One thing I really like to do is send you panty loving losers out to the lingerie shop to buy a pretty pair to put on while you talk to me. I want to hear you tell the salesgirl that you’re shopping for panties because you’re not a real man. You’re just a loser with a little dick and you need something new to put it in. It’s always funny when shrimp dicks do that. You would think that maybe something like that would get old, but it never does. In fact, the more it happens, the more I love it. Do you think you can handle a small penis humiliation call with me? Grab your phone and call Abby at 1 888 402 8669 now.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

There are a lot of you losers out there with tiny dicks who are good for nothing except humiliation phone sex. Try as you might, a dick that’s less than 8 inches is never going to please a woman like me. I know that I personally would never be able to even let you fuck me for a laugh because… well, I’d be laughing way too hard. I know that you like to think that having a dick that’s average is good enough, but it really just never will be. Would I be able to feel an average cock inside me? Yeah, probably. But it’s not like that little bit of friction is going to do anything for me. It actually would just get on my nerves and not only would I be laughing at you, but I’d be verbally assaulting you with my sharp tongue. Think you can take that?

Phone Sex

See, you might think that I look like a sweet girl, and you’d be kind of right. I can be very sweet. But not to losers who call me for humiliation phone sex, so don’t get your fucking hopes up, shrimp dick. I am really in the mood to get calls from guys where they tell me all about the experience of being laughed at because of their dick size. If you have ever been in a situation where that’s happened to you, I definitely want to hear all about it. Do you think you can take a verbal lashing from me and still get off? I guess we’ll see, won’t we? Because I know you can’t resist calling me right now. Get your phone right now and call me. You can reach me by dialing 1 888 402 8669 and asking to talk to Princess Abby. I can’t wait to degrade you, loser.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Hellena

My little cuck bitch boi husband has been quite the whiny pussy lately, and the little cunt has pissed me off for long enough. It’s about time he’s had another session of “put the little white bitch boi in his place.” The only way to do this right is for me to get fucked good and hard by a big, strapping lad with a delicious dark chocolate cock. Who’s in the mood? We can both overindulge in dark chocolate with a little black cock white wife phone sex. Either you’ve got a little white cock and you want to be in my hubby’s place, or you’ve got a ginormous black pipe hanging halfway down your thigh and you’re dying to be the one to show my darling little dickie boi how to do what he simply cannot do no matter how hard he tries. And if he continues to whine, you can cork his pie hole with your huge cock, only after it tastes like it’s been inside of me.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex

I find that the cure for a whiny bitch boi is not to lift him up, but rather to step on him so I can keep him down – and when I step on my pathetic little hubby, I make sure I’m wearing the hottest of footwear. I also make sure I’m getting pounded by a sexy, young, well-endowed black man with endless stamina for fucking. You know – everything my husband is not. I love to look in my bitch boi’s face and laugh while I ride that big thick dick like the big black bucking bronco it’s attached to. The only thing missing is the black cock white wife phone sex call with you so I can tell you exactly what his face looks like while he watches me cum over and over again.

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Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Abby

One of the things I love most in the world is being a bratty domme phone sex Princess. It means that I get to put losers just like you in your place all day, every day. I had a guy ask me not too long ago if I ever felt bad for being such a brat, and of fucking course I said no. Of course, we had just finished quite a painful cock and ball torture session. The noises he was making made me think he was in a lot of pain, so I guess I can kind of understand him asking that question. The truth is that I have never felt bad about anything that happens on a call. Or in real life. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I really love it when I’m dominating, humiliating, or causing pain to men. Oh, I love ignore fetish calls, too.

Phone Sex

There are so many things we can talk about when you call me for bratty domme phone sex. Some of you can only handle sensual domination calls and that’s fine. Some light tease and denial is always a good thing. But then there are those of you who love cruel humiliation. Some of you, as we have already talked about, love pain. And you’re the ones I really have a lot of fun with. There’s just something about those screams and noises that you losers make when contact is made with your balls and whatever you’re beating them with that gives me life. Do you think you can handle a phone call with me? There are callers who tell me they are scared of me and that brings me joy, but you might end up the same way. I can’t wait to find out. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby now.

Kinky Mature Phone Sex with Nancy

I’m one kinky mature phone sex woman and I love to fuck and make you cum. Wow that’s a mouth full of words when I would rather have a mouth full of cock. Only if it’s a big fat cock, I’m a woman with standards, a size queen if you will, and not just any cock will do me. I’ve been missing my favorite lover, he’s been out of town for much too long, and I have a taste for cock and your creamy load. Maybe one of you little dick wannabe fuckers would like to sit back and watch how a mature, experienced woman devours a real man’s cock. Talk to me and tell me how kinky you need it.

Some of you might thing being a woman of my age (I’m in my early 60’s!) I wouldn’t find too many young stud lovers, but I’m here to tell you that you would be wrong. Even I’m amazed at the number of younger men who try and get my number. I don’t mind training and I get off on all kinds of older woman younger guy roleplay. Even the taboo kind .. wink wink .. Let this hot GILF teach you things your Mother never would! You’re my student and I’m your teacher keeping you after school for detention, or extra credit. Either way, you will cumming out with an A in my class.

Kinky Mature Phone Sex Domination

I’m naturally on the Dominant side and discipline is an important part of my life. When you’re naughty you get spanked. When your dick is too small I’m going to make you wear panties. I’ll tease and torment and edge your orgasms until I’ve cum at least a dozen times. Hearing you beg for my strap on and for me to peg you like the little bitch you are. I bet you’ll even suck my lover’s dick after he’s been fucking me.

There aren’t many limits to the things we can talk about, I told you I’m a kinky mature phone sex woman! With age cums experience and I’m here to share mine with you while taking your cock along for the ride

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