Sugar Daddy Phone Sex with Trixi

Hey, guys, isn’t it a trip and a half to think of yourself as a sugar daddy for a beauty like me? I know that is what you like. You want to open your wallets and your bank accounts to a lovely red-haired beautiful and sensuous woman like me. And I can’t wait for a call from a fellow who is into sugar daddy phone sex. I yearn to hear you say how you will take care of me financially, how you will put a big fat tip on this phone call, a tip big enough that I am absolutely certain to remember you. After all, what woman can just forget about a generous sugar daddy? I doubt that any woman can and I know for sure that i can’t.

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

In a sugar daddy phone sex session, of course, you do not have to commit to doing anything in real life. You and I can fantasize about you taking me to a store and letting me try on things for you that you will buy if you like the way they look on me. (Hell, what wouldn’t look good on little old Trixi?). We can just imagine you buying a mink coat to wrap around me and a glittering diamond necklace to put around my neck. We can imagine you taking me out to the swankiest of swanky restaurants and you dropping a couple of hundred dollars just so I can savor and relish a tasty meal. Call me and have a hot sugar daddy phone sex session with Trixi! Call me and tell me how you want to support me! Call me and get a throbbing hard on that you will let loose in a super orgasm as you imagine all the money you want to lavish on me.

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Trixi

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Abby

It’s a brand new year and that means you have the opportunity to set the tone for my year (and yours) by calling me for financial domination phone sex. Are you ready to commit to making sure that I don’t have to pay any of my own bills? Well, I will, bit it’ll be with YOUR money. There’s no way that a Goddess like me should ever have to do lift a finger to do anything. Just existing and making the world more beautiful is enough. Men like you are the ones who should be doing the heavy lifting and taking care of everything. So, yeah, give me a call and we’ll talk about what I can expect of you. I deserve everything you have and then some, but I am a realist and realize that it just doesn’t always work out that way. But I’ll take everything I can.

Phone Sex

I might even be nice to you and let you cum if you give me what I want. And you know, money DOES turn me on, so the more generous you are, the dirtier I’m going to get with you. Giving me your money is really the only way I’d ever talk dirty to a sub like you, so if you want to hear the most nasty things that float around in my mind, well, you know what to do. I’ll enjoy taking your money, for sure. The best part is that I don’t even need your money. I just want it. Also, I don’t want to hear how if I take your money you’ll be broke and won’t have money for luxuries like eating out, cable, etc. All you need is money to keep a roof over your head and money to get to and from work. Call me.

1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby for financial domination phone sex

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Trixi

I am a beautiful woman! I am a sensuous woman! I am truly a man’s woman and I deserve your tributes — specifically, your financial tributes. Money makes the world go round and financial domination phone sex makes me hot and it sure as hell ought to make you get hot. Money is so precious in this modern world so money is the tribute you owe to a beautiful and sensuous woman who graces your world. Don’t you know how true this is? Of course you do. So be prepared to open up your wallet and let me have a good chunk of what is in there. I deserve that money and you should feel privileged to let me have your money. Money makes me cum is no joke. I have the power and you should pay me good money just to talk with me.

When I get a financial domination phone sex call, I feel the place between my legs get warm and wet and I know the caller has a dick that is hard and throbbing and probably has balls that are knotted up because he has the privilege of making my financial situation just a little bit better and because he knows that to do that is indeed a privilege. I deserve your money more than you do! Serving me means paying me and I am a powerfully dominant mistress who richly deserves that service. Regardless of how you got your money, whether you worked hard for it or inherited through a sheer accident of birth, you know that Mistress Trixi ought to have an enjoy that money of yours. So call me! Call me as soon as possible and submit to me with your money. I will happily dominate you through our call. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Trixi.

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex with Moira

Since I just recently turned 18, I’ve never had a sugar daddy before, but I figure sugar daddy phone sex is the place to start! Let’s be real. If you’re a rich stud of a man, what better way could you spend your money than blowing it on a young princess such as myself in return for all of my affection–and whatever else you want! Honestly, I’m a bit of an attention whore so even you spending your money just to talk to me and letting me guide you to amazing orgasms and hearing you blow your load on the other end of the phone would be quite thrilling!

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

Another hot way of exerting your power as my sugar daddy, claiming me, and keeping me wrapped around your little finger, is sending me gifts that you get to reap the benefits of during our calls! How much hotter will our sugar daddy phone sex be when the dildo I’m riding was specially selected by YOU! Or a fuck machine that goes to whatever speed of your choosing…and whatever attachment of your choosing as well! Will you go easy on me with a pretty little dildo or are you gonna make me take a giant black cock, veins, mushroom tip and all? And which hole will you want it?? You’ll get to hear it drill my body and send me quaking into spasms until you hear my screams as the pain explodes into pleasure!

Or will you get off knowing I’m prancing around the house in a pretty little necklace you sent me, even when I’m at the dinner table with my family-? Maybe you’ll even give me instructions on what I’m to say if someone asks me who it’s from. After all, if you’re my sugar daddy, I’d want nothing else than to be your good girl! If you’re willing to buy my art supplies, I’ll even paint a nude of myself just for you! I know there are some handsome fellas out there that would want to treat me like the princess that I am, and don’t you worry. I’m always veeeeery good at showing my gratitude! *wink*

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Moira for sugar daddy phone sex

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Kelly

It’s that time again, my precious pay pig. It is time to make me smile. This financial domination phone sex girl is going to need you to step it up a bit more than you have been lately. Listen up, I have bills to pay, I still need a new computer and a new car. I haven’t even gotten any new lingerie or clothes lately. Where are the e-gift cards? I feel like you have been slacking and frankly, I won’t have it. What kind of loyal money submissive lets their Mistress struggle like this? Do you know I had to wear an outfit that I have already worn three times when I went out with my friends last night? I was so embarrassed! They can tell that my cash cow has been slipping. I rarely wear anything three times let alone twice. At least not so soon after I’ve already shown it off the first time. I am far too hot to be treated this way. And I need new fuck-me heels. Not that I’ll be wearing them for you.

Financial Domination Phone Sex

You will never, ever be allowed to dip your stick in my sweet and sticky honey pot! You are good for one thing, and one thing only. To keep that money flowing so you can pamper your financial domination phone sex Mistress. Aren’t I nice enough to let you take your dick out and jerk as you watch me model all of my new sexy lingerie and clothes? I even let you touch me…with my clothes on, of course. If you want this relationship that we have to continue, you better start showing a lot more appreciation and gratitude buddy. If you can’t be the human ATM I need, I will just have to find someone who can be!

Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Kelly for financial domination phone sex

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Abby

When it comes to financial domination phone sex, some women have a limit. I do not. See, I don’t really give a fuck if you’re broke. I don’t care if you have to go without something. I really, truly do not. Simply put (because that’s how you losers need to be talked to), I only care about myself and what you can do for me. If you were a real man, I wouldn’t feel that way. Oh, and by the way – it won’t do you any good to try and argue the case that you’re a real man. A real man wouldn’t even see this and get on the phone and call me. So, if you end up on the phone with me talking about this topic, trust me when I say that you’re not a real man. You’re a weak, incompetent loser and that’s how I will treat you.

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I think you know as well as I do that I deserve life’s little luxuries much more than you deserve, well, anything. It’s important that I have my coffee every day. I deserve manicures and pedicures at least every other week. If I want to buy a new pair of heels, that’s much more important than anything you might need. It’s fine if you have to eat ramen for lunch. It’s not like I’d let you starve. I need you alive and at work to make more money to spend on me. If you are honest, I think you’ll realize that you have been looking for someone like me to run your financial life for you. I am here and I’m more than ready to take that on. Get on the phone and call me for financial domination phone sex now. Just dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Princess Abby.

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex with Trixi

Sugar daddy phone sex is right up my alley because “money makes me cum” is no joke, at least with me. When a guy wants to be my sugar daddy, when he is financially comfortable enough to be generous and has the desire to be generous to me, let me tell you, my admiration and affection for him shoots through the roof all the way up to the moon! There is nothing that turns me on more than a man with the financial wherewithal to make my day with some cold hard cash. What’s more, I believe I fully deserve to be taken care of, well taken care of, by an affluent and generous sugar daddy. Look at my pictures, fellows. Look at my pretty face and my bright green eyes and my perky big tits and my tight and taut belly and my bouncy bubble butt and my shapely legs. I might be fifty-six years old but I sure as hell am a very trim and shapely fifty-six year old woman.

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

Guys, wouldn’t you love to be a sugar daddy to this hot red-haired beauty? Wouldn’t you love to open up your wallet and make a memorable gift to Trixi? I love doing Sugar Daddy phone sex and hearing a caller tell me all the financial things he wants to do for me, all the ways he will make my life easier and more comfortable. After all, nothing says a man is a big shot more than being a super duper Sugar Daddy to a loving and grateful Sugar Baby. Nothing says a man is powerful more strongly than his ability to bring a smile to his Sugar Baby’s face. Nothing says a man is rich more strongly than being generous to a sugar baby. Sugar daddy phone sex is a treat for Trixi — in which Trixi takes pleasure at being the treat! I am a treat that should be treated to a generous gift. Come on guys, come on all you powerful big shot sugar daddies, call Trixi for some good and hot sugar daddy phone sex!

BDSM Phone Sex with Abby

Bondage discipline, sadism and masochism, or maybe the meant bratty domme slaps masochists? BDSM phone sex makes a subby like you melt, doesn’t it? So which letter would you put in bold? Are you a rope bunny? Do you beg to be confined? Are you out of control, and in need of some boundaries? Does your masochistic heart beat faster at the thought of a cruel dom taking you in their hands? Yeah, it does that for me, except the other way. I’m the cruel dom, it’s me. You’re the whiny bitch on the floor and I’m the beautiful woman owning you one giggle at a time. Bring your sadistic instruments. I’m ready to make some music with your body and my wicked imagination. You know what they say, the way to a dommes heart is CBT, right? It’s the way to mine, so if you’re into that, call me.

BDSM Phone Sex

I’ve heard it my entire life, that I’m a heartbreaker. Now I get called all of the best things. I’m a ball buster, a heart crusher, a cock controller, an ice queen, a princess, a goddess, Queen of all things. When we have BDSM phone sex, I’ll tell you what I want you to call me. Mistress Abby always works, but sometimes I’m feeling in a particular mood and I’m Abby the Ass Pounder, and you know, it’s just a string I stay on all day as most of my subs are in need of a thorough pegging. What do you need from the one pulling your strings? I’m a brat, and a sadistic one at that. Are you into pain? Do you get off on erotic humiliation? Show Abby where it hurts, and then prepare to feel the sting of my vicious femdom heart at work. On your knees.

1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Hellena

When I own men like you, I own ALL of you. I take no fucking mercy at all. Your cock and balls are just the start, but very soon your material contributions to my life of luxury will follow. Contributions, plural, darling – did you notice that? Expect there to be many of those. I’m extra delicious and I deserve to be spoiled with loads of delicious financial domination phone sex, so get ready for a wild ride with the Hellcat!

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I’ve traveled around the world and seen many different people and places. I know I’m deliciously hot for a mature woman. Horny men everywhere have jumped through hoops just to get my attention. With all of that going on, why should I settle for someone who cannot go the extra mile in order to take proper care of me? I am the best of the best and therefore I expect the best, so financial domination phone sex suits me well, as I can demand the kind of luxurious treatment I am only cut out for. Yes, my husband does his best to fulfill my material needs, and he does better than many men could do, but it’s still not enough for me. I am the very definition of high maintenance – I am an Empress after all, aren’t I? It’s up to you to treat me as such, so be prepared to feel a bit lighter in the pocket along with your balls if you dare call me for financial domination phone sex.

Somebody needs to make up for what hubby can’t do. I have bulls in the stable for when I need a good hard fuck from a gigantic cock. Now I need more financial domination phone sex paypigs to fill my closet and pamper my beautiful body. Are you worthy? Dial 1 888 402 8669 and get ready to spoil Empress Hellena!!

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Abby

You know that old saying “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours?” Well, that will never apply to me in any partnership I’m in. It also won’t apply when you call me. Our calls will be me getting what I want in every way. Have you ever called a hot Goddess like me for financial domination phone sex? If you haven’t, it’s probably for the best. You can start out with the most perfect Princess you could ever ask for. You’re just going to want to give everything to me. Sure, if you’re new to this fetish, I might have to guide you along at first. But eventually, you’ll figure out what to do and I’ll never ask you for anything. When you call, you’ll just ask me if there is anything I want. Not need. I don’t need you. I want to take everything from you, though.

Financial Domination Phone Sex

I haven’t paid for much of anything since I started doing financial domination phone sex calls. Bills, vacations, jewelry, cars, rent – all of that has been paid for by men who are weak in the knees for me. Men who are addicted to me and would do anything for just a few minutes of my attention. You might think that you would be immune to my charms and that’s the funniest thing I have ever heard. I know that you would be just as smitten with me as every other man is. I’m gorgeous, smart, funny, and if you don’t already want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life, you will. Trust me, you will. So, when you’re feeling brave and you want to try and prove to me that you’re stronger than me, go ahead and call me. I’ll be waiting. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby.