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My little cuck bitch boi husband has been quite the whiny pussy lately, and the little cunt has pissed me off for long enough. It’s about time he’s had another session of “put the little white bitch boi in his place.” The only way to do this right is for me to get fucked good and hard by a big, strapping lad with a delicious dark chocolate cock. Who’s in the mood? We can both overindulge in dark chocolate with a little black cock white wife phone sex. Either you’ve got a little white cock and you want to be in my hubby’s place, or you’ve got a ginormous black pipe hanging halfway down your thigh and you’re dying to be the one to show my darling little dickie boi how to do what he simply cannot do no matter how hard he tries. And if he continues to whine, you can cork his pie hole with your huge cock, only after it tastes like it’s been inside of me.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex

I find that the cure for a whiny bitch boi is not to lift him up, but rather to step on him so I can keep him down – and when I step on my pathetic little hubby, I make sure I’m wearing the hottest of footwear. I also make sure I’m getting pounded by a sexy, young, well-endowed black man with endless stamina for fucking. You know – everything my husband is not. I love to look in my bitch boi’s face and laugh while I ride that big thick dick like the big black bucking bronco it’s attached to. The only thing missing is the black cock white wife phone sex call with you so I can tell you exactly what his face looks like while he watches me cum over and over again.

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Cuckold phone sex is just so much fun! You know you want to see me with a real alpha male. Beta males like you don’t deserve to lay a single finger on my beautiful skin. I need a real man, a black man with a long, thick, and meaty cock. He’ll fuck me like no man has fucked me before. Your tiny white dick could never hope to compare. All you can do is watch helplessly as he pounds my white pussy while you stroke your pathetic pin dick like the loser you are. How does it feel to watch an alpha male make your bitch scream in pleasure? You’ve never managed to have me moaning in ecstacy like that. You feel inadequate, like less of a man. You aren’t worthy of being a man at all. You can’t make me cum even with your fingers and tongue, it’s useless.

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You might as well start wearing panties and start calling yourself by a female name. I might just pick out a name for you. Maybe it could be something like Jessica, Claire, or Kandy? Kandy sounds like a total slut’s name, it’s perfect for a cuckold like you. lmao You won’t be using your penis on me anyway, so what does matter if I start calling you a sissy? The only man that can satisfy me is one with a big black cock. Black men are superior and always will be, that’s just a fact. I’m never going back to taking white dick. Cuckolds should know their place in this world, and that place is on their knees worshipping me and any black man they come across. Maybe I’ll be generous and let you sniff my wetness through my panties, maybe not. You can look and sniff, but you can’t touch. lol Cuckold phone sex gets my panties soaking wet, so pick up the phone, little dick loser!

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It’s been a while since I’ve written about my favorite phone sex topic, sucking big black cock. I know some of you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. Half of all my recent calls have been with guys just like you who love sharing their BBC phone sex fantasies with me. Whether our role plays are cuckold-based or man-on-man.. they always end in a raging Orgasm!! Some of the best BBC phone sex calls I’ve had involve you watching while an overwhelmingly endowed Black man fucks me blind!! Those are wild calls, but what’s even more fun is having you eat his hot creamy load out of my bald pussy, enjoying every last drop! Now do you see why BBC phone sex calls are my absolute favorite!! LOL And from the amount of BBC calls I’ve been getting lately, it’s definitely one of your favorite fantasies too!!

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Sometimes my callers prefer to have me listen to their most recent meet-up with a tall, dark, and girthy 10 inches of BBC. Yum!! Now that’s a fantasy I can really sink my teeth into. Yikes…bad choice of words? lol I love every story you guys share with me. Listening to you tell me about getting that stiff black rod stuffed down your gagging throats gets me so hot and wet that I’m the one who enjoys that explosive orgasm!! What can I say? I’m only human !! Even though I don’t usually share old worn-out sexual expressions…but there is one I’ve learned is 100% true for me “Once you go …. You NEVER come back. Am I right guys?? You bet your ass!! ha ha ha

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If you had yourself a hot blonde wife like me with massive natural jugs how long do you think we would be married before you were fantasizing about me with other men? I have a sneaking feeling that some of you men would be thinking about a woman like me getting fucked by other men from the first time you laid eyes on me. My cuckold fantasies start with a fairy tale wedding and then end in me getting plowed in my wedding gown and bridal lingerie in the honeymoon suite. I think about men filling my pussy full of load after load of cum while my groom sits back in awe, and jerks his cock while I stare into his eyes. Am I the kind of woman that you would want to marry? I think having cuckold phone sex will help me with my extremely high sex drive.

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You can’t expect a woman to settle down and commit to one single dick for all of her days, can you? That seems impossible. He would have to be one hell of a lover to keep my horny self happy without any outside help. So far no man has been able to, not without toys. If you like to watch porn, you might be the kind of man who would jack off while I get fucked. Are you into humiliation? I can get kind of cruel when that side of me comes out during cuckold phone sex. Who doesn’t love a bratty cuckoldress sometimes, though? I’ll take very good care of you and your naughty cock, I promise. You’ll cum so hard when we talk about all of the cuckolding activities we want to try together. Are you curious about that dick too? Do you feel like fluffing? It’s all up to you, or me if you’re a subbie.

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Why is that that winter feels like the perfect time of year for cuckold phone sex? Well, if I am being honest, I love taking a big cock while my pathetic excuse for a man looks and begs to wank his tiny peen 24/7, 365. Just think, this used to be such a taboo subject, but I promise you that women throughout history have always craved big cock. They just had to be wicked sneaky about it. Especially if they were getting that good BBC. All hell would break loose if a chick got caught getting pummeled by a thick mandingo dick. But trust me, it is super worth the risk. To have a dick crazy deep in me just opening me up really helps me get in touch with my inner whore.

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My friends and I aren’t too good to share a really fantastic fuck buddy packing heat. And when anyone asks me if they should cheat on their husband or boyfriend to try some throbbing hot ginormous cock, you better believe I tell them FUCK YEAH. I say that she should do it if she is just about having a good time. It is way more fun to me when my man watches me getting fucked. I love to make lesser men watch me take proper cock from a guy who knows how to swing it. But it isn’t for everyone. I am a do whatever feels good kind of girl. Don’t we sexy hot chicks deserve to feel good after taking an average dick for so long? We have a lot of fucking to make up for. Yeah, so I berate my man as my pussy is being stretched and filled, but he needs to understand his new place in our cuckold phone sex world. He has to take his medicine for being such a bitch boy.

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So I have this married friend, who told me it would really hot if her husband fucked me, right in front of her. A cuckold phone sex fantasy has been on my mind, for far too long. So I told her that I’d love to and that I’ve always wondered what his creamy cum would taste like. He’s tall, dark, and has a massive cock. My friend brags about it all the time. Telling me that they role play me in the bedroom, bent over in front of him. Rubbing my swollen clit, while she licks my dripping pussy lips. Mmm, I will admit, when she told me that, how could I resist?

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They Invited me over last night for drinks, and after seven shots in; it was challenging to keep our hands to ourselves. He was sitting right next to me, hand rubbing my leg. My friend was standing behind him, hands running over his chest. He must have felt the warmth rising between my legs because his hand went straight up my dress towards my pussy. Without a second thought, I threw my leg over him, straddling him, and sat my hot, wet pussy on his enormous mound. Practically bursting through the zipper, I couldn’t help but thrust my cunt back and forth.

My friend took her hands off her husband, came towards me, and started to slip my dress off my shoulders. Her hands cupped my breasts, while he leaned forward to suckle. Mmm, feeling his tongue caress my nipple was exhilarating, but not nearly as much as what happens next. Just imagine those big, black hands, groped around my ass, sliding my panties to the side while his wife, MY FRIEND, starts to slide her tongue inside my juicy holes. It’s finally happening, I’m living my cuckold phone sex fantasy, and I just can’t wait to taste that white creamy goodness.

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I get a lot of big black cock phone sex calls from men who have a small penis and I relate to what they go through because one of my ex-boyfriends had this issue. His cock was very very small. It was so small that I couldn’t even have sex (fuck) with him. It was impossible. At first, I thought it was going to be ok because I’m so small and thin. But sadly it didn’t give me what I wanted and needed. We tried all kinds of sex positions and toys but nothing worked. His little cock could barely go in my pussy. It was very sad and frustrating for both of us. He made up for it by taking care of me financially. He bought me expensive gifts and took me on fabulous vacations, and he could lick my pussy as I’d never experienced before !!!! But overall I was very unhappy sexually. I guess you guys know what’s coming, right? lol

Big Black Cock Phone SexThen one day he tells me that he invited a college buddy from San Francisco over to our place for the weekend. I hadn’t met Terrell before, only in photos, but my pussy got wet just thinking about him. He was a very tall and handsome black man. He had a body any girl would fuck instantly if he asked them to. Yes, you guessed it, I started planning and fantasizing about him fucking me, and fucking me HARD. I knew I was going to ask him when the time was right over that weekend. My ex had told me that he had a HUGE cock. I knew he would be able to satisfy me. My ex told me that when he got here on Friday Night the 3 of us would go out for a nice dinner.  I hoped he’d be having me for dessert!

I put on my makeup and a sexy red tight dress that showed off the new tits (my ex had bought for me). My plan was to parade around when Terrell got there and be as Sexy and slutty so that he’d find me irresistible. I wanted to make his cock hard and get his juices flowing. Being the little teasing slut I can be I wanted him to FUCK me hard and dirty. I wanted him so badly that my red silky thong panties started to get so warm and wet and my nipples got rock hard and erect!! You could see them sticking out from under my dress.

When the doorbell rings I let my ex answer so that I can make an “entrance”. He was wearing jeans and an Oakland Warriors T-shirt. I wanted to fuck him right then and make my husband watch, but I waited. When we got to the restaurant we had drinks and the guys caught up. The whole time we were there I’d catch him staring at me and once and my ex saw that and said “isn’t she hot” and Terrell replied with a big grin and said, “Fuck Yes! You’re a lucky guy.”

When we got home I showed Terell his room and my pussy got wetter. I knew then that we were going to fuck!! My ex and I went to our room and I pretended to fall asleep. As soon as my ex fell asleep I got out of bed in my tiny red teddy and thong( wet and warm) and went to Terrell’s room. He was awake and asked me what took me so long! lol He tells me to come to him and then grabbed my arm and pushes me right into him, picks me up, and throws me on the bed. He got naked and I saw the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen!! His huge dark-skinned cock looked so hot and so scary at the same time. I hoped I could get every inch in my mouth and in my pussy. He tells me that he saw my boyfriend’s non-existent cock in the showers after practice for 4 years at college. He said that when he saw me at the door I made his dick hard and he knew I NEEDED to be fucked. then he pulled my panties off and smelled them and put his face into my sweet pussy and his tongue made me cum in 2 minutes. he rolled me over and told me to put my butt in the air and he puts his tongue in my ass and fucked my ass with his huge long tongue and I came again. He tells me to stay in that same position and he stuck his fucking HUGE cock into my ass and I’m moaning with pleasure to feel a REAL COCK inside me. Just then Terrell looked up and my ex was watching us from the bedroom door! we both started to pull apart and my ex said “NO…Please don’t stop, I want to see a real man fuck you properly because I know that I can’t please you like that, and I never will. My ex sits down on the chair beside the bed and Terrell sticks that enormous dick in my ass again and it feels even better because I could see my ex watching us. Let the big black cock phone sex begin!!!’

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One of my cuckold phone sex callers last night was telling me about his weekend. His wife had a date over and he watched them fuck. His cock is only three inches, and of course his wife’s lover’s cock was around nine. He watched her take it as he’d never be able to give it to her. He’d fluffed the guy up first. He’d gotten on his knees and sucked the lover until he was hard and then he even helped guide the dick into his wife’s dripping cunt. Her pussy was stretched getting that massive cock inside. He sat on a chair next to the bed and watched her take it doggy style.

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He rubbed his little cock in his hand as he got more and more turned on watching them go at it. Pretty typical for a cuckold phone sex caller. The room smelled like sex and echoed from the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as his wife got pounded by the huge cock. His balls slapped against her with every thrust, her juices dripped down the insides of her thighs from her being so aroused. My caller watched wide-eyed at the live sex show in front of him, starring his wife and her well-hung lover. He got to witness spectacles like this a few times a month when she “entertained” her gentleman friends at home. He loved being humiliated like this.

She was down on her elbows, ass up, as she moaned with pleasure. This one fucking her had a very thick, long, hard cock built to give pleasure to women with tiny dicked husbands like himself. He watched as the bull shot his load into her and then withdrew. He got up and once more sucked that huge cock, cleaning it off with his tongue. The man left soon after and then he got on the bed on his back and wifey sat astride his face. It was time to be clean up boy and lick that hot, salty load out of her that had been deposited. He relished every drop of it as it plopped down his throat in warm gobs. Cuckold phone sex is made for worms like this to tell their hotwife stories to. Call Jayda for more cuckold fun at 1 888 402 8669.

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I’m glad you stopped by for some BBC phone sex! Boy, do I have some stories for you! I grew up in a small town. I called it Vanilla Town. 😏All white and all boring…Yawn…I knew there was a more exciting, colorful, and naughty world of sex out there to explore. I experimented with women but no way! I love cock! Yum! The only place I saw gorgeous men of color was on the internet. I started watching porn and couldn’t get enough.. black men gangbangs with white chicks…holy shit!! These fucking cocks were massive, like fucking pythons! I couldn’t get enough…I got addicted to watching BBC porn. I would sometimes stick my fingers in my pussy and imagine a big, black thick cock pushing inside me. I fantasized every night about a man like that sticking his throbbing dick inside my wet tingling pussy. It made me cum even harder.

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When I turned 18 I had my tits made bigger and I moved to NYC. I Partied every night at clubs and bars with friends and met lots of guys. I wore tight sexy clothes and danced like I was having sex…”Classy Trashy”.. lol. The first BBC sex I had was with a South African Guy. He was mad sexy…danced and then wanted to get out of there…We were already kissing and feeling each other everywhere when we got into the taxi to his apartment in the Bronx., I was so wet and needed that Cock! We climbed the stairs to his apartment and ran straight to the shower. I could see all of his muscles shining when rubbed soap all over his body. His cock wasn’t even fully erect but I remember thinking it was the hugest cock I’d ever seen, slapping between his legs whenever he moved.

We came out of the shower and I went to bed. My long, blonde hair was spread out over the satin pillows and my soft pink nipples were tight and hard. My pussy hair is baby soft and cropped and I was so ready for him to stick it in me. He got even harder when he saw me lying there naked, my legs apart so that he could check out my wet cunt. I was really turned on when I saw his big, black cock get hard and thick. It had massive girth and curled slightly towards his belly button. It was massive! When he lay down beside me, I wanted to get my first taste of black cock and began to suck and lick his big dark black crown. When I wrapped my mouth around his knob, he closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure. I gobbled his cock, shoving as much of his length into my mouth as possible.

I was really horny and felt his fucking huge dick in my pussy. I mounted him and gently lowered my wet pussy on him. His rock-hard black dick slid into my tight pussy lips and deep inside my wet pussy. started to ride him. It was a dream come true to see him thrusting underneath me, and my tits bobbing up and down as he watched me ride him. He grabbed my ass so that he could feel me bouncing and rocking as we fucked each other hard.

I leaned forward so that he could lick and suck my tits as I fucked him faster. I was totally ready to cum all over his amazing dick and balls. I slowed myself down a little bit and then swiveled around with his cock still inside me so that my ass was facing his face and he could watch as I worked my tight pussy lips up and down his cock shaft. I leaned forward so that my clit could rub against his ball sack. This is one of my favorite positions. It drives me crazy knowing that I’m in control of everything. He can see my asshole, and also watch as my sweet snatch is split open by his shaft as I ride him reverse cowgirl. I closed my eyes as my orgasm began to cum closer. I frantically rubbed my clitty on his balls and then began to finger my clit hard as well. The feeling of his big black cock deep inside of me was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt.

I could feel his rhythm begin to quicken as well. He held onto my ass and thrust his cock faster and deeper into my fat pussy. I was so wet knowing that I could not hold out much longer. I began to cum in hard, deep pulsating shudders, moaning and fingering my clit as my juice milked his cock knob. He exploded his spunk into my quivering hole with great gushes of warm sticky white juice. It was my first big, black cock experience, and I will never forget how good it was!

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Hey there baby, it’s your phone sex goddess here with a hot and heavy fetish that gets this creamy, white pussy soaking wet! It has to do with my boyfriend, who has a tiny dick, and my thirst to have my white pussy stuffed by a thick, throbbing chocolate dick! Yes, you guessed it! I’m all about that cuckold phone sex while my boyfriend watches the ways I orgasm for someone else!!

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My boyfriend has the smallest dick I have ever seen! I mean, he comes from money and is super sweet to me, however, he can barely eat my pussy the way I want him to and I am never satisfied when he fucks me. He caters to me and claims that he is so in love with me, but I am just not satisfied and a woman like me needs to be pleased! My sweet, shaved slit needs the proper attention, and he simply cannot do the job. I knew we were in trouble, and I had been feening for a fat cock for a while now. There was a guy I went to school with, who lived next door to the condo we are renting. I would run into him from time to time, and one day while checking the mail I made my move. I asked him to come home with me, and fuck me the way I needed because my boyfriend had the smallest white dick I had ever seen. He smiled, smacked my ass, and followed me home.

This cuckold phone sex session kicks off with my sexy black neighbor coming home and following me into the bedroom. I was nervous about how things would go, but he immediately sprung into action and handled his business. When my boyfriend came home from work, he walked into the bedroom and saw me on the bed, legs spread, and a big, black man eating my vanilla pussy like there was no tomorrow. He was upset, and I told him to shut his ass up, and that his tiny dick didn’t satisfy me. If he wanted to keep me around, he needed to let me have some fun and the kind of fun that I deserved! He sat in the corner and watched in awe as I was fucked into pure ecstasy by an 11-inch black cock, and let me tell you the feeling of him stretching me out and filling up my pussy was beyond amazing. Nothing at all like what I get from my boyfriend, that’s for sure.

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