Creampie Phone Sex with Haley

On today’s menu we have a tasty treat we like to call creampie phone sex. Generally served hot and fresh, this delicacy is often enjoyed by gentlemen that don’t quite measure up. The fellas with the little dicks are well known creampie connoisseurs. They really get a chance to shine when presented with such a treat. This is good because often it’s really all they get. Someone else has made the creampie and they are just called in afterwards for clean up. Ah yes, clean up. You will get right into it, licking and slurping, even sucking away at my nicely fucked and filled pussy. It’s important that you do a good job. You will want to enjoy this lovely gift and show your appreciation fully as you bury your face into that hot, gooey mess. This could mean you get a chance between my legs or perhaps I might really treat you and sit on your face.

Creampie Phone Sex

But seriously, it is pretty hot to think about you cleaning up my freshly fucked and filled pussy. I see you waiting to the side, dutiful but eager, patiently watching me take a nice, big cock. You get so excited thinking about how hard he will cum inside me and how much cum there will be for you. I see you fidgeting and licking your lips, your little boner giving away your excitement. Watching me get fucked by a real man pleases you because it pleases me. The aftermath is all for you and you take it seriously. I know you crave creampie phone sex and can’t wait to show off your cum eating skills. I’m so proud of you when you are so pleased to serve me this way. It really makes me happy that you enjoy my activities in your own way. Speaking of my activities, you know it is entirely possible that you will be given some other duties as well, right?

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Sissy Phone Sex with Abby

If you have ever talked to me, you probably know just how much I love sissy phone sex. It was the very first kind of call I had and I fell in love with feminizing my callers and/or turning them into dirty cock sucking sluts that day. I never imagined that I’d get to help callers get dressed head to toe to make them look exactly like a woman. And I also never imagined that I’d be helping callers get their holes ready to be fucked by big fat cocks. So, I guess what I need to know is what kind of sissy you are. Do you want to just look the part? If that’s all you want, that’s totally cool with me. Let’s get you all dressed up and looking fierce so you can have a little photo shoot in the privacy of your bedroom. I fucking love it.

sissy phone sex

But if you want to do more than that, trust me, I am the girl you want to talk to. I love turning men just like you into true sissy sluts. I love it when we’re finished and you’re completely transformed and you e-mail pictures to me to show me what we have created together. I have never given birth, but I imagine it’s the same kind of pride a mother would feel when her offspring is all grown up and looking and acting like a tramp. I always get so proud of my sissies when they call me and we spend some time reflecting on their sissy transformation journey. Are you ready for a years long sissy phone sex relationship with the girl who will get you to exactly where you need to be? Get on the phone with Abby right now when you dial 1 888 402 8669, you naughty sissy slut.

JOI Phone Sex with Kelly

The moment you laid eyes on my rocking hot body, you were all in. Don’t even try to deny it. That look in your eyes was so filled with lust that I creamed my lacy panties instantly. You didn’t know what to do with yourself, and you almost started jerking right there. I saw your hand naturally gravitate to your pants, but you stopped. You know that a JOI phone sex experience is precisely what you need right now. I bet that you need me to sit here with you and tell you step by step how to hold your throbbing cock in your hand and how to stroke and rub it the whole time for you to shoot your load across the room? Well, I am your horny jerk-off instructor, Kelly, at your service. What I do is far beyond that, though. A Teacher is also supposed to provide room for growth. No, not the growth of your dick, you silly pervert. I want you to explore your cock. Feel all the sensations while teasing and edging your rock-hard prick. I will put all my focus, attention, and filthy imagination into our endeavor.

JOI Phone Sex

You’re not just going to learn how to beat your meat; I’ll also teach you how to enjoy it. As a matter of fact, you will be begging for it when I am done with you. What’s the point of jerking off if you can’t enjoy every inch of that meat you were born with? I want you to shoot your load across the room and feel the satisfaction after. JOI phone sex with me is going to teach you how to be confident with all your strokes, baby. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly, and we can begin our jerk-off journey STAT.

Roleplay Phone Sex with Wanda

The best thing about roleplay phone sex is that you can come up with any fantasy and desire to come true. That’s right. I will make your desired fantasy come to life for you and I. Just the fact that it is so versatile makes it so hot. We can come up with any scenario we want and play. I want to take you to that world where your fantasy lives and open it up to all kinds of possibilities. With my killer imagination we can do anything and everything your cock desires.

Roleplay Phone Sex

To me roleplay phone sex is like improving. I get into my role and just keep going. After all, I never limit fantasy. I want to take your roleplay far and beyond anything you might have ever thought possible. Let’s take those nasty thoughts and make our own little porn together. You might think your roleplay is too fucked up. Never worry about telling me everything, it turns me on and will make me happy to please you. besides that some of my roleplay ideas are super fucked up also. You can tell me anything baby. I’m here for you to make your dreams come to life.

It’s like making a story up as we go along with our roleplay phone sex. A story that’s going to make us come so hard in the end. Like I said, I never have any judgement. I actually love the fact that the more fucked up the better and more fun it is for us. Can’t wait to hear what makes your cock so solid hard that it drips. So many naughty thoughts are running through my head right now that I’m getting wet writing this. Tell me your roleplay and let me take you for the ride of your life. Call me at 1-888-402-8669. Ask for Wanda.

Young Voice Phone Sex with Barbie

Hey there! Looking for some young voice phone sex? Well look no further. I’m here! I’m a cute ebony girl with a hefty set of tits, and giant bubbly ass. But I can also pretend that I don’t have all that. I’m cute and bubbly, I know. But I’d love to be your cute and bubbly thing! Whatever game you want to play, we can play it. I don’t mind. And I’m sure you won’t either once I’m giving you the best few minutes of your life. If young voice phone sex is your thing, well you’re in luck. Because it’s my thing to. I love talking and fucking older men, it’s a huge turn on for me. I love it a lot because of the experience you can get from it. And of course because I love the thought of being an older guy’s fuck toy. That’s a BIG turn on for me.

Phone Sex

Let me be your fuck bunny that you use for fun whenever. I have a lot of stamina and drive anyways, just like a bunny. But instead of hopping around in circles, I’d hopping on your cock. Have you ever been with a younger girl? Are you up for that challenge of being able to keep up with me sexually? And maybe you’re just as a freak as I am and are able to do more than just keep up with me. If you know what I mean? If you are able to handle all of this, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I bet you have a lot of interesting ideas you fantasies that you want to discuss. And I’d love to make them cum true. Oops, i mean come. All you need to do is bring your ball sack full of cum, but you’ll be leaving with them completely drained.

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Coerced Bi Phone Sex with Haley

Imagine my delight to see there’s a category called coerced bi phone sex. This is one of my favorite things! I find it such a turn on to push your limits and get you to try “things” you normally wouldn’t. Of course I’m talking about cock basically. I know you are kind of fascinated by the thought of being pushed into giving your first blowjob. You could never just do it on your own but with a sexy, hot babe nudging you along and making you do it you would have no choice but to “give in”. It’s ok if you want to suck some cock, it really is. I know you think about it and crave it and it makes you so excited. It makes me excited to get you to do it. You have fantasies of being made to serve on your knees and you just need to feel like you had no choice. I get it. I’ll give you no choice. You’re about to get your first taste and I’ll be right there with you to make sure you get it done.

Coerced Bi Phone Sex

Now that you’ve gone ahead and taken a nice, throbbing dick in your mouth what’s to stop you from going even further? Nothing. You might as well! I know you want it but you don’t want to seem like you want it. I’ll be your pushy bestie or kinky girlfriend that doesn’t relent until you have no choice but to drop your pants and offer yourself up during our coerced bi phone sex call. You can surely suck him first and get him all primed and ready. And then you can bend and spread and feel the first touch of a hard cock pressing between your cheeks and against your tight hole. Oh, the excitement you’ll feel when he starts pushing inside of you! You’ll be nervous and unsure but I’ll be right there guiding his cock in while I whisper to you about how much you want it and that you can and will take it all. Before you know it, you’ll be getting the cum fucked right out of you! Once you get your cherry popped there will be no turning back. You are such a cock lover, I knew it.

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Sugar Daddy Phone Sex with Trixi

I’m an old lady but that does not mean I cannot still have a bit of a daddy complex, especially a sugar daddy complex. I adore it when a caller says he will be my sugar daddy and provide me with the money that I love. I also like to talk about the two of us frequently high end department stores where he can show everyone he is my sugar daddy by buying me the best of the best of haute couture and fancy jewelry. Then my sugar daddy will show off his power and the generosity that symbolizes his power by walking around with little old Trixi decked out in the fancy and fabulous clothing and jewelry he has bought her. There is nothing I get more of a kick out of than a hot session of sugar daddy phone sex. I bet there are a lot of men who fantasize about being sugar daddies who can buy mink stoles to wrap about a sexy broad and buy diamonds that will sparkle from her ears as earrings and around her neck as necklaces and up and down her arms as bracelets and on her fingers as rings.

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

I know there are guys who like to think of themselves as putting the sort of clothing and jewelry on their mistresses that would rival anything worn by Cher or Dolly Parton. Do you get hot and horny imagining yourself a sugar daddy? Do you know that you can earn a woman’s gratitude that leads to sexual favors by doing her financial favors? Do you understand just how “money makes me cum” is no joke but is about how we women actually respond when tribute is paid — in literal, monetary terms — to our beauty and sensuality? Then call up Trixi and let’s do a sugar daddy phone sex! Let’s get it going as soon as possible! I know my sugar daddy is out there and I am just waiting to be his sugar baby.

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Kinky Phone Sex with Meredith

Are you ready to explore your wildest fantasies? Let’s have great hot kinky phone sex together. No judgement, just pure pleasure. Mind-blowing role play, dirty talk and more waiting for you on the other end of the line. Don’t hold back, let your desires run wild with me! Are you wondering what phone sex with me is like? It’s not just about moans and dirty talk. It’s an exploration of desires, a release from inhibitions, our journey into pleasure together. Choke me, slap me, fuck me hard in my ass. I love it. Are you ready to cum so hard for me? Let’s get naughty together. Don’t be shy.

Kinky Phone Sex

Unleash your deepest desires and explore with me. Tell me all of secret desires. Let your imagination run wild as you explore new levels of intimacy and satisfaction. Whether you want me as a sacred nun in the church, or a sweet virgin. Dare to indulge in taboo pleasure today. There are no boundaries between us. Dare to be naughty? Are you a bad boy for me? Do you want to get on your knees and be my good pet? I want to spank you for being bad. Is that you watching me in my window while i get dressed? well don’t worry, i did flash my succulent tits just for you. I secretly watch you jerk your cock to me as i bend over to pick up something, making sure you can see my round brown ass perfectly. Let my sultry voice, my beautiful tight brown body, gorgeous tits, moist tight wet pussy give you an unforgettable experience, and drain your balls. Feel free to use me as your personal sex toy. I will gladly get on my knees and serve your cock master. Are you ready to call?

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Wanda

I love to make you my cuckold baby. Watch me get filled by cock after cock. Then I reach up, grab the back of your head and make you suck all the cum out of me. Looking at your face as you watch and stroke while he’s stretching my pussy out. Making me moan in deep pleasure. You haven’t been able to satisfy me for a while. I want a nice big black cock to stretch me to the limit. More than one really. Knowing you’re watching every move he puts on me. make me moan desperate for more. Cuckold phone sex with me cal take you to the place you need to go and that’s my watch, stroke and clean up boy, baby. Can’t wait to feel your tongue lick my clit while he fucks me to baby. As he starts to explode in my tight pussy it can squirt in your mouth. Having cuckold phone sex with me means you must watch me take that big cock right down my throat like a good slut. fill my mouth with cum so i can spit it down your throat.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold phone sex is the best. knowing you’re watching me suck and fuck as much cock as I can. Then you clean out my pussy and my mouth baby. You know your duties as my cuckold!! I’ve made them so clear. Loving you watching close up by licking my clit. Mmmm, my fave. While that big black cock stretches me out. I wanna feel my clit rub against that huge cock so I can squirt all over it. I can’t wait to have some real quality cuckold fun with you. Also those sweet lips of yours wrapped around my pussy just eating that cum out baby. Call me at 1-888-402-8669 ask  for Wanda.

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Barbie

What do we do with big, thick nigger lips? Wrap them around masters cock and start sucking. I’m a well trained nigger girl looking for her owner. And I’ve been specifically trained to be a cock sucking phone sex slut by my first owner. He taught me so well, and I learned so much from him! He taught me how to suck cock, how to take it in the ass, and of course how to serve and please all of my current and future masters. I first became a personal cum dump slave when I met my first master at my college. He was a professor there. And he’s always had an undercover racist vibe about him. (He taught physics) One day, he pulled me aside after the lecture and got on to me about my skirt. (It was JUST above the knees and everyone wore skirts, but the town had only a few blacks in it, so I figured that was kind of the motive for it too) But, he said “What’s a cute nigger like you got any business to be wearing a hoe-ass skirt like that” (He had a country accent)

Phone Sex

My mouth was completely agape from just the first four words he poured out of his mouth. He told me to close my mouth before he shoved his cock in it. I was taken a back from this. But, i also felt urged to do whatever he asked. I shortly noticed that his pants formed a little bulge in them, and he then started to touch himself and he asked me if I was scared, or nervous. i said no, but that I was turned on. He told me to get on my knees, and then i told him I didn’t know the first thing about blow jobs. He said to start by tightly wrapping my “nigger lips” around the tip of his cock and going back to front while sucking on it. And from there on, he taught me everything I know to this day. So if you’re interested in some good cock sucking phone sex from this nigger, give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Barbie.