Mistress Phone Sex with Trixi

Call me for Mistress phone sex — and that’s an order! All you slaves, you subs, you natural losers, you bad boys who need to be put in your places — call me! Mistress Trixi is here to give you what you need and what you deserve. I know you are a submissive who wants to get down on your knees and kiss my feet and that is just what I am going to tell you to do. Kiss my feet! You should worship me and kissing my feet is a good place to start. You should kiss my ass too — literally kiss my pretty bouncy bubble butt. It is an honor and a privilege to kiss my ass. You should put her face where it belongs and your face belongs between my ass cheeks and lovingly tonguing my asshole.

Mistress Phone Sex

You should serve me in any manner I demand. You should grovel on the floor before me and beg to serve me. You should get in a frilly French maid’s outfit and clean my house and cook for me and act as my all-around gofer. Oh, I bet you would look so cute in a frilly apron! I have the power. I am a beautiful woman and I should be served. I also have the power to punish. I know that some of you bad boys deserve punishment so I will tell you to take out a paddle or wooden ruler or even just use your own hands to spank yourself. I want you to spank yourself hard and long. I want you to make those butt cheeks bounce and jiggle. I want to make those butt cheeks get pink stripes on them and then turn a mottled red and then turn a well deserved scarlet red. Call and let’s do a hot Mistress phone sex session! Call Mistress Trixi NOW at 1 888 402 8669.

Bimbofication Phone Sex with Abby

I know there are those of you out there who are dying to just become dumb sluts who service cocks all day, every day. That’s what bimbofication phone sex calls are for. I know just exactly how to help you become the dirty whore you want to be. I personally dream of having a bimbo slut just like you to pimp out to men. I can’t even imagine how much money I’d make off of you. Once I’m done getting you dressed up and teaching you how to handle a cock (if you don’t already know), I think you could be the perfect slut. After all, the only thing you want to do in life is please men. You’ve probably never been successful at a regular job because you are too busy daydreaming about cocks all day long. That’s pretty pathetic, but oh well, that’s just the way life is.

Phone Sex

It’ll be fun to get your look together so you can look the part for our bimbofication phone sex call. You’ll need to be wearing all red and black. I don’t know, I just feel like those are the sluttiest colors. But what you’re wearing isn’t really quite as important as what you’ll be doing with all of those cocks. You will be sucking them and getting your face fucked. And with any luck, you’ll have another cock balls deep in your slutty hole while you are sucking cock. That’s the good thing about having more than one hole. You can entertain more than one cock at a time. Oh, and don’t forget your hands. Those can be pretty useful, too. I will be here, ready and waiting to turn you into the dirty bimbo slut you have always wanted to be. Just dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.


Taboo Role Play Phone Sex with Moira

Have you thought about calling but been worried your interests were TOO taboo? I’ve had some pretty intense taboo role play phone sex calls, so I dare ya to shock me! I’ve been gang-banged in an alley and hosed down afterward before round 2. I’ve been filmed live fucking an old black man. He gets mad when I call him old man and that only makes him fuck me harder! His buddy comes over without him sometimes and it always pisses him off–he only likes to share if HE chooses to!

Phone Sex

One time when he WAS feeling generous, they both got behind me. I thought surely one would take me up the ass and the other would dominate my pussy (I’m such a snowbunny sucker for double penetration) but oooooh no–The old man had so much more in store for me than that! I felt one dick start to press against my tight asshole, and then THE OTHER right BESIDE it! They both fucked me up the ass AT THE SAME TIME! And you KNOW how big just ONE black cock is, let alone TWO at once! I’m not going to lie–it was worth it! But I did NOT walk right for days afterward! (And an icepack became my best friend haha. At least they were nice enough to give me a few days to recover!)

I’ll fist my own pussy while the boys make their rounds fucking my mouth. It’s so good once I get it in there! But oh how it hurts having to pull it back out, especially those knuckles! Sometimes I pretend to be a different age and do whatever my master tells me to! I’ve even had 5 monster black men ravage my body and end it with a grand finale. You’ll have to click below to read my personal Wix blog to learn more about that one! It was so savage, I’m not even allowed it mention it here! How’s THAT for taboo role play phone sex??!!

Or do you want to act out fantasies the wife would NEVER entertain, such as smacking me across the face with your cock…and some other unmentionables that once again, I confess to you in my personal blog! I have loads of callers who love taboo role play phone sex and, just like a gamer with a controller in hand, you choose your own adventure! And me? I’m your girl! I’ll do WHATEVER you want!

You can even email me first if you want to share your fantasies and go over any details. Nothing brings me more pleasure than helping you blow your load so hard that you DEFINITELY won’t be forgetting about our call! You’ll be rehearsing it in your mind time and time again, and most likely concocting up even CRAZIER storylines for next time!! I’m a good little actress–We’ll make it amazing alright! But I tell you what, having to write with a filter really makes me pout! Call me and cheer me up! We won’t need a filter in our call after all!!! 1 888 402 8669 Just ask for your Irish maiden Moira and let the games begin!

No Limits Phone Sex with Kelly

I have no shame in being a 3 hole whore on no-limits phone sex calls. Seriously, isn’t that why I was blessed with 3 holes in the first place if not for your big fat cock to fuck and fill? You don’t have to hold back with me, ever. I can take it, I promise you. You don’t even have to force me on my knees to suck your dick…but you can if you want to. You can do whatever you want to this cock loving slut on the reg. Do you wanna tie my hands behind my back and bend me over and ram your cock in my ass while I whimper and moan like an obedient slut? Please do!! Make me scream! Make me squirt! I want your cum dripping out of me for hours because you blew such a huge hot load deep inside me.

No Limits Phone Sex

We can always invite another slut to join us and make her lick it all out of me while you fill her ass and cunt with spunk too. We will make that bitch love cream pies. I promise I’ll clean her up when you’re done. You can even leave me tied down to the bed for when you want to come back and fuck me again. Just use me for all of your kinks and pleasures. Straddle me and blow your load on my face if you want. I love a hot cum facial smothering my face. We can role-play any fantasy you desire on no-limits phone sex. I have a really wicked dirty imagination and I love a man who does too. The kinkier the better and the harder we’ll both cum together. Give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly — this will be the beginning of a really hot phone fuck relationship!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Shay

I get up in the morning and pour myself a strong cup or grab a starbucks but my mind always drifts to cocks. Does the man in front of me in line grabbing his venti have a huge cock? Is it thick and short? He can’t have a tiny doo-dah can he? Guess all this thinking about cock makes me a size queen. That’s what my friends all call me. I just think about and love huge cocks.

Size Queen Phone Sex

I love huge cocks so much I have super sized dildo’s! One of them is a huge black cock that must be at least 12 inches and super thick. It was given to me as a prank gift but oh they didn’t know I was going to use it. I got wet in my panties when i got it as a gift. They had no idea how much pleasure that huge black cock would bring me. I could not wait to get home and try to fuck myself with the huge thing. It needed a lot of lube to get it into my tight pussy but the feeling of that large plastic mushroom head popping into my hole. wow just wow. I came all over in that very second. So thanks to my friends for the gag gift I use it when I can. I can use it on a size queen phone sex call with you if you want.

I truly wonder about men that I see out in public and what their cocks look like. The waiter I had the other day looked good in those tight black pants but I could see the shape of his cock it left nothing to wonder about. But others I think about and sometimes fantasize about them. The old biker I met at work that needed xrays of his huge hand. My momma always says huge hands, huge cock. If it’s true I really can’t tell you. But here i am trying to work and thinking if he has a huge cock. Is it so thick it could rub me the right way inside. Is it thick and long in those jeans? I got myself all worked up and my pussy wet while still at work. If I could have run away and rubbed myself somewhere in an empty exam room I would have.

Dial the numbers 1 888 402 8669 ask for the one and only best size queen Shay.

Sensual Phone Sex with Nadia

As you know I bar tend on Sunday nights at a little bar around the corner from my apartment on Sunday nights just to get out of the house and a break from a sensual phone sex operator; As I was getting ready for work, putting on my tight black crop top with the bar logo and short black shorts with fishnets and doc martens i decided to mix it up with some colored contacts and my 34dd push up bra…just in case my favorite customer Steven came in to see me. It was a slow night with the usuals nursing their drinks and watching me bend over whenever they could . I even caught this barely 21 year old tattooed local adjusting his cock after he stole a look at my ass, “hmm i made his dick twitch for sure I giggle to myself”. I also catch myself wondering how big his cock was under those dickie shorts…

Sensual Phone Sex

It wasn’t long after that Steven walked in , I was in the back getting ice and as I walked back to the bar from the kitchen I see familiar face casually talking to the guy next to him who’s playing the poker machine at the end of the bar. Steven is in his usual seat and without being asked I get his usual Heineken in a bottle with no glass. and serve him as he smiles staring at my extra pushed up tits tonight. He casually compliments me on how I look tonight while fighting back the urge to stare further at my perky tits. I’m instantly wet when I think of the last time I saw him and remember the hot blow job I gave him in the hallway after hours. His cock was fucking amazing almost too much I think to myself remembering how i was gagging giving him head and i NEVER usually gag! He continues to smile coyly as I make small talk while serving the few other customers and wipe down the bar periodically staying as close as possible to his side of the bar without making it obvious.

IT’s closing time before i know it and Steven who usually exits at this time orders on the last round which is out of his usual routine. Hmm…is he wanting round 2 this week or? Shortly after that he’s the only one left and I’m counting the cash drawer and he asks if he can walk me out when I’m done, of course I say yes . I finish up and we walk out together , I look and don’t see a vehicle parked close. That’s when he points out his motorcycle parked on the side of the bar. He asks if he can give me a ride home, i only live a block away i tell him so he says what about a ride then? Of course i say yes and I hop on the back of the bike and he starts it up the loud rumble vibration between my legs is so shockingly hot I start to get so turned on and horny feeling the steady vibration between my legs and my arms wrapped around Steven. he goes up the coast up pacific coast highway and back down to point fermin and the korean bell, he stops the bike at the end of pacific and we get off to take a look at the water and the ocean breeze is intoxicating as we enjoy the late night view and the sound of the waves crashing below us. without a word he pulls me close , shoving his tongue hunger=ily into my mouth and squeezing my tits under my shirt, my hand goes instantly down his shorts and start tugging on his girthy cock and he moans a little as I touch the skin of his shaft with my soft hands. He lifts me up onto the upper steps of the lookout benches and pulls of my shorts and stockings and begins to lick my pussy, I feel his tongue expertly work my clit and feel his fingers dip into my slit in perfect rotation, the stubble on his chin he uses as friction and I’m so close to climax as he licks and rubs my pussy to the edge and then slows down to tease me leaving me begging him to not stop , bucking my hips to his face and grabbing his hair and keeping him pressed against my cunt . I whisper “don’t stop” and” just like that ” and he listens obediently and brings me to orgasma nd i can’t help but let out a high pitched moan and let him lap up my juices until he can tell they’ve stopped seeping out of me. He smiles and says nothing, but grabs my hand and leads me back to the bike. He brings it to life again and the delicious rumble between my legs starts all over again. I guide him back to my place by pointing at each turn and in a just a few minutes we are ouit front of my building. I Hop off , smile and say thanks for the ride. see you next week? He says of course.we both are smiling and I know he is pleased with himself and how he expertly licked me into orgasm. I smile back without saying it but I can tell he sees what I’m thinking , he just chuckles a little and drives off as I put the key in the front door.

As I flop down on my couch I start to wonder what next week going to bring now the “oral score” is tied now? I have plenty of good content for my sensual phone sex callers now , as I look at the clock and consider logging in, but nahh i think; to myself i”m taking the rest of the night off.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Nadia for sensual phone sex

Young Voice Phone Sex with Caitlin

No matter what your fantasy may be, I have a feeling that somewhere on your favorite list may include young voice phone sex. I must admit that classes have kept me very busy so far, but I would love to take a break just for you. I would also love for you to try some of the fantasies that turn you on.

I’m a very open-minded girl and I love talking about sex. Especially when your hand is wrapped around your shaft, and you are stroking it for me. I get very turned-on hearing how horny you are and the sound of your voice. Sometimes I fantasize that you are my neighbor and think about all the things that are on your mind. When I’m sitting here next to my window barely dressed, I get very tempted to touch myself. I fantasize about anything that you want to share with me. Before you know it, my soft hands are sliding across my smooth body. When my fingers make their way to my warm wet pussy, I can’t help but slide a finger inside and start masturbating for you. My juices are so creamy and delicious that I know if you were between my legs licking you may not be able to stop.

Young Voice Phone Sex

I’m thinking about what it would feel like to wrap my hand around your stiff throbbing cock right now. I’m pumping my tight hole as I think about you saying “Caitlin, I want you to talk dirty to me baby, and make my hard dick start dripping pre cum.” What better girl to share that with than a girl who loves using young voice phone sex to excite you? I don’t want to waste time going into the endless possibilities of roleplays and scenarios. But what I would like to do is draw a visual in your mind of me dressed in something extremely flirty that gets you so fucking hard that you want to jump through your phone and see just how naughty, dirty, kinky, slutty, and horny I am for you.

I want to look up at you and be the perfect tease that pushes all of your buttons. I’ll dress in something that shows off these perky titties, sexy long legs, and tight ass. I’ll brush my sweet body into yours and say “I’m all yours. Can I unwrap and slide these clothes off?” You can bring some of your most unspeakable taboos and fantasies my way. I’m not the kind of girl who will turn you away. When you have me down to my pretty panties, I’ll sit my little ass down on your lap as I wiggle, grind and make your dick so hard you can’t help but be ready to slide it against my creamy pussy lips. I’ll get you so aroused you never forget about the girl who loves young voice phone sex and making you cum so hard you come back for more.

Please feel free to view my blogs for more hot stories and see some of my favorite outfits I love wearing to turn your head my way.

Ask for Caitlin at 1-888-402-8669
Twitter @FlirtyPhoneGirl

Message me at Google Hangouts or Skype by searching for: CreamyCaitlin@gmail.com

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Abby

One of the things I love most in the world is being a bratty domme phone sex Princess. It means that I get to put losers just like you in your place all day, every day. I had a guy ask me not too long ago if I ever felt bad for being such a brat, and of fucking course I said no. Of course, we had just finished quite a painful cock and ball torture session. The noises he was making made me think he was in a lot of pain, so I guess I can kind of understand him asking that question. The truth is that I have never felt bad about anything that happens on a call. Or in real life. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I really love it when I’m dominating, humiliating, or causing pain to men. Oh, I love ignore fetish calls, too.

Phone Sex

There are so many things we can talk about when you call me for bratty domme phone sex. Some of you can only handle sensual domination calls and that’s fine. Some light tease and denial is always a good thing. But then there are those of you who love cruel humiliation. Some of you, as we have already talked about, love pain. And you’re the ones I really have a lot of fun with. There’s just something about those screams and noises that you losers make when contact is made with your balls and whatever you’re beating them with that gives me life. Do you think you can handle a phone call with me? There are callers who tell me they are scared of me and that brings me joy, but you might end up the same way. I can’t wait to find out. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby now.

Trampling Phone Sex with Trixi

Ahh, trampling! Is there anything that makes someone feel more submissive than having another human being literally walk on? Is there anything that brings out the masochist in you more powerfully than lying down on the floor while a dominant lady treats your chest or back as if it were a floor? Nothing at all — unless it is trampling phone sex! It is so much fun to discuss the varied ways in which a caller might want to enact a fetish for being trampled. In real life, I have a thing for trampling on guys in my bare feet. I guess I just really like the feel of a man’s body, of his skin, against the bottoms of my feet. You just cannot beat that feeling! Of course, I am very sensitive and enjoy being dominant over the person being trampled. Although I have a special thing for trampoline with my feet uncovered, I also enjoy trampling in shoes (especially high-heeled and sexy shoes) as well as nylon stockings, fishnet stocks, or socks. I love to talk with callers about all aspects and all ways to do trampling in their trampling phone sex calls to me. I love to talk about walking on you, jumping on you, skipping on you, and stomping on you like a mighty wrestler.

Trampling Phone Sex

Wanting to be, at least temporarily, a kind of “human carpet” is not so very weird. after all, the average person — man, woman, or transgendered in either direction — likes having kittens and puppies walk on them. So it is only s small step — pun quite intended! — to being stepped on by one’s fellow human beings. We often use the term “doormat” metaphorically to mean a person who is quite submissive and we talk about how she or he “lets people walk all over them.” So why not be a good doormat in a literal sense? Why not just lie there and let other folks walk all over you? Call Trixi and let’s have a good hot session of trampling phone sex!

Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Abby

Panties, panties, panties! I’m always ready for a call from a panty fetish phone sex lover! And there are two different kinds of callers that I get when it comes to this particular fantasy. There are men who call me up and tell me about how they love a particular style of panty. Maybe a specific cut like bikini or thong. Sometimes it’s because they love a particular type of fabric. Satin seems to be the most popular one, for the most part. Lace is popular, as are the colors of black and white. I guess it really just depends on whether or not the girl they’re fantasizing about being in those panties is a bad girl or a really innocent good girl that they are going to corrupt. Like, just imagine an 18 year old virgin in a white pair of lacy panties. We could do fun stuff with her.

Phone Sex

But then there are the calls I get for panty fetish phone sex that are from sissy sluts. They want to talk forever about what kind of panties they’re wearing, where they got them (or who they stole them from), how the panties make them feel, etc. There are so many aspects of panties that sissies just really love talking about. And I cannot wait to hear what their favorite thing about panties is each time I get a call. So, whether you like the look of panties on a woman or you want to be the woman wearing the panties, it’s high time you get on the phone with me. You can reach me when you dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby. Oh, and make sure you tell the dispatcher that you’re calling to talk about everything panty related. I guess I like humiliation a little bit, too.