Cum Denial Phone Sex with Kelly

Shout out to all you goons out there. I want you to know, I take cock teasing to the highest level on cum denial phone sex. I love torturing men! Do you think you can handle extreme edging and not being allowed to shoot your wad until you are begging and leaking like a broken faucet? I bet you can’t. I haven’t found a man yet who can keep from busting a nut when I edge him over and over. I’ll have you begging for me to let him cum. But I get a thrill out of making you suffer so the more you beg, the more fun I have. Just wait until I use my CBT skills on your aching cock. I’ll have you whimpering like a bitch just like all the others! Don’t think that means I will have mercy on you.

Phone Sex

I really enjoy extreme edging, so go ahead, whimper, whine and cry as much as you wish. I enjoy it almost as much as I love making you grovel and beg to be allowed to spurt. In fact, it turns me on so much to know how much I’m torturing you, that I get out my toy and I tease my pussy for hours without letting myself cum. And I let you listen to how much pleasure I am getting bringing myself to one climax after another. That will make it even more challenging for you to refrain from blowing your load. I know you won’t be able to control yourself, you sorry weakling. No man has ever been able to be teased and edged by me on cum denial phone sex without uncontrollably spraying his jizz all over himself. Are you up to the challenge? Call me. I dare you!

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly

Domination Phone Sex with Abby

The thing I love most about domination phone sex is that there are so many directions the call could go in.  There are all kinds of manners of domination that get me excited. Teasing you and denying you is a great sensual way to take control of you. I think that a lot of women underestimate the power of teasing a man. It’s one of the most effective ways to control you idiots and you fall for it over and over again. So, of course I’m going to use it to my advantage as often as I can. It’s not my fault you’re so stupid. There’s also ass worship, ruined orgasms, strap on play, and so many other forms that domination can take. And if you think for a minute that you’ll be able to control me, you will find out that you are dead wrong. You can’t control me.

Phone Sex

Do you think you have what it takes to be an obedient servant when you call me for domination phone sex? Or am I going to have to spend some time working on you and turning you into the perfect submissive loser? Well, as perfect as someone like you can be, anyway. Please don’t expect miracles because there is only so much I can do for you and perfection isn’t likely. But what I can do for you is show you what it really means to be dominated by a bratty Goddess like me. I’m not soft. I don’t bend to your will when you try to tell me how to dominate you. That is just absolutely not going to happen. So, if you think you can handle me, go ahead and get on the phone and call me right now. 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you ask to talk to Abby.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Erin

I’m a very horny girl and I love to play with myself and get off on mutual masturbation phone sex. Sure I have a pretty active sex life, I have a boyfriend and a couple side fucks and even a girlfriend I fuck, but there’s nothing like rubbing on my pretty pussy and making myself cum. Believe it or not when I hear you stroking and moaning with me on the phone, it just makes me hotter and wetter. We can talk about whatever you want when we’re getting off together, but it’s your sexy sex sounds that keep me going.

Listen to me taste my fingers and encourage you to taste your own with your first drops of pre-cum. It’s so fucking erotic when I think about tasting you, and tasting us both together. Telling you all about my pink slippery tongue rolling in circles over the head of your cock while you rub some of the precum on your fingers. Throwing my leg over the arm of the chair opening myself up for you while my fingers play over my swollen clitty and my dripping hole. I can’t resist sliding a finger in my tight little asshole and telling you to do the same. Masturbation is about more than just wanking your dick.

Mutual Masturbation with Toys!

Do you have any toys you like to use when you’re masturbating? I have my favorite vibrating egg I use and a dildo that feels so right in my cunt when you’re not around. If you have a pocket pussy I won’t be jealous; as good as it feels it’s not the real thing! If you don’t have any dildos or plugs, I’m definitely going to suggest you try it. Bring that masturbation up to the next level and you can thank after we both cum together.

Mutual masturbation phone sex with Erin because cumming alone is never as fun.

Strap-on Phone Sex with Nancy

Out of all my sex toys, and I have many, my strap-on is definitely my favorite. Strap-on phone sex is not one size fits all and that’s why I have a leather harness with removable dildos. If you have never had an orgasm with a woman fucking your ass you seriously don’t know what you’re missing. It makes your orgasms more intense and when you blow your load without even touching your cock …. let’s just say you’ll be back for more! It does take a bit of skill to know the right spots to hit to make this happen and I have skills and experience to do that.

What kind of dildo should you have?

I hope when you call for strapon phone sex that you have a dildo and plenty of lube for us to play with. If you are an experienced ass fucker, get out that big fat cock. What color is your favorite dildo?! Not so experienced and a little nervous? Make sure you’re starting out with a smaller, thinner cock. It takes a little time to open yourself up to all this pleasure.

Our first strap-on phone sex experience together

The first time I fuck your tight hiney hole I want you on your back with your knees pushed up to your chest. Looking into your eyes as I tease your hot little fuck hole. You don’t get this cock until you’re begging me for it, and believe me, you will be begging. Feel me laying on top of you slowly working my cock deep inside, your hips lifting up to take more of my rubber lady cock. It won’t be long before your cock starts leaking pressed between us.

I start out slow and deep as you get used to the feeling of being filled up. But it won’t be long before you’re begging me to fuck you harder and faster. Your cock is harder than it’s ever been and you know with a couple more pumps you’re going to explode like never before.

Strap-on phone sex Nancy, experience and maturity meet your ass. 1 888 402 8669

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Kelly

I don’t mind saying that I really enjoy torturing a man on orgasm denial phone sex. I’m a nasty little vixen. And I love edging a man over and over again, denying him the right to cum until he can’t stop begging for me to let him blow. I’ll do anything to drive a man wild. Hearing you grovel just makes my pussy soaking wet and my clit throb like crazy. Wanna know how I became such a good cock controlling cunt? I’ve had years of practice. I started learning at a very young age how to tease a man and make him want me. It all started with the first man in my life…my dad of course. And now I’ve got cum denial and cock teasing down to a science!

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex

And trust me when I tell you, this naughty whore will do anything to get you rock hard, dripping pre-cum uncontrollably and begging me to let you blow your wad. Nothing gives me more pleasure. It’s such a turn-on for me. I’ve had guys on the brink of cumming for 2 hours or more at times. Just teasing and edging and denying him again and again. But when I finally let them cum, they have the best fucking orgasm. They cum so hard they need a few minutes to catch their breath. And that’s without even fucking me yet! But they all say it’s worth it. Do you have what it takes to last through a session of orgasm denial phone sex with me? The only way to know is to call me. You will be groveling and begging, and you might even feel like you’re about to lose your mind. But I promise you in the end you too will see it was all worth it.

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly for orgasm denial phone sex

Phone Sex Panty Boy with Arianna

Are you a phone sex panty boy?

Did you happen to find some free time to sneak into your favorite pair of panties and crave to tell someone how amazing those panties feel?

panty boy

Well good news you found me and I would love to discuss those wonderful panties. From where you found them be it somewhere naughty or an online purchase. To how amazing they feel on you.

Then there is what wonderful things you like to do in those panties be it just stroking your cock to maybe wearing them under your regular clothes and going out in them.

Mind you there are a few phone sex panty boy out there that do enjoy diving into humiliation fantasies and well I do love those too. So if you find your feeling extra naughty craving a sexy sensual tease like myself to remind you what happens when you put those panties on. Well here I am!

Was just about to list all the humiliating fantasies but my goodness there is just so many  that I would be here all week. Haha. I know would rather spend my time on the phone with you instead of typing things out.

So how about your grab your favorite pair of panties and give me a call. Surely we can come up with a wonderful panty role play that will have you leaving a massive mess in them pretty undies.

Just ask for Arianna when  you call 1-888-402-8669


Sensual Phone Sex Tease Arianna

I have never been one to force someone to do something they werent ready for. That whole pushing someone isnt my style. I have always been more a sensual sort of person even when it comes to phone sex I am into sensual domination and erotic teasing.

sensual phone sex

Sure I wanna push you but I want you to believe it was all your own doing in the process as I push you to the edge of your comfort level. Like with the last guy I talked to he was the sort who just loved a girl whispering in his ear while he jerked off. Nothing wrong with that fantasy. Hell I love nothing more than listening to a guy moan while I am talking.

As we or well I was chatting about what I would like to so with that cock and just how wet I was getting in the process of things. He started to not just moan but get that quiver in his breath. Sure one could think he was ready to orgasm but it was more than that for the quivering happened the moment I said how I would love to come up and give him a kiss with a hint of precum on my lips.

Yup he got all excited over the idea. So course my sensual phone sex ways started to kick in and I just had to have him run his finger thought his own precum and give it a little lick. Granted he wasnt into it at first but when I said how wet the idea was getting me. How turned on I was becoming. Ya he couldnt resist licking his own precum off his finger. See no force was needed. Just a little sensual persuasion.

You can reach this sensual phone sex tease by calling 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna. See what I can persuade you into doing.

Cock Tease Phone Sex with Katrina

I love that my sweet innocent voice is the absolute control of the outcome of your cock’s fate. You want me to play with you like a cat plays with a mouse don’t you? You want me to instruct you to stroke your shaft but you don’t want me to let you blow your load unless I allow it; admit it’s true! You want me to absolutely have full domination over you and that is exactly what I am going to give to you when you call this minx for phone sex.

Cock Tease Phone Sex

You desire your cock in my wet warm mouth pleasuring you; making your legs shake and quiver until you explode! I won’t allow it though; I’ll stop you just as I can feel your cock tense up when you’re right at the edge of exploding; that’s when I stop! Denying you the luxury of an orgasm; it’s not time yet! I know it’s what you want but this is what drives you insane and makes your body go crazy is wishing you could just explode for me but being denied that wish.

I know you’re going crazy with my denial; I know you want so badly to explode inside of me, but it isn’t time until I give you that luxury of my permission! This is what drives you wild, I might give you tease and denial for minutes, hours, or I could be extra naughty and make you wait until tomorrow, after playing this game of cat and mouse with you for hours today! This is what you want isn’t it? I know it is and so do you! So give me a call and let me drive your body and mind wild with hot cock teasing and denial. You know you are wondering if I’m going to let you cum today or make you wait and beg for another cock tease phone sex session tomorrow aren’t you?

Call me and find out at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Katrina

Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex with Alexis

Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex
Hello, Phone sex is great, and I am finding out how much I enjoy controlling a man’s cock and orgasms. Cock tease and denial is on my list of sensual favorites. Recently I discovered that there was a name for one of the tease and orgasm denial games I was playing with men. I learned about it having ruined orgasm phone sex. Being a cock tease comes naturally to me, and edging, guided masturbation and orgasm denial are all things I enjoy tremendously. . What about making a man remove his hands at the last second and watch helplessly as his cock twitches and spurts without the sensation of a full on orgasm. The first time I did it with a man I was fired up. I had a sense of control and I made him stroke his cock over and over until he was trembling with  over stimulation.

Do you need a femdom for some ruined orgasm phone sex?


It was eye opening to find out that there was a name and a specific kink for it, and I get really into ruined orgasm phone sex. The sounds that my phone sex callers make during out cock teasing sessions are so desperate and pitiful, and I love every single second of your discomfort. I can’t help it, I have a mean steak, fellows. It’s OK though. I promise you that even a ruined orgasm with your sensual phone Mistress is better than a full orgasm all alone. You are going to like stroking your cock for me, and I am going to love love love, directing you. So why don’t you pick out your favorite long lasting lube, gather a toy or two. Then call and ask for Alexis? I want to have you jerk your cock and tease your balls for me, ,don’t you want to please me?


2 Girl Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

Want in on a little secret? Its been a bit since I got to enjoy a 2 girl phone sex fantasy.

I KNOW! Shocking right? Now there are so many sexy women around who can narrow it down to just one kinky threesome fantasy. So I wont. After all I can close my eyes and twirl my finger around and land on any girl who would get my mind coming up with some erotic fantasy or well maybe even a touch taboo. There are a few girls around her that do get my taboo imagination flowing… No I am not going to tell you who far more fun to see if you connect us up on your own.

2 girl phone sex

Yes that is being a tease and if you know me at all I LOVE being a tease.

Anyways as for some of the more sensual 2 girl phone sex fantasies that have crossed my mind lately. Yes I will tell you some of those haha see I love to tease. Thinking a lesbian fantasy would be wickedly fun. Perhaps being your girlfriend and getting to indulge in my first experience with another woman. Enjoying the pleasure of licking a sweet pussy all while you telling me how turned on you are. OR better yet while I am doing that your fucking me. Yes I do like the idea of that.

Hmmm what else could we do for a 2 girl fantasy. Now I seem to be completely lost in the idea of eating out another woman and getting fucked by your cock my mind has lost its train of thought. Hmm I am sure you have a few sexy ideas that you have wanted to explore with 2 hot girls on the phone.

Anyways you can reach myself Arianna by calling 1-888-402-8669 and tell the dispatcher you wish to increase the kink factor by adding another girl. She will take care of the rest. Talk to you soon.