Gooning Phone Sex with Riley

Holy shit, dude – you really love to push it when it comes to edging that hard cock, don’t you? I mean, look at you – it’s like you’re not even there anymore. You’re just a cock-stroking masturbation maniac! You’re barely coherent, and yet you still want to keep going. All good, jerk boy. I know that at this point you’re so far gone you barely know where you are, so you probably need a gooning phone sex call so you can hand control over to me. If I know gooning is the game plan, there’s no way I’m going to let you cum too soon. I have no problem being the mean girl your cock needs to get the job done right.

Gooning Phone Sex

Gooning phone sex can be a blast for a sadistic bratty domme like me. I love knowing that there’s some kind of self-induced suffering going on with your pleasure, and even more than that I love it when I have an opportunity to coach you in your torture. There are so many ways for me to torture you even though we’re talking on the phone, and gooning phone sex is especially fun because I love hearing you simply go stupid. I mean, most guys think with their cocks anyway, so you’re used to being stupid. It’s just more fun when you shamelessly show it off and don’t try to pretend otherwise.

Something tells me that having your cock in your hand is the most natural thing in the world to you. You probably stroke it every time you pull it out, no matter what you’re pulling it out for. All you want to do is rub the lamp, but you never want the genie to cum out. Extreme gooning phone sex only returns men like you to your purest form – nothing but lumps of human flesh and sexual arousal. It’s cool – I’m here for it. Just call Riley at 1 888 402 8669 for gooning phone sex while you still have enough functioning brain cells to dial the phone.

Dirty Phone Sex with Shay

I think Joan Jett said it best ” Do you want to touch? Do you wanna touch me there, where? Well, do you want to touch me ? Do you want me to touch myself while thinking about you. I do love touching myself on dirty phone sex calls and I know you do too. So what’s your answer? Do you want to touch me? I am open to extra kinky stuff, taboo roleplays and even sugar daddies. Listen I am open minded , fun to talk to and a good listener. I also cum pretty hard over dirty things. I’m a well kept doll that likes to laugh and cum when I’m home. I am a bit of a tease in real life too. I clean my house in my panties with the curtains open just hoping someone will catch a glimpse of my mopping topless and want me to help them ummm clean their house. Every man needs a hot girl that can clean the house, make a banging dinner and then spread her legs wide for him. I can sure help out around your places when the lady of yours is not home. Just tell her you hired a cleaning lady and your trading services LOL.

Dirty Phone Sex

I am part Latina and part Italian with a dash of Irish in me. That makes for one hell of a mix don’t you think? I was taught growing up from one side of my family that you serve your man. You know the basic Italian way of life: be a good woman, serve a great dinner and make sure your man is happy. I can cook, I can clean like a professional maid but I can please you like my life depended on it, (which would be a real hot dirty phone sex call just saying) And the other half the Puerto Rican side is make sure you get what you want and what you need. So I guess that means I’m what the fetish world calls a switch. I can be submissive and I can be in control if I want to. Turns out that I can do both and do it well, don’t I?

So now I have to ask, was she right? Do you want to touch me here, oh hell touch me everywhere? Looking to talk to me and have some hot dirty phone sex with me today. Call me today at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk your favorite bunny – Shay!

Phone Sex Fetish with Trixi

Alexander Graham Bell transformed the world when he invented that crazy little thing we call the telephone. He made the world a much, much smaller and more comfy place. He also made it a much sexier place! The phone makes it possible, indeed wonderfully tempting, for people who are in fact not close to each other to give each other sexual gratification. Is it any wonder the phone sex fetish is so very common? Indeed, it is a major portion of modern life. There is just nothing that beats the feeling of talking on the phone about sex with someone who, for all you know, could easily on the other side of the world! Yet that person calls a phone flirtation service and there is an instant in which those two people are just about as intimate as any two people can be who are not together in the flesh. Indeed, in some ways a phone sex fetish relationship might be more intimate than a relationship between two people actually enjoying sex in the flesh!

Phone Sex Fetish

Does this sound bizarre? There is a saying, “Fantasies are hungrier than bodies.” When we do phone sex, we are talking fantasies and we are not at all limited by our bodies. In phone sex, we can go ANYWHERE! If We can play a version of Mandingo someone wishes to do so, we can instantly fly to another planet and talk about all the hot sex it is possible to have with extra-terrestrials. We can hurtle back in time to the European witch hunt era or the witch hunting for which Salem, Massachusetts if famed. We can play a version of Mandingo and be on the plantations of the Old South. We can be in the Roaring Twenties or the Renaissance or good old 1950s America. We can also do a lot things that we would not be able to do if constrained by the limits of a body. There is no limit to the amount of whipping or spanking or just about anything else one can take over the phone!

Call Trixi and freely indulge your phone sex fetish wit a real pro!

Supernatural Phone Sex with Moira

Just like it takes a SPECIAL visitor to deliver on this one, it also takes a special caller to take on supernatural phone sex! I’ve met and talked to people that have claimed to really have been fucked by ghosts! Some of them thought it was good spirits, but some of them thought it was demons, but they all have said the same thing—it was better than ANY humanly sex they’d ever had! I don’t know if you want to role-play one of US being the ghost or if you want to imagine watching me be nailed by a ghost, but either way, I’m down! Who knows–maybe we can summon a real one that WILL start hammering me during the call!!! (Hey, a girl can dream!)

Supernatural Phone Sex

What if YOU were the reincarnated soul of a lover of MY soul from hundreds of years ago?? What if one of my past lovers was jealous listening to me talk dirty to all you scandalous men and has just been WAITING for the opportunity to take his rightful place inside my pussy! Perhaps all he needs is an invitation! I know my curvy fine figure swaying while on the phone with you could wake the dead! And watching my slender fingers slip inside my wet pussy, pushing that milky cream out to cascade down my thighs could raise a thousand dicks from beyond the grave!

There might be A LOT of ghosts waiting in the wings for a chance at my virgin, living pussy for all I know! I bet their cocks will swell during our supernatural phone sex even larger than men fantasize over online! To a SUPERNATURAL girth and length that would make even a black man cry! Writing this blog is dangerous because now I have a mind to set up my own seance and see what kind of ravenous beasts I can invoke from beyond! Maybe I can even send one YOUR way to fuck you in your bed unexpectedly while you sleep beside your sweet little wife. I wouldn’t want to have ALL the fun after all! *wink*

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Moira

Spanking Phone Sex with Moira

I think I’m already not as nice as I was when I started this! Well, I can get riled up into a different kind of girl I suppose! I’ve had several callers that LOVE spanking phone sex and it sure didn’t take me long to realize how much I love it too! Especially if they disrespect me—I go CRAZY wearing their ass out til it’s redder than my hair!!! Hearing each SMACK on their flesh is like a jolt of electricity through my pussy! Some of them even email me pictures of their ass afterward, proving what a firey little sprite I can be when given the opportunity! When I see red welts in pictures even the day after, omg—so hot! I know one of them doubted me when he first emailed me because I’m younger and new to phone sex. He didn’t think I could hold my own with his other regular girls. Well, I proved him wrong QUICKLY!

Spanking Phone Sex

The best is when a man teams me up with another redhead! If he wants to not be able to sit down the next day (or week), 2 redheads is the perfect prescription! My pink whip and my leather paddle are my favorites! I need a sugar daddy to buy me more toys to beat men with! Hee hee Especially when they look up my skirt! They certainly deserve a hardcore round of spanking phone sex then! But if this is new to you and you’re just a little bitch, I can go easy on you and just use my hands! They’re still very capable of delivering a mighty STING! And leaving you my cute hand prints to look at later! : ) Orrrr, evidence! Better not let the misses or girlfriend see! (Then again, she might be relieved to know that SOMEONE finally gave you what you deserve!) But I promise you this—your ass won’t be fair like mine when I’m done with you!

Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Moira

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Kelly

This is for my fellow perverts out there. I constantly take anything goes phone sex to a higher level kinky or generally crazy level. I love getting wild and dirty with horny men who need to just let loose with me. You just point me in a direction and let me tap into all your dark kinky fantasies that you are too scared to tell your wife or girlfriend about. Seriously, don’t worry about offending me. Nothing does. All I care about is getting like never before. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever fantasized about? I want to hear all about it on our call. You just jerk that dick and I’ll finger my tight pussy while I share with you the nasty things I like to do, too. Like being used like a cum whore in a gang bang or smothered and covered in loads of cum in a circle jerk.

Anything Goes Phone Sex

You don’t have to be gentle with me either. You can be rough with me, call me names, whatever your cock needs, I will provide it for you. I love being fucked in the ass or some hardcore double penetration. I’m an anything goes phone sex whore, so treat me like one already. Make me choke and gag on your cock as one of your friends rams his dick in my pussy. Hell, you can even piss all over me if that turns you on. I don’t mind a hot steamy golden shower raining down all over me. I may look pretty and sweet, but I promise you I can take anything you want to do to me. Come on—give me a try. I’ll have you blowing a bigger load than you can even imagine. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and let’s get freaky, just the way you like it. Ask for Kelly!

Barely Legal Phone Sex with Heather

I’m feeling like telling you perverts about my first barely legal experience. If you are into barely legal phone-sex, you will for sure want to hear about it. I had just turned 18, done and graduated for the summer. I was a dog sitter for a family friend of my parents and it was a sweet job. One day I was walking Maxine and a neighbor, we will call him John, was walking their dog too. Him and I started chatting and I told him how I just turned barely legal phone sex. We exchanged numbers and started talking. He was years and years older than me but I did not mind. I loved that he was older.

Barely Legal Phone Sex

I would tell my parents I was going out with my friends, but I was really sneaking over to John’s house. His wife would be away at work every time. Wearing just my short shorts, crop top tank top and my flip flops it was so convincing I was coming over to hang out. Sometimes I would wear my sundress that he loved seeing me in. Undressing for him slowly, John loved my body and how perfect everything looked and felt. Sitting on his lap with just my lace panties on would get him so excited. I could feel his dick just slowly growing as his hands just all over my body. He would then kiss all over my body from my lips down to my toes. It was taboo but it was hot and kinky. We made it a regular thing meeting up every week. I was on birth control anyway so it did not matter when he would always cum in me. I loved going back home or out after, full of cum dripping into my panties and down my thighs. Anyways call me up and I’ll tell you the rest of my barely legal phone sex. xoxo

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Heather!

CFNM Phone Sex with Hellena

I am your Empress. You do as I say. It gets no more complicated than that. You will worship me when I demand it, and in the fashion I dictate. My feet might be involved, or it could be my lovely ass. I might just want you to bring me cocktails, and I will definitely want to watch you work out in my home gym. Every day could mean a different experience, but one thing will always remain constant. You will be nude. In fact, CFNM phone sex with Empress Hellena is not just fantasy. When you call me, you must be completely nude. Let’s be honest though. We all know you’re calling to wank your knob, so you’re probably at least halfway there anyway, right? I prefer you take it all the way with me, love.

CFNM Phone Sex

Basically, that means that any kind of femdom-related call with me should also be CFNM phone sex. If you’re calling for guided masturbation you should be naked. If what you want is strap-on play, don’t just have your favorite dildo handy. You also need to be in your birthday suit. I am a cuckoldress, and in my cuck’s nest I’m the alpha bitch. If you’re into being my cuck, you’d better be a nude cuck because you know that’s how your Empress wants you. I’m sure you get the picture now.

Don’t be shy, dearie. If you’re truly into CFNM phone sex, we can talk about how many of my friends would get to see your naked ass when they come to visit. I’d make sure to invite my most sadistic mean girls so I can sit back and sip champagne while I witness your extreme humiliation. I’m sure you’d eventually feel too comfortable with only me around, so I’d have to shake it up a bit.

Just remember – no matter what kind of domination you want, when you call Empress Hellena it’s also going to be CFNM phone sex. Don’t make me wait for you to strip. Be bare-assed when you dial 1 888 40 BUNNY to request an audience with your Empress Hellena.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Erin

I’m a very horny girl and I love to play with myself and get off on mutual masturbation phone sex. Sure I have a pretty active sex life, I have a boyfriend and a couple side fucks and even a girlfriend I fuck, but there’s nothing like rubbing on my pretty pussy and making myself cum. Believe it or not when I hear you stroking and moaning with me on the phone, it just makes me hotter and wetter. We can talk about whatever you want when we’re getting off together, but it’s your sexy sex sounds that keep me going.

Listen to me taste my fingers and encourage you to taste your own with your first drops of pre-cum. It’s so fucking erotic when I think about tasting you, and tasting us both together. Telling you all about my pink slippery tongue rolling in circles over the head of your cock while you rub some of the precum on your fingers. Throwing my leg over the arm of the chair opening myself up for you while my fingers play over my swollen clitty and my dripping hole. I can’t resist sliding a finger in my tight little asshole and telling you to do the same. Masturbation is about more than just wanking your dick.

Mutual Masturbation with Toys!

Do you have any toys you like to use when you’re masturbating? I have my favorite vibrating egg I use and a dildo that feels so right in my cunt when you’re not around. If you have a pocket pussy I won’t be jealous; as good as it feels it’s not the real thing! If you don’t have any dildos or plugs, I’m definitely going to suggest you try it. Bring that masturbation up to the next level and you can thank after we both cum together.

Mutual masturbation phone sex with Erin because cumming alone is never as fun.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Moira

Welcome to Moira’s Private Sissy Training School, where you can get one on one lessons during your sissy training phone sex call! But if you need EXTRA attention, I have a wonderful staff of teachers eager to join our lessons! The other day, Miss Ryder assisted me with a new little princess! We made quite the dirty slut out of her by the time the bell rang! Don’t dare underestimate my level of experience by my young age! I too had training and learned from the best how to be an obedient little sissy slave before I was ready to become Headmistress and run my own school!

Sissy Training Phone Sex

I have a variety of classes and extracurriculars to offer during our sissy training phone sex! I could take you to art class where the students LOVE to paint a new sissy with their lubricant of choice! (They always favor our white, creamy homebrewed brand! Don’t worry. It’s better than acrylics and non-toxic!). Or I could skip you down the hall to meet our all black male choir. The boys just LOVE a good girl who can sing a solo for them! We’ll put your front and center! Although I warn you, we DO use a rather…unconventional microphone system. You’ll be a STAR!

My school is well known for its Natural Environment Training! I will teach you in the classroom environment important skills such as how to suck balls properly, how to take a monster cock without crying, and how to give a superior blowjob with no gag reflex. Once mastered in my one on one lessons, I’ll move you to the natural environment to practice. I might dander you over to the local liquor store to give “Fluthered Fleming” (as we affectionately call him) an upgrade to his tediously routine day. Or to the basketball court a few blocks down where the local gangs often meet to handle their affairs. They are always MORE than willing to help my students learn the ropes.

We also offer cosmetology and fashion design courses to ensure you know how to make yourself as pretty as possible for the cock you set your eyes on! Again, I’m Headmistress Moira and am excited to welcome you to my Private Sissy Training School! Feel free to email me with any special requests: