Creampie Phone Sex with Barbie

Bend this thick fat black ass over and start pounding the shit out of this ass. And when you’re all finished and done. Let out a huge load deep inside this wet sticky pussy that you love so much. Aww! Thank you baby for the sticky, white surprise! I’m gonna keep it in my pussy for the next guy who wants to eat this pussy out. He has no idea what he’s walking into. oh, but he will. As your cum starts dripping outside my pussy and all down my legs, mmm. He’s gonna see it. And I’m gonna make him get down and start licking it all up like the filthy animal he know he is. I know you love it. I know you can’t get enough of it. I know you’re a whore for creampie phone sex, aren’t you now?

Creampie Phone Sex

I love getting creampie’d by big huge cocks and then having cucks and sissies eat it all up like the fags they are. Oh, but you aren’t getting a free pass either. You think you’d get out of this with just your cum in my pussy? Nope. You get to be my pussy cleaner as well! Isn’t that exciting? I know it is. Now cum here and let’s make some freaky creampie phone sex magic happen! I know you want to. So stop resisting, loser. It’s so much fun getting nutted in and then having my own personal clean up crew to finish me off and get the nasty part done and over with. But I’m not complaining. I enjoy watching you bend down to the mess you made, and start licking it all out of me. So give me a call and let’s make some magic happen.

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Sex Toy Phone Sex with Trixi

Sex toy phone sex is right up my alley because sex toys and Trixi go back a long way. I started using sex toys when I was about twenty years old and living in a college dorm. I got that dildo right after my roommate decided to room in another dorm so I had my room all to myself. Hooray! Hooray! The first thing I bought with the money I earned at my “work study” job in the college library was a dildo. The dildo was very slim and rather small but I sure as hell got a lot out of using it. I got a lot of real good use out of it! I just loved putting that dildo in and out and in and out of my wet and warm cunt.

Phone Sex

A few years after that first dildo served me so well as a young adult in a college dorm room, I had a most memorable experience with another dildo because I used it up a fellow’s asshole. Later, me and a lady friend used dildos on each other. I really liked it when she had a butt plug in her and I was putting a dildo in and out of her cunt. One thing I like to do sometimes is masturbate with a dildo after putting a butt plug up myself because I really get turned on from being stimulated in both the pussy and the asshole. I also have a pair of ben-wa balls. It can be a lot of fun to slip them inside myself and just leave them there to stimulate. Caller, do you like using sex toys? Does your wife or girlfriend like them? Maybe you have never even used a sex toy but the idea of using one tickles your imagination. Whatever the case, call me up and we will have an interesting and sensual sex toy phone sex session. I know you will like it and I know you will get turned on by it. Do not delay. Call me and we will talk as long as your heart desires about the wonders of sex toys.

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Roleplaying Phone Sex with Shay

What are you looking for? Hot roleplaying phone sex? Well what do you know, so am I. I love a fun sexy and kinky roleplay. I have some hot ideas. Want to hear about them? I’m new at the tv station and want to make a good impression. I wear the shortest skirts I can find to wear to the newsroom. Any man who asks a sexual favor. You being the station manager give me a small promotion with the clause that I become your phone sex whore from home. Anytime day or night you can call me and I have to rub my pussy and fuck myself for you. Even if it is in the station’s green room where anyone could walk in and see me fingering my tight pussy.

Roleplaying Phone Sex

Your girlfriend’s best friend needs a place to stay after a terrible breakup. I’m that sexy friend who lays around your house when shes not at work in her nightie or just a bra and panties. I clean your house for the two of you every day to show I am grateful for staying with you all. You watch me from work on your nanny cams and jerk off to me mopping the floors and cleaning the windows in nothing but a bra and panties. One day its more than you can take and you come home early just to pull down my panties in the living room and fuck my pussy bent over the sofa chair. My screams and soft moans make everything 10 times better. I just love cumming with you and maybe will start asking for you to repay me for cleaning your apartment with a solid fucking.

I’m the pretty girl that comes in every day to the gym to work out and then tan in the tanning beds. Your cock gets so hard watching my lean body on all of the machines. Watching me run and watching my perfect tits bounce to the music in the gym. Its like I have you in a trance watching my daily routine. You daydream of the kind of sex we could have together daily. But one day you’re called to my tanning booth room because my bed is not working. When you knock and enter you find naked waiting just for you. I don’t say anything but get down on my knees and pull your cock out your work shorts and start sucking your cock. I wonder if your going to fuck me right on the floor or are you going to let me swallow your load. Your in control of me now. Where do we go from here baby?

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Role Play Phone Sex with Kelly

Role play phone sex is a real turn-on for me. Wanna know why? Because I can be any hot piece of ass that you have ever dreamed of and make all of your XXX fantasies cum true. I love playing the role of the school teacher you always wanted to bone. Oh, I bet she gave you blue balls and you really want to act out what you wanted to do all those years ago. I can be that sexy girl next door that you spy on every time she’s getting undressed…or playing with her toys. I know you’re dying to sneak in the window at night and slip your throbbing dick deep inside that sweet juicy pussy of mine and destroy it over and over. I love it when I look down and see my pussy gaping because I’ve been fucked like a dirty whore.

Role Play Phone Sex

See, I am the absolute perfect kinky slut for you to act out all of your fantasies and fetishes with. And you don’t have to worry about how dirty or taboo your fantasy is – because it won’t be too far out there for me. I don’t have any limits or restrictions. I welcome all fantasies and fetishes. I want you to just let go…release all of your frustrations out on me. Who is that girl who drives you crazy? The one who you wish you could lick from head to toe and then fill every hole with your hot creamy spunk, making her scream your name. Maybe there is more than one you have always dreamed of giving a deep dicking. That’s who I am when you call me for role play phone sex. I am your go-to girl for everything kinky you need.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Wanda

What I love the most about sissy phone sex is the fact I can make you do anything I want. Be my personal slut!! That’s right, my own doll to dress up and put out there for my friends. I get to have my way with your faggot pussy, and all my special friends with nice big cocks for you to kneel down to for me. Dressed like the slut you really are you can’t help but need to take my dildo in your tight ass that I will make my pussy. It is going to make you into my fuck doll for good. To turn out as I please! Make you beg for more cock over and over like a good sissy slut. It makes my pussy wet knowing that you will serve my men and trans as long as I want you to be my sissy cum slut. I will groom you to be my perfect faggot whore. You will belong to me and must do everything I want you to do in order to serve my men. Cock will be all you think about everyday as you work and eat. I want to make your sissy ass crave cock constantly!

Sissy Phone Sex

You will be my own personal sissy slut. I will use you up and fill you up with so much cock and cum. Like I said my doll to dress up and put out there for the world to see what a real faggot you really are. If I want some cock too then I really like to wrap my legs around your panties and get them wet with my pussy juice while we both suck that sweet cock together. Sissy phone sex is the best. xoxoxo. Call me and let’s get started!

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Phone Sex Slut Barbie

Hey! Are you looking for your perfect, one and only phone sex slut? Well, where do I apply? I think I could be the one for you! Not only am I a gorgeous, and thick black goddess. But I’m also a taboo, and freaky cum whore just waiting for “those” phone calls. The ones that aren’t afraid to push limits, and boundaries. The freakiest of them all. I’m fit to fulfill those insatiable, freaky urges. My sexual appetite is quite uneased. And I never, truly get enough. I just crave more and more. And if you’re like me, I can almost guarantee we’ll have a fun time together. But if you’re boring, and unadventurous. I’ll try to help get you into the spirit. But overall, it’s up to you, not me. Not feeling horny enough? That’s fine. Hear some of my sexy experiences to help get you into the mood.

Phone Sex Slut

And if that’s still not enough, we could always try to spice things up a notch. Tell me some of your deepest, darkest desires. And I would love to try and fulfill them for you. No limits for me. They only hold us back from what we crave and desire the most. Although, I’m not uptight, I’m extremely tight in all the right places. You know? “THOSE” places. Maybe we could talk about that later? So, be honest. Am I starting to sound like I could be the perfect phone sex slut for you? Well, if so, give me a call. I’d be happy to address my comment I made earlier about my tight situation. I think you’d be intrigued to hear more about that. As I would be to hear about what you want to do to me and my very tight holes. I can’t wait, honestly. So give me a call.

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GFE Phone Sex with Nadia

GFE phone sex hotties love attention. And we love to be spoiled too. One of my married lovers took me on a business trip with him this week. Our first getaway together. I felt like such a dirty secret. He hid me from his coworkers. We stayed in a different hotel than his coworkers. He told his coworkers he had to bring his dog and the conference hotel did not permit animals. Brilliant. Naughty too. I got to go to Sedona Arizona for the first time. During the day, I ventured out and did touristy things or worked from the hotel room while he went to his conference. Afterwards, we went to eat then back to the hotel to fuck our brains out. He’s so good to me. Just being near him makes my wet bald pussy purr. Last night was our last night. But it was our best night.

GFE Phone Sex

He surprised me with tickets to my favorite band who just happened to be playing in Sedona. Sold out show, but he bought the tickets months ago to surprise me. So after an amazing show, I had to show my gratitude with some GFE phone sex. We walked to the venue from the hotel. However, I could not wait to blow him. I pulled him into a dark alley and gave him head. Many people walked by on the sidewalk, but the alley was so dark, no one could see us well. Or so I thought lol. I heard a guy yell, “hey can I have a turn?” We just laughed. My lover did not want to share me with strangers. Luckily, as soon as the guy yelled at us, my married lover came. We walked back to the hotel room and fucked. His cum was still on my face when he started kissing me passionately in the foyer. In the hotel room, we fucked for hours. You all know I love married men. So, it felt amazing to spend almost a week with my married lover. If you want to hear more, call me!

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Diaper Lover Phone Sex with Riley

I won’t deny that I am a world class humiliatrix. If being shamed into orgasm is your thing, I’m the one to call, and that definitely includes when you’re into the humiliation kind of diaper lover phone sex. I’m not going to tell you that you’re cute and sweet in your diaper. I’m going to tell you that you’re sad and pathetic because wearing a diaper is what gets you off. I’m like a lot of women in that I want a real man to meet my needs, so the only need a loser dude in diapers is going to fill is when I need to lighten the mood and laugh a little. When I say little, I mean like your dick, of course.

Diaper Lover Phone Sex

Some men can wear boxer briefs and look really good. Other men will wear tighty whities and look silly. Then, there’s you. The diaper guy. It looks like you might need more room in your pants, but that has absolutely nothing to do with your dick size. You need that extra room for all the puffy padding that comes in the thickest of extra thick diapers. Some ladies do love a bubble butt on a guy, so you might catch a few eyes, but once they hear that tell-tale crinkle sound that diapers make, diaper lover phone sex is the only thrill you’ll get with a woman like me. I hope you can accept that reality, because as long as you get off on wearing diapers, it’s not going to change.

It’s safe to say the only thing your cock is going to be rubbing up against is the inside of a diaper. If you can handle talking about that reality, then you need to try a round of diaper lover phone sex with me. The number is 1 888 402 8669 and the name is Riley. I’m always up for a good laugh.

Coerced Bi Phone Sex with Abby

You might think about sucking cock all day long but not do anything about it. That’s where a coerced bi phone sex call with me is going to come in really handy. I have a way of getting you to do things that you might not be one hundred percent sure about. But by the time I am done with you, you’ll be past ready to get down on your knees to suck a big fat dick. You’ll be begging me to let you suck cock. How much coaxing it takes to get you to suck cock for the first time will determine how long it takes me to give in to letting you suck cock when you start to beg. So that’s something you might want to think about before we get really deep into our coerced bi call. But something tells me it will not take much coaxing.

Phone Sex

But there are some of you out there who will fight me tooth and nail during our coerced bi phone sex call. I just know that you will insist that you do not really want to suck cock or get fucked in the ass. You will say that you got caught with gay porn on accident and that’s not what you meant to be watching. You’ll try all kinds of things to deny the fact that you are dying to wrap your hands and mouth around a big fat cock. You might even deny that you want to sit down on it and bounce. But you will not be able to deny that for long once you get on the phone with me, I am sure of it. Are you ready for it? Get on the phone and give me a call now. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

No Limits Phone Sex with Wanda

Hey, are you looking for real no limits phone sex?I know. No limits here, no limits there. but with me you will always get NO LIMITS! Whatever forbidden, naughty, wicked and dirty act you want us to play then you have it with me. I know you want to break through the boundaries and have an endless ride . Think of the possibilities we have to choose from.. I can’t even imagine phonesex with limits. Why limit the fun and excitement we will experience? I’ll go even deeper beyond any limits you might have and push you farther and farther till no end in sight. Let’s get on the ride of our perverted ways and not stop till we both reach beyond the horizon. Again, Why??? If you limit our fantasies what else in life can let us let off all the build up forbidden thoughts inside our own heads.

No Limits Phone Sex

No limits phone sex with me will take you where you urge to go. Off we will go into our deepest, darkest and dirtiest desires. Can’t wait to take your fantasy to a whole new level with no limits ever!! I can never think of stopping your urges for a damn limit!! Are you joking with me? Take that fantasy and desires and go with me . Where I will push you into it deeper and deeper. Call me up and see how far I can take your naughty thoughts. I love expanding your fantasy even more than you ever thought possible. Come experience phone fucking with me the way it was meant to be experienced.  I love to blow your mind with so much detail of your desires , it will feel like an experience like you have never had before. Call me and let’s get started. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Wanda.