Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Erin

I’m a very horny girl and I love to play with myself and get off on mutual masturbation phone sex. Sure I have a pretty active sex life, I have a boyfriend and a couple side fucks and even a girlfriend I fuck, but there’s nothing like rubbing on my pretty pussy and making myself cum. Believe it or not when I hear you stroking and moaning with me on the phone, it just makes me hotter and wetter. We can talk about whatever you want when we’re getting off together, but it’s your sexy sex sounds that keep me going.

Listen to me taste my fingers and encourage you to taste your own with your first drops of pre-cum. It’s so fucking erotic when I think about tasting you, and tasting us both together. Telling you all about my pink slippery tongue rolling in circles over the head of your cock while you rub some of the precum on your fingers. Throwing my leg over the arm of the chair opening myself up for you while my fingers play over my swollen clitty and my dripping hole. I can’t resist sliding a finger in my tight little asshole and telling you to do the same. Masturbation is about more than just wanking your dick.

Mutual Masturbation with Toys!

Do you have any toys you like to use when you’re masturbating? I have my favorite vibrating egg I use and a dildo that feels so right in my cunt when you’re not around. If you have a pocket pussy I won’t be jealous; as good as it feels it’s not the real thing! If you don’t have any dildos or plugs, I’m definitely going to suggest you try it. Bring that masturbation up to the next level and you can thank after we both cum together.

Mutual masturbation phone sex with Erin because cumming alone is never as fun.

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Kelly

Oh honey, are you in pain? I bet you are so backed up. I can help you with those blue balls of yours, you know. I have helped many, many guys release their load. And not just shooting their wad, but having a completely fulfilling, body-shaking orgasm with guided masturbation phone sex. When I’m done with you, your legs will feel all weak and wobbly like a newborn foal. You will need to take a moment to catch your breath and be so glad that you found me. Of course, you will feel like you are in Heaven. I will make you feel so good, it will seem as if I stroked you off myself. All you have to do is follow my instructions to the T, and you will be filled with pure pleasure. Make sure you have plenty of lube because I am going to take my time edging you and teasing you and having you stroking in ways that will make you lose your mind. You better have plenty of towels on hand too.

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

Once I let you release your load or loads on guided masturbation phone sex, you will almost assuredly be shooting one of the biggest loads of jizz you’ve ever shot. I’m not just boasting, it’s a fact. I’ve actually had men say to me, ‘what did you do to me?’ when I was finished with them on our call. And believe me when I tell you, you will get addicted to how good I make you feel. So, are you ready to feel more amazing than you ever have, and have the best orgasm you’ve ever experienced? Of course, you are. You’re no fool. I’ll be waiting to hear from you, so call me at 1-888-402-8669. I can’t wait to blow your mind…and your load!

JOI Phone Sex with Alexis


JOI Phone Sex
When you have time alone and that means you have time to play, and get off, don’t you like company? When I masturbate it can be enhanced when a caller tells me how to touch myself. It leads you to a whole new experience when someone else is guiding the action. Have you ever tried guided masturbation? JOI phone sex can be really erotic. When I hear your sexy voice, and you’re stroking I want to be there and jack your cock off too. The next best thing is telling you how to grab your dick and what to do with it when it’s throbbing hard. My sweet voice in your ear will be the perfect ingredient for your orgasm, don’t you agree? It’s such a turn on to control your masturbation and to hear your pleasure from my stroking orders. Please, make lots of noise and don’t hold back.

Do you enjoy it when your partner gives you a hand job and you don’t know what’s coming next? That’s the thrill of JOI phone sex. You’re the one holding your hard dick and yet a sexy woman is calling the shots for you. You don’t know what I will tell you to do to yourself next, and that’s the game. Do you have toys? I love telling you how to stroke and use your toys too. I’ll guide you through jacking off and through anal play if you want to add that too. Why limit your pleasure to just your cock and balls? Yeah, I will have you massaging your balls for me too, I want to have you thoroughly touch yourself for me, OK? We can roleplay, or talk while I tell you how to jerk off your cock and what to do with your cum filled balls.


Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Callie

There is just something about guided masturbation phone sex that makes me soak my panties when I think about it Make sure to bring any lube or oils that you think you might need for one of our sessions. First, I’ll be the sweet and naughty tease that I am to get your dick straight up and paying attention to every instruction that I give you. I’ll explain the one and only important rule in my guided masturbation phone sex sessions, is that you are not allowed to cum, until I would like for you too. I do have expectations like the fact that you have to follow my every command. And, if you break my one rule or expectation than I’ll punish you as I see fit. I’ll punish you to the point of breaking you, and putting you on my shelf with the rest of my toys. This way I can use and abuse you as I please. Our fun will end, when I say it can.

guided masturbation phone sex

After, the first stage of our session (teasing), we will move to the second stage. The second stage of guided masturbation phone sex is what I would like to call, the action stage. This is where I’ll let you and instruct you exactly how to stroke your cock, and the speed in which you will be stroking it. And, if you almost reach orgasm during this stage, I’ll instruct you to stop stroking your big hard cock, and to hold back all of that warm cum that wants to come out it. I’ll make sure you lick up any precum that drips out. Then, when I think you’re ready we will both start touching ourselves together again. You will beg and plead like must do, to be able to cum. But, If I am not ready to reach a big body shaking orgasm, then you aren’t either as far as I’m concerned.

The third and final stage of guided masturbation phone sex with me is my favorite part! It is the orgasm stage! After all that time of my pounding my clit and rubbing my hard perky tits, and you stroking your cock to an almost orgasm, you will finally get to cum! We will both orgasm together during this stage. I’ll have you stroke yourself and let you come all over yourself as I reach my peak. I’ll take my cum coated fingers out of my cunt, and if you’re good enough during my session, I’ll let you suck all of my juices off of them. Would you like to have unforgettable orgasm with me? I would love to hear from you and give you the best time you’ve ever had! Just give me a call at 1-888-402-8669!


Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Brandy

Regardless if you see it as jerk off instructions or guided masturbation phone sex, both are equally satisfying and will make your dick stand straight up to attention. The submissive that I spoke with this morning can vouch for that. Can you guess what he used to stroke his shaft with for this mistress? I asked him if he had easy glide, lotion or baby oil. Surprisingly he said no to all three. His exact words to me were “i’m using a pair of white satin panties to stroke my cock with.” With all the men that I’ve spoken with he is the first to say panties. I got so fucking turned on. Because not only do I love the feel of soft satin panties laying against my pussy. But I love submissive men who use them as well!

guided masturbation phone sex

I could tell by the tone in his voice and how turned on he was. He told me that he was viewing my page and pictures and he knew that I was the right mistress to call. I am very experienced and verbally detailed when it comes to instructing you on how to stroke your cock for me. I also love to talk really dirty and express what i’m doing as you pump and jerk your cock and get super erect for me. That’s how guided masturbation should be! It didn’t take long until he had pre cum dripping out the tip of his cock head. I never instruct a man to touch or tease that area. Not to start off anyway. Doing that just means the orgasm will get closer so much faster. I enjoy edging so much that you find yourself begging me to cum.

I couldn’t help but tell him I was wearing a pair of satin burgundy pair of panties from Victoria’s secret. When I shared how much I love fucking my panties and how wet and creamy my pussy was, he said “oh can I please lick your pussy Brandy?” I said “Oh hell yes you can. It tastes so fucking good and smells so sweet.” I told him to drop to his knees and start servicing my pussy. My legs straight up in the air as well. Telling him to keep stroking in a medium pace of up, down, up down, up down motion. It was a matter of seconds before he told me that he was ready to cum. I pumped my pink pretty pussy masturbating and came just as hard for him. And the cum that he shot got eaten up to the last drop. I just love being your guided masturbation phone sex mistress.
Do you like a mistress to guide you into a unforgettable orgasm? Are you touching the tip of your cock head right now for me? Are you touching that vein under the shaft that makes your dick throb? Then slow down and give me a call for an experience that you will never forget. I’m so good that i’ll have you cumming back for more.
Dial 1-888-402-8669 Just ask for Brandy!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Julia

It is really lucky for you that I’m really good at telling men what to do. And that’s exactly what you want, right? That’s why you came online looking for a woman to call for guided masturbation phone sex. I am sure you’re a man who is super strong and powerful in your day to day life and you just want someone to take the power out of things for you, at least for a little bit. I know that it’s so exhausting to be in so much control, so why don’t you just let me take the pressure off of you. All you have to do is close your eyes and do what I tell you to do.

guided masturbation phone sex

So before you call me for guided masturbation phone sex, I want you to set the scene to ensure maximum relaxation. Turn the lights down low and if you have them, light some candles. Put on some soft classical music. Just make sure you have no distractions other than me.  Put some soft and cozy sheets on your bed and sink into it. That’s when you will call me and get started with your guided masturbation session.

You just have to trust me when I start telling you how to stroke your cock. Just throw caution to the wind and imagine that your hands are mine. I am controlling you and I promise you it’s going to be a really fucking amazing orgasm. We will need a little bit of time for this guided masturbation phone sex session so make sure it’s a decently long call. If you do that, I promise you that you’re going to be more satisfied than you ever thought you could be over the phone.

Are you ready? I am. Pick up the phone and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Julia.

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Brandy

I know how much you love guided masturbation phone sex. But isn’t it exciting when you think about receiving instructions on how to stroke your cock with a mistress who gives you detailed ways on where and how to touch and stroke it? Anyone can go through the motions and give out a bunch of oooh’s and ahhh’s. But it takes a qualified female who knows what parts of the dick are more sensitive than others. One thing I can tell you is that I know a lot about a mans fleshy tool and how to make it feel good. I just love it when you come to me turned on, horny and ready to stroke for me. I love the sound in your voice when you call me and say “Brandy, baby I have my lube right here and I’m ready for you to instruct me on how to stroke.”

guided masturbation phone sex

First, I’m going to tease and guide you like you’ve never received before. As you listen to my velvety sweet voice and southern accent your cock will get harder by the second. You will find that your balls will start to swell and fill with cum. After you’ve lubed up I will guide you slowly… very slowly. Telling you how to touch, where to touch, how slowly or fast  to go. Before you know it you will find yourself edging closer to cumming. I always know when a mans cock feels really good. His moans and way that he talks when it comes to guided masturbation phone sex turns me on so much I just start rubbing my creamy tight pussy. As you pump your cock at a steady pace for me I’ll explain to you of just how wet and creamy my pussy is for you.

By now I bet you don’t need any personal lubricant do you? Your pre cum is oozing out so much that you are practically ready to start begging me to cum. Ohhhh how I love it when a man begs me to shoot his load. I always have a rule though when it comes to me telling you how to stroke your cock for me. The pressure of cum has to be so fucking intense that you are ready to explode! Those are always the best kinds of orgasms to have. And regardless if you like guided masturbation, JOI, Edging with a bit of tease and denial you will always know that my dirty mind and mouth, not to mention my love for the male anatomy will make your time with me something to remember. You wont help but come back for more!

Receiving guidance from a mistress who knows how to say more than “oh stroke that dick for me. Does it feel good? Do you like it?” Can never compare to hearing “get your lube baby, get that cock nice and wet for me. Then I want you to wrap your hand around that shaft and slowly start to pump it. Uuuuuuup and dooooown.” Repeating that a bit as I guide you on where to touch it next. Can you guess where that would be? I wish I could tell you here but I can not. I can’t have you getting too excited too quickly! I will give you a hint though. If I told you to touch those places on your cock, you would be on your knees right now begging to touch, rub and move your fingers across them. I bet you would be so close you would beg me to cum.

I bet you are curious of how qualified I am. You don’t have to wonder anymore. I’ve had some good years on the art of guided masturbation phone sex. I’ve taken the time to learn a mans cock and also ask lots of questions. You guys have been some great teachers too! Women can’t go around assuming that men love touching their cocks the same way. It’s just not like that. Every man has his own way of how he likes to make his cock feel good. Just like every woman has a special technique when it comes to masturbating, fingering our pussy and teasing our clit.

A female like myself isn’t shy in the least. Especially when it comes to knowing the right way to make you feel good and give you the best guided masturbation phone sex you have ever had.

Google Hangouts:
Skype Messenger:Cream4SinfulBrandy
Or dial 1-888-402-8669 Just ask for Brandy!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Julia

I know there are guys out there who are, shall we say, minute men? Well, I can help you with that. You need some guided masturbation phone sex sessions with me. I can’t really tell you how many you’ll need at this point. That depends on how quickly you actually cum and how well you listen to me when I tell you what or what not to do. But you’re a man and you probably think that because it’s your dick, you know what to do with it. You’re likely going to be a little defiant so you’re going to need multiple guided masturbation calls to me.

guided masturbation phone sex

It’s hard for you to let go of control. I get that. But you  need to just trust me when I tell you that guided masturbation phone sex with me is going to make things so much better for you. When you jerk off, you’ll last longer and letting that orgasm build over more than just a minute is going to make it feel so much better. I’ve helped multiple guys out with this over the years and while they were hesitant at first, they always end up thanking me at the end. And if learning to control your orgasm while you’re  masturbating feels great, just imagine how good it’s going to feel when you can last longer while you’re fucking the woman in your life. She’s going to be really happy that you can finally last long enough to make her cum and she will absolutely reward you for that. See? Its a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Are you ready to get all of this pleasure started? I’m more than ready, too. Just get on the phone now and call Julia for guided masturbation phone sex at 1 888 402 8669.

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Victoria



Hi guys, It’s your kinky blonde phone girl Victoria here. Are you getting burned out on jacking off all alone? It’s a lot better to jerk your hard cock with a nasty phone sex girl. I’ll tell you what can be even better, that’s guided masturbation phone sex. If you have wondered what it would be like to have a seductive woman like me wrapping her warm hands around your hard cock and tugging you to release then you need to call me for that special touch. Guided masturbation is deliciously hot. You’ll love hearing the ways in which I’ll coax a load from your balls over the telephone. There is more to a handjob than pump it up and down and repeat. Well, that alone is hot with the right woman and in the right circumstances. We’re going to do so much more though, you will love it.

guided masturbation Phone Sex

     experience guided masturbation phone sex with a verbal masturbator


I’ve spent many a night with my hands working a man’s erection and getting that sweet load that I’m craving. Now you can put my experience to good use. Don’t you want a verbal handjob from a beautiful busty blonde vixen? I’ll tell you all of the ways to twist your hands and pump your wrist and make sure that you explode for me.  I won’t stop until you pop more than you ever have. I can’t wait to hear you moaning and panting on the other end of the line. Then when you let me know how good it feels that encourages me to take it even higher. Don’t you want me to pull your strings? It’s almost as if my smooth velvety voice is stroking your hard cock from miles away. It’s masturbation sex magic and it’s time for us to experience it together. Don’t keep me waiting.




1 888 402 8669

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Kennedy

I have a proposition for you. I don’t think this will actually take that much convincing, but here it is anyways. Are you bored with the regular vanilla jerk off session? When was the last time you actually got creative with it? No matter your answers, I’m positive that you would be down with having someone sexy guide your hand. Spice up your late night release with some guided masturbation phone sex with me!

guided masturbation phone sex

It’s really very simple. You get to lay back and relax with your hard cock in hand and allow me to coax you into a pleasurable, practically hypnotic state as I direct you on how to stroke your cock. Doesn’t that sound relaxing? You’ll enjoy stroking while I whisper in your ear. I can hear how much you’re enjoying what I’m telling you to do based on those unrestrained moans.

It’s possible you might also learn a few tricks during guided masturbation phone sex, too. Every cock is a bit different, but I’m very good at getting guys to cum long and hard. You’ll be blissed out and thanking me for emptying your balls in no time. Allowing someone sexy to tease and please you can be such a treat and I love being the one responsible for your enjoyment.

Some guys like their jerk off session simple, even when they’ve got me on the line. Others need a little extra encouragement and like me to talk them through one of their fantasies at the same time. Visualization sure can up the ante. It’s a little bit of extra stimulation that can get raunchy fast. So, don’t be shy with me! I love a good bit of fantasy and knowing how much it revs you up.

I know guided masturbation phone sex is the perfect fun and fresh relaxation for you. Just call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Kennedy and let’s make it happen!