Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Erin

I’m a very horny girl and I love to play with myself and get off on mutual masturbation phone sex. Sure I have a pretty active sex life, I have a boyfriend and a couple side fucks and even a girlfriend I fuck, but there’s nothing like rubbing on my pretty pussy and making myself cum. Believe it or not when I hear you stroking and moaning with me on the phone, it just makes me hotter and wetter. We can talk about whatever you want when we’re getting off together, but it’s your sexy sex sounds that keep me going.

Listen to me taste my fingers and encourage you to taste your own with your first drops of pre-cum. It’s so fucking erotic when I think about tasting you, and tasting us both together. Telling you all about my pink slippery tongue rolling in circles over the head of your cock while you rub some of the precum on your fingers. Throwing my leg over the arm of the chair opening myself up for you while my fingers play over my swollen clitty and my dripping hole. I can’t resist sliding a finger in my tight little asshole and telling you to do the same. Masturbation is about more than just wanking your dick.

Mutual Masturbation with Toys!

Do you have any toys you like to use when you’re masturbating? I have my favorite vibrating egg I use and a dildo that feels so right in my cunt when you’re not around. If you have a pocket pussy I won’t be jealous; as good as it feels it’s not the real thing! If you don’t have any dildos or plugs, I’m definitely going to suggest you try it. Bring that masturbation up to the next level and you can thank after we both cum together.

Mutual masturbation phone sex with Erin because cumming alone is never as fun.

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Erin

What’s not to love about cum eating phone sex? I mean, for real, cum is just so damned tasty and it’s only fair that we share it together. When I suck your dick and give you the best blow job ever, I expect that you’ll blow that load right in my mouth. I’m not going to swallow it just yet, I love to savor the flavor of your jizz. And I’m not going to keep it all for myself, cum here and kiss me, baby, taste your sweet cream all over my lips. As I slide my tongue in your mouth to tease yours, you can’t help but taste yourself. So sweet, and so fucking hot.

cum eating phone sex

Do you know hot it makes me for you to taste your cum like that? Reach between my thighs and feel my dripping pussy. I can’t wait to cum all over your face next and then kiss you and taste my cunt cream on your face. I can feel your cock getting hard for me again as I kiss you deeply. The taste of our cum on our mouths is only second to how good we’ll taste after you fuck me. Feed me your cock and I’ll lick up every drop of your cum mixed with mine. And get down between my legs and eat my sweet cream pie pussy. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for you! And when you see how hot it is, you’ll never say no again.

I can hear you saying now how much you want to eat your cum, but it’s so hard to do after the fact. The best way to solve that is for you to cum twice for me on our phone sex call. Really, you can do it, and I will help. I make lots of guys cum twice, or even 3 times on a call. And they always taste and eat their cum for me! You will too.

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Panty Boy Phone Sex

phone sex

I know your type… you’re a panty boy phone sex lover, aren’t you? I love it when guys like you call me for panty boy roleplays. You’re so much fun to play with and humiliate. You’ve probably stolen many pairs of panties in your day, haven’t you? And I know that can go one of two ways.

The first scenario is that you’ve probably stolen the panties of someone close to you so that you can sniff them, haven’t you? And when I say they were the panties of someone close to you, I mean really close to you. Did you crave the smell and taste of their pussy juices? I bet you jerked that younger cock so hard and blew your load right on the crotch of those panties. You were just DYING to have a taste of their sweet pussies and asses. You knew they were getting fucked regularly and you loved the taste of her hot pussy mixed with her boyfriend’s cum, didn’t you?

The second scenario… well, that one is just as naughty. Have you been stealing panties all your life because you like wearing them? It started with her panties. You’d steal them out of the hamper and wear them and just prance around in them and feel all girlie, wouldn’t you? And then you started getting a little more risky… stealing the panties of girl friends, your friends’ girlfriends and wives, and just any that you could get your hands on. Sure, you could buy them, but that wouldn’t be nearly as risky and exciting, would it?

If you’re ready to confess all of your panty boy phone sex sins, pick up that phone and give me a call right now. I am ready and waiting. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin.

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex

cock sucking phone sex

We have something in common.  We both want it and we should even do it together.  I won’t keep you wondering what it is.  It’s cock.  I love cock.  I have been told I give the best blow jobs.  I’m very oral and love to suck, lick and slurp on cock and lick, suck and teabag balls.  I even have my favorite dildo that I love to work over when men call me for Cock sucking Phone Sex.  Just writing this is making my mouth water.  Sometimes I think I need to suck cock more than I need to fuck.  Could that be possible?   Even after I’ve broken up with boyfriends, they would still want to come over and get blown.  And I can’t refuse.  I always choose boyfriends with amazing cocks anyway.

I hope you’re getting excited about reading this.  Do you want to get down on your knees with me and suck a cock together?  Or do you want me to watch you suck one while I play with my dildo?  Maybe I should be the first girl to take you to forced bi and make you suck one of my ex-boyfriend’s dicks.  If there are any role plays you want to get into that involve sucking cock, you know I will be excited to make it happen for you.  I can even get a little dominant and tell you to go to the adult bookstore and suck a cock in the gloryhole booth for me.  Do you like to swallow or take a facial?  We can talk about our cock and cum lust.  Nothing will be too taboo when it cums to cock.  I’m going to have to sign off this blog post and get out my dildo right now.  Now you know who to call for Cock sucking Phone Sex.

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