Barely Legal Phone Sex with Barbie

Hey, I’m barbie! I’m an 18 year old college student looking for an older person to have some fun kinky barely legal phone sex with. I love having older men and women whispering in my ear all the ways they desire to pleasure me. I know it can be very tempting with a younger lady, such as myself. But please, be wild and let loose. I love getting freaky. And barely legal phone sex is just so damn hot and tempting, even for me. Tell me what you like about me. Is it my plump, black, round ass? And the thought of me throwing it back in your face? Or maybe it’s my large Double D tits, and the thought of you sucking on them, and biting them. Ooh, you nasty freak! Come show me how dirty and nasty you are. I wanna be your dirty girl. No one has to know. It’ll be our nasty little secret.
It’ll be just you and me. I can’t wait to show you how to have a great time. And maybe you can show me a thing or two?

Barely Legal Phone Sex

As you’re easing your cock inside of my pussy for the first time. And as I squeal in excitement, ooh, I could just imagine it. But hopefully not for long. Hopefully you’ll join me and we can live out our naughty perversions of one another. After all, barely legal phone sex is a very tempting subject, is it not? Let me be your sensual, private release. After all, why not? Why wait to be pleasured in the way you wish you were? If you’re interested in some kinky, naughty, barely legal phone sex. You know where to find me, and where to call me. I look forward to having some fun together with you!

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Tickle Fetish Phone Sex with Trixi

Ah, tickling! It feels so good, it feels so funny, and it becomes a kind of torture if you keep at it. Tickling makes you laugh and it can make you laugh and keep laughing until you beg the tickler to stop! Just stop! But the tickler might like it specifically because it can be taken so far and be a form of torture. Or the tickler might just enjoy hearing someone laugh and keep on laughing. Whatever your thing for tickling, little old Trixi is always up for a good tickle fetish phone sex session. Getting tickled can relieve stress and it can bond people together. It can make you feel helpless and submissive and it can make you feel powerful and dominant.

Tickle Fetish Phone Sex

I have known two tickling fetishists in real life. One was a “vanilla” sort of sexual tickler as he used either his hands or a feather. The other fellow was a much more expansive in his tickling instrument choices. Boy, did he come up with some doozies with which to tickle me — and for which me to tickle him! The first guy was a one way tickler and the more creative guy was a two-way tickler or “bi” tickler. Anyway, he also used his hands or a feather but he mixed a tickling session up with things such as an electric toothbrush, some pipe cleaners a feather duster, a makeup brush (he had a makeup brush just to use for tickling), a makeup sponge, paintbrushes, and various pairs of special gloves that had built-in features like soft spikes. I would love for a caller to tell me what he would use to tickle me with or what he would like me to use to tickle him. Call me, all you tickle fetishists and let us have a good time with a tickle fetish phone sex call! Ha ha ha ha! I’ve laughing just thinking about it!

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Submissive Phone Sex with Jayda

Hey, horny men! I’m ready to dominate my freaky callers who are fascinated with the perverse during a kinky submissive phone sex session. Some of your foot fetishes you keep secretly hidden from your vanilla partners, but call me, and you won’t regret it. I promise! Call me so I can turn you into my submissive foot slave. You may find this proposition both thrilling and terrifying. You may be hesitant and unsure if you want to go down this path. But then again, you have always been curious about being a foot slave, and this seems like an opportunity to indulge in your secret desires.

Submissive Phone Sex

Furthermore, let me put a blindfold on you so you can not see my face, and I will tie your hands up. Then make you get down on your knees and give me a foot massage. You feel a mix of anxiety and excitement as I dominate you. But first, you will clean my filthy feet with your tongue. You will obediently and submissively lick the bottom of my heel and suck on my big toe. You are lucky I have allowed you to taste the ground I walk on. Be thankful. Be grateful. Worship me and give praise. Additionally, I toe fuck your mouth and make you lick and spit shine my So Kate, 4.7 Inch, Louis Vuttion stiletto red bottom high heels. As you notice my candy apple red toenail polish, your cock throbs.

Finally, I lead you into a room and take your hands, reposition and retie them behind your back so you can’t escape. You are placed again on all fours like my pet. Still blindfolded, nervously, you wait and wonder. The sound of my Louis Vuttion heels echo inside the room, and you realize I am right behind you. Your heart races as you imagine what will happen next – would you be allowed to cum? Then, you scream in painful pleasure as I rip off your boxers and heel fuck you during submissive phone sex. Call to find out what happens next!

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Hellena

My little cuck bitch boi husband has been quite the whiny pussy lately, and the little cunt has pissed me off for long enough. It’s about time he’s had another session of “put the little white bitch boi in his place.” The only way to do this right is for me to get fucked good and hard by a big, strapping lad with a delicious dark chocolate cock. Who’s in the mood? We can both overindulge in dark chocolate with a little black cock white wife phone sex. Either you’ve got a little white cock and you want to be in my hubby’s place, or you’ve got a ginormous black pipe hanging halfway down your thigh and you’re dying to be the one to show my darling little dickie boi how to do what he simply cannot do no matter how hard he tries. And if he continues to whine, you can cork his pie hole with your huge cock, only after it tastes like it’s been inside of me.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex

I find that the cure for a whiny bitch boi is not to lift him up, but rather to step on him so I can keep him down – and when I step on my pathetic little hubby, I make sure I’m wearing the hottest of footwear. I also make sure I’m getting pounded by a sexy, young, well-endowed black man with endless stamina for fucking. You know – everything my husband is not. I love to look in my bitch boi’s face and laugh while I ride that big thick dick like the big black bucking bronco it’s attached to. The only thing missing is the black cock white wife phone sex call with you so I can tell you exactly what his face looks like while he watches me cum over and over again.

So – why not give me a call and tell me about your black cock white wife fantasy? The number is 1 888 402 8669 – I’ll be waiting for you! Ask for Hellena.

Submissive Phone Sex with Cassie

You’re every wild wish, deepest desire, or dirtiest kink is my command, master! If you’re looking to command a redheaded submissive genie, then look no further and give me a call for some submissive phone sex genie fun! Picture this… I’m just sitting here, all tight, warm, wet, and waiting in my shimmering glass lamp ready for someone to rub me the right way and release me to be commanded. Granting your wishes really turns me on and makes me hot and wet in the best ways. That’s how my greatest creative magic happens! I’ll appear in a puff of sweet smelling glittery mist, my red hair flowing as I purr in my sultry tones, “How may I serve you, master?” Nothing is left to imagination in my tight sky-blue silky crop-top and painted-on pants, feet completely bare. After all, who needs shoes while living in a lamp?

Submissive Phone Sex

The only thing left for you to do now, command me, your submissive genie into fulfilling your greatest wishes! Make me sexily strip this silky clothing off and show you what is, or isn’t, underneath? Better yet, command me to lay down, tear my clothes off and give it to me however you see fit. In my waiting mouth ready to please, my dripping warm wet pussy, or even in the ass if you so desire, your imagination is truly the only thing limiting you here! On my hands and knees, on my back, up against a wall, or any other way you want to fuck this submissive genie, I’m ready, waiting, and wanting your hard long cock to truly set this genie free!

Living in a lamp for so long has also taught me how to be very flexible, bendy, and creative with my positioning, so why not come and find out just how many times I can make you cum during our submissive phone sex genie call? I can give you a lap dance you’ll never forget with my tight energetic body, or conjure any food, toy or anything you wish into existence for our playtime pleasures! What’s a genie to do with so much pent up energy? Use it to keep you dreaming and wanting more of this redhead’s special magic, of course! You know you want me, so give your favorite redhead a call at: 1-888-402-8669 Byee for now, Cassie

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex with Trixi

Hey, guys, isn’t it a trip and a half to think of yourself as a sugar daddy for a beauty like me? I know that is what you like. You want to open your wallets and your bank accounts to a lovely red-haired beautiful and sensuous woman like me. And I can’t wait for a call from a fellow who is into sugar daddy phone sex. I yearn to hear you say how you will take care of me financially, how you will put a big fat tip on this phone call, a tip big enough that I am absolutely certain to remember you. After all, what woman can just forget about a generous sugar daddy? I doubt that any woman can and I know for sure that i can’t.

Sugar Daddy Phone Sex

In a sugar daddy phone sex session, of course, you do not have to commit to doing anything in real life. You and I can fantasize about you taking me to a store and letting me try on things for you that you will buy if you like the way they look on me. (Hell, what wouldn’t look good on little old Trixi?). We can just imagine you buying a mink coat to wrap around me and a glittering diamond necklace to put around my neck. We can imagine you taking me out to the swankiest of swanky restaurants and you dropping a couple of hundred dollars just so I can savor and relish a tasty meal. Call me and have a hot sugar daddy phone sex session with Trixi! Call me and tell me how you want to support me! Call me and get a throbbing hard on that you will let loose in a super orgasm as you imagine all the money you want to lavish on me.

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Trixi

Babysitter Phone Sex with Shannon

Every time I am a babysitter phone sex girl for my neighbor and his wife, he finds ways to get me alone so that he can flirt with me. Even though I know his wife, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like me, I’m so tempted by this handsome man’s charisma and dashingly good looks. So tonight I decided that I was going to finally make a move on him, because I knew we were both aching for it. When they came back home, his wife went upstairs, and he stayed downstairs to pay me. Knowing that his wife was probably going to stay upstairs, I decided I would finally take advantage of the opportunity. Even though I was just the babysitter, I was pretty sure he was into me. As I gave him a goodbye hug, I made sure to press my body against his. Suddenly, his hands wrapped around my waist and slid down to my ass! As he squeezed my ass, I could feel his hard cock pushing into my crotch.

Babysitter Phone Sex

Immediately I began to moan because I felt my pussy begin to tingle and my clit starting to get swollen as I pushed my hips against him. Without saying a word, he turned me around and bent me over the couch. He shoved my dress up to my waist and then tore my panties down to my ankles. Instinctively, I spread my legs so that he could have easier access to me. He leaned down and began pushing his tongue into my pussy and alternating between that and licking up and down between my pussy lips. I could feel my pussy getting really wet and I started moaning again, because it felt so good. To stop me from making noise he suddenly stood up and put his hand over my mouth and squeezed. At the same time, he drove his hard cock and balls into me, and started to fuck me HARD. It felt like he was punishing me with his cock for teasing him all of these months, and I loved it! Finally, he came really hard inside of me, filling me up with his cum. Then he slowly pulled his cock out of me, pulled up my panties, and pulled my dress down too. He then took out his wallet and gave me, the babysitter, a very expensive tip!

Then he turned around and went upstairs, like nothing had happened. I was so turned on and aroused by the experience that when I got home, I had to take care of myself again! Are you turned on by me being such a bad girl? If you want to be naughty with me over the phone call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Shannon for babysitter phone sex!

If you want to schedule a call with me, email me at:

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Domination Phone Sex with Abby

The thing I love most about domination phone sex is that there are so many directions the call could go in.  There are all kinds of manners of domination that get me excited. Teasing you and denying you is a great sensual way to take control of you. I think that a lot of women underestimate the power of teasing a man. It’s one of the most effective ways to control you idiots and you fall for it over and over again. So, of course I’m going to use it to my advantage as often as I can. It’s not my fault you’re so stupid. There’s also ass worship, ruined orgasms, strap on play, and so many other forms that domination can take. And if you think for a minute that you’ll be able to control me, you will find out that you are dead wrong. You can’t control me.

Phone Sex

Do you think you have what it takes to be an obedient servant when you call me for domination phone sex? Or am I going to have to spend some time working on you and turning you into the perfect submissive loser? Well, as perfect as someone like you can be, anyway. Please don’t expect miracles because there is only so much I can do for you and perfection isn’t likely. But what I can do for you is show you what it really means to be dominated by a bratty Goddess like me. I’m not soft. I don’t bend to your will when you try to tell me how to dominate you. That is just absolutely not going to happen. So, if you think you can handle me, go ahead and get on the phone and call me right now. 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you ask to talk to Abby.

CBT Phone Sex with Shay

Once upon a time I walked in one a friend of the familys dipping the head of his cock in the melted wax of a giant yankee candle that’s burning. The look on his face was that of pain and pleasure at the same time. I asked him days later about dipping that old mushroom head in the hot melted wax and he introduced me to the world of CBT phone sex. What a world it has been. Since that day whenever he is over and we are alone we play. It’s so hot to see the pleasure and pain I cause him with simple household things. Such simple things as thumb tacks, cactuses, clothespins and so many other things around the house. Items to cause pain, pleasure and constriction. He was into so many things like gential flogging,urethra play, chastity play and even erotic electrostimulation. He loved it all and loved me making such a strong man feel vulnerable.

CBT Phone Sex

I had CBT phone sex with a man that was into ball stretching. The picture he sends me of him using it is highly amusing. It’s a sex toy that is used to elongate the balls . The weight pulling them away from this man’s body brought him unknown pleasure and me being in control of such a thing was very thrilling. He also owned an acrylic ball crusher that squeezed his nuts more and more by tightening the screws . He must have a high pain tolerance because he did exactly what I said and turned the bolts more and more. I wonder if my giggles made it so much better. Sure im just learning about CBT and what I can get away with but I would love to play with things such as ballbusting, cock harnesses, Tamakeri (in Japan means kicking of the balls) and much more. Do you want to help me learn?

Looking for some out of this world CBT phone sex????? Come on and call me 1 888 402 8669 and ask for your favorite kinky bunny Shay

Exhibitionist Phone Sex with Nadia

I posed for a photographer and had exhibitionist phone sex this weekend. And I had a blast. I flew to Florida for a few days to work with my favorite adult photographer. Marc and I go back to my first photo shoot for south Florida Score magazine.  When I arrived in Daytona, Marc picked me up at the airport. I stayed with him instead of a hotel. Why waste money on a hotel when I could stay with someone with a big cock. Marc is a divorced man, but I fucked him when he was married too. His cock measures around 9.5 inches and has the girth of a coke can. I love fucking Marc. He gave me my love for married. Not my first married man!

Exhibitionist Phone Sex

He rented a boat for the photo shoot. I thought south Florida Score magazine hired me, but he said this shoot was for a private collector who picked me out of a book of models. I got paid. So, I did not care who saw the pics. I love to show off my sexy body. I’m proud of my perky tits and round ass and everything in between. Look at me? You jack off to me too, right? After a few hours of posing for pictures on the ocean, I wanted some cock. Although I am an exhibitionist slut, no other boats appeared near us. Well, the dolphins and the sharks could watch me blow a big cock. I sat on the edge of the boat, and Marc stood in front of me. And I delivered some of the best head of my life. Marc gave me a big cum shot all over my tits too. However, he would not let me lick it off my boobs. He wanted more pictures.

I had plenty of time to savor his jizz. This cum whore spent the weekend in bed with her sexy photographer. Most of the photos I use in my blogs and on my phone sex site, he took. He has an eye for talent. And I have an eye for big cock. I love when I get the chance to indulge in exhibitionist phone sex! Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Nadia.