Strap on Fantasies

Hi Arianna Here!

Today I was a bit distracted. Had met up with a friend for an impromptu lunch. Catching up with her after a crazy weekend away.  While I am getting all the dirty details on how she came home with a few less pairs of panties.

Or at least I am sure that is what she said.

See I couldn’t help it. My eyes were being drawn else where. I could say he was the finest male specimen I had ever seen but that would be a lie. For never once did my imagination lead me to a wild intense sexual scene where I was the one begging for his cock in my ass.

Well there was some thoughts of ass sex but it was more me dominating him. For there was just something about his ass that I couldnt stop staring at. The way he bent over to put his briefcase down just had me. All I could do was think how intense it would be to see him striped down and be naked before me as I stand before him with a plastic cock strapped to my hips.

My girlfriend knew my mind was wandering. She knows when I get that look that there is no coming back for me. Perhaps its the devilish grin that comes over my face. Or the way I squirm in my seat that gives it away.

Either way after an afternoon of staring at a man with such a fuckable ass, well lets just say my mind is stuck on some strap on fantasies. I am sure you can picture yourself on your knees begging for my strap on up your ass.

I know I can!

Your Phone Sex Tease ~ Arianna


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