Stocking Fetish

Arianna Here!

I got to have some teasing fun at the grocery store today. I know rather an odd place to tease but when you hit it at the right time those guys who are hot and horny coming from work well they are just drooling away. Especially when your an erotic tease wearing stockings and a short skirt. Just try to keep your eyes to yourself.

Though I suppose one could say I was a bit mean for there was this one guy that was in there with his wife. She was dragging him around bitching about her day. Felt rather sorry for him. When I bent over for some apples I caught out of the corner of my eye him staring at my stocking covered legs.  I pretended not to notice. As he disappeared with the non stop chatter of his wife I undid my top a bit. Few buttons so that my black lace bra was showing.

Then followed behind him down the aisle.

Ya you pretty much can guess it was a game of  look but no touch. Tease and Deny. For I would bend over and let him see a little of my soft breasts then quickly stand up and move forward. Or stand still and let them get ahead of me.

The best part was when I reached over him to grab some salsa and my breast brushed against him. Oops. There was that in mistakable horny exhale that I hear with men on the phone when they are getting really aroused.

The rest of the grocery trip was me putting useless items in my cart but just hearing him muffle his groans was so worth it.

Though I am still in the mood to tease. My stockings are still on so if you have a stocking fetish and have an elaborate erotic roleplay in mind well I am around.

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