Sissy Shopping Assignment

Fetish Babe Arianna Here!

A phone sex sissy boy called after he completed his sissy assignment. It took some time which really rather surprised me since it was a simple task. To just go get panties. Well I should say to go buy panties. I know you sissy boy reading this are twitching in your panties already.

sissy boy assignment: sissy boy

Well after weeks of not hearing from him and me thinking he had actually had to turn in his sissy boy membership card he called to tell me about his sissy shopping assignment.  All the naughty little details about where he went shopping and what happened. I was giggling with each humiliating detail out of his sissy mouth.

Now that leaves me wondering if I should be hypnotizing that sissy boy before giving him any other sissy boy assignments to ensure they get done quicker. That is an interesting thought for our next sissy phone sex call.

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