Strap on Fetish with Memphis

I’ve always been called a nasty bitch, but the day I got my first strap-on, I deserved the label. Sure, I knew how to handle a sex toy, but that was the day that everyone else knew it too. I went to a sex toy party with a group of girls I know. I didn’t intend on getting drunk, but they all encouraged me to drink more than I should have Can’t deny a girl a few shots of tequila. Right? Little did they know how the night would progress. The girl running it all asked for a strap on fetish model.

strap on phone sex

I was addicted! All those strap-on dicks and pussy galore. Since these parties are all female, she asked me to practice hitting the target on my best friend. She even placed a paper bulls-eye on her pussy. I couldn’t miss that gaping pussy though. She was one of those girls with the big lips and massive pussy. I know my friend. She is a big dick hunter and never fucks the little ones. I always admired that about her. She is too picky, but that gives me a better aim with my beast of a strappy. I love taking the ass for the first time, can you bend over and beg for it? No worries if you can’t. I will force it in deep and hard. Mine all mine. Your ass is ready to be used and believe me your strap on fetish needs to match mine;)

Flashes went off, and the videos were posted to social media. I guess you can say I was an overnight sensation. These women wanted to play along with us after that. Me, the beast, and their pussies, mouths, and assholes. Oh, the ass. Imagine 11 inches of hot black flesh pounding that back door. You won’t walk right for a week. I’ll make sure of that. Also, I am not opposed to giving cock sucking lessons either. Wrap those pretty lips around my fake dick and get me off, well, not literally. I have found one that squirts now. Guess what I will be filling it with? Tell me your strap on fetish or would you like me to take total control? Pick your poison.

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