Hello there all you submissive darlings, I am Harper and I want to make your sensual and submissive fantasies come to life. I am into the pain that hurts so good and the pleasure that is even better. I am a sweet seductress but I will punish you like a very naughty boy until I am satisfied you have learned the way I want you to be. Your every thought will be focused on how to get my attention and how to keep it.
You’re going to become addicted to me and the way I take control over you, gently and with just enough pain to reinforce that I am in control of you. You know there is nothing you can do about it…and you know you don’t want to. You will never be worthy of me; you are about to become completely consumed with pleasing me in every way possible. Deep inside you yearn for this; the thought of the emotional pain excites you almost as much as the physical. I will consume your every thought, I will control your body and your pleasure and most importantly I will control your arousal. I will tease and tempt you, I will make you squirm. I want to hear you whimper and plead for release; I want to hear you beg as I take you right to the edge and keep you waiting there.
When you surrender and submit, a whole new world will open up for you and Mistress Harper will be the center of it. I am waiting to show you what your new world will be like.

AIM: Huntress_Harper
Yahoo: HuntressHarper