I've lived it all and seen it all and I'm the Devil's bitch on heels. I've made a pact with the Devil and I'm here to carry out his supreme orders. I'm into the sickest shit you can even imagine or conjure. Hardcore BDSM, twisted fetishes, the ultimate taboos, complete enslavement, torture, demonic possession, religious blasphemy, abduction, accomplice play, vorarephilia, ruination, mindfuck hypnosis and more. I will hypnotize you and while your mind is unlocked, I will allow a demon to enter and take control of you. I curse all world religions and blaspheme any religious figure. I only adorn myself with fetish wear and don't care if people think I look like a slutty hooker. They don't know I am the Devil's whore.

I know a few rope tricks and I can hogtie you and keep you bound and gagged while I torture your pathetic cock and balls or brand you with the mark of the Beast. Scared of my lit cigarette? You should be. You are just my next victim. Or if you are dominant like me and share some of the same fierce fantasies, call me so that I can tell you what I like to do with naive little nymphos. You have never gone this extreme until you call me for the most extreme phone sex ever.

AIM: SinfulHellena
Yahoo: SinfulHellena