Men with fat dicks may be permitted to pound my sweet snatch until I’m squirting all over the place; screaming in ecstasy. Beta males can enjoy a ride on the humiliation train. Choo choo.
I’ve always been a misandrous Mean Queen; aggressive by nature. If you’re a philongynist, then we’ll surely get along. Otherwise, you’re just a walking, talking clone of someone I’ve already met.
The name’s Janelle. I’m an elitist bitch. I don’t care if you’re a whiny pussy that’s going to run off and cry in the corner. I’m Broadzilla bitches, scatter like cockroaches in a spot light. In fact, making a twat-face loser cry turns me on. Call me bitchy, bossy, impatient, vicious or whatever the fuck else you want. In the end, everyone still wants to be me or be in me. Kinky phone sex is my forte.

I… just… don’t… like… vacuous… fools.
I enjoy callers who TALK at some points during phone sex. It’s the whole idea of phone fucking. I suppose I shouldn’t expect much from you horny mongoloids other than grunting. I mean if we’re really fucking, you don’t have to say jack shit. I’m enraptured in every twisted tidbit of what I’m doing. In the phone realm calculating moves from the tone of your voice…gasps..whimpers…your wife texting in the background… it’s pivotal. It’s not an act. I don’t claim to be a FemDomme or Mistress. I’m just Janelle, a hubris female who will tell you exactly what I think about your perverted masturbation tactics. Verbally and emotionally abusive? Sure. You’ll hang up after you cum and feel so guilty. *sniff sniff* Promise yourself you’ll never call again. Oh, but the next time you’re horny, you’re back for more. This isn’t my first rodeo; and I love this fucking ride.

What you can expect from me: pseudo orgasms, authentic laughter, sound-effects, conversationalism if you pass the “vapid cunt” test. Extreme taboo role-playing and all-encompassing VERBAL spewing.

Humiliation phone sex I enjoy most: SPH (tiny cock humiliation), sexual orientation degradation, forced bi, height, spousal, religious, racial and I have a field day with ignorant misogynist sloths. I’m a dragon, but we’re all whores. Pay me to tell you the truth. You get to bust your filthy nut and I get to hang up the phone and forget you exist.