I’m nawty Nora, a barely legal phone sex grrl with long blonde hair and big brown eyes. I still have small breasts, but I like it. Reminds me of how sweet and fresh I am. *Giggles*
My grrlie stats: 5’6, 32A-26-37, 127 lbs. or 168cm and 58kg. I like phone sex to be like far-out fantasies I’ve dreamed up while playing with my pink n’ creamy smoothness. I do a lot of playing with myself lately ’cause I’m at school and far away from home. Missing home makes me horny and lonely. I was raised by a single daddy and I love him with all my heart, always and forver! I think about him when I’m here all alone with boys and teachers wanting to look and touch my girly bits. *Giggles* I like the attention and it makes my panties all creamy.
I don’t think all the girls here like me very much. They think it’s weird I get so excited and I take pics to send back home to my daddy. But I don’t care! He was my best friend and that’s all that matters. It’s OK that I explore with guys at school because I want to learn new sextricks and be the best 18 teen slut I can be. I still feel like a sweet school girl, babysitter and cheerleader. I like those fantasies and roleplays. I’m like 90 percent a submissive and willing taboo phone sex grrl. Only 10 percent brat. I pinky promise. *Kiss*

I Like: schoolgirl phone sex, girl next door, teacher student, being a Princess and feeling like I’m the only girl in the whole wide world,
I Love <3: taboo phone sex, force phone sex, taboo roleplay, being punished and then being spoiled, being submissive for your big cock, being a fuck doll and feeling loved.
I Hate: When you don’t say good-bye after you cum and hang up 🙁 but I understand you get really busy. It’s okay to hurt my feelings. I will always understand. Maybe if I’m really good you can quickly say bye before you hang up? That would make me melt.

I really want to talk hot with you!!!
XO Nora OX