Boot Fetish

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Boot Fetish Mistress Arianna Here. Well suppose it more Mistress for the boot lovers but what ever I have your attention and that is all that really matters. The cold weather back East has Peter going crazy since every where he looks there are women wearing boots.

I can relate in a way. I see women in boots and think hell I need to get those but pretty sure Peter isnt thinking that way. He is more wanting to worship those sexy foot wear. Wasnt going to argue with him. By all means Peter. Let me put on my favorite brown knee high boots with the brass zipper up the back and the wonderful 3 buckles along the side. They are rather dirty from me running around and could use a good cleaning from someone wanting to run his tongue over a woman’s boot.

Nothing quite like sitting there lifting my boot and rotating my foot to make sure that Peter got all that winter muck off my favorite pair of boots. Though sometimes I did have to give him a stern command about where I wanted to see that tongue.

Now if you have a boot fetish and are thinking crap Peter took care of Mistress Arianna’s boots. Dont rush to conclusions. I have a closet full of boots, heels and well anything you can think of really. So I have more than enough to go around. Really they could all do with a good cleaning.

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