Hello my darlings. I’m Harper, your seductive, cuckolding Mistress. I have a soft spot for panty boys, crossdressers and cuckolds. There is just something about the way you sissy’s need to be controlled that makes my hot little pussy all wet.
I guess it started when I caught my boyfriend wearing my panties and jerking off. It just started this fire inside me, and it’s never been extinguished. From that moment on, I just adore owning little sissy panty boys controlling their every move.
Having sissy boys submit to my every need is just a way of life now. They are required to get me ready for REAL men, and if that means sucking cock for me – then that’s exactly what they will do. Then they can watch while a real man gets to fuck this pretty pussy. Do you think you are sissy enough to handle it?
So, to all of you submissive little men out there – Welcome to your newest addiction! I’m Harper – your new everything – And you’re my bitch now.