I’m Janelle, your evil Queen of all things kink and humiliation.

I’m about to be your newest addiction. ;)~

Look at me. Don’t you just want to soak this all up while I tease and torment you in the most torturously exquisite ways? Bask in my glowing radiance. My smooth, creamy pale skin, golden and silky flowing blonde hair that cradles my perfectly pretty privileged face, my perky tits with peachy pink nipples, bouncy round juicy ass, and piercing blue eyes that see you for exactly what you are: lesser.

Oh, but I am many things… your entitled and superior Goddess and also your evil manipulative mean Queen. Your hand is on your cock right now. You’re scouting around the internet looking for the the right girl, the perfect girl. A bitchy blonde manipulatrix to lead the way… you know, the one that makes it feel so good to feel so bad. It’s time to relapse for Me, dummies.

Are you ready to serve?

My most favorite kinky phone sex interests include: Body worship (especially ass and feet), INTOXICATION games (booze, poppers, smoking, and so much more. Just make sure you save my number to drunk dial me after a late night of partying and it’ll get real twisted real quick. It’s during those late nights, after you’ve lost all inhibition, and the darkness has crept into your mind, that you are the most fun to toy with. HUMILIATION, degradation, and verbal cruelty, findom phone sex with an insatiable money succubus, strap-on training, small penis humiliation (sph), size queen cuckolding because I only fuck with men with monster cocks, forced bi because you should be a slutty selective size-queen too or my little boy-pussy lovin’ twink-toucher, panty boy and sissy FEMINZATION because I just love turning you panty thieves into my pimped out dizzy bimbos, male chastity cock cages and key-holding with tease and denial, Financial Domination for ATM paypigs will leave you squealing, CG/L (caregiver/little) mean Mommy, Taboo temptress and SUCCUBUS seduction, blasphemy fetish, hard or soft vore, re-programming, re-wiring, mesmerizing mind fucks, and loser training.

I can even be your kinky fantasy therapist and phone sex addiction specialist. Inspecting, picking you apart and studying you… you’ll feel so very exposed and on display for me. *devilish grin*

So come, feed your newest addiction and call Janelle, your evil ice Queen and seductive succubus. It’s only a matter of time before you offer me your soul.