I am just a girl who loves to tease. Don’t you know that? From a young age, I learned how to get the boys running when I wiggled my ass. And of course, that hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s become a bit of a sport for me. I love to dress up pretty and see how long it takes before some guy is checking me out. It usually takes less than five seconds.

The downside to cock teasing, one might presume is all of the annoying attention you get. After all, man after man comes up to me and tries to take a shot. I like to teach them a lesson by showing them all about what I love to do for fun.

First, I wipe that arrogant smile of their face by leaning close and telling them that they don’t have a chance. Unless you follow my rules of course. I’ve never had a man turn me down yet although they don’t know what they are getting into. I am after all a naughty princess and I HAVE to get my own way.

It’s amazing what men will do with the prospect of getting laid.

I like to put them through their tease and denial paces. You know what that’s like, don’t you? Me urging you to stroke and you begging me to let you cum. I thrive on that desperation. It makes me laugh. But that’s only the beginning. Because once I take control of your cock, you will never get it back. And always, always in the back of your mind is the possibility, the hope of getting to be with me. I like to use that against you, exploiting your hottest fantasies for my fun and enjoyment. But of course, you love it too.

There’s something about being endlessly teased by a hot woman like me that just appeals to you, doesn’t it? Call me and you’ll willingly put your cock in my hands, what fun I am going to have making it mine.