mutual masturbation

I was laying in bed last night after coming home from a hot party. One of my girlfriends was the host & we had fooled around a little bit before I came home. Mmm…I know all of the guys out there who enjoy lesbian phone sex will want to hear more, but that’s for another day. I can’t help, but to tease you. So on with what happened; I just moved into a new loft apartment & I’m still getting used to the place. All of the sudden, I heard the window beside my bed slide open.

Click…snap…squeak! Now, I may be a hardcore domme phone sex Mistress, but the sound of my window sliding open startled me. I was so scared & all I could do is lay there in terror. I felt completely helpless & exposed. I was completely naked…I didn’t even have a pair of panties on!!! I was frozen with silence as I slowly glanced over toward the window;  to my surprise a pathetic nerdy looking guy with glasses & a some what large nose was staring at me! I was still scared to move, but I found myself getting very wet knowing he saw me laying there naked & “helpless”! He just stood there staring at me, so I did what any hot chic into mutual masturbation phone sex would do. I decided to give him a little show. I grabbed both of my nipples & rubbed my pussy as we stared at each other. I couldn’t see him jerking off in the darkness, but I knew was in the midst of stroking his erect & throbbing cock. Especially, when I heard the sound of his breathing get heavier & oh my the facial expressions he made. I had gotten myself so excited and aroused that I didn’t even realize he was cumming until I heard his moans. I’m surprised he didn’t wake my neighbors!!! He went back out the way he came in…leaving me in silence & wanting oh so much more. Just sayin’…


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