sissy phone sex

I take the vibrator over and set it on the floor near the door, then turn to you. “Now, my challenge for you, my sissy phone sex slut, is to get that vibrator into me. Turn it on. And make me cum.” You look at me helplessly. Your hands are tied behind your back.

As I sit down and pull my knees up to my chest, opening my legs, I say with a grin, “Oh, I didn’t tell you about the deadline, did I? You have five minutes.” You hurry to stand, but I reach out with a spiked heel and press it into your chest, “Not so fast,” I hiss. “You know better than that. On your knees.”

With a sigh you move, on your knees, over to the vibrator in the corner of the room. I watch the panties ride up the crack of your ass as you fumble in high heels, trying to keep them on. “My little slut,” I sigh to myself, “Look at what you’ll submit to for me.”

I masturbate while watching you, the way you sweat and agonize over your deadline and helpless situation. My whore, in panties and bra, trying to get a vibrator turned on with the use of your teeth. I love it!

Finally a soft humming comes from the plastic device and you look up at me hopefully.

“Not so fast, “I smile, leaning forward and reaching down to stroke your panties in encouragement. Your cock is rock hard under the silk. “You know I like it on *high*, baby.” With some more concentration you get the vibrator to the medium setting.  “You only have 3 minutes left.”

You move quickly, fumbling. I watch you move, in your sissy clothes, vibrator wedged between your teeth, trying hard to get it to my wetness in time. Trying to get it inside, angling the tip of the plastic so that it probes my lips and begins to slide in.  I moan and shift toward it. The plastic is cool, inviting My cunt aches for it, and I can feel your breath through your nose as you prod deeper with it, pushing in, farther. My whole body shakes with the vibration, the warm sensation starting at my cunt and pulsing through my body.

I feel the edges of orgasm coming on, and shift my hips eagerly, pulling the plastic deeper into me. When I cum I move so hard that the vibrator comes loose from your teeth and you fall back a little, gasping.

As I finish with the orgasm I look at you, smirking, breathing hard, watching how you look at me carefully and wonder what I am going to do next. Whether or not I am going to use that vibrator, still wet with my juices, on your virgin ass. Wondering if I am going to make you suck it off, or if I am going to sit on your face and have you clean out every last bit of my wetness as I promised.

As I move toward your body you see that look in my eye. Glowing, relentless, playful, cruel.  Call me to find out what’s in store for you next my sissy slut…..

Sissy Phone Sex is so much FUN!

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