Fantasy Phone Sex Girl


Studies have shown that red heads are better in bed.  It’s true.  Even a bottle job means a woman realizes that she’s a redhead in spirit, if not in hair color.  But I’m the real deal, and were I to let my hair grow back, you’d see that the carpet matches the drapes.  We’re tighter, hotter and have a bigger vocabulary than the other girls.  Thus, we excel at things like fantasy phone sex.

I can be whatever you want me to be.  Stripper, waitress, virgin, slut,  supermodel or housewife.  Tie me up or let me do it to you.  I can do it all, and if I’d been a blonde or a brunette I probably wouldn’t have these skills.  Men swear that they can actually feel my cunt muscles during red head fetish phone sex.

What’?  You didn’t know that red heads have incredible muscle control?  Wanna know something?  You could be fully inside me and not move at all, but I could milk you all the way to heaven.  True fucking story.  I’ll squeeze and milk you until you realize you’re trapped inside me.  And why would you want to?  And when you come, you’ll know what all my other lovers know.

Red heads rock and we’re awesome at fetish phone sex!


Call 1-888-40-BUNNY ask for the Fiona your Red Head PHONE SEX GIRLFRIEND

Yahoo ID: phonesexfiona | AIM ID: phonesexfiona