small penis humiliation fantasies

small penis humiliation

You are hung like a light switch, you could not even fuck my belly button if you wanted to, wait let me get out my tweezers so I can help you masturbate.  I will humiliate you, laugh and giggle at your small penis.  Just when I think i have seen the smallest and most pathetic peen, I get a picture from one of my small penis humiliation callers with a even smaller pennie.  Once I made a mistake and ended up in the bedroom with a guy who was hung like a pinkie, but luckily I got my ass out of there.  And I made a note to self, no matter how cute a guy is, do a package check first.  After that experience where I learned, I decided  I would ream this into tiny dickie boy micro-brains.  Dont waste anymore pretty girls time that should be spent finding or dating or fucking a real man.  If your dinky dick can not satisfy a girl, its time to give on to small penis humiliation as your permanet and exciting sex life.   You are lucky I am here for you .  A pretty girl like me would not be spending time with you except that you are paying for it !  And you will keep paying for it, you will be my small dick looser boy and I will own you .   Maybe I would put you in panties, maybe I will make you do embarrassing assignments to humiliate yourself for having a small dick.  The possibilities with small penis humiliation are so much fun for me, that is !

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