cruel small penis humiliation

small penis humiliation

Where are the small penises? Come out come out wherever you are! Oh!! There you are, I didn’t see you. I bet you hear that a lot. Along with are you in yet and are you done yet? *laughs* Well what do you expect you naughty boy. Showing up here, at the boudoir of a goddess, with a teeny weenie clutched in your hand. Shame on you for even making me have to see such a small and pathetic thing. I like small penis humiliation, not looking at small dicks. I don’t have to look at it to know it’s pathetic and sad. Besides, whenever I look at your wretched prick I can’t help but laugh. And laugh and laugh. I mean really, to see you with your fingers stroking your dick while you look at my beautiful body, well it just makes me laugh. Teasing you and letting you touch me and taste me while I make you keep your puny pricker away from me! What could be more fun. if you catch me on a generous day I just might let you stick it in real quick. Just so you can know exactly what your pathetic cock is missing out on. My pussy is so tight and so wet and juicy, you’ll never want to leave. Hearing you cry out with joy as you enter me, it makes me tingle. But then I feel how tiny your cock is and I get all bored and tell you the tour is over and you need to get out. It’s funny to laugh and curse at you when you grab me and grind your dinky dick into my pussy, trying desperately to stay inside heaven. But I’ll have none of that you loser. I’ll just shove you out and then push you down on the floor while I stand over you, naked and beautiful, laughing at how sad and worthless your cock is. Your small penis humiliation only ends when you are weeping at my feet, telling me what a worthless worm you are. Groveling while you jerk your hard knob and spurt out your itty bitty load in your hand. Pick up the phone loser and tell me how small and sad your dickey is.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Goddess Vanessa for small penis humiliation. Talk to you soon, losers!

AIM and Yahoo: KinkyVanessa4U