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Small penis humiliation phone sex

Humiliation Phone Sex with Lola

Talking to guys with teeny cocks during humiliation phone sex is one of my favorite things ever. It’s so much fun for me to try and make them feel like even less of a man than they already do. It doesn’t take much, really. Most guys who call me for humiliation have already been beaten down so badly by all the women in their life that it just takes a little push from me to send them over the edge and start crying or something. And if you are thinking of calling me, you need to know that I’m not one that will have a lot of mercy on you if you start crying. In fact, it will almost certainly make me start laughing at you even harder and making fun of you more.

humiliation phone sex

I know you probably have a steady rotation of hookers that you pay to tell you how awesome your dick is. But does that REALLY make you feel better? I mean, you know that you’re paying them, so I bet it makes you feel even more humiliated. I have a question for you. When was the last time you got naked with a woman that you didn’t pay for? Did she laugh at you? Did she tell you that she’d rather fuck herself with her fingers because they are bigger than your dick? I hope you know that you are never going to convince a woman to sleep with you ever again unless you pay her. Yes, I know… the girls when you were younger let you fuck them. But that’s only because they didn’t know any better. Once they found out what a real dick looked and felt like, that was it. They didn’t want anything else to do with you.

Are you ready for some humiliation phone sex? Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Lola.

AIM: Lust4Lola

Cuckold Phone Sex with Layla

It’s time I clear something up. As a woman who knows cock well, let’s say I’m a bit of a sexpert. I am experienced & can tell you all that anything under 7 inches – is small. 7 inches average & anything under that is well a joke. A guy can get by with 6 inches if he is thick. I can also tell you that the majority of women out there want at least 8 inches if not 9 inches or above. I prefer 10-11 inches myself. Women love a man with a massive cock.

cuckold phone sex

The other day I talked to a guy with 2 inches. He said that sometimes he can get it up to 3 inches if it is hard. HARD! What is even there to get hard? I made him admit that he was just a small dick loser. I explained that he didn’t even have a dick – more like an oversized clit. What a pussy? I mean what does a guy do with 2-3 inches. How does he even jerk off? He said he only uses 2 fingers. I bet his hands were tiny too. Maybe that helped. How pathetic! Seriously, a man with 6 inches is even 3 times his side. How sad is that? I pitied the poor pathetic small dick loser. I will say, he was perfect for cuckold phone sex. Even if that is all he was good for. It was a good time making fun of his tiny dick. I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. By the time I was finished, I was so amused with him. He was trying to jerk off, but he tried & tried & could barely even cum. He didn’t even have a real load to shoot. What else is there to do with a guy like that. I guess he could sit in the same room & watch while I take a bit 13 inch & thick as fuck cock. He might work out as a clean up cum slut – other than that – completely useless. Just sayin’.

Call 1 888 402 8669 & ask for Layla for cuckold phone sex

Yahoo: laylalix

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

What more could you want for Christmas than a little bit of small penis humiliation phone sex? That’s right, I said little. Because that is the obvious choice when someone is looking for a word to describe your ridiculous excuse for a dick. I can just imagine all of the laughs you’ve gotten from women every time you dared to take your clothes off in the hopes that it would be different. But it is never going to be different for you. You’re always going to get laughed at. Why? Well, your tiny dicklette isn’t going to grow, so you’re pretty much stuck with what you have.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh, but do NOT worry. There’s a lot we can do with it even if it is as small as a AA battery. Of course, I love small penis humiliation phone sex, but sometimes I like to incorporate a little bit of pain into that. Have you ever heard of cock and ball torture, or CBT? If you know me at all you know that I love that more than just about anything! Don’t worry, if you’ve never heard of it. If you’re up for it, I can teach you the ways of CBT and cause you lots of pain instead of pleasure. Don’t worry, despite having a wimpy dick, I know you can take the pain. And if not, who cares? It’s pretty much the only way you will ever get me to pay attention to that teeny abomination.

Are you ready for some kinky Christmas small penis humiliation phone sex mixed with CBT? It’s really all I want for Christmas! Well, that, and diamonds. But making fun of you and causing you pain is a good start.

Call right now 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby for small penis humiliation phone sex

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Katrina

Calling all losers! That’s right you heard me! I am calling all those fucking imbecile losers that try to puff up their chests and act like they have something I desire. Truth is, your itty bitty clitty will NEVER be big enough for this sweet and tasty slit. In this session of Confessions 101 the truth will hurt! Not only will it hurt, but it will make you laugh, no seriously! No joke, this loser actually thinks that his four inch tiny dick, more like a tiny clit will be enough for me to suck on. * Ha Ha Ha* I think this guy is on something! Then again his four inch wee wee is the reason he me called for small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

It started by an innocent conversation through chat. They always start out that way. At least with me. * ha ha ha* Then, he took it on himself to send me a picture. Now, this picture was unsolicited, I did not ask to see any part of him. He sent it anyway, which gave me a reason to show him some of my wrath during small penis humiliation phone sex.

The thing that gets me the most is that he actually asked if I would suck his four inch cock the next time we talked. * ha ha ha* Honestly, that thing is so small I could seriously dip it in some barbecue sauce and eat it on a tooth pick as one of those tiny vienna sausages. Seriously, that thing was TINY as fuck! I mean it is one thing to be stupid, but when you know you have nothing to offer, c’mon really? This guy should be covering that shit up with a pair of granny panties. I cannot wait to tell him during our next session of small penis humiliation phone sex.

So, now that I have told you about my most recent loser. I would love to humiliate some more of you. I have something in store for each and every one of you! *wink * Oh no no no…. it is not my pussy that you are going to get… that is much too perfect for you fuckers! That dicklette you have there in your pants is much too small to come anywhere near this perfect cream filled cunt. Only one type of cock will be allowed to cum near me…*wink * one that is thick, chocolaty and long. So, calling all losers, all you fuckers that puff of your chest and pretend to be and have something that you don’t.

Ask for Mistress Katrina when you call 1 (888) 402-8669 for small penis humiliation phone sex. I am sure to have my best laugh ever! I can’t wait!!

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Kelly

Small penis humiliation phone sex really makes me giggle.  I don’t half ass it either.  I go all out when it comes to destroying the confidence of unfortunate men with tiny dongs.  I even let them get first hand experience of how I prepare myself to be fucked by a real man.  I just love stopping when I am getting dressed to go out with one of my bulls to have a small peen fella lick my pussy. It shows me that I run his shit and that I have his total obedience. I tell him, just think in a few hours that pink pussy will be getting stretched to the max around and much lager cock than yours.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I mean its not much a competition is it? His cock compared to your laughable dick. That’s right its not! When I let you put that tiny thing in me for laughs it feels like a finger. But when he puts his cock in me it feels like a baseball bat. Oh that got you licking faster, did that turn you on? That is a good pussy lick clean up boy. I bet you can’t wait for me to get home, so you can get that eager mouth on my well fucked cunt? I think tonight when I get back and after you have cleaned me up, we can play and I will let you put your useless penis inside me so you can see how stretched I am. I love it how you just fall right now of me after I have been used by a real man. Nothing like finishing a great night with some laughs. No, I will not let you cum! After I have had my fill of small penis humiliation phone sex fun, you are going right back into your tiny penis cage.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Kelly for small penis humiliation phone sex

AIM and Yahoo CoedKelly4U

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I’ve talked to my fair share of losers, but sometimes it still surprises me how much I laugh at the guys who call me for small penis humiliation phone sex. Of course, there are many reasons they call me, but the main thing they want to talk to me about is the tiny little nub they have between their legs where a dick is supposed to be. Your little shrimp dick is hilarious. And trust me, when you call me for small penis humiliation, I am going to laugh my ass off at you when I put you in situations that will crack me up.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I bet you’re dying to hear about one of my favorite small penis humiliation phone sex fantasies. Yes, I have them too…but trust me, not in a way that turns me on. Like I said, it just amuses me. Anyway, one of my favorite things to do is bring a bunch of my girlfriends over and put you in a French maid outfit. You’ll clean my house, bring us drinks, and once we have a nice buzz, you’re going to do a strip tease for us. Don’t worry, we’re going to catch every second of it on video to properly humiliate you with later. You’ll strip down to your panties and do a little dance for us. See, you’re not completely worthless when it comes to women. You can make a whole room full of us happy all at once. I mean, that’s the only way you’re ever going to be making a group of women happy, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Are you ready to hear all about that party and maybe the other things I might do to you? Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby for small penis humiliation phone sex.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Pia

So, dicklet, you finally got the balls to call me for small penis humiliation phone sex.  I guess balls aren’t really your problem.  They’re bigger than your wee little sausage.  It’s cute how you think that I’ll actually show you some mercy and touch your disgusting little nub.  And you have the never to call yourself a man. You aren’t. Maybe that was a little harsh, but honestly you have to know that you can’t please a woman with that.  I bet every time you talk to a girl you have your shortcomings in the back of your mind.  What if she was actually into you and wanted to give you some pussy?  I know, it’s farfetched, but seriously.  Can you imagine taking of your close and seeing her surprise and disappointment?  You must really be into small penis humiliation if you let things get that far.  It’s not just that she’ll laugh at you, but she’s going to tell everyone she knows about it.  It’s not often you run into a micro-cock like yours.  It’s like finding a magical unicorn and shit.  LOL.

small penis humiliation phone sex

If I were you, I wouldn’t risk it.  Even if she’s a nice girl and lets you near her with that tiny cat dick, you know you can’t please her.  It’s fucked up.  Better stick to your hand, my friend.  Oops, I meant your fingers.  You couldn’t feel a thing if you used your hand.  I wonder what you think when you look at your little tic tac.  Does it make you want to cry?  I would if I were you, even if there wasn’t a hot girl like me itching to give you the small penis humiliation phone sex you deserve.  Sadly, there’s nothing you can do about it.  You’re stuck being sexually useless.  Damn, I think I might cry for you.

Call Pia at 1 888 402 8669 for small penis humiliation phone sex

Yahoo:  sassypia
AIM:  sassypia4u

BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

I am just the kind of white slut who need BBC phone sex in her life.  Personally, I think all white women should whore themselves for the BBC as much as they can. I know it makes my life so much more satisfied.  I love nothing more than watching that huge thick black man meat start to slowly push its way inside my tight snatch as it stretches me almost to my breaking point. I can’t help but submit to that powerful cock. I find myself fantasizing about those hung black men several times during the course of the day. I can’t wait for one to be inside me making me his filthy and obedient slut.

BBC phone sex

I have even started talking my girlfriends into trying a black cock. I love being the reason a girl cheated on her boyfriend with a monster black cock. They always call me afterwards to thank me and go on and on about what happened.  I hear that familiar combination of  lust/satisfaction in her voice and I know she is now a BCC slut too. We both work on talking more white girls into giving themselves to that gigantic cock. I am such an evil cunt I know, but you small/average sized cock boys need to understand that black cocks are just far more superior. You would live such a easier and less stress filled life if you admit you know you are inferior, and step aside or should I say kneel before those big, fat, thick, long, manly black cocks and allow your women to enjoy them without having to sneak around. Seriously, cage your tiny useless penises and learn your place in life already.

1 888 402 8669 and be sure to ask for Kelly for BBC phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Callie

There are so many guys out there that need to be shown what a real cock is. Just like you, and thats why you enjoy small penis humiliation phone sex. You love knowing how much larger every other man’s cock is compared to your pathetic thing.  Call me today, and I’ll make a real bitch out of you.

small penis humiliation phone sex

You have such a small penis, if we can even call it that. Real women won’t have sex with you, because they have bullet vibrators at home bigger than your cock. Why don’t you come home with me and I will show you what a real cock is. My boyfriend has a thick, juicy 8 inch cock! Come take a look at this big cock! Do you see how big it is, and how you can actually see it! Now, let me grab my big magnify glass and my tweezers so we can try to find your penis.  Lay down on my bed an pull your pants down.  Geeeeezz….I don’t even see anything!! I place my magnify glass up to your penis and I finally can see it!! There it is! Just a tiny cheese curl! It is so cute! **giggles** I grab my tweezers and pull that cheese curl up away from that bush of hair you have growing.  It looks like your penis is a mole inside its tiny grass hole!  I make you grab your penis with the tweezers an pull back and forth, maybe this will make it grow a little.  Stay right here…I run and grab my measuring tape! I place the measuring tape up to your cock and wow your a whole 2 inches. Oh, stop crying like a bitch! Your dick is never going to grow, and your never going to be able to please a woman, ever.  So, get over it an rub that clit of yours!

I know your ready for some small penis humiliation phone sex, so give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Callie!

AIM: Naughty_Callie
Yahoo: NaughtyCallie

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I really freaking love small penis humiliation phone sex. I get paid to tell losers like you (yes, YOU) what a fucking waste of space you are. You are fat, ugly, short and socially awkward. Oh, and let’s not forget that small dick of yours. You don’t really think you could please a woman with that thing, do you? Surely you don’t. If someone told you that you were good in bed, it was for one of two reasons. Either she wanted money for you or she felt sorry for you.  Trust me when I say that there is no way that tiny nub ever made someone have an orgasm. Maybe you were with someone who could convincingly fake it, but I promise you she didn’t really cum.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Sometimes I like to show pics of your tiny dick to my girlfriends so we can all have a good laugh. They usually DO laugh, but once, one of my girlfriends said it nauseated her a bit. There have been times when I took out my phone in a bar and showed everyone what a loser a guy was. So, trust me when I say that if I have to look at your pathetic dick, I’m going to show it to other people so we can have a good laugh together. You didn’t expect me to keep it to myself and be the only person made miserable by that thing, did you? Misery loves company, after all. And that’s what looking at your dick does to me.

Are you ready for a cruel small penis humiliation phone sex call? I honestly don’t know if you can handle a humiliation session with me, but I love the fact that you’re willing to be brave and give it a shot! Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby!

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