BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

I can’t believe that BBC phone sex is still “off limits” or considered taboo to some people. Probably because most white men feel far too threatened by massive black cocks, that they simply pretend that it doesn’t even exist. They act like BBC is just a myth. Well, I would gladly educate anyone who will listen. In my experience there is definitely a size difference between black guys and white guys. Black cock is just WAY bigger and WAY fatter than average white cock. It is just genetic. So women who are in touch with their sexual side, will always choose the bigger cock.

BBC phone sex

Yep, that means that I will always opt to be a BBC slut. I will let those giant ebony pricks fuck me any way they like. I want to be sticky and sore by the time they are done with me. You unbelievers aka small cock having white guys, can witness the fuck fest for themselves and see exactly what I mean. Women go crazy on big dicks in a way they never do with a wee or even average size cock. It will be an eye opening encounter for you to bear witness to the way I react when getting railed by an elephant trunk of a dick. Maybe once you see it for yourself you will just accept that black cock is far superior to that paltry thing you are hauling around in your pants. It is about time that you figured it out. It is always better to know the truth so you can make adjustments. If you want a woman like me, you need to shower me with money and presents. That is just the what it takes to make me happy when you are not well endowed. Come on, call me and we can discuss the new world order of BBC phone sex calls.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I’m sure I’m not the first girl who has ever wondered whether or not you’re a real man just from the looks of your tiny dick. Well, let’s just settle it once and for all. I’m going to make an executive decision and say that you are NOT, in fact, a real man. You couldn’t ever make a woman cum with that itty bitty dickie, so the only thing you’re good for (and it’s debatable whether or not you’re even good for that) is small penis humiliation phone sex.
small penis humiliation phone sex
Maybe when you were younger and you had your first girlfriend, you both thought that your tiny dick was normal. Or maybe she was smart enough to know that you were not normal and laughed at you. Is that what happened? Did she just bust out laughing when you took your clothes off in front of her the first time? That’s what would have happened if I had been your first girlfriend. I would have taken one look, laughed, and just told you to put your clothes on and get out. Even at 18 years old, I was a size queen and wouldn’t have had any use for someone like you.
You’re not one of those losers who pretends like you don’t know you have a small dick, are you? Well, I certainly hope not because if you act like your dick is normal, I am going to roast you even more than normal. I will have absolutely NO pity on you when you call me and tell me you’re not THAT small. We both know that you are, so don’t even try to act like you’re not.
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BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

There are a lot of things in this world to be addicted to and I have no problem admitting that that I am addicted to big dick. Yep, I am a size queen phone sex slut and I don’t care who knows it. I found that there is nothing like being obsessed with huge fucking cocks. I look so sweet and demure most of the time, but when I know there is a monster dong in my immediate area, I become a dirty whore who will obey every command from the guy packing that heat.

BBC phone sex

Listen up, if you aren’t working with much cock wise and we are dating you better believe that I am going to find out if any of your friends are hauling around an elephant trunk in his pants. And if I find one, oh I am going to seduce that man and fuck him like a champ. Being cock hungry means you can never take a break from the hunt. It is crazy to me that guys with small dicks love dating me when they full well know that I’m always on the lookout for a monster dong. Tiny cock only makes me giggle, I would never ever let one close to my pussy. IMO, the only perk about having a wee cock as a boyfriend is all the gifts and the money he has to lavish on me to keep me around. So many guys are willing to spend all their money on me just so the world will think that someone like me would fuck someone like him. But we know the truth and it will stay our little secret, as long as you spoil and pamper me. I might even let you watch while a real man has his way with me.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Kelly

There is nothing wrong with being a size queen phone sex princess. I am such a pretty thing, I am always used to getting my way. That is the way life is. I just take that a step further and make sure that I only fuck the biggest and fattest cocks. Seriously, take a look at me and tell me that my hotness shouldn’t rate only the best dicks out there.

size queen phone sex

I want to be truly and deeply fucked and I will not settle for anything less. Do you think that I want some tiny penis having idiot trying to hump away at me like he is doing me a favor? It would make me laugh if it weren’t so sad and common. Those pathetic fuckers need to get lost already. I want to be thrown down on the bed and feel a rock hard monster slide between them my legs and plunge deep into my tight pink snatch. I am talking, one so big that that bitch damn near hits me in the throat. It straightens my spine and makes me feel at least a foot taller. I need to feel his huge full balls slapping against me until I feel like I can’t take it anymore. A deep dicking by a massive cock always helps give me an attitude adjustment. That is the only thing size queens like me respond to. Of course, those of you with wee pricks wouldn’t know a thing about that, now would you? But I do often let them watch when I take the cock I need. It is like putting on a clinic. They can never hope to be that kind of satisfying fuck, but they do get a front row seat to see how a real man lays pipe.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Heather

Are there any of you men out there with a small cock who enjoys being humiliated and treated like the worthless piece of trash because you know you’re unworthy of pleasing a woman? Well, if that’s what gets you off, Heather is your go-to girl for small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I would like to tell you about my special little ‘friend’ that I’ve been having phone sex with for a while now. He refers to himself as ‘Twirls,’ but to me, he’ll always be my little punk sissy fairy with a small penis. I recall the very first phone conversation we had and how he’d pleaded to dress him up in women’s clothes to make him look more feminine since he didn’t feel like a real man with his minuscule cock. It’s amazing how far these men with little cocks will go to please their mistresses in an effort to overcompensate for their lack of girth. Since the little sissy’s favorite color is red, I’d decided to dress him up in this little red dress with some black pumps so he could show off his legs. You should’ve seen how big this sissy’s eyes widened once he saw how ‘hot’ he looked after getting dressed. Little did this little fairy know of a sadistic plan that I’d conjured up for him. I’d arranged a gathering of a couple of my guy friends with the purpose of showing off Twirls and exposing his small member. I wanted my friends to know what a pathetic loser he was and how desperate he was for my approval because of that small thing he called a penis. Once my friends had arrived, Twirls had no idea that he was going to be the main guest of honor. My two guy friends (aware that Twirls was actually a guy), kept commenting on how sexy Twirls was, and my you should’ve seen how much that little fairy blushed after receiving those compliments. After getting some alcohol in his system, he and my two guy friends began doing a lot of unimaginable things to one another. I knew Twirls was into dressing up like a woman because of his small cock, but I was unaware of how curious he was of other men’s cocks. Surprisingly, my two friends give in to Twirl’s curiosity and whip their huge cocks out for Twirls to suck. Twirls does not know it, but I secretly recorded the entire ordeal and plan on sharing it with more friends. I knew he was ashamed of how small his own cock was, but I’d never envisioned him experiencing what a cock felt like going down his throat. Once my guy friends ‘finished’ on Twirls, I knew that this would not be the last time my small cock friend Twirls would indulge in a cock or two. Who knows? Maybe next time in an effort to compensate for his small penis, he’ll take those cocks in other places aside from his mouth. If this is a phone sex experience you would like to have with Heather, call me at 1-888-402-8669, and I can guarantee that neither you or your small pathetic cock will be disappointed.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I have a question for you. What do you think of your dick size? Would you be proud to pull your pants down and show it to me? If you said no to that, then you’re the perfect man for small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t call you a man since your dick is so tiny. I think what you’re actually perfect for is being transformed into a sissy. I think that tiny dick will fit nicely into a pair of lacy panties, don’t you? I guess calling something THAT small a dick isn’t the right. It’s more of an over sized clit. Like I said, becoming a sissy is the perfect thing for you. You’re already halfway there since your lack of dick makes you more ladylike than manly.

I would get such a laugh out of watching you prance around in your lacy panties. I think we can start you out with a pair of boy shorts and then maybe later on put you in a thong. But if you’re going to wear a thong you’re going to need to wax. I don’t think you want to have a hairy ass if you’re wearing a thong, right? Haha.

I feel like part of your transformation and small penis humiliation phone sex should include you having to get down on your knees and sucking cock. You can’t please a woman at all, so the least you can do is suck dick and make them happy. I might even pimp you out and then keep all of your hard earned money. I will buy myself something really pretty with your cock sucking money.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Katrina

Welcome to another kinky session of Confessions 101 with Mistress Katrina. If you have had the pleasure to talk to me and hear my voice, you know I love a challenge. You also know I love me some tease and denial. It is my way or the highway. You also know I love me a thick, beefed up piece of meat. I just love cock! Want to know what else? If we haven’t met yet, then you are really missing out! Missing out on a tight piece of ass. In fact, if you measure up, you might get to feel how tight I am during size queen phone sex.

size queen phone sex

I love to play the game, but don’t cross me. Definitely don’t tell me you can please me with anything less than a 7 inch cock. I remember giving this loser a chance to prove I could feel his 6 inch boner. Yawn. I was so bored out of my mind! All I did was laugh in his face. So tell me baby, do you think you measure up to my expectations? If you do, well pick up that phone right now, and give me a call so we can get down and dirty for our size queen phone sex call.

Losers with tiny dicks, have no place being near my sweet slit. Instead your pebbles will have to worship me from afar. No, I desire a man who can please my creamy white cunt and stretch it beyond its limits. I have been known to take a few big, black beefy cocks just to prove what real men can do. Do you think YOU can do that for me baby?

Before you can touch me, you must strip naked. I can tell if you hesitate that you are merely just a liar. Even if you do strip, you must pass my size queen phone sex test. How? Well, you are going to get hard, then I am going to take out my measuring tape, just to be sure you are not lying or being cocky. Anything less than 7 inches won’t make the cut. Don’t waste my time. Instead of getting to taste my sweet juices, touch my fuckable body, and have your cock squeezed in tightness, you will become nothing more than my pathetic cuck bitch for me to humiliate and talk to as I please.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Jenny

The phone rings and I answer hearing a voice telling me he wants to fuck me I realize immediately that he is a small penis humiliation phone sex caller. These are guys that have nothing going for them. Their little dicks are so small even their own hands completely cover it up. Not only is their dicks so small you need a magnifier glass to see it we are talking 4-inches or shorter. They think they will ever please a woman with that little, sad thing. They continuously keep chasing girls to find one that will love their little pathetic dick. Reality is that no woman in her right mind would ever want to feel something that small inside her pussy. How unfair is it to have a woman all hot and ready to get fucked and you pull that little creepy thing out. What a joke you and your little dick is, but small penis humiliation phone sex callers keep calling to get that freaky thing off because of the lack of sex you get.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I will make fun of you and your little pee-pee all the time jerking you around making you do things just to please me while I laugh my ass off at you. I love when you are so serious trying to get off and I’m making fun of you and you always act so surprised. Give me a break you know I will never find your dick or you in my bed ever and I’m sure most women feel the same as me. I really like to just use your kind as my little bitches talking you into buying a dildo so you can fuck yourself like a bitch while I’m talking to you. Making you feel even more like a bitch I will request you buy a pair of lacy girly panties to wear on our call. Being my bitch will bring you no more pleasure then just jacking off your little nasty dick but it makes me laugh so hard and at this point it’s all about me.

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Ass Worship Phone Sex with Natasha

Take a nice long look at this ass. Don’t you think it’s perfect for ass worship phone sex? I mean, it was basically made for that. And you’re just a fucking loser who doesn’t even deserve to look at it, much less touch it. Yet, out of the kindness of my heart, I am more than willing to let you worship it as I see fit.

ass worship phone sex

You need to understand that if I let you worship my ass, you will ONLY do what I tell you to. If I tell you to lick my sweaty asshole, that’s what you will do. If I tell you to see how far you can stick your tongue inside my ass, you will do it without hesitation. I don’t EVER want to hear the word no come out of your mouth. If I tell you to use a dildo in my ass, you’ll do that too. What you will not do, however, is tell me that you would be willing to fuck me with your cock instead of using the dildo. Don’t you think that if I wanted your pathetic cock in my ass, I would have already told you that?! You WILL be fucking me with that dildo while I tell you how inferior your cock is. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of small penis humiliation included in your ass worship phone sex call. Not in my opinion, anyway, and we both know that my opinion is the only one that matters.

You’ve probably lost the will to resist me just by reading this. Are you ready to call me for an ass worship phone sex session? Just get your phone now and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Natasha. Don’t wait and risk me changing my mind. The offer to worship me isn’t going to last forever.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Erin

It’s no joke that I am a size queen and a lover of small penis humiliation phone sex. The guy I met the other night thought it was a joke until he realized I was dead serious. He was so fucking hot and sexy and one of the best kissers ever. I was so damned horny that I knew he was the one I’d bring home for a hot nasty one night fuck. Imagine my surprise when I reached inside his pants to find, ummm, nothing? Okay then, maybe he’s a grower? I was so turned on there was no going back. After a little stroking I knew that my hopes of getting cock were dwindling away to nothing.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I didn’t say anything to him yet, as I pushed his head down between my legs. He was going to make me cum one way or the other. I guess it’s no surprise he was great at eating pussy, most lil dick boys are. Overcompensation or something like that. I think he knew how disappointed I was in his useless lil dick that he licked me until I came 3 or 4 times all over his face. I think he thought I was going to suck his dick after that, but you and I both know that was was never going to happen. Laughing out loud I told him that if I wanted to suck something so small, I’d meet up with my girlfriend with her big fat clit. He looked so sad and pathetic.

The fun part started when his teenie peenie started to twitch when I was laughing. Don’t be telling me how mean I am when I’m making your balls tingle and dick hard. You love sph and love it even when more when I can’t stop laughing. Put on some fucking panties and cover that thing. I don’t even want to be reminded that you aren’t a real man. Would you believe he dribbled his cum while I called him a little dick loser?

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