Size Queen Phone Sex with Kennedy

What’s my favorite size, you ask? That’s for me to know and you to find out. While I may not be giving up the exact measurement right now, I will tell you that I like my men on the large end of things. Nothing gets me curious like eyeing the large bulge that’s forming in the pants of the lucky guy I’ve set my sights on. God, I hope it will measure up to my standards! I need a big dick to lament about during my next size queen phone sex session!
size queen phone sex
Call me a picky bitch if you like, but I know what I like and I never lower my standards. You’ve got to offer me a nice, large cock for me to jump your bones! I want one that makes me drool and sink to my knees immediately so I can get my first taste of the night. What girl doesn’t want something she can choke on? Let me get a good test of how that dick is going to feel working away inside of me.
If your dick doesn’t measure up to standards, I’m just going to laugh at you and walk off to find one that does. Little penises deserve to be teased and left in the lurch. I know a dick that small has never managed to actually please a woman! How has natural selection not weeded that out of society yet? Yeah, I’m a cock snob. I like them thick and juicy, it’s true, but it makes for great size queen phone sex.
You have yet to tell me where on the scale you fit in, and frankly average just isn’t good enough. What can I say, I like to be absolutely stuffed! We’ll find out soon if you fit my needs or not. Just call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Kennedy to make your day with a size queen phone sex session!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Memphis

Haha are you seriously trying to pass that tiny little nub of nothing off as a real dick? Oh, no. You have got to stop doing that. Nobody wants to fuck you and nobody even wants to see your so called dick. What I do want to do with you is have a fun small penis humiliation phone sex session. Oh, it’s amazing to degrade you and tell you how you’ll never even be close to good enough for a pussy like mine. Maybe you will find someone to let you fuck her someday, but it will either be because she pities you or she is a virgin and doesn’t know any better.

small penis humiliation phone sex

When you touch yourself, you can’t stroke your “cock”, can you? No, you have to either rub it or hump something, don’t you? You haven’t been touched by a woman in so long that you probably could cum if a woman breathed near your tiny little cock, couldn’t you? Yeah, that’s how absolutely pathetic you are. If you have a lack of stamina that is that bad, how could you expect any woman to ever want to have sex with you? Yeah, that’s right. You couldn’t and you shouldn’t. You’re in for a world of disappointment if you expect that any woman wants to let you attempt to fuck her. I say attempt because you know that your dick is so small you wouldn’t even be able to get it inside a pussy.

Ready for some small penis humiliation phone sex right now? Don’t keep me waiting – the longer you wait, the more mean I’m going to be to you. So if you’re a pussy and can’t handle much, then you should get the phone right now.
Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis.

Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Abby

Do you think I’d ever do anything other than have a bratty domme phone sex session with you? If you are even entertaining that idea, you should know right now that you’re dead ass wrong. You’re a disgusting loser and you don’t deserve to even talk to the likes of me. Luckily for you, though, you can pay to call and be berated and degraded by me.

bratty domme phone sex

There are many reasons why I wouldn’t have regular phone sex with someone like you. Let me explain to you, because you are probably too dumb to even understand without someone explicitly explaining it to you. You’re probably over 30, living with either your parents or a roommate (you should be able to be on your own by 30!). You haven’t ever had a real girlfriend and the only sex you’ve ever had is with a prostitute. Oh, and lets not forget that you have a teeny tiny poor excuse for a penis. That hooker you paid to fuck you probably laughed at you when took your pants off, didn’t she?

Admit it – you wouldn’t want to phone fuck you either, would you? Hell, you probably hate even having to touch yourself. Yup, you’re that disgusting. But trust me when I say that we’re going to have fun when you call me for bratty domme phone sex. Okay, let me clarify – I am going to have fun. You might be in tears by the end of the call. So don’t call me and ask for mercy. I won’t be giving you any, that’s for damn sure. Losers like you don’t deserve mercy, anyway.

Call me right now for bratty domme phone sex. My number is 1 888 402 8669 and all you have to do is ask to talk to Princess Abby when you call. Don’t keep me waiting.

SPH Phone Sex with Kelly

OMG is that your dick!?! That tiny shriveled up mushroom is your so-called cock? No wonder you’re the perfect candidate for SPH phone sex! I’m surprised your wife has stayed married to you for so long. You must have some money for her to stick around. Or maybe she cheats on you, doesn’t she? Hey, I don’t blame her. She’s doing you a solid by not leaving your pathetic no dick self if you ask me. Does she like to humiliate and degrade you for having such a teeny tiny man clit? I know I would! You know it’s all you deserve. That’s why you called an SPH phone sex bitch like me.

SPH phone sex

Go ahead, take it out, I could really use a good laugh! I want to take a pic and post it on my twitter cuz no one would believe me if I told them just how small your cock really is. Really, coming across a micro peen like yours is like finding a unicorn, but only super sad instead and not good luck at all. I guess your momma’s body didn’t know whether it wanted to have a boy or a girl so you are kind of in-between. A freak of nature, really. Instead of a real cock, you got a big clit.

Trust me, lots of wee dick losers out there calling for SPH phone sex every day. Just like you, they know they will never, ever be a real man and all they will ever deserve is to be the source of constant berating and entertainment for hot sluts like me who you will never get to fuck. So go get your panties on and call me for SPH phone sex you sad excuse for a man! I have s much verbal bashing to do!

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! This should come to no surprise to you, but I just LOVE some cheating wife phone sex. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been faithful to my husband. It’s just not in my nature. He wanted us to be virgins on our wedding night. But I wasn’t even a virgin when we met! I didn’t tell him that though, because he was charming, and handsome, and he made me feel like he wanted me for more than just my body. And with a body like mine, that was a real turn on.

cheating wife phone sex
cheating wife phone sex


Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, I’m just not in love with him. Or really, his cock. He has a tiny little thing, and his idea if foreplay is to tweak my pierced nipples twice and shove it in! I love romance and flowers — which he doesn’t do nearly enough anymore — but I also love a good, hard, long fucking!

But you know how to really please a woman, don’t you hon? And you certainly don’t mind making a cuckold out of my husband. You don’t mind staining his sheets and possessing his wife. Does it turn you on to hear about all my exploits? Does it turn you on, thinking about me in my huge bath tub, masturbating while you tell me your dirty little stories, while my husband snores in the next room? Do you like the thought of me going home with wet panties after meeting you at the bar, and climbing into bed with my oblivious husband?

If you are hot and hard and ready for some cheating wife phone sex, then call this slutty, cheating wife, Cassie at 1-888-402-8669. Just don’t make me scream too loud, hon, or else we might get caught. Unless you like that sort of thing, of course.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Shay

I have met and talked to many pathetic losers in my time. Like this guy Brian who works with me for the longest time I thought he was a doctor or a surgeon as he was always wearing green scrubs and acting like he was all that. So silly me thought he was a doctor and when he hit on me and I would flirt and tease him back. However, that was until I found out he was just a guy that draws peoples blood hahahahaha such a loser and not worth my time. The next time I saw him I told him he could call me, we could have some phone sex little does he know if does ever call it will be humiliation phone sex 🙂

humiliation phone sex

Ahhh see what I did there. I know you are in love with this perfect body and you hope that I will give the time of day. You stroke your cock to the thought of me on my knees in front of you ready to suck that cock of yours. Keep dreaming and fucking your hand loser because you are not worth my time or my spit as a matter of fact.

Does your cock get hard when someone calls you name? When someone insults your looks, cock, race or how much you make? Does me laughing at your pathetic self make you want to cum? Do you get hopeful I will spread my long legs and allow you to try and fuck me? Do you want to shoot a load in me? You would do ** Anything** to get me to spend time with you and me do dirty things with you?

Will you get desperate to the point you do what you are told or will you refuse and listen to all the demeaning yet true names I’m about to call you. You know you love me calling your names and denying you my tight sexy body. You know all about the naughty things I do behind closed doors. I also know you wish it was you but your nothing more than a wicked weasel. We both know you are fucked up in the head and are easy prey for me to convince you to do my will even just a little bit!

Maybe I will have to admit that I was wrong and you don’t have button cock, a shitty job, a limp cock, whimp or maybe even worse.

I know you hard right now just thinking about being humiliated by me with some humiliation phone sex with me. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Shay.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Harper

I’ve been in a relationship for a while now. I could have ended it when I found out his secret, but I thought it would be more enjoyable for me if I kept him around and used him in all of my cuckold phone sex fantasies.

cuckold phone sex

He came across as this strong, masculine guy – sexy and smart – wined and dined me. After our first date he took me back to his place and things started getting hot and heavy. I dropped to my knees to suck his cock, because that’s one of my favorite things to do – especially when it’s a big one – that’s when I found it. There was no big cock in his pants. Instead it was a 3 inch cocktail wiener, a poor excuse for a dick.

Instead of leaving disappointed, I made him put panties on. He tried to argue with me, but I took pictures of that little dick and told him I’d put it on social media. He shut up after that. I made him get on his knees and lick my pussy until I came and he’s been my cuck from this point forward. I’ve enjoyed him more than I ever would have if we’d had a standard relationship.

Now, he keeps my pussy wet and ready, and cleans me up after I get fucked by real men! He brings us drinks and watches while I’m satisfied over and over again. I think he actually likes it when I make him clean that cum out of my pussy. I’m just training him for the real thing. He needs to get cum directly from the source and before long he will be sucking dick like a pro.

If you are into cuckold phone sex, give me a call. It’s my specialty! Just dial 1-888-402-8869 and ask for Harper.

BBC Phone Sex with Heather

Hey guys, its Heather and I don’t know about you, but I love me some BBC phone sex! Actually, now that I think about it, so do a lot of my phone sex callers that I have talked to! We definitely have something in common. We can talk about all the big black cock we’ve had or dreamed about. Let’s have a fantasy session about sucking on that fat black meat together.

BBC phone sex

A week ago I was craving a bbc phone sex so I had a girl’s night out to go on the prowl. After a few shots and some drinks, I saw Devin. He got me a couple more drinks, and after some raunchy dancing with me grinding my ass on his crotch, we decided it was time for us to leave.

We headed over to my place, of course, to let the magic happen. I left him on the sofa with a drink and went into my bedroom to change into something really comfortable. I call him to come into the bedroom, where I was waiting to be ravaged by bbc phone sex!

He grabs my body towards himself and we just start making out. His big lips overpowered mine as he sucked my bottom lip. He took his hand starting rubbing my clit through my panties, instantly getting me wet. I helped him get undressed because I just couldn’t wait any longer to taste his huge dick!

Within a matter of seconds, I begin undressing him. I pull his pants down and out springs his big black cock phone sex. When I say he was hung, baby he was hung! 12 inches of massive rock hard black cock that just needed to be sucked and fucked. He pushed me down on my knees and forced my face on his BBC phone sex. He shoved it down my throat only pulling back for a little bit for me to catch my breath. That was just the beginning.

If you find yourself fantasizing about bbc phonesex while jerking off, or have ever had some big black cock, then call me up and we can share our love for bbc together!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Riley

When it comes to pretty much anything, I try not to fuck around and waste my time. When I do something, I give it my all, no matter what it is I’m doing, and rest assured this philosophy applies to getting dick too. In other words, when it comes to cock, I don’t dick around with puny little peckers. I like to really feel it when I get fucked, and I love talking about it, size queen phone sex style, of course!

size queen phone sex

Talking to you about the ginormous cocks I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy firsthand is one of my favorite things to do. I always get super worked up when I think about how it feels to get stretched out and pounded by a long, thick jackhammer, and I know you guys love to hear a girl cum when you call, so if that’s what you want to hear, then call me for size queen phone sex. I can guarantee you’re going to get me worked up enough to cum for you. Just a stiff breeze blowing against my wet clit is all it would take to make me cum if you call me and tell me your dick is a thick, beastly slab of meat.

That is, unless you were cursed with a pecker in the petite size range and you need a size queen like me to tell you how inadequate you and that pathe-dick excuse of a cock are…don’t you worry your pretty little head off. I guarantee I won’t hold back on my opinion of your measurements. Size queen phone sex covers the whole spectrum of dick sizes – from the monumental to the minis – I’ve got an opinion on them all. I know what I like, and I know how to use it, and I’m not intimidated by a human anaconda. Bring it on, baby!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for size queen phone sex tonight!

Cuckold Phone Sex with Heather

Come be a good cuck, and please me with some cuckold phone sex. I love being your girlfriend, because I can do whatever and whoever I want. The whole street knows me as the cheating girlfriend, but i don’t care. You’ve been such a good sissy lately I think you should be rewarded. When you get home from work today, you may or may not find me bent over the living room couch, getting rammed by Marcus. You remember Marcus, the one from work that I always told you not to worry about and you believed me.

cuckold phone sex

You know how much I love and miss getting fucked by big dicks, especially big, black dicks. It pleases me to see you so accepting of your role as a cuck. Do not think just because I am rewarding you with cuckold phone sex. that you get to join this time around. Maybe Ill change my mind and let you taste my sweet, cunt juices off Marcus’s bbc. We all know an average size, white man cock does nothing for me anymore. Ever since I got my tight pussy stretched out by a bbc, I have not wanted to ever go back to that pink meat. No longer do I have to pretend to be enjoying your average size cock anymore. It was getting tiring have to fake it so many times. It was also getting tiring having to be a cheating wife behind your back. Having you wear that 12 inch strap-on to fuck my brains out made me want the real thing so much more. You hated it, but I loved it. You will be a good cuck for me this time with cuckold phone sex and clean up your wife’s cunt filled with all of Marcus’s thick, warm cum. He cums a lot so you will have plenty to clean, taste, and eat. Do not act like you do not like it. I see how you devour my pussy after it’s been filled with another man’s cum. You stick your tongue so deep and far inside me to make sure you don’t miss a drop of my cunt juices, or his cum. It’s never your cum because that would mean I have to actually let you fuck me. That’s not going to ever happen so do not even think to ask!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Heather

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