Size Queen Phone Sex with Abby

I know I talk all the time about how much I love sissies and humiliation, but another thing that I love is fucking big dicks. Yup, I’m a size queen phone sex slut and I am very proud of that fact. I mean, you should have been able to figure out by my other posts that I would never fuck anyone with a tiny dick – or even with an average dick. That just simply isn’t good enough for me. I like to have a dick inside me that is going to stretch me out. I like to feel like I am going to be split wide open. See, you losers with small dicks out there aren’t the only ones who like pain with your pleasure. I like it when it hurts a little big – it’s a really good kind of pain. And that delicious soreness the next day is even something I love – it makes me think back to the amazing fucking I got the night before.

size queen phone sex

Are you a size queen too, you dirty slut? I bet you daydream about getting down on your knees in front of a big black cock, don’t you? I bet you think about how amazing it would feel to have your cheeks (either ones) stretched out and then being filled full of a hot creampie. Hey, I get it. I daydream about that, too. If you want to talk about it, all you have to do is call me. I would be more than willing to tell you how much I love big dicks and how much I would love to push your mouth down onto a big black cock. Either way, I am going to be really happy. And that’s what it’s all about – making me happy.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Kennedy

Alright, let me get this straight. You want me, your wife, to fuck another guy. You’re actually begging me to get all dressed up and go pick up another guy to bring home with me and have the fuck-session of my life in our bed? Can’t say I’m against it. Especially knowing how much of a secret thrill having another man’s dick inside me gives you.

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You can’t help but find yourself turned on when I tell you that I can’t wait to go out and get my pussy pounded by a stranger. It makes you the perfect man for cuckold phone sex, and you know it. I love whispering in your ear about my adventures from last week when I wore the tight little black dress that you bought for me and the highest heels that I haven’t been able to wear since I met you. The guy that felt me up at the club absolutely loved my clothing of choice and was delighted when he discovered that I wasn’t wearing panties underneath. I don’t think he would have been able to refuse anything once his fingers brushed my wet pussy lips!

One night, I’ll be so brazen that I won’t even bother to check if you’re home. In fact, maybe my fuck toy choice for the night will agree with me that you should watch! What an interesting cuckold phone sex experience for you that will be!

So, one last time, just to make sure, you want me, your wife, to go out hunting for the best cock I can find and bring him home to fuck me? You know that I love having another man’s dick inside me, and I know you get hard just thinking about it!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Kennedy

Some guys just can’t help but get massively turned on by the idea of their girlfriends and wives cheating on them. Guys that have an average or below average cock know that their girl could be getting much better action in the sex department, and they often encourage their girl to get what she needs. And they get to jerk off while they think about it. But what I love about cuckold phone sex with my man is that I know I’ll be taken care of in all the ways that matter, and that I hold the power in the relationship.

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I love telling my men stories about how I went away on a business trip and used the opportunity to hunt down a big, hulking black guy and rode his cock all night long. Or about my time with the last guy that I dated for a while, where he would come over while you were at work and fuck me in every inch of the place, including our bed. He had access to parts of me that you’d never be allowed near. I love to swallow his cum, while your dick has never even been in my mouth.

Imagine if you called me up while I was in the middle of a wonderful, rough fuck session and you had to listen to be get rammed and choked from the other end of the phone. You’d pull out your dick and turn it into some cuckold phone sex, I bet! I know you love to hear me scream and moan while another man plunges his cock deep inside of me. You love hearing his skin slap against mine while I cum around him and call his name. And knowing that he’s spilling his load inside my pussy? It’s such a thrill!

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Sissy Phone Sex with Tori

I’m looking for a new panty boy to beguile with sissy phone sex. That’s right! I know you love wearing soft and sexy feminine undergarments. I also know just how to turn you into a blossoming little cock slut just for me. Oh, come on! You know you’ve thought about being dominated by a seductive brat like me! I want to train you to be my perfect sissy fuck doll. You’ll be good at all the feminine things you should be. Like sitting down to pee with your panties around your knees, giggling and moaning like a girl and learning to use your mouth by sucking my strap-on.

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You’ll find it hard to say “no” when it comes to sissy phone sex with me. I can be both very convincing and encouraging when it comes to the transformation of panty bois. Don’t you want to blossom into a beautiful feminine flower, just for my amusement? *giggles* I bet all my girlfriends would love it if I took pictures of you all dolled up and sucking my strap-on. We can even facetime them so you can hear them laugh and encourage you to take it deeper into your throat.

Come on, princess! It’ll be SO much fun training you to be my perfect sissy phone sex toy. It’s only a matter of time after you’ve been properly trained with my strappy, that you’ll be ready for me to take you to the glory holes. Yes! Even you, a lowly little panty boy can become a glory hole whore! Just for me. *giggles* Sucking each and every cock that pops through that hole while I get behind you and pound your boy pussy with my strap-on. Oh, I can’t wait to tell all my girlfriends about your slutty new skills!

Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Jocelyn

I love it when you confess all of your black cock white wife fantasies to me! I know about all of those secret hard ons you get thinking about a big thick chocolate dick absolutely WRECKING my pretty pink pussy. You always loved watching me show off for all the big black neighbors and their friends at the neighborhood pool party- in my skimpy bikini top and cutoff jean booty shorts I knew I was always going to be the center of attention for all those hungry studs and you’d be watching the whooooole time!

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So don’t be too surprised when you come home one day to find your sweet Jocelyn making your black cock white wife fantasies come true! Your dirty little secret becomes my afternoon of Mandingo cock-filled, cum-soaked fun for you to walk in on- oopsie! Didn’t I tell you that Marshawl, Dean, Tyrone, Curtis, and Jamal were coming over? I mean, cumming over! I know it’s a little shocking seeing your sweet white wife on her knees surrounded by all these bulging ebony muscles and taking every thrust and smack from all five thick black dicks, but you can’t hide that immediate erection from me! *giggles* You know what I’m going to have to do when I see how excited you are? I’m going to have to push you, see how far you can take it. I’m going to crawl over to you and pull you down on your knees to kiss you so you taste that Negro cum on my lips while I pull out your cock to stroke it… and then suddenly find me shoving the biggest, darkest dick in your mouth for YOU to suck off!

It’s ok if you blow your load right away, honey. Black cock white wife fantasies aren’t about where your cum goes, are they? Noooo, we’re going to have so much ooey gooey warm sticky black cock cum to swallow and lick off each other and for you to lick straight out of my fresh-fucked cunt, your pathetic white worms aren’t going to matter at all!

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Kelly

No matter what else is going on, I am always in the mood for humiliation phone sex. I am constantly ready to put you in your place, even if the world tells you that you are some big strong man, we know the truth, don’t we? Tell me something, how much does it hurt, baby? How much does it hurt watching your sexy girlfriend/wife stroking your neighbor’s huge fat cock? Just think, back in the day you would get pissed when he borrowed your stuff and never brought it back. And now he is fucking your woman because you aren’t man enough to please her yourself.

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You are such a waste of space. You deserve to hear me moan and scream and beg for more, you have never heard any woman make those noises for you. Hell, you should stand next to him so I can see both of your cocks. It is like looking at a before and after ad. It is hilarious! He is literally more than 2x the size of you. You must just feel simply pathetic. You are, without a doubt. Just let that shame wash over you. This is life for worthless fucks like you. And by now, you should know that sexy woman deserve better WAY than your tiny penis. My pussy needs to feel full and even stretched in ways you could only imagine. Why don’t you complete the humiliation and get down between his legs as I stroke the base of this manly cock. Watch that monster grow right in front of your eyes and open your mouth wide. Yep, it is time that you tasted my pussy on his cock. Show your respect to the real man of this house. Let him know you are a true cuckold by sucking his dick and that will leave no doubt. I think that will be a good way for us to start our humiliation phone sex relationship, don’t you?

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SPH Phone Sex with Size Queen Janelle

Your shortcomings aren’t the only reason I think you’re trash. Most men have the personality of dumpster garbage, but I still prefer rubbish bins with huge cocks. I’d like to welcome you into my word of verbal abuse, humiliation and SPH phone sex. It’s time you heard the truth about your useless little appendage. If you’re under eight inches, you’ll never be man enough, but some of you are seriously small. Your four-inch winky isn’t going to accomplish much, is it?

SPH phone sex

There will always be plenty of men who can step up to the plate and properly fill and fuck a woman’s pussy. It fills you with so much shame and guilt. You feel pathetic, but it turns you on anyway. You must feel like a total jackass when you start to date a new prospect. You feel like you’re keeping a dirty little secret from her. You should just tell her right away. Confess your shameful little SPH phone sex secret. Go ahead and tell her that you’ll never be able to fuck her properly because your cock isn’t enough to do the job.

Your best bet is to have a nice big fat bank account instead and also allow her to fuck real men on the side. Ouch! That’s got to hurt. To know that your lady is going to have to resort to fucking other men who can actually bottom out in her pussy. She deserves it though. She deserves all the huge cock she can handle for putting up with your pin prick.

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Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Abby

I’m in the mood to be the meanest bratty domme phone sex Princess you’ve ever had the pleasure (well hey, I’ll be getting pleasure, even if you aren’t) of talking to! Today isn’t one of those days I’m feeling like I could have anything resembling mercy on you losers. No, you don’t deserve it. It’s true, you might catch me feeling nice some days, but today is definitely not one of those days.

bratty domme phone sex

So, tell me – what comes to mind when you hear the words bratty domme phone sex? Does it make you think about all of the small penis humiliation you are about to endure? Good, because that sounds like a lot of fun to me. I am a size queen who is proud to love big dicks and your tiny one just would never be able to do it for me. I wouldn’t even give you a chance. One look at it and there would be tons of laughter going on. I probably would even want to take pictures to send to all of my girlfriends. Hey, when something is that funny, you just gotta share it with other people who will appreciate the humor.

But there are some of you who will need even more bratty fun. Oh yes. I know that there are some of you who are going to need some cock and ball torture. Hey, it’s not my fault your dick is so small and isn’t good for anything other than laughter and torment. And trust me, I take the “torture” part of cock and ball torture very seriously. Will I focus more on your dick or your balls? I don’t know. I guess you’ll just have to try me.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Tori

Sometimes I like going to my local lingerie store, just to catch the sissy phone sex boys lurking about. You might think you have all the ladies here fooled. That you’re simply buying some panties and stockings for your “girlfriend” but I know the truth. The truth is as soon as you get home, you’re going to take off all your masculine clothes and put on everything you just bought. If you call me, I’m going to encourage it! I love feminizing little panty boys and molding them into full-on sissy phone sex play-things.

sissy phone sex

Let me help you get in touch with your feminine side. *wink* You might find you’re a bit shy at first, but soon I’ll have you doing things for me that you never imagined. I love watching you transform right before my eyes. Put on your soft-pink ruffle butt panties and give me a call. I’ll inform you that your outfit isn’t complete until you are wearing a matching bralette, stockings, and garter. Oh, a pink robe would go very nice with that and some strappy heels. Soon you’ll be living every day as my sissified pet.

Just imagine how fun it will be getting manis and pedis with me. Don’t worry, I know just the place. Soon you’ll forget your old life as a man and you’ll be going on shopping sprees and girls night out with my girlfriends and I. Eventually you’ll start believing you really are a girl. My little Princess. How perfect! If you really believe you’re a girl, it’s time to start doing other things like worshiping my strap-on. You won’t mind, will you? I’ll instruct you on exactly how to do it. I’ll make you the best cocksucker around.

Whether you’re a beginner panty boy or already fully feminized, I want to have some fun sissy phone sex with you! Call and ask for Tori!

BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

I can’t believe that BBC phone sex is still “off limits” or considered taboo to some people. Probably because most white men feel far too threatened by massive black cocks, that they simply pretend that it doesn’t even exist. They act like BBC is just a myth. Well, I would gladly educate anyone who will listen. In my experience there is definitely a size difference between black guys and white guys. Black cock is just WAY bigger and WAY fatter than average white cock. It is just genetic. So women who are in touch with their sexual side, will always choose the bigger cock.

BBC phone sex

Yep, that means that I will always opt to be a BBC slut. I will let those giant ebony pricks fuck me any way they like. I want to be sticky and sore by the time they are done with me. You unbelievers aka small cock having white guys, can witness the fuck fest for themselves and see exactly what I mean. Women go crazy on big dicks in a way they never do with a wee or even average size cock. It will be an eye opening encounter for you to bear witness to the way I react when getting railed by an elephant trunk of a dick. Maybe once you see it for yourself you will just accept that black cock is far superior to that paltry thing you are hauling around in your pants. It is about time that you figured it out. It is always better to know the truth so you can make adjustments. If you want a woman like me, you need to shower me with money and presents. That is just the what it takes to make me happy when you are not well endowed. Come on, call me and we can discuss the new world order of BBC phone sex calls.

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